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Published by the same Author, 


Containing the Enunciations and Figures belonging to the Propositions in the 
First Six and part of the Eleventh Books of Euclid's Elements, usually read 
in the Universities. Prepared for Students in Geometry at the Universities 
and Schools. Pr. 5s. 6d. in a case. Third Ed. 

This little work is published with a view of saving Tutors and Students the time and trouble 
generally employed in constructing the figures in Lecture-rooms and Schools, and of facilitating 
public examinations in Euclid. The whole has been diligently revised and corrected by the 
Editor. The CARDS are so numbered that they can be readily referred to by the student when ' 
required to demonstrate any given proposition. — The ENUNCIATIONS, &c. are also printed 
in a small volume, for the use of Tutors and of Students who may prefer the more compact form 
of a book to the Cards themselves. Pr. 4s. 6d. 





And other Classical Articles in various Numbers of the 
' Classical Journal.* 


In the following pages it has been the great object of the Author 
to present to the Student, in a cheap and comprehensive form, 
a Manual, containing the interpretation both in Latin and English, 
of such words as occur in the principal Greek poets ; — the quantity 
of each syllable actually or virtually marked ; — an authority quoted 
for the existence and quantity of each word in those writers; — 
and those terms set down as synonymous which appear to bear a 
similitude in sense to the principal word. The works of the Greek 
poets have been diligently examined, and such epithets and phrases 
annexed to each principal word as are of legitimate usage, and 
seem best calculated to embellish Greek composition. In the pro- 
secution of his task, the author has occasionally availed himself of 
the original edition of ' Morell's Thesaurus,' a compilation of im- 
mense labor and research, but certainly not generally useful as a 
Greek Gradus for younger students. 


The reader will be pleased to bear in mind, that, throughout the 
present work, every syllable, which has no temporal mark super- 
scribed, is to be considered as long. 

Those words, to which an asterisk is prefixed, do not occur in 
1 Morell's Thesaurus.' 

The references to the Greek Poets, it is presumed, are so obvious, 
that a catalogue of the editions employed in the execution of this 
work will not be deemed necessary. 

Walt ham Cross, Nov. 10, 1827. 


*A, interj. [ah,] expressive of sorrow and other feelings. r A be(X\ ov fxcv troi ye 
irdrrjp Kctl Trorvid fiiiTtip. A. 452. 

'Adaros, ov, 6 et)/, adj. [non decipiens,] harmless. Ovtos h±v b)) deQXds dadrds 
eKTereXeaTai. %. 5. 

'Aaaros, ov, b et in adj. [" non decipiens, non decipiendus," Damm.] in- 
violable, sacred. "Aypet, vvv fioX d/xoaroov daarov Irvyos vbup. E. 271. 

'Aayrjs, eos, 6 et f}, adj. [non fractus, non fragilis,] not to be broken, strong, 
robust. Xepaiv e^wv ponaXov Trayy/iXKebv alev Hayes. X. 57 '4. 'Aayes Kpdre- 
prfvXv ev€.(tk\yikcl 7rdXd/jyatv. Ap. 3. 1251. SYN. ^Adpa varos, a pprjuros, dbdua- 

i cros, appdy^s, aTepauvos, dKa/jnrris, jSefiaios, evpioaros, /ery^pos. 

'Acuttos, 77, ov, adj. [non tangendus, non vincendus,] not to be touched, invin- 
cible. ' Aaaov lovd\ ore Kev toi ucltttovs yelpds etyeiu). A. 567, SYN.'ASdyua- 
aros, arrXrjrds, ddiKTOs, afiXdflrjs, dtydctpros. 

'Aaffti(o, ddrio, aw et adw, v. [in errorem aut damnum induco,] to deceive, 
to lead into error or danger. T?]o' art) ddaas. 0. 237- &aadv fi erdpoi. 

I k. 08. SYN. *Abinew, brjXeu), Aw/3aw, Xvaaivduat, mvouai, ia7rrw, ftXcnrTU), 
draw, ablatio, e7rr}peci£to. 

'Aadfiat, dduai, v. [idem ac pranced.] to deceive, to lead into error or danger; 
more frequently, to go wrong, to be deceived, to be bewildered. Avtis 
eXevaeadat "Arrjv, fj Trdvrds darai. T. 129' 'Adad/Jiqv, ovb' avros dvaivduai, 
I. Il6. Kat yap bf] vv 7rdYe Zrjv' dadro. T. $5. SYN. B\d7rrd/iaf. See 
SYN. of "Ado-zcw. 

AcunreToSy Ion. pro daTteros, q. v. 

Aaayeros, r], ov, Ion. pro dcr^erds, q. v. 

\Adrds contr. aros, rj, dv, adj. [insatiabilis,] insatiable, greedy of. Tvyrjs t ddros 

J iroXeuoto. Hes. Theog. 714. 1 SyN.^AttX^otos, aKopearos. 
AdrdSy i), ov, adj. [perniciosus,] harmful, injurious, destructive. "Or ddrds vfipis 

' dureix). Apoll. 1. 459. SYN. BAd/3epos, dr^pos, beivds f oXedpios, 7rdvu)Xe~dpds. 

\Aj3ai, wv, at, P. N. [Abae,] a city in Phocis famous for a temple of Apollo : 

1 sometimes used in the singular number. See Damm. P. R. Eustath. II. B. 

lip. 278. Ovb' es tov "A/3ai(7i vadv. (E. R. 899- EPITH. UoXv^pviroiy upai, 
treuvaiy Xepdv deiov ebos, 'AttoXXiovi rrpoacfiXels. 

^fidKeto et dj3dKi$oj, v. [sileo, ignoro,] to gaze at in silent thought, to gaze 
at in ignorance, to be ignorant. Tw lueXos ndrebv Tpwwv tcoXXv 01 ft d(3dicr)<Tdv. 
0. 249. &YN .^Ayvoeio, alyd earrjVy oXioiraiOy ijpeueto, 

\j3da)sy eos, 6 et //, adj. [silens, tacitus,] silent, tranquil, quiet. 'AW dflaKfj 
Tav <ppev e%w. Fr. Sapph. SYN."H<7i/^os, f]avyj.6sy irpqoSy npqevSy direipos. See 

ifiaicxevToSy ov, 6 et r/, adj. [(l) non initiatus Bacchi sacris ; tristis, mcestus,] 
uninitiated in the rites of Bacchus; sad, mournful. "Appr t r dpaK^evToiaty 

1 Bplapeiis is here scanned as an anapaest. 
Pros. Lex, A 


tiblvcu fipdr&P. Bacch. 472. SYN. 'ArtXeorro*, K&KoflaKxevTos, fipdfilov ndpa- 
fxovabs loprais, Xvirrjpos, aoivds. 
"Afiavres, u>v t P. N. [Abantes,] the inhabitants of Eubcea. T$ h % d/j.* "a^optes 
Ikovto Odot, 07rX8ev KdfiowPTES. B. 542. EpiTH. Meyddvfxoi, al-^irjTal, /je/jluuites 
opeiCTfjai fieXirjOL, fxlved ttpeioptes. 
'Apapfiapea, as, f], P. N. [Abarbarea,] the name of a Nymph. Nqis 'A/3np- 

fiaper] tek dfj.vij.dvi BovfcoXcWi. Z. 22. 
"Afidros, t], dp, adj. [invius, accessu arduus vel difficilis,] inaccessible, not to 
be trod upon, unfrequented, sacred. ^Kvdrjp es oJ/jop, dfidrdp els iprj/utap, 
P. V. 2. SYN. Au<7/3dros, drrdpos, dart(3r]S, aarenrTOS, Epr)/jds, Tepos. 
'A/3eXr£pds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [insipiens,] foolish, silly. 'AfieXrepoi & daoi ye tijv 

aiorrjpiay. Eur. Fr. Inc. 136. 1. SYN. 'A^vpetos, dpdt)Tds, afpivp. 
'A/3<Wds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [non vitalis,] lifeless, not worth living, intolerable. 
'A/3iWoV tjfuv' el 6' ETrev'^aoQai ypEWP. Ion. 6/0. SYN. 'Ar/brjs, Xv7rr)pds, bva^E- 
pt)s, rdXas. 
"'AfiXdflEws, adv. [innocue,] harmlessly. ^AfiXdpEios vnti ttoooXp Ebijadrd /caXd 

7T£5tXa. H. in Merc. 83. SYN. djueyu7rrws. 

"A/3Xd/3»/s, tds, 6 et ^, adj. [innocuus, illaesus,] harmless, inoffensive, unhurt, 

unpunished. Kpeiacriov Se fiatds oX(3ds afiXdfiris (^parens. Eur. Fr. Phryx. 14. 

SYN. "Awards, ddajds, d7rrifjojp, a.aricr)6r}s, aatiEdris. 

" A/3Xd/3ta, as, fj, subst. [innocentia, incolumitas,] innocence, safety. Kal belfai 

top j^tvpdp €7r' aj3Xd{3tr)<TL poow. H. in Merc. 393. SYN. 'Ac^dXeid, dirr}fidavpr]. 

^Aj3Xr)s, yjrds, b et rj, adj. [non jactus,] not thrown or hurled. 'It>5oo?s 

afiXrJTd irdXvffTOPOP c^eXet Iop. A. 117- SYN.^A/3X?;rds, kolipos. 
^Aj3Xr}Tos, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [non jactus, non ictus, illaesus,] not thrown or 
hurled, not struck, unhurt. "0<ttis et a{3Xr)Tos icai dpovrdros 6£el ^oXk^. A. 
540. SyN.^A/GXjjs, d/3Xd/3>)s, arfjrjTos, aVX^icrds, d7rf}fia.PTds. 
"AfiXrjxpos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [debilis, lenis, mitis,] weak, faint, mild, gentle. 
^AfiXrjxpos fxd\d voids eXevaErai, os ke at 7retpprj. X. 133. SYN."A7rdXos, cippoj- 
otos, yav^ciids, dyddos. 
'A/3dXew, f. »/o-o>, p. rjica, v. [occurro,] to meet, to encounter. "H5' ws Kvdpias 

Trerpas fvydp, (bar dfidXrjvdp. Apoll. 2. 772. 
'A/3oufc.dX?]rds, ov, 6 et r\, adj. [fastidiosus,] despised, rejected, of no estima- 
tion. , Aj3ovKbXrjTOP tovt Ejju (ppdPYjfxdri. ^Escll. Suppl. 936. SYN. 'Ay'ibrjs, adapts. 
'A(3ovXia, as, rj, subst. [consilii defectus aut inopia, temeritas,] want of deli- 
beration, imprudence, stupidity, rashness. Tavr eppdrjOela rjaddjurjp dfiovXiap. 
Med. 877* SYN."Avotd, dfpoauprf, d^pabXa, dpdavrrjs, fuopia, aypw/jikrupr}. 
"AfiovXds, ov, 6 et >jj, adj. [stolid us, temerarius,] unadvised, rash, imprudent, 
foolish. Tds r^vS' dj3ovXovs fyfMpopds KaroiKtaeiP, Heracl. 153. SYN. Awcr- 
fiovXds, aypwfjtop, dvovs, dvorjfjiop, dporjTds, dfxdd^s, dixrjydpos, ci^opetos, a<f>pdbr)s, 
atypdb/JiwP, ci(f)pti)p, rd^yj3ovXds. 
'A/3ovXws, adv. [inconsiderate, inconsult6,] inconsiderately, rashly, absurdly. 

'Hjue7s 5' d/3oi/Xws fca^Xews oXu/Xu/jep. Rhes. 76 1. 
'Apovrris, ov, 6, subst. [boves non habens, pauper,] destitute of cattle, poor. 

KpdbiriP & e'SoV apbpos dfiovreu). 1 Hes. Op. 451. 
^Afipidrjs, eos, 6 et #, adj. [sine pondere, levis,] devoid of weight, light. Bdpos 

fj£p ovic aflpiOEs, aXyEOjp virEp. Eur. Supp. 1125. 
^Aj3pdftdrr]s, ov, 6 et f/, adj. [molli incessu utens,] effeminate, delicate, fasti- 
dious, proud. Tod(T& afipofidrai. Pers. 10?3. SYN. Aerrfiis, dfipd fiaiptop. 
"Afipdbiairds, ov, b, subst. [qui delicate vivit,] one who lives in luxury, 'Afipd- 

bkairiop ETTETat Avbiop. Pers. 41. 
^AfipdKOfjris, ov, adj. [molliter comatus,] possessed of, or distinguished by, soft 
and delicate hair. QoLpiKd & dfipoKdfxap. Ipli. T. 1099. Syn. 'AKepalKdjjrjs, 
afipy x a ^ T D OaXXofJEPos. 
"Afipdfjos, ov, b et //, adj. [tumultuosiis, turbidus,] boisterous, stormy, 

1 'AjSouTea) is here scanned as a Baechius. 


troubled, tempestuous. . Kvfid /neXav Kwtyov tI Kal aj3pdfidv, aXXd KaX fyefrijy. 

Apoll. 4. 153. SYN. GtiXtpds, rdpdx^brjs. 
"AfiporrXovrds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [locupletibus ornamentis decoratus] richly 

adorned. Xa/Vas dfipdirXovroio. Iph. T. 1148. 
"Afipds, a, oV, adj. [elegans, lautus, delicatus,] soft, graceful, elegant. Sreya* 

dfipop fiaivoPTci iraXXevKM wohX. Med. Il6l. SyN. M.a\6aicds, dndXos, rpv<plpos. 
"'Ajopdauvr], r)s, r/, subst. [mollifies, splendor,] softness, elegance, splendour, 

effulgence. Mt/^Aaos aval,, 7roXv & afipdavpy. Or. 342. Syn. "Afiporrjs, 

"A/3pord5w, f. a£w, p. fifipdrdxd, v. [noctu vagor, aberro, decipior,] to wander 

by night, to be mistaken. AvOX jjepeiv, /uj/ttws dppvra^dfjiEP aXXrjXo'iXv. k. 65, 

SYN. 'Acpdfxaprdiu), 7rXa.£d/uai. 
^AftpdxtTCJv, wjos, 6 et fi, adj. [delicate vestitus, molli tunica indutus,] ele- 
gantly dressed, clothed in 6oft attire. AtxTptov r evvas appoxirwvds. Pers. 

543. EPITI*. Evawfiiav, 
"Afipvpu, f. afipvvQ, p. ijfipvKCL, v. [delicatum reddo, orno,] to render delicate, 

to embellish, adorn. "Afipvre, iir}ht, (3ap(3dpov (jxjjtos biKrjv. Agara. 928. Syn. 

Ka\Xw7r/c'w, 7repi(TT€XX<0, Koafxen), ydpoco. 
"Afivbds, ov, f}, P. N. [Abydus,] a city in Asia, situated upon the Hellespont. Kal 

^L-qarov KaX "Kfivhov eyov Kal bldp 'Apivfirjp. B. 836. EPITH. 'Ap^aid, (3ddv- 

KprjTrXs, TrdpdXos, eiraKTlds, ayyJdXos, otevyj, 
"Afivaods, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [fundi expers,] bottomless, very deep. 'EXdelv 

KidatpMv els djovaad x^ '^ 7 ®- Phcen. 1599« SyN. UoXvpevdijs. 
'Ayd^oyttat, f. daufxai, v. [cum stupore miror, honoro,] to admire, to behold 

with wonder or envy, to honour. IloXXd. jjiev Xot(3dlaXv dyai.dne.voi irptorav 

6eQv. Nem. 11.7. SYN. "Ayd/Jiat, dydb), QavfxaCio, Oav/jd TcoTovfiai, aefidfiat. 
'Ayddsds, a, dv t et Ion. fiyddtds, adj. [praestans, egregius,] excelleut, sur- 
passing. Kal vvv kv Uvdiovi vXv a-yddeo:. Pyth. 9* 126. 
"AydBos, r), op, compar. d}ieiv(ov, dpeitov, fieXricov, Kpeioowv, Xmiov, superl. dpi- 

crrds, fieXrHTTos, Kpariaros, Xyoros, adj. [bonus, fortis,] excellent, good, brave. 

YLlrrdpoiov oxptv t dyddrjv, Kal fivdov aKOvtov. fl. 632. SYN. *E<70Xds, dfiv/btm', 

avbpeios, Kparepos, a'ioXos. 
3 Ayddu)v, ufvos, 6, P.N. [Agatho,]a son of Priam ; also a tragic Poet, the enemy 

of Euripides. NeucetWEXetw te Yldpiv r 'AydOojvd te blov. ft. 249. 
'Ayaidfxai, v. [succenseo, indignor,] to be angry, to be indignant, "fts pd tov 

evbov vXaKreX dyatdfiEvov Ka/cd epyd. v. l6. SYN. 'AydpaKTtuj, %dXe7ra<Vw, 

ettX jjefKpdjuai, ^vc^epatVw, 6pyy\v £X W * 
'AyaKXer/s, fjs, cos, 6 et r/, adj. [clarus, inclytus,] glorious, illustrious, noble. 

Ildvrd Kar aladp EenrES, dyaKXees <b MevtXctf. P. 71 6. SYN. see 'AyaKXvros. 
'AyctKXvros et dyaKXeirds, r/, op, adj. [perillustris,] very renowned, celebrated. 

'AXX' ore htjfjLdQ'' Xkovto dyaKXvrd rolo dpaKros. 1 y. 388. See also Hes. Theog. 

1015, and II. 463. SYN. KXvtos, KXeiros, evKXet)s, hXdaqjjids, ixtydXu>pvfjids, 

dpiTzpeTrris, yywpX/xds, TrpdZyMV , e^oy^os, vneipdyps > evbo^os, 7repXirvaTos, epXKi/brjs. 
'AyaKTX/uepos, t\, bv, adj. vel potius particip. per sync, pro dyaKTiciofxepos, [bene 

conditus,] well built. Kvpdvas dyaKTXfxepav irdXXv. Pyth. 5. 107. Syn. 

'EvKTifAEPos, evktXtos. 
'AydXXw, f. dydXCj, p. ^yaXf,d, v. [orno,] to decorate or adorn. "Evvas dyrjXai, 

Xafxndbas r dpaaxEdeiv. Med. 1027. SYN. Koffjutw, EmKoofXEio, KaXXvvio, KaX- 

X<*)7TlCi(0, 7TVKa£(l>. 

'AyaXXdfxat, v. [gestio, gaudeo, honoro,] to rejoice, to exult, to honour. Avrds 
tyu)p &fX0L(rXp dyaXXEral' ovbl e tyrjfxi. 2. 132. SYN. Tridio, yavpXdofiai, elfiX or 
yiypofxai yt]doavpos Ki)p, 

"AyaXfxd, dros, to, subst. [ornamentum, statua,] an ornament, a statue, an 
offering or consecrated gift, an image. "Imrovs, dyaXfjd tt}s vrcepTrXovTov "^Xl- 
brjs. P. V. 475. SYN. Kooy-ttfs, Kvbos, eibioXov, tfidvov, dvddrjfid, eiKuv, fiperas t 

1 Gaisford follows Wolf in reading ayaKtenoiaX avcuraw. 


baibaXfid, pvrj/Liewv. EPITH. xpvffeoV, rnvbv, napjidpoiv, (pdeivbp, yjtvvio- 

tevktop, updv t a'iyXrjEP, ecflXoV, evfitytdis* 
"Ayd/iai, f. dabpai, p. yjyafffjiai, v. [admiror, inagni aestimo] to admire, to 

value highly. "Us art, yvpai, dydfiai re, Ttdi]7ra re, beibid t alvuis. c?. l68. 

SYN. 'Aya£bpiai, 6avjua$(o, 7r£pipXe7ra>, 6/]Trio, E7raiPEW, <~t]Xbio. 
'Aya/uefxi'tov, opos, 6, P. N. Agamemnon. 'AW epek 1 apr)Tfjpbs op t)rtfJtr](T % 'Ayd- 

fiefivtov. A. QX. EPITH. "Arpeibrjs, "Arpeltov, dfivj^wp, Kpelwv, evpvKpeiwp, 

atyveios, bidyev))s, bids, icepbaXsotypiop, 6\(ilbbaifjni)v, tcvbiaros. SYN. "Aval, av- 

bpiop, TrolfiTjv XauJVf Ati TkeXos, ^Arpeos vibs bdfypbpbs ImrbbdjAQib, Tpoias nroXX- 

iropdos, 'Apyeiwv rjyrirwp, 'Apyeiiov (TKrjTTTOv^ds. 
'Ayafiepvoplhris, ov, 6, subst. [Agamemnone satus,] a descendant of Agamemnon. 

Top p 'Ayd/JLe/jLvdvibris rrjXeicXvTbs ektolv 'Opeorrjs. a. 30. SYN. 'Aydfie/ipoinvs, 
'AycLfxribijs, eos, 6, P. N. [Agamedes,] one of the architects who built the en- 
trance to the temple at Delphi. AaXvov ovbbv eOtjke TpbtywpXbs i'lb' 'Aydprjbrjs. 

Hymn. Apoll. 296. 
"Aydfibs, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [innuptus,] unmarried. "Aybvos r ZpEPai, dydfxos 

t dirbXeadai. T, 40. SYN. 'Avv/uevaibs, dvavbpos, dpvptyevrbs, ac?v£, dneipb- 

Xe^qSf u7T€tpbydfibs , dvv/jtybs, Xe^ovs dweipbs, evvrjs a£v£ ydjjirjXXov. 
"Ayav, adv. [nimis,] too much, too great. Kavros fidpvpdels 6lb\ dyav alpov- 

Hevbs. Heracl. 205. Syn. AXap. 1 
'AydvaKTeoj, f. rjaw, p. rjnd, v. [indignor,] to be grieved, to be indignant. Kal 

fxt)btp dydpciKTei y' e yu> yap p, (5 Tcdrep. Vesp. 1003. SYN. Miji/j'^w, jujjj'fw, 

Hrivl~dM, da^aXXw, ci^dbfxai, bva^patvio, opyi^bfxai, kyKoTEw, xoXdopiai, opyrj 

7rdpapdeiv . . . TtdpaKfidZeiv. 
'Ayappitpbs, ov, 6 et i) t [valde nivosus,] snow-clad, covered with snow, 

abounding in snow. Elfx avrr) Trpbs"OXvjnrbp dydvpXtybp, at ne nXdriTai. A. 420. 

SYN. Ntydets, yXbpiobris, bvffxei/iiov, hvaxeififpos. 
'Aydvbs, rj, op, adj. [mitis, bland us,] mild, gentle, cheerful, gay. Mi'jtXs en 

Ttpotypiop dydvbs koX ijirXos eario. e. 8. SYN. Evjutw/s, irpabs, fieCXXyXbs, <j>aibpbs. 
' 'Ay dvoippwv, opos, 6 et 77, adj. [mansuetus, placidus, miti ingenio prseditus,] 

glad, joyful, mild. Ke(V?;s dydpo<ppbpbs cipeku rtjuiys. Apoll. 4. 809. SYN. 

'Aycii'os, ijtjv-^bs. 
'Aydpoppbavprj, rjs, rj, subst. [comitas, jucunditas,] courtesy, mildness, plea- 
santness, mirth. 2jf t dydvocppbavprj, Kal aois dydvols eneeffaiv, fl. 772. SYN. 

*H<rv^ta, evjuEPetd, 7rpqorr)s. 
'Aydp&s, adv. [comiter, jucunde,] courteously, pleasantly. 'Aya^ws be x*P°w 

fidXdxy yvu>yy. Iph. A. 601. Syn. See dydpbs and its synonymes, from 

which the corresponding adverbs are easily derived. 
'Ay&7rac?w, ayaVdw, f. j/cw, rjnd, v. [amo, amplector, contentus sum, osculor,] 

to love, to embrace, to be content, to salute. 'AOdpdrop dzbv tabe ppbrovs dyd- 

Tra^EjUEP dprr\v. ft. 464. See also Vesp. 67O. Syn. <j>XXeo>, ipdu), Epdfiai, 

aawa^bfjiaiy arepyo), apKovjuai, dp£< t xpdbXrj Kevrpbp ZpwTbs £X W » /" e 7^ K ^ S 

'tfiEpbs alpel, i/uEpov fiiXei TEdaXjiat. 
'AydTrrjpiopf bpbs, 6 et ^, [(l)adj. strenuus, validus, (2) P. N. Agapenor,] 

strong, valiant. Ol & es YlavObXbrjp dydnripbpd UovXvbdfxavTd. N. 756. See 

also B. 609. SYN. (1) 'Aydflos, fibrj dyddbs, apbpeibs, Kpdripbs. EPITH. (2) 

(3br}P dyddbs, 'EiijUjueXt^s, kodXbs. 
'Ayd7rr}Tbs, rj, op, adj. [dilectus, amabilis, carus,] beloved, amiable, dear. Moy- 

%>bs eojp dydTTtjTbs; 6 ft (oXeto tijXoQX TraTpris. /3. 365. SYN. QTXbs, Epaafjibs, 

ifiEpbeis, icbdeipos, 7rpocr(pXXy)s, TTEpXXrjfXEPbSy EpXrjpbs. 
'Ayappbbs, contr. dyuppovs, 6 et r), adj. [violenter fluens,] rapidly flowing, 

furious, boisterous. "Qaaovs 'FAXyiaTrovrbs dyappbbs kprbs eepyei. B. 845. 

SYN. YlbXvppbbs, d)Kvppbbs. 
'AyaaQEPtia, eos, 6, P. N. [Agasthenes,] father of Polyxenus, and one of Helen's 

suitors. Xlbs 'AyaaQtpEos AvyriXdbao dpaarbs, B. 624. 

1 On the quantity of &yap and hiap see Brunck. Nub. 199. 

ArAX ArEN 6 

' Ay ui7Tvi'os t ov, 6 et »), adj. [multura gemens, luctuosus, lugubris,] lamenting, 

mournful, sorrowful. KfjTds, a fivplu fioaicel dydordvbs 'AfjupiTptTT). p. gf. 

SYN. lid\v7T€vQr)S t ydlpos, 7reidr)prjs t fiapv7rti0r}s. 
'AyaarGs, t), ov, adj. [admirationem vel stuporem ferens,] admirable, causing 

admiration or astonishment. Bibs dyaards kv (f>det. Hec. 169. Syn. 0au- 

/uaards, cdQlds, QeotteoXos, OIgkeXos, dyavds. 
\ Ay a<TTpd<pds, ov, 6, P. N. [Agastropbus,] tlie son of Paeon. "Htoi Tubeds vuls 

1 'Ay a.tjTp6(j>di' ovTaoi bovpX. A. 338. EPITH. "\<j>6tf.ids, bovpUXvrds, Kpartpos. 
'Ayavij, rjs, //, P. N. [Agave,] one of the Nereids. Kcu 'AfXipXQdY}, tcai 'Ayavrj. 

2. 42. EPITH. KaWlTrapyos, NrjprjXs, fiaQvuoXirds. 
*Ayavds, >/, ov, adj. [nobilis, admirabilis, superbus,] noble, illustrious, proud. 

'Hywyet ilpXdu os re xaX dXXoi Tpwes dyavoi. H. 386. SYN. 'Ay a icXuros, dya- 

otos, dyXdds, dpXbeiKErds, nfpivrjfJids, tyaibXuds, TrjXeicXvTds, evbolps, KXeirds, izlpX- 

(pavrds, evbdnXfids, Xafjnrpos, yevvalds, virEpr)(pdvds, dXd£a>v. 
'AyatyOeyKTos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [valde sonans,] very sonorous, high-sounding. 

Kpr)T))p aya<f)deyKT(t)V dotbav. Olymp. 6. 155. SYN. Bdpv<pdoyyds, j3dpvl3pd/j.os. 
'AyyeXla, as, >/, subst. [nnntius, rumor, mandatum,] news, a report, a com- 
mand, a message. 'AXX' ayyeXlas fidpds apdjilva. Hec. 104. Syn. 'EvroX//, 

(parts, ETnardXr). EPITH. Avypi), boncpvoearra, kXvtt), beivr), yXvicela, 7rddeiyrj, 

TraXiyyXiooods, 'XpdvXa, KOivr). 
"AyyeXos, ov, 6 et >/, 'AyytXXwTrjs, ov, 6, et fern. 'AyytXtwrts, Xbds, >/, subst. 

[nuntius,] a messenger, news. Xa/pt-e itrjpvKes Aids ayyiXoX r/be kcu avbpwv. 

A. 334. See also Horn. Merc. 296. and Call. 4. 21 6. Syn. Upioftus, bXaxrwp, 

fjrji'VTrjs, furjvvTwp, Krjpv£, ayyeXta, ttvgtXs, (j>rjfxr]. EpiTH.'ErvyUos, wxus, 7rdbw- 

ktjs, Ta^vbpofjids, opdds, a<pdoyyds, dvavbds, TrjXeaKoirds, 7rebioTrX6i<rvTrds, d(jdrv7ros, 

o-d(p))s, \p€vb)]S, EpXrjpds, eadXds, Xajjnrpds. PHR. AajAirpdi Ofj/jidcrX, <f>aibp<3 7rpt- 

7rwi' 7rpd(TU)7r<t), eaXds riuav (pEpei TrpdyfidrX, peo^uwv /uvdioy rd/jias. 
'AyyeXXw, f. eXw, ?;yyeXkd, v. [nuncio,] to announce, to bring or deliver a 

message. Ti rob' ayyeXXeis ; Hec. 188. SYN. 'A7rayyeXXw, /utjvvoj, dvayyeX- 

Xm, e£ayyeXXoj, ffijjuaiVw, (ppa£it). 
"AyyeX/ud, drds, to, subst. [res mandata aut annunciata,] a commission, news, a 

message. Adrdwv te Kotvd YlEXo7rXbtov t ayyeXyudrd. Troad. 705. Syn. Td 

KpavdeKTd, Td boj-avrd. See SYN. in dyylXta. 
"Ayyds, eos, to, subst. [vas, urna] any vessel, an urn. 'Ei' y to& dyyos ruib' 

E(J>ebp€vov xdpa. Eur. Electr. 55. SYN. 'Ayyeiov, atcevos, rev^ds, Xe/3^s, e/i/3d- 

tyXd. EPITH. Olvdbo-xpv, yaXKEOv, atyetbes, oXotyvpTov, fiEyd. 
'Ayelpu), dyEpSj, rjyepxd, v. [congrego, mendicando corrogo,] to assemble or 

collect, to gather together, to collect by begging. Avald Tev^id Qaaadv, tyw 

bi ke Xadv dyetpa). II. 129* SYN. Ivvdya), dXi£<i), ddpoiclu), avXXEyio, avy- 

KouX^U), ovveipw, 
'Aye/rwv, bvds, 6 et fj, adj. [vicinum non habens,] neighbourless, solitary, 

lonely. Tv%6vr Eprffxov rovb' dyetTovos 7rdyov. P. V. 2/0. SYN. KaKoyeiroty, 

fJLdvos, Eprjfxds. 
'AyZXalds, a, ov, adj. [armentalis, e grege,] of a herd or drove, common. Olb y 

EtyEfiovrd Kara fiEydpov, fiots o»$ dyeXcucu. %. 299 • SYN. BovkoXXkos, <f>ai>X6s f 

drifjids, evriXris. 
'AysXaos, ov, 6, P. N. [Agelaus.] To7$ b' 'AyeXaos ecltcev, ztcos irdvreool 7rX(j>av- 

(TKwv. ^. 131. EPITH. AXoTpE(pris, Qpabfxdvibris, ^dfxafTTdpXbrjs. 
'AyeXaffTos, ov, 6 et 7/, adj. [risus expers,] without laughter, sorrowful. 'Aye- 

Xacrrd 7rpdff(i)7rd fiiacdfiEVOi. Ag. 803. SYN. 2fcv0pw7ros, oicXripds, ^dXE7rds, (refxvos. 
'AyeXiy, rjs, r/, subst. [armentum proprie bourn, coetns,]a herd or drove of oxen, 

an assembly, a crowd. 'Ev b' aylXriv 7rolr)(re (jotiv opQoKpaipdtav. 1. 573. 

SYN. YioifivT), ttwv, -koiiivXov, fiorov, 7rXfjdds, dyopd. EpiTH. ^Aypovo/jos, 

evetbtjs, '^avdrj, KEpdtj, exxpopfios, avTovdfids. 
'AyEveids, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [imberbis,] beardless. Obb' dydpdaei y dyEveids ov- 

be\s ev dyopy. Equit. 1373. PHR. "lovXov ovk e\wv yiveldbos, ovrno yivvs 

<pa~ivEv TEpetvav, juarep' olravdas, drutpav. 


'Ayevv^s, eos, 6 et t), adj. [ignobilis,] ignoble, mean, low-born. Kat /3w/uflXd- i 

yevfioLT dyevvr). Arist. Pax 748. Syn. 'AyeVj'77r<3s, bvaylvr)s, SkXetjs, bovXo- 

7rpE7rr)s, (f>avXos. 
'Ayevvrjros, ov, 6 et f), adj. [non natus, ignobilis,] not born, low-born. QavOkv 

tis av bvvair dyevvrjrov 7roXeiv ; Trach. 7^5. SYN. 'Ayevtjs, dybvbs, cnrofyros. 

See 'Ayti'wjs. 
'Ayepaords, ov, 6 et ft, adj. [sine munere, praemio carens,] unrewarded, i 

unhonoured. 'ApyetW dyepciords eio, etteX ovbe eoike. A. 119* $YN. 'A^wjo?;- 

TOS, UTlfiOS. 

'Aytpwyos, oy, 6 et ?/, adj. [superbus, ferox, mult dm honoratus,] proud, 

arrogant, very much honoured. Neordpd re XpofiXov re IlepiKrXv/iei'oV r' dyepw- 

)(o>'. X. 285. SYN. 'TirEprjtydvos, avdabr)s, evTtfxds, dyavos, dyrjvwp. 
"AyevcTTus, ov, 6 et r), [qui gustare nequit aut qui uon gustavit,] who cannot 

taste or has not tasted. "Ayevarbs ahov. Ant. 583. 
"Ayr], rjs, r), subst. [admiratio cum stupore,] amazement, wonder. Alrjv yap 

ixtya e'nrds' dyr) fi E^et' ovk dv Efiotye. y. 227» SYN. 0a/i/3ds, davfid, $fjXos. 
'Ayr), rjs, fj, subst. [fractura, littus, exitium,] a breaking, a shore, destruction. 

Xeipiov QfiXXvpibrjs' TrbXXr] r ewX tcvfiaros ayrj. Ap. Rh. 1. 554. SYN. 'Ay/ids, 

aKTrj, prjyfxlv, 6tv, oXsOpos, fiopos. 
'Ay^Xdrew, f. r)aco, p. rjKd, v. [abigo, ut piaculum,] to drive away as a pollution. 

^AyriXdrrjaeiv ; el bi fxr) "boiceis ytptav. CE. R. 4-02. SYN."Ayds IXavvco, bX<vKio, 

(pvydbevo), drriodEio. 
'AyrjvopEds, a, dv, adj. idem quod dyyvcop (2) q. v. 
'AyrjvdpXa, as, i), subst. [audacia, fortitudo,] boldness, valour, bravery. Nv> av | iroXv fxaXXov dyrjvopXrjaXv Evrinds. I. 696* SYN. " Avbpeid, evxpv^Xa, ciXk)], 

r)vopEt], avdabia. 
'Ayr/i/wp, dpbs, b, [(1) P.N. Agenor,] the son of Antenor; [(2) adj. fortissimus, 

superbus,] very bold, gallant, daring. (I) Tpets r 'Avrrivbpxbas, UbXvfiov KaX I 

'Ayrivopd blbv. A. 59- EPITH. 'AvtCOeos, /j.Eyddv/j,bs, v(jpiarr)s, 6j3pXpbdv/, 

SYN. 'AvTrjvdpds vlos. (2) SYN. KpciTEpddvjjLos, KapripoOvfjids, dvbpews, KpdrEpo- 

typiov, aXici/ubs, r)vs, dylpto^os, dpeitydros, fxEyaadEvi)S, evroXfibs, v7TEpri<pavos, yev- 

valbs, la^vpdsyOJjpXfjLos, vnEpr'ji'wp. 
'AyrjpavTos, dyripdros, dyripdos, ov, et ayrjptos, 10, et fj, [senii expers, inimor- 

talis,] exempt from old age, immortal. r [l tov dyr)pavrov nbXbv aidipos/HXiE, 

rtfiviov. Eur. Epigr. 1. 1. See also B. 447. Hes. Theogn. 305. and e. 218. 

SYN."A00iros, addvdrbs, auv ewv. 
'AyrjcrXxopos, ov, 6 et r), subst. [ductor chori, chorum ducens,] leader of a cho- 
rus. ' Ay rjm^optov oKorav tiov (ppotfiXurv. Pytli. 1. 7 '• SYN. 'AyrjTiop /.ieXeiov. 
'Ayrjros, r), ov, adj. [admirabilis,] admirable, wonderful. Ot ical Qr\r\aavTo (f>vr)v 

Kal eibbs dyrjrov. X. 370. Syn. See in dyaaros. PHR. dyrjrds (fiopcprjv, (f>vt)v, 

eibos, (jipEvds, befxas, dpErrjv). 
'Ay/<^w, f. Xaio, i/cd, v. [consecro, adoleo,] to consecrate, to dedicate, to offer 

incense. RovdijTdv karXav dyi£uv,tKov. CE. C. 1495. Syn. 'Ayidcw, dvfxXdto, 

dyXoo), dyiarevio. 
'Aytvew, et 'AyivecrKio. See 9 Ayw. 
"AyXos, a, ov, adj. [sane t us, sacer,] sacred, holy. "Ayids eyw fiddpeias Pddv%a~tos. 

^Esch. Supp. 865. See Porson. Med. 750. Syn. "OqXos, tvdyrjs, udddpos, 

oetttos, ayvos. 
'Ayiareino, aw, m, v. [sanctum existimo,] to venerate. EtSws fiXorav dytoreuei. 

Bacch. 73. 
'Ayicacldfiai, f. aofxat, v. [ulnis amplector,] to take in the arms, to embrace. 

Ot 6' dpd vEKpiiv d-nb x^bvos ayKa£ovro. P. 722. SYN. 'A<T7ra5w. PHR. 'Ayicds 

Zyew> ^ter' ayicdXXbecrcrXv deipeiv, a/ji(j)X(jdXX€iv /uaarov drXtvaiaX fxarepos, Phoen. 

314. dXyelv wXEvais. 
'AyKadiv, et ayuds, [desuper, in ulnis,] from above, closely joined. "I£ov 

7rdXa(ov ayicddev Xdfiwv (3p£ras. Eumen. 80. 'AymXew. See in dvdndXeu). 
'AyfcdX»7, rjs, r/, subst. frequentius plur. ay/cdXat, wv, item dynaXXs, ibos, rj> [si- 


nus, brachium,] a bosom, an arm. Td abv, Ttlrpaia & dytcaXr) at (jaardoei. 

P. V. 1027. S«?e also X. 503. SYN. 'ilXeyrj, kuXttos, aripvoy, arf}Bds t dy»cdX?s. 
'AyKaXfis, ov, 6, subst. [fasciculus,] a bundle. Twv t5t2 avvhriaas vlddt'iXeds 

IkyicaXdv vXrjs. Horn. Merc. 82. 
'Ayxiarpuv, ov, to, subst. [hamus,] a hook. EPITH. katyoivdv, evKafX7ris, oXooy. 
Aynds, ids, to, subst. [vallis, convallis,] a valley, a dale. Kvtj/hovs e&perjal kui 

ityiced iroir)ivTa. b. 337. SYN. AvXwy, <pdpay£, kXitvs, /3?]<ro-d, vairos, yvaXov. 

EPTTH. Aliretvov, bei'bpijtv, ko'iXov, Troirjiy, fiddv, Tpriyy. 
'AyKvXrj, t)s, //, subst. [jaculi genus, curvatura cubiti,] a kind of javelin, the 

bend of the arm, curvature. 'O fiey nirpovs, 6 ft dytcvXas, Or. 1483. 

SYN. Alxfxtj, atcfoy, ayK(oy. 
' Ay nvX6d/.iai, v. [incur vo,] to bend, \wpel be nds rts 5yv\ds r/yKvXw/i£>o«. 

Av. 1180. SYN. Kdf.i7TTtM), K&Tanafivria, Kvprou). 
*AyKv\6s, rj, ov, adj.[curvus,] crooked, bent. * 'Oc?w iv\ fiXatydevre' fivpiKtvtf, uyKv- 

Xfiy apfxu. Z. 39' SYN. KafjnrvXds, Kvpros, E7rXKvprds, Kvcpds, £7rtca/i7r^s, ctkoXXos. 
' Ay KvX6f*i)Tr)s, ov, 6, adj. [obliqua habens consilia, callidus, vafer,] crafty, cun- 
ning, shifting. Kcu /xe irpecrfivrdTriv tekzto Kpovos ayfcvXfyiqrTjs. A. 59* 

SYN. YlotKtXd/JitjTrjs, aldXdfiJjrrjs, 7roXuVpo7ros, boXXos, boXXotypoiv. 
AyKvXoro^ds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [curvum habens arc urn, Sagittarius,] using a 

crooked or bended bow, an archer. AWdp X\vpaiyjir}s aye Waiovds dy«i)- 

\6t61ovs. B. 848. 
Ay KvXd^eiXris, ov, 6, adj. [curvum haben9 rostrum,] having a crooked bill. 

'£A6wi> f e£ opios Liiyas auras ay KvXo^eiXrjS. r. 538. 
AyKvpa, as, f], subst. [anchora, presidium,] an anchor, a support. "Ayicvpa 

hi) fiov rets rv^as o^el fAoyrj. Hel. 276- SYN. Evvr/. EPITH. ^aXKoyevvs, 0wXus, 

0X0*7. PHR. 'E'Xepjiis beards deXXrjs, Odas -^dXiyos vrjos, vewy TrXa^ofiivijjy nayXs, 

vrjos "ia\as, vrjibv ebpdvov dorddewy. 
Ay KvpiZtD, X(tq>, Xnd, v. [supplanto,] to trip up the heels. AldXdfiuiv ijyKvpXads. 

Equit. 262. SYN. 'foroaJfcAtOtf, icdrdyw. 
Ayiciov, wvds, 6, subst. [curvatura brachii, curvatura,] the elbow, bend of 

the arm, any thing of an angular shape. ©es b>j Toy aytcuv' evpvdfiws. Cycl. 

560. SYN. K.a/j.7t7], ayKvXrj. E,pith. TXikvs, KaXos, arrvtpeXds. 
AyXdXa, as, 1), [P. N. (1) Aglaia,] one of the Graces; [et (2) subst. gratia, 

pulchritudo, splendor,] brilliancy, elegance, grace, splendor. IL/Sqjua kovQi- 

ctovad avv ayXdia. Electr. 8(5l. 2. SYN. Avyi), aiyXrj, Xa f.i irp or ?;s, koolius, 

KaXXos, evTvpiireid, ayXaiafid, ydvos, djidpvyjxd, dfiapvyri. EPITH. 'Ifiipdeacrd, 

VLKr}<p6pos, TrjXetydyrjs, eldpXi'r). 
AyXdi£(o, v. [illustro, decoro,] to ornament, embellish, decorate, adorn. 

AeX^ts ekcI irerpa tovto tol dyXdXae. Theoc. Ep. 1. SYN. Koo-/i£«, nvbaivu), 

KaXXvvo), Xa/uiTrpvyio, 7rvKd£io, avy d£(o, KaXXwiri^u), dydXXw. 
AyXdi£, v. [illustror, gaudeo,] to be distinguished, to be delighted. 

'AXXd ge <pr]fxX biafX7iEpES dyXdXeHadai. K.331. 
AyXdiafid, dros, to, subst. [ornamentum,] ornament, decoration. '6 5' dyXaiajxd 

hoifiaTiDy e/uov t e 0v. Hel. 289. SYN. and EPITH. See ctyXdm. 
AyXdedeipos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [nitidam comam habens,] having fine hair. Tidy 

dvdKeKXdfiEvoi, vofxXov 6e6v, dyXaEdeipoy. Pan. 5. SYN. Ev/c6juo$, evirXo- 

Ka/jids, rjVKd/jos. 
AyXddyvws, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [pulchra membra habens,] having beautiful limbs. 

'AyXddyutd*'"Hpay. Nem. Jo. 

AyXddbevbpds, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [pulchras arbores habens,] abounding in beau- 
tiful trees. Ma-tp' dyXdobevbpov . Ol. 9. 32. 

AyXdoBpdvos et ayXdoQioKos , ov, 6 et >/, adj. [splendida sede sedens,] sitting 

on a splendid seat or place. Moiaats yap dyXdodporois ekwv. Ol. 13. 136. 

See also Nem. 10. 1. 

AyXddicapTros, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [pulchros fructus ferens,] bearing fine fruit. 
Oy^at Kal poiat, Kal firiXeai ayXddKapiroi. r\. 115. 


"AyXadxovpos, ov, 6 et ft, adj. [pulcliros juvenes habens,] famed for fine 

youths. YlpoQvpov Tioaeibdvos, dyXdoKOvpdv. 01. 13. 5. 
^AyXddKwfddsy ov, 6 et >/, adj. [splendidam festivitatem faciens,] causing 

splendid revelry. 'AyXddKw/uov enel \airaiaX fiev. Ol. 3. 10. 
^AyXdds, ov, 6 et r), et r), 6v, adj. [splendidus,] splendid, distinguished. TrjXefid- 

^os 0' ijpws Kal N^Grdptfs dyXdds vlds. £.21. SYN. Aa/jLTrpds, alyXr)eis t <pdeivds, 

apyXvoets, KaXXXfeyyrjs, €ju<pdit)s, TrjXavyrjs, dyavds, evbotcifjids, rrepXtyavrds. 
^ Ay Xdorpiairrjs, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [tridente splendido inclytus,] having a splendid 

trident. Tor' dyXdorpXahctv dprrdaai. Ol. 1.64. 
^AyXdiuxp, uncos, 6 et ft, adj. [vultu splendidus,] having a splendid face. 

'Ay\adi7rt irevica. CE. R. 213. SYN. QalbptoTrds, Xafnrpav e%wv oxpXv. 
^AyXWes, an/, al, subst. [alliorum capita,] heads of garlic. Ma At', dXXd irdp' 

Ev^dpXbov kcivtos rpets dyX7dasfj.ETe.7re/jixpd. Vesp. 6S0. SYN. 'Payes. 
"AyXuxrads, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [elinguis, barbaro dicendi more utens,] speechless, 

uncouth in speaking, barbarous. OvQ" 'EXXds ovt dyXioffaos, Trach. 1062. 

SYN. KaKoyXwffffds , dvavbos, dtpwvos, atypdbrjs, j3dpj3dpos, dre^vos. 
"Ayvcifiirrds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [inflexibilis,] inflexible. Qefievds ayvajnTTTov vbbv. 

P. V. 169. SYN. 'AKafATTTOs, OKX-qpos, dreyKros, d/ieiXX^os. 
^Ayveid, et "Ayvev/md, dros, to, subst. [puritas, expiatio,] chastity, purity, 

atonement. "Ayvevfi eyuv rt delov, i\ a dva^Xdv. Eur. El. 256. SYN. Albd)S, 

cu)(j>pdavvj]. EPITH. "lepoV, Qelov, evirpenes, €fx7rperres. 
^Ayvevoj, f. <tm, p. Ka, v. [purus sum, purum reddo,] to be pure, to make pure. 

Et Tts 7] vauiv TtvXwpos ^etjoas dyvevet Oeols. Iph. T. 1227 '• SYN."0<7tos elfji, 

KaQdpos elfiX. 
\Ayrtd?w, f. Xaio, p. ua, v. [purifieo,] to purify, to expiate. h 6tov Tob'ey^os tcparos 

dyvXarj rpty^d. Ale. j6. SYN.^Ayyeuw, Kadaipu), ndddpi£(o. 
"Ayvoeoj, et ^AypoXeu), f. r)rru>, p. 77/ca, v. [ignoro,] to be ignorant of. Ov Oavfdd 

a 1 rj/jids dyvoelv. Iph. A. 823. " Avbp ctyvouiaaa vXdei, fae/Jidvev re jxayeadai. 

v. 15. SYN. Ovk oibd, jug Xavddvei. 
^Ayvotd, as, fj, subst. [ignorantia,] ignorance. *A fxev yap e^elprjKds, dyvoid /*' 

€^et. Trach. 3.50. SYN. ! 'An etpeaXa, dfiaprXa. 1 
'Ayvoppvros, ov, 6 et r), adj. [pure fluens,] flowing clearly, limpid. Ylayal & 

dy voppvrtov Ttordfjicjv. P. V. 433. 
'Ay> os, 17, ov, adj. [purus, sanctus, castus,] chaste, modest. TlpoawOev avrfjv 

dyvos uv aa7rd£o] Hipp. 102. SYN. ^Luxpptov, Kaddpos, upos, aicpards. 
"AyvvjjX, f. afo, v. [frango,] to break. UoXXovs dpiOfxovs dyvvrai vavayXwv. 

Helen. 410. SYN. 'Priyvv/jX, 7tX{]<tgu), aphaau), apd/raw. 
'Ayvw/ndavvii, et "'AyvwoXa, as, fj, subst. [stultitia,] stupidity, foolishness. 

MeyaXrjv be Oeols dyvofidavvrjv. Trach. 1269. See also Eur. Fr. Antiop. 24. 

SYN. 'ApovXXa. 
'Ayvufiuiv, dvos, b et r), adj. [stolidus, mente deficiens, imprudens,] stupid, 

foolish, ungrateful. QvtjTa, kovk ayv^/uovd. Trach. 474. SYN. 'AvdrjTds, 

aflovXos, afxadris, Kanddv/jids, vrjXeijs, d^dpiffros. 
'Ayyws, wtos, 6 et r/, adj. [ignotus,] ignorant, unknown, degraded. AdKrjfrXs 

ciyvios Xoyiov. CE. R. 681. SYN.^Ayvworos, dvorjTos, dfiddrjs, aKXeijs, dbo^os. 
AyvojcrXa. See ' 'Ay via fjidavvr]. 
^Ayvioaros, ov, 6 et t), adj. [incognitus,] unknown, obscure. 'AW dye, a 

dyvbjffrov revolt) 7ravrecraX fipoTolaX. v. 397* SYN. ^Ayvios, dyvwTos, aKXerjs. 

See ayjws. 
"Ayo^os, ov, et //, adj. [non natus, prole carens,] not born, having no chil- 
dren. A't'0' ofeXes t dybvos r efievai. T. 40. SYN. 'AyevvrjTos, dreKvos, 

aTrais, droKos. 
"Ayoos, ov, 6 et /;, adj. [indefletus,] unlamented. Ketros S' d TdXas dydos. Sep. 

Th. 1063. SYN. ^AtcXavcrrds, dbaKpvTos. 

1 On the quantity of the last syllable of 'Ayvota, see Dr. Blomf. Sept. Theft. 498. 

afop Am 9 

'Ayopa, as, rj, et ayopos, ov, o, subst. [forum, concio,] a market-place, an 

assembly. KcnriaTTjaet fxine'ip dyopdp. Nub. 991. See also Iph. T. IO96. 

SYN. Tlavfiyvpis, 6/uiXXa, Ofipobos. EPITH. Kotv>), fidpvbovTros, KvbXdpeipd, betprj, 

TSTprj^yia, alipTipr/. 
'Ayopadw, f. dew, p. d, v. [in foro versor, emo,] to buy and sell in the market, 

to buy. * Ay 6 pd(T(o t kv rois 07rXois e£rjs 'Apuroyeirdvi. Lysistr. 633. Syn. 'Ep 

dyopq. biarpificw, 7r(»)XEu>, TrpXdjuai. 
'Aydpalds, ov, 6 et y), adj. [forensis, sordidus,] belonging to the market, mean, 

vulgar. MrjT dyopaiovs \xi\TE nofidXovs. Ran. 1015. $YN. AlxaitKos, koipos, 

'Ayopavopos, ov, 6, subst. [qui foro praeest,] a clerk of the market. *Hr 5' 

dtroXXyaipy tovs dyopavofxovs ndXu>. Acharn. 968. Syn. Aoytcn/s, dyopas eiri- 

^Ayopdofxai, et dyopevw, v. [concionor, loquor,] to harangue, to speak. "Os 

otyXp Evtypoveiop ayopi)oaTO Kal /jete€ittep. A. 73. See also H. 347* SYN. 

bi) fiYiyopiu), etto), evveirh), Atyw. 
'AyoprjTrjs, ov, 6, subst. [concionator,] an orator, an haranguer. 'HbvEwfjs avo- 

povGE XXyvs YlvXiwv dy6pr)rr)s. A. 248. SYN. Arj/uiiyopos, ptjrwp, K07rXs. EPITH. 

'EffdXos, ijbvXoyos, XXyvcpdoyyos, aoxppuv, evfiovXos, fpopX/Jos, dyddos. 
'Ayopos. See 'Ayopa. 
'Ayos, ov, 6 et 7), subst. [dux,] a leader, commander. Top b* ctl Hapnribwp 

AvkXup dyos, clptcop r)vba. E. 647. SYN. 'Apx??yos, fiyefxfop, KoafirjTrjp Xawp, 

dytoyos, arparriyos, iiyerrjs, dp^ijyerjjs, r)yEjji6pevs, vcpriyrjTrjS. 
Ayos, eos, to, subst. [piaculum,] atonement, crime. Qopflrjs tooovtop ws dyos 

fudpop Tcpodeis. Antig. 775. SYN. KdOap/tos, diroTpoin), Kadapfxd, no^QqpXa. 
'Ayo(rros,ov, 6, subst. [pars manus interior,] the pairn of the hand. "Eff^ev* 

'6 b' ep KOPirjaX ttegIop eXe yaidv dyoaro), N. 520. SYN. ®Epdp, ayK&p. EPITH. 

'And/jaTos, yXop6)br)S, 7ratboKdjJids. 
"Aypa, as, 7), subst. [praeda, captura,] a booty, prey, capture. "Tirp<*> Kpdrrjdeltr 

aypap &Xiad. Eum. 148. SYN. Asia, XtjXs, XEtiXdoXa, aypev/ud, Xd<pvpop, 

okvXop. EPITH. ^Atyreir}, Epdreiprf, pucr)(J)dpds, evKEpws, boXourj^dpos, KepbdXsr}, 

boXirj, (pdpXa, bd(j>otpds, evaro^os, £Xd(j)7i(3dXds, ttoptXos, i^dvoeao'd, evdtjpos, evOfj- 

"Aypa7rTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [non scriptus,] unwritten. Kijpi/yjudfl' &ot dypairrd 

KaatydXti QeCjp. Antig. 458. 
"AypavXds, ov, 6 et ft, adj. [in agris versatus,] living in the fields, an epith. of 

Diana. Uoijjlepes dypavXoi fcdV eXey^Ed yaarlpEs olop. Hes. Theog. 26. Syn. 

aypoiKos, vTcaiQpXos. 
'Aypetos, o, dp, adj^ [rusticus, ferus,] clownish, savage. 'Aype7os el icai amids. 

Nub. 655. Syn. see^Aypios. 
r Ay ptaXa, as, if, subst. [venatio,] hunting. 'Ek 5' avr aypEaXrjs TroXXdtcX noXXa 

Kdfi&p. Call. fr. 22. 2. Syn. and Epith. see 0>/pa. 
'Aypevfid, drds, to, snbst. [praeda venatione capta,] prey taken in hunting, 

booty. "Aypeujud 6r)pos, rj PEKpov irdbepbiiTOP. Choeph. 996. SYN. ^Aypa, 

KvprjyiffXa, EXd^rffooXXa , Xd(j>vpd, aicvXd. 
'Aypevs, e<i)s, 6, P. N. [Agreus,] 'Ayptd Kal No/uXop 7rdXvXy]XoX AlfAovifjes, Apoll. 

2. 506. 
r AypevTi)p, rjpos, o, subst. [venator,] a hunter. 'l^Qvos aypevTfjpEs d/uws bvo 

KetPTo yipoi'TES. Theocr. 21.6. SYN. KvprtyETrjs, Kvpayos, OripriTrip, EXd(pr>j3dXds , 

r Aypevu), cru), m, v, [venor, venatione capio,] to hunt, to capture in hunting. 

QrjpXdp aypevcru), Tobe kcp KvkXojttes EboiEP. Call. 3. 85. SYN. 'Eicfljypeva/, 

Oripdh), KvpriyETEU), XsrjXdTEU), Xr)(TTev(o. 
'AypXds, dbds, r), adj. [agrestis,] savage, wild, rural. O^yoi 6' dypXdbes Keipfjs 

etX ai]fxdTd fidXirris. Apoll. 1. 28. SyN. aypXhrris, aypoTlpos. 
r AypXEXaios, ov, rt, subst. [oleaster,] a wild olive. Zwcrr^pt TrXaKepo)' 'Poi- 

Kap f e%ep aypXeXath). Theocr. vii, 18. SYN. KotXpos, 'AitoXXwpos Tepov 
Pros. Lex. B 


epvds. EPITH. x^ w P7> upa. 
"Ayplofycat, v. [exasperor,] to be exasperated, or clownish. 'Hypiw/jLevovs cV 

aXXfjXoiai Kal oEarjpSTcis. Arist. Pax. 620. SYN. Tpd^yvdyiai, x a ^ ira ^ V( °y 

^ AypXos, et "AyptKos, t), ov, adj. [ferus, agrestis,] rude, clownish, fierce. 
"AypXos, el, Trpos ttcivto. TrdXiyKords, r/S' V7rep67rrrjs. Theocr. xxii. 58. See also 

Mosch. 5. 13. SYN.^AypotKos, ^Aypoiojrrjs, dnrivris, ^a\£7ros, anXripds, ctyids. 

See in aypXas, 
^AypXwirds, ov, 6 et //, [qui fero vultu est,] looking fiercely, stern. 'Aypta>7iw 

Tepds y ov (piord fipdrciov. Bacch. 542. SYN. "A. ypios, 7T£Xwpios, avdabrjs, (ncXrjpds. 
^AypXus, adv. [fere, immaniter,] cruelly, rudely. Hpbs raab' dypXws dixdvr}vd- 

jiEvas. Eum. 970. SYN. 'ATn^viDs, dvrjfXEpws, ^a\£7rws, tbfiws. 
^Aypofidrrjs, ov, 6, subst. [rusticus,] a herdsman. '£ls ^oifiriv aypofioTas. Phil. 

214. SYN.^Aypoucos, ay potd)Tr]S, aypovofids, aypdrrjs, m. -ris, fem. aypXos. 
^AypoiKds, 6 et r^, ^Aypoiwnjs, ov, 6, adj. [rusticus, agrestis,] rustic, countri- 
fied, clownish. Aeyeis dypotKdv dpd ov y elvat tov 6eov. Plut. 705. See 

also Thesm. 64. SYN.^AypoVdjuos, ayptos, ayporrjs* 
^Aypovdfj.os, 6 et f], subst. [reruin rusticarum administrator,] a rustic superin- 

tendant, a rustic, a clown. 'Aypoi •ofxot naiZovoX' ylyqQe he re <ppera A?;rw. 
^Aypos, ov, 6, subst. [rus, ager,] the country, a field, land. 'Aypw, ovhe 7rd\tvbe 

Kdrep^tTaXy ovhe ol evvai. X. 137* SYN. "Apovpd, yjopa, "'^toi', yrj. EPITH. 

Wufpos, evardrjs, kclXos, ttiidv, irdXvbevbpeds, ddXipos, rrjXeddojv, irvp-qroKos. 
^AyporepoSj a, ov, adj. [furens,] wild. 'E£ 'EvErtiv, oOev fjfxXoviov yivos aypore- 

pawv. B. 360. Syn. See in aypXos. 
^Ayporrjs, ov, 6, et "Aypdm, Xbos, tj, subst. [rusticus,] a rustic. "Ayporai 

k^elXoird, Ttdpos 7TETErjvd yeveadat. ir. 218. See also Apoll. 2. 508. 
^Aypv~7rv£w, r\ou, icci, v. [vigilo,] to pass the night without sleep, to watch. 

Ovbdfxd vvv (Tvve(3a toX dypvirvrjoat bX' epioTci. Theocr. 10. 10. SYN.^Eypr^yopew, 

bXaypvirvtiOy vr}<[)U), ovy, vttveo). 
^Aypvnvos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [insomnis,] without sleep, sleepless, vigilant. 

'AXX' tfXdev avTQ Zr)vos dypvnvov fieXos. P. V. 358. SYN."Av7rj'o$, d/cd/xctros, 


^Aypuoou, v. [in venatu capio,] to take in hunting, to hunt. 5 Iy0us aypuoouy, 

irvKXva TTTepd beveraX liX/ur]. e. 53. SYN.^Aypei/w, which see. 
^Aypworrjs, ov, 6, [venator,] a hunter. "Wv r ayptooraX aycuiveriv koXeovoX. 

Apoll. 4. 175. Syn. Kiivayds, aypevrrjp, which see. 
"AypworXs, Xos, rj, [genus herbae,] a species of herb. Kal OaXXovrd oeXivu, Kal 

ciXXtex'^s ciyptocrrXs. Theocr. xiii. 42. Syn. Boravj7, ttoi), ^opros. 
'Ayvid, as, r/, subst. [vicus,] away, a street. 'IXioi/ e£dXd.7ra££ 7roXtv, x^piaoE 

# dyvtds. E. 642. SYN. '660s, arpd-Kos, d/jia^LTos, utewkos. EPITH. Kot'Xi;, 

EVKTXfXEvrj, EvbfirjTds, Koivr), evpvxppos, cjctflta. 
'Ayvtevs, ews, 6, adj. [Trivius,] placed in the streets; an epithet of Apollo. 

Kcu ai) $otj8' dva£ 'Ayvtev, Kal fiEXadpd, yaiplTE. Phcen. 640. 
'AyvfjLvaffTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [inexercitatus,] unexercised, unpractised. AfJ^ 

TrXevpGjv, ovb' dyvfivacrros fx ecjlv. Trach. 1085. 
Ayvpts, tos, f], subst. [ccetus, multitudo,] an assembly, a crowd, "fts oty' 

kv vq&v dyvpei fiiirrip te KaX vlos. ft. 141. SYN. "OjutXos, ttXTjOos, EKKXr)aXa t 

vfxriyvpXs, fyvovaia, o-)(Xvs, dyopct, adpoiafid, 
'Ayvprdc?w, f. daio, p. am, v. [congrego, colligo,] to assemble, to collect. 

Xp/^udT-' dyvprdi^et^ 7roXX))v ettX yaldv XvvtX. t. 284. Syn. 'Aye/pw, adpolclio, 

0vyK6f.u£(i), ETcdyEipb). 
'AyvpTrfs, ov, 6, et 'AyvprpXa, as, ?/, subst. [pra?stigiator,] a juggler, a moun- 
tebank. AoXXoV dyvpTtjv, ootXs kv rols KepbiaX. CE. R. 284. See also Again. 

1276. S\'N. Toys, OavjAdroTcoios, TEpdroTZOios, hclvtXs. EPITH. AoJ7rdbuTr)s f 

<potTtov, [lriydvoppdtyos. 
'AyyuXdu/. See 'AvdxiiXdu), 

ArxA Arxo 11 

"Ayyavpos, ov, 6, subst. [mane gelidum vel pruinosum, crepusculuro,] a cold 

or frosty morning, early. " ' Ayyavpov KvuaaovoXv, dXevdfXEvoi (pads r)ovs. Apoll. 

4. 110. 
'AyyEfidybs, See * Ay ^ifia-^ijTris. 
"AyyJ, et 'Ayy_ov, adv. [prope,] near. 'Aybpofjidyr] be oX ay\J irapiaTdjo baxpv- 

\eovaa. Z. 405. See also 12. 709. SYN. 'Eyyfo, eyyvBX, niXds, 7rXr,aXdv, 

irdpd, kyyvQev, ayyuQl. 
'AyyXdXds, ov, 6 et //, [finitimus mari,] bordering upon the sea. B\t]/uevds 1$ 

k&Oev est' ciy^taXov ddvev a.Krrjs. Apoll. 2. 91 6. SYN. 'AXXyeircjv, TrdpdXXos, 

AyxXfiadris, eds, 6 et i), adj. [prope mare vel littus, profundus,] near a deep 

sea or shore. 3W>7<7as ttuvtov te tcaX ayY//3a0es oro/Ltd Xifxvrjs. Apoll. 4. 1572. 
AyyXyelTwv, ' Ay yX-epfjuav, bvbs, et 'AyyXyvos, ov, 6, adj. [vicinus,] near, 

a neighbour. "Avopos ayyXyetTuv. Pers. 888. See also Rhes. 426. et 

Apoll. 1. 1223. 
'AyyXdios, ov, 6 et i), adj. [Deo propinquus,] resembling a God. fyairjicwv 

is yaiav oi ayyidloi ylydaaXv. t. 279* SYN.^Ierofleos, day XkeXos. 
'AyyXQvpos, ov, 6 et r), adj. [foribus propinquus,] dwelling near, a neighbour. 

'AyyjLdvpos vaioiod Ka.Tevijd.T6 ical XXrdvevaev. Theocr. 2. 71« SYN. ' AyyXyei- 

rwv, ayyX.Tkpp.uiv, b TcXt\aXbv, 6 eyyvs, yetTiov, aarTvyeiTuv, 7rXr]crXd)(U)pus, frpdaoiKos, 

'AyvJ/idy^rj/s, et ' Ayyepdyos, ov, 6, adj. [cominus puguans,] one who fights 

hand to hand. TpQes, cat AvkXoi, Kal AapbdvoX ay^t/ua^m^. 0. 173. See 

also n. 248. 
'AyyXfjidXds, ov, 6 et t), adj. [prope veniens,] approaching near, 'AyyJ/jdXoj/ 

be o(f r)Xdi diet yXavKunrXs 'aOtjvtj. Hes. Scut. 325. SYN. "AyyJ fioXwr, ayyX 

'AyyXvbds, ov, 6 et tj, adj. [perspicax,] of ready wit, shrewd, clever. Ovvek 

€7rr)T^s r' ecraX aaX ayyXvoos KaX e^e^owy. v ° 332. SYN. 'AyyXvovs, ETrXbetybs, 


'AyY/VXdos, et ayytTrXovs, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [prope navigans,] sailing close to 

the land, coasting. Ov yap ayyX-rrXovv poov. Iph. T. 1325. 
'AyY/7n-dXis, ecus, 6 et y), adj. [civitatis adjutrix, quia vicinus vicinum adju- 

vat,] near the city, a friend and supporter of the city. TlpwTov fiEv"OyKa 

ITaXX&s i]T ay%i7rTdXXs. Sept. Th. 507' SYN. 7rdXews Ecpsbpos, 7roXea>s jueOemv. 
'Ayxippdos, ayyjppovs, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [prope fluens,] flowing near. Ae77rov 

"AXvv iroTd/dOv, Xe'nrov 6' ayyj.pp66v r \pXv. Apoll. 2. 9^3. 
'Ay\l(rris t ov, 6, P.N. [Anchises,] the father of iEneas. Trjs yevEfjs hXexpiu 

dva£ civbpwv 'Ay^'o^s. E. l68. EPITH. AapbdvXbrjs, TpwXos, dfjivfjLOJV, icvbtards, 

hdXtypwv, t7mdbdfxds, UEydXriTwp, (ZovkoXewv. 
'AyxjLVTeiov, ov, to, subst. [legitimee jus successionis,] the right of lawful 

succession, affinity, relationship. Yevovs /car ayxwreid tu>v oXwXotuv. Ant. 

174. SYN. 'AyyiGTeia, as, tyyyiveid, xfjbds. 
'Ay^icrrevw, v. [prope adsum, propinquus sum,] to be near, to be related to. 

TdV t ayyiGTevovoav ydv. Troad. 225. SYN. Y\Xr\uXbv eljiX, tyyyEvrjs elfiX. 
y Ayx<.<JTrip, rjpos, 6, subst. [vicinus,] a neighbour. 7 H jj.))v tov ayyivrw®- rovbl 

rov TrdQovs. Trach. 260. SYN. '6 TrXrjaXdv, 7rXr)<rXos, ayyXydTUV, ayyXTepfxiav, 

'AyyioT~iv6s, ov, 6 et j), et ds, r\, ov, adj. [prope stans, confertus,] standing 

near, close. At \ikv r ayyiarivaX En aXXrjXrjo-X KeyyvTai. E. 141. SYN. 'a51- 

vos, irvKvos. 
" AyyioTds, t), dv, adj. [proximus,] the nearest, next. ITpds a, ufAvKet 'A7toXXoV, 

ayyiOTOs yap el. GE. R. 81 9. 
' Ay yXr ep fiw v, see 'AyyXyeiTWV. 
*AyyodX, pra3p. [prope,] near. Irrjdos fiefiXriKei inrsp avrvyos, ayxbdX beiprjs. H. 

412. Syn. See in"Ay X i. 
'Ayxovri, r)s, r), subst. [suffocatio, laqueus,] strangulation, a halter, noose, 

12 ArXO AAA 

snare. NvV ayxpvr)s jjol Tepfidr, r) <j)dos fiXtireiv. Eum. 744. SYN. 'Aprdpjj, 

'Ayxov. See " Ay^t . 
"Ayx^, f. fa, kcL, v. [suffoco,] to strangle. "Ayy/ ^ Z" 1 *' woXi/Keoros fy<as 

an-aXr/v V7rd beipfjp. T. 371 • SYN. IIWya>, dnoTrpiyu), aTrayyb). 
*Ayw, |w, ^d, 'Aytrtw, et 'Aytvecvcw, v. [duco,] to lead. Nv£ jut*> €7retr' cwt 

ycudv dye Kve^ds. Of 6' epX iropru). Apoll. 3. 743. See also £. 105. and p. 

294. SYN. etffdyw, eTrXhe^ofjiai, Xrfcrrevuj, <j)epdfxai f eioKouiclu), dyeipu), 
"Ayw, [frango.] See'AypvpX. 
'Aywyrj, rjs, i], subst. [adductio, abductio,] an accompanying, a withdrawing. 

*Efifjs dyojyfjs aprXriaaadat ([>dvdp. Agam. 12/2. SYN. dpaarpocf))], 7raibeia, 

aaKrjais, fiXort). 
"Ayojyds, ov, 6 et //, subst. [dux, ductor,] a leader, guide, conductor. Ad- 

Kpvuiv dytoyos, rjvXK e^wp/ua yQovos. Troad. 1130. SYN. 'Hyefiojp, v(f>rjyrjrij$, 

ap^rjyeTrjSt obrjyos, 7rpdr)yr)rfis. 
'Ayiov, oivds, 6, subst. [certanien, coitus, &c. Vid. Maltb.] a contest, trial, &c. 

T fl <I>o7/3"'A7roXXoj>, iru>s dywp KpXdfi<rerai; Eum. 742. Sy N. dywyioy/d, ddXos, 

afjuWa, dfitXXrjfjid, TrdXcuffjud, judy^7, 7rXrjd6s. EPITH. KctXXmfcds, dedXdtydpos, 

piyrjXos, (3dpvs, rvfjj3xbXos, fepos, kXvtos, dyafcXi/ros, (popXos, alfxaToeis, dp-qros, 

KTjbX/JldS, kvSiotos. 

'Ay wvapyris, ov, 6, subst. [certaminis judex vel praeses,] an umpire of the 

games. Kcu rotjud rev^ri fiyr dywpapxai rXves. Aj. Fl. 572. SYN. (3pd(3evs, 

adXtop KpXrrjs. 
'Aywizd/jiai, f. Xaojiai et Xovfiai, v. [dimico, contendo,] to fight, contend, 

dispute. T Ap' ol<70' oaoi' rd»/ dyoi^' dyutpXei rd^d. Achain. 481. SYN. 'AfxtX- 

Xdofiai, /ud^o/xaf, adXeo/iai. 
'Aywvtc/ud, aros, to, subst. [certamen, prsemium certaminis,] a contest, the 

prize of victory, anxiety. Adfielp t dywpiaffi afyop tX rfjs bbov. Ran. 284. 

Syn. &c. See in 'Ayw»>. 
y Ayu>vXds, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [ad certanien pertinens,] belonging to a contest, an 

epithet applied jto Jupiter and Mercury. TeXos & edrjKe Zei>s dywvXos KdXtis. 
. Trach. 26. 
AyhiviGT^Sj ov, subst. [certator, athleta,] a wrestler. °H ttqXp ayiaytaras e<rre(pe 

rows 'E0vp7/. Callim. Fr. 103. 5. SYN. ' Av-ay wviarris, ddXyjrrjs, d^vvTup. 
'AbdrjfiovXa, as, r/, subst. [imperitia,] unskilfulness, ignorauce. 7 il yepbp, ovk 

dbdrjfjduXrj a £X e *' CJ ' 243. SYN. 'A^dflta, dnetpXa, dtbpeid. 
'Abdrjfiwv, opos, 6 et r), adj. [imperitus,] unskilful, ignorant. Ov yap rt nXr)- 

yiiop dbdfjfxcjv ovbe (3oXau)v. p. 283. * SYN. 'Abdrjs, dfiddtjs, dfbpXs, diraibevrbs, 

'AbdrjTos, ov, 6 et 7/, adj. [incognitus,] unknown. Actt/j.dvX\ ovk dbdrjrd vtyactKeaX, 

aXXd KaX avroi. Hes. Theog. 654. SYN.^Ayvworos, ayvws, ayvooros, dbr)\os. 
'AbauTos, ov, 6 et rj y adj. [indivisus,] undivided. 'Apvetbv acpacieiv, KaX abater ov 

ytfJiddeTrjaai. Apoll. 3. 1033. SYN. "Abaaros. 
"Abatrds, ov, 6 et t], adj. [non epulandus,] that may not be eaten. 1.7T€vbd- 

/Jieva QvaXav erlpav, dvojjtov, tXv\ dbatrov. Ag. 147» 
AbaKpvs, vos, et dbaKpvros, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [lacrymarum expers,] tearless. 

'AbaKpvp VEfxovraX alwvd. Olymp. 2. 120. AW otyeXes irdp avr^vaXv dbaKpvros 

KaX dirrifxuyv. A. 415. SYN. "AXvnos, dcrKi]6))s, o<r»c£0//s. 
'Abacas, vros, ©, subst. [adamas,] adamant. EvpvftXT}v r dbd/jiaprds evl (j)peaX 

Ov/jlop e^ouadj/. Hes. Theog. 239' EPITH. "Appr\Kros, dbd^acrros, oKpvoeis, 

arXfidpos, (tkXtjpus, yudpjudoos, areppbs. 
'Abd/uaprXpos, rj, op, adj. [adamanlinus,] adamantine. AbdjjaprXpiop bta/Mop Iv 

apprjKrots Trebats. P. V. 6. SYN. ^.KXrjpos, laxypbs, aXbypeos, xdXends. 
'AbdfiaPTobcrds, rj, op, adj. [adamante compactus,] bound with a chain of 

adamant. Tdiab' dbdfxaprbblTOLaX Xvfiats. P. V. 148. 

1 nA-wvf'wi/ is here scanned as a spondee. 


^AbdfiaoTbs, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [indomitus, non domandus,] untamed, untame- 

able. 'Abd/iaoroy re Kal bvaovpiaroy. CE. R. 1315. SYN. 'AyUrjTbs, dairrds, 

ayvafnTTds, drepafxi'ds, drspa/nwy, arpvros, abfirjs, ab^rtis, dfidybs, dfji^dyds, 

d/xeiXi-^os, afxeiXucTos, drpv^nav. 
'Abdirdvios, adv. [' sine sumphi, for san impune,' Maltb.] without expense. IIr»/- 

voiat fivdois dhairavtsis repeat (ppsyd. Orest. 1174. 
"Abatrrds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [haud divisus,] undivided, not separated. Aeias, 

aboard jjovKoXwy (f>povp{]fjidrd. Aj. Fl. 54. SYN. AbauTos, abaitcrds. 
'Abtris, dbeirjs, et abbeijs, eos, 6 et fj, [metu carens, audax,] devoid of fear, 

bold, daring. Ylws be av vvv /.lefxovas kvov abbess ; 0. 481. SYN. 'Arapfiris, 

arpetrros, arpo/jids, drap(3r)Tds t dbei/jarros, doKvos, avdabrjs. 
'AbeifxavTos, ov, 6 et »/, [intrepidus,] intrepid, dauntless. 5 Ev § Kal tov dbd- 

fiavTov'AktcfA^va teke ira'ibd. Isthm. 1. 13. Syn. See in 'a§£//s. 
'AbeifidvTws, adv. [impavide,] fearlessly, intrepidly. 'AW avrby eXdelv, uts 

dbeifiavTtos kXvtj. Choepll. 7^9- SYN. 'Absios, d&ofitos, d(j)o(3))Th)s. 
"Abenrvbs, ov, 6 et y, adj. [incoenatus,] supperless. Aijvaid xop^ywv dirZXvar' 

dbenrvdy. Acharn. 1155. 
'AbeXtyEdSy dbeXtyews, et dbeX(pds, ov, 6, subst. [frater, consanguineus,] a 

brother, a near relation. "Rbii yap Kara 6vfxdy dbeXyZoy, ws ETtuveiTo. B. 409. 

See also E. 21. et Agam. 1589. SYN. Kdals, KdffiyyrjTos, dfxai/ids,\avTOKd- 

myvrjTos, ojxatixwv, koivotokos, avyyovos, dfJLOTraTptos, ofxoitdrwp, d/mofirirplds, av- 

Oaifjos, ofAoyvtos. EPITH. 'EadXos, (plXbs, flXal/jiwv, bfjioicXrjpds. 
'AbeXtyfj, rjs, et 'ASeX^ed, as, r), subst. [soror,] a sister. FfeXas b' dbeX<j>al rwvbe 

Tpe'is KdraTTTepoi. P. V. 796. See also Eur. Electr. 134. SYN. KdetyvriTq, 

Kaols. %uydbp6s, ofxaifuov, tyyydvos, yvtarr], 
'AbeXtyibi], rjs, i), subst. [neptis,] a niece. 'AbeXtytbrjy, dypoiKos wy ei; aoTsos. 

Nub. 47. SYN. 'Eicydvds, vlioyy). 
'AbeXtpds, 6v, adj. [consentaneus, similis,] agreeable to, corresponding with. 

Avtov r dbe\(f)dv dyu^tXefcros u>v Kpdrec. Agam. 1589- SYN. 'O/aolos, Tads. 
"AbepK-ds, ov, 6 et >], adj. [captus oculis, cascus,] without sight, blind, dark. 

TW outv dbepKTtov 6fijudTU)P rrjrdjjiiEvds. CE. C. 1200. SYN. TvtyXbs, Xi7ravyr)s } 


'AbepKTws, adv. [aversis oculis,] with averted looks. Kat 7rdpdjuet/5o/ieff0' dbipK- 

tws. CE. C. 130. 
"Abeafids, ov, 6 et i), adj. [non ligatus,] unbound, not chained. Ae<r/io> b' dbea- 

fiov Tovb' E^ovad (pvXXdbbs. Eur. Supp. 32. $YN."A£vybs, a^v]-,. 
'AbevKrjs, eos, 6 et >;, adj. [amarus,] bitter, grievous, unexpected. 'AyyeXfyv 

Zrdpiav EpEU)>' Kal dbevkid TtoTfibv. k. 245. SYN. 'Arjbrjs, 7nK~pds f ^aXsTros, E)(E- 

7T€VK^S, 7T€VKEbdvds, aTTpOaboKT]Tds. 

Abe-^rjrds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [non subactus a coriario,] untanned. 'AXX' ey dSe- 

\fjri-ot<Ji KareiXvoavTE. fioeiais. Apoll. 3. 206. SYN. "Awards, wfios. 
'Absu), f. yaw, r)Kd, v. [placeo,] to please, to gratify. 'Us d<psXev ddvdros fxot 

dbeHv Kanos, OTTTrore bevpo. I\ 173. SYN. 'Avbdvio, evepyETEO), ydpi£dixai, 

'Actus, adv. [impavide,] fearlessly. See dbeifxavrois. 
"AbrjKTds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [non morsus,] not bitten, not gnawed. T H/xos dbrjKTd- 

Tarrf 7reXerai Tfirideiad aibr/po). Hes. Op. 418. 
'AbrjXyrds, ov, 6 et ^f, adj. [illaesus, integer,] unhurt, entire. AIev dbrjXrjToi, 

t(Sjs yap 6e/j.Is' olbdi b' avTrj. Apoll. 2. 71 !• SYN. 'ApXdfifjs, dalvrjs. See 

'AbrjXds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [non manifestus, incertus,] not evident, uncertain, ob- 
scure. 'Petd & dpi$r)X()v fjtpvdet, Kal dbrjXov defa. Hes. Op. 6. SYN. Ao-d- 

fbrjs, d<pdvrjs, dbo^ds, ayvwards, afxavpds. 
'AbrjXdit), wooj, wfcd, v. [obscurum aut incertum reddo, ignoro,] to hide, to be 

ignorant of. Iawos 7rpdarriKeis t&v dbrjXovfiev typdaai. CE. C. 35. SYN. 'Afxav- 

pbd), ayvoeu). 

'Abrjy, et 'Abbqy, et Att. 'Abrjy, adv. [satis, vehementer,] abundantly, enough, 


eagerly. Ov X^£w, irplp Tpads dbrjv eXdaai 7rbX£fjiotd. T. 423. Syn. 'AtyBbvm, 

iKavSts, dXXs, avrapK&s, Xt7rdpaJs. 
'Abrjvys, eds, 6 et ij, adj. [consilii expers, ignarus,] inexperienced, ignorant of. 

JLvvrjs S' dbrjvrjs early a^pobiaXrjs. Simon, fr. 230. SYN. 'Aireipos, aTrpdvdr)Tds t 

a.fiddy)s 9 dboXos. 
'AbrjpiTds, ov, 6 et >;, adj. [non contentiosus, invictus,] not contentious, invin- 
cible. To rfjs dvdyKrjs ear dbrjpXrov adevos. P. V. 105. SYN."Ajud^6s, dSd- 

fiaards, dviKrjTos. 
"Aibqs, ov, 6, subst. [Tartarus, Pluto.] See'AiSjjs. 'Iy' ^.brjs x w |°^ uKiarat Qeu>v. 

Hec. 2. 
'Abrjtyayla, as, $i, subst. [voracitas,] gluttony, greediness. Ylavadr dbrjtydyXrjs, 

eti ol izdpd vijbvs EKeivrj. Call. 3. l60. SYN.^ATrX^orta. EPITH. Alvri, irav- 

Boivq, actiiyjis. 
'Abrjtyayds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [gulosus, helluo,] gluttonous, greedy. KaKoiol 

fioffKiov tt)v dbr}(j)dyoy vdadv. Phil. 313. SYN. Qdyos, o^dtydyos, fiapyos, yacr- 

TpXfiapyds, XC%v6s, dataros, yXia^pos. 
'AbXavrov, ov, to, subst. [herbae nomen,] maiden-hair. Kvdveov re \iXibdvXov, 

yXoEpov t dbXavTdv. Theocr. 13. 41. 
'AbXavros, ov, b et %, adj. [non marcidus,] not watered, dry, withered. Kal 

adevos dbXavrov. Nem. 7« 107. SYN. " Appends, dvvypos, avdXeos, avos, fypos. 
'Abxbanros, ov, b et fj, adj. [indoctus, indocilis,] unlearned, ignorant. Ov x w_ 

pei fiEydXqv bxbd^rjy dbXbaKrds aKoveiv. Phoc. 84. Syn. "Aireipos, dfiddr)s, 

dbdiifiiav, diraibevrds. 
'AbiKEU), rjaoj, r)Ka, v. [injuria afficio,] to injure, to do wrong. Ein-ep yap dbXteJv 

"Xprj, TvpavvXbos rrEpi. Phoen. 527* Syn. AIki£(o, detKi£a), vj3pt£(t), £(pvj3pi£a), 

tcddvfipl$(t), ardb), dbXnd Troielv or bpyv, fiXa-KTO), brjXEo/uai, Xw/3do/ucu, aivofxai. 
'AbXicrjiud, drbs, to, subst. [injusta actio,] an unjust action, an injury. AoKeZre 

irribqv TabXdifidT els Beovs. Eur. Melan. fr. iii. 1. 
'AbXxXa, as, r/, subst. [injustitia,] injustice. 'H yap TvpavvXs dbXicXas fjyjrrjp E(pv. 

Eur. fr. inc. 45. SYN. 'Avo/xla, dBeafua, v(3pXs, ndicovpyXa, alamos, rd ivdpd 

"AbXubs, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [injustus, iniquus,] unjust. Owr' dbXicov xddaipeu A gam. 

3S9« SYN." Avoids, Trdpdvbubs, vfipiaTrjs, dvbaibs, dBEfiiarbs, draadaXos, a'iai/Xbs, 

'AbXicios, adj. [injuria,] wrongfully. 'AbXtcws ddpoiaas 'EXXdS' iji\0' es "IXXbv. 

Or. 640. SYN. Udpdrb/uws, dbtKa, dBefxtarXa, 
} A8Xvbs, ri, by, adj. [confertus, creber,] thick, close, frequent. Aaicpv bfiopldnE- 

vrjy, dbXvby aToyd^rjaai E(j)eirji>. 1. 124. SYN. Xvy^os, dBpbbs, iroXvs, doXX))s, 

"Abi\pds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [non sitiens,] not thirsty. Tey£as dbixpov vrjbvy els 

vttvov fidXels. Cycl. 571. 
""Ab/jris, fjTos, et abfxr]T6s, rj, dv, adj. [non subactus, indomitus,] unsubdued. 

'Ab/xrJTes XevKrjaXp ETri^vodovadt Ideipats. Apoll. 1. 672. See also y. 383. 

SYN. dvavbpos, dneipoXe-^ris , dbafiaards. 
^AbfiijTds, ov, 6, P. N. [Admetus,] a king of Thessaly, husband of Alcestis. 

"Hirov aTEva£ei rolaXb' " Abfirjros Kaxols ; Ale. 200. 
'AbdKrjTds, ov, 6 et ?;, adj. [inopinatus,] unexpected, unlooked for, sudden. Tt 

rwv dbdicf]Tu)v. Iph. T. 896. Syn. ^A7rpoabdnr]Tds, deXirros, airpotyaTos, 

aaKoiros, irdpdbol,os, aTrpooTrrds. 
'AboKXfids, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [non idoneus,] disapproved, unfit. UettXwv Xdda/.idT y 

dboKX/i SXfiXois ex €iv ' Troad. 505. Syn. 'AeiKris, dTtofiXrjTds. 
'Abdtcws, adv. [inopinanter,] unexpectedly. ^LvXw/biEdd aijv ^vyi^v dboKtas. Troad. 

786. SYN. 'AeX?rr(ys. 
'AboXeaxn*, et abdXeaxbs, ov, 6, [nugator, garrulus,] a babbler, a chatterer. 

Twv aboXeay&V bevpd, bevp\ t5 BavdXa. Nub. 1485. SYN. AdXos, arw/Jiv- 

\os, kutXXos, tyXvapos, aapXTOfivdos, ddvpuaTOfjios, airepjioXoyos, dprte?r^s. i 
'AbdXeaxta, as, »/, subst. [intempestiva loquacitas, garrulitas,] babbling, gar- 

AAOA AAftN 15 

i, rulily. '%.fxov ndpdvbqoavTbs abbXeayXa. Nub. 1480. SYN. 'AtcaipXa, <pX$apXa 

(TThtfivX/jia, XdXia, XdXrifid. 
f, 'AbbXbs, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [doli expers,] without guile, sincere. MelZwv dbbXos 
t, r reXedet. Olymp. 7« QQ. Syn/AttXoos, dXrjdrjs, £7rtei/o)s, anpaupviis , aKifibriXbs, 

. 'AbbXws, adv. [sincere,] sincerely. V A££> dbbXos bbXXar. Choeph. 953. 

i« SYN. 'AX??0ws. 

'a5o^w, f. r/ffw, ?;fcd. v. [inglorius sum,] to be of no renown, to be obscure. 
t,\ UeiaeC Adyos yap en r dboUpvvTwv Xujv. Hec. 296\ SYN. "Abo^bs, a/cXe//s 

el fit or yiyvofiai. 
r, Abo'fta, as, rj, subst. [mala existimatio,] disrepute. 'Ej> rJ ireveaQai & earXv fj t 
. dbo^Xa. Eur. fr. Erecth. 11. \6. SYN.^AfcXeid, bvaxXeid, dri/nXa, a<f>aveta, <cd- 

Abbs, eos, to, subst. [satietas, lassitudo,] satiety, weariness. Tafivwv bevbpld 

fzaxpa, abos re fxXv 'iketo dvfxby. A. 88. SYN. Kbpos, TrXrjpuoXs, nXrifffiovrf, 

AbovXds, ov, 6,f], adj. [servorum expers,] devoid of servants. akXj/ot* dbovXd 

bwfid& earlas XXttiov. Androm. 594. 
AbpdvXa, as, >/, subst. [imbecillitas,] weakness, laziness, inactivity. 'AbpdvXy 

yy\pa te' itXvip te oX avarakEos xpws. Apoll. 2.200. SYN. 'AadEveid, oXXyo- 

bpdvXa, padvfxXa, dvaXicXa. 
AbpatjTcid, as, fj, P. N. [Adrastia,] the name of the goddess Nemesis. OI itpoa- 

Kvvovvres tjjv 'AbpaoTetav ao(poL P. V. 934. 
Abpe-n-Tds, ov, 6 et y, adj. [non carptus,] unplucked, that ought not to be 

plucked. "H/3as b' avdbs dbpeirrov. iEsch. Suppl. 671. 
AbprjcrTos, ov, 6, P. N. [Adrastus.] "Wpu)" Abp-qoToV tov be Kpeiiov 'Ayd/Jiefxvwv. 

Z. 63. 
Abpds, a, ov. adj. [multus, vehemens, robustus,] great, violent, strong. 'Abpbs, 

7rdXeyu bs epyi rat. Ran. 1099* SYN. Meyds, 7rdXvs, dbXvos, ydXE7rbs, ei>Tpd<f)rjs, 


Abpdovvrj, r)s, rj, subst. [copia, abundantia,] plenty, abundance. r fl5e kev 

abpdavvrj arayyes vevoilv tpa^l. Hes. Op. 471. SYN. Ei/7ropia, evdrjvXa, Qdpa, 


AbpdTrjs, i]tos, rj, subst. [robur, crassities,] strength. w Or 7t6t/iov ybbuad XX- 
\ ttova abpdrfjra Kat rjjSrjv. X. 303. SYN. Yidyvrrjs, loyys, tcparos, fxh'bs. 
j AbvyXuxrabs, Dor. pro rjbvyXiotrabs, q. v. 
\Abvvdrds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [qui fieri nequit,] impossible, impotent, weak. 

E1077 to roXfjLCf.v r dbvvdr avbpos ov abtyov. Hel. 817* SYN.^A/cpdr^s, aadEvrjs, 
j dfxrjydvbs, dbpdyrjs. 
! kbvrdv, ov, to, subst. [sacrarium, penetrale,] the innermost recess of a temple, 

a shrine, a sanctuary. Avtos b' Alveiav jxdXd icibvbs e£ dbvTow. E. 512. 

SYN. Nads, ibos, dvaKTopov. EPITH. Yjhwbis, ttIov, Xtpov, dvdbES, fXEGOV, 


\bvTds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [ad quern non licet ingredi,] inaccessible, not easily 

entered. 'AbvTuv £7rt/3ds KTtavwv, fiarpbs tyovevs. Androm. 1036. SYN."A/3d- 

Ab(o, potius "Aw, aaw, rjKa, v. [satio,] to satiate, to cloy, to fill. "Aoaodai 

tyXXbv H)Top. T. 307. SYN. KbpEU), 7rXr}pb<jt>, e/j.7rXi]d(o, yopTa.C.<o. 

\bio, v. [placeo,] to please. Avrw £>' u>s kev dby, tws eaoETaX. Apoll. 3. 350. 

SYN. 'Avbdvw, evdpeffTEOJ, dbia), ydpiSiofiai. 

\iboj for delbu), v. [cano,] to sing, to chant. Ovk et Ep^ixaiyaXv vnb bpvaXv 

VHEvbs ybei. Mosch. 3-21. Syn. See in 'Aelbto. 

ibwvXd, wv, tci, subst. [festa Adonidis,] a festival in honour of Adonis. MW- 

rjjpt' 'Epfirj, AiXTbXei, 'AbwvXd. Pax. 420. 

ibuvXav/jibs, ov, 6, subst. [celebratio sacrorum Adonidis,] the celebration of the 

sacred rites of Adonis, a lamentation for Adonis. "Or 'Abwiaafibs ovtos bvnl 

tu)v TlyGtv. Lys. 390. 


Abtavts, Xbds f 6, P. N. Adonis. Tdv fxev KvftpXs £X ei > Tav & b pdhd-rrccxys" A&iopXs. 

Theocr. 15. 128. EPITH. 'ilpalos, ifxepoets, afipos, ayaV^ros, ayvds, a/jfiporos, 

hvaTroTfioSy vvfuptos, dpeibpo/xos, Tepnvds, TpX<pXXr\Tds, KaXos, TrdXva)vvf.ios t afipoKd- 

Hr)S, TroQeivos, ayXddfXoptyos, fjddv^atTrjs, irdXvripdr 6s , baKpiidrifids. 
'Ab&p-qrds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [indonatus,] not recompensed, unrewarded. Kcu 

revi-erai rovb', ovb' dbwprjros (f)XX(ov. Hec. 42. 
"ASwpos, ov, 6 et */, [qui muuera non accipit, non accipiendus,] not to be re- 
ceived, not worth receiving. 'E^Opw^ dbwpd b&pd kovk dvrjffXfia. Aj. 674. 

SYN. 'AfxiaQos, 
'AbwTtjs, ov, 6, subst. [qui nihil dat,] one who gives nothing, a stingy man. 

AtJTTj /.lev tXs ebojKev, db<*)Tr) 6' ovtls ebwue. Hes. Op. 353. 
'AeSAevw, v. [certo, dimico,] to contest, to fight. Et /uev vvv enX dXXw dedXevoi- 

fxev 'Aycuol. ^¥ . 274. SYN.'AflXeva;, adXew, dytavi^ofxai, dyo)vXd(t),dfnXXd6fiat t 

brjpXdw, fi&pvdfiat, jidypfxai, tyXXoveaceu). 
'AeOXrjTrjp, rjpds, et aedXrjTr/s, ov, o, subst. [certator, luctator,] a wrestler, one who 

contends. r l7T7r^es, aXdaptoTaX, dedXrjTfjpes , doiboi. Theocr. 22. 24. See also 

Jstlim. 6. 106\ SYN. ^AdXrjrris, dyiovtarrrfs, adXrjrrjp, 7vdXai<r~ris, •nayupdrXaarris. 
*AkdXXdv, eV'AedXdv, ov,to, subst. [praemium certaminis,] the prize or reward of 

victory ; sometimes dedXdv is used in the sense of adXds. Kai tov AyjXXevs dfjxev 

didXXov ov erdpow. y ¥, 748. See also T. 753. SYN. T A0X6V, £7ra0Xo>, ppdfielov, 

yepds. EPITH. KXvroV, aycucXvroV, dpXbeiceTov, ayXdov, 'Aplfiov, addvdrov. 
'AedXdviicXa, as, //, subst. [victoria in certamine,] the victory in a contest. 

'AeOXovinXas be, /LtdXiar doibav, Pind. Nem. 3. 11. 
"AeOXds, ov, 6, subst'. [certamen, labor,] a contest, labour. "Howes b', ore by 

atyXv drapfiyjs eVXcr' dedXos. Apoll. 1. 1012. SYN. 'Aywv, words, KdjadTos, dfuiX- 

\d, dfAiXXrjfjid, 7rdXaiffftd, Koina. EPITH. KaXos, dyutvtos,, Kvbi/ios, viKrjtyopos, 

^dXeiros, Xvypos, j3dpvs, drap/3^s, icXeivos, evbo^os. 
'AedXtiQdpos, ov 9 6 etfj, subst. [victor in certamine,] a conqueror, a prize-fighter. 

Toy irporepos irpbaeenrev dedXotyopos UoXvbevKrjs. Theocr. 22. 53. 
^Aei, adv. [semper,] always. See Porson. Suppl. xvii. Kdyd> fxev aet fldaX- 

Xewv dvjuovfievwv. Med. 456. SYN. Alev, eaaei, iravTore, bid ttclvtos, iravrd 

yjpdvdv, bir)vetce(t)s. 
'Aeiyeverrjs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [sempiternus, aeternus,] everlasting, eternal. "AXXos 

5' aXXw epe£e Qeutv aleiyeveratdv. B. 400. SYN. Alev ewv, aliovXos, addvdros. 
'AeibeXds, et 'AxbrjXos, ov, 6 et fj t adj. [inconspicuus, obscurus,] not conspicuous, 

obscure, uncertain. "OttX tee x € P^ L XdfieffKev, delbeXd 7rcWa rXdeaxev. Hes. fr. 6l. 

See also B. 455. SYN. 'AetSj)s, Kpvtyaids, abijXos, doparos, dad(p^s, dtydvrjs. 
'Ae/§w, f. eto, et deibofiai, v. [cano, carmine celebro,] to sing, to chant. Mfjvtv 

detbe, 0ed, YlqXrjXdbeoj A)(XXfjos. A. 1. SYN. "Aibio, v/j.vew, fieXirw, ct)ajueX7rw, 

yripvu), fxeXl^ia, noXira£w t Xlyaiyu), Xiyvpt£(i>. 
'Aetfcem, as, ff, subst. The same as alicta, which see. 
'Aeneas, ids, 6 et fj, adj. [indecorus, vilis,] disagreeable, unseemly, vile. 

2lY,erXt^, ^ pd Kaxov KaX dewed fiqado loardv. Apoll. 4. 739* SYN. 'Aoyjifxtov, 

a-Kpeirris, dKOfffxos, aloypos, dva^Xos, dri/xos, ov irpt-KdiV. 
"AeiKtSo, f. X(T(o, ticct, v. [contumelia afficio,] to insult, "fls 6 fiei>"TLKrdpd bwv 

deiKi^ev neveaiviov. 11.22. SYN. Aiki'^w, vj3pl£(o, KuBvppl^d), e<pvj3pi£(i) f k&- 

'Aeifjtvijffrds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [semper memorandus,] ever to be remembered, 

memorable. "E*/0& flpdrols tov dei^.vr\«jT6v. Aj. 1 166. 
'AelppvTds, et 'Aelppdds, 6 et fj, adj. [semper fluens,] ever-flowing, perpetual. 

TIp&TOV fxev Xepds e| delppvrov ypas. CE. C. 4^9. SYN. 'Aevdos, aevvads, dei- 

vaos, aevd<t)v or aievdiov. 
'Ae/pw, f. depto, p. tfepicd, et 'Aeprd^w, v. [tollo, pra?beo,] to raise up, to sustain, 

to supply. Tovs fiev dye XaeaaXv, dnb yQovos aaaov delpiov. Theocr. 25. 73* 

See also Apoll. 1. 99$» SYN. 'E7ra('pw, /8aord<£(»; ? KovfiZu), alupew, dve-^a, 

'Aetfffxd, drds, to, subst. See T A ( £T/ua. 



^Aetypovpds, ov, 6 et ft, adj. [semper custoditus,] always watched or guarded. 

O'UijitXs aetypovptis, 61 7rdpevdfiai. Antig. 892. 
'Aeicagdfxat, v. [iuvitus sum,] to be unwilling. IldX\' aeKaCdjuZvr}, Kparepri $' 
ETrXtceiaET dvayKrj. Z. 458. SYN. ', ^Xaciofiai, afiovXeio, elfu ukwv, 
aetiu)v or atcovoXos. 
'AekjjtX, adv. [invito,] unwillingly. Nj}ds eXelv at bevpo Oetiv dsK^rX fudXovcrai. 

O. 720. SYN. 'AkovoXcos, afiovXojs, ndpa yvwfirjv. 
'Aeko>v, ovad, ov, adj. [invitus,] unwilling. Kal yap eyw aot b&Kd ekojv clekovtl 

ys Ovfiu). A. 43. SyN."Ak:wv, clkovoXos, afiovXos. 
^AeXXos, ov, b, Dor. et poet, pro tieXXos, rjXXds, q. v. [sol,] the sun. zXtyds Zs 

avyas aeXXoio be~i£ai. Or. 813. 
"AeXXd, rjs, ft, subst. [turbo, procella, tempestas,] a storm, a whirlwind. Aa/t- 
npiov aarpwv vn-' aeXXaiaXv. Helen. 1497* SYN. QveXXa, blvrj, Xa(Xa\p, Kara^t- 
yXs, arj/ua. EPITH. Avypa, rpa^eia, oXoi), (bKvbpofjids, tyotTaXea, dbevKrjs, 
Xei/uepXa, C^a^prjrjs. 
'AeXXrjs, ids, et deXXds, dbds, 6 et ft, adj. [procellosus,] stormy, boisterous. *fts 

dpd tu>v vivo -novcX KoviaodXos &pvvr deXXijs, T. 13. See also CE. R. 4.6 7 • 
'AeXXalvs, a, ov, deXXoTros, de\Xo7rdbr)s, ov, et aeXXo7rovs, nobos, 6 et ft, [velox 
tanquam procella,] rapid, swift as the whirlwind. Et0' deXXaia raxuppwaros 
TTEXetd. CE. C. 1081. See also 0. 409. et Horn. Veil. 2 18. SYN. ^nvbpdfxos, 
ibiWTrdbijs, TrobrfVEfios, rd^vs, offis, Ta^intovs, 6oos, dvEfxujKtjs, deXXds. 
'AeXXw, ods, contr. ovs, ft, P. N. [Aelio,] the name of a Harpy. *Hvkojj.ovs & 'Ap- 

irvids, 'AeXXw r', 'QtcvTCET-qv te. Hes. Th. 267. 
'AeXnfjs, eos, et deX7C7ds,ov, 6 et ft, adj. [insperatus,] unhoped-for, unexpected. 
7 tt/j.oX E7T€ibt) ya'idv deXnid bwnlv XbeaOai. e. 408. See also Iph. A. 1584. 
SYN. dveXmo-ros, dboKrjTos, dveXrris. 
'AeXTrrXa, as, ft, subst. [desperatio,] despair. K?x avet & H cl€XtttXtjs ^>dj3ds. Ar- 
chil, fr. 13. 3. SYN. diropXa, dfir)xdvXa. 
'AeX-n-ros. See 'AeX7rfts. 
'AeXnTws, adv. [insperanter,] unexpectedly. TioXXd b' deX7rrws KpahovoX Oeoi. 

Med. 1413. 
'Ae'X7rw, vel pot. aeX7rr£w, v. [vid. Maltb. Thes. in verbo : despero,] to despair, 
to be dejected. Kal p i\yov irporX dorv, deXirovTes goov elrat. H. 310. 
SYN. 'AveXTtLZb), ddv/UEU), dvdniiTTit). 

Aefifxa, tos, to, subst. [chorda qua tenditur arcus, vestimentum,] a bow-string, 
, a robe. AbrXad TEyvy]vovraX, efxol ft evKafiitEs de/i/id. Call, in Dian. 10. 

SYN. To£ov, ecrdrjs, ea6i]fj.d. 
j AEvdds, devvdos, idem quod 'Aetvdrjs, q. v. 

'Ae&yvtds, ov, 6 et ft, adj. [membra roborans,] strengthening the limbs. OZavbpX- 
KataX b' de&yviwv diQXwv. Pind. Nem. 4. 1 18. 

Ae£a>, f. defycrw, p. ye^Kd, v. [augeo,] to increase, to augment. "Os ol iroXXd 
tcdfujcrX, Qeos fr eitX epyov de%ei. '£. 65. SYN. Avffivio, ETraipco, adpoic^oj, /card- 
trojpevoj, avvdyit), vew, ETravfa. 

AepyrjXos, rj, ov, adj. [iners,] inactive, slothful, which has not been yoked. 
'Apveidv /utjXuJv, 6 6' depyrj\))v etX woprXv. Apoil. 4. 1186. SYN. 'Aepyos, poldv- 
I fios, a7rpu.y/, kevos, depyrjs, a^oXalos, fiXaKeviov. 

Aepyia, as, r/, subst. [desidia,] idleness, sloth. "Epyov £>' ovbiv ovetbds, depylrj bi 
t oveibos. Hes. Op. 309- SYN. 'A€pyeia,apyia, pyOv/jXa, abpdvXa. 
Aepyds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [deses, iners,] idle, slothful. Karddv dfids 6 r depytis 
dvrjp 6 te iroXXd Evpyojs. I. 320. Syn. See in 'AepyrjXos. 

AtpWit), v. [sublevo, sustineo,] to uphold, to suspend. Trjs Ettdrbv dvvdvoi 
TrayXP va £°" L f}£pedovTo. B. 448. SYN. 'Are^w, delpio, aiiopEit). 
1 Aeptos, ov, b et ft, adj. [aerius, caliginosus,] airy, aerial, high, ^ark. Etr' cupX- 
| ovs, bXipoi/s, yan^ovs ouovovs, a.Epovr)xe~is. Nub. 337. SyN. 'AfpftVos, ftXt/3drds, 

a.Ep6vr}yr)s, aKoreivds, aipobivris, aEpoetbtjs, uEpbfyoiTos* 
I AEpdfidTEio, v. [per aerem incedo,] to waik through the air. 'AEpofiaTw, Kal 
j TTEpXcppovG) rov ijXXdv. Nub. 225. 

Pros, Lev. C 


'Aspdyrfxns, tos, adj. [qui per aera notat,] swimming through the air. See in 

'AepaXnovs, dads, 6 et fj, adj. [pedes erigens,] lifting up the feet, swift, active. 

BcWes depaXnbbwv fiereKiddov. 2. 532. SYN. 'AeXXds, deXXo7rovs, 7rdbu)K7)s, 

'AepTagio, v. idem quod deipio, q. v. 
'Aeafypdivvr], t/s, f], subst. [stultitia,] folly, levity, weakness. OvpdvXbas, o$s 

bffcre irarrip aeattypdavvrjatv. Hes. Th. 502. SYN. 'A/3oi/Xia, atypoovvr), (f>avXorr]s. 
'Aecrt^pwr, oros, 6 et rj, adj. [stultus, levis,] foolish, silly, rash. "Ht£i> fjv drr)v 

Syeoiv dea'MbpovX dvpy. 0. 302. 
'Ac?d\eos, fa, eo>, adj. [aridus,] dry, withered. Qirpovs a£dXer}S ardpeffav Kadv- 

irepQev eXairjs. Apoll. 1. 405. SYN. AvaXsds, Trivwbrjs, avos, £r)pds. 
"Acfy, rjs, »7, subst. [situs, squalor,] filth, squalidness, rust. Tfj b' ireprf aaicds 

evpv, yepor, 7r£7rdXay/i£V6V cicfy. \. 184. 
AZavdfxai. Vid. in"A£w [sicco]. 

'A£r}\ds, ov, 6 et %, adj. [non invidendus,] not to be envied or desired, unen- 
viable. Qpovpav d£r)X6v 6\r](Th). P. V. 143. SYN. Kdndbaifxojr, adXXos, detKi'is. 
A£f}fj.?ds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [impunitus,] unpunished, free. 'AXX' el 0' Xaaveis, 

X<*> (f>pdoas a£f}fiXds. Soph. Electr. 1102. SYN. 'ATiixwpr]Tos y ctriros, dveKbXKrjrds, 

A£r)xes, adv. [indesinenter,] incessantly, continually. \A£j?x" fdyefiev ical 

7Tl£/U£>. a. 3. SYN. NwXfjUEWS, aW. 

A£r)xr)s, £0$, 6 et ?), adj. [non intermissus,] perpetual, uninterrupted. 'A5»?x^ 

opvpaybos eiryXev epypnevoioX. P. 742. SYN. 'Ac?dX£os, beivos. 
"Ac?v£, vyos, 6 et ^, adj. [qui non sub jugo est, innupta,] unyoked, unmarried. 

KctXoV aoi bdfidXas (pXXeetv, ovk a£vyd Kojpav. Theocr. 27. 7« SYN. "Aydfjids, 

avvfj.eva.ios, dvvfi(f)ds. 
"Acta, v. [sicco,] et aZofiai, et a2avd/uat, [aresco,] to dry up, and to be dry. 

Eio-tV, £7ret KE(paXrjv ical yovvdrd Heipios dc?et. Hes. Op. 585. See also Horn. 

Ven. 271. SYN. Zrjpalvw. 
"A£w, agonal, v. [veneror,] to venerate. <&ev, (j>ev, rds Ud<()Xas ^oXov acjetf, ical 

<ri) yl Kwpa. Theocr. 27- 4. SYN. ^Lsfidfiat, aibedfxai, OepaTrevu), oej3i£tt/, Xa- 

"Accords, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [discinctus,] without a girdle, ungirt. Teirdves ac?oi- 

arot etuov, ZtotjavTd be ■ttijoL Hes. Op. 345. SYN."Ac?wrds, d^wrds. 
'AribdvXds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [lugubris,] mournful, like the song of the nightingale 

KfX&Sel & emicXavTdv drjbovXov. Ran. 683. 
*Ar\bovXs t Xbds, §, subst. [lusciniola,] a young nightingale, a nightingale. zovda\ 

drjbdvXbes fiXvvpiondaXv ctVTaxevarX. Theoc. Ep. 4. 11. EPITH. AldXd<f>b)vds, 

Xtyeld, XXyi>(f)(i)ifis t Trdvobvprbs, baicpvoecad, TraibaXerup, dtptyiavoSy fxeXXyr)pvs t 

eldpXvf), opdpXds, XdXos, xXuprjXs. PHR. Hv/uttcivtiov doibdrdrr) Trererivhiv. Tlay 

bidvos Kafxfxdpos Kovprj. See Aristoph. Aves. 209« 
'Arfbwv, ovos, fj, subst. [luscinia,] a nightingale, '[is b' ore Havbdpeov Kovpr\ 

yXwpryis dribojv. t. 518. PHR.'Hpos dyyeXos, i/jtepotyiovos, KipKrjXdrds, f]Tt]peia 

ohrpd dXoxds, aKoperds (3dds,"lTvv otevovo dfj(j)X6dXfj kukoIs, 
'ArjOeacrio, f. ecru, p. rjffd, v. [insuetus sum,] to be unaccustomed. TlaTrraiviov 

X^pes ydp dfjdeadv i^pefxeovryai. Apoll. 4. 1171. SYN. 'a^0£W, drjdrjs el/uX. 
*Ar]dr)s,eds, 6 et >/, adj. [insolitus,] unaccustomed, unusual. HaXXovr, 6\pXv 

drjdti* iEsch. Suppl. 563. 
'AriBXa, et forma antiquior, dridetd, as, rj, subst. [insueta novitas,] strangeness 

Upalrf KdKws v^^Xus, els drjdiav. Hel. 425. See also Apoll. 2. 1065. 
"Arj/ad, dros, to, subst. [flatus,] breath, a breeze. Tobe yap Oeu>v drj/jd. Anac, 

53. 4. Syn."Av£//6s, icvevfxd, 7rvot), ttvoos, ^>var]fxd, deXXd. FjPlTU."H(xvxov i 

aXiKTvndi', fie^XXxXdv, afxeiXXyov, /3dpv7rve~idv, XXyvnve'iov, KtXdbovv, i)epX6v, 

inKpov, e-^dpov, doov, bvd(f)Epdi', (SpdrdXoiyov, ^^£ptov. 
"ArjfiX, f. dr/o-w, p. ifaicd, et drj/nai, v. [flo, spiro,] to blow, to breathe. Kcu ti 

bi' alyd drjffi rdvuTpX^d. Hes. Op. 514. SYN. Tlvtu), tyvadw, dw. 

AHP A0HN 19 

'A^p, tpvs, (l)o, subst. [aer,] the air ; et (2) fj, [caligo,] darkness. (1) Kai 

tote h) />' avro'ib irdXiv % VT ^ Oeacpdros cb/o. e. 143. SYN. (1) Aldrjp, aWprj. 

(2) a^Xvs, op<f>vr], broods, Cbtybs, bjiX^Xri, <jk6tos. EpiTH. (l) 'A-rreipEoXbs, av~ 

ve^eXos, arpvyeros, djjErprjTbs, bios, Kvdvlbs, vi'ibv/ubs, fepos, noXXos, i}ov-^bs, 

QeairlaXos, XeTrraXeos. (2) Bd0ekt, deafaros, Kuaver), yXavKi), bid. 
'ArjoXs, eu)s, »/, [ventus, flatus,] wind, a gale, ^vypdv drjaw, bi\pXov te irvp 

6icv. Rlies. 417. 
'AijavXbs, rj, bv, adj. [molestus, iniquus,] troublesome, unjust. OvXb^Ev^v, jjr' 

aiiv mjffvXd epyd fieprjXev. E. 876. SYN. A'iavXos, dbXubs, d/iapTwXbs, Kaxbs, 

'Ariavpos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [levis, sublimis,] light, lofty. TvtOov in aKpbrdTotaXv 

dr/avpos aKpEfjibi'eaaX. Apoll. 2. 1103. Syn. Kov<pbs, eXatypos, Xeirrbs, KEvbs, 

'AT/rT/s, ov, b, et drjTY}, rjs, »j, subst. [flatus,] a gale, blast. MeiXXbv arrXoX^s 6t£ 

01 Kdrebr^Tds drjras. Call. H. in Dian. 230. SYN. "Arjais, drj/ud, q. v. 
A0a»'cr, as, fj, P. N. [Minerva,] T fl (pOeyfi 'A0avas 0tXrarr;s e/xo\ QeCjv. Aj. 14. 

Syn. et Epith. see 'Adrjva. V 

'AddvdTos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [immortalis,] immortal ; et ol aQdvdroi, the immorlal 

gods. Yldpd t aQavdrois kul nftpd dvrjTOis. Ipli. T. 1493. SYN. 'AvwXedpbs, 

dyripdrbs, aXbXbs, a/ufipOTos, dyijpav-bs. 
AdairTos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [insepultus,] unburied. Tlbaiv 6' dQa-n-Top eXXttev. 

Helen. 1221. 
Addpa, et JEol. 'Adrjpa, as, fj, subst. [fariua cocta,] a liquid food, pap. Kayw 

tot rjbri rrjs dddprjs 7roXXr)p itfXiov. Plut. 694. 
Adeei, adv. [" sine Diis,"] without the favour of the Gods. Ovic ddiei yap 

TavTa bXepxpfiaX vypd KeXevdd. Mosch. 2. 148. SYN. AOews. 
Ade/uXs, ibbs, et Xtos, 6 et ff, adj. [illicit us,] acting against law and justice, un- 
lawful. Uevdb/nai yap vi.v WlXXav dde/uXv. Pyth. 4. 193. 
AdejjiLffTds, et ddefiiffrXds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [fas et jus orane negligens,] contrary to 

law, outlawed. 'AtyprjTwp, ddEfiiGTOs drearXos eotXv ekeivos. I. 63, See a, 140. 

SYN. "AbXubs, dvooXbs, dfrej3t)s, evdy i'js. 
Adebs, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [qui sine Deo est, qui Deum esse negat, impius,] without 

God, an atheist, impious. "Exri fiaTpvids ddewv (deXewv. Pyth. 4. 288. Syn. 

(dEoj3Xdj3))s, dvboXbs, daiftijs, daeirTOs, drdcrddXos, Svo-ctc/Si/s, dXXTr'jpXos. 
AdEpi^oj, Xirw, ua, v. [velut spicas degeneres rejicio, nihili babeo,] to disdain, 

reject. 'AvbpdaXv (b/iiXrjffd, icaX ovttote fi o'iy dftipLCov. A. 26l. Syn. 'At/cw, 

TTEpXippovEd), acftpovTiCih), d0ETEti), dirbiie^x7:bfiai, dirwdiw, vireptypbiEW, dfiEXiw, 

dTi}ia.£ii), av»7§ew, e|d/ie\ew, atypovTUJ-EW, bXXyojpEOJ. 
AdepfiavTbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [non calefactus,] not heated. TXwv b" ddep/uavrbv 

eerXav bbjuov. Choeph. 627 > 
Ade<r<f>dTbs, ov, 6 et ff, adj. [baud dicendus, ingens, item, sed rarius, nefan- 

dus,] not to be expressed, ineffable, very great. Nw£ 6' ijbe fidXd naKpf), 

adeatyaTos ovbi Trio Coprj. X. 372. SYN. "ApprjTbs, ct^ctros, dfivdr}Tos, fxiyds, 

airXETbs, TrajifjEyEdrjs, 7TEXojpibs. 
AOetojs, adv. [inconstanter, improbe,] inconstantly, irresolutely, dishonestly. 

Zevs ddsTCJS 1 KpaTvvei. P. V. 156. SYN. 'Avo/uws, Trdpdvb/Jiws. 
aOeojs, adv. [scelerate, nefarie,] impiously, wickedly. 7 Q aw/i drifjiojs kclOews 

ecftdapfiEvbv. Soph. El. 1181. SYN. 'AcejGcDs, dvbaXios, bvoGEfi&s. 
AOrjXbs, ov, b et >7, adj. [qui lac non sugit,] that hath not sucked. "AdrjXbs iW&> 

ttoiXos &s dfia Tpl^ei. Simon, fr. 146. 
[Adt]va,ds; 'Ad{]vr],rjs; 'Adrjvaia, as,et ' Adyjvair] , -qs ; P.N. Minerva, Pallas. T H\Ge 

h' 'Adfivrj. A. 194. EPITH. ^Arpvrwvr], 'Apyeirj, dXaXKbfj.EVT)Xs, albvlr), dyEXeir), 
. dyavrj, dyiqvwp, andfid-bs, dbd/iaffrbs, dydjibs, 'AtQXs, dfiijTiop, drvfxtyevrbs, fidpv- 
1 KTvrrbs, Topyib-rrXs, yXavKrj,yXavicu>TrXs, betvrj, bbXtypwv, Atdyevi^s, bbXbfir)TXs, TTaXXds, 

EVTrXbKdfjbs, EpvaiKToXXs, rjVKbfibi, OovpXs, fiEyddv/jtbs, fXEvlyapfibs, KaXXXbt<j>pbs , 
1 'A0co>t<tfs was the reading of Aldus, Robortellus, and Turnebus. Bentley restored the true 

eading from Hesych. in v. aOerus. See Dr. Blomfield's note in P. V. 156. 

20 A0HN A0PO 

lavQrj, ofiptfxdirarpr), oftpXfirf, norvXa, ttdXtyiTjrts, nTtiXXnopBdi, wepXtypwv, TroXfoii- 

"Xps, odiceairdXds, TpirwvXs, TpiroyEveid, ToX/n)eaod, <pdiaip.(ipdr6s, fiovvoyevijs, 

oefiv)), oyxalij. PHR. Aios rends, Ovyarrjp, Kovpij, did Qldwv, ttcus dfirjrujp, b'ld 

fidicaipd dea. 
'Adrjvai, wv, et 'aGj/vjj, 1 tjs, rj, P. N. [Athenae,] Athens. AXirdpauaX r ev oXpXois 

'Addvais. Ale. 464. SYN. 'Ap^aTat, evwpv/uot, evirvpyoi, cladeat, Oeobfirjroi, 

KaWlj^opoty XoffTEfdvoi, fcaXcu, fiEydXai, icXeival, Kpdvdal, deorrefieTs, dwopQr)TOi. 

PHR. Evnnros X^P a t 'EXXdbos ei>xos, 'Adrjvds EVKrXp.EV0V TtroXX^dpov, KeKporrXbwv 

darv TrdXatyeveioy, yd ®r}<rr)Xs, 'EXXavias (j>di>£p wards aurijp [Hipp. 1122.], 

KeKpoirXa y^w. 
'Adrjvaloi, u>v, oi, P. N. [Athenienses,] the Athenians. KovpoX 'Aflqj'euW, TrtpX- 

reXXdju£PU)v evlavTwv. B. 551. SYN. Y^KpoirXbai, 'Epe^0e/5at, rd^w/3oi/Xot, 

oXflloi. PHR. Mprjcrrtopes dvrfjs, Qsu>v 7ralb€s pdKdpwv, bovpUXvroX dvbpes. 
*Adr)prjXoiyds, ov, 6, subst. [ventilabrum,] a fan for winnowing corn. <br]rj dOrj- 

pnXoiyov £)^ety dvd (f)atbX/uto u>/uo). X F. 275. SYN. Tlrvov, Xitcfxds. 
"Adverbs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [intactus, non tangendus,] untouched, not to be touched. 

H r&v ddiKTwv e^erai fj.dra£(t)i>. CE. R. 891* SYN. "Aanros, dxpavaros, dicfipd- 

T os, dxepaitis, Xepos. 
'AOXeu) et adXevu), v. [certo, raalis versor,] tofight, to contend. "Hpw Aad/jie- 

bovrX TrdXiaadjjiEV adXfiaavrE. H. 454. SYN. 'AedXevu), KonXa£u), dyu>vl£dfAai s 

d/JiXXdonai, d/u(j>ia(3r)Teaf. 
'AdXrjrrjp, ypds, et a&Xrjrrjs, ov, 6, subst. [certator, athleta,] a combatant, a 

wrestler. 'AvEKijpvrrev row ddXrjrwv rovs viKwvras cre^dvwaas. Plut. 585. 

SYN. ^AsdX^rrjs, dyh)Vi<jri)s, d/juXXrjrrjp. 
"AdXXds, a, op, adj. [miser, terumnosus,] wretched, miserable. 'QpQuxrdr enrei- 

vovtes ddXXov vekvv. Hipp. 786. SYN. TdXas, bvcrrvx^s, ndKobaipufv, dirorfxos, 

TXijfiiov, drv")Q1 s t bvarrjvos, beiXcuos, fieXeos, rdXaiTrwpds, a^rXXos, oi£vpos, 

'AOXXws, adv. [misere,] wretchedly. Td§' ear Etcelpd, ml yudX' ddXXws ex***' 

Syn. may be easily derived from those to dOXXds. 
7 A6Xdv s contr. ab 'AeOXop, ov, to, subst. [certaminis praemium,] the prize of 

victory. Mcrd Yldvd to bevripop ddXdp diroKTrj. Theocr. 1. 3. 
7 AdXds, ov, 6, subst. [certamen, labor,] a combat, a contest, labour, affliction 

Ovb' earXv ddXov repfxd aol TrponeifAEPOP ; P. V. 265. SYN. "AedXos, dyiop, 

Koiros, dedXXop. 
'ABXotydpds, ov, 6 et //, subst. [victor certaminis,] the victor, he who gains the 

prize of victory. JJrjyovs, ddXd(j>dpovs, oX dedXXd troaaXv dpovrd. I. 266. SYN 

'AedXdfdpos, viKr)(j)dpds, KaXXlvitcos. 
'AddXwTos, ov, 6 et ri, adj. [non turbatus,] not disturbed, clear, limpid. Kp>/- 

vifs t devdov kcu diroppvTOv 7\ t ddoXwTos. Hes. Op. 593. Syn. AXavyrjs. 
J A0#pu/3ws, adv. [sine tumultu, tranquille,] calmly, quietly. 2re7^' w$ dddpvfiws 

6v7rXu)v rifxiv Xoyos. Orest. 622. SYN. 'Huv^ws, evrijXijJs. 
""AdpavarTos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [infractus, illaesus,] unbroken, unhurt. 'Eorao- 

ddpavcrroi, kovk d^j07raorat ttoXXs. Pli03n. 1095. SYN. " ApprjKTos, &ppdyi)s } 

^AdpEd), f. rjffu), p. rjKd, v. [cerno,] to see, to discern, to look. TojS' aXX' ddprj- 

aov au>fid yvp.vioQev VEKpov. Hec. 673. SYN. BX£7T(u, opdo), bepKOficti, Xevcrau), 

oirTofxai, didd/uai. 
^AOpoiZu), f. aw, Kd, v. [congrego,] to gather together, to assemble, to collect 

IToXX))v ddpolaras aanXb' 'Apyeiiav dyei. Phceu. 7^. SYN. 'Ayelpio, avXXsyw, 

atii'dyb), ETrdyelpu), ^vvdXi^u), avvadpoiS.w. 
^AdpoiaXs, eujs, y, subst. [conventus,] an assembly, a meeting or assembling- oi 

the people. ILrpdrov r ddpotais, ndXE/jXajp r dyuivXa. Hec. 318. SYN."6^d- 

bds, avvobds, irdvriyvpXs. 
"AOpdds, a, Up, [confertus, densus,] crowded, thick, collected. "Ey\eX epeibd- 

1 Horn. 7j. 80, See Schol. 


fitvoi kXov adpooX &yy\>Td be <r(f>Xv. H. 38. SYN. 'ao\\))s, dbXvds, dftrjyepiis, <rt>v- 

%x } l s * Bdfitvds, 
'A^ew, f. ijata, p. qpra, v. [animo sum dejecto,] to be dejected, to despond, to 

be dispirited, rieo-wv dBv/jels ical alavTov ovk Eyeis. P. V. 483. SYN. 'a\uw, 

bvoBv/jLEW, fiapvdv/jieu), XenrobpdvEio, avtaofiai, XvirEto, 
'Adv/jta, 1 as, fj, subst. [animi dejectio,] dejection, sadness, despondency. Tt 

6' eoTti', avd' ov rijvb' e\ €is dBvfJ.Xav. Ant. 237* SYN. dbrj/jiovXa, drjbXa, deXwTXa, 

Xv-rrrj, avTa. 
"Advfids, ov, 6 et f], adj. [qui dejecto est animo,] dejected, desponding, spirit- 
less. Ovx (bs uQv/jov, ovbi X{]fidT0S Kaicrj. Sept. Theb. 6l6. SYN. bvadvfios, 

Kdrr)(j)>)s, aKvBpio-rrds, aXyeirds, 7repiXv7rds. 
"Advp/Lta, citos, to, subst. [ludus, crepundia,] a game or sport, children's play- 
things. "Oct' £7T€i ovv 7rot//crj7 d&vpfxdrd vr\-xilr[alv . O. 363. SYN. YiaiyvXd, 

TraiyrXa, e\pXa, 7ra7y^d. EPJTH. ' AttoXXujvXov , ZpaTeivov, a<f>pobXoXdv, KaXov, 

3 Adi>poyXu)(T<Tds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [procacem linguam habens,] having an unruly 

tongue, babbling. 'Aj'^p tXs ddvpoyXojaaos, Icr^yiov Bpdaei. Or. 893. SYN. 

'AbdXea^Tjs, dQvpoaTdyius, XdXds, airepfdoXdyds, otwjuvXos. 
*Advpio, f. p(b, p. Kd, v. [ludo,] to play or sport, as children do out of doors. 
*A\p avTis GvyeyevE-nocnv KcuyepoXv dBvpiov. O. 364. SYN. 'Opx^djjcu, 7rai£<o, 

"aBvtos, z ov, 6 et rj, adj. [sacrificii expers,] without sacrifice. 'AvXepds dQvTiov 

7reXdyu)v Tpv^ei. Hipp. 147* 
'aQwos, ov, v et rj, adj. [poena? immunis, damni expers,] free or exempt from 

punishment or harm. Tlws yap to pev aov awpd xprj irXriy&v dBwdv elvat. Nub. 

1413. SYN. 'A£fi[xios, a(jXdf3))s, dvairios, utXtos, vijirotvos, 
'AdufTrevros et ddwirevaTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [blanditiis hand deliniendus vel de- 

linitus,] not to be won by flattery, uncourteous. 'Us dQibitevTov ye at. Audr. 

460. SYN. ' AKoXdxevTos , ddeXtcTds, djieiXXyos, djieiXiKTOs. 
*Adu)s et 'A0oajs-, to, 6, P.N. [Athos,] a mountain in Macedonia. *H"aBio, rj 

'Poborrav i) KavKaaov ea-^drdevrd-. Theocr. J . 77* 
Ala, as, fi, subst. poet, for yald [terra, regio,] the earth, a country, nation. 

Tovs 5' i]brj KUTE^ev (pvoiZdos aid. T. 244. SYN. TT], yaid, %0wv, nibov. 

EPITH. "A<T7T£-6s, j3dpv-)(dhjv, evGTd^vs, epXfiu)Xa%, epaTt), £ert], TraTpXs, eu/3oros, 

TrdXvXi'fids, 7rdXvbi\l>Xos, rjepXa, KeXaiv?], rcleipd, Tprjyeid, TroirjTpocpos, TtoXvirvpos. 
A', dTos, to, subst. [luctus,] lamentation, sorrow, grief. A'iXXvdv alayfid- 

aXv d Toilabe TrpdzXato. Phcen. 1535. SYN. Tods, Bpfjids, obvp/uos, KXavBfJids, 

kwkvtos, Kujicvfxd, oIktos, oiKTtpfids, ttevBos, oXotyvpaXs, oXoXvyjJLos, icXav/jd. 
Amc?w, £w, a^ci, v. [iamentor,] to cry alas, [at at,] to lament, bewail, mourn. 

'Efxol be top ejuov baifjiov aia$etv Trdpd. Med. 1344. SYN. OI/jiw^oj, obvpdfJLQi, 

dprjvEio, kX6(o, baicpvto, eXeXicu), oXd^vpofiai, KaToXd( f dvdtctoicvh), Kioicvto, 

AldicXbai, (ov, oi, P. N. [ZEacida?,] the descendants of ^Eacus. To~i&X 5' eir* 

AlaicXbai fJETEKtdddv, ov fiEv dfx a/u<p(o. Apoll. 1. <)0. 
AldKds, ov, b, P. N. [^acus,] the son of Jupiter, and first king of iEgina. 

Zevs b' AldKdv avros etiktev. Apoll. 3. 364. EpiTH. AloXdfxrirXs, Bpdavs, 

<f>vaicdos, uirTdijTos, atjTijpifCTos, KebvoTdros, Eiri^Bdvlds, (3Xaa~r}fid Atos. 
AlaKTds, rj, ov, adj. [deflendus,] lamentable, lamented. Alamos es bopovs kXe. 

Pers. IO69. SYN. Qpr]vr}TEos, noXvicXavaTds. 
Alavfjs, eos, 6 et ?/, et aiavds, 7), ov, adj. [gravis, noxius,] heavy, baneful, dark. 3 

'H/xeis yap kafxkv wktos alavfjs TEKvd. Eum. 41 6. SYN. 'AxbXos, fiXdfiipos, 

aTYjpds, beivds, 6p(f)valds, bvd(pEpds. 
A'ias, avrds, 6, P. N. [Ajax,] Ajax (1) the son of Oileus, (2) son of Telamon, 

&c. To*' 5' alvxputs Evlvia-KEV '6'iXijos Tayys Alas. "T". 473. EPITH. (I) 

1 Sometimes, though rarely, the penult, is long, as Tyrtaeus, 1. 10. 

2 See Maltby's Thes. at the word &6vtqs, and his excellent note on it. 

3 See Blomfield, Pers. 935. 

22 AirA Airr 

'O'iXXabrjS, /ucyaXjJrwp, bbpTicXvrbs, Kaprepddvjjios, ^aXicee*. (2) TeXafiwvtaZijs, 

uvrXBibs, dpr)Xbs, dfivfuav, bvawvvfibs, bafypufv, 7rt.X(upibs, dpaavs, Kaprepbdv/ibs, 

TpXtcbpvdbs, (fxtiblfjids, virepftibs, bewbs, drapjSrjrbs, KXeii>bs, KvbdXXjuibs, odtcea<f>bpbs t 

fid))v dyddbs. 
Alyatds, ov, 6, P. N. [iEgeus,] iEgean, the iEgean sea. At fxev t Alyaiov 

votcl/xov KaXeot'To dvyarpes. Apoll. 4. ] 14Q. 
AtyatW, tavbs, 6, P.N. [iEgeeon,] one of the Titans. 9 Ov BpXdpeidv KaXeovat 

6io\, avbpes bi te ttclvtes Alyaiiav. A. 404. 
Atyavea, as, r), subst. [jaculum, tragula,] a javelin, a spear, a dart. "Oarer] 

5' alydverjs pnrr) rdvaoio tetvkto.1. II. 589* SYN. 'AyKvXrj, clkmv, axovrXov, 

(ZeXos, bbpv, alx/mri, £,v<jtov. EPITH. AoXXyoanlbs, 6bd, Koyrrr]eood, VEodrjyrjs. 
'Atybrjv, adv. [impetuose, subito,] violently, suddenly. 'Aiybtjv, fieoo-as be 

ovv 6(ttew \vds EKepoEV. Apoll. 2. 828. 
A'iyetbs, eit), eibv, et a'iyEos, ia, Ibv, adj. [caprinus,] belonging to a goat. 

TLreptyEaXv alyeiois e^wa-juEVoX. Apoll. 4. 1348. 
A'iyeipbs, ov, r), subst. [populus nigra, alnus,] a poplar, an alder. T Hs bi tXs 

aiyeipos, atya bevbpibv, aWlpi Kvpbv. Call. H. Cer. 38. EPITH. Aeirj, [ia.Kpr), 

AlyXdXetd, as, r), P. N. [iEgialea,] the wife of Diomed. M>) brjv AlyXdXetd 

7TEpi(j)pu)V 'Abprjarivr]. E. 412. 
AlyXaXds, ov, 6, subst. [littus, ora,] a shore, the sea-shore. Elbdv alyXdXo~iaX. 

Iph. A. 210. SYN. Qlv, clkty), t)Xujv. EpiTH. Evpvs, aYpvyeros, bvat'iVEfibs, 

irdXvr)-)(7)s, r)/uddbels, ayyiaXos, ko7Xos, evop/uos, ttoXXos. 
AlyXdaXXbs, ov, 6, subst. [parus, avis quaedam,] the name of a bird, a 

titmouse. Kal alyXdaXXu. Av. 881. 
AlyXXtip, Xn-ds, 6 et >/, adj. [praealtus, praeceps,] very lofty or high. "H re koV 

alyXXX7ros 7rerpr}s bvofyEpov \EeX vbiop. I. 15. SYN. Al\pr)pos, r)XX(3drbs, vxprjXbs, 

riVEfibeis, 7rpo(3Xrjs, 7rEpXfj.{iKr)s. 
Aiyivd, as, Ion. r]s, ?/, P. N. [ZEgina,] the name of an island formerly called 

iEnone. Alytvrjs aKTrj<rXi> EireoyEQbv. Apoll. 4". 1767. EPITH. AXKaibirbXXs, 

AwpXs, Evavbpos, (j)XXdfj.oX7rds, AidKlbav ev-Kvpyov sbos. 
A'iyXbv, ov, to, P. N. [iEgium,] a town in Achaia, where Jupiter was said to 

have been fed by a GOAT. neXXrjvrjv t elx^v, fib' AiyXbv afKpEvlfiovTb. B. 574. 
AlyXbybs, ov, et i), adj. [aegida gestans,] aegis-bearing, who bears a shield 

covered with a goat's skin ; ati epithet of Jupiter. KXvdX jj.oX alyid^oid Ax6s 

tekos, arpvrojvrf. E. 115. 
AlyXs, Xbbs, f), subst. [aegis,] an aegis, or shield covered with a goat's skin. 

Ar) t6t 'Adrji'ahj <j)di(riu(3p(jTov alyXb' dveaylv. x> 297« EPITH. ' Afi(f)Xbd<Tetd, 

epXrtfxos, dyi'jpdos, adavdrr], appr)KTds, QvaadvoecFod, betvij, afjtepbvfj, 7ra/JKf)dvd(i>ffd, 

bdaii/jaXXos, dovpXs, ^pvaeia, dpXurpETris, Epefxvr). 
Aiyiffdds, ov, 6, P. N. [iEgisthus,] the paramour of Clytemnestra. iv yap rd 

T els Aiyio-ddv efcvpes Kara. Orest. 1156. EPITH. (dvecTXdbrjs, boXXos, boXd- 

fiyrXs, dvaXuXs, koivoXe^s. 
A'iyXrj, rjs, fj, subst. [fulgor, splendor,] brightness, splendor. Aevw) b" EnXbe- 

bpdfXEV a'iyXrj. £. 45. SYN. Avy?), d/uapvyri, Xa/J7rpdrr)s, aTiXfir), aeXds, 

EPITH. "Afifipdrds, avE^sXds, yair]dyps, fiXoavpd, AXoaboros, tydeivt), irafi^dtjs, 

Tr)XecrKd7ros, fxap/Jtapea, Ca0ea, Beocfo-vtos, 7roXvbaibd\8s, V£o0eyy>)s, cleibwpos, 

<f>V(ri£dos, (fHiHTcfidpds, <pdE<jlf.ifipoTos, XevK)), aeXrjvair], Xa/jmovad. 
AlyXrieis, rjeerad, fjev, adj. [splendidus, coruscus,] shining, bright, glittering. 

Ovpdvbv alyXy'iePTd XXirwv etc 7rarpds Ei'nrfjs. Apoll. 4. 6 14. SYN. AyXdoy, 

Xafxirpos, affTpcnrriov. 
AlyvnXos, ov, 6, subst. [vullur,] a vulture. Meya*' alyvnXbv b' inrubei<ravrES* 

Aj. Fl. 169. Syn. See Tv\p. Epith. Ta^iowl, ay KvXdx^tXrjs. See \. 302. 
Alyv-rrTXagu), v. [iEgyptium ago, me gero ut iEgyptii,] to prate like the 

Egyptians; to act knavishly, like the Egyptians. 'HiyvnTXa^eT' aXX obi ucv 

buffet bXKtjv. Thes. 922. SYN. na^ovpyew. 
AlyvKrXds, a, by, adj. [^Egyptitis,] Egyptian ; et AiyvirrXot, tov, the inhabitants 

AirY A 10 A 23 

of Egypt. 'Ayvudt xTjyaojy AlyvirrXov 'IfwttoTo. Call. H. Dian. 171. Epith. 

of Aiyvnrioi : — beivol, dpnrpe7reu)y yeids avbpiov. 
Aiyvitrds, ov, r}, P. N. [iEgyptus,] Egypt. 'AW ovris rdad <j>veX daa x^ayudXct 
A'iyvnTos. Theocr. 17. 79- EPITH. BdpeTd, ^eptrj, evanopos, ebXei/jiiov, noXv- 
irvpos, 7rvpd(j)dpds , OKordeaod, XXndpt), fieydXr], ael arayyeaaX fipvovad, enaKTXd 
Albed/uai et a'ihd/uai, v. [revereor,] to reverence, to respect. Albeo/uat Tp&as 

Kal Tpiodbas eXKeaX-rreTrXovs. X. 105. SYN. "Ac?w,, dyaSd/jtai, yepaiput, 

evXdjjedfJiat, depdneiio, Trpeafievu), oefiiSio, aeirrios £X W > ^ albuvs, bXd Tifxrjs, 

e\io et dyio. 
'AibrjXus, ov, b et >/, adj. [obscurus, exitialis,] obscure, destructive, fatal. 

'AW dvXeis, £7rei avrds eyeivdd 7rat6' dXbqXov. E. 880. SYN."A6?7Xds, a<j>avr}s, 

vXedpXos, oTvyvos. 
^Axb^s, ov, 0; ^AXs, Xbos ; 'Axbiovevs, P. N. [Pluto,] TXfj b' 'AtSqs ev rolat 

ireXtopXos iokvv o'iotov. E. 395. EPITH. 'AfxeibrjTos, atcpXros, peXay xairrjs, xd- 

Xaiyevris, 'ifdi/uos, KXvrd7noXds, mKpos, Travbapdrtop, vr)Xh)s, yeKpobeyfJUoy, Zevs 

Ka.TCf)(dovXds, evepoiaXv dvaaaioy, dva£ eiepiov, Zevs twv KeKp.r)KOTiov. 
"Axbrjs, [See Maltby.] "Atbrjs, ov, b, subst. [Orcus, inferi,] the place of 

the dead, the shades. AX7rd>y, <V "Aibr)s x w P ls w/ctorai decoy. Hec. 2. Syn. 
"Epeflds, £o(pds, eXavretyji/s bopds Ylepaecpdvrjs. EPITH.^AyXi/oeis, 7rdXvbakpvTos, 

evvvyos, XvaXf.ieXi]S, trrvyepos, tcpvepos, baicpvdeis, iroXvKXavTos, Xvypos, dTrevKT&s, 

fibeXijpos, dizoTpow aids, yueXdi oyjows. 
'A'ibvos, 1), ov, adj. [obscurus,] dark, gloomy. Ovpeos ev fii'ianyoXv aibvjjs xanrd- 

Xoeocrjs. Hes. Theog. 860. SYN. ^Kdreiyos, gkotXos, bi 6(j>epos, dcpdvfis. 
Albows, a, dv, adj. [venerabilis,] venerable, worthy of respect. Aibolos jx£y 

r earX KnX aQdvdroioX dloloXv. e. 447. SYN. 'AnofiXeitT 6s, evaeirrds, aepvos, 

evbo^os, deoaenrds. 
Albocppioy, 6yds, 6 et r/, adj. [modestus,] modest, bashful. "0<ttIs albd<pptov. 

Alcest. 663. SYN. Aibolos, evXdfirjs. 
'Aubpeid, d'ibpld, et [Maltby's Thes.] dXbpXa, as, ij, subst. [imperitia, inscitia,] 

ignorance, imprudence. "QcrrXs mbpeirj ireXdari, mil cpdoyydy duovari. /z. 41. 

SYN. 'A/uddXa, ayvtoaXa, d7retpXa. 
"AxbpXs, ids, 6 et //, adj. [imperitus,] ignorant, unskilful. Xibpov aibpts ewy ; 

k. 282. SYN.*A7retpds, dpd6i)s, ayviofiioy, dbdi)fiiov. 
'A'ibpdbXKtjs, ov, 6, et d'ibpdbXKos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [justitiae nescius, saevus,] igno- 
rant of law and justice, cruel. "Oacrovs be ttovtio dfjpds aibpdbXicovs. Nem. 1. 96. 
Albios, 66s, contr. ovs, ?/, subst. [pudor, verecundia,] modesty, shame. Ai&W 

b* av, yeov dvbpd yepaiTepov e^epeecrdai. y. 24. SYN. Alax vvr l» ayvevjid, 

ay veid. EPITH. 'A^pdros, yd/jrjXids, 7rapdh'l^, tpdn), TifxXds, Guxpputy, rciv- 

dXfxos, See Apoll. 3. 6'48. 
AUXovpos, et (quod minus Atticum) alXovpos, ov, 6, subst. [felis,] a cat. 2fcdX#- 

ttcis, s^ivios, aieXovpws, 7rvKTXbds. Acharu. 879« 
Aleros, Att. deros, ov, 6, subst. [aquila,] au eagle. O'ifjtricrev be dXels, wot' 

alerds vxpXTreTrieis. X. 308. EPITH. 'AXfcryets, yaii^uvvt,, ay KvXoxeiXrjS, wkv- 

7T£rr)$, bdtyoivos, Trrepoeis, evirrepos, rjepotyoirrjs, fjepobiviis, A.X6s a'iaios opvXs, o^ea 

KeKXrjyios, ap^ds oltovioy. 
Ai£r)ds, ov, 6, adj. et subst. [juvenis,] young, youthful ; a youth. "Ovr' alcrjds 

d<pfjKey dvrjp, Treipiofxevos ijjjrjs. ^F. 432. SYN. KeayiffKos, aKprjfids, ifideds, 

Kovpds, veayXas. EPITH. QdXepos, dpr}Xd66s, evodevris, aKfjiaZcoy, AXorpe(f>r]S f 

avQripos, laxypos, dy rfviop. 
AiriTYis, ov, b, P. N. [iEaetes,] king of Colchis, and father of Medea. Abroad- 

aiyvi]rr] dXoocppdvos Aujtoo. k. 137« EPITH. 'A7r>7i>>}s, fjteydX6(f>piov, vTrepQvfios, 

oXoos, vios (pdeaififlpdrov rjeXXoto. 
A'irjTds, ov, b et rj, idem quod "Arjrtis, adj. [vento obnoxius,] exposed to the 

wind, tempestuous like the wind. T H, k-cu an aKfxoQeToid weXiop air}Tov dvearr]. 

1.410. SYN. AWiov, irvpub-qs. 
AWdXXwv, (oyds, 6, et aWdXdeis, ecrerd, iv, adj. [ardens,] burning, scorching. 


To* bi ttotX (TKUpats optjhapvXoiv aWaXtuves. Theocr. 7. 131. See also P. V. 
1028. SYN. AWoip, a'ldtop, ifnrvpds, bXdrrvpds, \poXdeis, aWos. 

AWdXds, ov, 6, subst. [fuligo,] soot. Kara b' aiddXou, Hec. 905. SYN. A(- 

6a\r), Xtypvs, xf^oXos, "nrvXa. 
AWdXdw, u>, f. wffoj, p. wkci, v. [fuligine inquiuo, uro,] to blacken, as with soot ; 

to bum. Mf] a aWdXvjari iroXvKaTrvov areyos ttettXovs. Eur. Electr. 1140. 

SYN. 'AnaiBaXdu), aidw, ayatdixraio, (pXeyu), Kaita. 
AWeptds, ov, 6 et }j, et aldeplos, Xa, top, adj. [aethereus,] etbcrial. Ov yap 6y 

aidepioto (pvr/p lx^ v olwpold. Apoll. 2. 1258. SYN. aepXos. 
Aldepobpd/uds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [per aethera currens,] passing through the air. 

E'/SwXa 7reT€iP(t)V alQepobpo/udjy. Av. 139^« 
Ald>)p, epos, 6 et r), subst. [" aether, aer purus, in quern nulla ascendunt nubes ; 

nam atjp est inferior aer, nubilis obnoxius," Vid. Dam m. in v.] ether, the 

sky. tyaiPET apnrpeTrea, ore r cttXeto pt'ipe/jlos aWrjp. 0. 552. SYN.'Avp, 

aldpta, Zei/s, irvp. EpiTH.^Arpi/yeros, aarEpiDTros, aoTpoyXruv, d<pdXTos, aKafxd- 

ros, djjdrds, aloXos, evbXos, rjavxps, TriXe<pdi--r)s, rjXXfidros, 7toiki\os, Tardus, \pvvpa, 

alyXtjeis, py'iPE/uos, direipXTOs, dmtETOs, Travbd^aTtop, GE-Xaaipopos, acrrepdtyeyyifs, 

vypos, avve<pe.Xds. PHR. Aids o'lKrjaXs, jiEydXupvjjLos 7rdr>)p f adtybs apfidiXas 

AlOto\p, ottos, 6, fern. AIQXottXs, Xbos, r), (plur. Ion. AlQXo7rfj£s, wp, ot,) an 

Ethiopian. 'AX\' 6 \iep Aidtdiras fiETldddE rrjXotf eoptus. a. 22. EpTTH. 

'AfJiv/uoi'ES, eaTTEpXoi, 7TVfxdroi, Kvdvloi, fieXdvoxpooi, kyxEaXfjiupoi, keXoivoi, 

jutEXdvES. PHR."E<T^arot cipbp&p, ot jiev bvodf.t£pov 'XiTEpiovos, ol b' dvtdvTos. 
Aldus, r), dv, adj. [niger, in cinerem' redactus,] black, reduced to ashes, burnt. 

AWos yey£pr}fiai iravrd ret irzpX rijv rpdfiXv. Thesm. 246. 
ATOos, eos, to, subst. [aestus,] heat. Top o' &fi(j>X re brfiop aldos. Apoll. 3. 1304. 

SYN. TLvp, (pX<)%, Kavfid, OdXTTos. 
A'i6o\p, ottos, 6 et t), adj. [rutilus, ardens,] burning, hot, bright, black. Ov yap 

ctItop Ebovcf, ov ttlpovo a'ido-nd, oipop. E. 341. MeXas, K£Xaipo(f)dr))s, nvppos, 

depjuos, aW(x)P, XajnTrpos, Kvavios, 6p(J)pa7ds. 
AWovard, rjs, r), subst. [porticus,] a portico. 'Ek 5' tXcicre irpodvpotd icaX aWovarjs 

EpXbovTTOV. O. 324. SYN. Utou, at TrdpaffTabis. 
AWpr), ys, r), P. N. [ZEthra,] the attendant of Helen; also the name of a city. 

AWpr) YltTdfjos OvydTrjp. T. 144. 
A'idpa, as, et Ion. a'idpr), tjs, >/, subst. [aeris serenitas, suda tenipestas,] a serene 

air or sky, fair weather. Uolrjaop o' a'ldpr]P, bos o' ocpdaX/AolTlv xbeadtu. P. 646. 
AidprjyEVETrjs, ov, et aWprjyEvyjs, ids, 6, adj. [in aethere natus, frigus vel pruinam 

inducens,] bred in the air, causing cold and hoar frost. Kat BopErjs aldpr]- 

yEPETrjs, fxiyd KVfxd KvXu'b<x)v. e. 296. See also O. 171. 
AWpta, as, 7], subst. [aether serenus vel placidus, sudurn,] fair weather, serenity, 

calmness. 'AoTCwAtacT epravdd npos tt)v aWpXav. Pint. 1129. SYN. Ebbia, 

vrjPEjjtXa, ydXrjprj. EpiTH. KaXj), cu'Ve^eXos^ p)']PEfios. 
AiOpXoKotTEio, v. [sub dio cubo,] to sleep in the open air. 'Abv bi tu> dipios 

Trap vbojp piop aWpXoKoirelv. Theocr. 8. 78. 
AWpXds, ov, 6 et i^, adj. [serenus, frigid us,] serene, calm, cold. T HX0' uvepos 

$E(f)vpos t fjLEyds, aWpXos. Horn. Ap. 433. SYN. EvbXos, 7rpoo , //X«'os, \pv)(pds. 
Aldpds, ov, 6, subst. [frigus matutinum, pruina,] cold, hoar frost. AiQpio ko\ 

KdfJLdTubebfiiiiAEvov. ^.318. SYN. ^.Tift-q^dyos, -nayvr), itdyETos, Trr\yds, 7ri)yvXis. 
AWvid, as, i], subst. [mergus, fulica,] a coot, a sea-fowl. Aiduip ekvld. e. 353. 
A'iOto, f. aw, Ka, v. [cremo, splendeo,] to burn, to consume, to shine. Aidut 

*)£ ws avrct XaKel jueya, KaTTTTvpiaacd. Theocr. 2. 24. Syn t . Ka/w, ^Xeyw, 

7rifX7Tpr)/utX, alQvoou), dvaKaito, avix), TrdpdQaXTTO), aWdhoto, bald), baidfxat, irvpovfxai, 


AWcjp, (opos, 6, adj. [ardens,] burning, shining, fiery red. AWoves, fteyaXoi, 
dfx<f)u>, KEKdprjdrE 7T0tr)s. (J. 371« SYN. AWo\p, €fi.Trvpds, 7TEpXt:dt)s, alddXoeis, 

AluaXXu), f. dXw, p. Xfv'a, v. [blandior, blandiendo decipio,] to fawn, to flatter. 


'AW &anep aiKaXXei tX KapbXav efir']i\ Arist. Thesm. 869. SYN. KoXdKei/w, 

ffa/i'w, dwirevu), dujirrh). 

Alice, Dor. pro ei ne, adv. [siquidem,] if perchance, if. At ke Odvys, teal fxolpdv 

avair^ijffrjs fiwroio. A. 170. SYN. 'Ecu', et rrep, j/y, et tzws, d7rws, dvitep, eavirep, 


'At*:), >7s, //, subst. [motus violeutus quivis, impetus,] any violent motion, 
impetuosity. To£g>v dt/eds a/ic/)is \xevov ovbe t clkovtuv. O. 709* SYN. Ai- 
6vyf.ia, (jia, eirX^opa. 

*'AXia)s, the same as 'Aeucris, which see. FlfTro^as akes 7rijfi. P. V. 476. 

At/ad, et aetKia, as, n, subst. [verberaiio, injuria,] beating, blows, injury^ 
insult. ^KtpTJjfjcLTOJV be vr\arXaXv ahuats. P. V. 600. See also v. 308. SYN. 
'Ae/md, TrX^yj), vfipXs. See Blomf. P. V. 93. 

Atac?u>, f.iffio, p. jeet, v. [contumelia vel verberibus afficio,] to ill-treat, to beat, 
to treat with ignominy. Outojs drifKos ical wticpus ahdcerai. P. V. 195, 
SYN. Ty7rro>, 7rai<o, /iaoT/£b>, fxaaTiyoo), deivoj, XfAaaato, KaQvj3plc!<i>, KoXa£b). 

A"tKi<rpa, ards, to, subst. [plaga, damnum, vulnus,] a blow, a wound, scan- 
dalous treatment. Ovk early cukkt/x ovbe ^r]^dvr)fx, ori. P. V. 1025. SyN. 
AIkTu, irXrjyr), tcoXaaXs, vfipXs. 

*Aiku)s for aeitcws, adv. [misere, turpe,] wretchedly, basely, unworthily. 'EXwj- 
<rova aXicu>s,Tbv be tcrepiovoXi' 'A^atot. X. 336. 

AtXtj/os, ov, 0, subst. [proprie, carmen quo deploratur Linus ; carmen quodvis 
lugubre,] a mournful song, a dirge. AiXXvdy, a'iXXvdv, ap-^dy Odrdrov. Orest. 

ALXoupds, ov, 6, subst. [felis,] a cat. See AUXovpds, the more Attic form. 

Al/Aci, drbs, to, subst. [sanguis,] blood. Atyud b' dyrjiwi'TtCe bXd cTpenTo'id 
yXrwvos. E. 113. S\'N. Bporos, t^wp, XvQpov. EPITH. 'Ayavoy, aardyes, 
dyddov, fiXoovpov, AXorpefes, kp.<pv\l6v, fxeXdy, iroptyvpeov, Xepov, irdyy, Xevyd- 
Xeov, vy\yyTov, depfMov, ^XwpoV, Kvdveov, KeXaivdv, KeXaiveQes, evyeyes, eincXees. 
PHR. Oovta bpoaos, vaafxos [ieXdyavytjs, Kpdudj3d<piis, ordywr. 

AlfidKovoXat, o)i>, at, subst. [parentalia, inferiae,] funeral rites, sacrifices per- 
formed for the dead. Nvy 6' lv a\\xdKovpXms. Pind. 01. 1. 146. Syn. Kte- 
piafidrd, evdyifffxdrd, rd veupols revofxianevd, ret tiTeped. 

Alfidffid, as, rj, subst. [sepes,] a hedge, properly, of thorns. 'E^' alfAdaXalcrl 
<j)vXa<T(rei. Theocr. 1. 47. SYN. ^payfios, <f>pay[jid, epKos, SpKayij. 

Aifiatraat, £w, Ka, v. [cruento,] to stain with blood. Bw/xoy 6' alfiafci xepaos 
Tpdyos ovtos 6 paXXos. Theocr. Ep. 1. 5. SYN. At^tdrow. 

AlfidTrjpds, d, ov, et at/idroets, eaad, ev, adj. [sanguineus, cruentus,] bloody, 
cruel. "EXvady aifxarripdv, wore fjLrjbevd, Soph. Electr. 7 b$. SYN. At/zdroets, 
j mjxisiv, aijjtdrtobris, at/^droordyj/s, KadaifJiaKTos, fiiaiQdvds, ai{Aofid<pi]s. 

AlfidroXoixos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [sanguinem lambens,] licking blood. 'Ek tov ydp 
eptjs aifidroXoixos. Agam. 1481. 

Ai^dTb7rwTr)s t ov, 6, et ai/udToppdfpos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [sanguinem bibens,] drink- 
ing blood. rafjKfrrjXijai bpanovrd Koa.Xefj.o-, aifidTow^Triv, Eq. 198. See also 
Eumen. 193. 

AlfidToppvTos, ov, o et ?/, adj. [sanguine fluens,] streaming with blood. 'FdvXoiv 
aljddToppvrois. Iph. A. 1515. 

AlfxdTOffTdyyjs, tds, 6 et if, adj. [sanguine stillans,] dropping with blood. %%*~ 

1 povtXos te aKoireXos a\fxd~0GTdy)]s. Ran. 471. 

Atjudroo^dyjys, 16s, 6 et ?/, [jugulatus,] cruelly murdered. Tdcos ydp eoTai 
ireXdvos aifidroatydyt'is. Pers. 821. 

I AlfidTou), f. (i(ra), ioKd, et alfiardonat, v. [sanguine inquino,] to stain with blood. 

j 20d£', aifxuTov Beds l Ptw^dv, f) fxeTeiaX at. Androm. 250. SYN. Kddaifxaaaw, 
alfiaaaoj, (potvlarau). 

AlfidTionds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [sanguineum vultum habens,] having a sanguinary 
or ferocious aspect. Tds alfidrajTrovs ical bpanovTiobeis Kopas. Orest. 250. 

Alcoves, (oy, ol, P. N. [Haemones,] a name of the Thessaliaus. HrjXevs nape- 
1 0€«y is here scanned as one long syllable. 
Pros, Lex, © 


bojmeP AlfxbveaoXv. Nem. 4. Ql, 
AtfiopfiLyrjs, eos, o et fj, adj. [sanguineni stillans,] streaming with blood. At- 

fjtoppdyrjs (pXeip' &XX' eaawjxev, (pXXot. Philoct. 825. 
AlfxoppavTos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [sanguine conspersus,] sprinkled with blood. At- 

fxoppavroi Qvalai irXyjpeis. Ale. 131. Syn. Aljudrbeis, alfxdrrjpos, at fxo or ay ))s, 

alfxaTOSTayrjs, at/xb^)bpvKTbs. 
AJfibs, ov, b, P. N. [Haemus,] a mountain in Thrace. Evre yX^v w$ ns Karh 

keto jJiatcpby vty' Alfibv. Theocr. 7« 7^. EPITH. QpTj'i^, QpriiKios, yXbvu)br}s, 

hvayeifxwvy dvEfJiwbrjS, vitr\vEfjLXbs. 
AlfivXids, ov, 6 et fj, et alfxvXbs, r\, bv, adj. [sanguineni commovens, blandus, 

blanditiis decipiens,] courteous, affable, crafty, deceitful. Told be fieibiduaal 

TrpooevvETtev alfxvXioiolv. Apoll. 3. 51. See also Rhes. 705. Syn. MeiXXybs, 

fieiXXyibs, ijirXbs, ev^dpis, OeXKTi'ipXbs, aTW/uuXos, KaXXi£7n']s. 
A'lfiwv, bvbs, adj. [(l)peritus, (2) cruentus,] (1) skilful, expert, (2) bloody. 

(Also A'lfiwv, P. N. A. 296.) ^Kafidybptby, aifxbvd dijprjs. E. 49. SYN. Adfj- 

fiiov, erriffTJifiioVt ev elbojs, al/j.vXeds. 
AlvapeTrjs, ov, 6, adj. [virtutein cum aliorum malo liabens,] awful in virtue, 

AlvapETr)' tis aev dXXds ovrjasTaX ox^Xybvos Trip. O. 31. 
Alveias et Alveas, ov, 6, P. N. [/Eneas,] the son of Anchises and Venus. 

Alveias b' Enbpov ce avv ciambi bovpi te juatcpoj. E. 297^ EPITH. 'Ayy^LaXdbrjs, 

dfj.vjjL(t)y, bafcppiov, fieyddvfxbs, EpXtcvbrjs, 6 Tfjs'dEOv, Tpiotov (5ovXr)<pbpb$, tcpdrEpo- 

typwv, evs, updripos ttcus 'Ay^/cao, /.n/orwp (j)bj3ov f Boos 7rbX£fj.i<j-r]s, <j)XXos aOdvd- 

roiaX diolcrX. 

AlyEd), f. iffb), p. yvEKti, v. [laudo, assentior, item suadeo,] to praise, to ap- 
prove, to recommend. AlayiaTov epybv' ov yap alvEOw vote. Orest. 492. 

SYN. 'Ettolveoj. See AlviZofxat. 
A'Lyiyfxa, drbs, to, et alviypbs, ov, 6, subst. [aenigma, obscurus sermo,] an 

enigma, a riddle. Ovk e/jnrXEKwv aivtypar, aXX' d-n-XS Xbya>. P. V. Gil. See 

also Ran. 61. Phr. Aotyv ekos. See Epith. &c. in Xprjafjibs. 
Alvicdfxai, f. Xadfiat, p. /.tat, v. [laudo, admiror,] to praise, to admire. Arjfib- 

bbtc, e^byd brf oe fjpbrwv alvic,bfx diravTiav. 6. 487. Syn. A'ivrjfjtX, alvZw, 

enatVEU}, t:Xr)t£a), ev(j>r)fXE0J, ETT€V(f)r]fjiE(jj, kXeu), kXeiu), 7ratavi£io. 
AlytKTds, ?), ov, adj. [aenigmaticus, obscurus,] enigmatical, obscure, perplexed, 

'lis TravT dyav alviKTa KaodtyTj Xlyeis. CE. R. 439* 
Alviffoo/uai et alviTTbjjLaL, f. 'i^b/uat, p. ijviyfjiat, v. [obscure loquor,] to speak 

obscurely, to hit at. Kcu 7toikXXu)s ttu)s, kcu obtyios yvtyftEvbs. Arist. Eq. 196\ 
Aivbydfjids, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [infelici matrimonio junctus ; adulter,] unhappily 

married; an adulterer. ^eOev <bs eIXe YldpXs alydyd/uos. Hel. 1119- 
Alvdyiyeids, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [terribiles malas habens,] having tremendous jaws. 

QrjpXoy alvbyEvewv dirb IlXe/oTOto Kadepiroy. Call. 4. 92. 
AU'odpvTTTds, ov, o et //, adj. [perdite delicatus] extremely effeminate, a de- 
cided fop. Ei/voa, alpE to vdfxd tcaX es [xegov, alvoQpvrrTE. Theocr. 15. 27* 
AlvdXa/unrrjs, ids, b et i], adj. [terribiliter lucens,] shining awfully. AcroXaju- 

Tth oXvbs. Agam. 390. 
AlvbXEtjy, ovtos, b, subst. [saevus leo,] a fierce lion. 0>ipXby, alvbXiovTa, 

KaKov TEpds aypoiwrais. Theocr. 25. Ifj8. 
Ahbjjibpbs, ov, 6 et ??, adj. [infelix,] unhappy, miserable. Els Zbfbv alvbfjibpoy 

KaX dfxr}ydvbv ovbi at \xi)rr]p. H. ill Merc. 257. 
Alvbhdfks, Xbbs, 6, [infelix Paris,] wretched Paris. 'I&dtov te fiovTav AlrbvdpXy. 

Hec. 938. Syn. AvcnrdpXs. 
Alrb7rdT>)p, Epbs, 6, subst. [parens infelix,] unhappy father. T ft 7rarl|0, aaoTrd- 

TEp. Choeph. 314. 
Alvbs, ov, 6, subst. [narratio, assensio, laus,] a story, approbation, praise. I 

'AvrtXo^', ov fiey tol [jleXeos elp^oETaX alvbs. ^F. 79^' SYN. A'iveoXs, ETraivos, 

eyKWfxXov, evtyrjfjiXa, Xbybs. EPITH. ^A^xvfxtay, dyaKXl>]s, doibXjubs, evKZXdbbs, 

\Xyvpbs, x a pXeis. 
Ahbs, i), or, adj. [gravis,] heavy, serious, unfortunate, terrible. Tpwas be 

AIN Ainr 27 

Tpbfibs alios VTn'jX&dt yvtd Etcaarbp. H. 215. SYN. Bdp&s, bends, xdkeirds, 
fiXaibs, (Tfobpds, dOXXbs. 
A'ipvfiai, v. [capio,] to take, to take away. Ty byl yaarlpd rvxpt fjiia-qp, ck & 

airvro dvfiuv. A. 531. SYN. Alpeto, dtyaipiu),, Xafxjjdvb), bi^dpat. 
Aiv&s, adv. [misere, valde, nimium,] grievously, very much. *[ls etydd*' 'H fr 

dXvova anifti]aarv' reiptrb fr alvGJs. E. 352. SYN. AOXXojs, ydXeiribs, Xiav, 

dyap, fj.eydXu)s. 
"Ait, d'kds, rj, subst. [impetus,] force, impetuosity, violence. A1,dXdp uKeias 

diE/uiop dtKcis epv£eiv. Apoll. 4. 820. 
A?£, alyds, 6 or >/, subst. [caper, capra,] a goat. 'Ev fr dpd pwtop Wiik bXos ical 

iribvbs alyds. I. 207. SYN. Tpayos, yXfjidpbs, yXpaipd, alyXbXbp. EPITH. 
AypoTspbs, aypXbs, bdavdpi^, bXbvfxaroKos, 'i^dXbs, evTpE(f>r)s, nliov, Kepdij, XevKa, 

TtwvQpti;, TroXvyaXaKTos. 
AlbXXa, as, i], P. N. [^Eolia,] AloXXqv fr es j'iJaoV d^ticoyuefl' evBd fr evaXlv. k, 1. 
AtdXXw, f. albXCj, p. r/oXm, v. [varie verso, verto, agito,] to vary,, to turn, to 

agitate. AtoXXet* /ndXd fr wad XtXaieraX OTTTrjdyjvai. v. 27* SYN. AloXdu*, 

irdpaXXaTTU), baibdXooj, 7T0ikIXX(o. 

AluXoftpovras, Dor. pro aloXdfipopTrjs, ov, 6, adj. [qui velocia fulmina agitat,] 

an epithet of Jove. albXb-(3poPTa Aids aiay. Pind. Ol. 9- 64. 
AlbXbQ&prit,, rjicds, 6 et >/, adj. [vario thoraceindutus,] armed with a beautifully 

variegated breast-plate. Tijfs pEi'Xijs arX^bs 7jpxe MevevdXds albXbdwptiZ,. IT. 173. 
AldXd/LtiiTrjs, ov, 6, et ald\, b et //, adj. [astutus, callidus,] crafty, cunning. 

'Hfr'Add/nas eul Itaixpbs albXbjJir}Tr t s. Hes. Fr. 28. 4. SYN. AlbXofiovXos, bd- 

Xids, bdXXo(j)p(i)V , irdXvrpdnds, itdvovpyvs. 
AloXd/uTpris, ov, 6, adj. [variam mitrani habens,] having a turban of various 

colours. Oh'VTrXbrjv & 'EXepop, mi 'bpeafiXdv albXb/jlrprjr. E. 707« 
AlbXbirwXbs, ov, 6 et )/, adj. [bene equitans,] having swift or spotted horses, 

riding well. Ylefjixpai fr dyyeXbv oka juerd Qpvyds aldXo7rci)Xovs. H. to Veil. 138. 
A'ibXbs, ov, b, P. N. [iEolus,] the god of the winds. A'ioXos 'W-ndrdbrts, <pXXb$ 

addvdroioX deota?. k. 2. EPITH. 'AdeXyrfs, beipbs, /ueydXriTwp, tyXXofcivos. 

PHR. TdfxXrjs or Koipdvds dvzfim', dpepois alQpr^ytvleaaXv dvaatrwv. 
AldXos, t}, bp, adj. [varius, velox,] various, variegated, spotted, swift. Oxfr, 

&s re atyfjues jJLiadv aluXoX. M. l67« SYN. 'AXXoTos - , tioikiXus, batbdXeos, /3d- 

Xlos, TafjnrotKiXds, 7rdvaidXos, ariKros, KaruaTiKTOs, Odds, rd^ys. 
AldXoGTdfjLds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [vario ore ioquens, ambiguus,] ambiguous, obscure. 

'Hkov b' dvayyeXXovTts aloXouTV/uovs. P. V. 66l. SYN. HoiKiXdyrjpvs, ttoikX- 

Xdfxvdds, 7TOIKXXoS. 

\Al7re1vds, r), dv, adj. [excelsus,] high, lofty. ' O s ix a at) YlXevpwvt Kat alirewr} 
j KdXvSwvt. N. 217. SYN. 'Yxpt/Xds, alnvs, alniieis, alirds. 
AlirdXZu), u>, f. iiou), p. -qua, v. [inter capras versor,] to be a goat-herd. At be 

rX Xijs fxe /cat avrdv dfx alirdXzovTd bibafai. Theocr. 8. 85. SYN. Alyi£<o, 
AtVoAtor, ov, to, subst. [grex caprarum,] a herd of goats. ToWd xjvCjv ovfid~ 

aid, too atTrdXta TrXdre alyibv. A. 678. SYN. Tpdyto-fcwr dyeXa. 
, \l7rdX0s, ov, o, subst. [caprarius,] a goat-herd. Top fr avre Trpdoeeiire' MtXdv- 

0tos alndXds alywv. p. 247. SYN. AZttoXos apr)p, a'iyds ay lop. 
\ Alirds, r), op, adj. [altus, profundus,] deep, high. Avrdp ezret UpXd/jioid ndXip 

bXtTrepad/jiEP al-m'/p. y. 130. See alnvs. 
\A17rds, eds, to, subst. [altitudo, summus mons,] height, the top of a mountain. 

Nv/u0cu KacTTdXibes YlappuaXbp alirds e^oiaai. Theocr. 7. 148. SYN. "Y^bs, 

aicpa, Kdpv<py'i. 
\\i7rvfiriTr}s, ov, 6, adj. [consilia alta capiens,] who possesses high thoughts, 
I proud. Trjs 6pdbj3ovXov &e/uXbbs alirv}iT]Td 7rat. P. V. 18. 
Kiirvs, eld, v, adj. [altus, excelsus,] high, lofty, elevated. Aaot pep Qdipvdoval 
; irepl tttoXXv, alnv te Te~i*)(ds. Z. 326. SYN. Aliros, v\pr}Xbs, i)XifidTos, v\hr]pE(f)t)s t 
[ ijpEjjibeis. 
kLnvToSfOv, 6, P. N. [iEpytus,] a king of Arcadia. Ovfr tXdd' AItvtov kp naPTX 

^porw. Pind. 01. 6. 59^ 

w aipe Airr 

A'LptaXs, ems, ?/, subst. [optio,] choice, election, option. ITotW, 7rpa5ee£oiv r 
aiplaivT lpo\ bxbov. P. V. 777. SYN. 'EkXdyj), npoaiplaXsj 0eX??/m, c^x'/- 

Alperos, >), fir, adj. [potior,] better, eligible, desirable. '6 ©e/iurrtkXtoi/s yap 
davartis alpETWTE'pbs. Eq. 84. SYN/'Efacpfrfo, Enlpaarbs, evuralbs, evurbs, Znev- 

Alpeoj, f. ^<rw, p. ijca, 2. a. eI\oi>, v. [capio^ convinco, occido,] to take, to seize,. 

to convict, to vanquish, to kill. 2/rov tg yXikepoTo nEp\ <pp£vds fyuepos alp&t. 

A. 89- SYN. Aivvjuat, api'Vfiai, Xafjfidvw, alpsbfiai, e^aipEouai, Xacjfyiai, 

aXlffKb), KarciKpivw, K-partw, aipio, Kara/3aXXw, ayaiptw. 

"A'ipds, a play upon the name Irus in the Odyss. 2. 72. *H ra^d T Ipos aVpfo 

tnianauTov kXeos e£et. 
Atpw, f. apw, p. ypKa, f. dpw, v. contract, ab deipw, [tollo, aufero,] to lift up,, 
to extol, to carry away. "Hbrjnbb'' l£w biofidrtoy aipovrl pot. Hec. 951 • Syn. 
'Enaipto, dvaipw, dvdtylpti), a/pew, ^epw, Kii'gw, 
"Ais, tSos, o, subst. [orcus,] hell, the place of the dead, Pluto. EZ^bs spot 

bwrjs, \pv%riv 5' Alibi KXvrbnwXa). II. 625. EPITH. See'AiS/j*. 
Alcrdy rjs, fj, subst. [fatum,] fate, destiny. Ov yap ol rijS' al<ra (pXXwv dnb vootfcv 
oXeadai. e. 113. SYN. Mo7pa, dvay/cr/, eifxapfXEvr], jjbpbs, nEnpwfJEvr), tcijp, rv^rj. 
EPITH. Kdncj/, apyaXea, Xvypd, draffdaXos, a» ayfca<a, dfieiXX^bs, nbXvoTbvbs r 
Kpdrepa, davarrjtyopos, nbXvTpbnbs, aoyZros, bXbrj, orvyep^. 
A'Lffapds, ov, 6, P. N. [iEsarus, hodie Necete,] a river flowing through Crotona ; 
likewise a river in Sicily 'AXX' dud, jueV jjlXv in Alaapoid vofievw, Theocr^ 
4. 17. 
At<r^7rds, ov, b, P. N. [iEsepus,] the name of a river in Lycia. TprjPtKos re, xal 

A'icrrjnos, bios re ^Kauavbpbs. M. 21. EPITH. Bddvppbbs. 
AipQavojjiai, f., p. fodrffiai, v. [sentio,] to be sensible of, to per- 
ceive, to hear, to understand. Rat Kap0' brav 7rep tovvoji a'tod^rai to adv. 

QE. C. 301. SYN. Noew, ytvwffiuo, fiavQdvio, ^nobEXpixai, (fipaCauai, aiw. 
A'iadrjud, drbs, to, subst. [ipse sentiendi actus,] sensation, feeling. Aladrj/jd 

m Iph. A. 1243. 
A'tadrjals, eujs, i], subst. [sensus,] sense, feeling, sensation. Oc/ioc ro&' olbv 

etnas' a'lffOrjais yap ovv. Eur. Electr. 292 SYN. NbrjaXs, uvveoXs, evvoid. 
'A'iadu), v. [audio, expiro, exhalo,] to hear, to exhale. Ahrdp 6 Ovjjov d'ioQt 

KaX ripvyiv, ws 6t£ Tavpbs. T. 403. SyN. "Aiw, dKovta, dnonpEU), eKnvetJ, dno- 

^/u)(w, etcXeinu). 
A'iaXfids, ov, adj. [fatalis, decens, vid. Damm.] fatal, becoming. T£7re b' at- 

cXfibv ^ctp 'A^atwj/. 0.72. SYN. Moipa~ios, fioipXbXds, elfjtapfjLfvds, 7T£7rp<y^e- 

vos, evaiaXf-ws, EnXeia'is. 
A'iaXos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [faustusj auspicious, fortunate. A'laXov, olos brj ov 

befxas nal elbos dyrjTos. H. 375. SYN. Evar\f.ibs, evtv-^s, betyos, bXicaws, dya- 

*A'Coow, iyr A'i£ ) to,"Y\Xxd, v. [ruo,] to rush, to rush out. 'Inndbduavrd & Ineird Kdd 

Xnmov ataaovrd. T. 401. SYN. 'ILneiydfiai, Ena'taw, Etyopjudbt, ffnevbdjxai. 
*A'iffTos, ov, 6 et {], adj. [evanidus, de medio sublatus,] whose fate is unknown, 

unheard of. "VLiyeT aiarbs, dnvarbs, ifXo\ b' bbvvas te ybovs re. a. 242. SYN 

'A<pdi>i]s, ayruHTTos, dbo^bs, ddXXos. 
'AicFTow, f. wad), p. wra, v. [evanidum reddo,] to obliterate, to suppress. *Hs 

ifi d'iar&aeidv 'OXv^nXd bojftdr i^ovTEs. v. 79' Syn. AidVorow, d<j)dvi£(a, 

*A'icrT(Dp, bpbs, 6 et i], adj. [imperitus,] unskilful, ignorant. "07rXwv ydp ovtcs- 

Kai Harris d'tarbpES. Androni. 682. SYN. 'Abafifxiov, df.tddr}s, ayvutfuav* 
AlffvriTrjs, ov, 6, P. N. [/Esyetes,] the father of Alcathous. "Ev& Alavrirab 

diXorpE(j>EOS <})XXbv vlbv. N. 497. 
A'iavXbs, ov, 6 et y, et aivvXbs, rj, bv, adj. [flagitiosus,] flagitious, wicked. 

'AXX' alet x^Xtnos t e'irj, kclI airrvXd pE^oi. /3. 232. SYN. AbtKos, ndpdibfibs. 

1 'AW« has the first syllable long ia Homer, but in the tragedians it is short. See Iph. A. 12. 



Airr aiti 2$ 

Ahvurj, rjs et antiq. gen. rfiZv, rj, P. N. [Jisyma,] the name of a city in> 

Thrace. ToVp' e£ Alaufxrjdev oirvidfiEvri teke urjrrjp. 0. 304. 
Alovftrau, f. yew, p. »^d, v. [suuin cuique tribuo, regno,] to assign his own to 

every one, to command, to rule, to govern. Trifxas Kplorros 7ra!d' os alovuvip 

^Qovos. Med. 19. SYN. w Apxto, fidaXXevu), dvaoGw, KOtpdvloi. 
Alav/jtvy'iTrjs, ov, b y suhst. [certaminis curator, rex,] a president at the games, an 

umpire, a king. "OvrXs k' ayp&v Tu>vhe yepairepos alavuv^TTjs* Theocr. 25. 48. 

SYN. ' Ay (ovapx^s, (3pd{3evTrjS, irdpE~bpos, fidaXXevs, dva^. 
Aiavuvds, ov, 6, P. N. [iEsymnus,] the name of a Grecian leader. Ai&vfivov r r 
T f2pov te Kal 'liciroroov litvZyapjjidv. A. 303. 
Alaxtvrjs, ov, 6, P. N. [iEsc nines,] an Athenian orator, the rival of Demosthenes. 

Merd tovtov Aloylvris o2e\\ov Segcrcu. Arist. Vesp. 1245. EPITH. KeKpont- 

brjs, voiifjiivos ai'Oed TleiOovs. 
Alaxos, eos, to, subst. [probrum,] shame, disgrace, turpitude. Mapyotrvvp 

e'i£aod' tX V ovk e/jov eWercu alamos* ApolL 3. 797* SYN. Aicy^' r\,, 

airplTteid, oveibos, vflpXs. 
AioxpoKepbeid, as, ^, subst. [turpe lucrum,] sordid gain. Ttf h' e/c Tvpavvvr 

alGxpoKepbetav <pXXel. Antig. 1056. 
AhxpdfjirjTls, ibds, b et >;, adj. [turpia consilia afferens,] suggesting wicked 

counsel. Qpdoviei ydp alaxpourjus. Agam. 215. 
AlaxpoTTOibs, ov, det >/, adj. [turpia perpetrans,] acting basely, base, shameful, 

dishonourable. ''Yjpp,alaxpd-!roiE y Ka\TEKV(s)VfxXai(^dtE. Med. 1343. 
Alfreds, a, ov, adj. [turpis,] base, shameful, dishonorable, ill-favored^ 

2re/yw bl OdvaTU, bwpov ovk aicrypbv iroXei. Phcen. 1027. SYN. ' A<TXYifih>v r 

bv<T€ib)]S, jjXdpos, fxvadpds, drtfxos, dvaibris, daepvos, dvaiaxyvros. 
Alaxpovpyia, as, rj, subst. [improbitas,] villany. ibotu' dv opdws Matrdbiov 

aiaypovpyXav. Bacch. 1060. SYN. KaKOVpyXa, TwvqpXa, KaKXa, uoydripXa. 
Ai(7xpws, adv. [turpiter,] basely, shamefully, dishonorably. Atayjows ydp- 

avrd, Kov bXicy Xd/3wi eyw. Philoct. 1234. 
AlaxyXos, ov, b, P. N. [^Eschylus.] 'Eyw -yap Ala^yXov voul$to irp&rdv eV icoXri- 

reus. Nub. 1366. E¥\TJi.^AypXd7roids, avdab 6 avoids, EpX~l3p£U£Trjs, <ro0os, $/>£- 

voTEKTtov, Kou7rd(pdKEXopprifji(i}y t dwEpXXdXiiTos* PHR. 'E^wv d^dXiroy, axpaTESy 

dnvXtorov otto fid. 
Aiff-xyvrrip, rjpds, b, subst. [foeda perpetrans,] he who commits a foul crime, as 

an adulterer. "Exet ydp aioyyvTTipos, ojs vofiov, bXK-qv. Choeph.988. 
Al-xyvia, f. vvw, p. vynd, v. [pudefacio, pudorem injicio,] to make ashamed, tc* 

disgrace. 2v b' a&av ovk ovadv aiayyveis -noXXv. CE. C. 9%9* SYN. Kdrcu- 

ayyvu, KdQvfipi£to, Xvfiaivouai, dTifxa£<*r. 
Alffxvvdfjtai, v. [me pudet, revereor,] to be ashamed, to respect. 'EX/ctyueVa* 

bZ KEXovraX' syw 5' alaxyvoual ejjnrrjs. a, 12. SYN. Aibsofjiai, h'TpEiroftat^ 

euTracdfxai, aCdfiai. 
A'io-ojv, bvbs, b, P.N. [^Eson,] the father of Jason, A'/ow av ulyd brj rt bvodfi- 

fibpos' 7]te oX %ev. Apoll. 1. 253. 
A'iaonds, ov, 6, P. N. [iEsopus,] Esop. 'Ev TolffXv Alawtrov Xoyois k^Evpidry^ 

Pax 129. 
AItew, f. rjcrio, p. qua, v. [peto,] to ask, to desire, to demand. Alretsd & alrelsy 

T&fi eclv OeX^s Eur]. CE. R. 2 1 6. SyN. 'A7rai7-£«, E7raiT£(*>, irdpdtTEOfxai, bidfiaty, 

irdpaKaXEh), Eptordu), afroo), Epdjuai, XnrdpEU). 
'AlrriSy ov, b, subst. [petitor, amasius,] a suitor, a lover. Irepyere b' vufiES^ 

d'CraX' 6 ydp Oeos olbi bXKa$eu>. Theocr. 23. 63. 
AlrXa, as, fj, subst. [causa, culpa,] a cause, a motive, a fault, an accusation,, 

a legal contention. Trjv b' ovv ekcivm 7rds ris alrlav veucl. Aj. 28. SYN. 

'A(j>opfjifi, btdfioXrj, dyiov, bXtcrj, airXafAa. 
AirXafid, drbs, to, subst. [criminatio,] an accusation, a charge. Holy Xdfiwv 

ae Zeiss eV airtd/udrt* P. V. 194. SYN. Atria, Xd/3>), ve/je<tXs, duaprr]fxd f Kdrr\- 

yopXa, eyKXrjfxd. 
AlriddfjLat, v. [incuso, culpo,] to accuse, to blame. '12 ylpdv, aXXbre fxiw at 


Km aiTtaaaOat dvioyd. K. 120. $YN. 'EymXew, Karrjybpew, hiwKto, kpipw, 

bXd(3aX\io, fiefA(j), kuki^io, bpeibi^w, fiavicaivu). 

Ahiciio, f. Xaio, p. inn, v. [mendico,] to beg, to ask. BovXercu alrl£iop fioaneiv 

i)p yaaTep' dvaXrop. p. 228. SYN. Atrcw, 7ttoj(T(71o, irriox^vto, £7ratrew, rrpbtrai- 


A'lTtds, Xa, Xbp, adj. [auctor,] who deserves blame, the author or cause of any 

thing, lot b' ovtl fxvr)(TT?]p£s 'A^atwv aiuot elaXp. /3. 87. SYN. 'E7rat'rto 

/uejU7rros, avoids, vTrevdvrbs. 
AItvtj, tjs, fj, P. N. [/Etna,] a mountain in Sicily. Airva, fidrep epa, Kf/yu> 

koXop dvrpbv evoiKio. Theocr. 9« 15. EPTTH. ^LXKeXi), t)vejj.bea(rd, TrbXvbevbpebs, 

vXipbeaad, i]Xl(odrbs, TtvpiaraKTbs, TpXtcdp-qvos, TrvpX rv(j>bfxeP7]. For a description 

of iEtna see Call, in Del. 141. et Pind. Pyth. 1. 38. 
AirujXids et AlrtaXds, ov, 6, P. N. [iEtolus,] iEtolian. Tpij^oy t alxfir)Trjp 

AItioXXop, Ohbjmdop re . E. 706. See also Phcen. 134. 
Al(f)vibids, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [repentinus,] sudden. AltyrXbXop ObpvfievoXp e(j>iardjxepai 

/meXebioPai. Theocr. 21.6. SYN. 'E^aiippXbXbs, efycnrlvaibs, dboKijrbs, o£vs. 
AixnaZio, f. derw, p. dud, [vibro,] to brandish, to dart, to throw. "Evbbp 

al^iia^eiv, ndrpajov b' oXfiop obbev av^dvetp. Pel's. 755. See also A. 324. 

SYN. 'Akopti^io, ayKv\l£, (3dXXio, Kpdbatrio, Tiraaau), pt7TTio, a7toppi7rrto, 

7rdXXw, actio. , 

Alxfjd\<i}riKds f r), oV, adj. [captivus,] taken captive. "Afap' bb/uois yap Tolob 

ev ai^/jLaXwriKols. Troad. 87 ' • 
A<'xj"a\wris, Xbbs, fj, subst. [captiva,] a female captive, a prisoner, le rot top 

etc rrjs alxH&XiOTibos Xeyio. Aj. Fl. 1228. 
AlxpaXwros, ov, 6 et fj, subst. [bello captus, captivus,] a prisoner of war, 

a captive. 'eXepij, vo/Jiiadeia ai^ftdXwros epbXnios. Troad. 35. SYN. Aopt- 

Xr]7rrds, bbpvdXtorbs, bopiKTrjrbs. 
At'XP/j V s > *i> suDs t' [cuspis,] the point of a spear or dart. Ovo' epptfep x<*XkoV, 

dpeyvcifji^di] be oX alxpt'h H. 259. SYN. 'Akuo), XoyxVi « K ')> atc/jr]. EPITH. 
"AayeTos, bpd(j)£pjj, dnrjprj, o^eld, ojopX^ios, rpiyXxxpbs, Kapx&pbbovs, 6dpdTrj(f)bpbs, 

€fj,7rvpds, y(aX K oj3dpr]s. 
Alxf*v ets » wrds, 6, adj. [bellicosus,] warlike, fond of war. Top aixn«epra 

Bovpup evpa-Tfipd. Pers. 137- 
AIxwttjs, ov, 6, [bellator,] a warrior. Tprjxop r' alxfi^T))v AItwXXop, OIpo/jluop 

re. E. 706. 
AJxLd, adv. [statim, repente,] quickly, promptly. 1 Anpd toX alpd xeXairbp 

eptorjcrei nepX hovpl. A. 303. SyN. A'i(j)Pr)s, e^aiipprjs, cKppws. 
Alxprjpos, a, dp, adj. feeler,] quick, swift, prompt. Al-^rjpos be nopos k-pvtpoid 

yooid. b. 103. SYN. Aai\pr}pus, Taxvs, dobs. 
AlxprjpbKeXevdbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [velociter gradiens,] proceeding rapidly. 'Ap- 

yevTrjp Zecpvpop, Bop€?/v r aliprjpbKeXevdbp. Hes. Theog. 379« 
^AXw, v. [audio, inteliigo,] to hear, to understand. Ovk diets, ws Tpuie's £7rt 

dpiov/jLu) TtebXuib. K. l6o. See also (E. C. 308. Syn. 'akovw, kXvo). 
Aicbp, tiros, 6, subst. [sevum, vita,] an age, life, the duration of man's life. 

Avrdp eirriP brj top ye XXirrj \pvx>l re icaX altbp. H. 453. SYN. Bibs. EPITH. 

* Ajifipbrbs, drep/uiop, dbahpvs, yXvKvs, fidpvs, fxaKpbs, fiopaXfJos, [MPVpddbXos, 

XevydXebs, 7rbXv)ipdrbs, uXbXbs, Xepbs, ctfMpXXdipris. 
AhopXbs, ov, 6 et r/, et aliovXbs, Xa, Xbp, adj. [sempiternus,] perpetual, eternal. 

Ads /mot 7rap6evXr}p aliopXbp dirnd, <pvXd<j<jeip. Call, in Dian. 6. Syn. see in 

Epith. to Alibp. 
Aliopeio, f. r/ffio, p. rjKd, v. [attollo, suspendo,] to raise into the air, to suspend. 
'AKdfidrots reiios fiep einaTdbbv ijiopelrio. Apoll. 4. l687« SYN. AVpw, e\atpio, 

aliopi£io, £7ra( pio. 
'AKabrfpTa, as, fj, P.N. [Academia,] a place in the suburbs of Athens, particularly 

famous for Plato's school of philosophy. 'AXX' els 'Axabrji-uap Kartwp into 

rots [ibpiats dTrbdpefas. Arisloph. Nub. 1005. 

1 This word, so common in Homer, docs not occur in the dramatic writers. 


'AKadaprds, ov, 6 et \], adj. [inipurus,] impure, unclean. "A^dQaprdv ifxds duos 

i)v ovrws Iqv. CE. R. 256. 
'Atcaiva, et Ion. aKaivij, rjs, //, idem quod duaydd, subst. [spina, virga pastoralis,] 
a thorn, a goad, a whip, a measuring-rod ten feet long. 'EpydrXvtjs ojs ris re 
UeXaayXbX vvaolv aKatvrj. Apoll. 3. 1322. SYN. Keyrpoy, (jovnXr)%, fiowey- 
rpoy, pafibov. 
'Axaipos, ov, 6 et >;, adj. [inopportunus,] ill-timed, out of season. 'H^ly jnev 

'Ep/Ltijs ovk aKaipa ^aiyerai. P. V. 1035. SYN. JJapdnaipos, duopos, droTros. 
'AmKi/atds, ov, b, adj. [nihil mali faciens,] an epithet of Mercury; perhaps 
given to him from a town in Arcadia, called Akakerion, founded by Akakos. 
"OttXci fjilv 'Epfielrjs 'Awkv/o-tos, avrdp 'AiroXXiov. Call, in Dian. 143. 
'AKaa'jrrjs, ov, 6, et Poet. 'Am^rd, subst. [nihil mali faciens,] a harmless 
person, an epithet of Mercury and Prometheus. 'Epfxeius dfcdfO/m- ndpey be 
oi ayXddv vldy. il. 10. SYN. 'A/cdKos, aminos. 
'AKaXappelrrjs, ov, 6, adj. [leniter fluens,] gently flowing. 'E£ dKdXappeirad j3d- 

Ovppdov '[Ikeo-voIo. H. 422. SYN. 'llovyws peuiy. 
'AmA>/07/, rjs, f], subst. [urtica,] a nettle, a thorn or prickle, a shell-fish. Ti)v 

aica\7](pr)v cupeXecrdai. Vesp. 884. SYN. Kyibrj, dicavQd. 
*AtcdXv7TTds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [non tectus,] not covered or concealed. 'AKdXv7rrdy 

ovrit) beiKvvvai, to fJirjTe yjy, CE. R. 1427. SYN. AijXds. 
'Atcdfias, avrds, b, P. N. [Acamas.] "Ey& 'AKafxas Ffpo/jd^oi/ ¥>olujtX6v ovrdoe 
hovpX. H. 476. EPITH. Waldbrjs, rjXdeds, EnieiKeXds aQdydrotoX, duos rjyrjTijp 
'AKdfxas, avros, et aKa/jidTds, ov, 6 et rj, et 8s, rj, 8v, adj. [indefessus,] unwearied, 
indefatigable. "A<pdXr8v, aicd/udray t\ Antig. 339. Syn.^Akjio/s-, dK07rXaar8s, 
arpvTos, dfioyQos, doKvos, dretpijs, laxypos. 
'AKdfxavrdbETds, ov, 6 et >;, adj. [adamantinus,] adamantine, as hard as adamant. 

Tiovotalv bd — fjtevr dKdfxavToberois. P. V. 433. 
'AKdfj.avrdX6yx'n s > ov > 0, adj. [indefessus hasta,] unwearied in fighting with the 

spear, a powerful warrior. *H J,7rap7u>y dicdfxarToXoyxay. Pind. Isth. 7. 13. 
^Kd/uavTd/LLdxrjs, ov, 6, adj. [indefessus pugna,] unwearied in battle. Zrjvos 

viol rpels dKdfxavrdfxdxai. Pind. Pyth. 305. 
'AKdnavTonovs, dbds, 6 et //, [pedibus indefessus,] whose feet are unwearied. 
"Xjivov opQiooais, dudfiavToTrdboji'. Pind. Olymp. 3. 5. 

'AKaficnrTos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [qui flecti nequit,] inflexible, rigid. 'AW apprjKTus 
aKa/jLTTTos ebvadrd veioQl yalrjs. Apoll. 1. 63. SYN. dreyKros, CKXrjpds, drepd- 
fxo)p, drepajuvos. 
'AKavdd, as, ?/, subst. [spina, spina dorsi, diffieultas,] a thorn, the back bone; 
troubje, difficulty, a subtle question. N0j> Xd fiey tydpeoire fidroi, <p8peoire & 
aKCLvQcti. Theocr. 1. 132. SYN. IkwXos, aKdXrjtyrj, dirdpXa. EPITH."Arpi7rros, 
bpdKOvreia, Kpdvdrj, d£etd, 7tvkXvij, (TTvyepij, o^vedetpds, 6t,vr8fx8s. 
'AxavdXds, ov, 6, P. N. [Acanthius,] an inhabitant of Acanthus, an Acanthian. 
Tijbe 1,du)V 8 At/cw^os, 'AkcivQXos 'lepos v7rvos. Call. Ep. 10. 1. 
AkcivOXs, Xbos, ii, subst. [carduelis,] a linnet. "A.eibov icopvboi KaX dKavdXbes, 
effTeve rpvywv. Theocr. 7- 141. SyN. 'AxaXavOXs. 

AkclvQos, ov, 6, subst. [acanthus,] brank-ursine, or bear's breech, the acanthus. 
TlavTd & afxtyi berras 7repX7re7TTdrai vypos dtcavBos. Theocr. 1. 55. EPITH. 

AKapys, ids, 6 et ff, adj. [brevis, individuus,] short, brief, inseparable. FvfAvos 
Bvpa£? e^eneaoy tv dudpei "Xpovo). Plut. 244. SYN. JSpdxys, oXXyo^pdrXos , 

Atcapma, as, 1), subst. [sterilitas,] sterility, barrenness. M/;r' dKapmay. Eum. 

AKap-KiGTos, ov, u et i], adj. [infructuosus, sterilis,] unfruitful, sterile, barren. 
'f-eo dKapirlarw iribXwy. Phoeu. 217* SYN. 'Ayoyos, dfopos, arpvytrds, oret- 
pds, dxapTTos. 


'AKupTrws, adv. [sine fructu,] without fruit, fruitlessly. Vfjs (55' uKap7rojs Kadws 

e<pdapfievr)s. CE. R. 254. 
'Afc<5p7r<yrds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [ex quo nullus fructus percipitur,] from which no 

fruit is derived. "H irov vivos rUas dKup-rruTOp x^f iv ' Aj« ^1. W§* Syn* 

'AfcatTKaws, a, op, adj. [lenis,] soft, pleasing. 'Ako.okclT.ov h' dyaXfxd tvXovtov, 

Agam. 718. See Bl. in the place quoted. 
'AKarafiXriTds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [non dejiciendus,] not to be overthrown, invin- 
cible. Top aKurajSXtjTov Xoyop. Lys. 65. SYN. 'Apik^tos, dfidxos, dpvn&p- 

'Araros, ov, 6 et n, subst. [genus navigii actuarii,] a sort of light vessel or boat. 

'Avd be Xtxityos &s tXs clkcltov Odds. Orest. 335. (Pseon. trim.) Epith. 'EpdXXa, 

TrovToirdpds, A.rjdaia. 
'AKdyiw, 'AKd^tciio, et 'Afcd^w. v. [tristitia afficio,] to grieve, to afflict. Nv/x- 

<f>Xov, oore ddvojv betXovs dudyrive Totcfjds. y ¥. 223. SYN. 'AXyvpoj, audio, 


'A/ca)(/i£>'os, rj f op, adj. [acutus, ab inusitato d*:ac?w, acuo. Vid. Damm. c. 
1294.,] sharp, pointed. YAXtrd 5' <xXkX\\op ey%ds t dKa^hdv 6$eX xoXkg). a. 99- 
SYN. QrjKTos, 6%vs, KEKopvO/jterdSj Tedrjy^evds. 

"AKeXevvTos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [injiissus,] unbidden. Adx&p re KciKeXevoTos ^X0' 
zvavrXos. Aj. Fl. 1284. SYN. AvroKeXevards, anXr)Tos, ov iceXevadeis. 

'AcevrrjTos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [non stimulis excitatus,] not requiring the goad. 
'ak€ptt)tov kv bpo^ioiaX 7rdp£^wv. Pind. Olymp. 1. (double dochmiac.) 

'AKedfiai, f. eadjiai et riotifiai, poet, diceidfxai, v. [sano, medicor, medeor,] to cure, 
to heal. 'AXXd ov itep /not, aval;, robe Kaprepdp eXicos dKeooai. IT. 523. SYN. 
'E^d^cw, dXdu), iaofiai, vyXoto, larpevto, vyXcicih), depaTrevio . 

'AKipaids, ov, 6 et %, adj. [sincerus, illaesus, innocens,] unmixed, harmless, pure, 
innocent. 'AKepatds, dP€TrXXr)7rrdp tjoktjkus fiXov. Orest. 912. SYN.^Ayvds, 
duaKos, udddpos, d~KrjpaTds, anXdds, vyh'/s. 

^Anipbeid, as, fj, subst. [detrimentum,] loss, damage, disadvantage. A^tVrd/xaf 
-aicepheiq. XiXoyxZv- Pind. Olymp. 1. 84. 

"A.Kepbrjs, eds, 6 et //, adj. [non lucrosus, damnosus,] not advantageous, un- 
profitable, hurtful. 'AKepbrj x^P LV fJLeT&axptfii ttojs. CE. C. 1484. (double 

A.K€poeicdiJTis, ov, o, adj. [intonsus,] having the hair uncut or unshorn, an epi- 
thet applied to Apollo. $o7/3ds aKepoeKdjjrjs, r/b' "ApTEfjXs ld)(eaipd. Y. 39* 
SYN. AKOVpos. 

^AKeafid, et dkiz/ud, arcs, to, subst. [medela,] restoration to health, a cure, a re- 
medy. 'Ebeild Kpaaets i]7rX(t)v dKeofxdrojp. P. V. 49I. See also O. 394. SYN. 
"laoXs, Tcifid, IctTtipXdp, Qepdireid, tydpfidnov, dicds, iarpeld. 

^AtceaTYip, rjpds, 6, subst. [medicus et metaph. domitor,] a physician, a tamer. 
"ImroioiP top dtceoTijpd x&Xipov. CE. C. 714. 

^AKeorwp, opos, 6, subst. [medicus,] a physician. 7 ft <I>o7/3' dKeoTwp, nrindTwv 
boirjs XvoXp. Androm. 900. See also CE. C. 714. 

'A/ceards, ?}, op, adj. [sanabilis,] curable, that may be cured. 'AW dKewfiedd 
Qdaaop* dKeoTal TOitypepeseadXiJJv. N. 115. 

1 AK€<r([>dpds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [medelam arTerens,] salutary, healing. Top fxkv Qdpd- 
aX/dor, top & dKeotyopov voawp. Ion. 1 024. SYN. iravoXix opos, vyieuos, ffoir»/- 

% AKe(o, f. law, p. icd, v. [prae stupore sileo ; v. Maltb.] to be silent through amaze- 
ment. K.€ipovs k elodpoojp dKtois. Apoll. 1.765. SYN. ^Tw7rdw, yavxdcit). 

'AKEtop, adv. [tacite,] silently, softly. 'AW d/ceW baipvode Kdd>]alpoXi}E dvpaie. 
<j). 89. Syn. 'Akyjp, which see. 

'ak*/, Dor. 'Am, pro T Hm, adv. [placide,] mildly, gently, '[is dp eenrep' dtcd b\ 
Pyth. 4. 278. (Dactyl, dim. hypercat.) Syn. Upaws, y<ri>x r i> v^'X^ 5 * vp^^h 


s Ah^et<i, as, >), subst. [incuria] carelessness, negligence. Mrjbs [x dK^betyaty 

d(popfiiidr}Te \17r6vTES. Apoll. 2. 219- SYN. 'FaOvfiXa. 
'AKybeaTos, ov, 6 et r\, adj. [non curatus, insepultus,] neglected, unburied. Nou 

/uev akijbecrrov yaltj epX rovye XXtcovtes. A poll. 2. 151. SYN. 'AvirovbaaTds, 

arrj/ueXrjTds, ajjeXifiels, ddairrds. 
'AKrjbeu), f. era et i)au), p. rjKa, v. [non euro,] not to care for, to neglect. 2av- 

rov & aia'ibei bvoTvxpvvrbs, ws eya>. P. V. 517* SYN. 'A/jeXew, dXXytopEd). 
'Ak-rjbys, eds, 6 et ?/, adj. [nullam exbibens curam,] careless, neglectful, safe, 

secure. '[IXeto' rbv bs yvvalKES dicrjbEES ov ko/ueovgi. p. 3 ip. SYN. 'AjjleXtjs, 

d/uEpifjitds, dXvntis, didvbvvds. 
'A/o/X^ros, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [non deliniendus,] which cannot be softened, im- 
placable, untractable. lot be tls kv arrideooXv ckyjXrjros rods koTt. K. 329. 

SYN, 'A7Ti7v?}s, ajj.ei\iKTOs, bitvds, ffKXqpds, -^dXETrds, aKoXavrds. 
'Akyiv, adv. [silenter, quiete,] silently, without speaking, "lis tya-d'* ol b' apd 

iravrss d.Ki)v EyEVOVTd (riwirrj. H. 92. SYN. 2<yd, aiyrj, i)av)(ios, aXuyiry, %na, 


'AKtiparos et aicrjpaaXds, ov, 6 et *), adj. [purus, non mixtus,] pure, unmixed, 

unadulterated. 'AK^oarov re fitirpos aypias and. Pers. 620. SYN. 'AKEpaids, 

Kadapos, afdapros, dndQip, dQavdrds. 
%ei)pXds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [illaesus, exanimis, leto non obnoxius,] lifeless, heartless. 

Ovte tX fie bios 'iax € t dKiipXov, ovre rXs oKvds. E. 817» SYN. "A^v^os, ddvfids, 

aiCEpatds, a(3Xdfi))s, dQavdrds. 
"AKyjpvKTds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [non denunciatus, incelebris,] who is not pro- 
claimed or announced, not distinguished. 'IdXadv' ov yap a&fx dnr]pvKTdp robs. 

Ion. 90. Syn. "AkXetis. 
'AKtbrds, rj, dv, adv. [infirm us,] weak, feeble, infirm. "AXXos uev yap t elbds 

dKibvdTEpos TTEXeXavyp. Q. l6$. SYN. "Abpdvt)s, 6.(t6ev>)s, dtcinvs. 
Akucvs, vds, 6 et y), adj. [sine viribus,] imbecile, weak, infirm. Kainlp ukikvs 

iojy, el% apd KijbEjxdvds. Theocr. Ep. 11.6. SYN. 'AfiXrjxptis, dbvvdros, dmb- 

vds, aadEvi)s. 
'Advbwds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [periculi expers,] free from danger, safe, secure. 

^.tyfjs aKtvbvvov ylpds. Simon. 152. Syn. 'Ac^dX^s, dKrjbijs, dfiEpifxvds. 
'AKivrjTos, ov, b et fj, adj. [immotus,] which cannot be moved, immovable. 

Ueoiov dnelrat, yu^S' didvrjTOV nZXet, Antig. 1027* SYN. * Arpenrds, arpEfxrjs, 

'akXos, ov, 6 et >^, adj. [vermibus non obnoxius,] not liable to be eaten by worms. 

Ad(pvr)s 5' r) nriXETis dtcXwrdroX toro/Sdi/es. Hes. Op. 433. SYN."A00a)Oros. 
'AicXpds, a, dv, adj. [ignavus, nihil agens,] slothful, idle. Ov yap els dxXpios ovb' 

es depyws kev ZfioXXdjLtav. Theocr. 28. 15. 
'AkXs., xbds, »/, subst. [cuspis,] the point of a dart or spear. 'AtcXbas 6' t^amE 

KvxpXs. Anacr. 45. 5. Syn. Atyjuj), d/v-w/s.77, dici), fiZXds, dKwv. 
AKXxvTds, ov, 6 et y), adj. [quern assequi vel comprehendere nequeas,] unattain- 
able, incomprehensible, inscrutable, "Lump, vvv ov jiev tobeOEeis, duXypiTd bXw- 

kwv. P. 75. 
AicXavGTds, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [inderletus,] unlamented. M?^ }x aKXavardv, 

dda7rrdv, X<ht> otcXQev KaraXeiiretv. X. 72. SYN. 'Avoi/uioKTOs, dbaKpvros, dyoos. 
:AkXe))s, et aKXetfjs, ids, 6 et »;, adv. [inglorius,] inglorious, base. "HjievoX avQX 
i eKaaroX da)pXoX, clkXees avrws. H. 100. See also M. 318. SYN. 'Abo^ds, 

drifxds, drrrjfids, d(f)dnjs, vwiv/iids, dvojvv/jos, bv<ry£vi)s, buaxXEfjs, dio'ipvKTds. 
AnXews, et clkXeiujs, adv. [sine gloria,] ingloriously. Nvv ^e pXv dicXeiws "Ap- 
I vviaX dvrjpelxpavrd. a. 241. See also Orest. 786. 

[AicXrjpds, ctaKXrjpioTds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [exsors, pauper,] without share or lot, 
1 poor. 'AvbpX nap' clkXyip^, J pit) fitdros ttoXvs eir). X. 'l&Q. See also Olymp. 
l | 7* 108. SYN. 'ATroKXrjpds, ciKTrffiojy, dvoXfids, dndpds, tcevyis, tttw^os, ei^£>/s, 
' djuoipds. 

AkXyjcttos [Attic], et atcXeiffTds, ov,6 et >;, adj. [non clausus,] not shut, open. 
; Kai dvpas Eyuiv duXtjoTOjis ry deXovrXb^fudT^v. Iph. A. 340. 

Pros. Lex. E 


'AfcXrjrfis, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [non vocatus,] uncalled, uninvited. Alas, tX ttivS 

dnXr\Tos ovff vtt dyyeXiov. Aj. Fl. 289- 
"AkXv<ttos, ov, 6 et fi, et rj, ov, adj. [undis non agitatus,] not tossed by the waves. 

AvXXv duXverav. Iph. A. 121. SYN. TdXrjvXds. 
^AKfAactu), f. aw, p. d»ca, v. [aetate vigeo,] to be in the vigor of age, to be time. 

'AKfiaSei fipereiov e^eaQai. Sept. Theb. 98. SYN. 0dX\w, rjfidw, ved£w, eu- 

Brjveu), icryyio, Kpdrvvdfiai, 
"Ak/zcuos, a, 6v, adv. [vigens, tempestivus,] who is in the prime of life, florishing. 

"H/jtfs aKfiaias, icai tov efyfiov xpo>«. Sept. Theb. 11. 
""Aiefji)], rjs, rj, subst. [" acies. ev aKfxrj dicutitur esse omnia, cum sunt in summa 

vi, optima conditione. ^Ak/jlti etiam cum genitivo usurpatur eodem sensu 

atque epyov, tcatpus, ayiov." Cf. Hederic. et Maltbeium.] the edge or point 

of any thing, occasion, opportunity, an instant. Aeivd be Syjcreibdv dtcpd. \ 

CE. C. 1066. SYN. Kaipos, evKaipXa, al-^/uf]. 
^AKfiijvos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [valde vegetus,] florishing, in the vigor of life. "Ak 

fi-qvos, OaXedwv' 7rdyJrros 6' r)v, yvre kiojv. $. ipi. SYN. Ei/0dXf)s, clk fxd$,MV , 

yevvalos, upends. 
"Aicprji'ds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [" est ayevaros Ka\ vTivtis, ab aKfiff qu. ap. jflEolas 

aaiTiav denotat. Damra. c. 1123." CI. Maltb. jejunus, cibo aut potu egens,] 

fasting, hungry, thirsty. Ol-^ovrai fxerd beiizvov, d & aKjj.r}vos tcaX cnraaTos. 

T. 346. SYN. 'Ao-tros, yX/eryjoos, vfjarXs, j'r/crrevwi'. 
^Atc/jijs, fjrds, et uK/xrjTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [indefessus,] unwearied, not tired, 

fresh. <&aii]s k aKfxfjTas teat dreipeds uXXiiXoktiv. O. 6$7- SYN. 'AKajjidrbs, 

affords, dreipys. 
^AKfidderov, ov, to, subst. [incudis basis,] the base of an anvil. STjkev ev clk/jo- 

dero) filyav aKfxova yevro be %€tpX. X. 4?j6. 
'Akjkov, bvbs, 6, subst. [incus,] an anvil. See m^AtcfiddeTdv. Epith. XdXneds, 

j3dpvybov7ros, bvcnceXdbbs, ArjfXvXds, (rfvprjXdros. 
^AKvaiMTos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [cui resisti non potest,] which cannot be resisted or 

bent, inflexible. XdpeaaXv i) (3ovXa~is dKvajunrrois. Pind. Pyth. 4. 128. 
^Akv^otXs, ids et eojs, fj, subst. [" spina dorsi in quadrupedibus." Vid. Damm.] 

the back-bone in quadrupeds. Kdr anvrjaTtv fxead vGwd. k. l6l. Syn. Td- 

•)(ls, kXovXs. 
'ako/), fjs, //, et poet, dicovri, subst. [auditus, auris, fama,] the sense of hearing, 

hearing, fame, report. Rapfidpov ojs diwdv ebdrjv, ebdrjv vdr ev oikois. Phoen. 

833. SYN. Qi/s, (jtflfirj, Xdyos, dyyeXia, atcpdafjid. EPITH. T$dpvirei6>)s, aairovbos, 

bdfj/jiojv, Tep-rrvy, acpdXepa. 
'AKoifiriTos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [pervigi!,] very watchful. Nu/x0at aKolftrfrot beival 

Beat dy potwrais. Theocr. 1 3. 44. §YN.^Aypv7rvds, dvirvos, d7ravaros. 
'Atcoivtijvrjrds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [non communicatus,] not communicative, unso- 
ciable. 'AKOirojvijTdv evvav avbpds. Androm. 47 J. SyN. 'A/jlktos. 
'AKoir-qs, ov, o, subst. [commune cubile habens, maritus,] a bed-fellow, a hus- 
band. Ket7-tti ev aXyeatQvjibs, eireX (j)iXov &Xe<j dtcoirrjv. (j). 88. SYN. Eu- 

varrjp, av£vyds, ydfxerrjs, 7rdpdKoirr}s, cvvdopos, avi)p dvepos, dvrjp ctvbpos, ttooXs, 

evverrjs, ydjjiijXXds. 
'AkoitXs, Xbos, fj, subst. [uxor,] a wife. 'Avbpbs eweir &(j>eXXdv d/xelvdios elvaX 

dtcoirXs. Z. 350. Sy>?. Tlapd^oirXs, evvdreipd, d\d)(ds, yvvij, ydfxerij, evverXs, 

cvyydfios, bdfidp, avXXeKrpos, avvevvds, avvaopos, d/JoXeKTpos yvvj). EPITH. 

'AfjLVfjiwv, alboia, ddXipa, Ov/uijprjs, (pXXr], o/uofpwv, £,evr), yevvaia, oio<ppit)v, a6XXa s 

Kdo), xprjaTri, dvocrXos, eoQXii. 
'AKoXaoraivu), f. dvoj, p. ayra, v. [petulanter seu licenter ago,] to behave with 

great petulance, to live licentiously. 'AicdXaaTaveirZ, Kovbeir(a yvojaeoQ' otX. 

Av. 1227* SYN. , E^vj3plc,u), dra/crew, daeXyeio, daeXyaivw, aa-xrjfjovebj. 
'AKdXavros, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [infemperans,] intemperate, licentious, profligate. 

'AKoXaarov ea-^e yXdjtradv, alayjarr\v vbaov. Or. 10. SYN.^AKpdn/s, Xayvbs, 

daeXyrfs, fuct^Xos, fio\Qripbs. 
'AKbXostOv, b t subst. [frustum, panis,] a piece of bread. Alrl^mv dKoXovs, ovk 


.abpds, ovt& Xefiijrds. p. 222. SyN. "Aprils, uKOffrt), fipiofxa, Zbubi), ebrjrvs, 

4/io juds. 
'AKoXoudew, f. r)aru), p. tjkci, v. [sequor,] to follow, to accompany. 01 & fjicdXov- 

Qovv kcltotvXv koTEtyavitijJLevoi. Plut. 757* SYN. 'Enufiai, dirrjhtu), blwKw, bfxap- 

Ttu>, TzapaKbXovQeii), ovtanokovdeu), (rvpb/uapTEU), ovv (rXvos) /itbXelv nobX, 
'AkoXovOus, ov, 6 et ?/, [pedissequus,] a follower, a footman. To7s dKbXovdois 

b&nev oio$.€lv. Pax 730. SYN. 'Oirabbs, a.jj.(j)X7rbXbs, dEpdrrw, b/uiXr)rr)s, bXd- 

kovos, avi'bbonrbpbs. 
'AKuXvjuflds, ov, 6 et y/, adj. [natandi inseius,] incapable of swimming. Ovrio 

yap irvi^avTES ev vbdol rovs axoXv/jfiovs. Batrach. 157. 
'AKOfitoTia, as, »/, et Ionic, antiq. dKojuicrrlr), 1 rjs, ry, subst. [neglectus,] neglect, 

negligence. *H i]br) fxoX bXeaoev dXr] r aKofxiarir) te. $. 284. SYN. 'AicrjbXa. 
'AKuinraards, et aKOfjaros, ov, 6 et //, adj. [alienus a jactantia,] not boastful, 

unostentatious, modest. Ov ji))v dKOjuiraoros y d(f>(ardrai nvXais. Sept. Theb. 

534,. See also Sept. Theb. 550. 
'AKopxpos, gv, 6 et r), adj. [non loquax, simplex, callidi et arguti sermonis haud 

peritus,] no able speaker. 'Eyw b'dKOfA^bs els b)(Xov bovvat Xbybv. Hipp. 990. 
. SyN.^AttXoos, diretpoKaXos, evr)&r)s, evreXrjs, aKoa/ubs, (j)avXbs. 
'Akovyj, t)s, j], subst. [cos,] a whetstone. HaXKobafiay dkbPav. Pind. Isthm. 6. 

106. SYN. Qtiydvr}. EPITH. Alyvpa. 
'Akovti£(o, f. taw, p. LKdi v. [jaculor,] to throw a dart, to shoot. "H rev duov- 

riacrat, rje oylbbv 6pfjir)dfjvai. N. 559« SYN. BaXXw, k^dKOvric^u) , Kdrdnovri£<t), 

ai-^/jLa^u), ro^evto, £7rfyxtXXw. 
'akovtXov, ov, rb, subst. [jaculum,] a javelin, a dart. YloWot teal <jjXX£ovrEs 

dKovrXov, tftcdv Epa£e. Call. fr. 102. 1. SYN. "AKiav, das, j3eXos, naXrbv, 

'AKovrioriip, fjpos, et dKovriorrjs, ov, 6, subst. [jaculator,] he who shoots or throws 

a javelin. Aoyyais r dKovriarrjpes evarbx^rdroi. Phoen. 140. See also Theocr. 

17. 55. 
'AKovriarvs, vds, i), subst. [ars jaculandi,] the art of throwing the javelin. Ovbe 

r dtcovnarvv kvbvfreaX, ovbe rrbbeaoX. ^V. 622. SYN. 'FiicrjfibXia. 
'AKoyrdfidXos, ov, 6, subst. [jaculi vibrator,] an able hurler of the javelin. No<x0t 

b' aKovrdfioXot XaX^o-icu. "HfxdrX b' aXXa). Apoll. 2. 1002. SYN. Al)(fxrir))s, 

rjfitov, ro^brrjs. 
'Andpeords, dKdprjros, ov, b et ft, adj. [insatiabilis,] insatiable. YlevQovaX ybois 

dtcopearbrdrois. Pers. 551. See also H. 117* SYN. ^ATrXqarbs, anXripojrbs, 

"Akus, eds, ro, subst. [medela, remedium,] a remedy, a cure, "akos, nXeov rb 

TrfjfAd rrjs arrjs rXQei. Aj. Fl. 363. SYN/A/ceoyza, dX^r/jjid, dXe^KpapjiaKov, 

"uigXs, depdireia, Tafia, firj^dp. 
'AKoafiXa, as, 1), subst. [indecentia,] indecency, disorder, confusion. Tis bi y ev 

-nvXaial dbpyfios teal Xbyojv dtcoafxia. Iph. A. 317* SYN. 'Arjdetd, drifxia, 

'AKOff/ubs, ov, 6 eti], adj. [indecorus,] indecent, unbecoming. "Os p E-rrea fyptoXv 

yoXv dtioafid re iroXXd re ybrj. B. 213. SYN. "AKOfi\pbs, airpenris, dxdpXs, 

dfierpos, irpbiTErris, deiKr)s, a(7j(7]jj,(oy, bvaeibrjs. 
'akogijlus, adv. [confuse, inobedienter,] disorderly, confusedly. 01 6' ovk 

dKocjJLus, aXXd TreiQapyg (j>pevX. Pers. 380. SYN. 'Araicrtos, dubXaarus, 7rpd7T£- 

ru>s, aayjipuvW' 
'akooteu), f. riaio, p. rjtcd, v. [hordeo pascor,] to feed on barley, 'fts b' ore ns 

ardrbs tmrbs aKocrrrjcras enX (f>arvr). Z. 506. 
'AKovagio, f. (7w, p. ku, et dtcovacibfxat, v. [audio,] to hear. Alel viver EfioloXy, 

dKOvaZeaQZ 6' doibov. v. p. S'YN. 'Akovoj, eTrXKaXeofxai, alb), 

» See an excellent dissertation by Dr. Maltby, in his Thesaurus, p. lx., on the quantity of the 
penult, of words ending in irj and m. 
2 See Dr. Monk's note, Hipp. 986. 


'Xnovpds, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [mascula prole earens, intonsus,] Tov filv dKovptiv 

eovto. /3dX' apy^pdro^os 'A7roXXwv. r\. 64. SYN. ^Atekvo's, anais, dnepatKo- 
'AkovgXus, adv. [praster voluntatem,] involuntarily, against the will, 'its fievova i 

cikovvXojs. Troad. 1018. SYN. 'Aekovtojs, uekovtX dvpu. 
'AKovrr/jia, aros, to, subst. [fania,] rumor, fame, report. 'Opdov dKovajx dKovaat* 

<E. C. 518. 
'akovgteos, 6V, verb. adj. [audiendus,] to be heard, who must be heard, 

listened to, or obeyed. T« ruvr £Xe£as ; &s cikovgteov yl gov. Iph. A. 1010. 
'Akovgtos, t), or, adj. [subauditum cadens,] which can be heard. Es beivov, 

abb' a.Kov(TTov t ovb' ETrotpXjjdy. (E. R. 1312. SYN. 'E^djcovoros. 
'Akovo), f. ad/uat, p. jjx&& et IjicovKa, v. [audio, &c] to hear, to hearken, to 

understand. 'lijuerepujv /jvQwv £eivos koli tttoj^os aKovet. $. 292. SYN. Am- 

Kovot, exaKovu), akpdddfjat, kdrr^eoyucu, irevdofiai, nvvddvdfxai, /cXi>w, kXv^X, \ 

evojridiofjiait ireiQdfjiai, ei'i'oew, KaXedfuai. 
"AfCjoa, as, et a~KpXs, tbds, >/, subst. [summitas, promontorium,] the summit, the 

highest point, a promontory. *H Kara, werpawv fiaXeetv epvtravras £7r' axpas, 

6. 508. See also t. 400. SYN. ^Ak'pov, cu'pwpetd, a.Kpu)TripXoi>, akpo7roXts, 

epTirvij, irpfov, itpovwitlov, pXtiv, Kbpiovis. EPITH. 'Agtvc^eXiktos, TroXviriba*, 

adpavffrOs, Kvpr^, XaGiavxvv* 
^Atcpayrjs, eds, 6 et %, adj. [mutus, tacitus,] mute, dumb, silent. 'O^vgto/hovs 

yap Zrjvos aKpayels tcvvds. P. V. 828. SYN. 'A0wi'os, a(pdoyyos, Kb)(j>ds. 
^AKparjs, ids, 6 et fi, adj. [pure et acriter spiralis,] blowing freshly, gently, or 

favourably. 'ErrXed> Bopety, dvEfiit) atcpaei KaX<j>. £. 253. 
^Aicpalds, a, dV, adj. [summus, qui in arce colitur,] the highest, an epithet of 

those deities who were worshipped on elevated places. $epoua es"Hpas 

Tefievos ctKpaias diov* Med. 1376. 
v AKpai(j)vr)s, eds, 6 et »y, adj. [purus, verus,] pure, genuine, entire. Zdoaas, 

atcpai<pi'€~is twv Kdrr]TreiXr)fji£V(i>v. CE, C. 1 147. SYN. *AKepatds t dfjily^s, teXcios, 

"Ak-pavrbs, et [in Horn.] "Aqodatrfc, ov, 6 et r% adj. [irritus,] fruitless, unsuc- 
cessful, of no effect, imperfect. Tovs o' dxpavrbs exet vv£. Choeph. 5Q. See 

also j3. 202. SYN. 'ATEXfjs, dreXe<rros, areXevrriTds, airpaKrds. 
v AKpdTrjs, eds, 6 et >^, adj. [incontinens, impotens,] incontinent, intemperate, 

ungovernable. Ylvev/mdrl ^apyf, yXwGGrjs d^pdrr/s. P. V. 909. Syn. 'Aicd- 

Xugtos, dbvvdrds, aadEPrjs. 
^A.vpar/c?w, X(T(o, tra, v. [jento, merum bibo,] to break one's fast, to drink pure 

wine. 'E7re<r0' aire^wXrifAEVOi, rpdyoi o' aKparXelaQZ. Piut. 295. SYN. <I>dya>, to 

atcparbi' 7r/j/w. Suid. 
"Awards, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [merus, nihil admixtum habens,] Pure, unmixed. Md 

At', dXX' atcpardv olvov 'AyaQov kalfAovds. Eq. 85. SYN.^AKpai^i'^s, aKEpaios, 

a/jiiyrjs, la^vpos, ^dXeTros, dyEpuyyos. 
^AtcpayoXbs, ov, 6 et f), adj. [ad iram proclivis,] irascible, passionate. Bijpdv 

d7rcu bsiovs atcpaxoXdv 'ItyitcXrjd. Theocr. 24. 60. SYN. f 0^xoXds t Ovfiubrjs, 

cidfjiEvrjs, gdxdXos, opytXds, bvaopyos, ndXiyKOTOs, OvjutKos. PHR. Els opyijv 

"AfcpEfAwv, dvbs, 6, subst. [ramus major,] a strong branch, the main branch. 

'AxeX ev aKpEfAovecrcriv. Theocr. l6. 94. SYN. "Eprds, 0dXds, tcXdbds, pXaards. 

EPITH. ApdffEpos, €V7TErdXds, KaXXi7T£Tr)Xds, fipos, ev(j)vXXds, 
v AKpeoTTEpbv , adv. [extremo vespere,] at the close of evening. ' AKpeonEpbv 

aeibotaai. Theocr. 24. 75. 
v AKprjj3ds, ov, 6 et ij, adj. [valde juvenis,] very young. Kat vi/jupar, aKprifios 

Ewy etX, NatSd ydfiiv. Theocr. 8. 93. 
"A(,pt/3j)s, ids, d et fj, adj. [accuratus,] accurate, correct. Ovk ear dkp«/3«: 

ovblv ds dvavbpiav. Electr. 367. SYN. TeXe^s, EnXfiEXijs, Xiwbpris, 7rv KX/.ir)br)s,\ 

O7rovba~ios, dXrjdtjs. 
"Afcp(/iow, f. wcru), p. wad, v. [diligenter exploro, summa cum cura aliquid facio,]! 


to know exactly or thoroughly, to examine carefully. Tbtyol f.&» olv &a ol 

Tab* fiKptfliotcdres. Hec. 1192. Sy N. 'E£erac?w, bbuXjjidcih), bXaKpiftboj. 
"Atcpifiws, adv. [accurate, perfecte,] exactly, completely, diligently. *A\Y ovk 

aKpifiws avrd dfjabfiai Xiay. Med. 532. 
"Atcptbddripa, as, /;, subst. [decipula ad capiendas locustas,] a trap to catch 

locusts. Avrdp by avQepXKeaaX KaXav nXeKeX a.KpXbb&i]pav. Theocr. 1 . 52. 
^Akjchs, Xbbs, fj, subst. [locusta, cicada,] a locust, a balm cricket. 'Us b' tid' 

inrat pnrrjs irvpbs aKpXbes rjspeQbvTcxi. 0^>. 12. 
v A(cpXrd/uv6ds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [qui inconsiderate loquitur,] one who speaks 

without consideration. Oepcrir ctKplrdfivde, XXyvs 7rep eiov dybprjTi'js. B. 246. 

SYN. UbXvXbybs, dbbXea^rjS, 
"AicpXros, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [indemnatus, dubius, indiscretus, immcrisus,] uncon- 

demned, untried, doubtful, indiscriminate, immense. Qfjfias eXeylds dicpXrov 

eufiaXels jue yfjs. Hipp. 1059. SYN. 'Arev blKrjs, afi<j>X(3bXbs, dfxerpbs, dnei- 

v AKpiTd(f)vX\ds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [frondosus,] abounding in leaves, luxuriant in 

foliage. Ol M.iXr)Tdv eyov, tydetpuJv t bpbs aKpXTbfvXXby. B. 868. SYN. 

'EpXtyvXXos, evddXi)s, eivbcXtyvXXbs, KctTaffKXds. 
"AfcpXrocpvprds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [rniscellaneus,] huddled together in vast confu- 
sion. FLoXXd & aKpXrb^vprbs. Sept. Theb. 354. SYN. ^Adpbbs, ovfx/LiXyrjs, 


^AKpodo/nai, V. [ausculto,] to hear. Atyg 5?) ra^eus Xvd jirj KXmjs dupbwbij. 

Lys. 533. SYN. 'Akovw, kXvoj, 7rpboi(ry(b}xat, 7reidbfxai, irpbaenyk). 
^Aitpbybbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [summo dolore affectus,] bitterly grieving. At b* 

cacpbybot TIepaXbes, avbpwv. Pers. 547. 
"AKpddit'XaZdfjiai, v. [mini seligo quod egregium est,] I select the first fruits. 

'Eyw be vvfjtytjv ijKpbdivXa£b[j.rjv . Here. F. 4/j6. 
"AupbBivXbv et atcpbQivbv, ov, to, subst. frequentius in plurali [primitive,] the 

first fruits, the spoils taken in war and selected as an offering to a god. 

'AtcpoQlvXa Ao£Xa. Phoen. 210. See also Olymp. 2.7- Syn. Td aKpbXetd, 

irpwrbXeta, un-apy/JLCLTa, Xdtyvpd, ffKvXd, Xeia, ditapyjj. 
"AicpbK£Xati>Xd<x), v. [in summa parte nigrico,] to grow black at the surface, to 

have a dark or gloomy look. 'AKpbKeXcuvXbiov, Xid f.av ■KavGeil nbi'oib. $. 

v AKpbtcbfji6s, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [in vertice comatus,] crowned with hair, or foliage. 

'E\eras aicpbKb/uois d//0i aXabois. Phcen. 1531. SYN.^Afcpds, Tdvvdpi^, (3ddv- 

"Atcpbv, ov, to, subst. [summitas, apex, promontorium,] a point, summit, pro- 
montory. 'Atcrfl tXs afjtiXicXvffTbs, Ev/3o/ds dxpbv. Trach. 7^4. SYN.^A/c/oa, 

Kbptxbrj, bpb(j)rj, icbXbfcbv, aKpioT)'ipibv. 
^AttpbirevQris, ebs, 6 et fj, adj. [aegerrime dolens,] deeply distressed. TiepaXbes 

5' cLKpoirevBeis e/caord. Pers. 1 40. 
*Av:pbTcbXXs, et Ionice aicpoTTTbXXs, em, fj, subst. [arx,] a citadel. "Ov ttot es 

aKpbnbXiv, bbXbv, tfydye bibs 'dbvffvevs. 0. 494. See also Orest. 1090. SYN. 

Atcpa, epvfid, 
^AtcpbTToXos, ov, 6 et fjt adj . [altissimum habens verticem,] having a lofty top. 

NrjvejxXrjS, earrjaev en aKponoXoiaiu bpeaaXv. E. 522. 
^Atcpbirbpos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [summa parte acutus,] sharpened at the end. 

"£Ittt(ov b\ ciKpoTrbpovs bfieXovs ev "%epoXv eyovTes. y. 463. 
"Acpbs, a, br, adj. [summus,] raised to a point, sharp, extreme, farthest. "Hprj 

bk Kpanrvus Ttpbaefiijodrb Tapydpov uKpov, H. 292. SYN. "A/cpaTos, virepTaTos, 

vxpKTTos, ctKpbirbXbs, ea^ciTos, TeXevTalbs, TeXetbs. 
v Atcpbab^bs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [impense sapiens,] eminently wise. ' Axpoobtyov be 

KaX atyxrjTav. Pind. Olyrnp. 11. 
v AKpbxd\i£, iicbs, 6 et fj, adj. [supra modnm ebrius,] very drunk. 'A^o^dX^ 

o'ivut Kal veKTupX, KaXd fxefiapirMS. Apoll. 4. 433. 
v A«pwKTbs t ov, 6 et ?'/, adj. [iron celatus,] unconcealed, undisguised, open. 


AcpvTtTa bibp^df-iev 7toXXp. Androm. 836. SYN. 'AndXvnTbs, bijXds, 7rpd(bavTds. 
'Aktuivw, v. [ad summum tollo,] to raise up. See Ruhnken. Timaei Lex. Plat. 

p. 20. Ed. 2. '£ls fj.rir£ cwKelv, jjl^te jx aKraivetv fidaXv. Eumen. 36. 
'AKralav, iovos et dvds, 6, P. N. [Actaeon,] the name of a hunter torn to pieces 
by his own dogs. Walbd t6v afiarav 'AKraiovd, TV<pXov Xbecrdai. Call. 5, 109. 
EPITH. Qpdavs, 67]pari)s, eiraKTijp. Phr. See Bacch. 337. 
"Aktius, ov, 6 et I], adj. [littoralis,] on or belonging to the shore, an epithet of 

Apollo and Pan. Tbv Hard rdv clktXov, ov tv yd AaKiov. Theocr. 5. 14. 

SyN. E7raKTtos, TrdphtCTlds, TrdpdXlds. 
'Aktevkttos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [impexus,] uncombed. Kafir) bX' avpas aurh'toTos, 

yvaerai. (E. C. J 326. 
'AhTepicrTds, et aKT£p£icrTds y ov. 6 et f], adj. [cui justa non sunt facta,] not receiving 

the rites of burial, unburied. Kai Kacr-dvaidv aKTipiaTov ev nETpots. Lye. 

907. SYN. 'AdaTTTds, drdcpds. 
'Ann), ys, fj, subst. [fruges, farina,] ground corn, meal, bread. 'Hbi pe\i 

yXiopiv, 7rap 6' a\(pXrov lepov cacTrjv. A. 630. SyN, Kap7ros, Xiftov, dXevpbr, 

(Titos, apros, Tpd<pfj. EPITH. MevoeiKr/s, <pvai£ubs. 
'Akt?/, T]s, 7], subst. [littus, ora,] a shore, a coast. Quaaova en cWa7s Tyabe 

QprjKias x^'os. Hec. 36. SYN. AlyXdXos, KpoKaXr), payja, dlv, p»jy/u«i', y)Xtov. 

EPITH. 'JLpybovnds, afy-ivos, dXippoQos, dXippvTos, v7rijVEfjos, iijvejjLos, dwoppo)^, 

afj.(j)ipvT7) t ctfX(j)iKXvarTds, 7rpo/3X?)s, 7rXare7d, OTvtyeXr}, KV/uaro7rX>/£, vavnopos, kvu.6- 

bey/Jtojv, vavXd)^ds, Xevkokv/j u)i>, o(ppvs alyXdXolo. 
AkTrifMov, dvds, 6 et fj, adj. [inops,] poor. Ovbi kev atcTrjfiwv EplTifioio ypvaoid. 

I. 268. SYN. 'ErbEijs, d'ipos, Trrw^os, a^Xrjpos. 
'Aktiv et aKTts, Ivds, r/, subst. [radius solis,] the ray of the sun. 'Aicrlvd kvkXov 

0' fjXiov 7rpd(x6\^d{Jiai. Hec. 413. EPITH. 'AvrXrvTrds, ctvvetyEXos, Xajj7rpa, 7ra/x- 

<f>dr}s, ovpdvXa, yjpvcrEa, 0X0%, bi'dtylpd. 
: 'Aktojp, bpos, 6, subst. [ductor, princeps,] a leader, a prince. ^LovaXbats (pXXds 

a.KTO)p. Pers. 5^3. SYN. 'Hyqrrip, ^yrjTtop, fiye/Awy, ap^os, dyos, 
'akvOos, et clkvtos, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [qua? non coucipit,] a female that does not 

conceive, barren. OlUs, ovb' duvdoi, irdaai be kev etev vicapvoi. Call. 2. 52. 

'AnvXds, ov, //, subst. [glans ilicis,] the acorn of the holm oak. flap p' duvXov 

fidXdvov r £}3dXev Kcipirov rl Kpdveirfs. k. 242. 
'akv/jlcivtos, et dKv/jMHTTos, dfa>pdros, dKVfxds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [fluctibus non asper- 

sus,] unwashed by the waves, smooth. 'Eir' dtcvjuavTOts nioXuv ipdo-ai. Hipp. 

235. SyN.^AkXuotos, drdpaKTos, ydXr'jvXds, rjcrv^ds. 
'AnvpwTos, ov, b et >/, adj. [non firmatus,] not established, fixed, or ratified. 

Olad\ yj (rXioTrij tovt dicvpuTOV fie vet. Ion. 800. SYN. 'AbrjXos. 
'AfcwbtoVHTTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [non exploratus,] untried by the sound of a bell. 

Mis alaypov dKO)bu)i't<TTdv e$.v to toXovtov rrpdy/jd fjiEdevrds. Lysistr. 486. 
'AtcioKri, fjs, f], subst. [cuspis,] a point. 'AXX' dye brj, ical bovpos dwarfs fi/UETEpoto. 

$. 60. SYN. 'Aq, ciljyiri, dicXs, aKfuij. EPITH. 'Omelet, arovdeooa, Kpvdeaad, 

TTTEpdeaad, "xaXKdfidprjs, 7rdXtvbivr)Tos, Kapj(dpdbovs, cdQdXoeooa, oKpvoeaaa, 

"Akwv, ovtos, b, subst. [spiculum,] a dart, a javelin. "EfiXrjT ev irpwToioX dorjs 

diro %etpos aKovrX. M. 306*. SYN. , AkovtX6v, {3eXos, o'igtos, tyoTdv. EPITH. 

'Dtps, arovoets, doos, betrus, rdvvyXw-^Xv, %aXK07rdprjos, Xiyvpos, ^avXXobovs. 
"Akojv, ItKovad, cikov, pro dEKojv, adj. [invitus,] unwilling. Htis 6' civ ydfxwv 

anovodv anovTos 7rdpd. TEsch. Suppl. 235. SYN. Ov% ekwv. 
'AXdftaaTpdv, ov, to, et dXd&aoTpos, ov, b, subst. [alabastrum, genus vasis 

unguentarii,] a smooth white stone, excavated into a vessel for perfumes. 

IvpiwSe fxvpio xP V(T€ '-' dXdfiacTpd. Tlieocr. 15. 1 14. See also Lysistr. 947. 
'AXabpo^ids, ov, b et rj, adj. [per mare currens,] wandering over the sea. Tdy 

dXa.bpufj.ov dXdfiEVos. Av. 1395. SYN. AXTnXayKrds, xovTOirdpos. 
"AXaZoveia, as,*), subst. [jactanlia,] boasting, vain glory. HEpUXio g dXaCdveias. 
i See Apoll. 1. 359. and 2. C91. 


Eq. 290. §YN. Avyji^a., fxtydXrjydpXa , yavpXajdd, KofATcds, Ko/Lnra&fid, oyicds, 

V7r£f>r)(j>avla , vwepfidoXa, vfipis. 
'AXaCovevv/nai, v. [me jacto, ostento,] to boast, to be ostentatious. 'HXatfo 

veved\ Xvd (j)dftrjdeir}y eyio. Ran. 282. SyN. MfydXcuvy^w, fxeyakvpdjjai, 

lituv^tit), VTrepqi'dptu), arefxyvvd/uat, v7TEpi)<f>dv£b) y xpevbd(.iai. 
'A\ac?w, Si ds, o et //, adj. [inanis jactator,] an idle boaster. TXs dpd ndr karXv ; 

b. 'Us dXadrwy (JMxlvETat. Pax 1045. SyN. 'Ayljowy^s, fXEydXrjydpds, ijTreprjdd- 

vos, virepfiXds, inreprivajp, VTrzpvTrrrfs, xpevorijs. 
'AXcuVw, dXdXrjfiaty etdXdo/jai, v. [erro, vagor,] to go wrong, to wander. AovXds 

dXauwv. Cycl. 79. See Y. 74. et Z. 201. SYN. 'AX^reyw, 7rXac?fyicu, TrXd- 

vdo/nat, Trepii ogteu), d7ro0£o/iat, fj.aiv6}Jiai. 
'AXdXdyr/, t/ s > ^» dXdXayfxd, dros, to, et dXdXayfxos, ov, 6, subst. [lasta vocife- 

ratio,] a joyful cry or exclamation. 'EfevTiuis dXdXdyals. Trach. 705. See 

also Cycl. 65. SYN. koviros, dXoXvyi], oXoXvy/ios. 
"AXdXdcta, v. [clamorem bellicum edo,] to raise the war-cry, to shout, to la- 
ment. XalpovTES, aXaXac?oi<T£s* ep^erai be goi. Eur. Electr. 8fj0. SYN. ^pefxu), 

K(i)b(i)vl£(0, dvobupopat, oXoXv^oj. 
'AXdXij, yjs, ft, et Dor. dXdXd, subst. [vox inarticulata ciendo Marti, a militibns 

ante praelium edita,] a martial shout. Hvv dXdXalaX 6' alayjidTiov. Phcen. 345. 

EPITH. Kaprepa, Epiybovnos. 
'AXdXrjTds, ov, 6, subst. [" clamor militum dicentium dXdX>), clamor militaris." 

Vid. Damm.] the war cry. (decnioXu dXdX-qry v(f"EnTdpds avbpbtybvotb. 2. 14p.. 

SYN, Bo>), dbpvfibs. 
'AXoXkew, et dXdXtco), v. [depello, arceo,] to drive away, to repel, to restrain. 

Tw fiEV Zyu) Treipr'iaoj dXaXt<€"lv aypXd <pvXd. T. 30. SyN."AXk:w, d7reXavru} t 

dneipyh), e&ipyu), EpvKU), d-rrEpviao, d7rd7reyu7royuou, e^ioOku), bXiodeb/nat. 
'AXaX/co/^£r?7is, xbbs, fj, adj. [Epith. Miuervae,] an epithet of Minerva, from 

Alalcomenee, a town in Bceotia. Kal 'aXuXko/jlei >r)Xs 'Ad^vrj. A. 8. 
'AXdXv KTr)jjat, v. [erro, moleste fero, metuo,] to wander, to be offended, to fear. 

"EfXTTEboVy aXX' dXdXvKTr}fjLaC KpdbXr) be fiol e'i;a>. K. 94<« SYN. Gopv^EOfiai, 

d-KopEofxai, fxaivofxat. 
'AXafjnrrjs, eos, et dXaprfros, ov, 6 et f), adj. [splendoris expers,] devoid of 

brightness. Kudrjicd crv/jnTrv^aa dXafji7r£s ijXlov. Trach. 704. See also QE. C. 

l66l. SYN. ^Ludreivos, bvbtyspbs, dbrjXbs. 
'AXdds, ov, 6 et fi, and also"AXae>s, in Horn. adj. [caecus, improvidus,] blind, 

imprudent. Kcu k dXdos rot, £e7j'£, bXaKpiveu to cri}/ad. 6. 195. See also k, 

493. SYN. 'AbepKris, Tv(j>Xds, TV(pXd)ip. 
[ 'AXdoff»co7ria, as, >/, subst. [negligens speculatio,] a blind or negligent watching. 
I Qiib' dXdoaico7rX)]v el% apyvpoTO^os 'AttoXXmv. K. 515. 
j'AXdow, v. [caeco,] to make blind, to blind. KvkXo)7tos kexoXiotciX, bv 6<j>daXfxov 

dXdioatv. a. 6$. SYN. TvtyXou), e^dXoco, etyiXfAdToti). 

AXdizahos, 57, o>, adj. [vastatu facilis, imbellis,] easily plundered, weak, 

cowardly. 'AXX' aXdrrabvos erjv, navpos be oX e'lnETo Xctos. B. 675. SyN. 

'A^TrdXe/jids, cktQevyjs, fiaXddtcos, 7rdvr)pos. 

AXdTra£u>, f. £w, v. [vasto, diripio,] to lay waste, to plunder. Tvwareai 6' el 

Kal decnrZaXr) ttoXXv ovic dXdirafeis. 1 B. 367' SyN. 'E£dXd7raCw, TrepOw, TropQtw, 

eKTrepdb), br)Xon), bXapTra£b) t Eprj/noot, X£?yXdr£w, nepai^u, dTroXXv/jii, dvaXiffKO). 

AXaffTEio, f. 7]aio, p. vied, v. [injuriarum baud oblitus sum, indignor,] to be 

resentful, to feel indignant. Kal dXaarnoas tiros r}vba. M. l62. SyN. 'E7rd- 

XaoTEW, aXyvvo/xai, 5et^o7rd0£W, dydvaKTEio, ^dXEnaivw, aXyZoj. 

AXaaTos, ov, 6 et i], adj. [non obliviscendus, intolerabilis,] not to be forgotten, 

shocking, intolerable. "AXaord fiarpX Tabi. Phcen. 351. SyN. "A.-Xqros, 

alios, ^ciXettos, beiv&s, jutdpos. 

AXdaTwp, opos, 6, subst. [qui perpetravit non obliviscenda,] an offender never 

to be forgotten, a fiend, an assassin. Pavels dXaaTwp, >} Kdicds baifxwv ttoQev. 

Pers. 360. SYN. 'Epivvs, TrdvdXdaTiop, bai/mdvXby, <f>dvevs. EPITH. Tifxuypbs. 

1 Yv&drzai in scanning only forms a spondee. 

40 AAAft AAEL 

'aXciwtvs, Ufa* fi t subst. [caecifas,] blindness, dimness of sight. 'CtyQaXpov 
eiprjTaX detxeXXr]v dXdcoTvv. i. 503. SyN. TvQXuhtis, TvfyXbrrjs. 

"AXyeivbs, ?), 6V, adj. [moleslus, tristis,] troublesome, annoying, distressful. 
(See 'AXeyeirds.) Av7rpov bXafa (3Xbrby dXyetvov r ejAoL. Med. 1033. 

'AXyeiv&s, adv. [moleste,] with trouble, with annoyance, with distress. 'AW 
f]bed)S efxoi ye KaXyetvGos djxd. Antig* 436. 

'A\y£w, v. [doleo,] to feel pain, to grieve, to be sorrowful. 'AXyeTs* rt 6' fi/ads 
7rcubds ovk aXyeiv hotels', Hec. 1238. SYN. 'Ayidd/zcu, dy^w, ayQbfxai, Xv- 
%ebLiai, bbvvdto, ddv/ueu). 

'AXyr/cJwv, bvbs, f], "AXyq/id, ards, to, "AXyrjaXs, ecos, r/, et"AXy#s, ebs, to, subst. 
[dolor, aegritudo,] grief, pain, sorrow. Kelrai b' danbs, aw/j.', vtyets dXy^bbrX 
Med. 24. See also Eur. Fr. Melan. Thesm. 146. et I\ 97. Syn. 'Aria. 
aybs, ct)(drib(*}i>, bvrj, Xvirt], Krjbbs, bbvvrj; irovos, Tcevdbs. EPITH. 'AetKeXXbs, 
aoTreTos, dXaarbs, cltXy^tos, diieiXiKTbs, deX7rTos, aypXa alv)), dyr/KecrTos, Xvypa, 
XevydXea, baapvoeoaa, liivvvQabla, XolyXbs, fiapvoTovvs, GTvyepa, ourpd, betvrj, 

^AXyXvbets, eaad, tv, adj. [dolorem afferens, molestus,] calamitous, trouble- 
some. Aevrepov av Mwjxov teal 'O'&vv hXyivbeacrav. Hes. 6. 214. Syn. see 

■AXyvvit), f. vvib, vy»ca, v. [dolore afficio,] to give pain to, to distress. Xalpwv 
tXs avT&v Toviibv aXy^vel Kedp. Med. 397 • SYN. 'Aridw, fidpvvu), evb^Xeu), 


'AXbah'io, dvw, aym, v. [augeo,] to increase, to augment. "AyyJ TrdpurTdpevr} 

peXe ijXbdve iroifievX Xawv. a. 69* SYN. 'AXbeu), avfo, firavfo, drlroXXw, 

y AXbfi(TKo, v. [augecr, cresco,] to be increased, to grow. AyXov aXbhoKovTos, 

dre typiaoovaXv dpovpai. ^F. 599' SYN. Av^bpai, av^dibpai, aXbaiibpai, iirXbX- 

bioixX, d-aXXta. 
'AXta, as, */, subst. [calor,] heat. AvtXk\ eirei Ke Trvpos depeu), dXerj t$ yevrjrai. 

p. 23. SYN. AWbs, KavfJtd, ddXnbs, depbs, depfxbTYjS. 
'AXta, as, f), subst. [effugium,] an escape. Ovb' dXerj? % yap pa ndXai to ye 

^iXrepdy i)ev. X. 301. SYN."AXv£ts, d7rd(pvyrj, eKtpvyrj, dXewpr/. 
'AXea/yw, v. [caleo, calefacio,] to be warm, to warm one's self. "E7reiff, Xv 

dXeaivoifxX. Eccles. 540. SYN. 0aX7r<fymt, Qepfxaivopai. 
'AXeyeivbs, i), by, adj. [curae plenus, difficilis,] anxious, painful, distressing. 

YiveT"Apr)s dXeyetvos b'i£vpolai jjpoTOiaX. N. 569. SYN. 'AXyeivos, ctXyXioets, 

aXyrjpos, d-ydeivos, e7rn^drjs, Xvir-qpos, bbvvrjpbs, dvtictpbs, eirX-novos, Xvypos, ottpv- 

deis, neplaXyris, bdtcedvjuds, 6v/jdbdicr)s, brjfyQv [ids , XevydXeds, bvatyopds, bv(?xeprjs t 

heivbs, ydXeTtds, upydXeos, drjbijs, dvapaXos. 
'AXeyrjidpibrjs, ov, 6, P. N. [Alegenoris filius,] the son of Alegenor. Ovbe ydp >j 

7rpbndyoib bd/uap 'AXeyrjopibub. S. 503. 
'AXeyic,(o, et dXeyw, v. [euro, rationem habeo alicujus rei,] to regard, to be 

anxious for, to care for. *H' £7ret, i\e fiXy" b 6' dcpripevbs ovk dXeyiZet. O. 1 Ofj. 

See also c. 268. SYN. QpovTlcZo), eTrXpeXeb/ictt, K)]bbpai, irepX^bbfJiai, anovbaZu), 

'AXeyvvw, f. xivw, p. i)ykd, v. [apparo,] to prepare. AatVwrot, hs exeotKe bx~ 

kaoirbXbv avbp 1 dXeyvveiv. X. 185, SYN. V\dpdaKeva.ciw t evTpeiri^ta, et,apTV(O f 

'AXeeivu), v. [erTugio, declino,] to escape, to avoid. Tw fi' dpa t apydXeriv 

Bwriv dXeetvev 'A^aidir. N. 66\9- SYN. 'AXevbpat, €K(j>evyu>, exicXivw, dva-^wpeio f 

"AXeidp, dTbs, to, subst. [farina,] bread, corn. "AX'/urd Tevypvcai kuX dXeidrd, 

fxveXbv avbpwv. v. 108. Here some read 'AXe/^drd. SY^N/AXevpdi'. 
"AXeis, evTbs, P. N. [Halis,] a river in the island of Cos. Kcu EvKpXrbs els tov 

"AXevTd. Theocr. 7. 1. 
"AXeicrbv, ov, to, subst. [poculum czelatum,] an embossed or carved cup or gob- 
let. 'AXX' dy^ br) robe be^nX Ifxev ndpd KaXbv dXei<Tbi>. H. 429. SYN. "£fC7rw/*d, 


norfipidVy bends, kvXi%, tcvireXXop, ffKV(J)ds, EPITH. "A/MputTop, irepXaaXXes, KaXop, 

\pvaewp, •ypvae6v i ap.<pXKV7ceXX6v . 
'AAe/r»?s, ov, 6, subst. [peceator,] an offender. Zijpos re fipovTrj' <f>ard yap 

Ttffaadai dXeiras. v. 121. SyN. 'AXXrpos, aXirfiplds, dXoirds, kukos, dbiKos. 
'AXehco, f. dXlrto, v. [pecco graviter/J to commit a heinous offence. 'Addvd- 

rovs dXXreodaX, oX ovpdvov evpvp e-^ovaXv. b. 378. SyN. See in 'AXTrpaivu). 
'AXeKpdp, dros, to, subst. [unguentum, oleum,] ointment, oil, fat. Kaied d' ev 

t eaQfJTi Oeiop, teal dXeicpdri 7roXX«. w. 67. SYN. 'AXoitprf, pvpop, pvpiojud, 

eXatop, aredp. EPITH. Acvkop, vypbv. 
'A\e/0w, f. \pio, v. [ungo,] to anoint. "E^e pvp, d\ei\pov top rpd^Xop rovrtai. 

Equit, 490. SYN. Xpito, efjnrXaTTio. 
'AXetcrpos, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [coelebs,] unmarried. "AXeKrpop, avvfiepaiop up 

e\prjp Tvyeiv. Antig. Q\7 . SYN. 'A ydfids, dpvfj(J)€VTos, a£vy rjs, a£vj;, direipo- 

'AXeKrpv<bv, ovos, 6 et ?/, subst. [gallus, gallina,] a cock, a hen. St. litis brj ; 

(pipe. So. nQs ; dXeKrpvojp KaXeKrpvojp, Nub. 664. SYN. et EPITH. see in 

'AXtKTwp, dpos, 6, subst. [gallus,] a cock. Kofindrrop Oapawv, dXeKrojp dare 

dtjXelas neXas. Agam. l66l. SYN. 'AXeKTpvwp, opTaXixos. EPITH. "Op- 

6plos, if^os, epbdfid^ris. PHR. YlepaXxos bpvts, o^v peXos nXayyiop eyepaX' 


'AXefyivcpos, ov, 6, P. N. [Priami filius, Paris.] See Yldpis. Avrdp 'AXe&pbpos 

icai dpi)l(plXos MepeXaos. T. 136. EPITH. Qeoeibrjs, bios, Ylpid/uXbr]S, iroais 

AXeldpe/uds, ov, b et >/, adj. [ventum aut frigus arcens,] warding off the 

wind or cold, warm. 'A/Ji<pi be x^ a ~ i v& v tkaaar dXe^dpepov, fxdXd irvuvriv. £. 

AXe&u) et dX&Zhi, f. r/<rw, p. rjKd, v. [arceo, opituior,] to keep or ward off, to 

assist, to defend. M^ntir €7ri Tpweoaiv dXetyaeip Kdtcov fifxdp, T. 315. See 

also I\ 9* SyN. 'AXtfew, dTWTpenw, dfivpa), e7rX(3dT]de<i). 
'AXe^f//id, uros, to, subst. [averruncatio, remedium,] the means of repelling or 

averting, a remedy. Ovk i\p dXefyfx' ovbep, ovbe fipwaXpop. P. V. 488. Syn. 

' AXehflTripiov , dKos, Tajjd. 
'AXefarrjp, rjpos, et dXe^TOjp, dpos, 6, et dXetyiretpd, as, ?/, subst. [depulsor, 
j auxiliator,] a defender, a protector, or guardian. 'EadXop dXefyrrjpd pd^ns, 

'ApTrjPopds vlop. T. 396* SyN. \A7rorp67rds, dnoTpoTraids, dpr}ya)P, dpwyos, 

endpojyds, dfiVPTtap, eirXKOvpds, eniTappodos, rl/jupos, irpdjjidyos, vtrepamriaT^s, 
, ovrepybs, /3or]6ds, fiorjbpdpds. 

\AXe£r)Tr]pids, a, dp, adj. [propulsatorius, averruncus,] capable of defending. 
! Els belldp be ffi]P dXe^rfTrjpXop. Here. F. 468. See also (E. C. 141. SYN. 

'AfivPTrjpXos, dXetyKaKos. 

AXefrdpr), rjs, f/, subst. [dirarum expultrix,] one who averts the effects of 

curses. Netos dXefydpri, 7raib(OP evKrfXrjTeipd. Hes. Op. 462. 

AXety/nfipdrds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [homines defendeus aut adjuvans,] protecting 

mortals, tutelary. 'AXe^i/vjGpdrois irebXdbd Trofunrals. Pyth. 5. 21. 
. AXelXfjidpos, ov, 6 et >;, adj. [mortem arcens,] averting death, protecting. Tpia- 

coX dXetyfidpoi 7rpd(f)dvr)Te /uoX. CE. R. 163. 
I AXerpevu), f. aw, p. /ca, v. [molo,] to grind. At fxep dXeTpevovaX fjvXrjs. rj. 104. 

SYN. 'AXeoj, dXydio, KdrdXeut. 

AXerpifidvos, ov, 6, subst. [pistiilus,] a pestle, or grinder. E'inep ydp ifcei top 

dXerpifidpop (j)epioP. Pax 265. SYN. Aoibv£, nowdpop. 

AXerpXs, Xbos, ri, subst. [molilrix,] a female who grinds. Elr' dXerpXs y' benerXs. 

Lys. 643. 

AXedfiai (poet.) et dXevdfiai, v. [effugio,] to avoid, to shun, to escape. 'lord- 

fiepot be fJidX' eyyvs vXclktIop, eV r' dXeoPTd. 2. 586. See also £. 400. SYN. 

'Exr^evyw, bXdtyevyu), e£l<JTd[xai, (pvXaTTOfjiai, dXvaKU), dXeeivto. 

AXevpdp, ov, to, subst. [farina triticea,] ground wheat, flour. "Hpctro pay ical 
Pros. Lex. F 


rfivos (e/titv hoKti) 6tttu> dXevpio. Tlieocr. 14. 7* SYN.^AX^troV, dXetdp. 
*A\evu), v. [averto,] to avert; to put a man on his guard. EtcwXoVApyov 

yrfyevovs, dXev, <5 bd' tybfiovfjai. P. V. 584. 
'AXew, dXw, v. [congrego, colligo, cogo,] to assemble, to gather together, to 

urge. TlavTas em irpvfivrfoXv dXrffxevaX vids , A^aidv . 2. 76\ SYN. "Adpoi£u/, 

a\i£(t), dXrjfxX, avyicXeiii), avvdyto, avveiXem, avarpetyu), ovoreXXw. 
'AXe<y, v. [molo,] to grind. "Athens re trlvovd\ ibanlpei Kd^pvs yvvaiK dXovadv. 

Nub. 1358. SYN. KdrdXew, dXerpevw. 
'A\ewp>), rjs, ft, subst. [evitatio, munimentum,] avoidance, defence, support. 

Uvkvovs /cat fieydXovs brjwv avbptiv dXewpr/y. M. 57* SYN. EvXd/3etd, pvfid, 

eiXdp, dnbtyevtys, d7rbipvyr) } datydXXoXs, da(f>dXta fid, 7rpbj3bXi], epv/xd. 
"AXri, i)s, r], subst. [erratio, error mentis,] a wandering, a maze, confusion of 

mind. Ad//ap vXv eleirefixpe biofidTiov dXrj. Med. 1282. SYN. 'AX^re/d, 7rXd»>?7, 

dfiapTr)fjd, d/i7rXdfaa, ayU7rXdoy/ud, TCTalcfxd, ar(pciXjj.d. EpiTH. XdXeVj), \povXbs t 

'AXr'jdeid, as, r/, subst. [veritas,] truth. 'AnXovs b fxvQos Tfjs dXrjdelas e(jjv. Phceil. 

479* SYN. TdXqfles, drpeKia, arpeiceid, dxpevbeid. 
" AXrjOes, adv. [revera, profecto, itane revera ?] really, in truth ; and interroga- 
tively, ha ! is it so ] 'AXrjOes ; evvenio ae rw KripvyfidrX. (E. R. 350. 
3 AXrjdev(t), v. [vera loquor,] to speak the truth. *Av dXrfQevoaifi eyu). Sept. 

Theb. 558. Syn. TaXrjOfj Xeyw. 
'AXrjdrjs, eds, 6 et fj, adj. [verus, ad veritatem deditus,] true, sincere, faithful 

Ov ffd(bds, dXrjdrjs & els ipiXovs etivv (j>XXbs. Orest. 418. 
'AXrjdli'ds, ij, ov, adj. [verax,] having the qualities of truth, faithful, to be 

depended on. Ovrds efjbs Xdyds v/j/jlv dXrjdXtbs. Call. Ep. 14. 5. Syn 

'Atcpifiris, CLTpekrjs, axbeubrjs, dxpevarbs, bXicaios, etv/jos, errj/uvfjos, vrj/jeprys, 
'AXrjdvs, adv. [vere, revera,] truly, really, beyond doubt. Ov fiXbs dXrfdws b 

fiXbs, dXXd ovfupopa. Alcest. 818. SYN."Ovrws. 
'AX*)ios, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [arvis carens, sine prasda,] having no corn-fields, poor, 

Ov kev dXrjXbs e'itj dvijp, w roarad yevotrb. I. 267. Syn. 'AnTtjfJWV, epberjs, tttu)- 
'AXrf/jd, cltos, to, subst. [vagatio, fraus, et (abstr. pro concret. posit.) homo 

fraudulentus,] a wandering, a fraud, a fraudulent man. 'EyQpbv dX-q/ud, tovs 

re bia-aapyas, Aj. Fl. 389* SYN. 'AXrj, irdrovpybs, rpififid, Trepirpifxfxd, tt<xi 

irdXr), 7ranrdXri/xd, eirnpnTTos. 
y AX^fnav, bvbs, et 'AXr'iTtjs, ov, 6, subst. [erro, vagus,] a wanderer, a vagabond. 

Toiovtol -KTwyoi kuX dXrj/ubves di'bpes ea&i. r. 74. See also er. 18. SYN. 'AXa- 

c?w*', nXayKTbs, TrXdvos, pefifibs. EPITH, divffrrjvbs, 7rb\v7rXayKTos, icdKbs, albolbs 

'AX^reta, as, ^, subst. [erratio,] a wandering, ©eov x bdirib'', dXrjTeiar re ai\v 

Ion. 57^. 
'AXrjrevut, v. [vagor,] to wander, to rove, to go astray. Ka) btj dyp-qv £<[>£7r€tJKbi 

dXrjrevovres dvaymrf. jjl. 330. SYN. 'AXao/iat, dXaiv<o, dXijfxX, See 

in 'AXatVw. 
"AXdio, f. dXffw, v. [sano,] to heal, to cure. "AX0erd x e< (°» bbvvai be icdr 

r)TrXbon'Tb (jdpelat. E. 417- SYN. 'AXdalvo), dtcebfiat, dXbaivto. 
'AXXabai, Cjv, oi, subst. [piscatores,] fishermen. fylXbirbvwv dXXdbdv. Aj. Fl 

880. SYN. Tpnrees. EPITH. Tepoyres, dXTTpvrbs. 
*AXXar)s, ebs, b et rj, adj. [per mare flans,] blowing along the sea. IL'e/oi're! 

^atvovd' dXXaees, o'i pd re vr\&v. b. 36 1. 
'AXXaiTbs, et dXXaierbs, ov, 6, [aquila marina,] a sea-eagle. 'AXiaierovs nal yv- 

ttus, ov% bpq.$, brX. A v. 891* 
'AXtapros, ov, o, P. N. [Haliartus,] a town in Bceotia. 01 re icbptoveiav, get! 

iroiri€p6"AXiapTbv. B. 797 > 
'AXXaarbs, ov, b et »/, adj. [vehemens, non desinens,] unceasing, vehement. 

furious. OvVoV e/id <f)pi)v wo' dXXaffrbs. Hec. 82. Syn. Aeuos, \dXerrbs, 
1 0eoG, in scanning, lure forms one long syllable. 


la-^vpoSy ixk-qKTuSy anavcrTus. 
'AkxfiaTos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [a mari appropinquandus,] ascending in the sea. 

'E£ dXxfidrov nerpas. Eur. Suppl. 79' (Paeon, trim.) 
'AXtfipoxos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [qui mari abluitur,] washed by the sea. Atoffabes 

eppigiovraX a\((3f)d^oV afxtyX be Trial. Apoll. Rh. 2. 733. 
'AAtye/rwi', dvds, 6 et */, adj. [mari vicinus,] bordering upon the sea. AloXxba 
\(j.vpvr)\> dXXyeirovd, irovTorXiaKTov. Horn. 37 . 6. SYN. 'Ay^tdXos, aXXrepfuHov. 

AXiyKlds, a, ov, adj. [similis,] like. "AXXos ft av elbos fiev aXoyKids addvdToi- 

crXv. d. 174. SYN. 'Ei'd\/y»dos, djuolos, 7rpdadjj.oios, eoiKws, TrpoaeotKojs, eineXos, 
XxeXds, araXai'Tot, epcpepijs, vpO(T(pEprjs, 7rdpefi<pepr]s. 
'AXlboids, ov, 6 et //, adj. [mari agitatus,] tossed in the sea. 'QtototoV <j>XXu>t> 

dXXboid. Pers. 279- $YN. 'AXUrinrds, dXTjrXayKTos, dXt7rXoos. 
'AXi i/s, eios, 6, subst. [piscator,] a tisherman. TlefAirov dyeiv dXtevorX, Oorjs eirX 

vqvaX tXQevtes. ta. 418. SYN. AlyXdXevs, ypirrevs, l\dvftdXds, KaXafievrris. 

EPITH. 'AXvrpvros, dXfrpetyrjs, fioyepos, beivos, rXrjaXirdvos, l^Ovos aypevTTjp. 

See Theocr. 1 . 39. 
AXi£oj, j f. Xauty v. [congrego,] to assemble. "Kprfffftwy dotbovs -jravrds els ev 

aXXcras. Heracl. 404. SYN. Ivvdyo), avrdyeipio. 

AXXijprjs, eos, o et »/, adj. [maritimus,] marine. *H y&au)y,aXXripei. Hec. 454. 
AXTuXvards, ov, 6 et //, adj. [mari illotus,] washed by the sea. Ylp6fiX-qfx\ 

aXXKXvuTov. Aj. Fl. 1219. SYN. 'AXf/jpoyos, dXi7rXaykros. 
aXUtvttos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [mari sonans,] sea-resounding. Ov irvpyos, ovy. dXl- 

KTV7roi. Ant. 953. 
AXXfjZyds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [portu carens, importuosus,] harborless, inhospitable. 

'AXlfievov tXs us es clvtXov Treavv. Hec. 1010. (Paeon, trim.) Syn. Avvopfxos, 

atop fids. 
AXXfjvpi'jeis, eaad, ev, adj. [" in mare curnstrepitu se efFundens/' Damm.] pouring 

impetuously into the sea.] Tw Kpeiaowv jiev Zevs ndTdn&y dKlfivprjevnoy. 

0. 190. 
AXX/jivp^s, eos^ 6 et >/, adj. [salsus, a mari adspersus,] overflowed by the sea. 

Boujy ft dXX/uvpees aicral. Apoll. Rh. 2. 5o6\ 
AXtybr/dpa, as, f}, subst. [volutabrum,] a winding, maze, labyrinth. ^voKsb^y 

TroXXds aXivbt'idpas ettwv. Ran. 904. 

AXXos, a, 6v, adj. [*' infructuosns, marinus." Vid. Damm. c. 93.] fruitless, ma- 
rine. YIovtov Vt vu)tois dXXov e<pdeipov nXdvov. Helen. 7S3. SYN. 'EvdXXos, dve~ 

fiuXXos, E(pdXXos, OaXdaerXos, neXdyXos, ttovtXos, kevos, jjdrato^, fmxj/XbXos. 
AXXorpE(p)]s, ids, 6 et rj, adj. [a mari nutritus,] sea-nursed. QvKawv dXXorpe- 

<piwv oXowrdTos obfiri. b. 412. 
aXXou), v. [irritum reddo,] to render fruitless, to disappoint. Oi/re vdpk'^ 

eXdelv dXXov, 6eov, ovfj dXXwaai. e. 104. 
A.Xi7r\ayKTos, ov,6 et rj, adj. [per mare vagans, a mari cinctus,] wandering over 

the sea, surrounded by the sea. Ke/oW, dXinXayKTot. Apoll. 2. 11. Syn. 


A\t7rXr)i;, ijyds, 6 et »/, [a mari ictus,] dashed by the sea. Keo^ ft i)vEnoeaad 

KnX aatidpos, 7 ' old 0' dXtTrXr;^. Call. 4. 11. 
AXXnXoos, contr. dXTnXovs, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [in mari natans,] floating on the sea. 

Hvvve-xes, '6(ppd ke Qdaaov dXiirXod reject Qeir). M. 26, 

AXXTroptyvpos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [" marina purpura tinctus." Damm. purpureus,] 

having the purple color of the sea. Oope' ixpaivovaiv dXi7r6p<pvpd, davfxd Xbea- 

6ai. v. 10S. 
tAXippddos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [cui mare obstrepit,] beaten, dashed by the sea. 
*il wdpoX dXippdftot. Aj. Fl. 412. (Paeon, dim.) 
AXippvTds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [praeter quod mare fluit,] washed by the sea. At' 

dXippvTov dXaos. iEsch. Suppl. 875. 

AXXs, adv. [abunde, satis,] abundantly, sufficiontly, enough. Et ft els /3Xd/3?ii/ 

rXv\ dXXs f^w Toi> bvcrrv^eiv. Orest. 234. SYN. 'Abrjv, dpKovvTws, XKavGjs. 
1 On the quantity of this word see Dr. Maltbj 's note, 2 See IMaltby. 


'A\iaK(t) f et a\ow, f. dXtuad/jiat, 2 a. //Xwv et tdXwy, ctXwvai, dXov$j i'/XuKa et 

taXwKci, v. [capio,] to take. KaffT ov bxbaKrov, ohb' dXiaicETai rE^vy. Ale. 802. 

SYN. Kdr&Xaju/3&yw, aipEoj, fedrt^w, Stdyn'too-K'aj. 
'A\tr»7/iat, v. [pecco,] to neglect, err, violate, transgress. 2os 7rdis # ov fikv 

yap Tt Oeols dXXTrjfiEVos ecrrXv. b. 807. SYN. 'AXe/r&>, ablush), d<rej3eu) } dftap- 

"AXXriiplds, et aXlriipbs, 6 et r/, adj. [facinorosus,] wicked, villanous. Nvv 6' e/c 

Geoiv rov JcaXtr^piou 1 (J>pEvds. CE. C. 37« SYN. 'A§ikos, kcuos, fAiapds. 
'AXXtoZevos, ov, 6 etij, adj. [hospitem injuria adflciens,] injuring a guest. 'Eyi7rdi> 

aXtTo^ydv. Pind. Ol. io. 7- 
'AXn-pa/vw, v. [pecco, scelerate ago,] to offend, to be wicked. "Oar Is dXirpaivet, 

tcaX draaddXd [x-qyavdaTai. Hes. Op. 239* SYN. 'AXiTatvu), dXdo/icu, dXtrrjfxai, 

d/japrdvit), aTaodaXXb), a/iTrXdicEoj, Trrru'w, ttXtj/jjueXeio, /3Xa7rrw, e^dTrdraw. 
'AXtrrifiwv, dvds, et aXirpos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [flagitiosus,] an offender, villanous, 

wicked. Ovte yap ear d<f>piov, ovt aoKonds, ovr dXtTfjfjiwv. ft. J 86. See also 

"*F. 595. SYN. 'AXtr^otos, dbXxds, aTavddXds, KardpciTos, €£,u)Xr)$, dXsdpds, ndKos. 
'AXirpia, as, ^, subst. [scelus, flagitium,] wickedness, villany. y-n-ep irXdaKdv 

dXlrplas iroXXds ttXeov. Acharn. 9®7* SYN. 'A/jnrXdnXa, a/dirXaKtifid, 7rXr/jUjU£- 

Xetd, TTTaiafid, otyaXfid, 
'AXX~TpvTds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [mariconfectus,] sea-worn, TvtOov & oaabv dirwQiv 

dXirpvToio yipovrds. Theocr. 1. 45. 
'AXnwds, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [mari percussus,] struck or caused by the sea. 2e^ 

fiicim' dXiri)7cd te jodpr). Pers. 9^9- 
'AXtcalds, a, ov, et aXurfeis, eacrd, ev, adj. [fortis, validus,] strong, powerful, 

brave. Aoods aXtcaiov. Hel. 11 67. See also Horn, in Pall. 3. Syn. 'Ay/j- 

vwp, Kparipos, bvvdros. 
'AXfcaTds, ov, 6, P. N. [Alcreus,] a poet of Lesbos. KciXkuws, oIttep ap/udvXav 

Eyyfxiodv. Thesmoph. l6l. 
"Atarap, dpds, to, subst. [robustum et promptum presidium,] a strong bulwark, 

or protection. OvketX bidytvh HarpoKXeis, aXfcdp 'Ayaiivv. A. 822. Syn. 

"Aprils, dXefy-fipXov, dXefyfud, (3drtBeid, oyetdp, Xaptd, TifxwpXn, tbfeXeid, aXtct), 

bvt'd/jiXs, GioTiipXa. EpiTH."E/u^>i/rd>, dXe^tKaKov, arpEKES, TTEXojpX&v, au)Tr)pX6v, 


*AXk)), fjs, et aX£, kos, 1), subst. [robur,] strength^ vigor. 'AXX' dyl br) teal vwi 
/LtEbujfXEdd OovpXbos aXKfjs. E. 718. See also E. 299- SYN. kvvdfiXs, bvvao-Teia, 
dXicdp, dyijvopta, layvs, Kpdros, pwpr), oOevos. EPITH. " AairETos, d-rreipEcrXa, 
drr^ETos, d/uaifxdKETds, dTteipavTos, adlvapos, baxtypuv, dot), EpXKvb))s, oftpXfids, (f>oi- 
vXos, vrcepfjidyos, i7nrdbdfj.ds, fcpdrepd, dneipXros. 

"AXktivtXs, Xbds, f], P. N. [Alcestis,] the daughter of Pelias and wife of Admetus. 
"Hrts ttot el aft tcivt E^'va 'AXuy'iaTXbX. Alcest. 1081. 

'AXtcXfiEbw, oiTos, 6, P. N. [Alcimedou.] VlefjnrT^s & 'AXHXj-iEbuv Aaeprios vws 

dflVjJLUV. El. 197. 

"AXkX/uos, ov, 6, P. N, [Alciraus.] "Hpws Avro/zeSwv te KaX "AXxXfios o£os "Aprjds. 

ft. 474. 
"AXkX/jos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [robustus, fortis,] brave, valiant. Ov ydp alxnwfc 

7TE<pvKEV, ev yvvat^t b' aXicXfjds. Orest. 744. SYN. 'AXo;ets, dyijvwp, la^ypos, 

upaTEpos. Phr. '* 'AX^-TJi t fjvdpErj te kekckt/jevos. yevdfXEvds oXktjs dtreipavTOv. 

jueydXr/ 7r£pXdap<ri)s dX^." Maltb. 
'AXkXvoos, ov, 6, P. N. [Alcinous,] king of the Phaeacians. 'AXkXvoos b£ tot 

i)pyE, Qe6>\> dird /i/y§ed elbws. 5. 12. EPITH. Adfypwv, fjiEydXrjThip, QZoeiKEXos, 

d/uvfjiwv, k-peiiov, rjpws, dEoeibrjs. Phr. At/catordros fidoXXrjuv, (3ovXas OEoetbrjs, 

Xaoi^ dpXbeiKETOS. 
'AXitfypiov, dvds, 6 et {], adj. [magnanimus,] noble-minded, valiant-hearted. 

TLrpdros aXuXtypiov te Xaus. Pers, 95. SYN. KapTEpoQvfjids, aXk-Xpos, dyr\- 


1 This reading is suggested by Toup [Emend, in Suid. i. p. 431.] instead of the common j 
reading, k<x£ aArrijpoD. See Maltb. 


'AXtf/ijJvjj, rjs, f/, P. N. [Alcmene,] the mother of Hercules. OuS' 6ri irep 2e^£- 

\r)s, obb* 'AXKftTjvris evt 0///3p. S. 323. EP1TH. 'E\iKofi\Z<papds, KaXXlaQvpos, 

\AX1cn7p, i)p6s y 6, subst. [defensor,] a defender, supporter, champion. AUev 

7T(t)s avv vr\vaXv dpews a\Krfjpes Xtcuvrai. 2. 213. SYN. 'AXefyrrjp, fiorjdos, etvX- 

Pondcs. 1 
'AXuvovi], t/s, rj t P. N. [Alcyone,] called also Cleopatra, the wife of Meleager. 

'AXKvovrjv KaXeecwdv £7ru>vvfidi' t ovvek dp 1 avnjs. I. 558. 
'AXkvwv, et Alt. 'AXd/wr, ovos, 6, et dimin. 'AXd)o»ts, i§os, ^, subst. [halcyon,] 
.a halcyon, a sea fowl. X' aXxvoves, aropEaevvrX to. Kv/idrd tclv te ddXaaadv. 

Theoer. 7. 57. See Apoll. Rh. 1084. VnR.'QpvXs, a irdpd ras -KETpXvas — 

YIovtov betpdbds, aXuvtvv — "EXeyov oh up deibets — JLv£vpetop ^vpetoioX j3dav — 

"OrX ttuoXp KEXdbels del jjioXttcus. Iph. T. IO96. 'AXkvuves, at nap* devvdois 

6d\acr<Tr)s — Kv/jdtJt (ttwjjIvXXete — Teyyovffcu vurEpijs nTEpQp — 'Pdi-tct \pod bpu- 

ffiZd/UEvat. Ran. 130p. 
'AXavdi'Xs, xbds, %, ad j. [halcyonia, tranquilla,] halcyon, tranquil. 'AXuvopXbas 

r dv Tl)yl& tijuEpas del. Av. 1592. SYN. Evbios. 
'AXXd, adv. [sed, at, quin, saltern,] but, nevertheless, on the contrary, how- 
ever, at least. 'Pw/uri urdvelv vXp, dXXd avp nXi'idei \Epdp. CE. R. 123. Syn. 

'Amp, bs, fxevTOi, avrdp. 
'AXXdyrj, 77s,//, suhst. [vicissitudo,] change. Bvpoikos uXXdya fiXov. CE. R. 

1206. SYN. Mt>d/3oX?}, dvrdXXay/ud. 
'AXXa>ro7ra;Xefa;, v. [farcimina vend<>,] to sell sausages. 'AXXavrd7rwX?7ffei 

fidids. Eq. 1398. v 
'AXXavro7rwXj/s, ov, 6, subst. [qui farcimina vendit,] a sausage-seller. 'AXXav- 

ToiTU)\r]s ojv, drrjo yEvijaufxai ; Eq. 179* 
'AXXds, dvros, 6, subst. [farcimeu,] a sausage. "TLuXeTv re tovs aXXavrds, dXXd 

KdrdyeA^s ; Eq . 1 6 1 . 
'AXXaaaw, f. £w, 2 a. rjXXdydv, v. [permuto, et in med. v. permutando accipio,] 

to change, barter, exchange, to receive in exchange, to purchase. "Earap bi 

Xafxwpu), -xjp&fjd r ovk j/XXai-drr/v. Phcen. 126*1. SYN. 'AyraXXdrrw, dvraX- 

Xdrro//a», 7rd/}aXXdrro;, hetoXXcittu}, aXXoiooj, d/ie//3w, dfiEifDofxai,, 

juerd/3dXX<t>, fjeTaftaXXd/jai, rpETru), fiETa7roiEw, a.PTdyupa£(o. 
"AX\rjKTos t poet, pro dXrjKros, q. v. 
'AXX^Xd^d^m, as, r/, subst. [caedes inutua,] mutual slaughter. 'AXXaXo <pdvX<x. 

yivos. Pind. Ol. 2. 74. 
'AXXrjXdipdvoi, top, ol, adj. [ipsi utrinque interflcientes.] murdering each other. 

'Ytt' aXXaXdydvots. Sept. Th. 926. 
'AXXi/Xw*', ots, ats, ots ; ovs, as, d; pron. [invicem, mutuo, alius alium,] one 

another. '[Is ft Evpos te Ndros r EpXbalpETuv aXXi\XoiXv. FL 7 65. 
'AXXoyvwTos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [peregrinus, alienus,] known to others, a foreigner, 

a stranger : foreign, strange. 'AXXoyvwr^ evX b))/jf. (3. 366. 
'AXXobdnds, r), ov, adj. [externus,] foreign. Ao/iwr ap^ovrds aXXobdndus. Ion. 

'AXXdeibris, eos, 6 et rj, adj. [alia forma praeditus,] of a different form. Tovpek 
I dp' dXXoeibea* (jxuviaKETd navTa dvcucrX. v. 194. SYN. AloXos, dXXotos, dvo~ 

Hows, ETEpolos. 
\'AXXddEv, adv. [aliunde,] from some other quarter. "AXXos dXXodep 7TE(f)payfiE- 

voi. Orest. 141 1. 
'AXXddX, adv. [alibi,] in some other place. "H /z' etex, v A*' edpex^E' 7rdr/}p b' 

Efids dXXddX yairjs. j3. 131. 
;, AXXodpdds, ov, 6 et »;, adj. [peregrinam loquens linguam, peregrinus,] of 

another language, foreign. 'Eir' aXXddpdovs avOpwivovs. a. 183. Syn. Bevos, 
! TriXEbdnds. 
! 'AXXoTos, a, dv, adj. [diversus,] different, estranged. 'AXXoIos pot, '^eIve, <j>di>r)s. 

n. i8i. 

1 'A/sews is scanned as an iambus. 2 'AWoubia is scanned as a molossus. 


'AXXokotos, et aWaKdratds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [monstrosus,] monstrous, strange, 

unusual. Nocor ydp 6 7rdrrjp aXXotcdrov avrov vorrei. Vesp. 71 • See also 

Eur. fr. Mel. 66. SYN. "A\dyds, dTonos, enrdirXos, c,hos, davjjiaoTds, 0av- 

"AXXdjiai, f. aXov/jai, 1 a. ijXdprfV, v. [salio,] to leap. Eis dXd 5' ciXro (3ddeldi> 

an aly\y]£VTos 'OXvjjnrou. A. 532. SyN. Kd^dXXoyucu, dopui, dopEU), Trrjbau), 

'AXAo7rpoo-aXXos, 6, adj. [" ab alio ad alium accedens." Damm. inconstans,] an 

epithet of Mars. Tovtov /nairopEvoi', tvktov Kdnav, aXXoirpoaaXXov. E. 831. 

S\N. 'AfMplffTdpos, boXXocppiov, aXXolos, evrpewTos, evKvrjTos. 
"AXXos, r}> ov, adj. [alius,] another, other. "AXXot<u>> aXXos OeQv l re Kuv6pu)7rwv 

/jleXei,, Hipp. 103. 
"AXXdae, adv. [aliorsum,] in another direction, to another place. 'EKKXijodfjtev 

o(j)as, dXXov dXXocre areyijs. Or. 1126. 
"AXXorl, adv. [alio tempore,] at another time, 'llcmacier dXXdr dXXov, ws 

Oavovperrj. Alcest. 192. 
'AXXorpXos, a, ov, adj. [alienus, hostilis,] belonging to another, hostile. 'EX0w*/ 

b' is oikov dXXorpXov, ETrrjXvs &v. Ion. 6(J9« SYN. 'E^0pos, ndXejjlds, bvoroos, 

'AXXo0/)ov£O), v. [" in aliud cogitationem converto, alienata mente sum," 

Damm., alia cogito,] to think of something else ; to be estranged in mind. 

'AXX' ripr\v aXXo<pp6vld)v , kclkcl b' oaoiro dvfios. K. 374-. Exf. "AXXo irapa rd 

ovrdtypoviu). Herodot. Syn. YldpctKoxTta, 
'AXXdtyvXds, ov, 6 et ri, adj. [qui alia gente est,] of a different tribe, an alien. 

'Yfieis fr is aXXotyvXov eXduvaat ^0oi d. Eiim. 854. SyN. 'AXXoyXtoaaos, aXXo- 

dpovs, aXXorpXos, Zeros, ayriords, TT}Xibd7ros, ETrrjXvs, ETrrjXvnjs. 
'AXXoxpoos, contr. aXXoxpovs, ov, 6 et */, adj. [qui diversum habet colorem,] of 

a different color. Aijuds aXXdxpoov fidoXXeias. Hipp. 175. 
'AXXoxpws, tards, 6 et f], adj. [alia corporis specie,] having a different color 

or complexion. '[Is aXXoxP^s birXoioX, fitZdficipfidpds. Phcen. 138. 
"AXXvbXs, adv. [alibi,] elsewhere. 'EaxWirrjv, advXbes bi bXerfidyiv aXXvbis 

aXXrj. M. 4rjl. 
"AXXws, adv. [alio modo, alioqui,] in a different manner, otherwise, idly, in vain. 

2u)$€iv ETOifids eijJiX, kovk aXXws Xiyio. Hec. 302. 
"AXfxd, dros, to, subst. [saltus,] leaping, a leap. "AX/idrt b' 'AfxQXdXos ttclvtuv 

TrpotyEpecTTEpos fjiv. 6. 128. SyN. Ur'ibripd, TrrjbrjoXs, oKtprrjpd. EP1TH. Kov- 

<j>ov, a\j;d(pd}>, Ooov, Tpdfiipov, odKecnrdXdv. 
"AXjurj, 7)s, 7], subst. [sal, oceanus,] salt water, the sea. "TLnaLvdv aXprjv' vavsh' 

iws fxiv kvTbs %v. Iph. Taur. 1402. SYN. TLXrj/jLvpXs, aXs, ddXaaod, Kvptd. 

EpiTH. TITicpd, clottetos, dfiat/JidKETds, yXavKr), bixpds, ^d0O7n), ^eifAEpXrj, Xd€ibr)s f 

fiddeld, TrovrXas, Ppi>)(Xds. 
'A\fif)eis, eood, ev, et aXpvpds, a, ov, adj. [salsus,] salt, briny. 'AXpir)eprd 

Tropov. iEsch. Snpp. 840. See also Troad. 440. Syn. "aXXos, dXvKds. 
'AXodw, et poet. dXotdw, v. [molo, obturo, verbero,] to grind, to crush, to bruise. 

'A7roXe7 fx d\ou>v dvdpw7ros e^ EwdXt'Ov. Thesm. 2. See I. 564. SyN. 'E7rrrp//3w, 

cvvrpifiu), crvvdpavh), dTroTrXijaau), KdraTrXijaau), bipu), kotttio, itdTaaaw, fiaaricto. 
'AXoyEU), v. [rationem non habeo, nihil euro, despicio,] not to care for, to set at 

naught. Et bs oX ovt: ETtEeaaf ETtXneioEaX, dX\' dXoyr/cets. O. 178. SyN. '6Xt- 

ytopeu), KaTaeppovEu), ddipi^o, dTipa.$,(o, TTEpiopdw, vwEpdpdtt). 
'AXdyioros, ov, d et ?/, adj. [rationis expers, nullum habens pretium,] incon- 
siderate, of no value. Ov 7t\ovtos, ov TvpavvXs' dXoyioTOV be tX. Orest. Il6l. 
"AXoyos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [rationis expers,] irrational, foolish. IloXX' eXirXbes 

xpevbovaX KaXoyot fiporovs. Eur. fr. Protes. 6. SyN. "AaKeirTos, naKowos, atypov- 

tiotos, ovrXbdros, dvdpW/jds, uOetos, dronos, pwpos. 
'aXoQev, adv. vel potius gen. sing, antiq. ab hXs, ita ovpdvbQiv, gen. ab ovpdvbs 9 

[e mari,] from the sea. E'iadpaX e^ dXo0er ydXlTr^v. 0. 334. 
1 QiSfV is here scanned as one long syllable. 


'AXoibbpbs, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [qui non convitiatur,] no brawler. ITdpeoTi tjiywa 
dripbs, dXolbbpos. Agam. 402. * 

'A\ot0>), fjs, rj, subst. [pino;uedo, ungueiituni,] fat, ointment, unction. 'Apyto- 
bovrbs vos, OdXepy) 6' fiv t ap<pXs aXoKpi). 6. 476. SYN. "AXet^dp, Xi7ros, ntpeXfj, 

'aXok/£w, v. [sulco, aro,] to make a furrow, to furrow. 'Eyw 6' aXodgeiv ebeb- 
firjv to ^topidy. Vesp. 846. 

"AXoj-, okos, 6, subst. [sulcus,] a furrow. Mj? airelpe tekvmv dXbxd bcupbvwv fiXq. 
Pho3n. IS. SYN. AvXa£, Tpijybs, a>X£. 

"AXbwbs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [baud decorticatus,] not peeled, with the bark. *Ejri 
rrjy ajiopyly rrjv dXbwbv k^ep^erai. Lysist. 737> SYN. "A^earos. 

'AXdavbyr], t}s, >/, P. N. [Halosydne,] Amphitrite was so called. *Ap<j>l be piv 
QuiKcii, venobes tcaXijs 'AXbrjvbvrjs. b. 404. 

'AXovpyts, ibds, f], subst. [vestimentum purpureum,] a purple vest. 01 'poi be 
y av XeyovaXv, ws dXovpytbd. Eq. 9^7* 

'AXovaXa, as, >/, subst. [illuvies,] want of washing, uncleanliness. 'fts riyplwaai 
bXd pdicpds dXovoXas. Or. 226. 

"AXovrbs, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [illotus,] unwashed, unclean. Aipvr) tXs ear dXovrbs, 
ov. Av. 1554. SYN. "Avitttos, duddapTos. 

v A\o0os, ov, 6 et y], adj. [cristam non habens,] without a crest, crestless. Tav- 
peirjy, d<pdX6v re, KaX aXotyov, 1 fjre kcltoitv^. K. 258. 

"AXb^bs, ov, i], subst. [uxor,] a wife, tiie partner of a man's bed. 'l(j>dipr) dXb- 
yos AXbpfjbebs 'nnrbbdpoib. E. 415. SYN. ' AkoitXs, yvvi], vv/ucpr}. EpiTH. Ai- 
bola, avfXQebs, elbiSia, KaXrj, eyetypiov, epdrr/ t 7rb\vb<i)pos, KOVpXbta, 7riarrj, vvp(hXbXa t 
KaXXtKprjbepvbs, rj'vKopbs, oepvYi, evetbrjs, neb v ft. 

"AXirvbSy rj, ov, adj. quasi OaXirpos, [calefaciens,] warming, making warm. 
*AX- ] irviffroy evavdel avv bXj3(0. Isth. 5. 16. 

*AXs, dXos, 6, subst. [sal,] salt. Ov ovy dv e£ oinov a<*> eiriaTaTy ovb y aXd boitjs, 
p. 455. SYN. "AXds. EPITH. Qe'ibs. 

*AXs, dXos, jj, subst. [mare,] tiie sea. Oib' dweXvpaivovTb, ko.X pis dXd Xvpdr 
eftaXXov. A. 314. SYN. "AXpr), ddXaaad, ttovtos, -KeXdybs, (huedibs. EPITH 
^Arpvyerbs, aXpvpa, dfidrus, yXavxrf, fiddeld, (3pv)(Xd, bid, bivi^eaad, beivrj, pap- 
paper/, r/vepbeaad, evrrXbbs, evpvnbpos, riyijeaad, TrbXvriyi)s, Troptyvpeq, Ttoptyvpoei- 
br)s, 7rdXvf3evd>)s epiybov~bs, Xevicr), oizvpr), KeXaur), Kvdverj, yetpepXa, OTvyepr), 
ydpoxij, \vTri, i:l~icpa, Kpvoeaad, KoLXr}, vyprf, xeXdyXa, d-ireiperrXq, a5eu/c/)s, yXvice- 
prjf aTTioros, dfjterpr]Tds, d(f>vXa.KT0S, boXX^t), dfjai/jaKeros, dOeacpdros, aKdjjdTos, 
aTreiptov, dtr/yr/ros, (3dpvybov7ros, JDddvTrXovros, dyei/iwy, dreKfiapros, d\e?XKdKds t 
ydXrjvalr}, bvtrr\^is, evpvicopos, evpeld, iroXXd, l^Qvoeaad, d\o), bpLvofievr}, ttoXv- 
tpXoiopos, TTtpTicXvaTds, rprj\e~id, xpdfiddiobrjs, TzafKbdroioad, Kdno^ewos, vqvoXv 
£7r'(bpd/jios. Phr. "AXos bjjpXjjdv oib/ud, vypd KeXevBd, tydvoei'Tu, evped vStrd 
OdXaaarjs, Kvp dXiKTvnbv dXfxas, 7rbXXrjS dXos drjireToi' vbtop, Nr;pto$ av\>), irbXvp- 
pvTbs aXpfjeis Trbpbs, Kv/jdrd patcpd ddXavtjrjs, jneyd Xalrpd ttdXct frays, ftddeld 
7rovTXds aXiri, dypXbv olbpd, TtdvjXbv dXaos ddXarrarjs, fievded t aaTrjpiKrd Kat 
vypd depeOXd OdXaacrrjs, ktvttos dXXnffTos epiapdpdyoib QdXaa<rr]S. 

'AXarjis, xbbs, ?/, adj. [nemoreusis,] belonging to a grove, dwelling in a grove, 
an epithet of the Nymphs. Nvp<f>aX diro<f>QXpeyr\v dXarjXbes ibbvpavrb. Apoll. 1. 
1066". SYN. "YXwbris, vXbvbpbs. 

"AXabs, ebs, to, subst. [saltus, nemus,] a forest, grove, TIoXvOvtov be bX' aXabs 
'Ap-TepXbbs. I ph. A. 185. SYN. Apvpbs, repevbs, vXrj, firjcrod, Kvqpbs, vdnrf. 
EPITH. "AyXctor, dmreTov, avQbtybpbv, bevbpfjev, evbei'bpbv, KaXbv, o-tcXepov, 

I flddvrjicXbv, KdraanXby, nvicXvbv, bpbaepbv, vXrjev, rriXeOdbv, Xepbv, £ddeby 9 

\ Xevpbv. 

"AXtXs, Xbs, r/, P. N. [Altis,] a grove sacred to Jupiter, "AXtiv pev by kv 
KdQdpw. Olymp. 10. 56. 

J »A\i>/3ds, avrbs, et 'AXv/3»/, r/s, //, P. N. [Alybas,] a town in Italy, afterwards 

1 See Dr. Blomfield's note on the reading of the passage. 

2 Read &\>\o<pov ; see Dr. Maltby. 


called Metapontum. EifiX ydp e| AXtf/Wros, bdi icXvrd bw/ndrd vatti). w. 303, 

See also B. 856. 
'aXvkos, t), bv, adj. [salsus,] salt. N>) ro> Ylbaetbui rbv dXvKov bXicaid ye. Lysistr. 

404. Syn. "AXids. See in aXfxrjeis. 
'AXvKrdnebr), rjs, //, subst. [catena a qua effugere nequeas,] a chain that cannot 

be escaped from. ^ljaeb' dXvKTOTrebyaX 1 Ylpb/jt^ded TcoiiciXbfiovXbv. Hes. Theog. 

521. SYN. Tlebrj, yvibnebai. EPITH. XrXjSdprj, cXbrjpeir), dXeyeivrj, keXaivij, 

XaXierj, 'tl(f>ai<JTeir]. 
"AXvtfs, eus, fj, subst. [evitatio,] an avoiding, an escape. Ovk ear dXvfys, <L £ei'oi, 

yjibvov irXliov. Again. 1270. SYN. 'ATrotpvyrj, bldtyvyri, €K(pvyij. 
*AXvirr)Tbs, et "aXvttos, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [tristitiaj expers,] exempt from sorrow. 

To Xombv i]br) iyv dXvnyiry /3tu>. Trach. 168. See also Alcest. 490. Syn. 

'Avwbiu bs, dt'dXyrjrbs, Xv7rrjS dfjtotpbs, reprrybs. 
"AXvpbs, ov, 6 et f], [inamoenus,] inharmonious, discordant, "dfxdbdv skXvov 

aXvpbv, eXeybv. Helen. 185. 
"aXvs, yds, b, P. N. [Halys,] a river in Asia Minor, which springs at the foot of 

Mount Taurus, and running Northward empties itself into the Euxine sea. 

'AkttJ etti Trpo^Xfjrt poai^AXvos 7rorajuo7d. Apoll. 2. 366. 
'AXvodXaivh), v. [viribus deficio,] to be weak, fainting. El7re o' dXvaQaivovod. 

Call. Del. 212. SYN. 'aXiktou), aoQlveu), dbr)'eu), rpefib). 
"AXtiffis, ews, //, subst. [catena,] a chain. 'AXvaiaX ^pvaeaiaX tyipbfievav. Orest* 

974. SYN. Aea/ubs, aria, dXvKTdnebti, irebbv. 
'AXvaicciciu), et dXvffcio, v. [erTugio, devito,] to avoid, escape. AU-e, ndtcos &s, 

voatyXv dXvaKcuEio -rrbXefJOib. Z. 443. SYN. AXei/d/i(u, ckkXIpu), extyevyu), evXd- 

j3ebfxai, <f)vXa.TTo/jat. 
^AXvavu), f. £w, v. [inquietus sum mente, insanio,] to be restless in mind, to be 

enraged. 07 k efjov aifid TzXovres dXvaaovTes TrepX dvfiip. X. 70. SYN. Avfffb- 

ped), dydvatCTEU), irdpatypbvtu). 
"aXvtos, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [qui solvi nequit,] indissoluble. Taprdpov rixev, bea/uols 

dXvTOis. Pr. V. 160. SYN. AvoAvros, diropos, a/Hydros. 
'aXvoj, £w, Kd, v. [aestuo, insanio, animo sum turbato,] to rave, to be distressed, 

to be mad. 2, Ti ^pfjfi dXvu), irvevfx dveis &k Trvevjudywi' ; Orest. 27 1» SYN. 

*AXvc(j(t), dXddfxat, dXaivu), dbrifibveu), Kdrddv^iit), dQvfxeu), eKXvbjaai, Kdfivoj, 

eKKafiruf, bva(f)dp£io , Xv-rrebfJiat. 
'AXtydvw, et dXcpio, v. [invenio, pario,] to find, to produce, receive as wages 

or reward. Qddvbv npbs dorwv aX<pdvovoX bvafjLtvfj. Med. 299« See also $. 

79' SYN. Evo/ctkw, dwoKafjifidvh). 
'AXtyeibs, ei"AX(j)eds, ov, 6, P.N. [Alpheus,] a river of Elis, in the Peloponnese. 

Kcu Qpvbv 'AX0e/o7d Tropov KaX evktXtov AJ-ttv. B. 592. See also Ol. 5. 41. 

EPITH. BdBvbhrjs, dews, oils, bvcrepws, dXrirrjs, QeaneaXos. PHR. Bd0us poos 

*AX(p€told, epaTeiroTdros iroTdfJutv, delotb Xepos pods 'AX0eto7o. 
'AX0£<n/3otd, as, rj, adj. [dona accipiens,] receiving presents. Kai TrapQevoX 

aX<pecrX(3oiai. X. 593. SYN.'E^rtuds, evetbr/s, KaXfj, evyzvrjs, yvrjrrXa. 
'AXtyeoXpoids, ov, 6 et r), adj. [ M pinguefaciens," Maltb.] fattening or making 

fat. 'AXQeoXfioidv vbiop. iEsch. Suppl. 862. SYN. YloXvBpefijjaov. 
'AX0^ot;)s, ov, 6, subst. [(1) inventor, vif honoratus, ingeniosus, (2) piscis, 

quidam,] an inventor; a clever, honorable man; a chief; a kind offish. Elcrev 

& kv ILylpXri EKds avbpibv dX^^orawr. c?. 8. SYN. Kvperrjs, evprjrojp. EPITH. 

Tt/utos, 7repT(f)pdbr)s. 
'AXfXrd/jiotfids, ov, 6, subst. [<jui farinam vendit,] a baker, a mealman. 'fn 

aXcpXra/LLOtfiov 7rdpeK07rr]v bXyntvXKtd. Nub. 640. 
"AXtyXTov, ov, to, subst. [farina hordeacea,] barley-meal. Qlvdv iv anfitybpevaX 

KaX dX(pXrd, ^veXov avbpwv. /3. 290. SYN. "kXevpbv, uX<pX. EPITH. AevKbv, 

fAvXr](j)dTb)\ PHR. MyeXos avbpiLv. 

1 Some read &\rjKT07re57?(rt. 

2 The penult, of a\vu> is short in Homer four times, and long once. In the scenic writers it is ^ 
always long. See Dr. Maltby. 

AAd>I AMAA 49 

*AX<f>Xrbiru)XXs, Xbbs, fi t subst. [quae farjnam vendit; pistrina,] a meal-woman; 

also, a meal-shop. Tovs o' ek tov Ka7r7r' els n)v away \wpelv r^v aX<firbrc(aXXv 

Eccl. 682,. 
*A\wa, as, fj, Ionic, et poet. aXwr), subst. [area, vinea, bortus, &c] (1) a 

threshing-floor, (2) a vineyard, garden, &c. "Evdd be ol 7rbXvicap7rbs d\a») 

eppt£(OTat. rj. 122. SYN. "aXws, dXwv, ebdtyos, irebov, dpovpd, Kfjirbs, a/u7rsXwv, 

olvbicehbv, oivb(f)VTbv, ajuTreXtm. EPITH. lead, eptdrjXrjs, KaXij, evKTi/uevrj, 

evpinrebds, E'uawbpbs, TedaKvIa, OaXepa, TcayKapnos, bevbprfeood, Xevurj, apnre- 

Xbeaad, yovvfj. PlIR. $XXr) Qpay/nolaX, a/jnreXofVTOS yrj, afLTreXoev nebby, irvp- 

valais aTatyvXaiaX kclXop fiefiptdev dXwa. See 11. 2. 56 1, &c. 
•AXw7T£«:/(?a>, v. [vulpem ago, vulpinor, (Varr. ap. Non. 1. 26.] to play the 

fox, to act knavishly. Ovk early aXwireKf.^eiv. Vesp. 1233. SYN. AbXbw, 

irdvovpyew, KoXatcevu). 
lAXwireKtbv, ov, rb, subst. [vulpecula,] a little fox. 'AXwneKtoi&i tovs ffrparXwras 

iJKacrev. Eq. 1076. 
'aXw7t^, ekos, f], subst. [vulpes,] a fox. Kcu fihy <pepio ^avas, Xdyws, dXa>7T£<cds. 

Acharn. 878. SYN. Kepbh, KXvdbbs. EPITH. AWwy, ayKvXb/jLrjTXs, alfxvX)), 

apydXea, boXepa, albXbj3ovXbs, tcXvvty}, tcrjtcds. 
'AXuaX/jids, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [expugnabilis,] which may be taken. 'EKirl^evydcnv fjt£' Kei \iev i)v dXtoaXjiws* Hel. 1621. 

aXwgIs, £ws, fj t subst. [captura,] the capture, destruction. Mbvrjv lx 0VT€s r W 
\ dXaxrXv 'IXtOi/. Phil. 62. SYN. Ae^Xdata, aypa, bXedpbs, viktj, 

AXwtos, rj, ov, adj. [qui prehendi potest,] taken, or which may be taken, or 

discovered. 'aXcdtoV hapevyet be rapebovixevov. (E. l\. 111. SYN. Evd- 

Xiotos, evyeiptdTos. 
{ AfAa, adv. [simul,] together. w £2s dpd (frm'ricras fiyrjadTo' toi & ap? enovTo. /3.413. 
A/jiaZdves, iov, al, P.N. [Amazones,] the Amazons. In the sing. 'A^a^ioy. 

"HfidrX Tip, ore ^Xdbv 'A/ia^bves avrXdveipat. F. 189. EPITH. V OftpXjxbBvfxo^ 

dvavbpoi, avropyoi, fiapvdvfioi, bafXVi7nroi, evLimoi, OovpXbes, avbpbfoyoi, kXvto- 

Totyi, evduprjices, xjuXkot olpi, arvyavopes. 

AfxdBeid, as, rj, P. N. [Amathea,] one of the Nereids : see Nrjprj'tbes, Malpd, ml 
I 'Slpeidvtd, ev7rXoKafJi6s t 'A/uddeid. 2. 48. 
j Apiadhs, eos, 6 et »/, adj. [indoctus, ignarus, stolid us,] illiterate, ignorant, foolish. 

Sbpvfio) re irXavvos Ka/udOeT. 7rappt]aXa. Or. 903. SYN. "AfiovXbs, dvbrjrbs, d7ret- 

pos, dnetpoKaXos, dvaiadrjTos, diraibevros, dveiriGTrifxuv, dbdrifjiioy, dcrotyos, dvdr\- 

fJLiov, dbXbaKTos, ayvojfiojy, bvffjiddrjs, /itopds, atcaws. 
AjjiddXa, as, fj, subst. [ignorantia, stoliditas,] ignorance, folly. Tifiyp top 

eadXov, dfidSXav oQX-fjati/jiev. Hec. 327* SYN. 'A/3ovXia, dyvoia, atypoovvrj, 

aXbpela, avoid, dneipXa, direipbavvri, ayviofidcrvvr]. PHR. ISetyeXr) irpdirXbeaoX 

AjudOds, ov, Ij, subst. [arena, campi pulvis,] sand, dust. 'Es XX/jiev'* 'H 5' dfxd- 

dots explfiipdrd 7covTdndpos vrjvs. Horn. Apoll. 439. SYN."Aju^ds, ipdjxddds. 


Afiddvvto, v. [" in pulverem redigo." Damm. in v. ; destruo,] to reduce to dust, 

to destroy. YlbXiv be te nvp dfxddvvei. I. 589. SYN. 'AvarpeTrw, dvaaTpetyw, 

a<pdvi£h), alffrbb), nepda), oXodpevio, d7r6XXvfjX, (pdelpio, bXa(j>deip(o, KatcbiroiEio. 
^Ap.aiixdKETbs, 77, bv, adj. [valde longus et ingens, cui resisti non potest,] im- 
j mense, irresistible. KpeJaubv dfiaifjidKETov ttvpbs opfxevbv aKrav. QE. R. 177. 

SyN. 'Aviktitos, dbdfxao-Tbs, dmreTos. 

AfjtaXbvvu), v. [destruo,] to destroy ; also, to conceal. Tetxbs duaXbvvai, word- 
I jjim' fxevbs eladydyovTES. M. 18. SYN, 'AfxdOvvu), kKirepBo), k^aipeia, Kadaipeu), 

KdraatcairTtt), fcdrd/3dXXw, (TrvfyeXicto). 
j A/iaXdeid, as, fj, P. N. [Amalthea,] the celestial goat, which is said to have 
1 suckled Jove. Aiyos 'AfJLaXQelrjs, ettX be yXvKvxqpXbv efipws. Call. 1 . 49. 
I AfxaXXbberr)p, fjpbs, et dfjLaXXbbeTrjs, ov, 6, subst. [manipulorum colligator,] a 

binder-up of faggots or sheaves. "AXXd b' dfjiaXXbbeTrjpES ev eXXebdvolaX biovTb, 
\ 2. 553. See also Theocr. 10. 44. Syn. .'A/ujr^p-. 

Pros. Lex. G 


'ApaXds, 7), by, adj. [mollis, imbecillis,] soft, weak, '[is be kvojv djudXrjolL irepl 
CKvXaKeaaX (3e{3u>od. v. 14. SYN."" A/Bod's, aTrdXbs, dwdXo^pojs, reprjy, drdXofpwy. 

' Afxa^d, Ion. d/j,a£alr],r)s, dimin. dfiafys, Xbbs, fj, subst. [(1) plaustrum, (2) sep- 
temtriones,] (1) a wain, a waggon, (2) the constellation called Charles's 
wain. Of 5' Xadv eic/3dvres Xeitjy bbbv, yirep djia^at. k. 103. See also Nub. 
878. SYN. "AjOjua, a.7n'ivr), bfypos, b^bs, b%elby, o^rjfud. £evybs . EPITH. 'A^0o- 
Qopos, evrpoybs, evrpoyaXos, evndyrjs, KaXij, evTroirjTos, TETpaKVKXds. 

'■Apci£tiprjs, ebs, 6 et fj, adj. [plaustralis,] fit for a waggon to pass. Jleidov, XX- 
irovaa tovV dfia^rjpt] dpbyby. Agam. 1021. SYN. 'Afia^Xalos, dfia^Xnbs, apjua- 


'A^ta^ij, Xbbs, f], subst. [plostellum,] a small waggon. See the preceding word. 
"Or' ETrptajJiriv cot faXdaXois dfxa^Xbd. Nub. 863. 
'Afxafyrbs, ov, fj, sc. bbbs, subst. [via publica,] a carriage-road, a highway. 

JLlefluPTes i][iEv bXKpbrbv els dfiatyTby. Eur. Electr. 775. SYN. '6bbs, dyvia, 

'A/iaZoTrXridtjs, $ds, 6 et rj, adj. [plaustrum complens,] that which will fill a 

waggon, very large. 'Afia^b7rXr]dfj, ye~ia eiraX^eioy and. Pho3n. 1175. 
'Afj.a£ovpy6s, ov, 6, subst. [plaustrorum faber,] a cartwright. Oijioi, ov §' ovbev e£ 

cLfjcafyvpyov Xeyeis ; Equit. 464. 
*A^dpd, as, fj, subst. [aquseductus, fons,] a channel, a ditch, a slream. 'Hi/re 

Kprjvalat, dfxdpat 7tX0ovto pbrjoX. Apoll. 3. 1391* SYN. f AXo£, b^rbs,' nbpbs. 
'AfxapTdtt), potius dfiaprdvh), f. d/jiaprrjaio, 2 a. rjfiapTby, v. [a scopo aberro, 

fallor, delinquo. Vid. Damm.] to miss the aim, to fail, to be deceived, to act 

wrong. TeOvdfiev, r) gwovrds dfxapTeTy, ovd' evetc alei. <p. 155. SYN. AXtrew, j 

dXalvio, dXdbfxaX, dtydfJiapTdvu), e^df-iaprdyoj, doefjeco, 7rdpdvd/JiEu>, TrXrifi/jteXew, 

irXdvdbjJLai, o<f>aXXbjJiai, 7rXa.£, 7rTalw f dTrorvy^dyu), aorb)(£0), orepofxai, dbi- 

ke(i), /3Xa7rrw. 
', drbs, ro, subst. [peccatum, error,] an error, a mistake, sin, a 

crime. 'Afiapriijjdra oreped. Antig. 1264. (Dochm. dim. cat.) 
'AjiapTta, as, >/, subst. [culpa, delictum,] a fault, a crime. Els $o7/3o> dyd<j>e- 

povod uiy afxaprlay. Orest. 7^» SYN. 'A^uaprwXj/. 
'Afxaprlvdds, ov, 6 et f], adj. [mente errans,] wrong-minded. ' AjuaprXybov r*| 

'ETTtfiridta. 1 Theog. 511. 
*Ajj.aprbe7rrjs, £bs, 6 et fj, adj. [stulte loquens,] talking foolishly. Aldv djuaprb- 

£7res, flovyatt, no'ibv ientes. N. 824. 
'AfxapTvprjTds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [testibus carens,] unwitnessed to. 'Ovpos 6' djiap- 

rvprjrbs evKXerjs irboXs. Here. F. 290. 
*AfiapT(t)Xif, 77s, r), subst. [peccatum,] a sin. "EleV dpapruXai yap ev aydpuiroioXv 

eirovrai, Theog. 327« SYN. 'AXXrrjiud, dfiaprrj/md, djidprXa. 
'Afidpvyrj, fjs, fj, et djidpvyixd, drds, ro, subst. [fulgor, splendor,] glare, splen- 
dor, brilliancy, brightness. f Hs 6' ore bivridCjaXv air ocbdaXfiwy dpdpvyai. Horn. 

Merc. 45. See also Theocr. 23. 7. SYN. Avyrj, aeXds, Xajjurporris, ayXdXa, 

KaXXa)7nar]j.d, 6\pXs. 
'Afxdpvyiceibrjs, ov, 6, [a patronymic,] the son of Amaryncus. "E*>0' 'AfidpvyKeibrjv 

Atwped juolpd 7rebr]ae, A. 517* 
'Afjiapvaaio, v. [fulgeo,] to shine bright, to blaze. ®eo7reoXris Ke(f)dXrj<rXi> i)r 

6<ppvaX nvp dfjtdpvcrae. Theog. 827. SYN. 'AyXdigd/nai, avyeu), avya$u> f bXavya- 

$0), ydvbo), fxap/j.aipo), oriXfiio, oeXdyeu), aarpa-KTio, aeXdytCoJ, bXairpe-rru). 
*Au.aTp6^d(j} t v. [una curro,] to run along with. KepbaXeov brj to'iov, dpciTpb- 

'Xpvvrd OvpaCe. o. 450. 
'AjAaTpbyXa, as, >/, subst. [rotarum concursus,] the meeting of wheels. Trj p' 

el-^ev MeveXabs, d/ULarpb-^Xas dXeeivcop. ^. 422. 
'AfiavpbfiXbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [vitam in tenebris degens,] living in darkness. 

"Aye brj (j>voXv dvbpes dfiavpbfiXoi, (puXXwv yeveq. Trpbcrbfiowi. Av. 685. 
'Afiavpbs, pd, pbv, adj. [obscurus,] obscure, gloomy. Aun/ t dfiavpa kov 

rvpavvbs fiv fypvy&v. Androm. 203. SYN. 'AXafnrrjs, dbrjXbs, aKXer)s : auQevris. 
I 'EirtpriQfa is here scanned as an Ionic us a rninore. 


Afxavpbo), v. [obscurum, reddo, extinguo,] to darken, to extinguish. TVs okv, 

rdXaiv, apavpoi gbav; Hipp. 818. SyN. 'A7rd/iavp6'w, atydv'i£<o, trKbr($<i) t 

a7roicpv7rTio, a7rdKa\v7rra), d7rdXel(p(t), £7rto7aa£w, c?o0oa>, yvb(f)b(a, dfidXbio, dud- 

Xvvu, dfiaXbvvit), dfiepbu), dirorplfiu). 
ApdxnTds, poet. 'AfAdxtrds, efA^a^os, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [qui non pugnat ; fre- 

quentius, invictus, cui resisti non potest,] who does not fight ; invincible, irre- 
sistible. 'Afidxtrov bXtcav vbdrbs bpbrvirov. Sept. Th. 85. See also Rlies. 453. 

SYN. 'AwrbXefjibs, dvavbpbs, bvcr/jdxvrbs, dvaXwrbs, dpprjKrbs, dSdjuaorcJs, dirop- 

6r)Tbs, bvairvXEfirjTos. 
A/ucixr)Ti, adv. [absque pugna,] without fighting. 'Ap^avrtov erepw rb per 

aHayXov, aiK djjdxr)rX. $. 437. SYN. 'A/idxet, djJLdx&s, aKbvirX. 
A/zdw, 1 f. »/<rw, v. [colligo, constringo, nieto,] to collect, to bind together, to 

mow, to reap. "Erretr djudade rwvbe bvaTr\vov Oepbs. Eur. Ino fr. 4. SYN. 'A7rd- 

fidu), e£a/mw, Kara/ado), ovXXeyiv, depl£(o, endeptgu), bpeirb), dTrbrejAVb), dnbKOTTTtti. 
ApPali'to, Ion. poet, pro dvdBaivw, v. [ascendo,] to ascend. Avtovs r*hp(kU- 

veiv. i. 178. 
ApfiaWdfiat, pro dvdfiaWdfjat, v. [remoror, differo,] to delay. 'A/z/3aXX<O/u0u 

epybv, 6 brj debs eyyvdXlfct. B. 436. 
AfjLJ3dais t eos, r/, pro dvdfidoXs, subst. [ascensio,] ascent, a mounting. "A^u- 

fldaXs, ot rap 'iTnrXav. (E.G. 1070. (Choriamb, dim.) 
AjufidTrjs, pro dpdfidrrjs, ov, 6, subst. [qui ascendit,] ascending. Tlropdov 

Xafieade, Maivdbes,Toi> a/jfidrrjv. Bacch. 1105. 
Afxfidrds, pro dvdfidrds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [qui ascendi potest, ascensu facilis,] 

what can he ascended, accessihle. ' Afifidrbs earl irbXis, koX ZfribpbfJibv £VXer# 

relyfo. Z. 434. SYN. 'E7ri/3dros. 
t AjuifiXribrjv, per sync, pro a/jpdXdb^v : imo, dpdj3Xr}bt]v, [crebris gemitibus, cum 

singultu.] 'A[ij3Xi]br}V ybbwad, fxerd TpojeaaXv eenrev. X. 475. 
AfifiXvs, eld, v, adj. [obtusus, hebes,] blunted, dull. Nvv & a/jfiXtis elfxX, ml 

KdrriprvKws ndicaiv. Eur. fr. inc. 167. 
i Afxj3Xu)\p ) ioitbs, afifiXtoirris, £ds, et a/jj3Xio7rds,ov, 6 et fj, adj. [caecutiens,] blinding, 

dark. BXov apl3Xo)7rdv irdpexovuXy. Eumen. 953. SYN. 'Afxavpbs, OKbTeivbs, 
! d/uvbpos, afiXrjxpos, aaBevr]S. 

J ApfidXdbT)v, contr. poet, pro dvdfibXdbr)v, adv. [" per intervalla, diversis 
1 vicibus." Damm. q. v.] at intervals. 'Abeid ye. fiev apfidXdbav. Nem. 10. 6*1. 
AfjtfioXrj, pro dvdfidXi], q. v. KXaw dp' dxpei rCovbe kovk £s ufifibXds, Heracl. 

I 271 ' 
AjjfidXiepybs, ov, 6, Ionic, et poet, pro dvdflbX., adj. [dilator operis,] a man who is 

i dilatory in his work. Ate^ b f a/jfioXXepybs dvrip, drrjat wdXaiet. Hes. Op. 411. 

I SYN. 'Padv fids, OKv-qpos, c^oXaios, [jLeXXrjTrjs. 

I AfjiflbXlr), Ion. pro dvdfibXlr], ?;s, i. q. dvd^bX)), f], subst. [dilatio,] delay. 'Aju- 

fibXiT)' brj yap aev d<pavpbreprj t Apoll. 3. 144. SYN. Bpdbvrris, Tplfir), blarpipfl, 


Ajjfipbaia, as, rj, subst. [ambrosia,] the supposed food of the gods. Tolaiv 
I V a/jfipboXriv ILljibeis dvereiXe vefjieodai. E. 777- EPITH. 'Epdrewrj, AXoTpetyrjs, 
! evobfjbs. Phr. 0e7o»' dXet/nfAd, anfipboXov elbdp. 
lAfufipbaXbs, a, by, adj. [immortalis, dulcis,] immortal, sweet. EtfSovr' ev KXXaXy, 

irepX b f afifipbaXos Kex^& vitvbs. B. 19« SYN. Qelbs, aBavdrbs, a^dapros, 6av- 
I fiaffTos, fjbvs. 
.Afifipbreb), pro aflpbreio, et ajjjjpoTU), V. [aberro,] to miss. "HfiflpbTes, obb' Ztij- 

\es' drdp ov jiev (T<pwX y oito, E. 287' SYN. ^Ajxaprdvio, dirbrvyxdvu), 
iAfifipbrbs, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [immortalis, purus,] immortal, pure. "AfxfipbroX, 

ovs YlrjXrjX Oeol bbadv ayXdd bwpd. Tl. 381. SYN. See 'AfifipbaXos, dcpOXros, 
1 aKr/pdrbs. 

1 Dr. Maltby, with his usual sagacity, has investigated the quantity of the first syllable of 
' x/t«w. He says that in the active voice, and in the derivatives afirjT^p, and &fir)Tos, the alpha 
5 long in Homer and Hesiod ; in the middle voice, as also in iira^ffaro, Ko.ra^ and 8t<£- 
j Mfcc, the alpha is short : with the later writers the alpha is common. 


' AfityapTos, ov, 6 et */, adj. [qui supra invidiam est, immensus,] above envy, 
immense, large. 'A\X' dyl betcro [aev ipd, itdvov & d\XEyaprdv otyeWev. B. 420. 

• SYN. "Atydovos, dfiETpds, dff'UETos, jutytts, "KoXvs,dvdpXQfids. 

'Afieifidfjiai, v. [remuneror, alterno, respondeo,] to exchange, to alternate, to 
answer. To> 5' rjfxei^ET ETreird dva% avbpiov ' Ay dfjie/uvcov. A. 172. SYN* 
'A7ra/ue//3o^tae, avTa/ueifidfJiai, dvrXtyiovEio, avravbdio, viroKpivdfiai, dnoKpivofjiai. 

'Aptifiio, v. [commuto,] to give in exchange* *0s npbs Tvbeibrjv kiotx-fibZd 
tevj(e dfieijjE. Z. 235. SYN. 'AXXdererw, efaXXaTTio, £7raXXdrrw, dfx€i(jdfxai, 


'AfieiXiKTos, et apeiXXxos, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [implacabilis,] implacable. AicraofXEvos 

EirZeaaXv dfjteiXiKrov §' oV clkove. $. 98. See £1. 734. SYN. Av<T t ue/X«crds, 

d>??X£7/s, avfifiepoSf clvIXeios, aveXeri/jKov, di'ETrXetKrjs, dTjbrjs, aorpeTrros, dfleXkrds. 

ukijXiitos, dirrivrjs, d7rdpa tV^rds, bvffTrdpaiTrjrds, dTTdpdp.vQos, dyvtbuiov, acirovbos, 

affTepy^s, dTepdfJLwv, dreyKros, aKafin^s, <?KXt}pds, x«Xe7ros. PHR. IlfT/oas eywv 

(j>v<rXv rje atbi'ipov. Mosch. 
*Aneivu)v t dvbs, adj. compar. of dyddds, [melior, prsestantior,] better, braver. 

'6 yap avre (jly ov narpos dfielvtov. A. 404. SYN. BeXr/wv, (SeXrEpos, KpeiTTtov, 

QepTEpd?, 7rpd<j)EpcoTEpds t XtoXTEpos, dpeiiov, dpeioTEpbs, Xwiojv. 
A/xe/ow, v. cum gen. [privo aliquem portione,] to rob any one of his share. 

^Afieipeiv, yovtiov, (dXov TTEirpiofiEvov. Pyth. 6. 26. SYN. 'Afxepbto, dirdfietpta, 

diravpato, drefifiio, yoffcpi^io, Tr}Td<x}, oTEpEio, op^dpi^tj, dfaipZio. 
*Ajj.eXyio, v. [raulgeo,] to milk. IlXdv bvo, rds Xoiirds bXbv/j.aTOKds alyds d/^eX- 

yoj. Theocr. 5. 85. 
'A/ueXta, as, poet, pro d/j.£Xetd, //, subst. [incuria,] carelessness, negligence. 

'AXX' dfJiEXXa bos avrd, Kal tpavXus (j)£pE. Iph. A. 850. SYN. 'A//eXetd, drr)fJ.E- 

Xetd, a^povriatd, Kara^povrjaXs, dXXytopXa, paBvfxXa, apyXa, dnijbXa. 
'A/jleXeio, v. [non euro, negligo,] to disregard, to neglect. 'AXX' ovb' a^yvfXEvos 

nip, eov diizXriaEV Zraipov. N, 419* SYN. Af/tp/cja), atppovTiorlw, fit/ adr to fiat, 

dfilXXa bovvai rX. 
'AfXEXrjTds, ov, b et ^, adj. [non curandus,] not deserving of attention. Kcu 

c(f)iv TroXX' dfXEXrjrd jueXei. Theogn. 422. 
"AftefjLTTTds, ov, et djie/A(})})s t eos, b et f], adj. [inculpatus, innocuus,] unblamed, 

innocent. ^vfi/jiapTvprjaeis, ibs d^efxirrds f\v yvvi]. Iph. A. 1158. SYN. "Ajlmu- 

fxos, djj.(jjfir)Tds, d/uvfjL(i)v, dvairXos, &/3Xd/3?)s, ukukos, dvETriipBovds, d\poyds, Kdddpos. 
t AfieiJ.TrT(a's, adv. [culpae expers,] without blame or censure. Kd/*' ebirXoia 

'7r€/j.\pdv dfiefxiTTtas. Philoct. 1465. 
'AfiefifXa, as, r/, subst. [reprehensionis iinmunitas,] exemption from reproof. 

Ovk dfxetKpXa <j>XXois. Sept.Th. 903. Syn. ^A/3Xd/3ia. 
'AfiEvrjpos, rj, 6v, et 'Ajue^/s, £os,adj. [sine robore et viribus, debilis,] deprived of 

strength, feeble, unsubstantial. IloXXd bs yowovoQai vekvujv d/ji£vr)Yd tcdprivd. 

k. 521. See also Eur. Suppl. lllrj. Syn. 'A<t0£V))s, dpuvpos, e^XrrjXds, vw- 

6pos, vw^fX>)s, XeTrrds, /idratos, typovbos. 
'A/uLEvrjvdoj, v. [imbecillum vel irritum reddo,] to render weak, or useless. 'Ey- 

yvBlv bpfirjdels' dfiEVrjrwo'ev b£ oX al*fcfii)v. N. 562. SYN. "'A.adzvdu), ki:Xv(o, 

yvXou), ZXaaodb). 
A/utpyu), f. lio, p. icd, v. [exsugo, destringo, decerpo,] to extract, to take off; 

to squeeze out, to pluck off. Xfyt Kapnov dpepfav. Here. F. 396. Syn. 

'AfiEpi/Avos, ov, b et //, adj. [curarum expers,] devoid of care, unattended to. 

Keifiai b' d/HEpifJtvds ovtcjs. Aj. Fl. 1207. SYN. ^Atypovr lotos. 
'AfxETprjTds, ov, b et f], adj. [immensus, immodicus,] immeasurable, immense, 

boundless. "HXdd/UEV, dXX et birioQEV d/ieTpr)T0s itdvos carat. Y. 249. Syn. 

' A/uerpos, d/j.EyapTos, a7rXr](TTos, diTEXEdpds. 
*Afx£Tpd£7rris, ids, b et rj, adj. [sine modo loquax,] incessantly babbling. Gep- 

ahijs & etX jj.ovv6s d/j.6Tpd£7rrjs EKoXula. B. 212. SYN. 'AboXiaxris, <f)Xvapds. 
*Afjievio, v. [transeo,] to pass over, i. e. metaph. to vanquish, to surpass. Ma* 

icpd beplxpais d}i£vaea& avrXovs. Pyth. 1. 86. Syn. see 'A/ue//3a;. 


'Afievotiroptis, ov, b et jy, adj. [gressus repeten3,] passing into a different'part ; 

where the paths cross each other. 'H p\ <5 <f>XXai f kclt dfievoXicbpbv. Pyth. 

11. 58, SYN. &Xd(3drbs, evnopos. 
"Apr), r/s, ri, subst. [falx, ligo,] a pruning-hook, a spade, a mattock. Ol xvvzs 

v7rdrv7rroPT€S uxnrep rals a/jtais. Av. 1145. S'YN. AtKeXXd, apirr]. 
'ApTiyem], et djawffyeTrojs, adv. [quodammodo, quoquo modo,] some way or 

other, in some measure. 'Yfias jjlev y\br\ jjLHrdbcpbpelv apLriyeirq. Acharn. 6*08. 

See also Thesm. 428. Exp. e EvX yerpo7r«, bwuvovv, uQev, brjirore. 
'A/utfivirds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [ira et simultate vacuus,] free from anger or quarrel. 

Ivv t evfcXeia icaX dfLtjvtT^. iEsch. Suppl. 976\ SYN. "A^oXos, dtcbrbs, ev/ze- 

vrjs, i'jfjLepos. 
J Afir)pvrds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [colo non deductus,] not spun out. Aa| Zirzfirr taxi 

yijpds ajjLYipvTov ks teXos cXkoj. Apoll. 2. 221. SYN. 'AreXeoros, airepavTos, 

hXrivetcris, kvheXeyjjs, ffvye^ijs. 
*A[it)Ti]p f rjpbs, o, subst. [messor,] a reaper. 1 CM b\ uW afxrjTfjpES evavrtot 

a\\f]Xot(rli>. A. 67. SYN. Bovkcuos, 0£pio-n)s, hpeiravrityopos, djudX»/rd^os, dfiaX~ 

"A-iiriTos, ov, 6, subst. [messis,] a harvest. "Ajj^tos b' oXXyiarbs, Znriv KXiviivt 

TdXavrd. T. 223. SYN. Qepos, QepL(Tp.ds, KaXdurjrb/JiXa, evcapTrXa. 
'AfnJTtop, bpbs, deti], adj. [cui mater est nulla, aut saeva, aut ignorata,] mother- 
less. $vyabas OijabfXEV <bs yap aprjrajp. Ion. 100. (Paeon, trim.) SYN. Kd- 

'Ajutixaveio, f. r/<w, p. tjkcl, v. [inops consilii sum,] to be without contrivance, 

to be at a loss, or irresolute. Havrbdiv' aXX' o/cd brj /jXv dfj.r}xdvtovr' evdrjae. 

Theocr. 22. 103. SYN. 'A7ropew, dyu)vicib/jiai, Xv7rEb/, /uepifjivdoj, kKKafxvu). 
'AfiTjxavXa, as, r), subst. [inopia consilii,] perplexity, embarrassment. l^erXia 

epy dpdojvTss' dp.r}yavXri b' e^E Ovpoy. 1. 295. SYN. 'AdvfiXa, arsX-marXa, 

airopXa, dirdprj/jid. 
'Aprixdvds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [inops consilii, invictus, difficilis,] devoid of con- 
trivance, senseless, unfounded, difficult. Ni/^ b' av tovto [x dvwyds dfiijxctvoy 

aXXb TEXeaaai. H. 2o\ SYN. KaKo/^ydvos, dj3ovXbs, dbvvdrbs, diropos, dbd- 

uaorbs, dreyKTos, arrXovs. 
'Awxdvids, adv. [nullo modo,] by no means, in perplexity. 'E-irurra/jc00a, 

bpqv b" dfirjxdvojs ixet. Eur. Fr. (Enom. 3. 
'A/jiXavTds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [haud pollutus, purus,] undefiled, unpolluted, pure. 

Et fx eOeXeis ttXvvelv, KE<pdXi]s d/jiXavrbv air aKprjs. Theog. 447. SYN. 'AjioXw- 

rbs, ddiKTos, aizpo-Xfiaarbs, axpnvros. 
"a/iiktos, ov, 6 et r), adj. [commercium fugiens,] inhospitable. "Wpaadv, Efiavav 

dfiiKTvv. Iph, T. 403. SYN. 'Akoivojvtjtos, a-n-XaTos. 
"A/jtXXd, rjs, r), subst. [certamen,] a contest, struggle, conflict. AvrdeXSapdv 

taw 7TEXd(T(o bXd aapKos dfxiXXav. Hel. 355. SYN. 'Ayojv, airovbrj, QXXovetKia, 

EpiTH. OtXo7rXovros, pifjKJxip/udTds, olvo~7rXdvr)rds . 
'A/iiXXdoyuat, v. [certo, semulor,] to contend. Tw fiev bXicato) rovb y djjuXXw/iai 

\6yov. Hec. 271. SYN. AXdfJuXXdbjJiai, dywv i£,bfxai, £7rdyu)vl^bfiat t deOXevw, 

nbvXdbnai, laxvpt^ofxat, bticrxvpicibfxai, EpXbaivo), £pi$(o, vetKEOt. 
I 'AfiiXXrjfid, drbs, to, subst. [certatio,] a contest, a struggle. MXaitybvuv ydfiuv 

dfxiXXrifjiad'. Soph. El. 493. SYN. 'Aywrtc/id, dyw^, a&Xbs. 
'A/jLtXXrjrrip, fjpbs, 6, subst. [certator,] a contender, a wrestler. Tpbxovs dfii\- 

Xrjrrjpds 'HXXov teXuiv. Antig. 1065. 
"AfxuT7rbs, ov, 6 et r), adj. [equo par celeritate,] fleet as a horse. BbpEas afinrwos 
I opdbbbirbs vnep irdyov. Antig. 985. SYN. Td^s. 
*AfiXs, Xbbs, r), subst. [matula, navigium,] a chamber-pot, a skiff. XqarpXb', err* 

yrrjo-Ev dfxXb\ cycu bl irpbs tovtov /3Xe7rwv. Ran. 543. * 
*A/zca0t, adv. [gratis,] gratuitously, with impunity. Ovkovv dfiiirdX tovs ejutovs 

orpdrrjXdTas. Troad. 409' 
"Afiiodbs, ov, 6 et r), adj. [mercedis expers,] unpaid, unrewarded, gratuitous. 

1 For the quantity of the first syllable, see the note on 'A/uaw. 

2 See Dr. Butler. iEsch. Suppl. 849. 


Avvti 6' afZKfOos effrl aoi tyvipftSpos, Choeph. 721. Syn. 'AirSfxiedos, dhwpr\- 

rds, $KfAta6ds. 
^A/MTpos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [sine zona,] not having a zone or girdle. ITa^as elve- 

reas, iraaas etX iraihas dfiirpovs. Call. 3. 14. SYN."A5wj'ds. 
'AfjuTpdxtrujv, (ovds, 6 et j/, adj. [cui zona discincta est,] having the belt or zone 

Ullgirt. Xapirrjbibv b' d)S ovv Xb' duLTpoyXTmds eraipovs. II. 419. 
'Afii-xdaXueis, eaad, et>, adj. [inaccessus, importuosus,] inaccessible, harborless. 

'Es ILdfjibv, es r"ljjj3pov Kat Arjfivbv dfxty^ddXbeaadv. H. 753. 
"Afifjia, dros, to, subst. [nexus, vinculum,] a fastening, a chain. Ilepi be hefffid 

Kal TTb\v(Dpb^ hfifxanoy. Here. F. 1029* SYN. Kada/upd, dvdbeajjid, becr/ubs, 

(rvvbeafxbSy 7rXoo), (xvfjnrXbKri, b)(dvr), rtXdyuwi'. EPITH. 'Evorpl^es, evfipbybv, 


"A/ijuiya, adv. [simul, una cum,] together, along with. 'I^Bves aiaaovTEs inrepd 1 

dXos dfi/ulyd navpois. Apoll. 1. 573. SYN. "Ajud, ojiov. 
'Afx/jibpXa, as, y\, subst. [infortunium,] misfortune. Molpav t ap,fibpXr]v te k'dra- 

OvrjTwv avdpw7rb)v. v. 76. SYN. !Lv/u(j)bpu, drvyjia, drv^rj/ad, TaXanrtvpXa. 
"AfjLfibpbs, et d/jbobs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [calamitosus,] unfortunate. Oir} b' apro- 
pos earl Xberpujy 'Il/cedVoTd. 2. 489* See 'A/jotpos. 
'ApfAiovlds, Xd,bbs, ei"AfjLfjLu)yis, Xbbs, ^, adj. [ad Ammonem pertinens,] belonging 

to Ammon. 'AfjLfxwvldbds ebpas. Alcest. 113. See also Eur. Electr. 734. 
'AyuveTos, a, bv, adj. [agninus,] belonging to a lamb, woollen. 'Ajiftrpvijjv bi 

tov dXXbv vV a/jtveiav Qlrb yXaivdv. Theocr. 24. 6l. SYN."Ap»'e*os. 
'Afivrj, fjs, et afjivis, ibbs, %, [agna,] a she-lamb. Awpelrut Mopcrwv tclv a/ivXbd 

Kal tv bs Bvaas. Theocr. 5. 139* Syn. A/uvds, dpijv. EpiTH. 'A7rdX>), d/xdXj), 

(3Xr)%ds, fxaXaK}]. 
'AfivrjjjibvevTbs, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [immemoratus,] unmentioned, not remembered, 

forgotten. ' Afxvr}jibvevTbv Beq. 1 irpobova dXioKETat. Iph. T. 1420. 
y Aixvr\iJibvE(t>, f. >7<7a;, p. k&, v. [immemor sum,] to forget. 'Ajivriixbvut yap tS>v 

irptv, dirbXeitydels tppevwv. Orest. 210. 
'AjjLvrjfibavvr), rjs, rj, subst. [oblivio,] forgetfulness. TLaibcov a/uvrjfibovvav. Ion 

1100. SYN. Arjfffjibavi't], Xrjdrj, XrjBbavprj, XrjaTXs. 
, A/}ji(t)v } bvbs, 6 et ft, adj. [immemor,] unmindful. 'ArQ^os ov ftbpErjv afivrj- 

jxbvd koXXX7te vvfi<j)r]s. Mus. 322. SYN. 'Ayj'wjuwv, Xfja/jiojv, Xddfypcov. 
'A/jivrjffTEU), f. 7]ffu), p. r]nd, v. [obliviscor, immemor sum,] to forget, to be un- 
mindful of. Ov yap irbT d/uvaoret y 6 (pvaas. Soph. El. 484. SYN. 'EfcXav- 

Qdvbfiai, a[xvr)ixbvE(o. 
"A/ivrjaTos, ov, 6 et ?/. adj. [oblivione deletus,] forgotten, erased from the me- 
mory. "A/nvaoToi bs, rd iroXXd Kat oXfiXd TY\vd XXxovtes. Theocr. \6. 42. 
"AfjivXby, ov, to, subst. [vas ad excipiendum sanguinem in sacrifices respersum,] 

a vessel for receiving the blood shed in sacrifice. Uepaevs & ajjivXbv elx/' 

yip<jjv 6' i7nrrfXdTa NeoTWjO. y. 444. SYN. 20dytov, otydyeibv. 
"A/Avtabs, efAfAviaabs, ov, f], P. N. [Amnisus,] a port of Gnossus in Crete. Snjcre 

S' ev 'Appiou), bdX te otteos KlXeidvirjs. r. 188. 
'AfxvbuCJv, ovvtos, 6, adj. [agninam mentem habens, fatuus,] stupid. Kat <tko- 

nels ye, tCjv ttoXitGjv oarXs earXv a/JivbKobv. Eq. 264. SYN. Ev/;0j?s, juiopbs, 

a/iirj^dvbSt fjXXdXbs. 
'Ajivbs, ov, 6, subst. [agnus,] a lamb J 2, "SlpXcpos' dXV dyt, Kal tv tov evfibrbv 

a\ivbv Epeibs. Theocr. 5. 24. SYN. 'Aprjv, gen. apvbs, TrpbfidTXbv. EPITH. 

"A7rdXos, VEbdrjXrjs, arjKXTrjs, vwbfJLaiXbs, KEpaoTrjs, XabfxriTMp. 
'AfibyriTX, adv. [sine labore,] without labor, without difficulty. YlXeibv ibv. 

Ne<rrwp 6' b yepwv d^uoy?jrt deiptv. A. 636. SYN. 'AfioyQX, dTdXanrwptos. 
'AfubyrjTbs, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [indefessus,] unwearied. KapTEpbxeip* dfxbyriTE, bbpv- 

gQeves, epfeds '6Xv//7rov. Hymn. Mart. 3. Sy N." Ak fxris, an :dfxdTbs. 
'AfxbdEv, adv. [aliqua ex parte,] in some degree. iw»> dfxbdev ye. Qla. a. 10. 
'A/j-oifialbs, ov, 6 et f], adj. [alternus, mutuus,] alternate. 'A/xot/3a/// %^ $ * aTia * 

Apoll. 3. 83. 

1 0€# is here scanned as one long syllable. 
3 'kfivfa is a term not found in the Tragedians, Homer, or Hesiod. 



'A/ioi/3;7, fa, r/, subst. [permutatio, vicissitudo, compensatio,] change, exchange. 

Otas u^xoi^f]S e£ 'laoovos Kvpel. Med. 23. SYT$."Auei\pXs, avra/ueiipis, uvrdX- 

Xay/ud, e-rraXXdyr), £7rct\\a^, KOivuvXa, Ttdparpbin), fxerdjSoX^, avrXbooXs, clvtX- 

bioped, avrevepyerrj/ud. 

'A/uoifirjbXs, adv. [vicissim, alternatim,] by turns, alternately. TolaXv eiretr 

y'i'iaaov apoifirjbls 6' ebXttaCbv. 2. 50(5. SYN. 'EvaXXni;, £7raXXr)\(i)S. 
'A/uoifibs, )), by, adj. [mutuus,] succedaneous. O'l p el; 'AaicdvXris epXpuXdicbs 

jjXObv d/xoi(3ol. N. 793. SYN. 'A/iot/3a7os. 
"Afioipos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [expers, non particeps,] deprived, bereft, having no 

share. Ov ce deXo) toj/jw (j>avTaafxaTds I'jfisv a/uotpdv. Theocr. 21. 30. 
'AfioXyaids, a, by, adj. [lacteus, qui mulgetur,] milky, which is milked. Mac?d 
t d/uoXyair], ydXd r ctlyojv aftevvvjjievaiov. Hes. Op. 588. SYN. TXdyepos, 
'AfxoXyevs,>zu)s, 6, subst. [mulctra,] a milk-pail. *AtXs Xnrep KetydXds alel tov 

dfioXyed 7rXripo~i. Theocr. 8. 87* SyN. TavXds, 7reXXa. 
'AjuoXyds, ov, 6, subst. [tempus quo mulgetur, vespera, nox extrema,] milking- 

time, the evening. 'Ej; vvktos dfioXyo). A. 173. SyN. 'Eanepa. 
"Afxofx^bs, ov, 6 et ii, adj. [inculpatus,] unblamed, blameless. "O/jws 5' d/no^by 

ovrd a atpovfjat iroXet. Emu. 478. SyN. "Auefx-rrros, duejji({>r}s. 
'A/ud-Trawv, o>os, 6, P. N. [Amopaon,] Kat YlbXvcu/ubrXbrjv 'Ajubnabyd Kal MeXdy- 

nnrbv. 0. 276*. 
'A/jop(3ds, dbbs, r), subst. [pedissequa,] a female attendant. T^6' djjd vvjupaX 

eTrovraX dfxopfldbes ai fxev ere avrfis. A poll. 3. 880. 
'Auopfids, oi), 6, subst. [comes, assecla, bubulcus,] an attendant, a herdsman. 
Ovitkd dvydrepas ArjTwXbX ite^x-Kev djuopfiovs. Call. 3. 45. SYN. 'AkoXov0os, 
J ajJicpXirvXas, ftovubXos, T:otfxiiv. 
'ApopyXs, Xbds, >/, subst. [vestimentum purpurei coloris,] a purple robe. TdXaiv* 
ey<o, rdXcuvd ttjs dfiopyXbos. Lysist. 736\ SYN. "Y0a<ryud, yXriov, eadrjs, 
"A/udpds, et afufxdpds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. idem quod "Afxoipbs, [expers, non particeps, 
calamitosus,] having no share, bereft, unfortunate. Ire/yw, btooiov y dfibpos 
T€KV(av. Med. 1392. SYN. 'EaTepy'ijuevbSjTrjTWfjierbs, aQXXbs, bvabaifiioy, bvafib- 
pbs, Kdno/JLoipos, Kdkdjjidpds. 
'AfjLopcpXa, as, >/, subst. [deformitas,] deformity, ugliness, haggardness. r fl 7rd- 
I pdXoyov fioi ori tydve~«T djAoptyXa. Orest. 385. SYN. AvafjioptyXa, bvaeibXa, dtopXa. 
I EPITH. Axayjiu, ai-^ifjuov. 

\"Ajj.op(pds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [deformis,] deformed, disfigured. AvaxXaivXais dfxop- 
tyos, OjUjudrwi/ b" dirb. Hec. 240. SYN. &voe(.bi)s, bva/uopcpbs, a<j^)]/j.cov, aicr^pos, 
I detbijs, aKOff/uds, av^firjpos. 
\ 'Afxos, Dor. et duds, ^Eol. et Att. pro ^{jierepos, a, ov, pron. [noster, meus,] our, 

my. Kai be-frd/uai xtp? bwfjidcX t ctfjols. Androm. 1177* 
y Aji6s, Doric, pro fj/Jios, vel ut mavult doctiss. Gaisford. a^bs, adv. [postquam,] 

when. *Af±osbe arpecpeTai fiitrovvKTXov esbvaXv dpurds. Theocr. 22. 11. 
J ''Ajjlvtos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [inexplebilis,] insatiable. 0//p dfioros' juaKprjy be Trap' 

iyyvrjaXv eXi^ev. Theocr. 25. 242. SYN. 'A^opeords, aTrX-qarbs. 
j 'AfiovoXa, as, ?/, subst. [illiterata barbaries,] want of refinement, rusticity. "A/iov- 

aXa rot fi^b' eir ohrpolcriv bdtcpv. Eur. fr. Antiop. 40. 89' 
"A/jiovabs, ov, 6 et ft, adj. [musis non initiatus, indoctus, tristis,] illiterate, 
mournful. 'Afjiovab-draiaX avv Cobals. Phcen. 820. SYN. ""A-nbixovobs, d/Jiddris, 
aTraibevrbs, dno/j.\pbs, d)]br)s. 
j 'AfioxQX, et d/uLoxQel, adv. [sine labore, facile,] without exertion, easily. '6 debs 
dfio-)(dX Ke~iae vuv yyijaeraL. Bacch. 194. 
"A/uoxObs, ov, 6 et r), adj. [labore carens, iners,] devoid of, or free from, labor ; 
\ inactive, idle. 'AXX' ijbovals dfioxObv efaipei fiXbr. Trach. 147. SYN. 'Ard- 
1 XaiTrwpbs, ctpyos, oKvrjpbs. 

'AfxnebXripris, ebs, 6 et r), adj. [campestris,] meadowy. SprJKrjs ajmebXrjpets. 
1 Pers. 572. See Dr. Blomfield's excellent note on this passage. 
'A/jTrcXdyds, pro uvd veXdybs, [per mare,] along the sea. 'Sis ^epeV afxxeXdyos 


7tqv\vv xpvvftv, Hes. Theog. 190. 

'AinreKZwv, tivoSj 6, poet, pro ajxTreX^v, subst. [vinetum, vinea,] a vineyard, a 
grapery. "H pa bf a^TrcXeoh'ds and aTaBfj.Sn' tz-clvvgto. Theocr. 25. 155. 
SYN. 'A\wa, olvoTctbov. EPITH. HSXvfiorpvs, avanXos, KaTaaricXds, PHR. Trj 
olvofvrbs, ajJureXotyvrds, 7rib6v afXTteXoiv. 

9 A/j.7te/\wv, ov, to, subst. [viticula, vinea,] a little vine. Kctfj.01 yap karXv afxtrl- 
Kid KEKOfijieva. Aeharn. 511. 

'A/U7r€>\ts, Xbbs, t), subst. [vitis,] a vine. Tipdrd filv ay, afXTCEkXbbs op\8v sXd&ai 
fiaKpov. Aeharn. 1014. 

'AfxireXoeis, eaad, lv, adj. [vitifer,] fertile in vines. "Hbrj ml $pi>yXr)v elarjXvdov 
afXTrlXoeaaav. T. 184. 

'A/uweXdepyos, et contract. apneXovpyos, ov, subst. [vinitor,] a vine-dresser. 
Tpvynlos 'AOfxovevs, a/UTreXovpyos befybs. Pax 1 89* 

"A/j-tteXos, ov y ?/, subst. [vitis,] a vine. Ov qvTbv, oh avKrj, ovk a/unreXos, ov fiev 
eXaiti. w. 245. SYN. O'Lvr], afxnZXiwv. EPITH. ^AypXds, avaXsii, dfipbubfiris, 
avQefioeaaa, Ratc^etr}, fiorpvoirais, yXvuvKapnos, bdaeid, evKETaXos, eirtipdros, 
Zflfjepos, rjbeld, rjbvTroros, l/uepoeaaa, oivobbrelpd, t^XXoppu)^, PHR. ' ' Axeatyopos 
\v7rrjs, rjfxepXs TravBeXttTeipd, fxeOvrpd^e, fJLrjrep bwupiis, oIvotokoi Eepaat, evaratyvXoio 
OerjXdrds olvdbbs 6'j07r?/|, epvbs epuTUV, (f)VTou dyXdbbiopbv, oo<p6v i^bXbv, <f>XXeviby 
dvBbs, KrjpvJ; evcppdiTVPrjs. 

'A/j.TTETpais, pro avd itETpais. iEscb. Suppl. 355. 

*A/j.7rexovr}, rjs, rj, et afnrsybvbp, ov, to, subst. [indumentum exterius,] an outer 
garment. 'AXXrjv dfncE^bv^v T *i s ff ^ s T0L fteiciova bioati. Theocr. 27* 59- See 
also Theocr. 15. 21. SYN. 'AjutyXeaiid, saves, el/utd, eaBrjfjd, SaBrjaXs, eaOijs, 
evbvfxd, 7repT(3Xr]iJid, BoifxdrXbv, ^epX(3dXij t tfxaTXbv, cttoXyi, a-oXfibs, OToXtafid, 
arvXnTfids, TTEirXbv, E<pafip.d, iXvpd, sXvfids, aKEtraafid, ^XdvXs. 

'AfATreyu, f. apnpefy, v. [circumdo, induo,] to throw round, to clothe, to put on. 

Adfiovod T€7rX0VS 7TOIKX\oVS r)/Z7T€(7^£rd. Med. 1156. SYN. 'EvbviO, TTEOXbvif), 

dfjKpXevrvfxX, 7T£(Oi/3aX\w, 7r epiffreXXw, 7repXrX8i]fj.X, irepX^wi'vvjj.X. 
9 Afi7rv£<x) t et a/Liirvelo), afinvvut, dfiirvvp.X, pro 'AvdirvEOj, etc. v. [respiro,] to 

respire, to breathe. 'AfxirvevaaC irayTtj be Kaxov Kaxw earfipucTb. ir. 111. See 

also Apoll. 3. 331. X. 223. et 475. 
"Afxirvevfxd, pro dvaTrvevfxd, drbs, to, et afiirvba, as, pro dvairvdr}, fjs 11, subst. 

[respiratio,] respiration, breathing. "Aprvevjua aefivbv AXtysov. Nem. 1. 1. 

See also Olymp. 8. 9- 
"Afnrbvbv, pro dvd ttovov, [inter certamen,] through the contest, "[is etVwr, 8 

fiiv aiirXs e(3r} Qsbs a/jmovov avbpwv. Yl. 726\ 
s AjnrpEirris, pro dvairpETrris, Ids, 6 et //, adj. [consentaneus,] suitable, adapted 

to. 'irjXEjj.oKjii' afj.7rpETrfj. Suppl. 120. SYN. Ev7rp£7r/}s, a'icXfJLos, hXairpETrris* 
'AfiTTToXXEdpov, pro dvd irToXltOpdv. Vid. TlToXiEdpov* 
"Ajxirrvxf}, pro ava7rTV')(r), fjs, fj, q. v. 
'AfiirvKTfipXd- tydXupd, pro afiirvKTfjpes, [funiculi auraJi quibus comae in equorum 

frontibus religantur, Hederic] a bandage for a horse's mane. Yldod b' bpixd- 

rai Kar ap- | TrvKTr/pXa <pdXdpd7rdjXtDV. CE. C. 1068. 
"AfjLiivl:,, vkos, et afi7rvKTi)p, Tjpbs, idem quod apLtrvKT^oXos, 6, subst. [reticu- 
lum muliebre,rota,] net-work. "AfxirvKa, KeicpvtydXov r, rjbe 7rXen-))v ftvabiafiriv. 

X. 469. SYN. Kprjbe/jivov, K£Kpo(j)dX6s,TaivXa,Tpoxos. PHR. " A vblfxd pa-pas. 
'AfnrojTXs, ews et Xbds, i], subst. [reciprocalio restus mariui,] the ebb and flow 

of the tide. At^dXejyv a/z7rwrty «x w,/ > alwvXdv eppeiv. Call. 4. 130. Syn. 7rX?/ft- 

fxvpd, fipafffios, £dXr), adXos, pvdos. 
"Afivyfjid, dTos, to, subst. [laceratio,] a rending, a tearing. Aovnot, ical 7rbXXds 

dfivyjiaTd ^airas. Aj. 640. SYN. 'JLXKridfios, (Tirdpayfid. 
"A/uvbXs, adv. [simul,] together. Evbeiv, dXX' dfxvbis KtfcXr/o-fctrd iravrds dpiorovs', 

K. 300. SYN. 'Ojuoi;, dfxd, ofiodsv. 
y Ajuvb(oy, wvos, 6, P. N. [Amydon,] a city of Paeonia in Macedonia, afterwards 

called Abydon. "HydyEV e£ 'AfivbCjvbs an 'A^Xov evpv plovTos. Yi. 288. 
'AfxvQduv, aoios, v, P. N. [Amythaon,] the son of Crctheus and Tyro. A'iv&yd 

T% fjbe; $£pijT } 'Afxvdadvd 0' iTrTrXb^apn^v. \. 25 S. 


'AfxvKos, ov, 6, P. N. [Amycus,} BdXXertf o' aUTipeoaXv airav 'Afii/Koiti Trpbcruirftv . 

Theocr. 22. 86. 
A/jivXds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [sub raola baud missus,] unground corn or bread. 

'E7reir' eiteia^epe. tus djjvXovs. Pax 1195. 
Afiv/LajjfiT), qs, fj, P. N. [Amymome,] the daughter of Danaus and Europa. *H 

es 'Afj,vjjtofir)V o'igete tclv Advdw. Call. 5. 48. EPITH. AdpdXs, pdbobaKTvXds . 
AfjLVfKavy opos, 6, adj. [inculpatus, egregius,] blameless, illustrious. Zevs ydp 

eV 'tltceavov /jet dfiv/uopds AWXo7rfjds. A. 423. SYN. 'AfxejmTds, alpETos, ev- 

kXetjs, avhpeios, dfxw/jos. 
Afxvfi&vios, a, dp, adj. [Amymonius,] belonging to Amymone. 'AfxvpojpXois. 

Pham. 195. (Dochm. dim.) 
Apra, Dor. pro dfxvvr], rjs, fi, subst. [injuria? propulsatio, ops, auxilium,] a 

a repelling of injuries, self-defeuce. To ijtyds afi<px(3dXov firi irpos tpdvop, dXX' 

es dfxvvav. Phoc. 29. SYN. TifiwpXa, aptcZaXs, ETriffrpotpri. 
Afivvlas, ov, 6, adj. [vindictae appetens,] vindictive, revengeful. Ev0vs i\v 

dfivvlas. Equit. 56>9. 
AfxwTEds, a, op, adj. [repellendus,] must be repelled or resisted. 'AW dfivv 

teop to irpayfx, ocrns y Zvopyps ear dpfip, Lysistr. 66 1. 
Af.tvvTopthaiy up, oi, P. N. [Amyntorida?.] To o' 'AjuvprdpXbai Marpd0eV. 

Olymp. 7. 42. 
Ajuvt'Twp, dpds, 6, P. N. [Amyntor,] a king of Argos and father of Phoenix. 

Qevyetv veliCEa 7rarpds'AfjLvvTdpds 'OpfXEpXbao. I. 448. 
AjivvTiop, bpos, et dfxwrrjp, ijpds, 6, subst. [auxiliator, ultor,] a defender, an 

avenger. 'ApicEcreX,^E tXv clXXop dfxvPTopd fiepfiripifa. 7r. 26 1. Syn. 'A\e£??rr/p, 


Afivvw, f. ww, et dfiwddo), v. [arceo, auxilior, ulciscor,] to repel, to assist, to 
avenge. TlpotTcrio iras TTETErat, /cat dfxvvei oiaX TEtceaoX. II. 265. SYN 'E7rd- 
fxvvbi, irpbffdfivvh), fiorjOEb), ypaia fXEu, d(J>eXXio, w^eXew, InXKovpEto, dprjyb), vTrip- 
ao7ri£<o, 7rpdiard/, vTrtplaTdfiai, pvdfiai, crvpepyacdfjtat, ovyicpaTEio, direipyia, 

1 apKEw, a\e%E<i), dpdKU)Xv<o, eKciKew, riio, rifxiopEU), fiE-epyofiai, 

Afivffo-u), f. fo, v. [scalpo,] to scratch. 'Aw^' avry xfyi£*'*?> ^*y' ek&kve, x e P ff ^ & 
dfxvaaE, T. 284. SYN. AXdfivaab), S,alvw, bXa^atpoj, oTcaparTio, Kp[£io, /cdra^ew, 
airobpvirTb), Xd<f>voau). 
Afivarl, adv. [integra amysti, patulo ore,] with open mouth, without closing 

I the lips; i. e. at one draught. BpdfxXov irXeiv dfivcrri. Anac. 21. 
AfivarlZu), f. Xaoj, v. [hiante ore, large et avide bibo,] to drink a copious draught, 

■ to carouse. Ki/, ? A, a, tX bpaaeis; 2iX. 'Hcews f/jivaTXtrd. Cycl. 562. Syn. 

j OtJ'07rdr£w, yavhbv 7rivio» 

ApvarXs, Xbds vel Xds, r), subst. [(l) largus haustus ; (2) poculi genus,] (1) a large 
draught, (2) a species of cup. TLvkp^p dfivarXv, ws av, befyovjUEvoi. Rhes. 421. 
Afupayaxagw, f. do-w, et, v. [amore, caritate amplector,] to embrace 
affectionately. "HXvd' e/jlop npos o-radfidp syoj oe pip afi(fiaya7ra.£dp. £. 381. 
SYN. 'AyaTrdw, tyXXotypoPEU). 

\ A /uc[>ay eipdfxat, v. [circa aliquem congregor,] to assemble round. K&Kvaep r 
dp' £7rei-d' dial bs jjlXp a/mtyayEpopro. 2. 37. SYN.^A0po/5djuat, ayeipdfiai. 

! Afj(pdbXr}P, et afi(f)dbdP, adv. [palam,] openly. Tm pa KaX dn<pdbh)V fiEP dXe- 

| Ze/jlepcii oXeelpe. N. 356. SYN. 'A/JitydbXdf dpd^apbd, 7rp6(pdvu)s, <pdp£pu)S 9 bfj- 

, Xojs. 

A/ji<j)dbXds, a, op, et afxtydbos, ij, dv, adj. [manifestus,] plain, clear, open. 'Ap- 
bpdaX fiiayrirai, Ttpip y afi^dbXop ydfiop eXQelp. 5. 288. SYN. AfjXds, (pdptpds, 

I dpXbrfXos, eKbiyXos, efj<pdpris. 
Afi(j)a.ipi0, see 'Apdtiaipu). 
Aju0dva/d, as, ^, adj. sc. x^pa. The country of Amphane, a Doric city. 

1 To^ots voXeotep, 'Afjfydpalas. Here. F. 390. 

1 Aju0dpd/3ew, f. r/o-w, v. [circumstrepo,] to ring around. Tevyid 6' d/i0dpd/3^<T£* 
ytXacce bs ITaXXds 'Ad))pr). $. 408. SYN. 'Apd/Scw, d/x^tdx^, 7r£pn;x^ w > 7r ^" 

1 pncri>7rew, TtEpXtyupEio, TVEpofyotyio), d/i^dvrew. 

Pro*. Le^. H 

58 AMO>A AM$I 

'A/u^ao-ia, as, ii, poet, pro atyaaia, subst. [loquendi impotentia,] inability to 
speak. Ar/v be fxXv afxtyaaXij eireuiv Xafie T(fi be bX octal. P. 6Q5. SYN."EfC7rX?2- 

'AfJityavTeu), idem quod 'AjU^apajSew, q. V. 'HSt fccTi' €K Tpwwv* Kupv0es tJ' a/i^)' 

avoV ai/revy. M. 1<50. 
'Afupafaio, v. [tracto, contrecto,] to touch, to handle. Xe/peo-u' d/^a^owvro, 
tcaX 6(pda\/JioifTly dpuiPTo. o. 46l. SYN. ^VrjXatyaio, eiriiprjXatyaw, a7rr<fyicu, etycnr- 
Tofiai y \pavu). 
'AfMpeXiKTds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj^ [circumdatus,] surrounded, bound round. "A- 

irXarov afjupeXucros eXXic e<j>povpei. Here. F. 399' 
'A/^£7rw, et dyu0i£7rw, v. [circa aliquid versor, tracto, euro,] to be employed 
or engaged about. Bovv b' Xepevoavres fjieyav, ajj^eirov' at be yvvaixes, 2. 559* 

See also ft. 804. SYN. TlepXeTru), depaireva), [xeTa^eipi^ofxai, ey^eipi^dfxai, evep- 
yeu), bXaKoveu), KarevOvvio, VTrrfpereu). 
'Afityevyu), pro avatyevyw, v. [vito,] to escape. Ilapa 6' oXXybv afnreipvyes. Ipb. 

T. 871* SYN. 'A7ro06vyw, eiacXivG), viroaTeXXtj, aTrobXbpaffKht. 
'A/jkj^kyjs, eos, adj. [utrimque acutus,] two-edged. Av %i<f)ds afjiprjices' o b' apa 

irpr}t'i]s enX yctiy. 0. 118. SYN. 'A/i^)/ffrojuds, afxtyXyvos, a./ji(l)Xbd}]s, ajJL(j>idr]KTds, 

'Afityrjptyris, eos, adj. [undique tectus,] covered on all sides. Td£' &potcrtv ex wy » 

afi({>ripe(}>ea re <f>aperpr)v. A. 45. 
'Apijtvjpris, eds, adj. [utrimque remis appulsus,] rowed on both sides. Avtvs 

Xafyiby evdvrdy afjL^yjpes bopv. Cycl. 15. 
'Afji^ripiffTds, ov, 6 et rf t adj. [controversus, dubius,] disputed, contended for. 

Kcu vv Kev rj TrapeXaaa, rj aptyripiffTov edrjKe. y ¥. 382. SYN. 'A/JifXbrjpiTds, ajx- 

<pXXoyos y afjKpxfioXos, a/j(j)Xbo^ds. 
'Afi<pX t prep, [circum, propter,] around, about, concerning. rvvaucos, a^X 

(3(o/udv ayviade\s tydvip. Iph. T. 711. SYN. YlepX, irpos, Kara. 
'A/J0ta\os, ov, 6, P.N. [Amphialus,] the son of Polyneus. "AXjuart b' 'AfaptaXos 

izavTMV 7rpd<pepe(TTaTds r)£V. Q. 128. 
'Aju^taXos, ov, 6 et i), adj. £a mari undique cinctus,] sea-girt. "(Wis ev afx- 

<j)Xa\(f) 'Water} fiavXXevareX 'A^atw^. a. 401. SYN. , Ap.^>ippvr6s. 
'AficpXapaos, ov, 'Afjitptapews, et 'A/u0mpevs, ews et jjos, 6, P. N. [Amphiaraus.] 

Avrap 'OtjeXe/rjs Xaoocroov , Ajj<pXdpri6v. o. 244. EPITH. Aaoaooos, dpaovfjLi]br}s. 

PHR. Meyas 7rpd(j)i]Tr)s, ftavrXs 'O'iKXelbrjs oo<pds, noXefJioid ve<pos. 
y Aix^>Xayu) t v. [circumsono,] to cry or shriek loud. Tt)v 6' eXeXi^d/jievos irrepvyos 

Xafiev afjL<fiaxviav. B. 3l6\ SYN. 'A/upapafieio, a/U([>Xj3da(i). 
'Aju0t/3atVw, v. [sto super, circumeo, tueor,] to walk about, to protect. *Os 

\pvffrjv a.fX(j)Xftej3r)Kas. A. '67- SYN. TlepXfialvh), irepXTroXeio, typaoaio, pvofxai. 
'AfifXfiaXXio, f. joaXQ, p. /3e/3X^»ca, v. [(1) circumjicio, (2) med. iuduo,] (1) to 

throw round, (2) to put on. YlpoaeXbdv a/jt^XftaXXe fia-arov. Phoen. 314. 

SYN. 'A/unre^io, irepXrXdrjfji, d<T7rd5d/iat, dvre^o^at, cifityXevvvfiat. 
'AjitfyXfiaaXs, ecos, rj, subst. [(1) circumventio, (2) defeasio, (3) lis. Vid. Damm.] ; 

(1) the being surrounded, (2) protection, (3) quarrel. AeTae # 6y afityXpaatv 

Kparepijv Tpwiov ayepw^wv. E. 623. SYN. 'Apwy^, a/JL^Krfh'iT-qais, epXs. 
'Af.t(j)Xfiids, ov, 6 et i], adj. [in terra et in aqua vivens,] amphibious. 'AfiQXfiXov 

yap ebwite vdfxiju fiarpayoiaX Kpdviwv. Batrom. 59- 
'A//^r/3\?7/ud, cltos, et a/n(pX'j3XT]crTpdi>, ov, to, subst. [indumentum, munimentum,] 

anything thrown round, a protection, a defence. UeirXovs be rovs 7rpiv Xafi- 

npa t afMfnfiXr'ifiaTa. Hel. 422. SYN. 'Ajjureyovr], epupa. 
'AfKpXfidiirds, ov, 6 et f], adj. [valde celeber,] very famous, celebrated. "Eenrtyos 

dXX' alel ae KaTCL^XeizeX antyXfidriTdv. Call. 4. 303. SYN. Ei/K'Xt;)*-, TroXvcparos, 

irepXftdqTds, ayaicXvTds, emKXvrds, ayaoros. 
'A/LKfjifidXds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [circumjectus,] thrown round, encompassing. 

KXworov b' ii/jL<pxfidXois XXvoiaX. Troad. 540. 
'AvtyXpovXds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [consilii incertus,] uncertain in counsel, wavering, j 

'its u/u(pXj3ov\ds ouaa dvjuovcrQai TroXet. Eum. 736". 

AM$I AM$I 59 

'Afupffipdrds, rj,dp, adj. [hominera undique cingens,] covering a man on every 

side. 'Acrirtbos a/u(f)X/3pdrris. B. 389. 
'AfMptyrjOew, v. [valde laetor,] to be exceedingly rejoiced. 2i> be <f>ph>as ap^lye- 

yrjdws. Horn. Ap. 273. 
'Afx(j>iyvf}ets, evros, 6 et >/, adj. [utroque pede captus,] lame of both feet, an 

epithet of Vulcan. KaX/), ti)p wnvie tteplkXvtos 'AfjKpXyvfiets. 2:383. Syn. 

'AuyXyvds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [superne et inferne ferrum habens, robustus,] 

having iron at both ends; strong, robust. 'AfjKpXyvoi ndreBav 7rpd yd/juov 

tXpes. Trach. 504. Exp. 'AvTiTrdXds, 'kcivtt] layypos, t) fid)(£crdjj.£POL \epaX teal 

'Aptpibaba, v. [circum accendo,] to kindle around, to blaze about. "Avtv rob' 

aptyibebrje' av & av iia-^eaato icai aXXp. Z. 329. 
'AntyXbatcpvTos, ov, 6 et y), adj. [valde luctuosus,] very mournful, much wept for. 

Udddv afjKplbaKpvrdv ael Kareywv. Pho3n. 340. SYN. UoXvbaKpvTos, dprjvojbrjs. 
'Aiuftibctfuis, avros, 6, P. N. [Amphidamas.] TLicavbeiav # dpd buJKe KvdripXy 

'A/jcplbafiavTt. K. 268. EPITH. Adupptop, dyt'jPcop, dfxvuwp. 
'Afityibdovs, eos, 6 et »/, adj. [valde hirsutus,] very shaggy, impenetrable, an 

epithet of the iEgis. Aeiprjp afxpibaareiav. O. 309. SYN. 'AfKpXfiaXXds, 

'AfMpxbeQLds, ov, 6 et 7], adj. [ambidexter, geminus,] equally expert in the 

use of both hands, two. Ae^, Kdfxrjp antia a/utpXbegXots dicfxals. CE. R. 

'A'upibeoj, v. [circumligo,] to bind round. 'A/j,<j>ebeot> 9 fxdXd noXXd 7tdprjydpE0VT£s 

is aXicr)p. Apoll. 2. 03. SYN. UepXbeto, 7r£ptgo)ppvfxX, dvdbho. 
'A/uHpxbtvEGj, v. [circurnvolvo,] to roll or whirl round. ' Afx^XbibipriTaL' ttoXeos 

be oT afyos earai. x ¥. 562. SYN. 'A/^teXtVcw, 7repXei\E0) } a.jj(pXKvXX'<o, tteoX- 

'Ajx<pXbdKevo>, v. [speculor, insidior,] to watch, to lie in wait. Tel icai to. tov 

"EjOwra fieraX/jLEidy a/jKpEboKevev. Bion. 2. 6. SYN. Karacr kotteu). 
'AjjHpXboZds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [dubius aninii,] doubtful, wavering. To'iabi bwfidaX 

Koipdvov afKpXbotfls 7TEXa$o). Dan. 52. 
'AntyXbpdfiXd, u>v, ret, subst. [" dies quintus a natis infantibus, quo obstetrices 

eos circa focum ferebant currentes." Mallb.] a festival upon the fifth day 

after the birth of a child, on which the parents named him. Qvr afupXbpdfxXd 

ri]s Kvvrjs avrov fjEvels; Lysistr. 758. 
'A/u(pXbpdfjos, ov, 6 et 7], adj. [circum currens,] running round. 'AfjLcpXbpbfAov 

nvKXelrai. Aj. Fl. 351. $YN. 'EXXKoeibr'jS. 
'AfiQfbpvtprjs, eos, et a.fji(j)Xl)pv<pds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [undique laceratus,] tearing 

both cheeks for sorrow. Tov bi kql afx(j)Xbpv(j)i)s aXoyos fyvXaxy eXZXenrTd. B. 

700. SYN. 'Ka-TrdpayfiEPos. 
'Afxcpxbvjids, ov, 6 et r), adj. [qui undique accedi potest,] having an entrance on 

both sides. 'AfjKpXbvfxoc kcIptcu b' virip vbdros Alat)irow. Apoll. 1. 940. 
*A/u(pLbvdjj.cit, f. m. vadfxett, v. [induo,] to put on, to clothe. Keivov irdpo&iv 

afjKj>ibv<rerai ^oi. Trach. 604. 
'AfupUXiaaos, rj, 6p, adj. [qui utrimque remis impellitur,] rowed on both sides. 

Mribl ea vfjas dXdb' eXice/uep a/u(j)X£Xia<xas. B. 165. SYN. , AfJ.(f>i']pt]s. 
'AfXipXEXiaau), vel ajKpEXiaaio, v. [circumplico,] to fold round. Adfiecde fxoi 

Tr)ab'£avres -)(Epds. Androm. 426. SYN. YleptirXeiccj, afx(f>XbiVEU}, afityX- 
■ KvXita, eyK.vA.Xew. 
'A/jityXeppv/jiX (vel ajjapXeppvio), f. dju^tecrw, v. [induo,] to put round, to put on, to 

clothe. YlpCJrd jjiep ovv Xovaavro /cat afx^XlaaPTo yXriopds. *¥. 142. SYN. 

'AjU7T£)(W, 7T£pXbvU), 7T£(Ol/3aXX(U, 7repi(jTeXX(i). 

'A/LKpXEiruj, idem quod ayu^eTrw, q. v. "fts o'i y afi^XEirov rdtyov "E«:rdpos t7T7rof5a- 

jioio. fi. 804. 
'A/jKpigdpio, v. [adhaireo,] to cling to. Ne^rapew be yXT&pX fxeXaip afxQlgdve 

Tefpvi, 2. 25. SYN. Ilepwcafty/ucu, 7TpdodpEX (a t ovvinTrTOfXCLL, 

60 AMM>I AM$I 

'Afift&vKTtis, 1 ov, o et fj, adj. [utrimque colligatus,] joined to both sides. Tdv 

afKpl^evKToy eijayue/ij/as. Pers. 135. 
'AjLi(f>ida\affads, ov, b et f], adj. [bimaris,] having a sea on each side, surrounded 

by the sea. IreXXeV es afityXdaXaffaov. Olymp. 7. 59. SYN. 'Aju^taXos. 
'AfxtyXddXrjs, edsy b et fi, adj. [undique florens,] florishing on every side, suc- 
cessful, happy. "Itvv, "\tvv, otevovo a.jji(f>Xda.\rjs kclkoTis, Agam. 1113. SYN. 

EvSa//xwv, araXaiiriopos, 
'A/utyXdeTds, ov, b et fj, adj. [" epith. phialae, incertae significationis." Vide 

Damm. c. 1042.] " capable of being laid on either end, said of a cup or 

goblet which has a double bottom." Jones. IleyuTrrw b' afjKpXdsTov fXdXrjv 

anvpidTov e6t]ke. ¥. 270. SYN. 'AfjKpXKvireXXos. 
'AfJKpXdeio, f. Bevodpai, v. [circuincurro,] to run about. "la^pva, <*^' abXt'bv 

/xvicdjfiEvaX a/z0i0eovffi. /c. 413. SYN. YlepXrpe-xu), 0dac?w. 
'AjMpXdriZTds, ov, b et rj, adj. [utrimque acutus,] two-edged. "E7rcu<7£ tXs antyX- 

Oyjkto) £t(j)ei. Antig. 1308. 
'AfKpXddpeu), v. [undique assulto,] to jump about, to spring on. Aw/njv 

6' uktte Qoo\ kvves, a/i^XOdpuvTES, Apoll. 3. 1372. 
AfMjHdpeTTTds, ov, b et rj, adj. [undique concretus,] coagulated. 'Eccv yap cifi(f>X- 

Bpeirrov alfxd tG>v ejjlGjv. Trach. 572. SYN. T\ETrr\yws. 
'AfjtipXdvpds, ov, b et >/, adj. [binas fores habens,] having two gates. OIkw jiev 

opqs Tovb' afJL(f)Xdiipdy. Philoct. 159. 
'AfAtyXicaXvTr-w, v. [circumtego,] to envelope, to surround. Tlvpaov b' afityEKd- 

XvtyQrj. Here. F. 360. SYN. neptoreXXw, kuXvittu), arEyaZio, Karaareya^w. 
'AfKpXKEa^i,), v. [circumscindo, excortico,] to cleave into two parts. YVvkvovs 

Kal dd/HEas, to fiiXay bpvos ajj.<f>XKEao*ffus. £. 12. SYN. YiEpiayjL^io, bXaipsto, 

'Afi^Xtcetfjiai, v. [jaceo,] to lie about, to border on. ToXavr ek aXXriXoiaXv 

afJKpXKElfJlEVOl. OE. C. 1620. 

'AfifyXtcicjv, dvds, b et ?/, adj. [undique columnis ornalus,] decorated around by 

columns. "EKpviTToy avTdv, barXs apfyXriovas. Antig. 285. 
'A/LupTicXvoTds, ov, b et y], adj. [qui undique alluitur,] washed, sea-beaten on all 

sides. 'Aktyj tXs a/z^ifcXvords Ev/3otas aKpov. Trach. 754. 
'AfMfiKdixds, ov, b et rj, adj. [bene frondosus,] densely covered with hair, leafy. 

Qafxvio etc cl/jK^Xko/lkd KaTaxeifXEVos. P. 6Y7 •• SYN. RvKofids, yaiTrjeis. 
'AjjKpfKpdvos, ov, b et fj, adj. [utrimque habens capita,] double-headed, many- 
headed. Trjv t afjMJHKpavov Kal 7rdXifji(3Xa(TTrj Kvyd. Here. F. 1274. 
'A^^ifcptjuaw, afxcfiKpEfiijfxX, afKpfKpEfxdfAai, f. daw, v. [circumpendeo,] to hang 

or hover about, to suspend, to beset. Qyar&y <j>pEvds a/xQXKpEfiavTaX eXTrXbis. 

Isth.2. 64. 
'AfjifiKprifjivds, ov, b et ij, adj. [utrimque praecipitium habens,] having a pre- 
cipice on each side. T Hv b' ayKos afJKfrXicprifxvdv vbdaX bXafipdxpv. Bacch. 

'AfuKpXicvXXu), v. [circumvolvo,] to roll about, to tumble over. Aai//£> viov 

tyaaydvip a\i<fiKvXi<jaais. Nem. 8. 40. 
'Afi(f)XicvTreXXds, ov, b et fj, adj. [utrimque poculum habens,] double-cupped. 

Xpvo-eov binds afi(f)XKV7reXXdv. Z. 220. 3 
'AfiipXXdXds, ov, b et >/, adj. [loquax,] talking with both lips, chattering, 

babbling. Ajj ^eiXEcrXy afx^XXdXois. Ran. 679. 
'A/u0tXa</»)s, eos, b et t], adj. [utramque manum complens,] that which can be 

held only in both hands, large, capacious. ToX/xa bs KaX afi(j)XXd<f)rjs bvydfits. 

Ol. 9. 122. 
'Aju0tXaxcuV<«>, v. [circumfodio,] to dig around. "HtoX o fiey Kdr' e\(*>v KEipaXr/y, 

fvrdv a.n<pEXdxaivE. w. 241. SYN. YlEpiaKanTW, TTEpXopvTTd), TCEpXra^pevto, 
, A/mJ>XX€kto's, ov, b et fj, adj. [dubius,] controverted, doubtful. 'A^x^ €Kt5s 

1 For the meaning of this word see an excellent note in the Glossary of Blomfteld's Pers. 
3 See Clarke's note, II, A. 584. 3 Xpvcreov is here scanned as a spondee. 


AM$I AM$I 61 

avdp<i)7roi$ epXs, Phoen. 509. SYN. 'AufrifidXas, cifjifXXdyds, afi(()r]pi(TTos, evhoia* 

crros, aicpiTds, dbrfXos, QXXoveiKos. 
y Aju<pxXoyXa, as, rj, subst. [disceptatio,] doubt, dispute. Net'/cea re ^evSeas 1 re 

Xdyovs afupiXXoyXas re. Hes. Theog. 229* SYN. 'A/i</n/3dXta, an<j)Xj3doXs, epXs, 

*Afi<f)X\dyds, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [dubius, ambiguus,] equivocal, controverted, 

doubtful. MrjbeTrdr aptyXXoyovs opyas. Med. 637. 
'A/LKpxXdyws, adv. [dubie, ambigue,] doubtfully, equivocally. Pers.902. See Bl. 
*Afi<pi\6<f>ds t ov, 6 et fj, adj. [utrimque cristatus,] having two plumes or crests. 

'A/u(f)i\d(poy £vyov. Antig. 351. 
'A/jKpxXvKds, r), dv, adj. [sublustris, antelucanus,] dusky or grey, as applied to 

the night or morning. 7 Hfios b' ovt dpd trio r/ws, erX b' afifyXXvicri vv£. H. 433. 

SYN. AvKd(j>(i)s f irepXopdpov. PHR. Nuktos orav toXtcltov Xdyps IcfrdraX, eyyvQi 

b* r/ws. 
'AfityX/iarjaru), vel potius afi(f)Xfj.ddfjiai t z v. [abstergeo,] to wipe, to clean. Haaas 

afityXfAaaaade, KadijpaTe be Kpi]Trjpas. v. 152. SYN. Mdccw, dndfj-daao), a7ro- 

'A/i^i/ido-^dXds, ov, b, sc. yXriav, subst. [vestis humeralis,] a coat with sleeves 

reaching to the arm-pit, worn by freemen only. SeeHesych. Ou numor 

a/JcpX/jLaff-^aXov tqv bf]fj.dv iftXuyads. Equit. 8S2. 
^AfjLfifxd-^diJiai, v. [pro aliquo vel circa aliquid pugno. Damm.] to fight for, or 

about, anything. "{tIttici elbvly 1 vvv be arpdrov antyXudyovTai. IT. J3. 
'Aju QX/jtebtov, ovtos, 6, P. N. [Amphimedon,] Tialbd hleXavdfjos, top dyaicXvTdy 

'AfjKpX/JLebovTd. io. 103. 
'AjbKpXfjLeXas, aivd, dv, adj. [omnino uiger,] black all round, very black. 3 'AXicfjs 

Kal adeveos ttXjjto fpevds afi(f>ifxeXaU'as. P. 499« 
j AfjKpXji^rtop, et Dor. ajjtyX/uaTwp, dpds, 6 et f], adj. [frater ex diversa matre,] 

spoken of those who have different mothers, but the same father ; a half- 
brother. Ovb' a.jJL(pXfxaT6pas Kopovs, Androm. 466. SYN. 'Erepd/i?/rwp, clji^X- 

'AiKplfiVKdw, v. [circummugio,] to bellow round about, to re-echo loudly. 

YLaXdv doibXdei, bdnebdv b' dndv afityXfiejivKev. k. 227. SYN. 'A//0td)(w. 
'AfupXveiKtis, eos, et anfyXveiKriTos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [de quo lis est,] struggled or 

contended for. Td»>} &rjXdveipdv del. Trach. 105. See also Trach. 

'AfiQive/jidfiai, v. [circum habito,] to dwell around. Ot r avTrjv 'Iddfcrjv evbeU- 

Xov afifivejiovTai. r. 133. SYN. TlepXoiKeio, KarotKeto. 
'A/ji(f>tvdE(i>, v. [ambigo, cum dubitatione animadverto,] to be in doubt. 'Es 

bai/ioviov repds afxtyXvow. Antig. 382. SYN. 'A7ropew, d^to^rew, dyu0i/3dXX<«/, 

Stardcw, botactd/Jiai, 
'AjjHpXvofirj, rjs, r/, P. N. [Amphinome,] Ae^dfievr] re, KaX 'Afi^Xvofirj Kal KaXXid- 

veipd. 2. 44. 
'A/MpXvdfios, ov, 6, P. N. [Amphinomus,] Ovttcj nav e'ipr)d , t 6t dp' 'Afi(j)XvdfjLOs 

Xbe vrjd. w. 351. 
'Afxcjji^eu}, v. [circum rado,] to cut round. Kopfiov 6' ck pi£r)s 7rpdrd/iwv d^u- 

0e|£ffd xaXtCh). \p. 196. SYN. ITep^vw. 
9 Aju(f)idvXds, a, 6v, adj. [Amphionius,] belonging to Amphion. Tds 'AfJufrXdvXas 

re Xvpas viro -rrvpyos dveara. Phcen. 838. 
"AfityXos, ov, 6, P. N. [Amphius.] Twv ripx'' AbprjffTOS re KaX "A[JL(f>tos XXvodupij^. 

B. 830. 
'AfMpXirdXvva), v. [undique conspergo,] to sprinkle on all sides. Qapfidud fxvbri- 

vas, ifuev (tukos a^etzdXwev \ Apoll. 3. 1246. 
y A/jt(f)X7r£bds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [campis cinctus,] having a plain on both sides. 

encompassed by plains. Nao-twrav oyQov Is a/ji-QXTrebdv. Pyth. 9« 94. 
'A/i^i7reXo/iat, v. [existo,] to exist, to be. "Hm dKovovreaaX vetoraTtj dyu^nre- 
j Xrirai. a. 352. SYN. Ei/jii, virapyw, ndpeifii. 

1 ¥ev5eay is here scanned as a spondee. 2 Yid. Damm. c. 1460. 3 Vid. Damm. c 1364. 

62 AMM AM4>I 

'AfityiTCEvofxai, et aptyXnovedpai, v. [in aliqua re elaboro,] to be employed or 

engaged in. Tovs yu£v r Irjrpol TroXxxpappaKoX aptyXirevovTat. II. 28. 
'AfjupiTrZpiicr'idves, tov, ol, subst. [circum liabitantes,] neighbors. Obb' aibelad' 

afuptTrepitCTidras. Tyrt. 
'Afi<pl7repioTeivdfxai, v. [undique premor, gemo,] to be cramped on all sides, or 

to groan around. ' Ap(f)i7repi(7Teivo)i'TaX' thwart be niovd capirdi'. Call. Del. 179. 
i AfjKpl7repio-rpoj(l)d(i) ) v. [circumverto, to turn or twist about. "Ektwjo b' aptyXirept- 

OTpwtya KaXXiTpty^ds 'Ittttovs. 0. 348. SYN. UepXeXavi'to. 
'Afi(j)X7ripi(j)dtvvdto, v. [circumcirea pereo,] to perish or decay all round. tyXoios 

b' ap<pXTrepi(j)QXi i vdet, iriTrrovoX b' aV o&oi. Horn. Veil. 272. 
'A/i0i7rta5w, Dor. pro aptyXrcXediix), v. [corripio,] to seize. Tpa^vs yap ^aXal 

apcfnrXa^e Xvkos. Theocr. Ep. 6. 
'Aji^XiriTCTCj, v. [ampiector,] to embrace. 'lis be yvvi) KXaiyaX (ftXov ttogXv ; 

a.fji(j)X7re(Tovad. 0. 523. 
'Afi(pXTnTveio t v. [ad genua provolvor,] to fall down before, to kneel. "AvTopat 

afx^XirXrvovad to gov yovv ical \epd, betXaXav. Eur. Suppl, 289- 
*Afi<j>Xir\€KTds, ov, 6 et 7j, adj. [impiicitus,] entangled, entwined. r Hv b' aptyX- 

7rXeKTOt kXi panes. Trach. 520. SYN. 'RpTreTrXeypevos, evbedals. 
'ApcjuKXeKto, v. [circumnecto, ampiector,] to weave round, to embrace. Keiadto 

hopv pot pXrov afMpX7rXeK€iv. Eur. fr. Erechth. 6. 1. (Anapaest, dim.) SyN. Ile- 

pTirXeKio, 7repi7TTvaa(o t ctp<pX(3aXXto, 7rpoG7repX(3aXXio. 
'AfiffirXriKT&s, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [undique percussus ; item, undique feriens,] 

beating, and (passively) beaten on all sides. litis nore 7ruis 7roV aptyXirXriKTOi. 

Philoct. 688. 
'AiupX-nXril, ijyds, 6 et >/, adj. [utrimque feriens,] striking on both sides. Kat 

<t ajJKpXTrXrj? prjTpos re /cat tov gov iraTpos. CE. R. 417. 
^AfjKjuTrdXevoj, et aptyX-ndXeu), v. [versor circa,] to be engaged about, to wait 

on, to serve. TeO bptos els arbpwv ; tcv b' op^dTov apGnnoXevets ; to. 256. 

SYN. ' AptpXTrevtipat, duoXovdeu), bXaKoveu), TrepXiroXeb), depdirevu), XctTpevto, virtipe- 

Tea), v7rovpye(jj. 
'ApQXtrdXos, 1 ov, v, subst. [famula,] a female attendant. 'AptpXiroXot per e-rreird 

Otitis £7ri k'pyd TpaTrovTO. T, 422. SYN. Apios, Oepdiratva, oheTXs, 7rpo7cdXds, 

XaTpts, 7ratbi(ricr), vjnjperXs, bovXrj, vrrovpybs. EPITH. Ei/7T£7rXds, evirXundpos, 

Kebii), 7rvXd(s)pds, XevKU)Xeros, ^pvaeirj, TapXrj, ypavs. 
'Au(j)X7rdXds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [toto circuitu pervius,] turning on every side, 

circular. Tdtyov aptyXnoXdv. Ol. 1. 149- 
'ApajX-KOTadpai, V. [circumvolito,] to flit about. MijTrjp 5' aptye-KOTaTo obvpopevrt 

tpXXd Tetcvd. B. 314. 
'Afxtyi-n-ToXXs, ews, 6 et fj, adj. [urbi circumdata,] surrounding a city. 'Eyuot b' 

dvayizav yap apfyiKToXXv. Choeph. 68. SYN. 'ApfXretxys- 
"AptynrTvyjl, ys, ?/, subst. [complexus,] an embrace. Ads x^P os <j>iXr)pa poi aTis 

o&paTos t aptynrTvx&s. Ion. 521. See Valck. Phcen. 1665., 
'AptyXirvXos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [bifores portas habens,] having a gate on both 

sides. Ae^dv err ap^XivvXov yap eaio. Med. 134. 
'AptyXirvpds, ov, 6 et t), adj. [circum ardens,] blazing around. Tt yap nepavrdv 

aptyXTTvpov. Ion. 210. 
'ApfXpijTos, et ap(f)ippvTds, rj, 6v, adj. [circumfluens,] surrounded by a stream, 

sea-girt. NY/<rw ev ap<pXpvTy, oOXt 6p<pdXds eotX daXaaarjs. a. 50. SYN. 'Ap- 

(jnaXos, irepippvTos, irepippoos. 
'AptyippwZ, toyds, 6 et //, adj. [undiquaque abruptus,] torn away on all sides, 

applied as an epithet to rocks in Apoll. 1. 99$* TleTpas aptyipptiyas dep- 

TaS,ovTes efiaXXov. 
'ApcpXs, adv. [utrimque, circa, in medio, seorsum, extra,] on both sides, about, 

apart, without. Tpdoiav, ov ydp er ap<j)Xs 'OXvpirXd bupdr* empires. B. 13. 
*A/i0c'ffjSatva, as, >/, subst. [serpentis genus,] a species of serpent. Tv^pip dv ; 

1 Eustath. U.r. p. 394, 31=299. remarks that irpoiroXos is used to denote both a male aad a 
female attendant, ap<pXiro\os, only a female. See Monk. Hipp. 2X)0. 

AM<M AMO>I 63 

aH<piofiaivav rj IwXXav tivcl. Agam. 1204. 
'AfMpioTafxai, v. [undique circumsto,] to stand round. 'A/u0i'crravTo Sr/, Harv 

blan-pddeeiy fiefjaQres. A. 732. SYN. 
'AfJcpiareWo/jiat, et -w, v. [amicio, induo,] to clothe, to put on. 'A/jcpia-eiXd- 

fxeva rav £v~TXbd rav KXedpioras. Theocr. 2. 74. SYN. 'Afx-rej^o), 7repiaTeXXh), 
'Af*<pi(J7df.ids, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [anceps, duplex,] having two edges, double. 7 £lv 

fcpar epe-^ov Kal \aj3as dfj(f)i<TTdjuovs. CE. C. 473. 
'AfucpHTTpaTadfAui, v. [circumsideo hostiliter, obsideo,] to beleaguer. Ti)v a^e- 

jrrpuTdoji'Td blappctifrai fiefidioTes. A. J\2. SYN. Aici/ia^o/iai, a/j^i'yua^d^at, 

ciyiovi^dfiat, TrZplnaydjJiai. 
'A/j(j)icrTpe^ijs t ids, 6 et r/, adj. [in diversa versus,] twisted about. Tpees afift- 

tTTpetyees, evus avyeyds €K7re(pvvtai. A. 40. 
'Afjcpirapfiris, eds, 6 et »/, adj. [undique terrens,] very alarming. 'H 5' a/z^trap- 

j3el rub' e7rw/iw^ev 7rd0ei. Choeph. 540. 
'AfxQireixvs, eds, 6 et rj, adj. [moenia circunidans,] investing the walls of a city. 

Toy afJi<}>iTeixv Xewv. Sept. Theb. 277. SYN. 'AfMbi-rrToXXs. 
'A/jKpiTtdrjfui, v. [circumpono, et in med. circum me pono,] to place round ; in 

the middle voice, to put on. Ko/ztc', 'dbvatrev, (x, djucpideis Kapd -re-rXots. Hec. 

432. SYN. 'AfxcpifiaXXu), T-epXrXdriLu, -rpoo-TrepifiaXXat. 
'AfxiplnTTvfiiZit), v. [cacabo,] to call like a partridge, or like birds in general. 

y An<piTiTTvJDictE& (5§e. Av. 235. 
'Afjipirdfjids, ov t u et fj, adj. [utrimque secans,] cutting on both sides, two-edged. 

Tov bvobaifxdv aLKfiTOLiov. Hipp. 1372. SYN. 'AficpljKrjs, d/jK^iaTOLius, afxcpXdt]- 


'AfupXropvds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [undique tornatus,] wrought around with a turner's 

wheel, well polished. 0eV0' a/jupXropvov aairXb' "E^Tdpos ireba). Troad. 1156. 
'AfjupTrpe/Mo, et a/u0irpd/u£o>, v. [ab omni parte tremo,] to tremble all over. 

'Afu<J)X b' dp' a/ifipooXos edvos rpefie' rifV be wporl ol. $. 507- See b. 820. 
'AfMpfrpexw, f. Qpe£(o t v. [circumcurro,] to run round. Ivyyovoi xovpav, aeXas 

6' dfupebpajjie. Pyth. 3. 70. SYN. Ilepirpexw, TrepXepxoLiai. 
AfKpX-pris, T]Tds t 6 et //, adj. [ab utraque parte perforatus,] bored through. 

Ax' cifKpXTprjrds avXXov irefncei -rvdrj. Phil. 19. 
'AfKjHTpiTr), r)s, ?/, P. N. [Amphitrite,] (1) the daughter of Oceanus ; (2) the sea. 

'Ett' 'AfJcpXrpiTas podXy Iph. T. 427- SYN. (2) QdXacad. EpiTH. (l) Kvd- 

vwirXsy evartyvpos, Kvdvavyrjs, ^pvcej/, )(pvo'T]XdKdTos I (2) dyaoroVos, -tdXvfipdfjids, 

iroXvarovos, j3dpvj3pdfj.ds f epXbovTrds, yXavKJ/, iyBvoeaad, arpvyerds, 7roXta, tioXv- 

^Xoicr/Sos, direipXTos. 
'Afupfrpvojy, wi'ds, 6, P. N. [Amphitryon,] the husband of Alcmene. T>)v be per 

*AXi<fn)pr]v Xbop 'ALKjiXrpixovds daoirXv. X. 265. EPITH. 'AprjXos, 'ApyeTos, Xaoa- 

ffoos, bdpvaadoSy bT<ppr}\drr)s, /.levex^pLirjs. 
'Af.i(pX(jjdeivu), v. [circurncirca luceo,] to shine all round. KaXd caX vxpx fixfias' 

a'iyXrj be fiXv ctfupXcpdeivei. H. Apoil. 202. 
'Av<pX(pdXos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [undique cristatus,] having a crest, adorned on 

all sides with studs ; flowing all round. KparX & en afxfXcpdXov Kvvet]v de-d 
-T€rpd(f)d\r)pdv. E. 743. 
'Afifltydvrjs, eds, 6 et //, adj. [omnibus notus,] very clear. A^Xd KaX a/jKpXcpdyf}, 

Kal. Androm. 834. 
*Afj.(pX(p6pevs, el dfxcpdpevs, ews, 6 et >;, adj. [amphora, vas utrimque auriculas 

habens,] a large cask or vessel having two handles. Xpvvedv afu<j)X<pdp}jd' 

AlwvvGOiu be bibpov. w. 74. SYN. Kepd/xXoy, adpus. EPITH. Qvwbrjs, eyKVfAU/v, 

'Af.i<plx<*iv(*>> f- dvuj, v. [inhio, absorbeo, devoro,] to gape widely, to devour. 

See Dr. Bl. Choeph. 538. 'AfKpexdye arvyepyj, iinep Xd^£ yetrofxeyoy ~~ep. ¥". 79* 

SYN. 'Eyy^atVo;, £7rt^atVw, KUTdirivd). 
'AfxcpXxeu, f- x € ^° rw » v « [circumfundo,] to pour around, to spread over. "Eyperd 

b' e£v~?yov' 6eir} be fxXv ctju^e^vr' o/JKpr]. B. 41. SYN. rifpt^ew. 
^ncpXxdpevy), v. [circum choreas ago,] to dance round. "OxXos evbeXex^i dp- 
^ixdpeoei. Eur. fr. Pirith. 1.6. 


*A/i0ix(Ovffoy, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [inauratus,] gilded all around. Elr' afufixputrov 

tyaaydvov KU)7rrjs Xd(3<I)V. Hec. 547« 
*A/i(f)ij(yTds f ov, 6 et ^, adj. [aggere circumfusus,] spread, heaped around. Tel- 

Xos es afjuplxyrov 'HpaicXfjos deloio. T. 145. 
'A/*0*W, ovds, 6, P. N. [Amphion,] the son of Jupiter and Antiope, the founder 

of Thebes, (2) a general of the Epeans, (3) Nestor's maternal grandfather. 

Kcu jo' etekcv bvd Trcuh'y 'AjbKplova re Zfjdov te. A. 26 1. SYN. Aidysvijs, Xvpo- 

KTV7TOS, XXdov dirvdoy els bpdfidv eXxiov. 
"Afxtybvov, pro dvd <j)bvov. Vid. K. 298, et <bovbs. 
'AfupopecKpopeu), v. [arnphoram gesto,] to carry a cask. Ka7reird fuaQov aavrbv 

a.fx<pdpeafdpe7p. Arist. fr. Hero, 2. 
'AfxcpbpibXbv, ov, to, dim. of a/ucjidpevs, subst. [vasculuni, testaceum, vinarium,] 

a little wine-vessel, a small cask. Tovtiov anavTuv rd Qdat dfi<pbpibxd. Eccles. 

*A/u(pdpevs, sots, 6. Cycl. 327' Vid. in 'Afuptydpevs. 
'Ayu^orepos, a, ov, adj. [uterque,] both. 'AfxfbTEpas §' otypvs ovveXev XXQbs,ovbe. 

ot eoyjiv. O. 740. 
'AfjKf>pvff6s, ov, 6, P. N. [Amphrysus,] a river in Thessaly. AWdXXbrjs* ml tov 

fiev eV 'AjLKppvffolo pbyaXv. Apoll. 1. 54. 
"Afji(()(i), olv, [ambo,] both. "Afj<J>u> bjuois Qvjjiu tyXXlovod te Krjbb/JEvr) te. A. 196*. 
'A/jHfxljfidXos, ov, 6, subst. [missile,] a weapon hurled by both hands. OIctto), 

IxiaayKvX, etcXvTOt r aju0w/3o\ot. Andr. 1133. SYN."Afcw»>, dicovrXov, fieXos. 
"AfxfbiOTds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [utrimque auritus, sive ansatus,] two-eared. Xpvoedv, 

afi(j)(i)T0V' Ktu brj jueTa yzpoXv eviofxa. X. 10. 
'Afitafjirirds, et dfiuj/ids, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [inculpatus, irreprehensibilis,] blameless, 

excellent. BovXrj UovXvbdfiavTbs dfxwfxiiToid irldovTo. M. 109. See also Theocr. 

18. 25. SYN."Ayue/z7rrds, dfiejityris, dfxvfaav, €vkXe))s, avbpe'ibs. 
'Am, (1) prep, [per, cum,] up, along, through, by, by means of, with : (2) [o rex,] 

O king, the vocative of dva^: (3) [surge,] for dvaoTifii, up, rise up, arise. (1) 

Not/ow dvd arpdrov titpvE KaKijv, oXekovto b£ Xaoi. A. 10. See (2) p. 352. 

(3) 2. 178. 
*Avdfia(v(o, f. firiffdjuiai, p. fit fated, v. [ascend o, conscendo,] to go up, to 

ascend, to mount, to embark. Avn) npbs larbv vabs dfiprjarei [for dvdfiljaet] 

irbbX. Hec. 1245. SYN. *Efi(3aivto, E7rXj3aivh>, dv€p\6fxai, dvr,Kia. 
'Am/SaKxevw, v. [valde bacchor,] to revel like a bacchanalian, to be driven by 

the furies. "0$ dvdpatcx^voei Kabjueltov ttoXXv. Here. F. 1076. 
t'Ai/a/3afC)(tow, v. [excito,] to drive to frenzy or madness. Marpos alfjd ads, d <r 

dvafiatcyXol.. Orest. 332. SYN. Atw*w, olarrprjXdrEb), ^aK^vofxai et-to, eKJiaK^evoj. 
'AvdflaXXuj, et dvdfiaXXd/jiai, v. [(1) rejicio, remoror, (2) praeludo,] (l) to delay, 

to put off; (2) to prelude, to prepare to sing. T A, firi 7rpbicXa dtcoirXv' es rob' 

dvdfidXov. Alcest. 542. SYN. (1) ri)0d/3aX\w, dTroppiTCTd), ndTEyw, Karspviao, bXd' 

fieXXb), ETrE^tOjbXdXeiwb), TtdpdTeivw,VTZEpfidXXbfAai,( c l)dva.Kpovbixai, irpooijiXd^ofAai. 
'Ajd/3tdw, v. [revivisco,] to revive. 'AvdfiXwrjv vvv 7rd\tv. Ran. 177. Syn. 

' Avd flXdo/, dvairvEb). 
'Ava/3\£7rw, v. [(1) oculos attollo, suspicio, (2) visum recipio, (3) intueor, con- 

spicio,] (I) to look up, (2) to recover the eye-sight. ApdKovT dvafiXEirovrd 

tyoivXav <j>Xbyd. Ion. 1262. S^N. 'AvabepKofJiai, KaOopda). 
*AvafiXr]<TXs, ews, fj, subst. [dilatio,] a putting off, a delay. TpCJaXv dvafiXrjais 

KaKoi) eaoETaX, ovb* rifiaiov. B. 380. SYN. 'AvdfioXi], dvloXs. 
'AvafiXvZo), et dufiXvZu), v. [ebullio, exundo,] to bubble up, to boil up, to over- 
flow. NelXds dvafiXv$wv bispdv ote GwXdicd Bphirrei. Theocr. 17. 80. SYN. 

B\v5w, dva^Eofxat, avQ^pv^cj. 
'Avdfidau), f. aaroj, v. [exclamo,] to cry aloud, to shout. Aetvov ydp' "Apyei 

T* dvdfioq. bXa arbjid. Orest. 103. SYN. Bociw, Kpd£<o, dvXd^ia, avdicXa£<d f 

'Avdfidrifxd, drds, to, subst. [exclamatio, a cry, a shout. Uvewv, dupdwurdv 

afifidctfjid. Choeph. 31.' SYN. 'Avdj3dr)<rXs, KEXdbbs. 

'AvafidXij, rjs,y, subst. [(l)dilatio, cunctatio, (2) amictus, (3) praeludium cantus,] 


a putting off, a delay, (2) clothing, (3) the prelude to a song. 'Ek rals am- 

fibXals. Here. F. $3. SYN. 'AvdflXrjoiSf fxeXXijaXs, dpb%r}, onvos, (2) dpciKpovaXs, 

'Ai'cifiopfidpvioj, f. £w, v. [exclamo,] to cry out, to bawl. 'Ave(3dpfidpv£av. b. 

Novp yap el^ov vri Aid. Eccles. 433. SYN. See 'Apdfibdb). 
Aiaj3pa£(o, avafipaffoo), et avafipaTTw, v. [fervefacio, bullire facio, bullio,] to 

boil up, to throw up by heat. 'Apefiparrep oppiOeid. Ran. 510. Syn. Zev- 

vvw> cJeWy/n, £e(0, dpaSieu), KayXdelb). 
'Avafipaxu, f. £w, v. [graviter resono,] to make a noise like water rushing in a 

torrent, to roar. "Atrd TiTvaKo/uepr}' rd 5' avkfipayev, t/vre ravpbs* 0. 48. 

Syn. Aovrreu), dpd(3e(o. 

Ava/3oox<*>, f* £ w > v.[resorbeo, reglutio,] to re-absorb, to swallow up. TWo-d^' 
, i)b(op awdXeaKET dpafipoyep' afupX be iroaaX. A. 585. SYN. 'Apappocpeu), di>ap- 

pOtGSeb), KCLTCLTrlvU). 

Ava(3pva£(i>, f. |w, v. [vocifero,] to vociferate, to shout. 'E/ifidXoPTes dpeflpva- 
£dV 'linrdTral, tXs e/jjSdXel. ; Equit. 602. 

'Avafipvxu, v. [scaturio, subsilio,] to gush out with noise, to spring forth. 
Xwjow ev oIottoXo), off dXis avafiefipvyjiv vbwp. P. 54. SYN. 'AvafiXv^w, avd- 
•nr]bd<i} t apdtyXv^cj, (3pva>. 

'AvupuXaKia, as, ^, subst. [glebarum eversio per arationem,] the action of turn- 
ing up the soil, ploughing. 'A^d/So/Ad/ctas * b' opyvtdp. Pyth. 4. 406. 

AvayyeXXw, f, cAw, v. [renuncio, nuntio,] to bring back a message or informa- 
tion. Adyw typdato gol ttcivt, dpayyelXat <pXXoi$. Iph. T. 762. SYN. A^Adw, 
avayopevio, dTrayyeXXu), dnbarj/jiali'G). 

'Avdyevw, v. [gustandum prsebeo,] to give a taste. Tlpiorovs iftuHj dtdyevv 
vfxas, f) Trapiaye pot. Nub. 523. SYN. Vev(o. 

'AvayiyruxTKOj, or , Avdyivu)aK(o 3 f. ypcoffbjJLai, v. [agnosco, recognosco,] to know., 
know again. Et fjiep yap £cfy nboXs, dpeypwo&rjfjiep dp. Helen. 289. Syn. 
*Apaypii)p(8(i) t e7rtyip<j)ffK<x), eppoeu), hXe^epxpfxat. PhR. ApeKeiP dvQed Mova&p. 
Zddeiop apprjrop afxeXyo/jiepos ydXd fiifiXwv. 

'ApayKaciio, f. ow, v. [cogo, compello,] to compel. Tpicrcrai /x dvayKa£ovoX avfjKpb- 
pds bbol. Heracl. 237. SYN.'Ayydpeuw, fiia£6fiai, fiidofjiai, epdyto, 7rdpdj3la£d- 
fzai, irpodyu) ehdpdyK^p, KadiaTrjfxt els dpayicr)P, eireiyu), KdreTreiyio, Karelpyw. 

'Apayicalri, dpciyKi}, -qs, >/, et to dpaynalop, subst. [necessitas,] necessity. ITpo- 
6eis dvayicr}P OLTonoiop ep bojAois. Hec. 362. SYN. Bta, bvpdfus, Kpdrbs, rre- 
7rp(s)jjiepr], XP e ' a « EPITH. 'AXeyeipy, dpfapd, dfieyaprbs, dbibaKTOs, drXpanrbs, 
arXrjTos, a^flo^dpds, d^dAtVwros, deibivqTos, abroeXiKrus, aypvirpos, drep-Rijs, bai- 
fiovXay bbpvKTYjTos, bovXeios, baoTrXqe, boXonoios, btxpdXedj dveXXrjeaad, e-^dpa, 
KaK57, tepdrepd, poipXbXr), 6Xo>j t 7riKpd, TrdvToXfjds, ndXinropos, 7r vpiOaXirrjS, GnXrjpd, 
TeTpd^vyos, (jiXoyepd, yXvicepd, TrapbdjxdTiop, dbdjuaGTOS, efiTcebdfxriTXs. 

'ApayKa'ios, a, ov, adj. [necessarius,] necessary, inevitable, critical, imperative. 

r Hfxdp dpayKalop' ae be r' evddbe yvxes eboPTai. II. 835. 

'AvaypdfjnrTU), f. \p(o, v. [flecto, reflecto, curvo, dissolve,] to bend back, to 
untie, to separate. Ovb' epptfev x°^'XP v * dpeypafi^drj be oi al^V' F« 348. 
Syn. 'ApdXvw, dvazevyvvfiX, dpatcafXTrrw, Kvprdu). 

'Apayrbs, ov, 6 et >;, adj. [impurus, scelestus,] impure, wicked. T H rrjp efxriv 
dpaypbp eKXinup <j)pepd ; Hipp. 1446. SYN. 'AadddpTbs, hdy^SfdpboXbSf dptepbs, 
juidpos, fioxP^poSf pvirdpbs. 
"Aj>ay/n>5w, v. [grunnio, hisco, mutio,] to grunt, to grumble, to gape. To 
TeXevralop o' r)p di>dypv£r]. Nub. 942. SYN. See in Vpv^a). 

'Avdyw, f. |w, v. [tollo, eveho, educo, refero,] to lead, to bring up, to raise up, 
&C 'Avdyer, d^dyere kiokvtop. PhoBn. 1369- SYN. 'E7rd^dyw, 67rdyw, c^dyw, 
i/7rei;dyw, 7rpbadyu), a'LptOj vtyatpeu), vire'taipebfjiat, dpd7refjnru), iraibevoj, eKTpetyu), 


'Avd^a/w, v. [divido, incendo,] to divide, to set on rire, to kindle. UefX7roval 
b' apbaloires dtydbvo) fxepei. Agam. 296. SYN. 'ApuKaiu). 

1 Dr. Maltby considers ai/aPcaKaictas as an adjective. See his Thes. 
Pros. Lex. 


AvaheiKvvfxl, f. £w, v. [demonstro, ostendo, edo,] to exhibit, to. display. 1ty$v 

dvwyd, Kavdbelnvvvai irvXas. Soph. Elcctr. 1473. SYN. 'Avoiyw, EnXbeiKvyfiX, 

dvdtyaivo),, dvdybpevto, dvdrXQr]fii, £7rt/3aXXojucn. 
'AvdbeXtybs, ov, o et f], adj. [fratre carens,] deprived of or without a brother. 

'AvdbeX(j)bs earai ; reus rvy^as tXs oTS' brig. I ph. T. 476. 
'AvdbepKM, a. 2. ebp'diidv, v. [suspicio, adspicio,] to look up, to see again, to see 

distinctly. Kcu dvebpdtCEV 6<pdaXfuo~i<rXv. 5. 436". SYN. 'Ai'a/3X£7ro>, anofiXEiro), 


'Avabiafir), rjs, y\> et avabeff/mds, ov, 6, subst. [ornamenturo capitis, redimiculum,] 

a head-ornament, a fillet, a ribbon. "AfxnvKd, KexpvcpdXov r', qbe 7rXeKTr/v 

avabe( X. 46'9« See also Med. 974. SYN. see in 'Avdbrjud. 
'AvdbtTbSy ov, o et fj, adj. [religatus, revinctus,] bound up, tied back. 'Eyw 6e 

TrXbtcdjibv dvdbeTOis. Hec. 917* 
'Avdbexoiiai, f. Ib^xcu, v. [suscipio, recipio, excipio,] to take back, to engage as 

bail, to maintain. Koi Xovrp' es AvXtv ^rjrpbs dvebefa napd. Iph. T. 819* SYN. 

Ae^o/^cu, eKbe\o/, dvdXafxfidvio, vxuryvednai, eyyvdo), opbXbyEio, vTrb/AEPU), 
*Apdbe(o t v. [religo, viricio, redimio,] to bind, to tie up, to crown. Ni) rrju 

'EKdrrjv, Kaytay di'dbfjaat fiovXo/uai. Pint. 764. SYN. 'AvdbeGfAEio, eijaprdw, 

etcbeWy bXdbsu), ttdrdbeto, £7ricrre(j)h) f di>a<TTE(pM, (rretydvooj, raivXboj. 
'Avdbrjfjia, aros, to, subst. [diadema, fascia,] a bandage for the head, a crown 

or garland tied round the head of a conqueror in the public games, a fillet. 

'Avdbrj/jid befaii, X €l f^ s ebaefioiis dirb. Hipp. 83. SYN. TaivXa, jjurpa, dvdbefffxos, 

'AvdbibaffKw, f. £w, v. [meliora edoceo, dedoceo,] to teach thoroughly, or again. 

Tbv "xp^vpuv dvdblba^ov clvtov, <bs ex 61, Equit. 153. SYN. 'EffSiSaoTfw, eK7rat- 

*AmStSwp, f. buHTio, v. [reddo, emitto, produco,] to give up, to yield, to pro- 
duce. TiKToval navrd tcavebuicdv els tydbs. Eur. fr. Melan. 22. SYN. \Ek5i- 

bwfxX, dirbbXb(o/xX, arTdirdblbiofJii, afj.ei(3bfiai, Trpbtylpit). 
'Avdbdx*i, vs, hi subst. [(I) receptio, cessatio, relaxatio, (2) sr/onsio,] reception, 

Cessation, bail. AwSendros dpbrbs, dvdboxdv TeXeiv irbviov. Trach. 838. SYN. 

(l) 'A>'a7ravXa, fjLeXXr)(rXs, dvaKi^xv, (2) eyyinqoXs. 
'Avdbvvoi, dvdbvb), et dvdbvfxX, v. [emergo, prodeo, retrocedo,] to spring up, 

to emerge, to retire, &c. (dapavvov, jiri tis jjloX vTrobbetaas dvdbbvr\. i. 377* 

See also Batrom. 89- and A. 359* SYN. 'Avdyio, ara/3a/i'w, dtdtyaivio, E-rrdv- 

ItjjjiX, dvlaxio, dvd<pEpbjJiat, dyepxb/Jio.1, dydxa$t*>, dia^wpew, drarpex^t viroarpecpw. 
*Avdebvbs, ov, 6 et r;, adj. [dote carens,] dowerless, portionless. Tdtov, r}i> 

k eBeXrjai, (f>XXriv dvdebvbi' dyeadio. I. 146. SYN. 'Ab&prjTbs. 
*Avdeipu), v. [tollo, elevo,]to raise up, to carry away, to carry off. "H jn y dvdeip\ 

fj eyw ae' rd b' av Aa 7ravrd fj.eXfjcr€i. y ¥. 724. SYN. 'Aelpio, alpco, e^dviaTdjuat, 

v7rdpl(7Td[jiai, dvdyu). 
'A^deXnros, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [insperatus,] unhoped-for. 'HXvdd/jiev, Kpbvov vie 

dvat,, dvdeXTTTd nddovTES. Hes. Theog. 660. SYN. "AeX7rrds, d^eX7r£oros, deXnTfjS, 

'AvaZiio, v. [efferveo, ebullio,] to boil up, to bubble up. 'Ava£eovoX 0po/*/3w- 

beis d<ppoi. Trach. 704. SYN. 'AvafipdrTW, ckceo). 
'Avdd&XXw, v. idem quod 'Amfo/Xew, q. v. [repullulo, regermino,] to florish 

again, to grow green. 
'Am0a\7rw, v. [refoveo,] to warm again, to cherish up. 'AvEQaXirbv, £k fit 

2£cu'ras. Anacr. 3. 25. SYN. 0<iX7rw, dva\pvx(*>, dvdQepfxaivu. 
'AvdBrjXEU), v. See 'AmOaXXw. Obb' dvddqXIjaei' ittpX yap pd e x a ^ K os eXe-ips. 

A. 236. SYN.'Aea/3XaoTdi>w. 
'Avddrifxd, dTbs, to, subst. [(1) donarium Deo in templo suspensum, (2) ornamen-i 

turn quodlibet,] (1) an offering in the temple of some God, (2) an ornament. 

'Avddri/ud blov 7raibbs, ovs 'HpajcXf^s. Ion. ^1 144. SYN. TlpotJTpbiri), dyaXfid, 

Koafibs y Kocrfirj&Xs. 
'AvddbpEio, et dvaQbpfj), v. [exsilio, subsilio,] to spring up, to rebound. 'Avd bs 

bpo/jtabss Zdbpbv idbpbv, Orest. 1415. See also N. 140. Syn. 'AvaOpuxrKv. 


AvaQptUt v. [perspicio, attente considero,] to examine narrowly, to look 

through. 'lbov fxe KavdOpijadu oV Zyut dra, Hec. 807' SYN. 'AvafiXEiru), 

avtidecjpeio, dvaoKOTreto. 

AiadpuxTKit}, v. See 'Avddopeoj. "Y\pX r avadpwffKOJV irereTai. N. 143. SYN. 

'Ai'dwrjbdu), d7ro7rr)bd(t), eK7cr)bdd), dirodpu)(TK(o, eKdopeco, dvaXXofiat, e£aXXo/*at, 

avacpepdfiai, dvdKrjKXh), dvatjKipTdio, aiaau). 

Aviidvu), v. [rursus impetum eapio,] to burst forth, to gush up. 'E£ dfidpav 

avlQve' dea 6' E-KEfxaivETo x^PV' Call, in Cer. 30. - SYN. 'Avubvd/uai. 
'Ayatbeidi as, ?/, subst. [impudentia,] impudence, effrontery. T ft fioX, dvaibeiriv 

ETrXeifjeve, KepbdXeotypdv. A. 149* SYN. 'AvaiaxwrXa, atypdbXa, TrpoirETeia. 

EPITH. 'A^dXnos, Xa/3pos, Qpdaeld, d/coXaoros, aicpdrrjs. PHR. Noo-wp naffwv 

fxEyioTr}, to yfjpds <bs dvaibetas ttXeov. 
Avaibevdfxai, v. [impudentia utor,] to be impudent, to behave impudently. f fts 

be 7rpos nav dvaibevETai. Equit.39^. SYN., ai>dabi£d/, dvaiaxvi'TEti). 
'Avaibrjs, eos, et dvaibr)Tos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [impudens, inverecundus,] impudent, 

shameless. "Ho' ova dvaibr)s' Tf)vb' ityevpes atypovd. Alcest. 744. See also 

Apoll. 3.9%' SYN. 'AvaioyyvTos, daeXyr\s, fiXatos, kvvo>tt7]S, 7rdrr)pds, avdabrjs. 
Avaibws, adv. [impudenter,] impudently. 2i) c' ovv dvaib&s bXiyidyov to fir) 

ddvelv, Alcest. 710. 
AvaiQvaau, v. [quatiendo vel movendo expito flammam,] to kindle a fire by 

motion. Tr)v& dvaiQvaaeis 0\dyd. Troad. 343. SYN. AWvo-vu), dvaldit), hivem, 

€K\afnr(i) t d7roor/X/3w, ayXdi£o/Jiat. 
Avaidu), v. [uro, accendo,] to kindle, to light up. Kat 7riip dvaidtov, yldvos 

ovbtv fxoi fieXei. Cycl. 330. 
'AvaifxaKTos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [haud sanguine tinctus, incruentus,] unstained with 

blood. AdfiovTES, ov /biedwff dvaifiaKTOv XP^* Phcen. 273. SyN. 'Avai/uav, 

'Avaifjuov, bvbs, 6 et //, adj. [exsanguis,] bloodless. Tovveic' dvaifibvES el<ri Kat 

addvdroi KaXsovrat. E. 342. 
'AvaifiovapKds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [cujus caro sanguinis est expers,] having flesb 

devoid of blood, bloodless. 'Anddris, dvaifxbaapKE. Anacr. 43. 
'Avclihwt), adv. [sine sanguine,] without blood. 'Yo-fiivrjv, kqi & ov kev avaifiiari 

y Eptbrjvdv. Apoll. 2. 988. 
'Avaivdixai, v. [abnuo, renuo, detrecto, (2) inficior,] to refuse, to disown, to 

deny, 'ibov to bnvXevfi ijbv, kovk dvalvbfxai. Orest. 215. SYN. 'A7re/7ro>, 

TrdpaiTEOfxai, ddZpi^u), dOsTEd), d7rd7reyU7r<fytai, dTrudib), aprZbfjiai, dvapvEbfiai. 
'AvalpEo-Xs, ews, r), subst. [(1) ablatio, (2) eversio, (3) abrogatio, (4) interfectio, 

caedes,] a taking away, a destroying, murder. Nvktos (pvXdaauyv ooteuv dvai- 

qeoXv. Orest. 398. SYN. (1) 'AcfxxtpEfrXs, (2) alpiaXs, dvaTpbirr), (3) bXaXivrts, 

(4) KadaipEvXs, <f>bi>bs. 
'AvaipEio, f. rjaw, v. [aufero, tollo ; everto, interficio,] to take up, to over- 
turn, to kill. 2e fi£v fifiETEpa xpfjcpbs dvaipei. Androm. 519* SyN. Alpeta, 

ETcaipta, d(f>aipovfjLat, KadatpEut, Xvio, <cdrdXuw, d'iaToio, d7roicre/i'w, d^dj/^w, fcdra- 

'AyaiVffw, et Att. dvaionu, (3 syll.) f. lp, v. [sursum ruo,] to start up, to excite. 

'AvrfaZ b' opdos Xaos els Epiv Xoyuv. Phcen. 1474. SYN. 'Eyeipofiai, QdvioTd- 

fiat, dviaTdfxat, dvddopEb), dvopjj.dw. 
^AvaiaxyvTEd), v. [impudenter ago,] to be impudent, Toiavrd noXwv Tab' dvmaxvy- 

reZ. Thesm. 707. SYN. 'AvaibEopai, avOablZdfiai, diTEpvBpXdu), dvaicrxwTd 7rotd>. 
'AvaioxyvTia, as, i), subst. [impudentia,] impudence, 'tis d7rav yap eafi t6Xjj.t]s 

epyd KavaioxyvTXas. Thesm. 702. SYN. 'Avaibeid, dvaibelrj. 
'AvaiaxvvTds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [impudens, inverecundus,] impudent, indecent. 

T? b£ at Tafia bei tyvXaoaeiv ; ovk dvaiaxyvTOU robe ', Iph. A. 329* SYN. 'Avai- 

br)s 9 TrdpaToXfids. 
'AvaiTXds, ov, 6 et y, adj. [insons, causam non habens, cujus causa nulla est,] 

blameless, exempt from fault. Obbev Kdniboai tovs dvatTXovs OeXio. Here. F. 

1153. SYN.'Avi)7ratrio$, dvevQvvos, dvvirevQvvos, ddiods, dfiefi(J)f)s. 
'Avdtcaiio, f. Kavow, 1 aor. waved et enja, v. [accendo, incendo,] to rekindle, 


to light up. 'AyUavaZ /uev nvp wp&Tov, vxprjXijs bpbds. Cycl. 382. SYN. % Av- 

a.7rrcj, tyaTTTU), balio, Kaiio, efcsa/w, bXanvpdtt), irpi)6io, en7rpr)d<o, ^Xeyw, e^Xeyw, 

civ cKpXZyoj. 
'Am-aXfw, v. [inclamo, alt^voce appello,] to call aloud on, to invoke. TI. *A- 

bXicXa y ', ib deoi. 1 E. MvKijvais, firj V0d6' dratfdXet dsovs. Phoetl. 6l7« SYN. Kd- 

Xeu), ETrXjiapTvpofiai) e^KaXeoj, 7rdpaRttX£W. 
'Avdra\u7rra>, v. [revelo, retego,] to unveil, uncover, reveal. It is sometimes 

used in the active voice with a medial signification. Orest. 288. Mwv rpsaas 

ovk avaxaXvipu) fiXetyapov, Wrpews yeyws ; Iph. A. 321. SYN. Qaivio, did.- 

(j>aivu)y airdKaXv7rT<i), bXd(pioTi£(o. 
'AvatccnrTk}, v. [deglutio, absorbeo, devoro,] to swallow up, to devour. To 

anepii avr&v dvdicdxpai. A v. 579* 
'Amcefjuat, f. Keladftai, v. [accumbo, recumbo, consecratus vel dicatus sum,] 

to recline, to be imputed, 'lboit, av Kovfiei, trot yap dvdKeijierjQd brj. Batch. 934. 

SYN. KaraKeifiai, eiriKctfjiai, dvdtcddi£d/Aai, eirXuXivofiai, dpatcXivofiat, KadXe- 


'AraiceXabds, ov, 6, subst. [susurrus, strepitus,] an echo, a noise. 'AvdKeXdbdv 

and Xej(eds y]-av-^pv. Oreat. 182. 
''AvaKepavvvfxXy drdKepavvvw, et dvdicepdu), v. [commisceo,] to mix, to blend 

with, to replenish. 'A* a be Ba^xe/av uvvtovov — Kepdodv. Bacch. 126. SYN. 

^.vyKepavvvpX, arvju/JitypviJ.X, (TVjuKpvpb), ovytcvKato, avaKipv^jJiX, avyxiprrifu. 
'AvaKrjKXu), v. [sursum fero, erumpo, prosilio,] to burst, to gush forth. 2riy be 

fi€ff<o ev dyiovX, 7roXvs S' dvlKr]KXev ibpojs, *¥. 507* SYN. 'Avdtyepdfxatf dvai- 

povfjiat, ava{3Xv$<jj, dvajjpvu), dvdddpeu), d v air rjbdu). 
'Ard^ourrw, v. [voce prasconis renuntio,] to proclaim aloud. 'AveicrjpvTTev tu>v 

adXrjruiv tovs viKtirras GTecpdvwaras. Plut. 585. Sy N. 'Aiayy^XXw, £7rayyeXX<7- 

fiai, dvdfiodu). 
'AvdictvEh), v. [moveo, impello, suscito,] to stir up again, to agitate anew. 

"Aye WV, 7rplv rfji'b' dvaKiviiaai. Trach. 126l. SYN. 'Avdyelpio, dvdaeito, 

efypfidu), rapaffffh), avdrdpciaab). 
'AvatcivrjoXs, eaus, ^, subst. [commotio, suscitatio,] agitation. Yv^s 7rXdvr)nd 

KavaKivqais (ppevwv. CE. R. 727» SYN. KivrjaXs, dyepaXs. 
'AvaKi'pvafiai, v. [permisceo,] to mix up, to blend with, to temper. <I>iXtas 

6vr)T0vs avaKipvaadai. Hipp. 254. SYN. 'AvafiiyvvnX, bXa/ulyvv/uX, Kara/uiyvvfiX. 
'AyaVXdcJw, v, [clango, clamo,] to exclaim, to shout. Meyd b' dvefcXdyoV, w 

NrjprjX icopa. Iph. A. 1062. SYN. KXcicta, nXdyyw, ditd^w, dyaKpa£(o, yeyto- 

ve(0, KeXabeiv, Kpavya£<v. 
'AvdicXaiM, v. [defleo, vehenienter fleo,] to lament aloud. Kal Molrrat top 

"AbojvXv dvaKXalouvXv/'AbtiJvXv. Bion. 1. 94. SYN. 'AvaKutcvu), d7ro/juw£w, fxera- 

icXalit), tTrTaXaiio. 
'AvaK-Xdw, f. d<rw, v. [refringo, refiecto,] to force back, to beud or incline. 

"Hfxois dpiffTepdlaXf avaKXavas beprjv. Orest. 1476. 

'AvaicXhu), f. Xvti, v. [repono, reclino, aperio,] to bend back, to open, to dis- 
close. "Rvd' oX avaKXivdevres dveppiTZTOW dXd 7rr)b<5. v. 78. SYN. KdrasXtyw, 

dvaTrlTTTii), avoiyu), dvdneTavvv^xX y dva-KTvaad). 
'avcLkoivoii), v. [communico aliquid cum aliquo,] to commune with another, to L 

consult. YSovXdf.ievovs aiuKoirovadai re. Nub. 470. SYN. Kot^ow, Koivwyeu), 

fieTubXbojfjiX, fiereyh), vefxdfJiai. 
'AvaKotpaveoj, v. [dominor, rego, obeo,] to marshal, to command. Yiyvuanv, 

yap "Apr}d fxa^-qv dvaKOipdveovTCi.' 2 ' E. 824. SYN. Koipaveh), K&Tevdvpoj, ap^(o x 


"AvclkoXtt. igu) , v. [succingo,] to fold to the bosom. AteXGe, KaraicvXTrXodv. Thesm 

'AraKdfit£io, v. [(l)refero, eveho, (2) redeo,] (1) to bear up, to recover, (2) to 

return. YlpoawQev irddev dvaKo filed fiat. Hipp. 831. SYN. (l) 'A>'dKo/uc?w, 

ixvatyepu) , a7rd<pep(i) } (2) dveifju, endvei/jiX. 



1 ©col is here scanned as one long s\ liable. 

2 "AvaKotpaviovTa, in the later editions, is read ova Koipwsovra. 


'AraKovrtSw, v. [ejaculor, erumpo,] to dart, to spout up. Afyd 6' clvyikovtiZe 

bXa <TTpeirToi6 xirGivbs. E. 113. SYN. 'Akovti^o), dvdtyepdjJiai. 
'AvaKonTio, v. [(l)retundo, (2)inhibeo, (3) propulso,] (1) to beat back, (2) to re- 
tard or hinder, (3) to dash out. 'Ev bkuXrfib'' tJke, dvpeiav 1 dve\co7tTEv oy^as. $.47. 

SYN. (1) 'Aratcpovio, &7rw0£w, (2) airdndirru), a7rdre/j.v(i), cififlXvyu), (3) enQXifih). 
'Avaicov<pi£(o, v. [sublevo,] to lift up, to lighten, to relieve. *ftj/ rj<r6d/jir]i> aov, 

icavEKOvcpiadrjv bipas. Hipp. 1390. SYN. 'Ettikov^/^w, sXatypvvio, viraipw, dy- 

i(TTT]/j.l, vTrdviaTrjfjiXf aviayti), avvxpou). 
'AvaKoixplals, eios, i], subst. [sublevatio, allevatio,] alleviation, relief. 'AXktju 

Xdfiois ay, KaraKoixfiaiv kclk&v. CE. T. 218. SYN. Kov(pifffid, kovQXoXs, dva.7rav fjid. 
'AtdKovu), f. Kovodpai, v. [ausculto rursus,] to listen to once more. Melvwfxev 

avrov, KcivdKOvaiojiev yoiov. Electr. 81. SYN.^Atfpodo/iat, inrdKOvoj, 
'ArQKpagio, f. £w, v. [exclamo,] to cry out, to bawl, to exclaim. 'AW e-tteX ovv 

to irpioTdv dveicpdyov, ovk EnXKeixTto. £. 467. SYN. 'AvcucXaeJu;, dydjjodu), eicfyddto, 

dpd(pu)ve(i) f £7rl(p(ov£U) , eyKpa^u), dvaKaXeto, £7rtfca\fw, £7ri( 
'AvaKplnavvvixX, v. [suspendo in altum,] to hang up, to keep in suspense. Totyy 

dvEKpe/udarey npos Kiovd narpos sold, Horn. Apoll. 8. SYN. Kpefiayvv/uiX, dirap- 

raw, e7rapraw, dvaprdd/JLat, aliopito. ^ 

'AvaKpZwy, ovtos, 6, P. N. [Anacreon,] a celebrated lyric poet of Teos. 'Aya- 

tcpeioy jjl eTTe/u^e. Anac. EPITH."A00i7<5s, fidXaKos, olydTrdrris, olyofidprjs, (j)XXd- 

kw/jlos, Trjios, ev^os 'iwvioy. PHR. 'AoibXfios fxeXtarfjs t dudpeards eptortoy, Attf- 

vvaov fiefieXrjjjth'ds ovdaX ku)ji6s. 
'Aydicpiyo), f. XvCj, v. [scrutor, inquiro, dijudico,] to examine, to search out, to 

decide. Avtrdpoov tywyds dydtcpivdfjeydy. Pyth. 4. 112. 
'AvakpoTeu), v. [edo plausum,] to clap the hands, to applaud. 'Eyw be rw x e V 

dyeKpoTTja v(f> tjboyfjs. Plut. 739- SyN. 'JLmKpoTEto, lirippodeo) , EirX(xr)fxaiv6^ai t 

ETraiiEio, vfxyed). 
'AycLKpovcj, v. [navem coerceo vel retrorsum ago,] to cause a ship to move 

backward, to row astern. "Hv nws Ttpvfxydy avdnpovarirat, nXriyeis rals elpe'- 

cXwvuts. Vesp. 399« 
'AyaicTddfiaif f. KT^adjjiai, v. [(1) recupero, (2) refocillo, (3) mihi amicum facio,] 

to recover, to repossess, to attach, to conciliate. 'AXktj ttettoiOms b&fj! d^a- 

KTYiaet irdrpos, Choeph. 231. SYN. (l) 'AyaKo/z/^d/ioi, a> dXa/j/Sdrfa), dvaTrpaTTW, 

dvopBow, dyd(T<j)£u), aTrapncta, KdrapTi£(i) f (2) dva$(s)7rvp£it) t dra\pvyo), (3) depdirevw. 
'AvaKTdpXa, as, rj t subst. [imperium, regnum,] command, sovereignty. Ke/V 

o^ea KpoTeovaXv, dyaKropXrjy d(f>XeyT£s. Horn. Apoll. 234. SYN. 'Apy//, fidoX- 

Xe/a, KoipdvXr}. EPITH. Tipdpa. 
*Ava.KTdpdy i ov, to, subst. [regium palatium, (2) templum,] a palace, a temple. 

'Ay&KTopoy 6vr)ndXu>. Troad. 331. SYN. BdcriXetdr, (2) yaos, Xtpoy, TEfiEyos, 

dXffds. EPITH. KaX6>, oXfiidbdi/udy. 
'Avcucrwp, dpdsy 6, subst. [herus, rex,] a king, a prince, a ruler. Timrov & 

dyaKTojp "IXXoy t EmoKdireX. Iph. T. 1415. SYN. "Aval,, tcvpXos, bea7r6rr]s t 

ap%(t)y, EKiGTdT-qs. 
*AvdKvKd(o, v. [permisceo, commisceo,] to mix up. 'Eyw be, rrjv KipKrjv yt, rr)y 

Ta <J>app.dK dvdwiciovdy. Plut. 302. 
'AyaKvuXEio, v. [evolvo, explico,] to roll back, to bend forward. Avdis // es 

opQbv OTrjoov, dvdKvuXei bi/jids. Orest. 225. SYN. KvkXoio, drdni/Xioj, dydicvXiy- 

bi-u), d7rdKvXiyb£(i) t bivEio, dvaaTp£(p<t). 
*AydKv/j.fldXXa£<o, v. [cum sonitu everto,] to overturn with a great noise, to 

tumble. £ti<j)poi & dyeicvufidXXaciov. IT. 379' SYN. 'AyaKporEio, dnorpEirdfjtai. 
^Avatcu-KTU), v. [existo, emergo,] to rise up, to emerge. Toy At', dvdic£Kv<j)dji£y. 

Cycl. 212. SYN. 'Am/3X£7rw, dvd/3a/vw, dvdbvdfxat. 
'AvdKiobwvi£(i), v. [tintinnabulum pulso,] to shake about, to try by the sound. 

Tov pofifidy, dvdKix)b<i)vlfTov. Aristoph. fr. Hero. 
*Arakw/cvw, v. [deploro, defleo,] to bewail aloud. 'P/^as ^£ 7r^7rXov$, KavdKMKvaas 

XXyv. Pers. 468. SYN. Kwkwo;, dprjvEO), yodw, dyaicXatu), baKpvppou), anodpr}- 

V£u> 7 Eirdbvpdfxai, ZirdXdcjivpdfjiai, KaToXdcpvpofiai. 

1 ®vptwu is here scanned as an iambus. 


'AvaKwxetiuj, v, [(1) navem in anchoris retiueo, inhibeo; (2) recedo,] to stop 

the motion of a ship; to restrain, to check. KaraKo^evei ndpeis. Electr. 732. 

SYN. Kdrexw. 
'ArdXdXu^w, v. [ululo, exclamo, tripudio,] to raise a shout. 'Eyw b' dvrjXdXa£,d, 

Kavwp^r)(7dfJir)V. Eur. Supp!. 729« SYN. 'Avaupd^hf, 7raiavi£w. 
"Avakafxfiavu), f. Xrjxpo/jiai, v. [recipio, recupero, repeto,] to take up, to recover, 

to refresh. Nvv dUd ras irpXv dvdXdfieiv dfjiaprlas. Ion. 429* SYN. Tlapa- 

Xafifidvu), dvdbeypfjiai, vTr6be")(pjxai, eiravopdow , av<XKTad/nai, dvaipsofiai, dreyw, 

avciKakiw, alaQdvdfxai, evdvpedjiat. 
'Avd\a//7rw, v. [resplendeo,] to shine forth, to blaze out. Hup dfidrov V dve- 

Xaii^ev virep fcdneroid fiaQetrjs. Mosch. 4. 103. SYN. 'EfcXa/z^w, d7rotmX/3w, 

extpaivo/jat, drdre'XXw, aPaKV7rroj. 
'AvaXyrjTvsj ov, 6 et fi, adj. [sine dolore, crudelis, qui nullo dolore aut miseri- 

cordia tangitur,] unattacked by pain or sorrow, unfeeling. Tov b* dvaXyijrov 

irddovs ; Hipp. 1383. SYN."A.Xi)7ros, aXv7n]ros t dvaXy))s, dvu>bvvds, dnovos, 

civaiodrjToSy dvtjXerjs, dirr)vi]s t <7kX?/oos. 
^AvaXyr'irus, adv. [inhumaniter,] unfeelingly. T {2&' dvaXyrjrws fiaXelv. Aj. Fl. 1333. 
'AvaXbrjs, £6s, 6 et //, adj. [incrementum non eapiens,] incapable of growing. 

*As v7ro tov fxi) yv&vai KaOdputs vfieis enoXricdT dvaXbeh. Vesp. 1040. SYN. 

'A<T0£V?/S, TCLTTeiVOS. 

^AvaXbij<7Ku), v. [succresco,] to grow up, to rise into sight as a star. Aainrdv 

avaXbrjvKOPTes i)7r€p \dovos, avrdp 'i/yawi--. Apoll. 3. 13()2. SYN. 'Aj dbxbojiii, 

"AvdXeyto, f. £w, v. [colligo,] to collect, to gather, to read, &c. Krelvovres 

r avrovs, dvd t ei'red KaXd Xeyovres. A. 754. SYN. XuXXeyw, avvayu). 
^AvaXd^s, eds, 6 et r/, adj. [insanabilis, incurabilis,] incurable, not having the 

power of healing. MulpataX 6' dvaXOed cpapiiaKd itavrd. Bion. 7« SYN. AvtraX- 

0j)s, aviiKeords. 
'AvaXiaKio, et avaXdw, f. w(ru>, v. [absumo, insumo, perdo,] to consume, to ex- 
pend, to waste, to destroy. l*<pdyXd nape/vac kciv dvaX/ox/js ipvovs. Iph. T. 

338. See also Med, 32fJ. SYN. 'EwdvaXtatcw, k^dvaXianio, bditdrdw, dno- 

rpvu), Kadaipeix), Kdrarplfiio, Tropdeu). 
'AvaXKcia, et ayaXulct, as, rj, (Ion. dvaXdri,) subst. [(1) impotentia, ignavia, (2) 

timiditas,] feebleness, cowardice. "\XX6v elodvdfiijvaX dvaXKeiycX bapthrts, 

P. 337« SYN. ^Abpdveid, aadet'etd, dfitj^diXa, aupdreid, dvavbpXa. 
"AyaXicXs, Xbds, 6 et rj, adj. [impotens,] weak, powerless. T H obtf dXXs, otti yv- 

vaXtcds dvdXicXbds rfTrepoTteveis ; E. 349* SYN. 'AtjOevrjs, dbvrdros. 
'AvaXXdftat, v. [assilio, insilio,] to spring up, to leap. Kou dmXdro Ka\ 7rXdrd- 

yr\oev* Theocr. 8. 88. 
'Ai/aXow, see 'AvaXtoxw. 

"Ai'aXros, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [inexplebilis, insatiabilis,] unseasoned with salt, (pro- 
perly) insatiable. *Os tovtov tov dvaXTdv dX-qrevEiy dnenavads, a» 113. 

SYN. 'Afcopeoros, dKoprjTos, airXripioTds, a^peUds, drjbris. 
'AvdXvffXs, ews, ^, subst. [resolutio, abrogatio,] dissolution, deliverance. 'Ei> oh 

dvdXvois, earXv ov-be/JiXa, Soph. Electr. 142. SYN. Averts, bidXvoXs, etcXuais, 

cktXgXs, dvanTv^ii. 
''AvdXvTYip, fjpds, 6, subst. [liberator,] a deliverer. 'AvdXvr^p rls bojuav. Choepb. 

153. SYN. Hujrrjp, eXevOepiorris. 
'AmXvw, vera), v. [resolvo, dissolvo; in rued. voc. redimo,] to loosen, to untie, 

to set aside, to ransom, to redeem. 'Ara fiot reavd Xvaat. Suppl. 45. SYN. 

'E7rdvdXi/w, KavdXvw, dvaipio, dnobxbiofju, dmyw, €KtT(o. 
"ApaXcjfJid, drds, to, subst. [sumptus, impensa,] expense, expenditure. Ovk 

€<tti TavaX(ofi dvaXwOev Xdj3e~iv. Suppl. 78fJ. SYN. 'AvaXioats, bandyr), fiXdfirj, 

'AvdXucftj, ews, ft, subst. [consumptio,] consumption, waste, expense. "OarXs 

dvaXtocrXv rrjpei mrd 'XprffidTa deputy. Theogn. 899« Sy N. 'E^d vaXuxrXs, Karavcl- 

1 Here and in many other instances the two words ») oi>x only form one syllable in scanning. 
The same remark will apply to f«) ov. See Clarke's note at II. E. 349. 


\vjffls t (pdiaiSy dvaXiofid. 
'Arafiaidw, v. [furibundo impetu sursum deorsum feror,] to desire eagerly, to 

spread furiously. '£ls 6' dvdyuat/xdet pads' ay Kid QeanXbdes irvp. T. 490. Syn. 

Mtt««dw, fxaivofxaif dvdtyepdfJLai. 
'AvufmoaSfiat, v. [iterum mando, runiino,] to rumiuate, to consider again and 

again. 'iLyvwadv dvaiidawfjiEvoi. Vesp. 783. 
'aj dyuucrffw, v. [(l) pinso, (2) abstergo, luo,] to bake; to wipe off, to expiate. 
"Kpbovaa /ueyd epybv b ar\ KsQdXrj dvdfjia^ets. r. 92. SYN. Macaw, aTtofxaaoio, 

aTrorpljjd/jaif dvdtyvpdw, di'dadXdrro^ua*, diroKaQaipit), 
'Atd^e\7rw, v. [cano, celebro cantu, modulor,] to sing, to celebrafe in song. 
"Iket EwiffTafxevos XXyvpdv dvafieXdiaX doibciv. Theocr. 17« 113. SYN. 'Avv- 

fjiveu), di'dyopevo), zrjpvao'U), Karoibo), TrEpta'bu). 
'AvdfiEvio, et poet, dvdfjtifxvio, v. [expecto, permaneo,] to await, to look for, 

to expect. Xeipos Ovpaias dvafxEvetv Kovcpiafidrd. Phoen. 862. See also A. 

171. SYN. KdTdfj.EV(i), £7rt«£va>, i/7rd«£>w, £7T£^w, e/cSfy/^uat, TrpoffbEypfiai, icdpa.- 

boKEU), KdrdboKEu), npoaboicduj. 
'AvdfxearoiOy v. [repleo,] to fill. 'iCird ypafjtjidTEwv dvEfxearwdrj. Ran. 1083. 

SYN. Mearow, 7r\r)po(i), dvairXripdiOt dva7rXrjd(o f dvd7rifXTrXrjfjiL. 
'Avdfx£TpEu>, et dvdfiETpovficu, v. [denuo metier, reraetior,] to. measure over 

again, to experience, to estimate, to repeat. YAs rovudfvXdv avdixETpoviiEvrj 

boLKpv. Iph. T. 347. SYN. (1) MarpEd), Kdrd/jLerpeu), btdfiErpEio, avrXfjierpEbt, 

bidTctTTO), (2) blriyEOfiaiy btepypfiai. 
'AvdfiiyvvfjiX, m. et pass, di'dfxiyvvfiai, v. [immisceo,] to mix with, to blend. 

*Ojaov bi Ka.bfj.ov TcaurXv dpafjEfiiyfjiEvai. Bacch. 37« SYN. 'Avdfxiyvvo), d»'d- 

KEpavvvfiXf e/JifJityvvfjiX, KaTa/uiyvv/JiX, einrXeicu). 
'Apdfxt/jivjjffKd), f. fivrjo-cj, v. [in mentem revoco,] (l) to remind, to admonish, to 

call to mind, (2) to remember. Mwv rapd bxd yjpovov a dvk\xvr\aav Kaad. Electr. 

504. SYN. (l) '¥7rd/j.ifivr]<TKW, fxprj/nopeva), bXafivrjfxdvevu), v-k6\ivt)\xX, v7rdfidXXu> t 

vovQlrEiOy TrdpayyeXXu). (2) /Ai'ddfiai, 7rdpdfxefxvr}fiai t efCfxavdara), ^diviffTdfxai. 
'Avd/jii(ryti), a word of rare occurrence in the best poets, see 'Avd^xiyvvfiX. 

'Ybcjp & drdpiayETuX vbei. Theog. 9^3. 
'Apd/xopfxvpu}, v. [cum murmure ebullio, murmuro,] to roar, to murmur, to bel- 
low, tyvaai xaXxrjiov ote pev t dvd/jtopfjLvpovaX. Apoll. 3. 1299* SYN. Mop- 

fjvpoj, nopfivpi£ay, viro^XBvpii.d), dvacUb). 
'AvdfjioyXevo), v. [vectibus submoveo,] to unbar, to remove. Tx raabl Ktveis 

Kavd/jio^Xeveis TrvXas. Med. 1314. 1 SYN. 'AvdtCLVEto, dirtod£<v, vire^aipu). 
'ArcLfx-Kvl, vkos, 6 et ?7, adj. [nou habens vittam,] having no fillet, 'fts b y dTrsbi- 

Xcotoi KaX dvafnrijKES dart) iraTevjj.ES. Call. 6. 125. 
'ApdfivxOt^b/jiaiy v. [ingemisco,] to groan, to murmur deeply. 2i> £' av Kitcpa- 

yas Kard/xv^di^ei. P. V. 7^8. z SYN. M.v%6 '/c?w, dyddjiai, dvavTEvu). 
'AvapbpXa, as, fj, subst. [ignavia,] unmanliness, cowardice, timidity. M») npos 

Oewv fxot 7T£pX(3dXys dvavbpXav. Orest. 1030. SYN. ^AbpdvXa, KaxXa, Kaicrj, 

appdTr}s t bids. 
Aiavbpds, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [(1) parum virilis, ignavus, mollis ; (2) sine conjuge,] 

(l) unmanly, cowardly, (2) f. unmarried, husbandless. Ovx w^' dvavbpdy 

ahrov 7} Tpoia Ka\e~i. Androm. 342. SYN. (1) AetXos, icdKds, OrjXvyovs, (2) dyd- 

/jids, avvfjiEvaios. 
} Ardrtdi^w, et dvdviddfjLat, v. [reuovo,] to renew, to renovate. Nvp dvdveooiiai 

tov gov vfjEvaiov ndXXv. Hel. 728. See also Ran. 602. Syn. Nedw, dvdvEdio, 

Kctiv($M t diroKaQioTrinX, dvly eipio. 
I Avavevio, v. [renuo, abnuo,] to refuse. *Hs s<f)dr evypnEvri, dvlvevl bl YlaXXds 
\ 'A0//vr/. Z. 311. SYN. 'Avaii'dfiai, d7rdyivu>o*K(o, d-KeiTrio, a7rd(f>r)fjiX, dirovevio. 

Avdvo^ri, ijs, r], subst. [distributio,] a division. 'Avd^du^v. Eur. fr. Temen. 21. 

AvdvTTjs, et dvavrds, ov, pi. dvavrd, adj. [acclivis arduus,] steep, difficult. 

IloXXd §' dvavrd, KaravTa, Trdpavrd re, bo-^fiidT ^Xdoi.^V. 1 \6. SYN. YlpdaavTrjs, 

Xio-ads, 7TEpiiKXXvr)s, bvoyspris. 

Aval, ctKros, 6, subst. [rex, herus, dominus,] prince, lord, king. T? yap ue beX 
1 See Porson's note. * See Blomf. Gloss* 


ettjr, rf irarrip fity fjy &va£. Hec. 349. SYN. Bu<n\ei>s, Koipavds, avaKTWp, apyps, 

fiebiov, becrTT&rrjs, rvpavyds, alavfiv^TT)s t Kpamop. EP1TH. 'AirXdeos, bids, iceb- 

vos, evp\Ht>\^ 9 diieiXXyps, fxeya.6vjj.ds, fxeyaKXetjs, fxZveyapiA&s, mtcpos, TroXvicredyds, 

atciiTTTOv^os, aKTjTTTpd(j)dpds, 
'Avafypaivu), v. [sieco,] to dry up, to exhaust. 'AW okcltov fiddvy oIkov dvetfi- 

pavdv obovTss. Call. 6. 113. SYN. Erjpaivw, avio, avaivu>, 
'Ava&ds, a, 6v, adj. [(1) indignus, (2) inhonoratus, qui nullo habetur loco,] 

(1) unworthy, undeserving, (2) dishonored. 'Ayafyav* dXXrf bz ml 7rpeirei 

tXpX. Heracl. 527. SYN. 'Anafybs, dbo^ds. 
'Apa£io(jj, v. [dedignor, recuso ut indignum,] to judge unworlhy, to disparage, 

to treat insolently. "Ayvevii e^uy ti dewy, r? a dya^XQy; Electr. 256. Syn. 


'Aratytyopfjuyl;, tyyds, 6 et rj, adj. [in cithara regnans,] presiding over the lyre. 

'Apa^op/Jtyyes vfivoi. Olymp. 2. 1. 
*Ava^iu)s, adv. [immerito,] unworthily, undeservedly. "EadXov yeyCJTes, bvarv- 

yovs, avafyus. Heracl. 236. 
'AvaTraibevuj) v. [rursus instituo,] to instruct again or anew. TEpovrdywye'iv, 

Kavairaibeveiv urdXXv. Equit. IO96. SYN. Tlaibevh), iicbxbaffKU), avveriSiio. 
*Avairai(TTos, ov, 6, subst. [anaprestus,] an anapaest, a metrical foot of three 

syllables having the two first short and the last long. Avtov sirrjvei npos to 

Qtarpov 7rdpd(3ds kv rols dvdiraloTOis. Pax 735. 
'Aya7ra\Xojuai, v. [exsilio,] to spring or leap up. 'fis 5' d& vtto fpiKos ftopeo) dyd- 

TraXXeraX l^dvs. Y. 692. SYN. 'Avadopeu), dvaKi]KXu>, avairrjbao). 
'Avd7ra\Xw. v. [vibro, percutio,] to shake up and down, to strike. 2o^»os, 

trofujs dveTn)\lv. Bacch. 1179» SYN. HaXXw, dvdaeiu), dydrXydffaio, dydreiyu), 

'AvaTraXos, ov, 6, subst. [resortitio,] a change of lot. MyaarQeyrX be Zevs a/i- 

iraXoy. Olymp. 7» H0» SYN. 'Aydbaafios, KXripaxrXs. 
'Arajraffffw, v. [adspergo,] to sprinkle over. FXvkvs t ahXds dvditaaaet. Olymp. 

10. 113. 
'AvanavXd, tjs, r], subst. [quies, (2) locus quietis,] rest, a resting-place. 'Aorc- 

<f>dvoi bi Kopas dvd-wavXai. Hipp. 1133. 
'Aveiirav/ia, drbs, to, et avairavaXs, eos, %, subst. [requies, interrnissio a labore,] 

repose, a cessation from labor. Arja/JLbGvvrjy te tcdicwy aLnraviid te /jep/urjpdioy. 

Hes. Theog. 55. See also Hipp. 189- SYN. TlavXd, 7tavaXs, 7ravaa)Xri, Kdrd- 

iravaXs, KdrdTrav/ad, evbooXs, clveoXs, dtyloXs, dya-tpv^, rjTv^Xa, elpfiyrj. 
*Ardiravo), v. [sedo, do requiem,] to allay, to cause to stop, to stop. 'AvaTrave 

(Sbrjv, us ETcXyapToy. Trach. 1264. SYN. KdTa.7rav(o, Xrjya), eXuvo), ype/uEii), 

KOTtXdSlb). PHR. "Ayeiv oyoXjiv, dvdwavffai fxbyEpov iiaXdaKa yvld laoOov, y&Ta 

bv(77]XEyE(oy dvdiravaai <paibX/xa /jo-ydojy. 
'ArdTtelQw, v. [persuadeo,] to persuade, to influence, to induce. Et irws dvdvd- 

ireirjaifjEy Xket£vovte vXv. Hel. 834. SYN. YIeiOu), knireidit), EirXKeidto, dvdyu), 

elodyio, Eirdyu), Trdpo^vyu), Trdpopfido), 7rdpoTpvyu), irdpaKiyEd), 
'AvdTreipiji, f. ipuj, v. [transadigo,] to pierce through. Oepe tovs dfiEXiaicovs, Xy 

drdireipit) tcls kX^Xcis. Acharn. 1006. 
'AvdTrei(rri)pXds, a, dv, adj. [persuasorius,] persuasive, wheedling. *H kXj\oXv y 

yavvioaXv dydiretoTYipiav. Nub. 873. SYN. JJetffTrjpXds. 
'Avdireinru, v. [remitto, emitto,] to send back, to send away, to dispatch. Zev, 

Zev KaToyQlv a/x7r^7rwi'. Choeph. 376. SYN. 'Ai'Xrifu, dcfirjfAX, dyaareXXo), dyd- 

'AvdnETaCi)), et dvdTTETayyvLiX, f. daw, v. [expando, aperio,] to stretch out, to 

throw open, to spread out. Boorpv^o^ afjnrETdaas Xwrov Kara 7ryevjj.drd fxeX- 

7ret. Phoen. 799- SYN. 'AvaTrryo-o-w, e^a7rXow, dvolyu). 
"AydTCETd/jicit, f. dynrTrjadfjiai, v. [in altum evolo,] to fly upward or aloft, to 

escape. 'Ayd7rETdfiai br) 7rpds"6Xvfi7rdy. Av. 1372. 
'AvdTr^yyvLiX, f. 7r>^w, v. [suffigo,] to fix up, to impale, to suspend. Aayw' 

dyd7rr]yvvacrX, Troirdvd ireTTErai. Eccles, 838. SYN. KdTa7rrjyyvfxX, irpocrrjXdbJ, 

etyrjXdoj, TtpdaEpeibv), dvaKpELiayyvfu t 

ANAn ANAn 73 

r Apair r)huw t fut. /$<7«, v. [subsilio, exsiiio,] to spring up, to leap upon. 'Avdirt}- 

hwaiv wavrts t7r' epyov, ^aXKtjs, tcZp&firjs, OKVXbbeipca. A v. 490. SyN. 'AvaBo- 

pitOy dvd^ppevoj, dvaaKiprdu), anoOpuHTKOJ, avaQpuxncta. 
'kvcnciTTTh), fut. ite<fovfxai, 2 aor. eireabv, v. [recumbo, accumbo ad mensam,] 

to fall back, to recline at table. 'Aveireae, (pdpvybs, cddep' t£ie«s fidpvv. Cycl. 

410. SYN. 'AvaTTT-cw. 
'AvaTrn-vrj/ui, v. [expando, explico,] to stretch or spread out. "Ynvwv^drdTriTvd- 

jiiv aWals. Olymp. 6. 45. See 'AvdTrerdvpvfiX. 
'Aj>air\ciKr)T8s, ov, 6 et y, adj. [non aberrans, inevitabilis,] unerring, inevitable. 

Kfjpes avaTt\a.Kt]Toi, (E, R. 480. SYN. "Atpevtcrbs, airpooneXaarbs , avaTtohpaa* 


7 Ava7r\eK(jj, v. [iunecto, implico, redimio,] to put a wreath upon, to entwine. 

"OpfioHjl twv x^pas dvd-TrXenovTX. Olymp. 2. 135. 
'AvanXew, f. TtXevab), [provehor in ahum, navigo,] to sail out to sea, to sail. 

'Hfxels be <7~etvu)7rdy a>>e7r\eofiev ybbuivres. fi. 234. SYN. 'ApairAwaj (Ion.) 

€L7roTrXew, vavaroXeoj. 
"Ava7rXrj8(o, f. au), et avairXripdio, v. [impleo, expleo,] to fill again, to fill up. 

Kr}be dva7rXf}ffaty 7rplv irarplbd yaidv Xtceodat. e. 207. See also Helen. 906. 

SYN. 'EfnrXiidb), avaTrifnrXrjfjily KdrairXrjdta KaravifJi irX»7/i£, dirbrr I /j.xXrjiJi f efxxifx- 

7rXr)/jii, etarXrjpoh), avfixXrjpbd). 
' Avairv evo-Xs, ews, et avairvoi), fjs, ij, subst. [respiratio, relaxatio,] respiration, 

respite, rest. 'OXtyrj bz r' dvcnrvevais iroXepotd. A. 800. See also Nub. 627. 

SYN. 'Averts, dvdX^Xs. See a/uvvev/Lia. 
^Avaizv evcrrbs. ov, 6 et ^, adj. [qui respirare non potest,] unable to breathe, 

breathless. BpuxrXbs, aXXd r£ Kelrat dva-rrvevoTOs Ka'i dvav&bs. Hes. Theog. 797- 

SYN. "Axvevorbs, awbos, &\pv)(ps, ^Kxpv^ps, k'KwXrjKr&s, 
'Avanvew, f. evow, v. [respiro, recreor, relaxor animo,] to respire, to be re- 
freshed, to recover. Tpwis, dvairvevowoX £' dp^tot vhi 'Axaidr. A. 799. 
J$YN. 'Avaxpv^h), dvdiravdfxai, dvairvviii. 
AvdiroLvos, ov, b et r), adj. [non redemptus, sine pretio,] unransoined. 'Airpld- 

rr\v, dvdiroivbv t dyeiv 6' Xeph t v tKaTOjijiriv. A. 99* 
'AvdndXeai, v. [revoco in animum, instauro rem ab\>litam memoria, revolvo,] 

to renew, to turn over in the mind. Kovk avdirbXe'iadat rpt^ovros* tds S" 'A/*a- 

£ovas GKoirei. Lysistr. 678. SYN. 'Ava7re/U7ra£a>. 
*Avd7rdXt£u), v. [terram verto, iterum aro,] to turn over, a3 soil. "Apovpdv t| \dpX- 

riov drd7rdXl£dfiev. Pyth. 6. 2. SYN. 'AvdirdXeu. 
'Avdrrofiirds, ov, 6, adj. [qui mittit ad superos,] sending back, conducting, sc. 

the dead. 'AXbwvevs b' dvairopL-rr 8s dveltjs. Pers. 655. 
'AvdirovnrTos, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [illotus,] unwashed, uncleaned. Kdrd^po^QXaas 

kclt eK7rt(bv Tov gu)fj.8v dvdirbvntrbs . Eq. 356. SYN. "Avinrbs, dXovTbs, dteddap- 


*Ava~7Tprid(*), f. o-w, v. [incendo, cum gemitu effundo, protrudo,] to inflame, to 
excite, to fill up, to cause to flow, to shed tears. A<kjot>' dvairpi]i7as' qiktos h* 
eXe Xaby d-navrd. {3. 81. SYN. Uprjdto, dvaKaiio, dwbXelfioj, Kdrdyeti). 

'Avcnrrdb/Jiai, v. [sursum volo,] to fly up or away. *Hy be bXaarutaiv KaX ava- 
7rrwvTat -nrlpvyeaatv^ Lysist. 774. SYN. 'AvdicbTdbpLai, dvairerbfiai, d^inrdfiai, 

'Avairrepow, v. [(l)pennis seu alisinstruo, (2) excito, instigo,] to soar on wings, 
to buoy up with hope ; to alarm, to agitate. 'H^ovs Xovar\s ; ws (pbflos /jl ava- 
jriejoot. Suppl.90. SYN. Hrepbw, dvdTreWu), eXfypvvu). 

^AvavTvaao), f. | w , v. [expando, explico, evolvo,] to unfold, to expand, to ex- 
plain, to open, to expose. Kat TrpQrd uev Oeols 1 elv, dvavrv^as \epds. Hipp. 

'Avairrvyri, fjs, rj, subst. [explanatio, expositio,] an unfolding, expansion. T fi 
yald fiTjrep, yXXov r dvairTvyai. Hipp. 597. 

1 Here in scanning eeo?s is to be reckoned only as one syllable ) and this remark will apply to 
every case of 6ebs and 6ed. 

Pros. Lex, , K 


"JtariMta, v. [exspuo,] to spit or spirt out. Kctrv^g Kayivrvi' Kai fifrap&ioi. 

Antig. 1009. 
'AvaTrrw, v. [accendo, incendo, stimulo,] to blow up into a flame, to kindle, to 

inflame, to excite. MaXXoV /*' dvaxpets eicI aov ej-eXOeiv tybvbv, Orest. 6*02. 

SYN. 'Avdicalu), eicmiio, €K7rvpbu>, e/LnrifnrprjpX, irdpo^vf cj, 7rapop/idw, aveyeipu). 
'Av&irrtt), v. [religo, adnecto,] to fasten, to bind, to connect, to tie. 'Av^rd/ief 

irpbs kiov , wsXifcas vtcvov. Here. F. 1013. SYN. 'E/x7rXeKu>, avvelpio, avfX7r\eKUf, 

ovvapfxorTU), e^enrrto, Sew. 
'AVoTTvorcfc, ov, 6 et ft, adj. [pervulgatus, passim auditus,] heard, published, 

notorious. TrffXEy, d(j>ap 6' dvdirvoTa deot Betray av6pd>iroioX t X. 273. 

SYN. "Etcirvarbs, bXanvoTos, ivbXv(, dvi]Kbbs, bfjXos. 
'AvdircjaXs, ews, fj, 1 subst. [discessus et reciprocatio maris,] the ebb of the tide. 

Tey^tm dvaTtwaXv e£at(f>vas. Olymp. 9« 78. 
'AvapfivXbs, ov, 6, adj. [discalceatus,] without sandals, unshod. Tlalbesrb Xaibv 

l^yos avap(3v\oi irbbbs. Eur. fr. Meleag. 6. 7. 
"Avapdpds, ov, 6 et^, adj. [inarticulatus, membris captus,] disabled in the limbs. 
MdvXas, avapdpds elfiX, KaoOevS fieXr}. Orest. 22S. SYN. "AvaXicXs, apptaarbs, 
uadevrjs, (3Xr)xpbs. 
'AvapfflfjiriTds, et avapfflfids, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [innumera bilis, imperitus 1111 me- 
rorum,] 'A/i^rop', dvdp/fyuqroV, ec bovXrjs rXvbs. Ion. 836. See also Bacch. 
1333. SYN. 'AvijpXdpbs, afxeyapros, a(f>dbvos, direipbs, anXerds, drifibs, ovt 
€t> Xbyto oi/r' tv dpid/jibj, ovrXbdvos, (pavXbs, <f>Xavpbs. 
'AvapioTos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [impransus, non pransus,] without a meal or dinner. 
"ftpd bfxus Krjs oJkov' dvapioros AtdfcXe/Sas. Theocr. 15. 147. SYN. 'Avaicpd- 
TtaroSy dyevarbs* 
"AvapKTtis, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [nullius imperio subjectus,] unsubdued, inde- 
pendent. M^r' avapKrbv olv pXbv. Eumen. 520. Schn. 
'AvapfxoffTds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [haud congruens, inconveniens, ineptus,] unfitting, 
incongruous, discordant. Tvtybytpuv el, KavappLoarbs, Nub. 908. Syn. 
"Afiovabs, aKocrpbs, aeucrjs, 
'AvapTrayi), fjs, //, subst. [subreptio,] a carrying away, plunder. 2rpdrei//u* 

adpolcras, Tas ifias avapirayas. Helen. 50. 
f Avapira£<o, f. <rw et £w, v. [sursum rapio, abripio, diripio, vi opprimo,] to snatch 
up, to tear up, to carry away, to plunder. "l^eadai, rcJre bfi pXv dvapna^acd 
dveXXa. b, 515. SYN. 'A0ap7rac?w, dvaipw, <j>ep(o, dyw, eXfew, KaTaXrfigbjuat, 


'Avapnalavhpbs, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [homines devorans vel eripiens,] carrying off 
men. ' Avapnalarbpov — Kf/p' dtfteXovrd x^pas. Sept. Theb. 775. 

'AvapTraarbs, ov, b et //, adj. [abreptus,] carried off, snatched away. Eicroij/ei 
\eipbs dvapiraarav. Hec. 205. SYN. 'AvapiraadeU, dfaipovpevbs. 

^Avappt'iywfxX, f. prjfy, v. [diffindo, dirumpo, abrumpo,] to break through, to 
burst forth, to cause to burst forth. M») 'k rrjs aXu)7rf)s r>7<r5' avappf/fci natca. 
0E. R. 1075. SYN. AXappyyvvfiX, 7rdpappr]yvvfJiX, avaff^i^ia, bXaa^lS^u), airbre'iuru), 
airbudirTb), aTcoairau). 

'AvapplirTio, et avappvKTiia, v. [sursum vel in altum jacio, in aleam do, susci- 
pio,] to throw up, to throw at a venture {dvhvvbv being understood), to ha- 
zard, to run the risk, to encounter danger. 4 Ol frapa navTis av£ppi\pav, heLvav- 
res oXedpbv. k. 130. SYN. 'Avappnrrehi, hXaaeiw, fXEraTldrj/JLt, 

'Avapptxabfiat, v. [manibus et pedibus in altum enitor,] to climb up, as a spider 
when weaving. Ylpos ravr aveppt^ar av is rbv ovpavbv. Pax 70. 

'AvappotfiStb), v. [resorbeo, cum magno stridore absorbeo,] to swallow up with 
a great noise, to ingulf. Tw 5' tnrb bid XapvfibXs avappotfibel yueXdv vbwp. 
fd. 104. SYN. 'Poifibew, pb(j>e(o, avappb(j)£U), avanivta. 

'AvappvffXs, ews, ?;, subst. [redemptio, " dies Apaturiorum secundus sic voca- 
batur," vid. Maltb. et Brunck.] the second day of the 'AirarovpXa., because on 
1 The more common form is &(jutvtis, which see. 
' The latter meanings are more frequently met with in the prose writers. 


tliat day sacrifices were offered to Jupiter in which it was usual to chaw up 

the head of the victim. See Potter's Antiq. Vol. t. Taforis /xlrcwpd Kdrdyd- 

yelv dvappvaiv. Pax 890. SYN. AvrpkxrXs, dvaXa, QvaXaafxd, 
'AvapaXds, a, ov, adj. [implacabilis, improbus, iniquus, insensus,] unfit, unre- 

conciling, unrelenting. Ot tol bvefxevees ko.X dvapaXoX eyyvs taoX. ft. 365. 

SYN. 'AvapfAOtTToSf ahXKos, dTreydrjs, bv<r/ievi)s. 
'Avapraw, f. you), v. [suspendo,] to suspend from, to hang upon. 'AW eh 

Beovs ypfi tclvt dvaprrjaavr eyeiv. Phoen. 717* SYN. 'Aprdv, aiutplw, dvdrX- 

BrjfjtX, eTrayopai, dvdirr]yvvfjLL, avaKaiviGw. 
'AvapxXa,as, rj, subst. [soluta licentia, anarchia,] want of government, insubor- 
dination, anarchy. 'AfcdXaoros oyXos, vavrXicfi r' dvapyXa. Hec. 605. SYN. 

Tapanis, avvTapafys. See Antig. 672. 
'Avapyps, ov, 6, adj. [principio carens, seditiosus,] without a leader, in- 
subordinate, unprincipled ; without a beginning. Ovbe fiev ovb' oX dvapyoX 

earav, tto&eov ye fxev dpyov. B. 726"; 
'AvaaeipaZu), v. [retraho catena,] to draw back with a chain, to curb. "Oorts 

ae Bowv dvdoeipa£ei. Hipp. 237. SYN. 'ArdydXivCJ, dvepvu), dveXKu), dvd' 

*Avdae'no, v. [concutio,] to stir up, to shake. Ylavau) Krinrovvrd Bvpaov, drdaei- 

ovrd re. Bacch. 236. SYN. Held), etcrXvaaau), dvdKiveu), dvdiraXXu), d7reiXeoj. 
'AvdoeXyaivb), v. [petulanter injuria africio,] to treat petulantly. Ovb' avBXs 

avdaeXyaivoftevos JLvpiTrXbrjs, Vesp. 6*1. SYN. ^Yfipiciu), efyfipiZto, KaTatcwfjiu)- 

'kvaaifios, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [resimus, repandns, deformis,] crooked. 'Avdtri/iov, */ 

7rpeaf3vrepdv' ov yap dvaayt-ov. Eccles. 935. SYN. 'Avdicvpros, dfxoptyos. 
'AvaoKevagu), v. [(l) labefacto, aufero, destruo, (2) instauro, reparo, &c] to col- 
lect, to move, to transfer, to destroy. ,V H navr dveo-Kevd(TfxeB\ wtnrep al Tvyai ; 

Eur. El. 602. SYN. 'AvaTpe-Kb), itdpdKiveb) , dTOcrKevu^w, aadervio, emcrKevaciuj, 

dvappa7TT(jj, dKeofxai. 
'AvaaKOKeu), v. [considero, meditor,] to consider thoroughly, to see through, to 

reflect on, to recollect, to review. Kcu rd rybe kqc rd bevpd ttcivt' dvdfJKOTirei 

KdXws, Thesm. 6?3. SYN. Ikottecj, bXaaKoireoj, Kdrdvoew, bXaaKeirTQfXCU, etti- 

OK€7rtdfiai f d» ddewpeoj, dvdXuyicZdfiat, evBv/jtEojuai, (ppdCofiai. 
'AvaffTrdpaacru), f. £&>, v. [dilacero,] to tear up. 'Picas dvecrndpaaodv dcribfipots 

fidyXols. Bacch. 1102. SYN. 'E£epvw, e£aip£(o. 
'Avaaxaards, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [extractus alicunde,] drawn back, snatched, torn 

away. KavaoTraarrov iroielv e'iffoj, tX ttoXyjoete ; (ppa^ere vvvi. Vesp. 381. SYN. 

'EwlaTiCHTTos, e^eXddeis, 
'Avacnrdio, v. [haurio, revello,] to tear up. Tv/i/lovs dvaairCjv* yy be rybi l.iov- 

<pov. Med. 1378. SYN. Kdrdaird(o t i/7ro<77rdw, dvdvvpw, dvepvut, eiOtoVrtf, Kard- 

Xv<v, dvaipeu). 
'kvaaad, rjs, 1), subst. [regina,] a queen, a princess. Tpudbes irpoaBl 

b' dvacradv. Hec. 6l. SYN. BdatXts, fidoXXiood, (3doXXeid, bea7roivd, becrxorXs, 

rvpavvos. EPITH. Ylorvid, KaXXiTrXoKa/jos. 
Avaaara), v. [regno, impero,] to rule, to govern, to be king. KlXXav re cdOErjv, 

Teveboio re "i<pi dvdaffeis. A. 38. SYN. "Apyu), apyevu), ap^r/yerca;, KOipdveu), 

fiebeto, fxebd), yjyeofxai, Tvpavvew, Tvpavvevto, Kpareu), Kpdrvvio. PHR. 2o/7rrpw^ 

Kpdraw, Xadv evdvvoj bopX, bdfiovs rvpavvXKovs eyw. 
*AvaoTdoXs t eu)s, fj, subst. [(1) resurrectio a sedili vel cubili, vel e somno, 

(2) eversio,] (1) a rising up from a seat, bed, or from sleep, (2) devastation, 

destruction. (drjaovaXv, oIkwv t 'Arpews dvaoTdcXv. Troad. 366. SYN."Eyep- 

aXs, dveyepaXSy (2) dvaTpdirrj, btjoHrXs, KadalpeoXs, KaraaKatyrj, iropQ-qaXs. 
AvaordTrip, ypds, et dvaordr^s, ov, 6, subst. [eversor, vastator,] a destroyer, 'fts 

ovt dvaordrrjpd Kabpeias yBovos. Sept. Theb. 1017. See also Agamem. 1 198. 

SYN. 'Avarpd-rrevs, KadatpErrjs. 
AvaoTdyvWi et Ion, dvaardyyeaKia, v. [spicas emitto ; surgo, germino (de segete),] 


to shoot out, to spring up. "Ofiflpos' dXn Trpd-^djalp dpaaT&ypovoXy dpovpai. 

Apoll. 4. 271. See also Apoll. 3. 1354. 
'AvaariXkb), f. are\u> f v. [inhibeo, reprimo, coSroeo,] to keep off, to contract. 
"Sltrr dpaareTXat Tp8at*>. Iph. T. 1377- SYN. 'ETrdvaoTeXXw, 7T£p«7reXXw, crva- 

reXXw, avtyto, eire^d), dpatcpovoj, diaKto^evu). 
y Ava(TTeva£u, dpctffTevd^io, et avacFTevb), v. [alte ingemisco, graviter suspiro,] to 

groan aloud, to lament. 'A^eorera^e* Kd^vaXip arpexpas Kapa. Iph. A. 1548. 

See also ^F. 211. et Helen. 1527. Syn. TLtepw, aTEPagio, orbvayjiZo), dvaoTo- 

vd^Hio, yod(t)y avaKWKvu), avaK\ai<o 9 dpoijJ.oj£u), smoTEi'it), fidpv OTovaylciu). 
'A»/a<Tr£0w, f. \pu> t v. [corono, redimio, cingo,] to crown, to braid, to entwine. 

'Eyw bZ top obv Kpdr avacrrexpai dsXoj. Eur. fr. Archel. 3. SYN. *Avabev, 

crrefh), Trepiarifh), irepiKOfffxeb), GTEtydpou* 
'Avaoro/iow, v. [os aperio,] to open, the mouth. 'ApaoTdfiov to yeiXos, o>s eroifid 

(rot. Cycl. 356\ SYN. 'Avo/yw, dpaTTETapyvfjiX, dvdyaivoi. 
y Ava<7TOPaxl£<i>, v. [alte ingemisco,] to groan aloud, to lament. "lis ttVkXv cV 

GTrjdeaaiv dpear dyadic? 'AydjJiefjLPWp. k, p. SYN. See 'AvaaTet'aZut. 
'AvaaTpecpoj, f. xpio, v. [inverto, converto,] to upset, to change, to reverse, to 

overturn. Yltiroi&' 6 yap Beds 1 ttclpt avaorpstyet irdKXp. Eur. Suppl. 341. 

SYN. Kdraorpedw, &rnoT/>£$>«, fieraoTjOt^w, irapaaTpetyw, Trapatavio, avaKo/u- 

£dfjiait avaffTptocpauf. 
'Ava<TTpd<prj, 77s, 7), subst. [reversio,] a turning back, return, a reverse, an over- 
throw. 'Exfy><3i> yap dpbpiop jiolpav els ai>aarpo(j>r}V. Androm. 999- SYN. 

'Avrtorpo^, btacrTptyri , kfiraoTpo^, ZTravaarpdcpr), dm^wpiytrts, bXaTptfirj, vno- 

'AraffTpb)(pa<x>, v. poet, pro avdffTpscjxo, [verto, converto, subverto,] to turn, to 

alter. Tlciprf} dpaffrpoxpyp teal dpr)y£fji£P &s ke bvprjai. Hes. Clyp. 121. SYN. 

^Lrpwfyait), tzTrlbivew, avaaTpetyto, TrepiGTpstya). 
^AvaaytQiay et avaoytw, poet, pro 'ave-^w, (q. v.) v. [attollo, erigo,] to raise 

up. Evpds dyfjXai, Xafnrdbas r dvaayZdeiv. Med. 1026. See also Iph. A. 

y Avaaxf-rbs } 77, 8p, poet."Av<rxIrfo, adj. [tolerabilis,] to be endured, tolerable. 

Apdfjiovs ndXaiffTpas r ovk dvaayETOVs ejxol, Androm. 597- SYN. 'Apcktos, 

tXtjtos, viroiOTds, (f)opr)Tds, evtyoprjTos. 
'Aj/a<7)(/5w, v. [scindo, discindo, seco, disseco,] to split up, to rend. AvroTs 

bepfid Xeovt&s dpaaxl£eip d^v^effaL Theocr. 25. 277* SYN. Aiaaxisiw, am- 

r^/ivw, bldrifxvu), biairpiu), dvairpiit), bXxoTo/j.£io. 
'imffw^w, v. [servo, salvura praesto,] to bring back in safety, to restore an 

exile, to preserve, to recover. "Eppvrd KdvEouaEv. (E. R. 1352. Syn. 2wg?<u, 

bidauZh), ffdw^w, blda&£(i), eKffwcJw, ipvw, r^pew, 0i)Xdrrw, ^K^wXarrw, dpatcrd- 

'Avdrdivoj, poet. 'Avra» vu), (q. V.) 
'AvdTdpaaaia, f. £w, v. [conturbo, perturbo, permisceo,] to disturb, to confound, 

to alarm, 'lbou jx avdrdpacrcrei. Trach. 222. SYN. Atdmparrw, €KTdpaTT<t> f 

iTrlTapaTTit), ervvrdpaTTb), 7rroi£a>, crvyxE<*>, dvdOoXdb). 
'ArareJ, adv. [impune, sine injuria,] without injury or loss, with impunity. 

Kpewv, fi dvaTel rrjobe p kKpdXeiv x^ords. Med. 1357. SYN. 'Art^wpjjri, 

a.$rjf.uu)S t vf]Troivd. 
'AvdrtXXio, v. [produco, orior,] to raise up, to produce^ to rise. Towns 6' 

&fji(3pd(TLr)P ItfAdeis dperreiXE VEfieaQai. E. 717 * SYN. 'Avtxw, dvdbxbta\ki y e£a»'d- 

reXXw, arn^wu, ck^vw, dpdtyalpio, d^0£w. 
'ApdrXdrifiX, f. Ot'iato, v. [sursum pono, tollo, impono, consecro,] to put up or 

upon, to suspend, to ascribe, to refer, to attribute. Kai aoi' Qoifiy Hjpb' dpd- 

6r}(70j. Electr. 1294. SYN. 'EnXfiaWw^ EndpdTXdijfiX, £7rtirpe7r<y, 7rpoaTXdt]fxX, 

eiraipu), efyytofxai, 7T£ptriO^/ii, jXETariQqfxX. 
'AydrXpaaaio, f. ^w, v. [concutio, vehementer quatio,] to shake up and down, to 
1 0ec»5 is here a monosyllable ; see the remark at the word apamveow. 


agitate. 'AvirXvag eXdiov 6 Ba<x as &5/»tf, Ka * pyrpos Ta<p$. Bacch. 6] 3. Syn. 
Tivaaffio, dvdareioj, bXdTa.p6.affb), 

'A^arX^/it, f. r\r}ffdfxat t v. [perfero, tolero,] to bear up under, to endure through- 
out. Ar/^t dveT\rifi€v fxevos daxlroX vies 'A-^aiwi'. y. 104. SYN. 'ArarXdw, 
rXfj^X, bidrXrjfjtl, (pepu), avafspu), empepo), virdtpZpu), dvlyo/xai t dm^trw, vndfxevu), 
KapTepeu), bldKapTepeu). 

'A»'dro\j), see 'AvtoXtj. 

"avutos, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [innoxius, illeesus,] innoxious, harmless. E'irj b' dva- 
tov npdy\xd rovr a.7roi£v(*)V. iEsch. Suppl. 360. SYN. 'Addros, d/3Xd/3»)s, d£^- 
/ulos, adwoSy dbifkr]T6s. 

'AvarpEiru), v. [subverto, everto,] to turn back, to overturn, to upset, to under- 
mine, to overwhelm, 'fis bai/udvujvras Kavdrpe^avTas nbXXv. Phoen. 902. Syn. 
'AvaoT(O£0w, v7ro(TTpE<f)(*>, xaQaipEU), KdraffTpwyvvfU, 7rpoffovbi£b), ff(f>aX\u), Kara- 

'Ararjoe^w, f. 6p£\p(o, v. [nutrio, alo, educo,] to bring up, to educate. Kapblav 
dvarpEcfxov. Eumen. (Ed. Schiitz) 517» SYN. AXarptyu, eKrpEfo), TldrjVEW, 

'Aj/arjoe^w, f. Spity/iai, et dvabpa/uovfiai, 2. a. ebpdfibv, v. [recurro, redeo cur- 
rens,] to run up, to ascend quickly, to return. 'A(pp£ fiopfivpovrd xbwv, dm r 
ebpdfjl! oTriffffoj. E. 599» SYN. ^t-TrdparpE^, IndvaffrpEtyu), dvddeu), ira^tvbpo- 


'Avarpon-ri, jjs, fj, subst. [eversio, subversio,] overthrow, subversion, over- 
turning. 'Avdrpd-rcts, ordv "Aprjs, Eum. (Ed. Schiitz) 349. SYN. 'Aworpon-^, 
dyaffrdffis, uddaipEffls, dvaff-pdtyi\. 

'AvdTvpfiagw, v. [conturbo,] to throw again into confusion, to disturb. 'H/jiwy 
dvdTETVpfidK&s. Equit. 310. SYN. Tvpj3a£(o. 

y Avavyr}-bs, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [non splendens, obscurus, ater,] unillumined, 
gloomy, black. Ets dvavyr\rov poXe'iv. P. V. 1064. SYN. ^Koretvos, £d<pEpds, 

'AvavbrjTds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [inenarrabilis,] unutterable, strange. *A(pdroy, d<f>d- 
rbv, dvavbrjTdv. Ion. 783. 

"Avavbos, ov, et dvavbijs, eos, 6 et */, adj. [ineffabilis, infandus, mutus,] speech- 
less, indescribable, mute, unheard, not to be spoken. '6 & €ip7r dvavbos y 
fiiyd typdvUjV irwXoibE vXv, Phoen. 41. SYN."AjO|07yrds, awards, dtyunos, a<pdoy- 
ybs, dvavbrjrbs, Kutybs. 

"AvavXds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [tibiarum expers, tristis,] unaccompanied by the 
flute or pipe, mournful. At/jidrX 0///3as, K&fxbv dvavXbrdrov irpb^bpeiiets. Phoen. 
802. SYH. H Afxovffds, eKfXEXrjs, yblpbs, Bprjvubijs. 

"Avavpds, ov, 6, P. N. [Anaurus,] a river in Thessaly, also a torrent. 'Avavpov 
Ttdpd irrjyas. Here. F. 390. SYN. Xeifjiappds, ydpabpa, 7rordfibs. EPITH» 
"KetfiEpios, 7rXrid(ov, jueXctjui^^ts, (gen. ibos). 

"Avavs, ads, ij, adj. [quae non amplius navis est,] which is a ship no more. 
Ndes dvdes. Pers. 6S6. 

'Avdtyalvu), f. dvu>, v. [ostento,] to display, to exhibit, to reveal. Mavre/a* 
fipbro~is dvdtyaivwv. Iph. T. 1256. SYN. Qalvu), eKtyalvb), <pdvEpbio, a7rb(f)aiv(o r 
bXdtyaivio, beUvv/iX, didbeiKvv/jiX, brjXbcj, npoffrjiJiaiyo), d-KOKaXvirro), bXayvo)pl<El<i). 

'Avdtyavbbv, et drdcpavbd, adv. [aperte, palam,] openly, publicly. "Os p dvd- 
tyavbov d7rviE, irbpojv diTEpeiffXd ebvd. U. 178. See also y. 222. SYN. $d^e- 
pu>$, €fji<pdvu>s, KdrdtydvGJs, E7ribr)Xu)S, ffd<f>u>s, tviinXov. 

'Avd(pEpio, dvoiffio, riveytcd, v. [sursum fero, subveho, suffero, transfero,] to 
carry, bring or lead up, to endure, to sustain, to impute to. Els Qolfidv dvd- 
<p£povffd rriv dfxaprXav. Orest. 76. SYN. 'AvdrXdrj/jiX, dvdreivu), dvdtyacvdnat, 
dvdy<o, dvdKofii£<o, dm/3i/3d^w, 7rpo0£pw, dvdfxifj.vfiaKOj f dvaKoXiuf, dvacrQaXku/. 

'Avdtyevyto, see 'A.fjKpevyio. 

*Avd(prj, t)s, rj, P. N. [Anaphe,] one of the Sporades. <bo~ifiov KeKXtiftzvot' *Avd<pt)v 
hz te Xiffffdbd vtjffdv. Apoll. 4. 1717- 

'A^a^Xeyw, v. [rursuru incendo, inflajnmo, excito,] to rekindle, to blow up. 


'Avtty>\*y& nbpbs 0<5s. Troad. 820. (Dochm. monom. hypercat.) SyN. A*a- 

tyXeyio, ZirXtyXeyh), dvdtcalu), avaf>piirL£<$t. 
'Ava(f)\va>, et dva<}>Xv£io, v, [ebullio, rursum ferveo*] to bubble up, to gush out, 

$fj irvpX Kaibfxevos' dvd V etyXvi ica\a peedpd. $. 36 1. SYN. 'Avacteu*. 
'Avd^o/Sew, v. [terreo, minor,] to frighten, to alarm. 'An-tf tQv noXewv ina.7rei- 

Xovvtcs rotavrl, KavdfdfiovvTES. Vesp. 668. SYN. 0o/3cw, e\-^o/3ca;. 
'Avd<j>6pa, as, f], subst. [elatio sursum versus, criminis relatio in alterum,] the 

transferring of a charge from one to another, authority, a narrative, appeal. 

'AW eartv fj/xlv avatyopa rfjs l,vjx<p6pds. Orest. 408. SYN. MeTadeats, ara^yq, 

KaTa<j)vyr} f dvdywyrj, avdKopXbrj, <pbpd, Trpoatyopct, E7rdvdbos, 
*Avd<pdpdv, ov, to, subst. [fulcimentum oneris,] a wooden bar or lever. Merd- 

fiaXXo/jiEvos ravcKpopov otX j(€$r]Ti^s, Ran. 8. 
'Ava<ppovTi£u), v. [animo volvo, excogito,] to reconsider, to think. 'Erol/Jidv 

dvEtypovrXqev ydfxov, Olymp. 1. 111. 
'Avatyvyri, rjs, f}, subst. [efFugium, perfugium,] escape. 'Avd^vyds mniov teal 

Kridvwv rptfias. Choeph. 930. SYN. 'EicQvyrj, bXdtyvyrj, dXv£Xs. 
'Avatyvpw, v. [commisceo, foedo,] to mix together, to defile. "Eorag vn IXdrais 

avairifyvpiiEV a'ifxdrX. Bacch. 731. SYN. 'Avafjuyrvio, avd<j>vpd(i) , dvafopvaaut, 

dvafilyvvjuX, fiiatvuj, ky\paivta, 
'AvafvaXdio, v. [anhelo,] to pant, to gasp for breath. 7 Aa9fx dvdtyvoX&uiv, /utYe- 

<pu>reei> i ooabv dnioBiv. Apoll. 2. 433. SYN. 'Avclttveio, aaOfiaivto. 
*Avd<pvu>, v. [renasci facio, produco,] to shoot up, to send forth, to cause to 

grow up. 'AdavaTOS KaX dvirvds, ov avrtj TaV avtyvtrev. Apoll. 2. 1213. SYN. 

'AvdreXXio, dvd(p£p(o. 
'AvaxaZdfxai, v. [retrocedo, gressum inhibeo,] to retire, to retreat. *A\js dvdxct- 

Cdfxevov, fiefiXrinEvov olfii ^aA^. II. 819* SYN. 'Avdxa£(*>, dm^wpew, dva- 

tTTpE(f)dfjLai, avayto. 
'ArdxatVw, 2. a. Exavtiv, et dvdxaffKio, v. [hisco, dehisco,] to gape, to yawn. 

Trjv KtyKXXb' e^rjpa^d, Kavdxdviov fxEyd. Equit. 641. See also Av. 502. SYN. 

XcuVw, x affKU) , bXax^crKio, bXdx^fvio. 
'Avdxatr/cw, v. [(1) ferocio, de equis, (2) excutio, proprie deequo quisessorem 

excutit,] (I) to raise the mane, to plunge like a restive horse, (2) to throw 

off. 'ArpE/md (pvXaffffojv, firi Vaxcurtaete 1 viv, Bacch. 1072. SYN. 'Avappnclctu), 

'Ara^w, f. evffcj, et poet, araxei/w, v. [infundo,] to pour on, to infuse. 'Ev 

binds efnrXijaas vbdros dvd e'lKoai fihpd Xev*. c. 209« SYN. 'Ey^ta;, c' r *X* w » 

elayZh), eVt/3a\\w« 
*Avaxv baiv 6 ixai, v. [lanugine obsitus sum,] to be covered with down. At h' 

av ndxwOjj Kavaxvoavdy rci TpXyX. Acharn. 79\. SYN. Ado-vvofjiai. 
*Avdxbpev(o, v. [(1) tripudio, salto, choreas ago, (2) celebro choreis,] (1) to lead 

the dance, to celebrate the orgies of Bacchus, to agitate with madness, 'llpdv 

bptaXv dvExopevad, Phoen. 1770. SYN. Xopevut, opx^dfiai, dvvfivEio* 
'Avdxiopeu), v. [retrocedo, redeo, revertor,] to retreat, to withdraw, to retire. 

Bddvs ye rot AipKalos dvdxtopeXv iropos. Phoen. 742. SYN. ^Ardxa^dfiai, and- 

X^plta, vxdx^pEU), d7repx8pcu t EndvaaTpEQa), V7rdyw, virbvoaTEio, /uEdiarafxai, d<p- 

'Ava^vKTrjp, fjpos, 6, subst. [recreator,] the cherisher, that which refreshes. 

Tlovb/v dva\pvKTfjp', 6 V ajiirEXtav ydvos. Eur. fr. Androm. 27. 
'Ava\pvx*)> vs, y, subst. [refrigeratio, recreatio,] the recovering of the breath, 

deliverance, release. Kal x^P^' & K 7 a 9 rfjerb' dva-^vxvs irbvtav. Ion. 1626. 
'Avd\j;vx<*>, v. [refrigero, focillo,] to recover the breath, tore-animate, to refresh, 

to console. Kp^vrjv dvaxjjvxovaX 6rjXv7rovv fidaiv* Iph. A. 421. Syn. y ¥vx<**, 

biaxpvxw, avddaXirb), avdiravoj. 
'Avbdvw, fut. dbf}(Tti), v. [placeo,] to please, to gratify. Nitca vvv* ov fi^v avbd- 

vovrd fxoi 7roie7s. Alcest. 1127' SYN. 'ASew, dpicrnw, evdpearEU). 
"Avbtjfid, poet, pro dvdbrjfid, drbs, to, subst. [vitta,] a bandage, a crown, a 

garland, a chaplet. HornXXdv dvbrfjid, Pind. fr. 9. 


"Aybrjpd, wy, ra, subst. [areolae in horto,] beds or plots of flowers. Tlpos fidbd, 

tu>v dybripd 7rctp' alfidaXalai tte^vkI, Theocr. 5. 93. SYN. "AXdrts, atpa^ 

Tatypot, irpaoiat. 
'AvbtKrrjs, ov, 6, subst. [laqueus,] a kind of trap. Et7roV r aybitCTrjy re jidX 

elbord jiaKpoy dXeodai. Call. fr. 233. SYN. 'PoVrooj/, v<nrXr)y£. 
"Av&lxa, adv. [divisim, in duas partes,] apart, separately, in two ways. 'He 

blanpadeetv y dybi^d Trdird bdoaaQai, 2. 511. SYN. 'AfjicpXs, bXyd, bXaard- 

'AvbpdyaQXa. as, //, subst. [strenuitas,] manly excellence, courage, a. Ti/urjs. b. 

vrXaKovvTW, a. aybpdyddXas. b. loydbwv. Plut. ipi • SYN. 'A yfy) eia, ay ^vopi a, 

'AybpaypXd, toy, rd, subst. [spolia homini defracta exuviae,] spoils taken from 

an euemy. "Oams brj wpwros, fipdrdeyr dvbpaypX\ 'A^atwv. S. 509* SYN. 

ILnvXa, ffKvXevfxdTd, Evdpd, aypevfxdrd, Xdtyvpd. 
'ArbpdKds, adv. [viritim,] man by man. 'Aybpands* rjfieh fr avre dyeipdfxevot 

nard bfjfidy. v. 14. SYN. Kdr ixvbpd. 
'AvbpdTrobdv, ov, to, subst. [mancipiura,] a slave, a servant, a footman. Mj?5' 

avbpd.7rdbois top fiev -xprjadaLTroWois. Eccles. 589* SYN. AovXds, cuyjudXwros. 

EPITH. 'Apyvptovrirdv, bdpvdXwToy, vndyeipXoy. 
*Arbpdirdbi(TT)]s, ov, 6, subst. [plagiarius,] a raan-stealer, a slave-dealer, a plagiary. 

"Efjnrdpds rjKtav en QeaadXXas, irdpd 7rXelffT<i)y avb pair ob lot &v. Plut. 521. 
y AvbpdpXdv, et avbpXbv, ov, to, dim. of dvljp, subst. [homuncio,] a puny man, 

a paltry fellow. 'AW avbpdpXd fxo\Qripd, irdpaKlKo^fievd. Acliarn. 5l6. See 

also Theocr. 5. 40. SYN. 'AyQpwTrdpXov, aydptbrrXdv, dvdpwir lands. 
'Avbpa^Otjs, eds, 6 et fi, adj. [virum gravans seu onerans,] loading or oppressing 

a man. Ot p' diro 7rerpdwv dvbpa^QtaX ^pfjidbXoLaX. k. 127 • SYN. Bdpvs, 

V7repPdpi)s, V7rep(3pidf]s. 
'Avbpeia, or avbpXa, as, i), et avbpeiov, ov, to, subst. f virilis aetas, vigor,] manli- 
ness, fortitude, courage. 'AXX 4 XQX^alpwv, tTjs dybpeias. Nub. 510. See also 

Here. F. 475. Eur. Suppl. 510. SYN. 'ApbpdyddXa, ijvbpia, dyrjydpXa, npdrds, 

fiEvos, dX/o), evadeveid, evipvyXa, bvvdjiXs, ia^iis. EPITH. ^Arpd/Jids, aafieoTos, 

dbd/jiaaTds, 7r6Xvdap(rrjs, Kpdrepd, aXbr}po<ppwv. 
Avbpeids, a, ov, et (Ion.) avbprjXds, adj. [virilis, fortis, strenuus,] manly, brave. 

Mj) TcapQEvwiros, dXXd Tcivbpeiov Tponov. Eur. Electr. 949* Syn. 'Ayrjvwp, 

fiorjy dyddds, ev^vyos, fieydX6ipv\ds, fieyaXofptov, /xeydX^rwp, ofipifidQvfibs, /me- 

ydXodv/ios, vxepdvfids, Opdovuapbids, UEyddv/jos. 
Avbpet^ovTrjs, ov, 6, subst. [Iiomieida,] a man-slayer, a homicide. Mt]pXoi>r]s 

aTaXavTos 'EvvaXXy 1 avbpeityovTri. H. l66. 
Avbpelws, et avbpXKws, adv. [viriliter, strenue,] in a manly manner, vigorously. 

Xwpei br) vvv nds avbpeiws. Ran. 372. See also Pax 477* 
AvhpEpaaTpXd, as, 37, subst. [virorum amatrix,] a woman who loves men's com- 
pany. Tds avbpEpaarpXas KaXuJv. Thesm. 392. 
AvbpriXdTEd), v. [in exilium pello,] to expel, to banish. 'AybprjXdTovyrds, i) 

<pdv(t> fdyoy ndXXy. (E. R. 100. PHR. Quydbd diroXXv TTOLcly. 
AybpiiXdrrjs, ov, 6, subst. [qui homines in exilium abigit,] a banisher of men. 

H S&yr drifiaaTfjpd ribs a a.vbpr)XdTr\v. Sept. Theb. 634. 
AvbpXavTOTtoibs, ov, 6, subst. [statuarius,] a statuary. Ok avbpXavToTroids eljj.'. 

Nem. 5. 1. SYN. 'AyaXfidrdirows. PHR. 'AyaXuaru>r t&ktiov. 
AvbpXds, ayrds, 6, subst. [statua,] the representation of a man, a statue. Elm 

irpovrds irpos Toy avboXavrd roy Tiaybtbvds. Pax 1 1 88. SYN. Ea'uv. 

KvbpXKMs, adv. Vid. 'Aybpeiios. 

\ybpiarX, adv. [viriliter,] after the manner of men. XptadfxEyais dvbpivTX nap' 

Evpwrad XoerpoTs. Theocr. 18. 23. 

\ybpbfiovXds, ov, >/, adj. [virilis consilii, fortis,] plotting against her husband, 

insidious, capable of manly deeds. TvyaiKds a.ybpoj3ovX6y eX7r/5ov KEdp. 

Again. 10. 

1 Here va, form only one syllable. See Clarke, II. B. 651. 


'Av6po/3p&s, &tos, 6 et f tt adj. [viros devorans,] eating men, a cannibal. Mo- 

vaiatv avbpoflp&aX hvcFTpaireZot. Here. F. 381. 
'AvbpoyXyas, avros, b, subst. [gigas,] a giant. Xlavras b* aybpoyXyavrds, oXav 

■4ro\Xp apuXos dpai. Call. Cer. 35. 
'Avbpoyovos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [androgynus, viros ferens,] male-bearing. 'Avbpo- 

yovos r dyddrj, Kovprj b' ov crvfj,^6pos karXv. Hes. Op. 781. 
'AvbpdbaiKTds, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [viros seu homines perimens,] man-killing. T ft 

Qdi&T 'A^iXev, tX tvot avbpobdi ktov clkoviov. Ran. 1264. * 
'Avbpobafias, avrbs, 6, adj. [virum domans,] subduing a man. Tlbre fybpbs 

uvbpdbafxas. Nem, 3. 667 
'AvbpontfjitjS, fjTds, 6„et r), adj. [viros fatigans aut interficiens,] fatiguing, wearing 

out, killing men. Mqbe tls dvbpoKfirjs Xoiybs e7reX6erh). JEsch. Suppl. 6s6. 
'AvbpoK/jiriros, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [ab homine laboratus,] formed in consequence of 

the loss of men. St^Xji KezXtjAepos, dvbpoKfAriTf Zvl ri//i/3w. A. 371* 
'ArbpoKraota, as, fj, subst. [caedes virorum,] a slaughter of men, a slaughter, a 

carnage. Avrap eyibv ev olbajj&xas r\ avbpoKraolas re. H. 237* SYN. Miat- 

<j)bvia, (f)dpds. EPITH. Avypa, dXeyetv^. 
'AvbpoKTdvei0 t v. [viros interficio,] to slay a man, to kill a husband. 'Avbpo- 

KTovovad Trdrep* e/iov tear ktcrdpe . Eumen. 5QQ. 
*AvbpoKTdvds t ov, 6, subst. [homicida,] a homicide. Kv/cXw7res oikovJ ixvrp' 

epr\fi avbpotcrbvoi. Cycl. 22. 
'AvbpbXeretpd, as, rj, adj. [viros perdens,] destructive to men. Ylvpywv avbpb- 

Xlreipdv. Sept. Theb. 302. 
'Arbpdfxaxt}, rjs, fj t P. N. [Andromache,] the wife of Hector. 'Avbpb^dxn bZ 

oX dyyX Trdpiordrb baKpvyeovod. Z. 405. SYN. ^Hertwvrj. EPITH. 'Evcrcpvpbs, 

pbboatyvpbs, XevK&Xevbs. PHR. %v^<t)vbs TrdpdicoirXs "Eicrbpos, dvydrrjp fitydXrj- 

rbpbs 'HeriWos. 
'Avbpd/uEos, a, bv, adj. [(l)virilis, (2) humanus,] manlike, crowded with men, 

human. "Hre, KaX elpyb/uei'i] fidXd irep \pbbs avbpo^eoib. P. 571- SYN. 'Av- 

Opwrretos, avBpuTrXvbs, avbpelbs, fipbrebs, Ovrjrbs. 
*Avbp6bfiai, v. [ad aetatem virilem pervenio, vir fio,] to arrive at man's estate. 

Tepovr aypelov' fxr\ woO' o'tb* ^rbpiofievot. Here. F. 42. 
*Avbpbicats, aibds, 6, [puer virili animo,] a manly youth, a stripling, a boy just 

arrived at manhood. BXdorrj/id. KaXXtTcpwpvv, apbpbrrais dvrip. Sept. Theb. 

"'AvbpoTrXt'ideid, as, ^, subst. [hominum multitudo seu conventus,] a host of 
men, an armed host. T ft§e ris ndpeorXv avrols avbpoTrXjjdeta arpdrov. Pers. 

*AvbpbTvxfjs, eds, 6 et rjr, adj. [maritum nactus,] obtaining a husband, wedded, 
conjugal. 'Avbpdrvxeis (3Xotovs. Eumen. 962. SYN. rdfxrjXXbSy ydfxXKbs. 

v Avbpo<pQdpbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [homines perdens,] men-destroying, deadly, de- 
structive. 'Avbpotyddpov flefipwTZs a't/ubros XXnbs. Antig. 1035. SYN. 'Av- 
bpd^opos, avbpo(f>6vrr)s, avbpei6^6vrr]s, avBpwnoKTbvbs, tybvevs, (pbvevrijs, j3poTo- 
Xoiyos, fiXattybvo's, (J)diffi]j,fipbTbs. 

*Avbpwv, S>vbs, 6, subst. [pars domus, qua viri agunt,] a part of a house occu- 
pied by men. 'Ay' avrby els avbpwvds ev£evovs bbfiuv. Choeph. 700. EPITH, 

'Avbvbfiai, poet, pro dvdbvbfiat, v. [detrecto,] to avoid, to shrink from. YL'Uwy., 
avbvtTai trbXe^ov kukov aXXd ttov ovrws. N. 225. 

'Aveyyvbs, ov, [6 et ^7, adj. [sine sponsione actus,] devoid of bail, not having 
credit, not to be depended on. "ftp?; yap ae nebrioZv dreyyvbs* vypd be ty\v 
tyy\v. Anacr. Ep. 82. SYN.*A7noTos, eKvbjubs, a/jLvyarevTos, 

'Aveyetpoj, f. epti, v. [expergefacio, excito,] to raise up, to awaken from sleep, 
to cheer. 'Aveyeipovra typdaat. Olymp. 8. 98. SYN. 'Eye/pw, e&yeipu), dvl- 
o-ttj/m, e^dviffTTjfjiX, dva£(i)7rvpe(i). 

1 This is the reading most ingeriiously suggested by the'learned Dr. Maltby. See the Thes. 


'kvihriv, adv. [effuse, aperte,] loosely, freely, profusely. Qevyeiv avebrjv bid 

KVfx dXtov, iEscll. Suppl. 15. SYN.*A|o5)7*>, Trafnrdv, bXafintpls, avfi/uXyd. 
'AveifjiEvds, rf, bv, adj. [*- remissus, 2. ap. Sophocl. denotat incustoditus, extra 

irapQlvibvds evagans." Maltb.] remiss, given up, devoted, unguarded. Tdabe, 

firjb' dveifxEvas. Antig. 578. SyN. "a vetos, etyteXr/s. 
"Aretfii, v. [orior, ascendo, redeo,] to go up, to rise (of the sun), to ascend, to 

return. AaKpvoeis be. t dveiaX nd'is es fjirjTepd \i)pr}v. X. 499> SYN. 'Eiraveifju, 

nvdK6fxLS k dfxai i dvdXvio. 
'Aveifiw, ovos, 6 et r/, adj. [non vestitus, nudus, male vestitus,] unclothed, 

meanly clad. "Hare rev rj icdpd 7rafncdv dveijiovos fje kevi^ou. y, 348. SYN. 

* ' AireitKos, avivbvrds, yvjivos, biuret fxwv, bvaeifxarbs. 

*Aveipy<o, f. |w, v. [arceo, cohibeo, inhibeo,] to force back, to keep off, to re- 
strain. Kcu p is fieaadv X wv, Tpdxay dveepye <j)d\ayyds. T.'JJ. SYN. 'E7T€^w, 

(tvpe^o), ovviaytiiy avveipya), KwiXvio, dpaarpe^cj. 
'AveKa^e^adv.^Odesuper, e loco alto, (2)ab origine generis,] from above, ori- 
ginally. "AvwQev avEKaQev KTVTcio. Choeph. 421. 
*AveKTos t ov, 6 et r/, adj. [tolerabilis, commodus,] supportable. See 'AvaayiTbs. 

'AXXa to fxev kcu dveKrbv e^ei kclkov, birnoTE Kev rXs. v. S3. 
'AreKTujs, adv. [tolerabiliter,]]tolerably. 'Avbpus epos pnrrjs, b bi fiaiviraX ovket 

aveKT&s. 0. 535. 
'AviXeyXw, f. £w> v. [arguo, convinco,] to discover, to detect. T £! tekvov, ti 

<f>t)s ; o\ov olbv avEXeyypfxai* Ion. 1472. SYN. Baffciv/<-?&>, cUeAeyyw, Kardyi- 


'AvEXevdZpos, a, oV, et ov, 6 et rj, adj. [illiberalis, sordidus, avarus,] illiberal, 
degraded. Et, rcXovoXbs wv, dvEXevQZpbs e<70'. Plut. 591« SYN. Aov\o7rpe7r>)y, 
fUKpbXbybs, alaypbs, deiKrjs, dicofffjibs, Tnvdpbs, (j)XXbKepbr)s. 

'AyeXtW, v. [volvo, evolvo, voluto,] to throw out, to utter. TXCjcra a.vEXi<r<rb- 
fiEvq (jiQbvtpovs. Ran. 826. SYN. 'EXtco-w, bXiffdaivia, biVEio, KvXivbeo). 

*AveXKb), f. £w, v. [sursum traho,] to draw up, to draw back. "Hbr] §' dveXtcwv 
K&Xbv, EKTrXldpov bpb/iov. Med. 1J78. Syn."EXkw, e£eX*cw, e£eXfcvw, dvaandio, 
€$aip(o t dvdyiOf V7re%dyb) t dvEpvcj. 

'AveXXrjv, rjvbs, 6 et >/, adj. [alienus a moribus Graecorum, barbarus,] not Gre- 
cian, barbarian, foreign. TIbba7rbv bpiXov tov% dveXXr}va arpdrbv. iEsch. 
Suppl. 233. 

'AyeXirtr, tbbs, 6 et fj, adj. [qui est sine spe,] hopeless. IwTrjpXas dveXTrXs 1 ws 
hv' Qevos. Iph. T. 487- 

'AveXiricrrbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [(1) insperatus, (2) non sperans,] unhoped for, de- 
stitute of hope, hopeless. TX bfjrd <j)ci(Tfxd Tutv dveXTTioTiav bpu>\ Ion 1394. 

'Avefibeis, evrbs, 6 et >/, adj. [ventosus, vento plenus,] windy, exposed to the 
wind, lofty, violent. 1 'AvEpbevrX bl y etc' oxfy' Heracl. 784.^ 

'Avejubs, ov, 6, subst. [ventus,] the wind. M.Erptas dvEfiiov. Med. 834. Syn. 
'Arirr)s t trvev fid. EPITH. 'ApydXeos, aKparjs, ap7ra|, avTi7rbpbs t a'Ldpibs, bvaarjs, 
betvbSf bvari^rjs, E7reiybfXEvbs, £<f)(priris t cfaGeos, ZdfiEvris, dfiflpbcpbpbs, dut7r£T^s f 
v\pi7r£T^s, £rjpbs, Xiyvs, kXovewv, bXbos, XevyaXeos, dobs, Xlyvpbs, fxlyds, iravToibs, 
TrbXi)r)')(T]S, xdX£7rbs, •^eijj.EpXbs, ^otrdXtos, fidpvybov7rbs. 

*Av£fjto<TK£7rrjs f eos, 6 et ti, adj. [a vento tegens,] sheltering from the wind, warm. 
X\aiv&(t>v r* dvEfxbaKETTEiov, ovXojv te TdirriTwv. II. 224. SYN. 'AXe£ctvE/ios. 

'AvEfxptrcpdpdyosy ov, 6 et r), adj. [vento perstrepens,] roaring with wind, bel- 
lowing. 'AvEfJLOffQdpdywis ck IlaXtov KoXttwv. Pyth. 9- 6. 

'AvEfiOTpE<}>r)s t eos, 6 et >/, adj. [a vento nutritus s. auctus,] nursed by or in the 
wind, stormy, tempestuous, hardy. Aafipbv viral ve^ewv dvEfioTp£(pEs t i) 6e te 
irdod. O. 625. 

'AvEfiwKris, eos, 6 et r/, adj. [venti celeritatem habens,] swift as the wind, fleet. 

1 From the derivation of avefiSeis, its first syllable ought to be short : but poet, it is also long ; 
whence Ion. tyefioeis et Dor. avejuoets : or it may be long, as the first syllable of bdavaros is long, 
poetica necessitate. 

8 The first syllable of 'Apfyocvri is here long. See the strophe, Heracl. 774. 

Pros. Lex. L 


'AvefjiWKeds eWe bpdfxop vtyeXas. Phoen. Ifj5. SYN. 'SIkvs, vKOTrTeptis, ftdXXos, 

rcL^ys, aloXos. 
'AvejuwXids, a, dp, et ov, 6 et r), adj. [futilis, ventosus, vanus,] hollow as the 

wind, vain, idle. 'AddvdTW ol ft avr drE/uwXXoX, ot to 7rdpos nip. Y. 123. 

SYN. MerdfjiioXXds, jji£Tajj.u>vld$, /udraios, (f)Xvapo>, d7to<f>u)XXds, 
'Avefiojvri, ris, fj, subst. [anemone,] the flower anemone. 'AW oh avnpXi]T cptX 

Kvpoafidros, ovb' avefiMva. Theocr. 5. 92. EPTTH. EldpXvr), fxXpvvQdbXos. 
'AvEjiiopeid, as, r), P. N. [Anemoria,] a city of Phocis. Ot t 'ApE/xwpetap Ufai 

f Yaju7roXt> afJL^EVEfiovTd. B. 521. 
'Apeftbds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [unde exiri non potest, impervius,] having no egress, 

irremeable. 'AyyeiXeiEP Efxot tXs dpe^obdu els 'AyjepovTa. Theoer. 12. 19. 
'AveopTos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [incultus, non feriatus,] unfeasted, ungratified with a 

festival. 'Aveopros Upwv ical yop&v TrjTw/xEpds. Eur. Electr. 310. Syn. 'Are- 

Xecrros, anpETrijs, jUEdEOpros. 
'AvE-rrXXriTrTos, ov, 6 et r), adj. [irreprehensibilis,] blameless. 'AKEpaws, dpETrXXriTrTdv 

j]<rio]Kios pXop. Orest. 920. SYN. 'Ara/jLaprriros, afiXa&rjs, dpeutyris, due/nrrds. 
'AvETcLfyaTos, ov, 6 et f/, adj. [impolitus, imperfectus,] unpolished, imperfect. 

Mrjbe bo/uop Trotiov dvETti^eaTOV KdrdXei7reiP. Hes. Op. 746. SYN. "Awards, 

a^dos, aoKEirapvos, dicofiipos, dcoo-juos, drEXrjs. 
'APETTippeKTos, ov, 6 et 7], adj. [nondum confectus,] not completed, unfinished. 

Mtib* and •^vTpdndbojv dvEirippenTuv dvEXovrd. Hes. Op. 748. 
'Av£7ri(j)ddvds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [non invidendus, non reprehensus,] not enviable, 

not exposing or exposed to envy. 'AvEirifdopop eipvcov ey^os. Trach. 1051. 

SYN. 'AvEfAEarriTOS, dvipaaros. 
'Avepyds, ov, 6 et i), adj. [inefficax, in Justus,] undone, contrary to what ought 

to be done, unjust. At' epy dvepyd y oXXvaai, fiiXid r erXas. Helen. 365. 

SYN. ^A7rpaKTos. 
'AvEp€LTr6p.aX, f.\pdfiat, v. [sursum tollo, abripio,] to snatch up, to convey away. 

Nvvbi fjiiv aicX€iu>s"ApirviaX dviipetyavTo. a. 241. SYN. 'Apapird^io, avpapTragu), 

ClipEd), d7TO(j)Ep(i). . 

'AvEpevyw, v. [eructo, emit to,] to belch or vomit forth. "Oore Sx' e£ aKprjs dp£- 

pevyETaX els dXd fidXXojp. Apoll. 2. 745. SYN. 'Epeuyw, dwEpevyio, tcdrappEio. 
'AvEpevvrjTos, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [non perscrutandus,] not to be scrutinized. Tt 

j^pfj/ud y dPEpevprjrd bvadvfiel, yvvai ; Ion. 255. 
'AvEpofxai, et poet, dveipd/jiai, v. [interrogo, rogito, percontor,] to ask again, to 

interrogate. KaXXitfv et7rds, rj a dveipofxiip syw. Helen. 771* Syn. 'Avepwrdw, 

ZpioTait), e^ipEU). 
'Avepirviu), v. [(l) sursum serpo, (2) adrepo,] to creep up or back. Els aypdp 

dvepTTvaai. Pax 586. SYN. ^Apepina. 
'AvEpvo), et poet. dveipvb), f. vw, v. [sursum traho, retraho,] to draw up or back. 

'laTovs ffTtiffdfLEvot, dvd 0' larXd XevK EpvaavTES. i. 77- See also Theocr. 14.35. 

SYN. 'Aveipw, dveXteu), dpdyu), dpaipEio, dvaareXXo). 
'Avepxo/Jim, f. dvEXevad/jiai, v. [(l) adscendo, (2) redeo,] to go up or again, to 

return. r A\p 6X dpepypfiEPtt) ttvkXvov Xo^ov eladv dyovTES. A. 392. SYN. (1)"Av- 

et/JiX, IwdvetfxX, dvdfinivu), ettX^iuvu), (2) ETrat'ep^ojuat, avrjK(i) t E7cavi]K(t), dvayjw- 

pho, dvaarpscJHi), ETcdvaaTpEtyu), d7rdv£dfjiai, vooteu). 
'Avtowrdw, f. r/crio, v. [interrogo, saepe rogo,] to ask, to interrogate. 'Aydftefxvdy* 

U)S <l)KT€ip'' dvTjp&TO. T EfJLE. \\>\\. T. 66 5 . SYN. See 'AVEpdjACLl, 

'AvecrrXds, ov, b et r/, adj. [domo et sede propria carens,] homeless, a wanderer. 

'A(j)pr)Twp, ddE/jicrrds, dvearXos. I. 63. SYN. "Apoikos, (pvyds, 
"Avev, Boeot/'Avts, praep. [sine, absque, seorsum ab,] without, far or removed 

from. Ov fiep yap tt6t dpev btjiiop 1 i'/p, aXXd ndr avrovs. N. 556- SYN. At^d, 

^cjpXs, drip, efa, cktos. 
'Apevpioicu}, fut. pr)™, v. [reperio, iuvenio,] to seek out, to find out. Irvypoy 

top vv dpevpiiv, Theocr. 30. 9« Syn. 'EfevplaKut, e^evpiaKio. 


Here Hiftwv in scanning is considered as a dissyllable. 


'AvevpiaXs, Zus, r), subst. [inventio,] the finding out, a discovery, fft riicvdv, els 

fxev m)v dvevpstrtv Beds. Ion 56$. SYN. Ei/pec-fr, evpefid, evprjfxd, e^evpeais, 

'Avevfrjfieoj, v. [(]) celebro, faustis omnibus prosequens, (2) edo lamenta,] to 

bewail in a becoming manner. "A7ras b 7 dvev^firjaev olfuoyrj Xews. Trach. 

796- SYN. Karevtyrjfieu), avaQprjveio, dvrj^eu). 
'AvecpeXds, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [non ntibilus ; serenus,] unclouded, not gloomy. 

ITe7rrdrai avc^eXos, 1 XevKrj b' EirXbebpofxiv aiyXrj. <?. 45. SYN. JLvbXos, bldbrjXos. 
'Avfx w > et wtXW** v * [sursum tollo, sustineo, laudibus tollo,] to hold up, to 

support, to restrain, to celebrate, to honor. Uij/jdros e£w irdbd rovb' dvt^eis ; 

Hipp. 1288. SYN. 'E7T£^w, eniayjbjf avre^io, ffvv£\(o, Kare^oj, dveipyh) f /cdrcc- 

oreXXw, dvdreivo), Tifxdut. 
'Ave\pXds, z ov, o, subst. [consobrinus, sobrinus,] a cousin. 'Ave\pXos ys, jjlovos 

efiol odtyrjs (pXXos. Iph. T. 920. SYN. 'Edp, KYibeorris, avyyevrjs, e^dbeX(f)ds, 

ayytarevs, EirXyovos. 
'Avews, w, 6, adj. [silens, mutus, tranquillus,] dumb, silent. Tlirr 9 avey eye- 

veadi, Kapr)KdfjLdu)VTES 'Amatol ; B. 323. SYN. 'Atcrjv, d^iavos, dXdXos, tfovyos, 

i Avrfj3dio, v. [repubesco,] to grow up to manhood, to renew one's youth. TuJv 

avTov KTedvtop ev 7ra (T^efxeV ov yap dv7)j3q.v. Theog. 1003. 
'AvrjfirjTriplus, a, ov, adj. [repubescens, revirescens,] youthful, blooming. 'AW 

dvrjfjrjrrjpXav. Androm. 553. SYN. Neds, vEwrtpos, dva^Xiov. 
"Avrjfios, ov, 6 et f), adj. [impubes,] beardless, not grown to maturity. Ileus 

fiev dvr)(3os eu)V etX vr/TrXos, epKos obovrtov. Solon. 
'AvifjdXi'ds, r\, df, adj. [ex anetho confectus, anethinus,] composed of anise. 

K^ywr, rf\vb Kdr dfidp, dvridXrov, 7) poboevrd. Theocr. 7* 53. 
'AvriQov, ov, to, subst. [anethum,] anise, dill. XXwpai be o-nXdbes, fidXaxfi (3pX- 

dovaaX dvr)Q<*). Theocr. 15. 119. SYN."Anjflrtf|/, dvr)TOV. EPITH. EvdaXis, 

'Avijuearos, ov, 6 etr), adj. [insanabilis,] incurable, irreparable, inconsolable. 

'Ev rrjb' eXavveiv, infi dvrjKearov TpE<peiv. QE. R. 9S. SYN. 'AvaXdrjs, vfjKetrrds, 

d(f>opr)ToS, dirrjvrjs. 
'Avyikoos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [qui non audit, expers auditus,] not listening, inatten- 
tive. 'OirTtdTE irp&Td OdptofjiES, dvcwooX ev ^QovX KoiXa. Mosch. 3. 110. SYN. 

'AirriKods, d7reidr)s t dfjiddfjs. 
'AvrjKovaTEw, v. [non audio, non sum dicto obtemperans,] to refuse to comply 

with, to disobey. tx fls e^dr', ovb' dpd narpos dvY)KOvcrTY)(TEV 'AttoXXwv. O. 236. 

SYN. 'A7ret0£W, TrdpaKOvu). 
'AviiKovvTos, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [non auscultandus,] not to be listened to, strange, 

stubborn, obstinate. 'AviiKovard t&s Tvpdvvov. Hipp. 362. SYN. 'Avtjkoos, 

apprjTos, dirvoTOS. 
'AvijKtti, f. la), v. [convenio, pervenio,] to advance, to proceed, to improve. 

Tovpyov robi }ie~i£.ov dvr)Kei. Trach. 1035. 
'AvrjXErjs, eos, 6 et 7), adj. [immisericors, crudelis,] merciless, cruel. "Hprj, vol 

b' etX ttj/hos dv7)XEES %Top ekcito. Call. 4. 1 06. SyN. 'AjueiXXxos, dvouiTos, dwtj- 

vrjs, oXbrjpotypajv, wjxos. 
'Avi'iXlds, ov, 6 et i), adj. [expers solis, opacus,] not exposed to the sun, dark, 

opaque. At/3ds dvi'iXXds, a rdXaivd. Androm. 535. Syn. IvvTjptyris. 
'AvYiXXnds, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [excalceatus,] without shoes or sandals. M^ dvaXX- 

rros ep^ed, Barre. Theocr. 4. 56. SYN. N//Xt7rds, di vnobriTos, dirlbiXtis. 
'AvYifieXicTds, ov, 6 et t), adj. [non mulctus,] unmilked. OfjXeiai 6' e^eixyikov 

dvf)fieXKTOi irlpX arjKovs. 1. 439- 
'Avij/uEpos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [immitis,] wild, fierce, inhuman. Aair dpTj^xlpov, 

bpelav r eKpoXdv. Hec. 1081. SYN. 'ATrr)vr)s,d7ravdp<i)7rds,dfiei\tKTds, d/nelXXj^os. 
'AvrivEfios, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [sine ventis, tranquillus,] without wind, sheltered 

1 For the quantity of the first syllable see^Ave/xoeis. 

2 On the quantity of the penult, of 'AWiJ/tos, see Heyne, O. 554. 


from the wind, 'Av/yvejuoV re ttciptmp. CE. C. 670. 

'AvriwaTds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [qui perfici nequit,] impracticable, ineffectual. 
'AvTjvvffTcp errl epytj). it. 111. SYN. 'AreXeffrtfs, anpaKTOs, a^pr/ords. 

'Avrjvwp, opds, 6 et ^, adj. [non virilis, ignavus,] unmanly. My a dirdyvfxph}- 
Bevra kclkov Kcit avi)ropa Belr), k. 301. SyN. " Apapbpbs, &rjXv<pp(op t dfid^os. 

'aj/jjttvw, v. [resono, cano,] to resound, to sing. 'IfxtpoevB'' vpepaibp dyijitvbv, 
Apoll. 4. 1197. 

'Avijp, 1 avepds, et ar))p, avbpds, 6, v. [vir, homo, maritus, &c] a man, a hero, a 
husband, a mortal. "Avepes earl, (piXot, ppriaaaBe be BovpXbbs aXicris. Tyrt. 
See also Hec. 310. SYN. Bpbrbs, <pws, apBpwxbs, Bprjrbs, dKotTrjs, 7rapaKoirr]s. 
EPITH. 'ABXb<j)bpbs, aibolbs, aXtcXfJibs, 'Apffibs, d\0^ori)s, fiovXritybpbs, beipbs, 
StKtuds, eWctyAos, EpXKvbrjs, evoefifjs, eXa^pds, evoptcbs, ea&Xos, Exetyptop, BapadXlbs, 
Kparepos, KvbdXXfibs, KaprEpbBvfibs, fxeve-^ap/jids, irbXviroibs, iruXvXbpis, TroXvYX^ros, 
ad(fids, TaXaKapbidSj (plXo^'ipos, <f>pabfjiiop, aypXbs, dtbpXs, dndXafxpbs, dTriaros, 
depybs, dBEfiiaribs, dfa/X^rds, dveorXos, beiXbs, bvafxevrjs, fiapybs, albrjpo^apiiris, 
vTrepoirXos, oi$,vpbs, (3poTr]aXbs, vavoXtyoptiTos, adKeoirdXbs, crXbrjpb(j)bpbs, wtcvfibpos. 

'Avripetyris, lbs, 6 et rj> adj. [altus, tecto carens, alte tectus,] unroofed or high- 
roofed. 'Earffv/uieyws, i)T ektos dvrjpeQeos tteXe vr\ov. Apoll. 2. 1175. SYN. 
'Aorreyrjs, eTrr}pl<p{}s. 

'AvrjpXQfAos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [innumerus,] innumerable, without number. 'Aptj- 
pXBpop ysXaajid. P. V. 89. SYN. 'Avdpfflfjids. 

'Avrjpords, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [inaratus,] unploughed, uncultivated. 'AXXd rdy* 
a.a7rapra feat dvrjpord navrd (jtvovrat. c. 109- SYN.^Aawapros. 

'AvfiffffrjTos, ov, 6 et >7, adj. [invictus, insuperabilis,] unconquered, invincible. 
Nikt} fxav ovb' dXXbs, dvaaraarot be yevovro, Theocr. 6. 46. SYN. 'A^rr^rds, 
d^e/pwros, dpiKrjTbs. 

'AvrrfaiffTos, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [Vulcani expers,] not belonging to Vulcan, unna- 
tural. 'Ems v<pfj\pe bwfx dvijf^aiar^ irvpX, Orest. 620. 

'Avdaipedfiai, v. [in locum alterius eligo, prrefero,] to prefer, to obtain instead 
of. OuSets <TTE({>dvov avdaiprifferai. Hec. 66. SYN. 'Arrdcpspb), irpoKpivoi, irpb- 


' AvddfxiXXos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [aemulus,] rivalling. Tots apBd/xiXXois elaX TrdXt- 

fxlitrdTot. Ion 606. SYN. QxXdveiKos. 
'AvdaTTTofxai, v. [(l)e contrario vel vicissim attingo, (2) attingo,] to cling to, to 

supplicate in turn. 'ApBa7TTbpai gov T&vbe tup avr&p eyw. Hec. 274. SYN. 

Kd0d7rro/za(, bXa-rrpaTTio. 
"ApBeid, as, rj, P. N. [Anthea,] a city of Messenia. <br)pas re £ddeas rjb* "Av- 

Oeiap (DddyXetfidv. I. 151. SYN. lloa/effffd. 
"ApdefjLdp, ov 3 to, subst. [flos,] anything flowery, a flower: (there is also apQifxd, 

drds, to, for dpd&efid, which see). "ApQe^xd be ^pvaov <pXeyei. Olymp. 2. 130. 
'ApQefii^oiiai, v. [carpo, lego, defloro,] to cull, to gather, to crop. Tdebpd o' 

apde/jLigofxai. ^,sch. Suppl. 73. SYN. 'AirapQi^d). Exp. To dpBds dirobpEirdfiai, 
'ApdefAdeis, eaod, ep, adj. [florid us,] flowery. Ot b* e\-)(op $>i>XaKr}p, cat Uvppdaov 

apdifidePTd. B. 6Q5. SyN. 'Ap6£fj.u)br)s, apdetpos, clpOXpos, XetpXoets. 
'ApQifAoppvTos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [a flore fluens,] dropping from flowers. Eovdfjs 

fiEXlaorjs avdEfidppvTOP ydpos. Iph. T. 633. 
'ApQifjiovpyos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [opus suum ex floribus faciens,] flower-working, 

working among flowers. Trjs r apdE/iovpyov oray pit, 7ra/u0d€s jjieXX. Pers. 6l8. 
'ApOEfxubrjs, Ids, 6 et fi, adj. [floridus, florens, vernans,] flower-like, flowery. 

Top apdlfiwbr] tjxCjXop oladd tcov kXvup ; Batch. 454. 
'ApQepEibp, wpos, 6, subst. [mentum,] the chin. Aaipop vV apdlpEm'd, bid rrpti 

bs x^kop eXcmtoep. N. 388. SYN. YZpewv, oro/ud, Xdpvy^. EPITH. Aa- 

X v ^ eis f bdavBpi^t XdaXos, veidros. 
'Av0£pi£, Xkos, et apdipXnos, ov, 6, subst. [arista,] an ear of corn. "A*po> in 

ApBEpiKiop Kapnop BEop,ovbE kut^kXiop. Y. 227» SYN. 2rd^i)s. 

1 On the quantity of the penult, of 'Avyp, see R. P. Phcen. 1670. 

AN0E AN0P 85 

'AvdeaQopds, ov t 6 et //, adj. [florea serta gerens,] flower-bearing. ^.Ttydvovs, 

bpvos te, afiiXaKOS r avdea<f)dpov. Bacch. 692. 
'Avdeio, v. [floreo, scateo,] to produce flowers, to florish, to bloom. "E$rj te 

Tlptdfids/'EKTopos t rjvdeibopv. Hec. 1192. SYN. "A/tyxd^w, j3pva$0, hiavdtoj, 

Oc'iXXw, Xaivio, evTvyiu. 
'AvdrjXws, ov, 6 et tj, adj. [soli obversus vel oppositus,] turned or opposite to 

the sun. 'AvdfjXXov -npoawKdv eictyaivei di&v ; Ion 1550. SYN. YlpooriXXds. 
'Ardrjpds, a, ov, adj. [floridus,] flowery, florid, blooming. Ken prjv Xd^viobes y 

ovbds avdrjpds x^^^s. Cycl. 538. 
'Ardrjcpdpds et avQdtydpos, ov, 6 et r\, anj* [florifer,] flower-bearing. 'ApTsfxi&ds 

aXaus, Xei/udicas r avdrjfdpovs. Iph. A. 1543. See also Ran. 440. 
'AvdiZoj, v. [floribus orno, varie orno,] to cause to bloom, to embellisli. 'Av0i- 

£eiv 'xpvoavTa.vyfj. Ion 889« SYN. AXavdiclu). 
| 'AvdXvds, rj, ov, adj. [(l)floridus, e floribus factus, (2) variis coloribus pictus,] 

flowery, embroidered with flowers. Tairjs AwTotydywv, o'l r dvdXvbv elbdp 

zypvoXv. i. 84. SYN. "AvQXfxos, avdeivos, evardefxds, evavdrjs, avQiffnov, avddi- 

brjs, evOaXris, rrjXedddJU, ttoikXXos, Xafjnrpos. 
'AvdoKpoicds, ov, 6 et f], adj. [subtemen habens, quod flores varii coloris expri- 

mit,] yellow-flowered, saffron-colored. tloiriXXova avQotcpdKoiaX Trr)vais. 

Hec. 468. 
'Avddvdfjtew, v. [flores depascor,] to feed on flowers or grass. 'Avdbvdfiovffas 1 

•npbybvov. iEsch. Suppl. 44. 
'AvdoirXicib), v. [contra armo,] to arm against. 'linrevoX 0' tWeTs i\adv av6<a- 

irXifffxevot. Eur. Suppl. 676. 
"Avdds, Ids, to, subst. [flos,] a flower, bloom, or bud. To aov yap dvBos, nav- 

rlyyov iTvpos aeXds. P. V. 7* SYN. " AvBejaqv, Xavdov, Xov, dvBr), dcoTOS, KaXXw- 

mafid, avBdevvrj. EPITH. 'AyXdov, ayXdofiop^ov, ev&hts, eidpXvov, fidXatcdv, 

KaXov, bpoatpdv, XerrroV, Xevkov, Xeifxioviov, Xa^yf]EV, Tepirvbv, evrepnes, iroptyv- 

peov, iroirjEV, poboEV, vdicivBivdv, -^Xbepov, vXdiov. PHR. Yla/ityopov yaias 

TEKVOV, XeiflU)Vb)V EdpOTpO{j)ElOV irETT)XoV, yijs (56ffTpV)(OS. 

'AvdoafjiXas, ov, 6, adj. [habens odorem suavem,] sweet-smelling, spiced, rich. 

Ot 6' afi(j)dpijsoivov fiEXdvos avBoajxiov. Plut. 807» SYN. Evoapos, irEoXoofibs, 

f]bi)s, avdrjpds. 
'AvddKevto, dvdpdd^cj, et avSpaKow, v. [in carbones redigo,] to reduce to ashes. 

'Us irvpX 'xprj tus fjtvadpds yvvalmds avBpdiceveiv, Lysistr. 340. See also Pax 

1136. and P. V. 380. SYN. 'Efnrvpevu), Qpvyto. 
'AvQpdtiid, as, %, subst. [carbonum congeries,] a heap of live coals, cinders. 

'AvdpaKXrjv ordpEoas, o^eXovs EtyvirepBE jdvvaaE. I. 213. 
'AvQpal, dKds, 6, subst. [carbo,] a live coal, a carbuncle, rubbish. YlXriaovoX 

vrjbvv tyiv Efxrjv ct7r' avBpdicds. Cycl. 244. SYN. ©v/iaXw^. EPITH. Aiddfxevds, 

<l>Xdydeis, £to<t)v. 
'AvQprivi), rjs, rj, subst. [crabro,] a hornet. Kevrov/jiEvos &airlp vir avdprjviov. 
J Nub. 944. Syn. 20vl, pEXiffod. 

' AvQpy\vXdv, ov, to, subst. [crabronis alvear,] a hornet's nest. 'E^eXelv ^wy 
i [xevoivwv irpos fiXav Tctvdprjvid. Vesp. 1075. SYN. K.rfpXdv, [XEXXbewv, fiEXXKrjpXs, 
\ afjtrjvos. 

AvdpwirdpXov, ov, to, subst. [homulus, homuncio,] a pitiful fellow. ToX/iwv re 
1 bpyv av6pb)7rdpt(t) KaKobaifiovE. Plut. 41 6. SYN. See 'AvbpdpXov. 
AvdpwTretds, a, ov, et avBp(i)irXvds, r\, dv f adj. [humanus, ad humanum genus 

pertinens,] belonging to man, human. TiyvwaicE TavOpwireid* firjo' virepfxE- 

rpus. Eur. fr. Inus 21. See also Vesp. 1174. Syn. ^Avbpbfilds, (fiXavdpu- 

ttos, EirXeiKr)s, -^prjaTos, 
! AvQptanXdv, ov, to, et avdpu)7riaKos, ov, 6, subst. [homuncio,] a little man, a 

manikin. MeveXewv avQpumdv. Cycl. 184. See also Cycl. 315. Syn. See 
I 'AvbpdpXov* 

1 This is Porson's reading for avdwofxov t«s. 


'AvOpwTrdbaifjiwv, bvd$, 6, subst. [deus ex homine factus,] a man-god ; i. e. one 
from being a man become a god. 'AvOpwrrobal/ntop Kdaerai fiXZiriov (pads. 
Rhes. 971. SYN. Qeavbpds, haijim>. 

'AvQpwnoKTovos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [homicida,] a man-slayer, a homicide. Toi>s b' 
evddb', avTOVs ovrds a.vBp(i)TroKTdvovs, Iph. T. 390. SYN. 'Avbpdfoi'ds, dvbpo- 
ktovos, dvbpotpdopbs, avbpofovrrjs. 

"AvQpbnrds, ov, 6 el fi, subst. [homo,] man, mankind, husband, master. Td 
'XpYifia.T avdpunroKTt TifxXu)TCLrd. Phoen. 449. SYN. Mepoxp, dvr}Tos, j3pdros, 
dvrip. EPITH. 'E-jri^dovids, e^rj/uepos, e^rjfxepXos, dfiddrjs, d<ppdbrjs, dpydXeos, 
d\r']fjKi)Vf alvo/xopos, diretpetrids, atoXdftovXos, a.X(f>r) arTYjS, dfiavpofiXos, AXorpecprfs, 
bvaTXrj/bHOV, betXos, avbpelos, biKaios, dbiKos, Ovfxofiopos, deoyXuxraos, deoarvyr/s, 
eXzeivos, etKeXoveipos, epXdvfids, KrjpTrpecp^s, /udyepos, KaKorej^vos, KdKodvfids, Kaico- 
ha'ifMov, KdTaQvr}Tos, 6\pXyopos, oicvpos, dXXyoaderrjs, oXXyobpavifs, TroXvicXrjpds, 
7rdXv7r\ayKTds, 7rdXvK/ur}Tds, 7rdXvTXrjrds, 7rd\v/xo^0os, rdXdepyos, CiKVfiopos, fxivvv- 
Odblos, vr}7rtds, vbirrjs, aXXoQpods, TrdXaiorepos, izt pinrliov, d(3Xos, yXaKTotydyos, 
6\pXyovos, iroXvffTreprjS, eirXirdvos, Xe%Xicoypd(pds. PHR. QuXXojv yeveq. 7rpd<rdfxoids, 
7rXd(TfxdTd irrjXov, (TKioeibed <f>vXd dfxevrjvd, bva/uopd 0i)X' dj'0pa>7rwr, fjfxepXds 

'AvdpojTTocrcpdyeb), v. [hominem, ut victimam, macto,] to sacrifice a human 
victim. Uortpd to %pfjv otf £7n/ydy' ayBpunoatydyeiv', Hec. 259« 

'Av0v/3jo/5ojuat, v. [vicissim contumelia afficior,] to be injuriously treated in 
return, a. ( 6be ydp els f]$et. b. mi ydp avdv/ZpiZofiai. Phcen. 629. 

'AvQvTTovpyeu), v. [penso beneficium,] to assist, to co-operate. Mrjr avdvnovp- 
yeiv alayjid ToiaX yjiwixevois. Hipp. 1003. SYN. 'Av6i>7rr]peTEu>. 

'AvTa, as, rj, subst. [mceror, molestia,] grief, sorrow, annoyance, vexation. 1 
Tals veils di'iats ^pZ/cro/uai aofiafxdaXy. Iph. T. 1032. SYN. 'AxOrjbiov, a-^Qos t 
\virr), dnopta, dXyos, aXyrjbwv, TrevQos, dbr]fx6vXa, oWy/peid, bvadv/uXa. EPITH. 
'ApydXea, dweipos, arXtj-os, dypvirvos, dKopearos, dXXaaros, aKrjpdTos, fidpeld, 
irTicpd, Xvypd, fxeXand, yoepd, oXoct, crrvyepa, updrepd, dv/jofiopos, fidpvfirjvXs, d£e7d, 
KaKoTroTfios, 7rdXi>baicpvs, 7rdXvbd~KpvTds, TroXvbjbvvoSf 7r6XvnXayKT6s, 7roXv/cXav- 
oros, Koivi), i,vvr\, XevydXect, a^paoros. 

'Ai/fdc?w,v. [(l)tristitiam adfero, (2)molestiam sentio,] to give trouble, to annoy; 
but more generally, to be grieved, annoyed, or afflicted. 1 Tpwwv £>' os Kred- 
reffffXv vTrepcpXdXws dvXa£ei. 2. 300. See also b. 598. SYN. 'Andw, dvtdo/, 

'Avutpos, a, dv, adj. [molestus, mcerorem adferens,] troublesome, causing 
trouble. 3 'AvXapov ovto KTfjfj., dvayKalov & opus. Orest. 224. 'Avirjpijj be fxeu 
avrrjv. A poll. 3. 1066. SYN. ^rvyepos, ayQeivos, Xvirrjpos, adapts, yoepos, 
dXeyeivos, (3dpiidv/uos, dQvjxbs. 

'Aviapios, adv. [moleste, acerbe,] grievously, vexatiously. Ol>ic olaBd kcu vvv, 
ojs dviapGJs Xeyets ', Antig. 316. SYN. Av7rr)pu>s, j3dp£u)S, bvatyopujs, bva^epuis, 

'AvXd^io, v. [resono, clamo,] to cry aloud. 'A S' dvldxZv, tdxe^. 4 Orest. 1470. 
SYN. 'Am/3odw, dvaKpaCh), avrKpdeyyd/uai, dvTYiylu), KeXdbeu), djue//3oyuo«. 
- 'Anaw, 5 v. [molestia afficio,] to annoy, to trouble, to distress, to grieve. T H 
fjiriv icat tcovos karXv dvirjdevrd reeadai. B. 291* SYN. 'And^w, o'yXew, kukooj, 

\V7T£(1), 0X//3w, 7Tiec!u), KaTdTTOVElO. 

y AvXhpvTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [non fixus, instabilis, irrequietus,] unfixed, unset- 

1 The penult, of avla is generally long, but sometimes short. 

2 The noun avia or hviri generally has its penult, long, but sometimes short, as in four instances 
adduced by Ruhnken. Epist. Crit. ii. p. 276. The verb avidoo, or avidfa, in the Epic poets, 
generally produces the penult. Aristophanes has the penult, of avid thrice short, and once long. 
The second syllable of aviapbs is always short in Euripides and Aristophanes, and long in Sopho- 
cles, Antig. 31G. But the third syllable is always long. R. P. Phcen. 1334. See Porson's Canons 
collected in Classical Journal No. 61. 

3 See the note on 'Avrdfa. 

4 The antepenult, of aviax*v and of Xaxw is here long, on account of the augment. 

5 See the note on 'AvTdfa. 

: ^ 
/ JifltfL ' ■ ''/ 


tied, unsteady. Apo/utois dvtbpvTOialv fiXaarpovv fx del. Iph. T. 971. Syn. 
'Aora0/)s, a/3f/3aios, dvevboros, acrrfipiKros. 
'AvXbpurl, adv. [sine sudore vel labore,] without sweat, without trouble or labor. 
Ov yap dvibpiori yl just avbpdaX nvbos defy i. Call. i. 1. Syn. 'Ajuoy^i, oVo- 
'AvXepds, a, ov, adj. [profanus, pollutus,] unholy, profane. 'AvXfpos dQvriov 
iclXdvwv Tpv^ei. Hipp. 14,6. (Double dochrn.) Syn. 'AvoaXos, dadOapTos, /3e- 
firjXos, d7roj3o)fxids, ddvros, Kanus. 
i Av y it)fju i f. yaoj'et eao), l.aor. fjKd, v. [ " emitto, remitto, impello." Vid. 
Damra.] to send up, to put forth, to excite, to expose. 'AW diueis, 
etteX avros. E. 880. See also O. 24. SYN. 'AtyTrjfjX, Kddtrjfjii, didxe/uiru), dvd- 
Treldo), Trdpopfxdb). 
'Aviketevtos, ov, 6 et fj, adj, [(l)cui supplicatum non est ; (2) non supplex,]not 

a suppliant. EiV avXnErevros ys' e/xol ydp ear 1 dywv. Iph. A. 1003. 
'AW/c^ros, et Dor. dvUaros, ov, b et r/, adj. [invictus, insuperabilis,] invincible, 
unconquered. Tov y dviKarov Kpdriiaiov, <bs jjXa. Bacch. 989* Syn. 'AttoXe- 
fjajToSj cibfxijs, dbdfxaarrds. 
'Avnnrevio, v. [equito, equos ago,] to mount or ride a horse. Kvpel S' dvnnrev- 

ovtos fjXXov kvkXo). Ion 41. 
"Avnnros, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [qui est sine equo,] without a horse, a foot-soldier. 
"Avitckov iTnrdrrjv te OvjuidTivv diro. €E. C. 899* SYN. Yle^irrjs. 
'AviTTTrjiJLi, et dviTrrdfiai, v. [sursum volo,] to fly aloft, to mount. Kai vvv 

EKeivd fxkv Qdvovr dveTCTdro. Here. F. 6$. 
"Avitttos, ov, 6 et f], adj. [illotus,] unwashed. XepaX & dviitTounv Ait Xeifieiv 

nidoird olvov. Z. 266. SYN."A\oz/rds, aKadapros. 
'Aviarrifxi, f. ffrrjaoj, v. [surgere facio, erigo, excite, everto, snbverto,] to raise 
up, to wake, to overthrow. Kai vvv ndXis fxev 7raV dveaTrjtcev bopX. Hec. 492. 
SYN. 'Areye/pw, dvopdou), dvaKOVtyiciu), aTrapriciio, Trdpopfxdu), Kadaipeu). 
'Avi(T~dp£(o, v. [interrogo, sciscitor,] to ask again, to investigate thoroughly. 
'fls irav& d-ira^ jj,e crvWdfiova dviCTdpels. Iph. T. 529. SYN. 'AvEpdfiai, dvt- 
pwrdb), dvaicpivtt). 
'Aviax^t v * [attollo, orior, sustineo,] to raise up, to rise. "HXlds dviayjuv 
ypvola fiaXXei (j)XoyX. Phaet. fr. 1. 3. SYN. 'Ave^, di aretVw, dvXrifxX, dvd- 
'Av^xvevio, v. [pervestigo, indago, persequor,] to trace out, to follow, to pursue. 
'A\Xd t dvixyevtdv QleX efJMEbov, o(f)pd kev evprj. X. 192. ^lyvevn), e^fx^evoj, 
j bXhiKti), KdrdbitoKio, dva^tjTEio, KvvrjyETEU), Xyvr] fXETpov^xaL, 

'Aviw, see 'Aviacjw. 
I 'AvvEfiXos, poet, pro 'AveQeXos, q. v. 

\"Avdbds, ov, >;, subst. [adscensus,] an expedition into a higher country, an 
ascent. a. T fl XaoiSa, rX rd vepQl ', b. TtoXv vkotos, a ai & dvoboi tX\ Call. Ep. 
\ 18. SYN. 'Am/3d<ris, EitXfidoXs. 
'Avdbds, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [invius,] pathless, inaccessible. Kai St' dbovs dvdbovs 

areiyvv. Iph. T. 888. SYN. "AjodTds, aorei7rros, dvavrrjs. 
'Avorifjiwv, dvds, 6 et fj, adj. [non compos mentis, insipiens,] unwise, foolish. 

'Pet' eyrws' £7rei ovbi rd r dXXd irlp eW dvdyjfiwv. p. 273. 
'Avdr)Tds,ov,6etfi, adj. [(1) demens, insipiens, (2) qui intelligi nequit,] (1) unwise, 
imprudent, (2) unintelligible, irrational. "AcppaoT >/6' duorjTd 6ie7rXeKf dav/ndrd 
epyd. H. in Merc. 80. Syn. 'Agvvetos, atypwv, irdpatyptov, Trdpa^pdvXjudSf 
€K(f>puv, dvaioBriTos, evrjdrjs, JjXXdXos, juojpos, dfleXrEpos. 
"Avoid, as, %, subst. [amentia, stultitia,] madness, foolishness. To bevTEpov bs 
ty\v dvoidv ev <j)Epeiv. Hipp. 400. SYN. Udpdvoid, 7rdpa^pdavvri f evfideid, 
dracrddXXa, jjiiopXa, dfiovXXa. 
'AvolywfxX, dvolyvvu), et dvolyoj, f. olfa, v. [aperio, resero, pando,] to open, to 
throw open, to unbar, to disclose, to unfold. Oi/uoi, fxlyas drjaavpos us dvoi- 
yvvrai. Ion 923. See also Phoen. 1084. Syn. 'AvdKETaclw, dvdfioxXevut, 
dva7TTV<T(TU) t bloiyu), bXdvoiyw. 


'Avoihtio, et poet. Ion. dvotbeiw, v. [intumeo, turgeo,] to swell up, to swell. 

KcureiT dvoibrjoav te. Hipp. 1210. 
'avoikiZio, v. [(1) instauro, reaedifico, (2) habitationem transfero,] (l) to rebuild, 

(2) to remove one's habitation. Aid ravdr fiet> roi bevp' dvoimadels tyu>. A v. 

1351. SYN. (l) 'A7r oKadicrrrj/jiX, dvdtcatvi£<o, dvopddb), £7rt07ceva5w , (2) direp- 

\6jjiai, jjiediaTajuut, airoineu), jaetoikeu). 
'Avoucdbofieu), v. [instauro aedificium,] to rebuild, to repair. Kaivals nXivQoioXv 

dvoucdbofxeiv. Pax 90. SyN. 'A>'d5e//w, see Syn. to 'AvoikicI<u (2). 
'avoikteos, a, dv, verb. adj. [aperiendus,] necessary to be opened, 'avoikteov 

rdb* earX Kai roXfirjTEoy. Ion 1387« 
"avoiktos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [immisericors,] unpitying, merciless. KrjpvKeveiv, oarXs 

cLvoiktos. Troad. 789* SYN. 'Av^Xer/s, avrj/JEpos, (TKXrjpvs, avekerifxwv, d)fxos, 

w/Aodv/jios, aTrrjv^s, ^dXE7rds. 
"AvoiKTpds, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [non miserandus, immiserabilis,] not to be pitied. 

Ou5' OLVOlKTpOV T €KJDa\X6vT<t)V haKpvdv. Ipll. T. 227. 

*avoiktws, adv. [sine misericordia,] without pity. Ileow dvokrias, irvevfi 

cunoppri^as o-eBev. Troad. 758. Syn. 'AvtjXeios, vrjXei&s. 
'AvoifKOKTds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [indefletus,] unlamented. "ErXrjs dvoi/jKOKrov dvbpd 

d&xpat. Choeph. 427. SYN.^A/cXai/oros, dbaKpvrds, dyods. 
'avohtteos, a, dv, verb. adj. [referendus,] to be related, must recur, must delay. 

Ka< yap ttot evrv^qa' Eicelrr clvohtteov. Here. F. 1212. 
'AvotffrpEO), v. [incito, stiraulo,] to goad on, to drive to madness. 'AvoioTpriodTE 

vXv. Bacch. 977 » Syn. OlarpEw, Trdpoi-iW. 
'AvoXfiTa, as, >/, subst. [miseria,] misfortune, wretchedness, poverty. Albibs 

tol irpos avoXfiirj Bapoos b£ npds oX/3o>. Hes. Op. 319* Syn. Avtrrv^ia, aBXXd- 

TTjS, aEdXdffVVT}. 

"AvoXfids, et dv6X(5xds, ov, 6etr/, adj. [infelix, tristis, miser,] unhappy, wretched, 

Tavbs yaldv els dvoXfidv. Hel. 247. See also Eur. fr. Antig. 15. SYN."A0Xtos, 

av(o(j)EXrjTds, belXaids, drv^s, KaKobaifuav. 
*AvdXedpds,ov, 6 et fj, adj. [ab exitio et damno immunis, inextinctus,] unde- 

stroyed, saved from ruin. Tovs 5' evp' ovketX TrajnTdv diriiiiovds, ovb' dvdXeBpovs, 

N. 76l. SYN."A/3Xr/ros, adds. 
'AvdXoXvZv, f. £w, v. [cum clamore ploro, ejulo, exclamo,] to cry out from fear 

or joy. 'AvioXoXv^e, nplv y dpq. bid ffTo/Jid. Med. 1170. SYN. '6XoXvc?<i>, 

e^oXoXv^oj, ala$o>, dXdXa£u>, oXotyvpojiai, obvpo/Jiai, dvdbvpdjxai, oIlx(o$(o. 
^Avdfjiai, 1 v. [perficior,] to be completed. See 'Avvio. 'AXX' lufiev' fidXd 

yap vv% dVercu eyyv&X 6' j?ws. K. 251. See 2. 473. SYN. TeXcfyitn, teXci- 

"Avojifipds, ov, 6 etf], adj. [imbribus carens,] without storms or rain, calm. 

Kapiri&ovolv dvofxfipoi. Bacch. 407. 
'AvdfiXa, as, r/, subst. [legum contemptus, iniquitas,] illegality, injustice, im- 
piety, sin. 'AvofiXa bs vdjdojv Kpdrel. Iph. A. 1095. SYN. 'AbhXa, ayviojxo- 

ervvrj, KaKovpyXa, dBeffixdavvYf. 
*Av6fjijjidTds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [oculorum expers, caecus,] eyeless, blind. 'Avrip 

db* dvoiiiidrds. Philoct. 806. SYN. ^AXdos, TvtyXos, XXiravyrjs, 
"Avolios, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [exlex, iniquus,] lawless, wicked. QdvXuv irddEuv, dvd- 

jxbiv te tcdictov, Orest. 1457. SYN. "AbiKds, eKvdfxds, irdpdvofAds, ayvtofuov, 

'Avdfjiws, adv. [inique, improbe,] illegally, unjustly. Aexwv, a 001 npoXXiribv 

dvdfuos. Med. 996. 
'AvdvrjTds, ov, 6 et f], adj. [(l)inutilis, futilis, (2) injucundus,] (1) useless, to no 

purpose or advantage, (2) calamitous. 'Avovrjrd y, ws eolke, rovb' dv eladpqs. 

Hec. 754. SYN. 'Ayw^eX^s, fidraws, etuktXos, a\priaTds. 
"Avdds, et contr. dvovs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [insipiens, vecors,] foolish, silly. N>j- 

7ri/rt', ws dvoov KpdbXqv ej(es' ovbi vv rwv irlp. 0. 441. 

1 For the quantity of the first syll, of ^o/*«t, see Heyu. Obss. at the lines quoted, 


'A»'t>7ra7d, x as, i), subst. [anopsea, avis ex aquilarum genere,] a bird of the eagle 

species. "Opvts 5' ms dvdirala 6te7rrdrd* raj §' evi Ov/jlo). a. 320. 
'Avopyiaards, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [sacris non initiatus,] not celebrated, not initiated, 

Td TfjS 'Atypvbirrjs Xep' avopylaara cot. Lysistr. 894. 
'AropQdui, v. [surrigo, rursum erigo, emendo,] to raise up, to set upright, to 

direct. 'AW aaipdXeia r;/J'S' dvopQwrrov ttoXXv. CE. R. 51. SYN. 'Eiraipit), 

avcHTxtdoj, dvdKov<pi£oj , avlarrijii, dnevQvvu), SpQoto, di'tyw. 
"Avopfivs, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [stationem navium non habens,] haiborless. "Avopfidv 

eiGEirXevods, einrXoias rvyuv ; CE. R. 422. SyN. Avaop/uos, oXX/lievos. 
'Avbpovto, v. [exsurgo, prosilio,] to spring up, to leap forward. "Hs <pdd' m d 5' e£ 

V7rvoid fja\a tcpanrvuJs dvdpovol. K. l62. SYN. ^AviaTrijiX, e^Eyeipdfjiai, ck6o- 

ptujy didQdpeu), 7rr)ba<jJ 9 etCTrrjbdb), dvopfida). 
'Ai'dpotpds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [(l)tecto carens, non tectus, (2) altus,] having no 

roof; lofty. "KXwpcus vV iXdrats dvopotyois elvrat irerpais. Bacch. 38. SyN. 

Al7tvs, aiTreivus. 
'AvopTaXlZo), v. [incipio in altum ferri,] to begin to soar on high. a. 'Avopra- 

Xi£eis Ka^epovTi^s. b. eyu) ; Equit. 1344. SYN. Merewotcjo^at, ETraipbiiai. 
'Avdpvcrcrtv, et avdpvTTh), v. [(l) effodio, eruo, (2) extirpo,] to dig out or up, to 

overthrow; to extirpate. IIwXw yavXbv, KTw/uai (r/uXvuqv, /cat rets vbpXas avdpvrru). 

Av. 603. SYN. 'E£opvYrw, dvaffKcnrTio, avaorpe^a;. 
'Avopxedpai, v. [exulto, exsilio,] to leap up. 'Eyw b* avr}XaXa?a xa.vwp'xriodfxriv. 

Eur. Suppl. 719' SYN. 'AvciXXo/jai, umxtjhata. 
'Avdvios, a, dv, et ov, 6 et ^, adj. [non sanctus, inipius, sceleratus,] unholy, 

wicked, impious, horrid. AT at, tekvov, o&v dvooXuv TrpootyayixaTuv. Troad. 

630. SYN. 'Eydy»}s, ETraparos, KarapaTos, juXdpos, dvlspds, dvayvds, ddeds, 

dOEfitToSy ddEfjuGTos, adefitOTids, dvdfxds, (3e(3ijXos. 
AvoctXojs, adv. [impie, scelerate,] unhallowedly, impiously, wickedly, ^AXX' ol 

Ixev eicfidXovTES diooibjs EfiE. Philoct. 257* SYN. 'Age^us, fjudptos. 
Avdads, poet, dvovads, b et r/, adj. [immunis a morbis,] free from disease, un- 
affected by disease, 'ibia vdaovad' ov b 1 dvboos Kdicuiv efx&v. Iph. A. 082. 

Syn. 'A/3Xd/3?/s. 
AvoarXfjds, et dvoords, ov, 6 etf], adj. [reditus expers,] unable to return, not 

returned. TdvV dvooTX\xov tekvwv. Here. F. 430. See also Iph. T. 752. 
, Syn. 'AvvirooTpeTTTds, dve^obos. 

\avotgtv£w, v. [lamentor,] to cry ototoI, to lament, to bewail. KiXdS^o-e kuvo)- 
\ totvIev. Hel. 370. 
; A^ovdros, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [auribus carens,] without ears. TpiokeXes, avr6<pXoitiv, 

dvovdrdv* aXXd (f)dXr]TX. Theocr. Ep. 4. 
' Aiovrdrds, ov, oetr/, adj. [r.on vulneratus,] unwounded. ''Cotls er' dfjXrjTos Kat 

dvovrdT'js o\eX yjCXKu. A. 540. SYN. ^Arpwrds, ci/3X^ros, adpavaros, acntEdfjs, 
Avo-xXlZu, v. [recte submoveo, revello,] to remove by a wedge or bar, to force 

open. Aj) tot dvoyXiZuv TeTpriydrds o'ibfxdTos oXkous. Apcil. 1. Ilfj7. SYN. 

'AvdKlVEU), dvdKOTZTO). 

I Avrdyopevw, v. [adversarium me gero, obloquor,] to contend or argue against. 

' 'AvTdyopeveiv to~is dp-^ovrnv, Kahoi tote y r]vXv; ey(*)"£wv. Ran. 1072. SYN. 
'AvriXdXew, 7rpO(rXdXEU). 

j AvTdyu)vi(7Trjs, ov, 6, subst. [adversarius, aemuius,] an opponent, an adversary, 
a rival. "E^wv'Epwros dvTdyojviaT^v fjiEydv. Troad. 1006. Syn. ^AvTtpaaT^s, 

AvTalos, a, dv, adj. [adversus, infensus, exorabilis,] opposing, dangerous, di- 
rect. M//-' avTatav EvpiVw Tcvevoui urofiirav. Iph. A. 1324. S\ r N. AXavTalos, 
evdvTXos, v-KEvavTXos, avrXfiXos, ai'TiTrdXds, avTdyvjviGT7]S. 

\vrdKovoj, f. adfiai, et avTaKpodd/Liat, v. [vicissitn audio,] to bear in turn, to 
hear in reply. Et §' oltCTpd Traa^iv <pijs, Tad uvtukove fxov. Hec. 320. See 
also Lysistr. 527. 

1 Daram and others take avoiruia to be an adjective, here used adverbially, from avonaios, 
ivisible, out of sight. 

Pros. Lex. M 


'Avra\&\a$Wf et avravw, v. [reclamo vicissim,] to shout in return, to re-echo. 

'Ai'TrjXaXaZe vr)<riu>Tibos -rreTpas. Pers. 3p6. See also Pyth. 4. 350. Syn. 'Av- 

TLJJddo), avrXd^eto, avravcdio. 
'AvTdXXay/jd, dros, to, subst. [commutatio, pretium redeiuptionls,] an equiva- 
lent, a ransom. To TrXrjdos, avrdXXayjiid yevvalov QiXov. Orest. 1162. SYN. 

*AXXdy>), evaXXdyi], d/xot/3?}, dXXo/wcis-, XvTrjpXov, arroivov. 
'AvraXXaavu), v. [muto, permuto,] to give in exchange. Tle7rXiov re Xevicwv 

fj.eXd.vus ctvTaXXald/iai. Helen. 1087- 
'ApTdfueifiduat, v. [gratiam rependo, compenso, remunero,] to repay a kindness, 

to answer. 'Y/ids fjev ovv roiab' dvrd/n€ij3dfj,ca Xoyois. Androm. 154. SYN. 

'Afjeifjd/uai, avTaXXctaaofjai^ arrdirdbibw^i, avrXbe^o/jai. 
'Ai^rd,uot/3ds, et Ion. a.i>Tr)fj.oi(3ds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [rernuneratorius,] one who 

gives in return, or recompense. Tovro rot avTrffjoifiov dXl^Xdoi ovvbfx edevrb. 

Call. 4. 52. 
''Avrdf.ivvo}xai, f. vvovjuai, v. [(1) vicissim auxilior, (2) me ulciscor,] (1) to defend 

oneself in return, (2) to revenge. '(Is kcu tov ij^dpbv avrdfivviovrci kukois, 

Antig. 654. 
'AvTdvdbibiofjX, v. [remitto, ut in reciprocatione serre?,] to give up in turn, to 

raise up, as a sawyer. '6 fxev eXueX, d b" av-dvebwice. Vesp. 6*92. 
'AvrdvaXiffKo), v. [vicissim consumo vel perdo/j to spend in return, to destroy 

in return. "Iv avTavaXtoffiofjev, o'i fie rrpovbbodv. Orest. 1 1 63. SYN. Wvr- 

'AvrdviffTdfiaij v. [contra insurgo,] to oppose, to resist. "Epwri fikv vvv o&tXs 

avTdriffrdrai. Trach. 448. SYN. 'AvQioTdfiai, avrtardreo), avTaipbfjat, avTe%(o t 

fkvTijj&lvb), evavTiovfiai, avriraaoofiai. 
'AvTafybs, ov,6e\f], adj. [existimatione par aequalis pretii,]equivalent. v AjO<7a>Tes 

*cdrd dvfxov, onus civTatybv carat. A. 136. SYN. 'A'iXbs, Xaorifios. 
'AvTanbbXbiofuX, v. [vicissim reddo, rependo,] to give back in return, to recom- 
pense, to repay. ^Kprfodfxevr] ydp v(pr}vd, kcu ohx e^ti ai'Tdirbbovvat. Batr. 185. 

SYN. 'AvTiblbivfji, dvdbxbiofii, ayrifxerpeu),, tivTdf.iei {3d fiat, nrdpafjEi- 

(3bfxat, avTiarfKou). 
'AvTdiroKTeivw, f. evio, v. [vicissim occido,] to slay in return. 'AvTd7roKTev& ydp 

vfi&v t&v <j)iX(t)v tovs cpiXTaTovs. Acharn. 327* SYN. 'AvrXipovevio, apTanoX- 


'AvTdnoXXvfjil, v. [vicissim perdo,] to destroy in return. Kcu ovv ye nipoas 

avTos clvt air n)XbjJLYiv. Helen. 106. 
'AvTaptcew, v. [par sum ad resistendum,] to be able to resist or counteract. X' 

ovtos fiev tol fiovos avTiipKci, Tore fiev 7ri7TTiov t Tore b* ovyX. Equit. 540. SYN. 

^AvTlTzdpdTaTTbfJiai, avTdfxvvbfiat. 
WvTavyeo), v. [lucem seu splendorem remitto,] to reflect the light of the sun. 

'Arre^e cpaoydvov' neXas ydp beivov avravyel cpbvbv. Orest. 1533. SYN. 'Avti-, eTrlbftKvv/jai, 7rpb(paiv(o. 
'AvTavy))s, ebs, 6 et ?/, adj. [lucem vel splendorem remittens,] reflecting the ' 'A 

rays of the sun, refulgent. Tvvai, tX eliras ; oTpexpbv avTavyels abpas, Thesm. 

'Ai'Tavbdio, v. [vicissim loquor, respondeo,] to speak in return, to reply. Zu5v- 

Tas BdvovaXv ovveK dvTavbqs Xod ; x Electr. 1478. SYN. 'A/jetfidfxai, avTa t uei' 

j3dfjai, vTroKplvdfiai. 
'AvTd(pX~rjfiX, f. ifcraf, v. [vicissim dimitto vel emilto,] to dismiss in return. 

"fliKTeipd, KavTds avTaffjicd oot 7rdXXv, Iph. A. 47 3. 
*AvTa-^e(o, Dor. pro 'Avr^ew, q. v. 
'Avrdw, et Ion. avreto, f. ijato, v. [occurro,] (1) to meet with, to encounter; 

(2) to reach, to obtain. Qeols dpiofiai firf tcot avTrjaai Kaicbv. CE. C. 1445. 

SYN. (1)" AvTbfxai, avvavTOfiai, diravTdio, avvavrdio, vTravTaio, avTXaCni, viravTXa- 

$,(»}, (2) enXTvyydvio, 7rpocrTvy)^dv(0. 
'Avretd, as, >;, P. N. [Anta?a,] called by others Sthenobcea. TJ beyvvr) Xlpolrov 

tTrefJrjvdTd, bV'AvTeid. Z. l60. 

1 This is the excellent emendation, due to Tyrwhitt, of a passage before unintelligible. 


'A»re<ica:?w, v. [vicissim adsimilo,] to liken in return. '5 S' dvaKpaywi', arry- 

Kaa avrov 7rappd7ri. Vesp. 1311. SYN. TldpeiKa^u) , ayrXaou), avrXTrdpdjSaXXof, 

ajTt7rd ( odre/»'w, dretcacw, avamcuTrru). 
'AvTenreiv, v. [contradicere,] to speak in reply, to refuse to acquiesce in. TV 

\rjv av oljj.a.1 Cwcrdv uvTetireiv efxoL CE. C. 998. SYN. 'AvTEpelv, tear strc eiv. 

See 'AvrtXeyw. 
'AvTeHTtyepa), v. [contra infero,] to introduce in turn. Ovk avTeiccfjepZTE -as 

thtydpas. Lysist. 653. 
'AvreKfcXewrw, v. [vicissim furor,] to steal in turn. i AvT€^EKXe\pdi/ 'AcirdsXas 

7Topva bvd. Acharn. 526. 
'Avrepao-n/s, ov, 6, subst. [aemulus alicujus in amore,] 'Avrepacrujs tovtqv'L 

Equit. 732. 
'AvTepaw, v. [redamo, vicissim amo,] to love in return, to rival in love. Koi 

(lc)v ep&PTL y avTepys LTT7r<i)j> spot. Rhes. 184. 
'AvrEpeibcj, v. [renitor, innitor,] to press against, to press in return, to resist. 

Oelv, avTEpeibe rols 'Epe^delbais bopv. Eur. Suppl. 712. SYN. 'Avre^w, Erttv^ 

evairepeibw, avQiardfiai. 
'Avrepeoj, v. [contradico,] to contradict, to gainsay. KatcSis 7TEirpaKTai iravrd^n' 

Tts avTEpei', Med. 365. SYN. 'AvrXXiyu), q. v. 
'Arrepvofiat, v. [pro re aliqua redimo,] to procure for money. ILoros dvf)p %pv- 

oov te kclX apyvpov avrepvcraaQai. Theogn. 77 > SYN. 7 AvTd7robXbu)fiX. 
'Airt^w, f. avdefa, v. [detineo, retineo, duro,] to hold against, to hold out 

against, to sustain, to resist. 'ArreT^y' &s be 7rXfj66s ev areiy vewv. Pers. 

419* SYN. AXa/jttvb}, bXapnEu), bXaxpovi£<o^bXdfjd', di'E-^(a. 
'AvTi]\Xds, frequentius et Attice avdriXXds, [orientalis,] facing the sun, east- 
ward. 01 b' eanlpovs aynajvas, ol b' civtt)XXovs. Aj. Fl. 805. 
'Avr-qv, adv. et praep. [coram, exadverso, contra, palam,] before, to the face, 

openly. *\adv e/jol Qacrdat, kclX ojionaQ^fiEvaX dvTr\v. A. 1 87* 
AvH]viop 3 opds, 6, P. N. [Anteuor,] a Trojan related to Priam. Ovk olios' d/na. 

Tajyti bviti 'AvT)]v6pds vie. B. 822. EPITH. 'Aydvds, linrdbdfids, avrXdeos, (bXXo- 

Zevos, XooQeos. 
ApTrjvdpXbris, ov, patronym. [filius Agenoris,] the son of Agenor. 'Itjuhapas, 

'AvTrjvdpibrjs, i]vs te fXEyas te. A. 221. 

AvnipETris, ov, b, subst. [qui contra remigat, adversarius,] an opponent in 
| rowing, an adversary. 'AvrrjpE-as k\Bpdi&i tov fjiEyav rpdirov. Sept. Theb. 269. 
i SYN. 'ArrXiraXos, avTXfjLdyos, avriffrdTrju. 

AvTrjoris, eos, 6 et ?/, adj. [oppositus,] opposed to. Qoiviicas avrfipr, y^wpav. 
j Troad. 223. See Sept.Theb. 514. SYN. 'AvtoIos. 
iAw/^w, v. [resnno, vicissim cano, sono,] to sound in return, to resound. Udp- 

ecrTE, ecu fxEvovTES, dvrr)-%r}vdT£. Alcest. 435. SYN. 'Avrta^w. 
AvtX, praep. genitiv. postulans, [pro, loco, vice, contra,] instead of, for, op- 
posed to, against, "lib* avri iroXXuiy egtX fioi Trdpuwx>xjh Hec» 280. 
i A*>r*dw, v. [" (l) cum gen., participo, fruor, (2) cum dat., occurro, oppono, 
j (3) cum accus., approximo, procuro." Maltb.] (1) to share in, to enjoy ; (2) to 

meet with, to oppose; (3) to approach, to take care of. E/^ fiiveX avriow- 

aXv. Z. 127. SYN. Iftvavrdu), diravrdis), fUErdXapfidi'u), ETiXrvyydvu), E(pa.7rrdfxai. 
. AvTidveipd, as, 1), adj. [virago, viris aequiparanda,] a female strong enough to 

oppose a man, furious. Et fxrj ardaXs uvrXdvetpd. Olymp. 12. 23. Syn. 

SyN. ^laavbpos. Exp. ' AppividTrds yvvi). 
, AvTXdxew, et hvTXdy(io, v. [reclamo, contradico,] to sound or shout in an opposite 
I direction, to contradict. 'AOpdoX dvrXdyriadv, ope^dro b' al\p' oXoolo. Apoll. 2. 

830. SYN. 'AvrXfiddw, avrXXlyu), avrXyEywvlh). 
AvrX(3aivw, v. [refragor, contra eo, obsto, obnitor,] to go against, to resist. 

TlXevpalvXv avrXftdad tov bvabaijiovos. Bacch. 1115. 
AvrXfiXos, 1 a, ov f et ov, 6 et rj, adj. [contrarius, ad versus,] exerting force against 

force, violent, forcible. 'AvrXfiXois ETrieaoX- eyo> b" 7jpx ijV X"^^ 7ra ^ w » / ' B. 3? 8. 
1 'Avrifrlov and avr\ffiT\v are used adverbially. 


SYN/Am'^s, avTaibs, arrt^ods, evai'TX(3X8s,7rpb'crdvTr]s, ayri/ia^ds, avTurraTrjs. 
'AvTifjoaa), daw, Ion. yew, [contra clamo,] to shout in return, to re-echo the cry 

of another. 'A^w 6' avrXfioaaev, air&XeTo KaXos "AbuJvXs. Bion. 1, 38. SYN. 

'Avrybio, dvdfiodco, avrtfcXa^w. 
'AvTiiSoXeu), v. [(1) obvenio, occurro, (2) supplico, Gro,] (l)to come against, to 

meet, to overtake, (2) to supplicate. Nv£ S' carat, ore 8/) ori/yepos yajuos hvfi- 

fioXrjaei. a. 9.71. SYN. 'Aitww, avvrvyyavw, enXrvyyavw. 
'AvrXypdyrj, vjs, ?/, subst. [accusatio ejus, a quo ante reus factus sis,] a defend- 
ant's plea, a rescript, an answer. Ilpayjiara, icdvrXypdcpas. Nub. 472. 
'AvTibepKdjuai, v. [contra intueor,] to look in the face. 'AW bs fievtav (dXettcl 

re KavrtbepKerai. Here. F. l63. 
'Avrlbexdfxai, v. [vicissim accipio,] to receive in return. Ylov brjO" 6 fifx&Sj. ovrXv 

avTehelajiY]V. Choeph. Q03. SYN. 'AvrXXafijodvio. 
'AvTXbXbdaicoj, f. |w, v. [alia, vel contraria doceo,] to teach in opposition, to 

teach the contrary. Adaos ttot dvTebxbacrKe, ical IXpHovXhys. Vesp. 1410. 
'AvrXbxbojfiX, f. bwow, v. [do vicissim, rependo,] to give in return, to repay, 'a 

5' avrXbovvai. bel a, diraiTOvaris efxov. Hec. 271. SYN. 'Avabxbwfxi, dyrtbpdu), 

'AvTXbXads, ov, 6, subst. [adversarius in lite,] an opponent in a law-suit, an 

adversary. "07rws diroaTpeipais av dvrXbXKwv bXtajv. Nub. 774. SYN. 'AvtX- 

(3Xos, avrXTraXos, eyflpos. 
% AvTXbov\evio, v. [vicissim servio,] to serve in turn, to repay parental kindness. 

" O oris fit]' vTXbovXevet, Eur. Suppl. 36l. 
'AvrXbovXds, ov, 6, subst. [qui loco servi est,] a substitute for a slave, ?. slave 

instead. Kayw juev dvrXbovXos' e/c be xpr}/.iaTtov. Choeph. 129« SYN. ^lao- 

*Av7ibov7ros, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [contra sonans,] sounding in return, equally affected. 

'AvrXbovnoy ycreTat. Pers. 126. 
'AvrX~bpaio, v. [vicissim facio,] to act in return, to repay. Tlddoyres, vjias di>-X- 

bpqv ofydXonZv. Eur. Suppl. 1189. 
*AvTXb(i)pedfiat, v. [rerauneror,] to give in return, to remunerate. 'E«r8Xwv ajioi- 

($as dvTXbojprjGrataTO. Helen. 158. SYN. ^AyTairdbXbujfJLX. 
'AvtXQeos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [ajquiparandus Deo,] equal to a god, godlike, noble. 

'AyrXdeoy YldXv&fjfidi', Qov Kpciros earX fieytordv. a. JO. SYN.^lavdeos, dedeiKe- 

Xos, Oeoeibris, delos, baifid'Abs, 'ifdeds, Radios, riyddeos. 
'AvrXOvpos, ov, Set fj, adj. [januae oppositus vel obversus,] that which is placed 

opposite to the door, in front of the door. 2r^ be tear dvrXdvpoy nXXaXrjs 

'ObvaflX <pdv€iad. ir. 159. 
'ArrXKaTdOvfivKw, v. [invicem morior,] to die \n turn. Kal rovs KTdvovrds dy-X- 

KarBdvelv bXtey. Choeph. 138. 
'AvriKevrpoVj ov, to, adj. [stimuli vim habens, incitamentum,] that which acts as 

an incentive, a stimulus. Tols crutypocny yap avrXicevrpd yiyverat. Eumen. 130. 
'AvTXzribev<i), v. [colo in modum alierius,] to be attentive to on account or 

after the manner of another. Aecnoiy opus ova, dyrXicrjbevu) ndrpos. Ion 733. 

SYN. 'AvrXTijidk)* 
^AvTXK^pvctait), f. £w, v. [contra praedico,] to proclaim in return. Kovbey Kpewy 

rot-rS' dvTEKijpv^ev Xvyois. Eur. Suppl. 683. SYN. 'AvrdfieifidfJiai, avreinelv. 
'Avm'XacJw, f. ciy£w, v. [reboo, clangorem vicissim edo,] to shout in return, to 

chant alternately. BaK^eldu dvTh:Xa£oy dXXy)Xats /ueXos. Bacch. 1046. 

SYN. 'A^rt/3oXdw, aidfcXaclu). 
'AvrtiiKeia, as, ij, P. N. [Anticlea,] the mother of Ulysses. AvtoXvkov Qvy&Trjp 

fxeyaXrirdpds *Avritc\eitL, X. 85. 
'AvTfkXtvw, v. [ex ad verso adnuo,] to bow to in return. Kcd irdXXv avr£K\irep* 

H b % evboOX Ovjuov Xavdrj. Musae. 107. 
'AvtXkv>i}xX6v, ov, to, subst. [cms, (juia sura? opposita est,] the fore part of the 

leg, the shank or shin-bone. Nuy 5' eireib>) areppdv ybr) rovft&v avrXKi'iifudr. 

Acharn. 219. 


Avrf/cpv, et rarissime avrX~Kpvs, adv. [(1) e regione, manifesto, palam. Vid. 
Damm. c. 118.] directly opposite, in front, throughout, openly. 'Eyw & 
07rws fxlv avrXicpvs rah' alviaio. Choeph. 186. See also E. 1 89- 

'Avt'iktovos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [vicissim interficiens,] avenging murder. 'Avrucro- 

vois •koivcCmj! tyiXrdrov irarpos. Eum. 467. 
Avrtuvpeit), f. vpaco, v. [occurro,] to fall against, to encounter. 'Av-Xtcvpiravres 

CaXctis. Olymp. 12. 16. SYN. zirXTvyyttvii), ETrepxpfxai. 
AvTiXagdfini, et dv-XXaZv/uat, v. [prehendo, capesso,] to bear a part or share. 

'AM* avrl\a£av ical Tsdvuv. Orest. 451. $YN."A7rro/*cu, dju^d^dw, avrXXafx- 

fidi d/uat, E7rl%eip£(0. 
'AvTiXaKTlZat, v. [recalcitro,] to kick against. Kat ttiBos nXrjyels vir opyrjs av- 

rsXaK-Xaev 7rXB(o. Pax 6 12. SYN. 'Avaetidbaclu). 
Av-iXa/ifiavio, v. [recipio vicissim; hi med, voc. percipio, vindico mihi; 

reprelsendo,] to receive in turn; to exchange ; to perceive ; to claim. "Ep- 

yoial & epyd bXdbo-% arrXX{]\pErai. Andron. 741. SYN. 'AvrXXaZvjMi, dvaXa^i" 

fiapoj, eTrXXafjifDaidfiai, bXdbe^dfxaiy ivpoGTrotEOfiat, Krdofxai. 
'AvrXXa/jLTa}, v. [e contrario splendeo vel refulgeo,] to shine opposite to. 01 

b' arT£Xajj.\pav kcli tzdprjyyeiXav 7rpdaa). Agam. 285. SYN. 'AvaXafiTrb), Ik- 

^AvrXXeyu, v. [contradico, nego,] to speak against, to reply to. 'I<t' avrXXQai* 

rovbe yap Kavros Kpdrto. CE. R. 408. 
'AvTiXeK-Zds, adj. verb, [contradicendus,] to be gainsayed, or denied. Olblv 

avrXXetc-Ebv . Heracl. 975. 
'AvTiXdyew, v. [contradico,] to coutradict, to deny. Tobe' ttu>s elbios civrXXo- 

yrjffoj. Antig. 378. SYN. 'AvriXeyu), avrepEco, avrelTrelv, avTHpct&zuj, d-KbtyaGKis), 

ov (prj/uX, efapvos elfxX, apvEOjuat, e^apvEbjxat, atrdtyrifjit, avrXfrj/uiX, avrXtyuvEio, avrX- 

'AvrXXdyXicos, rj, bv, adj. [disputundi et refatandi peritus,] capable of contra- 
dicting, qualified to dispute. KuvrXXbyXKcs, nal rovro rovnX'^ojpXdv. Nub. 1175. 

SYN. AdyXaos, ayyXvoos, KOfrd/os, Xeir-oXoyus. 
'AvrXXdyds, ov, 6 et >;, adj. [contradicens, contrarius,] contradictory, oppo- 
sing, contrary. Kat irdXXv uvrXXoyois. Mel. 1141. Sy-N. 'AvtXBetos, clvtX- 


'AvtXXo-^os, ov, b, P. N. [Antiloc'jus.] 'Ev adzcX 'AvrXXo^OLO, to h' ijfiXav Ke7r* 

etti yat7]s. N. 565. EPITH. 'AtAVfjuov, y.EV£)(cipfir}S, cpdrepos, AiorpZfqSj 6edeib^s r 

NeGTopXbrjSy ireww^EVos, LiEydBvuos. 
'AvrXXiipos, ov, 6 et 7/, adj. [lyrae respondens,] responsive to the lyre. 'AXXd 

Betas avrXXvpov Movaas. Trach. 653. &YT3."Ai>r<*)bcs, TvoXvpos, avTlfxtfxds. 
'AvrX/uavQdvo), v. [contra disco,] to learn one thing instead of another, tobe 

better taught. "Ertpd bs vvv uvrX/udBcJi'. Vesp. 1453. 
'AvrX/uaxos, ou, 6, P. N. [Antimachus,] the name of a man in the Trojan senate., 

who was bribed by Paris, and prevented Helen from being delivered up to 

Menelaus. Ytov &' 'Arrfyid^oto Aeovtevs, oi,6s "Aprjos. M. 188. 
*AvrXfjiEdi(7T7]fxt, v. [contrariam partem transfer©, vicissim muto,] to change, to 

substitute. Zjj-ovct' avTX/JEBtGTc.vai. Thesm. 362. SYN. 'AvrtjiETd^aXXdiiat, 

fJErdrXdrj/ut, fXEraKtvEd). 
'Av7ifiiixdvdd/.iai, v. [machinis machinas oppono,] to plot against. Zevs 5' av- 

TEfjiYiydvi]adB\ old bt) Beos. Bacch. 291. 
'AprXfjufios, ov, b et >;, adj. [semulus, similis,] rivalling, like. 'OtyOaXpoy avrifii- 

fiov fjXXov Tpo)(<5. Thesm. 17. SYN. f 6/xo7os, TrdpairXiiaXos. 
9 AvrXfj.iGEU), v. [odi vicissim,] to hate in return. Ke~tvds vyiuv avTE^lffet. Ly- 

sistr. S18. 
'AvTXjjtiaBos, ov, b et >/, adj. [remuneratorius,] retributive, repaying. My^v 

Tror' avrXfitaBov evper kv XXrals. iEsch. Suppl. 270. 
'AvrXfioX-rrds, ov, b et >/, adj. [contrarius in cantu,] opposed in song, respon- 
sive, sad, woful. EIr' avrifitikitliv rjiczv oXoXyvJ/s fieydv. Med. 1173. Syn. 



'Avrh'iKau), v. [vicissim vinco victorem,] to conquer after a defeat. E?7rep tcpa- 

rrjdeis y avriviKfjaai deXeis. Choeph. 492. 
'AvtXvoos, ov, 6, P. N. [Antinous,] one of the suitors of Penelope! Tov o' av 

'Avtu'oos 7rpdae(j)r], Ev7re/0eos vlbs. a. 383. EPITH. KaKbjurj^dvbs, fiapybs. 
'Avrt^oew, v. [contrarius sum,] to be cross-grained, to differ, to be contrary to. 

Qdvevrd* Nt/xea t ovtc avri^beX. Ol. 13. 47. 
'Avr/^ods, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [ad versus, resistens, contrarius,] cross-grained, ad- 
verse, hostile, resisting. 'fts 5' ore vr/Xd bovpd Odois avri^bd yojjityois. Apoll. 

2. 79' SyN. 'Eva vtXos, TToKefxXos. 
'AvTwicri, t)s, fj, P. N. [Antiope,] the mother of Amphion and Zethus. Tf)v be 

fier 'AvTXoTrr)V Xbbv, 'Aawirolo dvyarpd. X. 259. 
'AvrXbs, a, bv, adj. [adversus ex adverso stans,] adverse, opposite. Ev^ofYjuovs 

vavs avrXas 'EXXtjvigXv. Ion ll60. SYN. 'Avralbs, avrXfiXbs, avTXndXbs. 
'Avrtotrrarew, poet, pro avdiardjuat, v. [contrarius sum,] to stand or continue 

opposite. Tore CTeXovfxev* vvv yap avrXocndrel. Philoct. 649» EXP. 'Evav- 


'AvrXdu) et avrXbofjiaiy Ion. pro avrtata, v. [adversor, repugno,] to go against, 

to oppose, to resist. TXs av roioh* ayrtiodrjvat deXot ; ^Esch. Suppl. 385. 
'Avri7rcus, naiads, 6, adj. [puero similis, adolescens,] resembling a child. 

Aelffaad yap ypavs, ovbev, avrXirais jueV ovv. Eumen. 38. 
VWnraXos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [adversarius in lucta ; aequas vires habens, viribus 

par,] adverse, opposed to, an antagonist, reciprocal, equivalent. ^AvrXitaXov 

KardXaXva reined. Phcen. 810. SYN. 'Avralbs, evavrXbs, T"o"07rdXds. 
s Avrt7rd(Tx«, f- ireiobjuai, v. [vicissim beneficio adficior, vel maleficio.] &p&v 

avri7ra<T)(w ^prjard y, oV dvrjp 7revr]s. Philoct. 5Q0. 
"AvrXTreu-nfs), v. [remitto,] to send in return. Yle.fx\paffXv fjfuv avrli: ejx-^lv, etcXv- 

oiv. (E. R. 314. 
'AvrXnepaids, a, bv, adj. [ex adverso situs,] situated opposite to. Oi r' "Hiretpdv 

e%ov, 71$ avrXnepai evsjuovto. B. 635. 
* AvrXnepav , Ion. avrXntpriv, et poet. avrXirtpd, etiam avTXTtepriQcv , adv. [ex ad- 
verso, trans,] directly opposite, over against. 'AvTXneprjv yairj BiOvvXbi iretff- 

fidr dv?]ibdv. Apoll. 1. 177. See also Apoll. 1. 6l3. 
^Avriirerpds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [valde durus, ut saxum,] hard, as a rock. Avrov* 

fir\KETi roiift avrXnerpov. CE. C. 192. SYN.^Iff07rerods. 
9 Avrt7r^, riybs, rj, subst. [area lignea, cista,] a large wicker basket. EiXiktov 

avTX7rrjyds, ws opt^d' o irals. Ion. 40. SYN. Kiarr), kXjSojtos. 
'AvrX'TrXr)!;, rjyos, 6 et fj, adj. [ictibus crebris percussus,] dashed against. 2rd>a> 

^psfiovoX ft avrXirXyyes literal. Antig. 592. 
*AvtXitv66s, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [spirans adversus, reflans,] blowing against, adverse. 

M>y riras avrXirvbovs Advdols yjpbvXas Eveprjbds. Agam. 145. 
*AvTi7roivdv, ov, to, subst. [poena pro delicto,] a punishment for a crime. Av- 

fias o.vtXtxoiv' efxas ', Xu) rdXas. Hec. 1065. 
, AvtXttolv6s, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [pcenas rependens vel exigens,] suffering or de- 
manding punishment for. AvtXttoivovs Tivys fjL-nTpbtyovovs bvas. Eumen. 268. 
'AvrXiropQeio, v. [vasto vicissim,] to lay waste in return, to render desolate. 

Krevti yap avrbv KavrX-rropOljcru) bdjJiovs. Troad. 359« 
'AvTXTropdfAds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [oppositus, ultra mare,] situated beyond a strait 

or passage, opposite. AxbwaXv avrXitopd/jid b! ijireipoiv bvolv. Ion 1585. 
'AvTX7ropds, ov, 6 et */, adj. [e regione situs,] opposite, over against. XaXuSds 

avrX-ndpov. Iph. A. 1492. 
'AvrX'-rrpaypos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [qui proram habet in aliquem conversam, conspi- 

cuus, qui est ante oculos,] having the prow turned towards, before the face. 

Tvvai, Kar avrXTrpupd byjid oo\ (3Xe7C€iv. Trach. 227* SYN. 'EvavrXos. 
'Av-Xirvpyds, ov, b et ?/, adj. [qui turri opponi et comparari potest,] like a tower. 

* EppurTbv JavrXirvpybv tnXfiaaai Trtrpav. Bacch. 1095. 

1 'AvTairoiva also occurs, Here. F. 751. in the same sense. 


'Avrtirvpybu), v. [contra niunio, turres aedifico,] to fortify against, to strengthen 

with towers. T»^§' v-^Xnvpybv avTeizvpyuxrav 7t8te. Eumen. 69 K 
'AvTippeirio, v. [in contrariam partem vergo,] to weigh against, to equal in 

weight. NiKq. to icepbos, ntf/ma 6' ovk avrtppeirei. Agam. 557> 
'Avrippdiros, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [in contrariam partem vergens, asqui pollens,] 

equal in weight, equivalent. Av7rr)s avTippdrtov ayBbs. Electr. 1 19. Syn. 

laoppoirds, avriarradfids. 
' AvrXariKbio, v. [quasi ad aequilibrium rependo,] to place in the opposite scale, 

to counterbalance. "Qaov nip ev iror ' avrio^Kwercts be as. Hec. 57. SYN. 

' ' Avaar}Kd(t) t aPTiaradfieii), apTu7rdhtb(i)/M, cb'vijuerpew. 
'AvTicrircMTfxds, ov, 6, subst. [convulsio,] a spasm. 'ft Zev, bcty&y ai'TiGTraarfiajy. 

Lysistr. 966. 
'AvTifnraffTds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [in contrarium abstrahens,] tearing asunder, dis- 
tracting, convulsive. 'Abayfxos dvr/a7raoTos" ehd (polvlos. Trach. 772. Exp. 

^Iffos OTraajuu), r) jucrct GTradfiov. 
'AvTioTrau), v. [in contrariam partem traho,] to tear against, to tear away, to 

divert. 'Op/utofjiEVOv be /urjbafiios fx avTiarracrys. P. V. 345. SYN. 'AvnAa/z- 

joavofiai, avaXanfiavu), rar^w, kojXvu). 
'Avriffradfjids, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [aequale pond us habens,] of equal weight. Kar- 

Ci X ' A X ai0VS > ^ s " 7r <* T *iP ai'TifTTad/udy. Soph. Electr. 57. Syn. See 'AvTippdirds. 
'AvTioroiyos, ov, 6 et if, adj. [e regione oppositus, aequalis,] corresponding in 

motion, parallel, ^ua yap avTiaroL^os ws, (pwvrjv e^eis. Androm. 74(5. Syn. 

"Ofxoios, tads, avrXos. 
'Avt'mjxuj poet, pro arrex w > v. [teneo ante, oppono, obtendo,] to hold out 

against, to oppose. Qaaydvd. re a7raaaaade, icaX avTiayeaQe Tpditi^as. v. 74. 

SYN. 'AvQlaTriiM, TrdpciTXdrjfxX, irpdrelvio. 
'AvTiTCHTfrw, v. [ex adverso instruo ad praelium,] to draw up against, to oppose. 

Kara oTofx enrdvovTES avTera^apiv. Heracl. 801. SYN. 'EvavTiddfiat, clvtX- 

Ketfiai, iraparaaabixai, avdivrrj/uX, uvrXreivb), avrXbXbojfxX. 
'Ai-TXreivb), v. [in contrariam partem tendo,] to stretch in return, to repay. 

Obb' civrXreivetv vi\TtV avrX vrprXtoV. Med. 891* SYN. 'Avrt/3cuVw, a.yTXfiXa£ t 

avTixprrflgu), avTiOTtevbd), 
'AvrXrefjivb), v. [remedium prsebeo : Vid. Jacobs. Animadv. in Eurip. p. 3fJ.] 

to cut against, to apply a remedy to a disease. 'Avrire/iwv fipordlai. Aicest. 

'AvrXrevxp/nai, et avrXrvyyavh), v. [similis sum,] to be like. NCy be a arijuriarovat' 

y vvaiKos ap* clvtetetv^o. 0. l63. 
'AvTXTe"x v ° s > ov > °» subst. [adversarius alicui in arte quapiam,] a rival in any 

art. 'Avrtre^voy, tote bri /jdyias vno beiyfjs. Ran. 81 6. SYN. 'AptX/mhos, 

avdajjitXXds, avri£r]\ds. 
'AvrXrifiivpeu), v. [vicissim ulciscor,] to punish in return, to avenge. t Meve\eu)p 

6\ Xy avToits avreri/LKjjprjadfxriv. Iph. T. 354. 
'AvTiTtvu), 7, et avrXrXu)^ f. icio, v. [vicissim luo,] to suffer or pay for. Tldaiv 

hXKrf ruivb' avriTicraodai kukCjv. Med. 26l. SYN. 'AvTCLTrdbxbcjjjiXy aitOTLOJ, tXvio. 
'AvtXtoX/j.6s, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [adversarius,] opposing, attacking. Toy clvtX- 

To\/ioy tya/M TrapaifiaTay. Eumen. 55fj. 
'AvtXtojjlov, ov, to, subst. [remedium,] a remedy. 'Ayriro/m arepeav obvyav. 

Pyth. 4. 393. 
*AyTXTdp£o), v. [trausfodio, perfodio,] to stab or pierce through. *Afi\ij'xpfiv 

eidap be bopv ^poos avTETdprjae. E. 337- SYN. Aidrd/oew, bXepxofxat, bXopvoaw, 

'AvtXtos, ov, oetrj, adj. [vicissim punitus,] retributive, revenged. 'Pei-eii/, 

aina 7rbdt Zevs ayTXra epyd TeXearcrrj. P. 51. 
'AvtXtvkos, ov, betf], adj. [(1) ictumrepellens, (2) repercussus, (3) adversarius,] 

(1) a striking against, (2) struck back, re-echoed, (3) hostile. Udp' J arti-dy 

avTXTv-nov. Philoct. 693. SYN. 'Avri7raXos, avrXfii/uos, aicXr}pds. 

1 M&tKfuv here forms an anapaest. 3 The penult, is short in Attic, long in epic verse. 


'Airtri/Trrw, v. [repercutio,] to beat in return. Qelvai vV/jov to~s vleaiv rovs 

TraTEpas aVTtTV7TT€tv. Nub. 1426. SYN. 'AvTui'a.cXaio, avrXKOirrk}, iiTTXTTXi]Trh). 
'Avrtyepvos, gv 9 6 et >/, adj. [dotis loco datus,] given in return for the dowry. 

"Ayovad r avrXtyepvov 'IXtov <j>6opay. Agam. 3^6. 
'Avrl<J>£pi$ut, v. [me aequiparo, oppono,] to oppose, to match, to compare one's 

self to. "Heater', ovtXs aoi yl Qewv hvvdr avTXtyspi&iv, 0. 357. SYN. 'A»ti- 

tytpu), avTi(p£po/ s lad(p£pi^(o, avrXfiaivu), efyaooyai. 
'AvrXQepb), v. [regero, resisto,] to meet, to oppose, to resist. Xpatc/ieTy apyd- 

Xeos yap 'dXvfnrtos avrXcpEpetrOat. A. 589. SYN. 'AvdisrdfXai, evavriddfiai. 
'AvrXfyevycj, v. [alterius loco fugio,] to be banished for another. Kovr avrt- 

(pevyeiv, 7ratbos clvtX gov, ttogXs. Eur. Electr. 1 09 - ♦ SYN. MItolkeo). 
'Ai'-KpOeyyofxai, v. [vicissim sonum edo, resonc,] to utter a sound in return, 

to answer, to re-echo. Qptic&hes apre<j)6cyyET- elaopwai be. Hipp. 1211. SYN. 

'Ajjieifidfjiaif avTri^eio, avTajuetfjofiat. 
'AvTXipXXeojt v. [vicissim amo, redamo,] to love in return. Yalaeiot iraXat 

drbpts, ok avTe^XXrja 6 (pXXrjdeis. Theocr. 12. l6. SYN. 'AvTepdv, avrdyd- 

'AjrfyXeyw, v. [vicissim illustro vel uro,] to illumine in turn. 'Eonepas cfQaX- 

fidv avT£<pXe£,£ fxrjva. Olymp. 3. 35. 
'AvTiQdvds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [caedem cempensans,] shedding blood for blood. 

At, at 5' avrXtyoviov QdvovTbiv dpai. Sept. Theb. 889« 
WvTityvrevb), v. [vicissim gigno,] to produce in return. YleiQw yAv ydp ovetdp' 

epts b' epXv avrXxpiirevei. Phocyl. 74. 
'Ai'TXfpwveu), v. [contra clamo vel sono,] to sound in return, "zpuras avrtyvjvei. 

Anacr. 1.10. Syn. 'Avrybu), bXdcjuorEw, avrfipaXXh), ci/ieijSojuai. 
'AvtX<P<*)vos, ov, 6 et f>, adj. [contra sonans, respondens,] corresponding to, in 

unison with. 'Avadr dnvadr, avTXfyojv e^Cjv. Eur. Suppl. 810. SyN„"A>tw- 

bos, dirwbds, bid(pii)vos. 
'AvrX-^dpels, clad, sv, part. 2. a. pass, ab avTi^aXpo^ai, vel, ut rS Jones videtur, 

part, praes. ab avTL^dprjpX, [invicem gratificans vel gratulans,] gratifying or 

congratulating in return. Tot noXvapfjidrw avrXycipeiod 0///3a. Antig. 149. 
'AvrX^eipoTovEio, v. [refrtger,] to stretch out the hand against, to vote against. 

npocreOrjKey, ohbeis avTE-fceipoTdrrjOEV dv. Eccl. 423. SYN. 'AvdiffrrjjAi, avTtipr]- 

<pic!(t), avrXfialvh). 
'AvTixpaXXoj, f. X<3, v. [psallo vicissim,] to play alternately. 'AvTt\paXXu)v eXe- 

(jxtPTobETOv. Av. 218. SYN. 'AprXtymEU), avrXupovio. 
'Avri\paXfjids, ov, 6 et i], adj. [qui vicissim canitur,] alternately sung. 'Avn- 

\paXjuovs abas. Iph. T. 178. SYN. 'AvtX^mvos, q. V. 
'AvtXew, f. rjffh), v. [(1) haurio, (2) exantio,] to draw water out by a pump, to 

exhaust, to draw out to the dregs. Bevtjv ek a\av, Xvrrpov avrXi'icrei fiXov. 

Hipp. 902. SYN. 'AsraWXsw, bXavrXEw, e|avrXew, dpxxo, apvofxai, dfverao), 


'AvrXXa, as, rj, subst. [(I) sentina, (2) ministerium et poena hauriendi sentinam,] 

a sink, the hold of a ship where the bilge- water is, the action of pumping. 

'Es civrXXav, es rrrp&pdv, es izpvixvav^ oiroi. Philoct. 488. 
"AvtXos, ov, 6, subst. [(1) sentina, (2) mare,] the foul water in the hold of a 

ship, a sink, a large collection of water, the sea. 'aXXjuevov tXs ws es dvrXov 

ttegwv. Hec. 1010. (double dochm.) 
*AvroiKreipa), v. [vicissim niisereor,] to pity in return. f H/xe7s a dp avQXs, w 

%ev avTotKTdpofJLEv. Ion315. 
'AvroX?), contr. pro dvaTdXrj, fjs, rj, [oriens, ortus,] the rising of the sun or other 

heavenly body, the East. "AoTpuv dv eXOotfji' aWZpcs npos dvroXas. Phoen. 514. 

SYN. 'AvdrdXrj, £7rXrdXrj, J £(oa. EpiTH. 'HXXoarXfirjs, epinvbtjs, <pXdy&\p. 
"Avrdfjiat, v. [occurro, obvius fio,] to meet. 'Avto/uevt) Kd-EpvKE' ACos be cfy* 

evvETTE jjlvQov. 0.412. SYN. 'A7ra^rta^w, EirXTvyxdvu. 

1 'ettHtoK^i is more properly applied to the stars. See Vakkenaer. Phcen. r>14. 





'Avrpeirut, contr. pro 'ApaTpEnto, q. V. 

"AvTp&v, ov, to, subit. [antrum, spelunca,] a cave, a cavern. Kalrot Qvyoifx' ttv, 

KaxfiifiriK avTpov juv^wp. Cycl. 478. SYN. Ko/Xwyud, KoiXds, fivdfxds, yvdXop, 

tnreds, (nrelos, cnri]Xvy%, airr}Xaibp, Kevdfiwp, fxv^os, (pio\ea. EPITH. 'Htpoei&es, 

vxjsrfpecpes, otepop, biaro/JOP, noXv^avbis, koUXop, VX^^ v y iroXvfievdes f TT£Tpr}pe(p£S t 

XaXiop, TrjXeTrdpdv, aefxpop, evpv, eixruldt', 7reptKaXXes, bva(3drop, dvrfXXop, diret- 

"AvtvZ, vyds, rj, subst. [ambitus multarum rerum, ora exterior,] the border of 

anything round, the exterior rim of a shield, the seat of a chariot, a chariot. 

"E0ao-fce, btypov t elaefiaivep avrvya. Here. F. 943. SYN. TlEpX^Epeid, a/ia£a, 

axpls o^Yifj-aros. EPITH. Map/uapea, irepTbpd/j.os, TrioXiKrj, (paeipfj. 
'Avrybds, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [qui cantu rnutuo respondet,] singing alternately. 

'H^w, Xoyiav avrwbds eiriKOKKvirrpia. Thesm. 100*0. SYN. 'AptX^wpos, avrl- 

\paX/Jos, KaraXXrjXds. 
'Avrwfudaia, as, >/, subst. [jusjurandum de calumnia a parte rei,] a defendant's 

oath. QaXXotydpot KaXoif*£d\ avTwpooXiov neXvtyr). Vesp. 542. SYN. AiKtj. 
'AvTujirtds, avTUiiros, et olvtwkyis, ov, 6 et fj, adj^ [ex ad verso intuens,] direct in 

the face, facing. 'AvT&nldv uadp aiyXrjv. Apoll. 4. 727. See also Iph. A. 

584. SYN. 'Apravyijs. 
"Apvbpds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [arid us, siccus,] having no water, dry. Elr' eirl ras 

dvvbpovs. Alcest. 115. SYN. "Aflpd^ds, bi\pdXEos, dpnrros, clkKvotos, 
'Avvfjievaids, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [carens honoribus nuptialibus,] not having so- 
lemnized the rites of Hymen, unmarried. Nvktos KiXatptjs avvfxevaie TrapOepe. 

Here. F. 830. 
'AvvfjtyevTos, et dwjucpds, ov, 6 et //, adj. ["qui sponsam vel quae sponsum non 

habet,"] unespoused, unmarried, unsanctioned by marriage, illegitimate. 

Nvfifriv at/v/j.(j)oi> irapQevop r airapBevov. Hec. 6l0. See also Soph. Electr. 

187. SYN." Ay d/uos, ndicdydfids, Kanovvfityds, KaKovv/uipevTds. 
'Awfivew, v. [celebro, decanto,] to celebrate, to proclaim by an oracle. SYN. 

'Yfxvfu), di'dfj.eX7r(i), dvdyopevio. 
'Avv7rdbr)Tos, ov, 6 et >;, adj. [non calceatus,] barefooted. KupvndbriTos mffd 

7ro\\' aveyet, neap fifilv aejivoirpoawTreis. Nub. 363. SYN. Yvfivbirovs, dv^XX- 


"AvvaXs, ems, fj, subst. [perfectio, finis,] bringing to an end, end, consummation. 
I KXcu', £7rei ovk dvvaiv rXvd brjdfiEP' aXXa rdyiard. b. 544. SYN. TlXripwais, 
l rsXeiwaXs. 
'Ai'vtu), dvvu), et poet, dva, Alt. 'Avvtm, dvvw, v. [perficio, efficio,] to bring to 
j an end, to dispatch, to exhaust. 'AXX' ovbip t\pvt' aXXd 7roX\' ojulov j^eXij. 
| Androm. 1135. See also Hec, 924. et K. 2£1. SYN. 'E^dvvto, d7rapri$<o, 

Kdraprtcloj, bXarsXEw, dTrorEXeoj, ETUKpaivu), bXa7rparr(t), reXeo^OjOew, TTEpaipw, diro- 

TrXrjpou), ToXvirevii), dn€pya$,6fxai. 
"Avid, adv. [sursum, supra, in loco vel ad locum,] above, upwards. TevxeaQti- 

pop fjiep Xadv eKTe'ivovT dvio. Eur. Suppl. 664. 
I 'Avtuyrj, rjs, r), subst. [jussum,] a command or order. AWojiepois' dfivbts be 

VEoi'Op<prjds dvojyrj. Apoll. 1. 1134. 
i mvioyit), v. [jubeo, hortor,] to command, to prompt. r £ifxr€ip dp^x®' eXdovrds 

vXovpyovs bpvos. Here. F. 241. SYN. KeXevw, 7rapaiP£U), Eiri(TKr]7rTw, €7rir€XX<i/, 
i ETrXraaaa), heXo/acu, TtdpaKEkevojAdi. 
'ApwbvvXu, as, f] } subst. [absentia doloris,] freedom from pain. Titcrdp' dpo)bv~ 

vXas. Pylh. 3. 11. 
I 'Autobvpos, ov, 6 et ri> adj. [doloris expers,] free from pain. 'Apwbvpop fiXeirovtd. 
i KafxTrvEOPT etX. Philoct. 883. SYN."AXu7rds, dpa.Xyr}Tos, diropos. 
"ApwOep, adv. [desuper, superne, coelitus,] from above, from heaven. "Eorpet// 
1 apwdev 7TEpXj3dXb)P Kara) ytiovos. Troad. 1232. 
*Apw6eo>, f. (odqau) et waw, v. [sursum impello,] to force up, to push backwards. 

Ot flip dpwaapres nXedp es noXXp, ws ekeXcv^e. o. 5-52. SYN. 'A7rw0lw, bXcaQew, 


Pros. Lex* N 


'Apmart, adv. [clam, inopinato, insperato, ex improviso,] inadvertently, with- 
out suspicion. Aadprj, dvbiiari, SdXw ov\6fiivi)s d\oxot&. b. 92. 

'Av&'utt&s, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [inopinatus, improvisus,] unthought of, unexpected, 
Sudden. Tw S' dp' dvwiffTOV KaKoi' rjXvds bids 'AxtXXevs. <J>. 39- ^ATrpotrhdKrfTds, 

'AvauVrws, adv. [inopinato,] unexpectedly. *£ls ol fjey ttvkX oi&iv dviaitxTtos bdyd- 
KCffal. A poll. 3. 7« 

'ArwjudXds, ov, 6 et ij, adj. [non planus, insequalis, inconstans,] unequal, un- 
even, variable. $eu* tw: fipoTeiwv ws dvwpdXot rvx rtt « Eur. fr. Scyr. Syn. 

'Avhijudrds, ov, 6 et f/, adj. [injuratus,] unsworn, not sanctioned by an oath. 
Adyots be trv/ifZas, kcli Qeuv dvu/jorvs. Med. 735. 

'AvwvdfxaarTos, ov, 6 et >'/, adj. [sine nomine, uefandus,] nameless, horrible. 
"Apprjr\ dvcji'dfjinaTd, Qavpdriav irepa. Hec. 713. 

'Avibpvfjids, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [expers nominis, ignobilis,] anonymous, obscure, 
unknown to fame. TloXXr) jxev ev fiporoloX kovic uv&vvfxos. Hipp. 1. 

*Avu><f>eXrjs, ids, et avwtyeXrjTvs, ov, 6 et /;, adj. [inutiiis, damnosus,] useless, 
hurtful, pernicious, a. HettovQcl beivd. b. tote ydp ?)<x0' dvoxpeX^s. Orest. 
1533. See also Soph. Electr. 1144. Syn. , Ar//H/ro's, a^pr]<TT6s i dav/jQdpds, 
db&Kifios, f/dratds. 

^A^evos, Ion. aZetvds, ov, o et f/, adj. [inhospitalis,] inhospitable, inhuman, 
boisterous. At, p$* vvv 8 afyivov 7tovtov £eiva. Iph. T. 218. Syn. 'Atvo^evos, 
fiiooQvds, kuko^epos, bva^einEpos, aKoivojvr)Tos. 

"AfyoTos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [radendo non politus,] not polished, rough. Ou Ku>Xd 

Kafi\poy TOl/fr EK a£e(TT0V TTETpOV. CE. C. 19. SYN. 'AfTKETTCiprds. 

\A$m, as, »;, subst. [dignitas, meritum, sestimatio,] worth, price, merit, value. 

Qdveiv npXv al(T\pwv fjr) Kdr dgiav tv-^elv. Hec. 374. ~SYN. 'A^torr/s, agiioaXs, 

*Agivrj, rjs, >), subst. [securis,] an axe. 'Oi-eo-i b)) TreXcfceo-o-t kcii atyvyaX jjd%ot>rd. 

O. 7H. Syn. ri{:X.£ici/s, aKEirapvdv, kottXs, ylvqis. 
'A£ioQpT}vos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [lamentatione dignus,] deserving of lamentation, 

pitiable. J ndpds agidQpr)vds. Alcest. 914. 
'Agid/jiods, ov, 6 et rj, et agid/jiarjs, eos, adj. [odio dignus,] deserving to be 

hated, hateful. 'AgidfJiddy eQvos nobi Accry/is. Eumen. 367. 
'A£io7rer0/)s, Ids, adj. [dignus luctu,] worthy to be lamented. Twy yap f.uyd- 

Xiav a£,Xo7rev0e~is. Hipp. 1463. 
"Agios, a, ov, adj. [dignus,] worthy, deserving. 'HjjXy b' 'AxtXXevs agios Ti/xijs, 

yvvat. Hec. 309. SYN. TifAr)Tds, bXnaids. 
'Afros, ov, o, N. P. [Axius,] a river in Macedonia. "Agiov, ov kuXXlotov vbwp 

£7rXKibvdraX a'ir). B. 850. EPITH. YJjpvpeeBpds, evpv pEioy. 
'AfyoxpEws, 6, adj. [(1) qui est solvendo, (2) idoneus,] worthy of credit, faith- 
ful, competent. *H ovk atXoxpeais d 6eos avatyepovTi jjloi. Orest. 5$6. Syn. 

"Eirt/ios, d^Xds, virevQwos, aZ ) Xo7riar~.ds, ey^eyyuds. 
*A^tow, v. [di»num censeo, dignor,] to judge or consider worthy. Afyovs o-<pe 

y rigLioods ovveica tcrdvelv ; Med. 1364. Syn. Kdragtoio,, Kpivio, 

dTrd^aivofxai, v7rdXafjj3drio, Xi7rdp£(*}, TrapaK'dXew. 
'Agiiofjd, dros, to, subst. [diguitas, honos, meritum,] worth, value, dignity, 

claim, request. "Orav Trovqpos aj&uifi dyr/p exv- E°r. Suppl. 434. Syn. 

'A£ta, Kvpds, Tifirj, agiuxTis* 
'A^tws, adv. [merito, digue,] in a manner worthy of, worthily. T H <plXTdQ\ ws 

ev Kugiojs o-eOep Xtyeis. Hec. 97^. 
'AgiiooXs, Eh>s, %, subst. [postulatio,] claim. Tqy agiwaiv twv KdX&v to awfi «x €t# 

Eur. fr. iEol. 24. 4. 
9 A£oviiXdTos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [axe agitatus,] driven by the axle, rapid. Ivptyyes 

ov atyuxrXy a^ovrfXaToi. iEsch. Suppl. 189* 
"AtyXtis, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [lignis carens, incaeduus, non lignosus,] devoid of : 
1 *H ovk form one syllable, as also tlie third and fourth syllables of o|T<JxP fws ; i n scanning, 




wood ; not lopped, uncut, and consequently thickly wooded. 'Vis b y ote trtp 
dXhrjXdv ev a£v/W ejuireae itXrj. A. 155. SYN. UdXvgvXdi. 

"AfyXos, ov, 6, P. N. [Axylus,] "AfyXov & dp eirecpVE ftoi^v dyddos AXdfiyjbrjs. Z. 

'Astros, idem quod 'aovvetos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [stolidus, imbecillis,] unwise, 
foolish. W^vvetov aia£ova' eda/jifirjaep be 7ras. Ion 1205. 

"Afav, 6v6s, b, subst. [axis,] the axle of a wheel, a wheel. 'E/i/il/xdi/Td 0ea* 
Heyd b' eftpaxe <f»)yXrds afar. E. 838. EPITH. XaXveos, fit a a on ay i)s, bpdXos. 

"Ao£ds, ov, 6, subst. [popa,] an attendant at the altar, the minister at the sa- 
crifice who struck the victim, fypdoev $ aoCuis Trdrj/o ?&' ev\av. Agam. 223. 
(See Blomf.) SYN. 0£od7rwj/, VTrrjptrrjs , fjdryeipos. 

*Aoibr), fjSy f], subst. [cant us,] song, tune, elegy. 'H 6' etek' evved Kovpds djuotppd- 
vds, rjoXi' aoibi], Hes. Theog. 60. SYN. qojjLd, fiiXds, /ioX7n), fiovady a>b)), \paX- 
fios, ettos. EPITH. '' 'Apfr pe7n)s , aypavXos, dyafdeyKToSy {3ovKdXtKT]y avrobXbaKTos, 
f.i£Xi(j)Ooyyds, fieXlyripvs, fjlXXcppoyv, deairXs, QemrEoXa, Xvypa, fj.aXda.Kfj, ifxeprr/y. 
t/uepoeffady }]be~id, i)bv(pu)i'os, ijbvdpdos, eplrifjvs, ebzeXabos, ETtXritudSy EvQrjfjujjv, 
EpiorXk-r), yXijKEpciy kclXt), rep-rcvi), K'Xetv//, TroiKiXoTpavXds, TtouuXotyopiiiyif tyXXd- 
iTaiy/mov, (plXdjbioX7rds, Bevjuopds, XXyvcpujvds, XXyv(f>Ooyyos. PhR. ^.TEtpdvwv dpErdv 
te be^tiordTi] dirabos, evrepirfis tcoa/uds doibfjs, /.isXiippdi'ds dvdds doibrjsy YlupiKijs 
pdddfxiyyES fjLEXirraryjs. See /Esch. Suppl. 688. Isth. 8. 124. 

'Aoibldu, poet, pro deibo), v. [cano,] to sing. AawfJth'ioV r) b' tvbdv doihXdova 
dm KaXrj. e. 6\. SYN. See"A t So;. 

AoibXfjtds, ov, b et ?/, adj. [decantatus, Celebris,] celebrated, notorious. Ityiyyis, 
dvv^Xv doibXfiov dypav. Eur. Electr. 471. SYN. 'Ayaards, aeifivrjaToSy WEpXftdrj- 
rds, v/aj'rjTOi, trdXvvfjvos, 7rdXvit)vi>fjds t kXvtos, et/jeXejys, Embo'idSy evbolps, KXetvos, 
7roXv>cXi)'i(77ds, evbortfios, bXdarjpds, TrEpXirvoTos. PHR. See 01. 6. Nem. 7« Istll. 

'Aoibds, ov, b et r/, subst. [cantor, poeta,] a singer, a minstrel. Aaicpvaaod 5' 
E7retTd TTpdcn-jvba Qeldv doibdv. a. 336. SYN. AvXtfbds, fXEXubos, Movo-dirdXds, 
vf.iv6TrdXds, vfxr-ddeTrjSy fboTOtos. I^PITH. 'EpXtipos, Beams, i]bvEirr)s, 7repticXvrds, 
7roXi>(f)r)fjdSy bids, afjtepbdXEdSy odtyds, XXyvtywvdSy XXyv(f)doyyds, ydpXeh, Oidfidpos, 
PHR. Movaawv Bepdmovy Xipevs, 6piXs t "Kpft-RoXoSy dprjvwv e^ap^ps, fxeXXyrjpviov 

TEKTOJV KW/HiOV. See Istll. 2. 1. 

"Aoikos, ov, b et >/, adj. [domo carens, extorris, pauper,] without a home, 
needy. 0i/rd r doucov TruielaOat. Hes. Op. 600. S.YN. 'AveorXosy aareyos, 


"Aon ds, ov, bet f], adj. [vino carens, abstemius,] not using wine, without wine, 

abstemious. Xods t dolvovs, vqtydXXd )tietX/yjudrd. Eumen. 108. 
'AoTos, Dor. pro >}o7o?, vel riyos, a, 6v, adj. [matutinus,] belonging to the 

morning. 'Ao'iov avrbv tt6.vtes EKaXovv dorepd. Pax 837* SYN. '£jjos, ewdXvos, 

opdpios, virr>o~ids. 
"aSkvos, ov, b et //, adj. [impiger, intrepidus,] not sluggish, active, prompt. 

"Evfld k' doKPos dvrip txlyd oikov o^eXXoi. Hes. Op, 495. SYN.^Orp^pds, onov- 

halos, cLKafidrds. 
'AoXXj/s, eos, adj. [confertus, congregatus,] collected, close, crowded. lK?}Tr- 

rpdv ZX.&V' vepc b' vies doXXees fjyEpEdovT o . y. 412. SYN. A.6p6oSy dbivos, 


'AoXXiiojy v. [congrego, confertos reddo,] to collect together thickly, to heap 
together, to assemble. "Epy/o ovv BvleaaXvy doXXivaaad ytpaias. Z. 270. 

SYN. ' Ay eipb), ovvdyeipidy aQpoi^u), avvdyu). 
r A.dp y opos, to, subst. [spatha, ensis,] a sword, keivov dop rdvvrjKEs Zywv eu 
X ei P L ndY«'j7. 5. 385. L SYN. ZX(p6s, eyypSy fidxaipd, tyaaydvoVy ^aXfids. 
EPITH. 'AbdfxavTXvd^y beivov, ^dXfceto^, o^v, 7ray^dXK£d»', ravvrjuESy )ueyd, ci/z^- 

1 The quantity of the first syllable of &op is in Homer always short in the nom. and ace. cases ; 
f in the other cases there are nine instances where it is long in the arsis, and two where it is short 
ux the thesis. It is long in the nom. Hes. Scut. 221. 


Kit, ftypioy, aXeyetvdv, XevydXedv, XaifXYirdfxdv, oXbdy, fiXai(j>dvdr f evdrjKrdv, <f>dei- 
vov, apyvpdrjXdv, ofipXfxdv, aa^eroy. 

*AopTrjp t fjpds, 6, subst. [lorum seu funis, quo ensis vel clvpeus vel pera appen- 
ditur,] a belt, a thong. YIvkpci pcoydXerjv ev be orpdfos i]ev doprfjp. v. 438. 
SYN. Zwcrn/p, tfxas. EPITH. XpuCTfos, ar/uepbaXeds. 

*Aoffae(o f f. T/crw, v. [auxilior,] to assist, to support. Tw fxev doavrjaai XeXXtj^ievos, 
cJ/s /aoX e'iKTO. Mosc. 4. 110. SYN. 'A\e£u>, dfivvui, dpriyu). 

'AoffariTrjp, fjpds, 6, subst. [auxiliator, adjutor,] a faithful assistant, an attend- 
ant. 'He rXvas (f)d/JL£V eAvaX aocrarjrijpas dwiaau). O. ?35. SYN. Bo^Gos, dXe- 


"aovtos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [(l)carens auribus, (2) illaesus,] (1) without ears, (2) not 

wounded. "AXXoy 5wov eyovad veovtcltov, dXXov dovrov. 2. 536. SYN."A- 

rpwros, afiXrjTos. 
'ArrayyeXw, v. [annuncio, refero,] to bring back tidings, to make known, to 

proclaim, to celebrate. KX#w b' dKeiXe'iv a\ ws dirayyeXXovaX fiot. Med. 289. 

SYN. 'AyyeXXw, 7rdpayyeXXw, dvayyeXXw, tVayyeXXw, d-rrd^aivd^xai, dvdyopevw y 

tXdydpevta, 7rpdepeu>» 
'A7rdydpeuw, v. [abdico, interdico,] to prohibit, to forbid. 'AXX' dndydpeixo fxrj 

iroieiv eKi<Xr)oXav. Acharn. 168. SYN. 'AirdKripvaou, dTravbdw-, dTroffrffiairut, 

d7rayyeXXw, d7rorpETrdfxat, apieufiat. 
'A7ray|0tow, v. [effero, exaspero,] to render fierce, to exasperate, kelaavres 

€K7rayXfJT dirr]ypXu)fxlv6v. Philoct. 229« 
'A7rayxw et -d/nai, v. [(l)strangulo, (2) med. suspendo me,] (l)to strangle, (2) 

med. to hang oneself. 'Ek rwvS' 07rws raster' drray^aadai Qewv. iEsch. Suppl. 

476. SYN. "Ayx^* ayxovdb), aTroicvlyu), d7rorpdx*7X/c?w. 
'A7rdyu», v. [(l) abduco, avoco, (2) reduco,] to lead away, to lead to. YIwXovs 

airafa Koipdvu, TXpvvdXy. Alcest. 507 • SYN. 'Aj/dyw, d^tor^/xt, d7r<o8e(o t dn£- 

Xavpu), KardKOfiielu). 
*A7rdSts, Xds, fi, subst. [vis mentis, providentia,] the mind, foresight. Alavijs 

rdxems airdbXs. Pyth. 1. 160. The better reading is eX7ribas. See Heyne in 1. c. 
'Anaeipw, pro anaipcj, v. [(1) tollo ab, attollo, (2) med. abeo, discedo,] (1) tore- 
move from, (2) to depart. Mrj fx dndeipofjiEvoy ttoXeios irebXov be vorisr}. $. 563. 

SYN. 'Airaipoj, direpypfiai. 
'A7rd0/)s, eqs, 6 et ?/, adj. [(l) non obnoxius adfectibus, (2) nullis malis ob- 

noxius,] insensible of, inexperienced in ; unhurt. Nocrrot 5' etc iroXe^iov dird- 

vovs dirddels. Pers. 868. SYN. v AXv7rfo, d/3Xd/3//s. 
'A7rcu, praep. poet, pro dito. 'I<J airal revpfjs fieflXr}jjL£vdv'' avrdp 'A-^tXXevs. 

A. 663. 
'Airaibevr&s, ov, 6 et //, adj. [ineruditus, imperitus,] uninstructed, ignorant. Tdv 

airaibevTov. Cych 490. 
'A-rraLbevTios, adv. [imperite, indocte,] in a rude or ignorant manner. *$!$£*€, 

rd fikv gov, ovk diraibevTOis t\ei. Ion 247« 
'A7Tcud?d, as, ^, subst. [orbitas liberorum,] a childless state, a want of children. 

'H ydp ttoXv avrbv e^£7reio-' diraibia. CE. T. 1043. SYN. 'AretcvXa. 
'ATraiQpXaZu, v. [(1) sub dio ago, (2) serenum reddo,] (l)to act under the open 

air, (2) to render clear and serene. 'A-KaSpXa^et rds vecpeXas, rj tyvvetyei. Aves 

1502. SYN. AWpXaCo), ydXrjvuio, evbXav dyej. 
*A7ratvv/\ia/, v. [aufero,] to take away, to receive from. Tevx? dTraivvfxevov 

'Amoadi'os, avrXtcd roipv. A. 581. SYN. A7rdaivv/ucii, aipio, dvaipeio, napai- 

peofxatj air a kevclcZu). 
'AxaidXdb), et dirawXeio, v. [fraudo, decipio,] to perplex, to deceive, a. Tovto 

Kay? dizaioXq,. Ion 548. SYN. 'A7rdrda;, dS?;\dw, ttole'iv abrjKov, dizopdv, dfiriyd- 

vdv, itdvqpdv. 
*A7ratdXr), fjs t r/, et d7ra«dX??,ud, arc's, to, subst. [fraus, impostura,] shifting, a 

fraud. Bevojv d7ratoX7;iid, KapyvpoarepT^. Choepli. 9&9> See also Nub. 1149. 

SYN. 'AbXicXa, d7rdrr), dTrdr^fxa, dXj)^d. 
'AvalpWt v. [tollo, aufero, discedo,] to take away from, to weigh anchor, to 


depart. 'Ear 5' airaipua ks <j>i>yr)v opfiw/jtevoi. Rhes. 143. SYN. 'ATr^wp^w, 

"Anais, atbds, 6 et ?/, adj. [liberis carens,] childless, deprived of children. 

Evirats fi€P ovod, vvv hi ypavs, d-rrais 0' d/jid. Hec. 809. SYN. "Atekvos, dre- 

' Altai vau), et dnd'ffffa), v. [prosilio cum impetu, ruo, aberro,] to rush from, to 

hasten away, to spring off. Kprj/xvov dTrai^as' o §' Eireaavro, oib/iard Qviov. 

0. 234. SYN/Atffffw, dvopovw. 
'A7rcu7-£w, et dTTaiTiZw, v. [repeto, postulo, exigo,] to demand back, to require, 

to exert. Orjcrevs a affaire! irpos X^P lp Gaxpai VEKpovs. Eur. Suppl. 395. See 

also (3. 78. SYN. Airfw, e^airEO), avTEiraiTEio, dra£r)T£U), ett i£r)TE<a . 
'AttcuW, wvds, 6 et >/, adj. [sempiternus,] exempt from age, everlasting. T fli ras 

diraihivas te ko\ fXEXafif^dQeh. Soph. Polyx. fr. 
'A7rai(i>pew, v. [dependeo,] to hang from. Aotw d7rr}wpevvT, ettXkvptwovte Kdprjvd* 

Hes. scut. 234. SYN. 'EjiraitopEk), ETrapTadfiat, EwTxpEptdfjiai, Eiraipofxai. 
'A7rd\atffrds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [lucta vel calliditate invictus,] not overcome in 

wrestling, unthrown. 'AffdXai-oTos evXoya) eXicei. Nem. 4. 153. 
'ATrdXaX^w, v. [arceo, averto, depello,] to keep off, to protect against. Mi>7f<rr»j- 

pas S' d7rdXaX»C£ icdicws vTTEpr}v6pE0VTds. b. j66. SYN. 'aXccXkw, dirEXavvw, 

ditdbibiKia, &Xe£w, direipyiOy efctpyio. 
'A^aXa/u vos, et aVdXd^ds, ov, o et ?/, adj. [industria carens, consilii inops,] un- 
handy, helpless, unskilful, wretched. 'Ev-6db' ovtXk dTrdXa/zvoi (f>p£res. Olymp. 

2. 105. See also Hes. Op. 20. Syn. "Axeipos, d/3ovXos, djjiddrjs, dTrapos, 

aadevrjs, beiXos. 
'A^-dXdd/zat, v. [aberro, vagor,] to wander out of the way. 'Iw anal vevprjs, 

avTOs 6' dTrdXrjGEraX aXXp. Hes. Scut. 409* SYN. 'AXdo/xat, diro7rXdvddf*ai x 

dfiaprdvu), dtyd fiapTdvta. 
'A7rdXe/^w, v. [deleo, deungo,] to wipe away, to expdnge. Mrj fxtfjiov KdKdrijTd, 

blKy & d7rdXei\pdi> d/ivvap. Phocyl. 73. SYN. 'E^dXet^w, aQdvieth), dfiavpdio. 
'A7rd\e^£w et d7rd\e£w, f. 1)010, v. [propulso, repello, auxilior,] to ward off, to 

avert, to defend, lev dndXelriaatfii, 0iXw be. <te TrarpX eictku). il« 371 • SYN. 

'A7rdX£yw, dXe£a>, a7rdp.vvu), av-Xraffobptai. 
'AiraXdEdfxai, v. [euro,] to attend to a wound, to heal. "EXke' dTraXO^creaddy, a 

Kev fxapxTyaX KEpavvos. 0. 405. SYN."AX0w, 0£pd7revw, Idopai. 
'AnaXXdy)), rjs, fj, subst. [discessus, effugium,] departure, release from, issue, 

end. Ov5' earX fxoipas rov ypEwv r diraXXdyfi, Hipp. 1251. SYN. 'A7roXe4- 

ipXs, dirorpoKri, drroXvaXs, dnoardcrXs. 
'ATraXXaco-w, f. £w, v. [dimitto, libero, amoveo,] to redeem from, to put off, to= 
detach from, to remove. Kdxwv d7raXXa£acrd rwv (jporrjaXvJv. Audrom. 1244* 
SYN. 'AXXaffaw, efaXXaocu), d^rj/uX, d-rroXvio, ndrdfiaXXio, d<j>dvi£(*). 
'AndXoidio, fut. ryaw, v. [perfringo pulsu, vid. Damm.] to bruise, to break to 
pieces. "AxpXs drrr)Xoir}aev , 6 h J vtttXos kv KovXijaX. A. 522. SYN. 'AXoiduj, bxd- 

KOTTTU), dTTodpaVOJ , ffVVTptpU). 

'ATrdXoQpiZ, TpXxos, o et r/, adj. [mollem comam habens,] having soft hair. 

'Tiro KopyQ" 1 dTrdXdrpXxd. Bacch. 1 175. 
'A7rdXds, i), dv, adj. [tener, mollis,] tender, delicate, pliant. Iret'xw, fiXltydpov 

reyyovd drraXov. Eur. Electr. 1346. SYN/A/3pds, /AdXaKOS, reds, TpvipspoS. 
f A7rdXo Tptyyjs, ids, 6 et >;, adj. [delicate nutritus, saginatus,] delicately nourisjied, 

well fed, fat. Kviaarj neXbofxEVos d7rdXorpE(j)EOs aXdXotd. d>. 36*3. SYN. Zarp£- 

r<py)s, evrpdtyfjs, atrevros. 
'ATrdXoxP^h dirdXoxpoos, et dirdXoxpovs, adj. [cute molli praditus,] having a 

soft skin, delicate. 'H bs re irapderXKas diraXoxpods ev yitydpoiaXv, Horn. 

Ven. 14. 
*A7rdXv)w, f. vvtiy v. [eraollio,] to soften, to render delicate. 'ATrdXv^rat 

ydXrjvrf. Anacr. 37- 4. SYN. Opwrrw, x^Xdw, fidXaaah). 
'Aira/udw, v. [raeto, abscindo,] to cut off. 1 — d*' ovdrd vtjXet x a ^ K $ 'Pl^as r 
1 S«e the note at 'Ajucw. 

102 AnAM AIIAn 

afxijaavres. <p. 300. ISYN. 'AvaKeipio, ayaKoimo, ditoTfiriyit), 7repia')(i^> card' 

paaau), 6epi£co, bpvTrrto, cnroTefxvit). 
'A7rafxfi\vva), f. vviv, v. [hebeto, obtundo,] to take off the edge, to blunt, to 

avert. Tedrjyfxeyoy rot jx ovk a7rctfjtp\vve7s Aoyw. Sept. Theb. 712. SYN. 'A/*- 

fiXvvu), dXvut. 
'Aird/uei/3d[2ai, v. [respondeo,] to answer. Tc<v b' d-irdfxetfidfxeyos irpotretyr) nobds 

d)Kvs 'A-^iXXevs. A. 84. Syn. See 'Ajue//3ojucu. 
*AfXTrixe\eu) 9 v. [prorsus negligo,] to neglect entirely, to throw away carelessly. 

Ei' fioi rX t6^(jjv rwvb' a7rr)/jieXr}/neydy. Plliloct. 652. SYN. See 'A/i£/\ew. 
'A7raiu7r\uiieio, v. [aberro,] to wander from, to err. *Ain)ixir\atf f ws Trpoaeihe 

tovs evbov ydfxovs. Tracll. 1141. SyN. 'A/unXdKeu), dfiaprdyto, dcpd/uapTayto, 

ATtafivvio, et dndfjividfiai, v. [propello, arceo,] to ward off, to avert. Aeprpdv 

eata bvvovTES' 6 & ovk dTrdfxvyero ^epaXv. X. 578. SYN. 'Ayuww, diretpyu), 

'AwajjKpXei^yvfiX, f. itffw, v. [vestimenta detraho, nudo, retego,] to disrobe, to 

Strip, to disclose. 'AiraficpXei yap to KdrdirXao-bv tovto fiov. Menander. 

SyN. 'Ekovw, a.7rdKaXv7rroj, 
'ATravaird/uai, v. [respuo, reeuso,] to reject, to refuse. "Evda gv /x7]ket eireiT 

aTravrjvaadai 6eov evyfiy. k. 297 • SYN. 'Ayctiid/uai, ctpreofiat. 
y ATravbpd(i), v. [virilem reddo,] to render manly. '[Is 6' dnr}bpu)Qq befids. Ion 53. 
'AnavevOE, et aTravevQev, adv. vel przep. [procul, scorsim,] apart from, asunder. 
"R^er eireiT dirdvevQe vsujy, fxerd b' toy erjKe. A. 48. SyN. "A7ra>0£>, X W P S > 


'Air ay Bern, v. [defloreo, emarcesco,] to drop flowers, to wither. Td 5' aXV 

aTravdfjaavTa ttclvt &7re7rrdr6. Eccles. 1121. SYN. 'E^ayflea;, 7rdpavdt(O t 

irapaK/ja£u>, etcrijKo/jat, lypahoiiai. 
'A-Traydi^uf, v. [defloro, decerpo,] to crop a flower, to strike off. 'AXA& rovab' 

ifioi fxdralay yXuaady wo' dnayQlaai. Again. l6ol. SYN. 'Ewaydiziit), drd- 

Xeyu), bid(3ctXX(jj. 
'ATravdpddZo), v. [torreo, asso,] to roast, to bake, to broil. Body dTrrjydpdKiz' 

oXoy. Ran. 505. SYN. 'Aydpdklctu), oxidco, Gwobi^u), (ppvyio. 
'AiravBpwiTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [hominum frequentia carens, solitarius,] far from 

the haunts of men, solitary. UpoG-raGadXevTos rSb' d7rayfyu>7r6> irdyu>. P. V. 

20. SYN. "Ep^os, fjiuros. 
'ATrdyoiyw, v. [aperio,] to open. B/jf p' Xfjiev is kXXgXtjv' %r]Xov 6' diro 7rwfi 

dye(t>£e. IT. 221. SYN. 'Avoiyco, q. v. 
'A7ravrdx»7, frequentius dTravrd^ov, adv. [ubique, passim,] every where, in 

in every place, in every respect, ever. To bovXbv ws dnayrd^T] yerus. Eur. 

fr. Autiop. \6. SYN. TldvTr], 7rayTdxV> 
An-ai^rdw, v. [obviam procedo,] to meet, to encounter. TxdrjoX' UbXvyeiKrjs o' 

dTrrjyTrjaey bopX. Phcen. 1407. SYN. 'Ayrdoj, dvrXdw, •ndpdyiyiojjui. 
'A7rd iTrjfxd, drds, to, subst. [occursus,] a meeting with, a rencounter. Ovo' els 

dnavT-qji ', ogtXs alfx £X WI ' K ^P ei ' Orest. 507* 
'A-KayrXEu, v. [exhaurio, minuo,] to exhaust, to exonerate, to extricate. QloL 

re dyrjrol T&yb' uTravrX^aaL noywy. P. V. 84. SYN. 'ArrXew, KdravrXtii), 

dirdpvofxai, bXafvatrw, eKKeyooj, e|dvaX/<r/ctu, rpvj^u). 
"A7ra|, adv. [semel, omnino, prorsus,] once, at once, once for all, altogether. 

Kat icepbdvels arcay-d' xprfv ydp ov-% awa£. Keracl. 9^9» SYN. Ei<7d7ra^, i(f>d- 

7ra^, Kaddira^ s 

f A7ra|d7ras, aad, dv, adj. [simul omnis,] all together. Twv vvv yvyaiKtoy Urjvi- 

Xo7rr)y, Qaibpas 6' dna^d7ra.aas. Thesni. 550. 
'A7ra£ioa>, v. [recuso, ut indignum,] to deem unworthy, to reject, to scorn. 

"AsdirrifyujadTd. Eumcn. 368. 
"A7ra7T7ros, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [sine avo, alienus, non cognatus,] without an an- 
cestor or forefather, not related to. <I>dos roo', ovk dncnrirby 'Ibaiov 7rty:dV 

Agam. 302. (See B). Gloss.) 


, >6ds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [qui flecti vel exorari nequit,] inexorable. 4>d- 

fitpbv yap dirdpdjivQdv opfjid nutXiKov. Ipb. A. 620; SYN. 'A/ieiXX^s, fJiaXepds, 

fTkXripds. 1 
'ATTupaarxufy v. [abscindo, amputo,] to wrench asunder, to cut, to beat off. 

'AvTitcpv b' arcapale' to jjl€V TiXdfxujvXds Alas. II. 11 6. SYN. 'Apdcov, d7ra- 

jid(o, an 6 icon no, ttepXkotttii), dirocnrdu), dtyaipEOfiai, a.7ro(3a\\(t). 
'A7rapaTt\Tos, ov, 6 et y/, adj. [qui vulsus non' est ; hirsutus,] unpicked, hairy. 

Tlivwv, pinr&v, u7rapa.Ti\Tos. Lysistr. 279' SYN. Aacrios, bdovQpil, Tpa^ys. 
'ATrapy/xara, wy, to., subst. [primitiae,] the first fruits. "Aye vvv dndpyov, kard 

bos TcnrapyfjidTu. Pax 1056. SYN. 'Awapxai, anpodivid, evdy/oy/drd. 
'AirapQevevTos, ov, b et >/, adj. [nou decens virginem,] unbecoming a virgin. 

'ATrapBevevTa fj,ev Tab\ Iph. A. 993 > ExP. Uapdevov dva£X6s. 
'ATrapdevos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [non amplius virgo,] no longer a virgin. 'AvtX 

yvvaiKos eQy}Ke ndicdv ical anupQzvov ifyieV. Theocr. 2. 41. SYN. KaKdirap- 

'ATrapKeio, v. [sufficio, satis sum,] to be sufficient. T flv ovk airapKei TrXrjffjmdv)]. 

Tpvffj ye rot. Eur. fr. inc. 14. Syn. see 'Apfcew. 
9 A7rnpvid/jai, v. [abnego, denego,] to deny, to renounce. Toi> Tap dTrapvtjQevTd 

Hi) XPV vat ^X^' Hipp. 12^1. SYN. 'ApvEOfiat, dirdtyrjfiX, etivevio. 
"Airapvos, ov, 6 et >;, adj. [qui pernegat,] one who denies. Upa^en' dnapvos 

§' ovbepos nadiffTard. Antig. 435. 
'A7raprdw, v. [suspendo,] to hang. 1(j)a£eir 7 tyoveveiv, beiv, dirapryjaai bepijv, 

Androm. 412. SYN. 'Aprdw, dvapTao), e^aprdu), dvaKpefxavvviii, diranapEW. 
'An-apTL, adv. [plane, omnino, ab hoc tempore,] altogether, from this time. 

'ATraprt TrXovrrjaat Trou'iata. 6. tX ov Xeyeis ; Plut. 388. PEN. 'Atto tov vvv. 
'ATrapTiZio, v. [perfect urn reddo, aequiparo, compono,] to settle, to set at rest. 

H-rrovbri be ical Tovb* ov K"d-aprte?et irdbd. Sept. Theb. 370. SYN. Atd-eXew, 

d-n-evdvvio, E(papfi6£(i>. 
'A-n-apvoTeds, verb. adj. [auferendus,] must be taken from, must be diminished. 

Twj' babXwv, dirdpvGTeov. Equit. 920. SYN. 'A^cupereds. 
'A7rap^, ^ s > ^» su hst. [primitiae,] the first fruits offered to the gods. Aeias 

dirapyj)v, pods' drop tu ttclvQ' dfiov. Trach. 763. SYN. 'A7ropy/udrd, 7rpa>ro- 

Xeta, -m>, npbQvfxd, Xoipij. 
'Atrtipypnat, v. [(1) primitras solvo, (2) libamenta facio,] to offer the first fruits, 

to begin with an offering to the gods. AdK-pvd t ebwicd, Kal KOfxrjs dirrip^dfiriv. 

Eur. Electr. 9I« SYN. KaTap^ofiat, dirotnrevbit), Xeifiw. 
"Arras, dirdad, d-itav, adj. [omnis, universus,] all, all together, the whole, every. 

KdrdxaXudv dirav TrebXov aoTpaTTTei. Phoen. 108. SYN. lids, ov/.nras, dXos, 

'A7racr7ra/pw, v. [palpito, singultio,] to palpitate, to quiver, to sob. Ovrjeicet b*, 

diraGTTaipovcd. Ion 1207. SYN. ^LTrafpu), dairaipu), o*7rdp/c?w. 
'ATractTia, as, //, subst. [jejunium,] fasting, hunger. IloXXdm b' i]fj.u)v dyovTwv 

tojv Qeo>v dTraariav. Nub. 621. SYN. 'AyevcrrXa, daiTXa, vrjoTeia. 
"AiraaTos,ov, 6 ^t »/j adj. [qui non gustavit, jejunus,] not having tasted, hungry. 

'Ap7rd\£W bi)pov yap ibr]Tvds 7]ev dirauTos. 5. 250. SYN. "AyevoTos, TreivdXEos. 
'ATratTTpcnrTO), v. [fulguro, corusco,] to lighten, to flash, to blaze. Map/udpvyriv 

■%dpXevTos d-rraaTpaTrrovcrd Ttpbadiitov. Mus. 56. SYN. 'AffrpaTrrw, d-Kavya^w, 

dTTOGTiXfito, dndX('ifj.TT(i). 
'AirdTdiD, f. ij(T(o, dird(po), et aTrdtytcrKU), v. [fallo, decipio,] to deceive. "AXXd 

7rdpe^ etirQifil ndpatcXXbdv, ovb' diraT^au). 5.348. See also ip. 2l6. et X. 2i6. 

SYN. Aid7rdrda>, e|a7rdrdw, altcaXXw, e'^d7rd(f)i^TK(o, a7ro(T^aXXw, bXaotydXXw, <pEvd- 

K'fC&t, ri7r£pdirev<i), d7ronXdvdu), \nr0iiXe7rTit), KaTdod(f>i£<i), kopaXevu), irdpatcpovofxat, 

irdpaXdyi£d/j(ii, irdpdyu), xpevbto, boXois Tribdo). 
'ATrdrepee, et ante vocalem 'A7rdrep0eV, adv. [procul, seorsum,] apart, asunder, 

aloof. "Ei/0a eras ijvV' dTrdrepGe bi IlaXXds 'A0)>?/. 2. 217- SYN. 'Airdvevde, 

v.jj,(f>Xs, dicbvoaipX, ^(tapXs; 

1 See Dr. Blomf. on the quantity of the first syll. P. V. 193. 

104 AHAT AnEI 

'A7rdr?/, rjs, r/, subst. [fraus,] fraud, deceit, deception. Ttjcrb' avarr)* kotemv* rd 

fiev eaaerat ovk dreXeard. A. Ifj8. SYN. 'E£d7rdr?/, bdX8s, dXrifid, irXdvrj, 

irdvovpyXa, ndvovpyrjud, <f)Evdiciarfids f tyfiXwfid, QrjXiaaXs, yoqreia, rjirEpoirevaXs. 

EpiTH. AoXo^ow*', bo\o/j.r]Tis, keveyi, aicdXXa., boXoecrad, irvtcXvi}. 
'A7rdr>yXios, et dirdTrjXdSy ov, 6 et fj, adj. [fallax, dolosus,] deceitful, cunning. 

TlvetoX, os ixlvXri e'ikojv ditdTrfXXd (3a£ei. |. 157- SYN. AtoXds, boXepos, boXXds, 

bva-rrdXafjids, rjirEpoirevrris, crfaXZpds, KaKOvpyos, Kepbioros, KepbaXZotypiav , virovXos, 

iravovpyosy \pevbrjs, 7rdXvjj,r}Tis. 
'Avari/uau), v. [dedecore adficio,] to dishonor, to disgrace. Ovvek airr]rifjir)<re 

7rdbu)Kea TlrfXeiioi d. N. 113. SYN. 'Ari/udw, alid$ii), dn/ine?w. 
'Airarwp, dpds, 6 et rj, adj. [patre carens,] fatherless, born of an obscure father. 

'Airdrop', airdropd. Iph. T. 864. 
*ATravyacl<i>, v. [iucem edo,] to emit beams from the eyes, to behold with 

bright eyes. Act<77rX//s fjirelXrjcrEV, airavyaaal olds etyebpos. Call. 4. 125. SYN. 

Qeao/Jtaif avya£a). 
'A7ravSdw, v. [renuncio, veto, interdico,] to forbid, to relinquish. Tpolas dir-qv- 

b(ov iioTV fjiri KeXaai 7rdre. Rhes. 931. SYN. 'Airdyopevu, an oXeyofJiat, diro- 

'ATravpdw, v. [aufero, eripio, fruor,] to take away, to reap the fruit. Upos tekviov 

aTrrjvpa. Androm. 1028. SYN. Avcupew, dfyatpEojiai, arepliD. 
"Awavards, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [indesinens,] unceasing, incessant. Tay diravoTb'v 

alev efioi. Aj. Fl. 1 1 87- Sy N. ^AKd/idros, dizeipea Ids, dpEfiatos. 
'And^u), et a.Tra(f)i(riC(i>, v. Vid. 'ATrdrdw. 
'A7re§tXds, et d^reS/Xwrds, ov, 6 et r], adj. [calceis carens,] unshod, without 

sandals. Hv-drjv b' airebiXos o^y ttte pwrai. P. V. 138. See also Call. 6. 

J 23. 
'ATrebofiai, v. [abedo,] to eat away, to devour. Rpvuova d7r£be<rdai. (prjaX pov 

rovs baKTvXovs. Aves 2<5. SYN. 'E§w, tcdreaQXa). 
, A7T€ideio, et poet. dirXdEO), v. [non pareo,] to disobey, to rebel. Ovk direidrjcras 

6e£>. Orest. 31. See also B. 166. Syn. 'Atckxteu), dyrtordrew. 
\A.7rea'dc?w, v. [adsimulo, comparo,] to liken, to imagine, to conjecture, to pa- 
rallel. Mdxv v ye biaaoXv KvwbdXoiv direiKaaas. Eur. Suppl. 157. SYN. (l) 

'AQdfjioidoj, EiaKio, elKa$(t), k%eiKa$.it), (2) reK/uLatpofiai, vd/ni^u, <ri/ju/3aXXw. 
'ATeiXew, f. rjaio, v. [(l) minor, minitor, (2) glorior,] (1) to menace, to threaten, 

(2) to boast. B>; 0evywv E7rX ttovtov' aireiXrjaav yap oX dXXoi. B. 665. See 

also 0. 383. SYN. 'E7rd7re<X£a;, TrpbadvaTeivofxai, o/uokXeo), Kav^ddfiat. 
'A7retX?/, rjs, r}, et dn-et'X^d, dros, to, subst. [(1) comminatio, minae, (2) gloriatio,] 

(1) a threat, a menace, (2) a boast. Ao/ce7s dTreiXwv o&v jieXelv tX baifxdaXv ; 

Here. F. 1233. See also (E. C. 658. Syn. (1) 'Apeta, dfjioicXri, opyt), (2) 

KaiJ)(riijd, Kav"XY\oXs. EPITH. "Avn-ovbos, fidpvfxrjvXs, beivri, Oi'iXeid, fjdvXwbrjs, 

ETEpotypwv , OTvyvrf, 7rXrit,nnrds, cripta, GTOvdeaad, vTrlpoTrXos. 
'AireiXrjrrip, Tjpds, 6, subst. [qui minatur, minax, jactator,] a threatener, a chider, 

a boaster. T I1 /uoX, dTreiX^r^ots, 'A^ati^ts, ouket 'Ayaioi. H. $6. SYN. 'O/^o- 

w A7ret/iT, f. Enofiai, v. [absum,] to be away from, to be absent, to be from. 

Ovrto b f divovTEs eaTrdvicidfiev (f>lXiov; Here. F. 557» 
*A7retfiXy v. [abeo vel abibo,] to be about to depart or go away. 'Ao-epyEs 

ovbev' yijs b' direioXv d/3Xd/3??s. CE. R. 229» SYN. 'Aire p%u fiat, V7rd7ret/ut, d7raX- 

'A7re/7rw, et poet, andd-iru), v. [(l) abnuo, interdico ; (2) deficio, despero ; (3) 

edico,] (l)to deprecate, to renounce, (2) to be despondent, to be weary ; 

to faint. 'AXX' obb* dnenrew roi/s ndvovs o\6v re fioi. Alcest. 503. SYN. 

^Avaivofiaiy dvdvevu), dir6(^r)jj.X, drcdyopevb), dwdicrjpvaaii), dnavbdu), dTrevVETrio. 
'A-rreipdlbs, a, dv, adj. [natus in terra continenti,] belonging to the continent. 

(See Damm.) Tpfjvs 'A7r€ipairi ddXdpriirdXds Evpv/j.Ebov<rd. rj. 8. 
'A7T€tpyw, et direipyddu), v. [excludo, prohibeo,] to keep off, to prohibit, to ! 

exclude, to separate, to force away. TW v&fxwy fifxds dirtipyets, Jv ZdtfKev % 

AnEI AriEN 105 

7rd\ts. Vesp. 465. SYN. Eipyw, eepyu), dveipyu, e^eipyiv, dXe£fw, airw&eht, 

epvKiVf epvKavu), airepvtcu), eire^io, kcjXvoj, dirbtuoXvw, bidKOjXvit), aTreXavvw, e£e- 

Xauvo), a.7rorpe7ro), e/:/3d\Xw, dirdblwiccj. 
'AireipavToSy et cnrepavrus, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [infinitus,] boundless. Teverat b' 

aXxds aireipavTOv'baia. Pyth. 9. fjl. See also Nein. 8. 64. 
'A7re/pd-os, 01/, 6 et >/, adj. [immensus,] immense. 'A7ret-(oarw, twj/ ^avdalal kol 

TTctfnropfivpois. Olymp. 6*. 91. 
J A7reipeaX6s, et aitepeiolds, a, 6>, adj. [infinitus, immensus,] unbounded, bound- 
Jess, immense, great. FaTay dxeipeairjv, opewv r aineivd Kaprjva. Y. 58. See 

also A. 13. 
'A-rreipXa, as, el uTreipdovvr), rjs, ij, subst. [imperitia,] inexperience, ignorance, 

folly. T?/s airetplas cparei. Eur. Pelei. fr. 5. SYN. 'Ajudflia, dbdrjjxdvla , 

'Aireipirds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [infinitus,] boundless, infinite, vast, immense. 

TIovtos aTrelpiTos eoretydvuTai. k. 195. 
'A7r€ipdbaK-pvs, vds, adj. [sine fine et modo plorans,] immoderately weeping. 
, Att eipobdKpvv re napblav. iEsch. Suppl. 75. 

'A7retpdKa.Kds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [malorum inexpertus,] untried in misfortune. 
'HXdev aireipoKaKo) rob' dXyos. Alcest. 93? '. 

'A7retpdXex')^ £<> s i adj. [expers tori, ccelebs,] unacquainted with the marriage- 
bed, a bachelor. "ApTeptv aireipdXe-%f}. Thesm. 119. SYN. ^ATreipoydfxos, 

abfjtyjs ab/jrjTos, dvavbpos. 
"Aireipds, ov, et aireipwy, dvos, 6 et ?/, [interminatus,] boundless. *H tto&lv direipu> 

TreplfidXova vtyafffidri. Orest. 25. See also ft. 776. 
"Axeipds, et a.7reipr)Tds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [inexpertus,] one who has made no trial, 

inexperienced in, unacquainted with. Uws ovv tvprjarei ; /utiv direipds el £epov; 

Alcest. 500. See also Nem. 1. 31. Syn. 'Abcu'jfAwv, aXbpls. 
'Atreipdovvri, 77s, 77, vid. 'A7reipla. , 

'AireKydvds, ov, 6 et rj, subst. [abnepos,] a great grandson or granddaughter. 

Uepiavbpov aireKyovov os nod' vipi-rrvpyovs. Simon 91* 
'AireKXavdavu), v. [obliviscor,] to forget entirely. ? ft yepdv, 'ic,' zTrlhe~nrvbV dwe- 

icXeXddeode be da/j(3evs. (o. 393. SYN. 'Afivrjareoj, a/uvrj/ioVew, enXavddv6/ 
'ATreKpdcpio), v. [exhaurio, exsorbeo,] to swallow up. KcnreKpo&'iaas altos eni- 

blappdyw. Equit. 700. 
^A-ireXavvoj, et aTreXdio, v. [expello, abigo,] to drive away. AovXr/, ndXeios drr- 
1 eXawd/neva. Hec. 103. See also Lysislr. 1001. Syn. 'EXavvio, itepleXavvu), 

d-rreipyit), efadeco, dXe£w, et:blo)K(o, eKKpouu). 
: f A7reXe0pds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [cujus longitudo ultra centum pedes porrigitnr; 
I magnus, immensus. Vid. Damm. in v.] exceeding 100 feet in length; great, 

immense. "EKrwp b' iLk direXedpov dvebpdjxe, fitKro b' ofxiXw. A. 354. SYN. 
^AnXerds, doneTos, ddecrtydrds, direipos, £airXr)di]s. 
'ATrefieu), f. eaia, v. [evomo, revomo,] to vomit forth. 'E£d/uievos b' eirt yovvd, 

tceXaivetyes alfi dirafieaaev. 5. 437» Syn. 'E^e/ieu. 
"ATre^TtoXdu), f. r/cw, v. [(l)vendo, ( , 2) ut emtum abduco,] (1) to sell ofF, 

(2) to carry off a purchase, ^v^as dTrefjnroXdTe, /u/;0' rjfxujv virep. Phoen. 1243. 

SYN. 'E^€jU7rd\aw, 7T(t)Xeu), TTiTrpuoKw , karaXXdrro/iat. 
'A7r£>dp/£w, f. Ifa, v. [spolio, aufero,] to strip the armour of a slaughtered foe, 

to spoil. "Ctyp' ol tovs evdpi£ov dn evred fiap/xaipovrd. M. 195. SYN. 'Ej/d- 

pidu), evalph), dTrbavXdu). 
'A7rf^£7rw, vel potius d-Kevve-KU), v. [interdico, veto,] to forbid. 'AXX' avro- 

fiovXos 'io-0', d-KevvEiuo b' eyu>. Sept. Theb. 1055. SYN. ' Andy opevu, direiWf 

'A7rev0>)s, eds, 6 et r/, adj. [luctu carens,] free from mourning or lamentation. 

Ncu'e(j/ ditevQT] Trepydfi' ovk etc Tutvb' eyd). P. V. 992. SYN."AXi/7ros. 
'A7rev0^ros, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [(1) quem luctu nemo prosequitur; (2) luctu non 

prosequens,] (1) unlamented, (2) unlamenting. To tCjv btKaitov Twvb' d-KivQr]- 

tov yevos. Eumen. 900. (Schiitz.) SYN. (1) 'AbaicpvTds, (2) dneydr'is. 
Pros, Lex. O 


"AnewXds, ov, u et j), adj. [peplo carens,] unrobed, unclad. "attettXos <pdp£wi> 

XevKoiv TEtcvdv. PhoBti. 334. SYN. 'Aveifxuiy, yi/iuvr/rqs, yvjxvos. 
'AirepavTOs, x'ld.'Aircipavrds. 
' An epa.T os ,x\iL 'A7re/pdros. 

*A7repydcdjj,ai, v. [efficio, conficio, elaboro,] to work off, to effect, to accom- 
plish, to execute. T& rot jueyicrd 7nW dTretpyuarai fipbro'ts. Eur. Ixion, fr. 3. 
SyN. AXepyaCufiai, e^epya^bjuat, teXeo), d7ror£\£<*>, ettXteXeu), Trepaivu), <jvv7eXe<i), 
Ka.Ta.(TK€, e^cu-pt/Sdw, Kdra-rrpaTTh). 
'ATrepeioios, vid. 'AireipEaXbs. 
'ATrepew, inusitat., f. dnipib, et med. a.7r£pov[iai, [uegabo, renuam,] I will deny, 
or refuse ; perf. act. direlprjud, [defessus sum, aninio concido,] to be worn 
out, to be weary, to faint ; et p. pass. dTreiprjrat, [interdictum est,] it is for- 
bidden, [litres Z^ei rdS', uktt direipriKev kclkois. Orest. 91. 
' Air spuria, v. [prohibeo,] to hinder, to prevent. T/)r blow aXXd ydp avros e«&v 

inrepriTve tcovprjv. Apoil. 1. 772. SYN. zprjTvw, avetpyui, dvaareXXio, 'i^u), 

ioyjdviti, ECfu'orrrj/uii. 

'A7r£pT\a\r)Tus, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [(I) loquacitate non superandus,] not to be out- 
talked, ever-chattering. 'AxEpXXdXrjTov. Ran. 839. Syn. YldXvf.ivdds, dbo- 

! 'Ati eoX flip ipvtas, adv. [inconsulto,] without care, unconcernedly. 'A7repiyue- 

pi/ivws Ti]V dvpav. Nub. 136. SYN.^A^pasrws, a^pdtJews, acppabfiovws, 
'A7repirpd7ros, ov, 6 et f], adj. [non revertens, non curans,] not able to re- 
turn, not caring for. Hals y Ay dfj.€fxv6vXbas anEpiTpdnds. Soph. Electr. 1S2. 

SYN. 'AiETTiKEXevaros. 
*A7repp<i>, v. [(1) abeo, (2) facesso in malam rem,] to go away, to begone ; and 

imperat. go and be hanged. "AireppE Kal av, Kal KaQr\a' evrevQEvi. Eccles. 169. 
'AwEpvOpXau), v. [pudorem depono, impudenter ago,] to leave off blushing, to be 

shameless. 'ATrlpvdpXaoai, fAcLXXov y oy/iv 7rpdy^drd. Nub. 1218. SYN. 

'AvaicrxviTEii), dirdvaHTyyvTEii), ahdabicd/uat. 
'A7repuK«', f. fa, v. [arceo,] to withhold, to hinder, to avert. Xetpds eXow, 

avrcip /^Xewv djrspvKoX Epioyv. A. 542. SyN. 'A7re/pyw, dTTEpyrvu), dndicijjXvut. 
'ATTEpvw, v. [abstraho,] to take off, to draw away. 'Pivov d7r* ocrreStytv Epvaac 

\pv)(j) bt XeXqittev. £. 134. SYN. 'E^epvw, dtyeXKb), d(peXicvto, d-rroavpu), Kara- 

avpu), dtyaipEh), e|atp£W, TTEpXaipEio, aTro(nrd(o, Kdraairdu). 
'ATrcpxoft"', f« ZXeva&pai, v. [(l)abeo, discedo, (2) morior,] (1) to depart, to go 

away, (2) to die. YlXelv y 'vXavrui Trpec/Svrtpds ditepyofxai. Ran. 18. SYN. 

'Ei^pY/J/iai, direi^X, d7ro)/wpew, dTzoiyofJiai, dTrdvEvfxai, d7T07ropevojuat, diroaTei' 

vw, d7raXXdrrop:ai, dTreppw, d^/ordjucu. 
'A7rfpwev$, eu)s, 6, subst. [qui impetum alicujus impedit seu inhibet,] one who 

causes another to recede, a hinderer. 2Y,erXtos ai * v dXirpds, e/uwv (jlevemv d7re- 

pwevs. 0. 36*1. 
5 A7rfpw£w, f. yah), v. [discedo, cohibeo,] to glide away, to skulk from. T&7 ke 

Tdya GTi)y£pu>s TrdXifiov d7repw//<rems. II. 723. SYN. see ktAnepy^ofxai. 
'ATrepwrds, ov, 6 et y, adj. [inamabilis,] unamiable, loveless. QrjXvKpdrys 

dwEpuirds Epios. Choeph. 591* SYN. Yrvyvos, vnEpytydvos. 
'A7rev0/)s, e6s, 6 et fj, adj. [(1) ignotus, de quo nihil auditum est, (2) inscius, 

i^narus. Vid. Datum, in v.] (1) unheard of, (2) not having heard of, ignorant. 

*\Qs 7iXdor, (J)XXe TtKvbv, dTrevOiis' ovbH tX olbd. y. 1 84. SYN."A7retpos, d7raibev- 

tos, ayvojs. 
'AttevQvvw, f. vvu>, v. [(l)adaequo, (2) dispono, dirigo, (3) corrigo, puuio,] 

(1) to make straight, (2) to direct, to govern, (3) to rectify. Tf]s TijrrbE, irpiv 

oe rfjvb' dnevQvvELv iroXXv. CE. R. 104. SYN. 'OpGow, evduvio, dirapTi£<o, bX£irt»>, 

bXopdub), Kv(3epvdii>, KoXa^io. 
"att€vkt6s, et direvx^rds, ov,6ei >/,adj. [abominandus, vitandus,] to be execrated, 

abominable. Sapydvats, irpXv avbp' direvKTuv. iEsch. Suppl. 786*. See also 

Choeph, 6l5. Syn. 'A7rorpo7ratos, iirapaTos, Kdrdparus, t»dy»}$, (3bEXvpds,i 

fxtar/rds, buatorvfios, a7rej(0;)s, fivaupus, 7rdXa^va7o$. 


Anevracio, v. [sopio,] to lull to sleep. 2i/ yap /x' anevvaadivros ekkipeIs kukov. 
Trach. 1258. SYN. Eyvd£«, KaTUKOi/jaLo, KaTo.KOip.lcu), Karayrpavyu). 

Airevxofiai, f. i^d^ai, v. [(l) deprecor, (2) exeeror, a-bominor,] (1) to deprecate, 
(2) to abhor, to detest. "Ava£, airevxov ravrd, npos Belop, ndXtp. Hipp. 895. 

SYN. Kdreu^d/icu, TrdpaiTEO/Jiai, ei-ourEO/icu, fibEXvaodjiaL, dTrocrTpE(^6{xai t dcpo- 

vXdo/uai, karapaofiai. 

AirecpOds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [excoctus,] purified, refined. Xpvads airetpQds elop 

KaXos diraaXp e irrj. Tbeogn. 1J02. 

krre\daipb) ) v. [(l) odio prosequor, (2) iuvisuoi reddo,] (1) to hate, to detest, 

(2) to render odious, 'fls epos, octte fioi ottpop aireyQaipei Kal ibujbfjp. b. 105. 

SYN. 'Ey^a/pw, kyQpaivta t arvyEio, cnrooTvysio, [amtelo. 

AweyjBavdfjiat, f. Bijijofxai, et d7rexBdjjiat, v. [(1) invisus sum, (2) odi,] (l) to be 

hated, (2) to hate. MvOeai aKpaaPTOp, a.Tre^Qo.veai 5' etX jullxXXop. /3. 202. 

See also k. 74. SYN. 'ExBafpofiai, e)(d6fxat, tTTvyEOfiat, fiialofxai, £*)(Q6hd7CE<i) f 

bvrTfievalvio, XvKEopat. 
ATrexdeta, as, >;, subst. [inimicitiae,] animosity. At' aTre^Beias eXB6pB\ diidaot. 

P. V. 121. SYN. "E^0d$, e^Bpa, bvafueveia, bvavoia, KaKopoid, trrvyds. 
A7re-^9r]fjd, aros, to, subst. [res odiosa et invisa,] an object of hatred. 'A7re- 

X^^l^a- irdyKoivov ftpoTols. Troad. 425. SYN. "E^T/^ud, yu/o-j^ud, GTvyqfid, 

ATreyO})s, eos, adj. [invisus, infensus,] hateful, hostile, malicious. '[Is v^v 

d7re^8>)s bvaKXeyjs r diTLoXETo. Antig. 50. SYN. 'E7ra)(^/)s, E^Bpos, exBobdiros, 

bvafxepr/s, bvafopos, KaTaTTTVOTos, olt:6ittv(tt6s, aTrevKTOs, piarjTos, arvyros, 0^X77- 

pos, GTvyepos. 
Aire^u, f. d(j>elh), v. [abstineo, propulso, differo,] to keep off from, to withhold, 

to restrain. UoXXlop /uo-)(Bujp d/re^o^raj. Med. 1093. SYN. 'E7r/ffY.w, direx *, 

dTraXXatrffdpai, dtptcTTd/uai, d(p€OTt']KLo, e£/<rra/ua£, dTroXapfidpLo. 
ATrrjdeu), v. [percolo, deliquo,] to strain, to purify. 'Atto fiipXXujp currjdQp. Ran. 

943. SYN. &l)]6io, bivXlcio, bXdfiXj3a£co. 
A7rqXeye(o, v. [non euro, contemno,] not to care, to be unconcerned. Et b' av 

dTrrjXiyeoPTES e/jtas rdTEOiTE defiiGTas. A poll. 2. 17* 
AirrjXeyews, adv. [aperte, precise, abscise,] unequivocally, peremptorily. Xp>) 

fiep b)) top fivBop dirrjXeyEOJS aTrdenreiP . I. 309. SYN. 'aXtjBlos, a7rAiDs, cdtpuis, 

bXapprjbrjp, dvdtpapbop. 
A7rr t Xin(TTi)s, ov, adj. [alieuus a judiciis et litibusj free from law-suits, a. 'A7r?/- 

XlacrTa. b. 1.7relpETat yap tovt ekeI. Aves 110. 
A7rr)XXtorr)s, ov,6, adj. [subsolanus,] what proceeds from the sun, eastern, 'A7r/j- 

XXlottjs diEfios efjnrpevcras bopl. Cycl. 19. 
ATn)[iavTos, ov, 6 et >'/, adj. [illaesus, incolumis,] unhurt, uninjured. O'kaS' 

dirriiiapTQP' Kal kep -rrdXaX epBdb' 'ObvaaEvs. r. 281. 
ATvqudpXa, et aTrrj/jdavir}. 77s, >/, subst. [integritas, securitas,] a freedom from 

harm, safety, innocence. Alel bEllTepijp x e V ** d.7rr]/i6avpy. Theog. 756. 

See also Call. Jov; 93. Syn. 'AfiXdjjetd, vyXeid. 
A-rrijuajp, olds, 6 et ?/, adj. [(1) iliaesus, (2) non nocens,] (l) uninjured, unhurt, 

(2) harmless, unhurtful. Tovs b' evp' ovketX nap-trap d7r//yuovds ovb' droXedpous. 

N. 76L SYN. 'A/3\d/3/)s, arpwro^, adds, vyXi)s, dbriXrjros. 
'A7ri]P€id, as, ?/, subst. [sgevitia, crudelitas,] savageness, cruelty* 'AAV alpuis 

oXdycXp dirrjpelrjoXp dp^piv. Apoll. 2. 1202. SYN.^Ayptor/JS, oi^orz/s. 
'A-Ki]pri, rjs, }), subst. [rheda, praesertim muliebre veliiculum,] a vehicle directed 

by reins ; chiefly, a carriage for females and old men. '[Is nav dir>ipri, -ttovs te 

«rpe<r/3vrov tyXXeT. Phcen. §6l. SYN. "A/ua^d, appd. EpiTH. 'ApyvpoKVKXos, 

dKdfxavTOTrovs, deW/yec^d, dbXarTos y dolt, ev^vo-tos, Evrpd)(d\ds, Tpox^Xdros, rtrpd- 

kvkXos, TeOpnnros, TTbiXXK}). 
'Awripris, eos, 6 et )), adj. [crudelis, immitis,] refractory, obdurate, cruel, sa- 
vage. Kai 7rpos tov ftdaXXfjos d7rrjPEos' el-rote b" avTE. A. 340. SYN. ' Apr\- 

Xirjs, dpi]fiEpds, ddeXyys, an apQp lottos, fftXiipos, ^d/\e7ros, aypXodvpds, nXbr)po<ppiop. 
*ATTY}opds, et d-m'iwpds, ov, 6 et>/,adj. [desuper impendens,] overhanging. 'E^.9pwj/ 

dnaopoi tttuj/jtoptX. Pyth. 8. 124. See also p. 435. 


'A7r^p>)$, eos, 6 et r/, adj. [nullo membro captus, salvus,] unmutilated, sound in 

limb. NtWco, KaL ae deal avv dwripeaXv avrXs eraipois. Apoll. 1. 888. SYN. 

'A/3Xa/3?)s, vyXijs, tivdoos. 
'AirXbtivos, ov, 6, P. N. [Apidanus,] a river in Thessaly. QaoXv 'AttXbavbv nebXa 

XXnaiveiv. Hec. 453. 
*AirXQeu) t idem quod 'A7rei0£a>, q. v. 
'AirXpvffcjii), v. [desipio,] to be unwise, to be stupid. 'AXXa fiaX wb' ep£at, 

(boKeets be /jloX ovtc airXvvaaeir.) e. 342. SYN. 'AXoyeu), napatypovew, Trapavdew, 

"A7rtos, et (2)"A7rtos, a, ov, adj. [(1) longinquus, (2)Apius,] (1) remote, distant ; 

(2) belonging- to the'Peloponnesus, where probably the first Grecian colony 

was settled. TrfXoQev eij aTrXrjs 1 yairjs' KaXeaavTo yap avroi. A. 270. SYN. 

"attXus, ov, >;, subst. [pirus arbor,] a pear-tree. "AirXos, y, et airXov, to, [fructus 

ejus, pirum,] a pear. Kcu cV/ [xav airXoio 7re7raiTepds' at be yvvalnes. Theocr. 

7. 120. 
'Attis, Xbos, f], P. N. [Peloponnesus.] Ob fiev yap Ke roaovbe Kar 'AirXba kvoj- 

bdXbv evpots. Theocr. 25. 183. 
7 A7rXs, Xds, 6, P. N. [Apis,] supposed to have given the name of T A7r*s or'An-ia 

to the Peloponnesus. Tlpa^as d/uLejJ7rrojs 7 A7rXs 'Apyeia yQovX. iEsch. Suppl. 272. 
'AnXaauv, dvds, 6, P. N. [Apisaou,] a Trojan of rank. Tei/^e' ditaivvyierov 

'AnXaaovos, uvtXhci to^ov. A. 581. 
'AurnTTtt,), v. [(I) diffido, (2) non parco,] (l) to disbelieve, to distrust, (2) to 

disobey. 1a<j)' 'led'' ainoTeiv ov ae davpiaZh) tvxV* Alcest. 1149- SYN. 'Atti- 

vtws £\(V. 

'AiriorTa, as, f], subst. [(1) incredulitas, (2) perfidia,] (l) mistrust, disbelief, 

(2) perfidy, T H AXas HaXXds fxeyiarov dvydrep, ovk airiarXa. Ion l6"06. 
^ATnoToavvr], rjs, {], subst. [faithlessness, infidelity. Tav efxav vfivevaaX aTrtaTo- 

avvav. Med. 423. SYN. 'A7re/0e<ct, aynopLbavvr]. 
"attkttos, ov,6 et >/, adj. [(l)qui non credit, (2) infidus, (3)inobediens,diffidens,] 

(1) disbelieving, incredulous, (2) not to be trusted or believed, faithless, 

treacherous, (3) disobedient. "A-jnarov eliras fivddv, ov b 1 Xbeiv BeXeis. Iph. T. 

1294. SYN. (1) UdpdXdyds, (2) aoitovbos, vireptyXaXos, (3) a7reid)]s. 
'A7r/<7^w, idem quod 'A7T£^(y, q. v. 
'A7rXdK£w, (non d/wrrXciKEU), vid. ' Monthly Review,' Feb. 1796\ p. 132. et Bl. 

Agam. 336.) v. [(1) aberro, unde privor, (2) pecco,] (1) to deviate from, to 

miss, to fail in, (2) to do wrong. Yvioaei yap avdXs airXdnuv ejiol nXdov. Hipp. 

896. SYN. (1) 'A/jfiporeu), aTrdrvyyavii), a/jtapTavu), aTroarepeofiai, (2) aXXrauio. 
^A7rXdKrjTbs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [aberrans,] missing. Ate> ciTrXdKjjTdv 'Axba, 

Trach. 120. 
"\A7rXckta, as, r/,a7rXafao>, ov, et a7rXd^/xd, tiros, to, subst. [error, peccatum,] 

an error, a fault, an offence. Upds avTd<j>wpwv a7rXao?juarwv bXirXtis. Antig. 51. 

See also Pyth. 11. 41. et Call. 4. 2i4. SYN. 'ApaprXa, d/iapn;/id. EPITH. 

Aeivov, arvyepbv, /Gapwr^jUoV. 
^AnXaaTds, ov, 6 et %, adj. [inaccessus, ferox,] not to be approached, cruel, 

(for aireXaffrds.) " A-nXaoTOC fxeydXr) be fiir) teal ^elpes daTTTOt. Hes. Op. 147* 
^AirXaTds, Ion. d~7rXr)Tos, et airXerds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [(lj inaccessus, (2)immensus,] 

inaccessible, immense. "A7rXardj/ afupeXtKrov eXik etypovpei. 7. Her. F. 399. 

SYN. (l)"A(3tirds, dirpocnreXaffTds, titcXxyros, (2) a.7rXr)(TTbs, 7reXwpX6s, da7reTos, 

titreipos, 7ca[iiJ.eye6r)s, eh/j.eye&r)s, ttoXvs. 
^AttXtjktos, ov, 6 et 1), adj. [non percussus,] not struck. $>povbot b J ti/rrXijicroi, rrj 

Qpvyutv KaKavbpia. Rhes. 814. 
"AnXrioTXa, as, //, subst. [insatiabilitas, avaritia,] an impossibility of being 

1 The first syllable of "A7rios is short in Homer, but long in CE. C. 1303 and 1685. and /Esch. 
Suppl. 2G8. 

2 This passage seems to be corrupt both in meaning and metre. The corresponding line in the 
strophe shows that there should be a trochee instead of the Pyrrhic cXiic, and Reiske thinks that 
the sense requires S&Spoi' or (TTt\cx 0S ' See also Hes. Theqg. 153. and Apoll. 1. 574. 

AriAH AHOB 109 

satisfied, insatiability. "Emends av raah' ; elr difXriaTXav Xl^ovs. Androm. 

"'AirXrioTds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [inexplebilis, insatiabilis,] insatiable, never satisfied. 
Ti aot 7rore rds dirXi]OTOV. Med. 151. SyN. 'Afcopeoros, a-irXripwrbs, arbs, kcl- 

^AirXotd, as, ?/, subst. [impossibilitas navigandi,] impossibility to sail. Aetvfjs 
t d-rrXolas, irvevfjidTtjJV r ov rvyydvuv> Iph. T. 15. 

"'ATrXols, Xbbs, ?), adj. [simplex,] plain or single. AubsKa 6' cnrXbXbas y\aivas t 
Toaaovs he retards, w. 275. SyN.^AttXo^. 

"AirXdds, rj, bv, contr. anXovs, »7, ovv, adj. [(1) simplex, ingenuus, (2)stultus,] 
simple, plain, candid, (2) foolish. 'AttXovs b fivdos rfjs dXrjdeias E(f>v. Phcen. 
479. SYN. "Attclkos, cLKepaios, evfjdrjs, d-KepiTTOs, dcpeXrjs, (2) fxibpbs, KOixbos. 

^An-Xods, 6ov, 6 et //, adj. [navigatione carens,] unable to sail, detained by want 
of or by contrary winds, not navigable. Ei nvpX iratyXacloiTb, icai airXbov 
eaairaX vbop. Musae. 204. 

^AirXooj, v. [explico, extendo,] to spread out, to unfold, to expand. Tbv Zfxov 
vbbv airXwffas. Anacr. 39« 22. SYN. "'Kvovktvoow, e^airXba), avdwETCi^oj, 

^AttXvtos, ov, 6 et 11, adj. [illotus,] unwashed, fwqs b' oajjirjv, op^eis 
clttXvtovs. Pax 758. SYN. "AXovtos, dviirrbs, pvitdpbs. 

"ATTvevtr-ds, ov, 6 et>/, adj. [qui respirare non potest,] breathless. " AnvevoTov 
■^jv^v be TreXwplov eXXd^EV abrjs. Theocr. 25. 271. 

^Anvbbs, 66v, contr. ovs, ov, 6 et h, adj. [(l) flatu seu respiratione carens; (2) 
inodorus,] (1) breathless, (2) fetid. MrjS' e/uoX ev ddXdfjyaXv, ed' ws ndpos, 
eifxi yap dirvovs. Call. Ep. 31. SYN. ^Avvevgtos, a-^vybs. 

'A7ro, piaep. [a, ab, abs,] from, (governing a genitive case only.) 'Erco' dtf ete- 
pwv KaKa ndn&v Kvpel. Hec. 684. 

'Anbaivvfiai, poet, pro diraivvfiai, v. [aufero, adimo,] to take away, to deprive 
of. TpojXd, ra KTa/jtEi'OJV d7rbaivvfiaX' ov yap bid). N. 262. 

'Awoaipea), et dndatpeo/Aat, antiquitus et poet, pro dtyatpEU) et dtyaipEOftai, q. V. 

, ATTdj3ahb), f. fi}, v. [(1) descendo, discedo, abeo, (2)evenio,] to go from, 
to depart, to descend, to dismount ; to turn out. Ae£ai, eyfo b' ittitwv dwbfir}- 
ab/xaX, o(f>pd fid\wfjiai. E. 227» SYN. 'Ek/3cuVw, Kdrdfiaivw, Kdrei/ul, Kdrepyo- 
fxai, arv/jifiaivu). 

'AnbfiaXXu), f. d\w, v. [abjieio, rejicio, repudio,] to cast away, to reject, to re- 
fuse. T& OpTd tov Tplfiwvos dTrdfiefiXr}KdTl. Vesp. 1312. SYN. 'E<:/3aXXto, Kard- 
/3aXXw, a7ro7re/i7rw, d7rooreXXw, diroTpETtbfxai, dirbrXdEfiai, d8e,pi£(o, diroXvui, 
dirdyivtoOKU), TrdpojdEio , d7roppi7TT(t). 

'ATrd(3i(3a£(t), v. [descendere in terram facio,] to cause to descend ; to set down 
on the ground. 'Avdptpagtov tov irbbd. Vesp. 11 64. 

'A7ro/3Xa7rrw, v. [(l)la3(lo, (2)privo,] to hurt, to injure; to deprive of. Toiovb* 
d7roj3Xa(j)6el(rdv apriojs <f>XXov. Aj. Fl. 954. SYN. BXa7rrw, brjXEbfiai, Xw/3d-, dtyatpEoj, dwovTEpEU), dfieipu). 

'ATrofiXaardvu), f. arrj(7(o, v. [germino,] to spring from. See HXaordvu). 'Aire- 
fiXacrrdv <hb~ivds. CE. C. 533. (Dochm. dim. cat.) 

'ATrofiXeTTTos, ov, 6 et 7], adj. [conspicuus,] looked up to, distinguished, con- 
spicuous. Tvvai£X, TrapQivots t d7r6j3Xe7rros fXEzd. Hec. 354. SYN. rTept/SXe- 
tttos, dpiCrfXds, evbo^os, 7rEpif3dr)Tos, 7TEpi(pdv))s, K"drd0ctvr/s, kXcivos. 

'ArroftXETrio, f. \p(o, v. [respicio ; rationem habeo,] to regard, to respect, to 
value. "Iv aTToPXEncofxai, teat Xiyojal fiot rdbi. Eccles. 7l6. SYN. 'EttiJ^Xcttw, 
eyu/3X€7rw, dvaj3X£7ru>, TrpocrXevaorb), Qlaofxai, £7ri0£WjOew, davfjci^to, irairraivio, 

'A7rofiXr)7ds,ov,6etf], adj. [abjiciendus, abjectus,] must be thrown away, or re- 
jected. OvtoX d7roj3XrjT earl 6ewv EplKvbid bwpd. T. 65. SYN. 'Abort/nds, 
drtfios, drifxaoTos, d7ro7re)U7rrds, dvdpXQjxos, TrpofiXr]Tbs, Ekj3dXX/jbs, eKfibXifialdSy 
KdrdirvaTos, <pavXbs. 

'ATTofiXLaaio, f. Xaio, v. [aufero, detero,] to take away by squeezing, (properly 
said of those who obtain honey or milk by pressing the honeycomb, or teats.) 
'6 # dnefiXXaE QoijxdrXov fxov. Av. 498. SYN. BXtVcw, €KTrie£(0, dnb-nXeZw, 

110 AnoB AnoA 

dirodXifiu), d(f>atped/J,ai r 
'A7ro/3Xi/cw, f. obi, v. [vomo, ex ore ejicio,] to stream or gush out, to pour forth. 

'A7ro/3/\vc?tor hv vr\Tuir) aXeyeivfj. I. 487. SYN. 'A?a/3Xuc?w, airefxeui, eV/3aXXw. 
'atto/BXwo-k-w, v. [discedo, digredior,] to depart, to retire, "ilptj dirbfiXwoKeiv, 

/xy) irp\v <f)dos tjeXXoio. Apoll. 3. 1143. SYN. 'ATrd^wjoew, dnaXXaaoo/jLat, dtyi- 

(JTdfiai, aTrep-^dfxai. 
, ATrdj3d\lfj.alds t ov, 6 et y/, adj. [libenter rejiciens,] apt to throw away. 'Azrd- 

poXlfjialos rQv oTrXwv eylyveTo. Pax 6/7. Syn. See 'A7ro/3Xy?rds. 
'ATrofioaKof-Ku, v. [depaseo,] to feed off, or eat down. kevbpE&X r £<f>e£6ft£vd, 

Kap-rcdv a.7ro(36(TKErat. A v. 1066. SYN. Kdrd/3o<7KOyuat, Ka.Tafipu<jKu>, VEfjtdjJiai, 

eKKapTrictdfiai, xap7rddfxai, €KKap7rodfiai. 
'A7ro(3pi$<Oy v. [crapulam edormio : dormio,] to sleep off any excess in eating 

or drinking; to sleep. "Evdd b' dirofipilnvTES E^eivd/JEV y}w b~idv. fx. J. SYN. 

B/)/5d>, d(j)vni'o(t)y Kadev&G). 
'A7ro/3wyutos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [ab aris amovendus, impius,] to be excluded from 

approacliing the altar, impious. 'A7ro/3o>/ads ai> ex^i QvaXav. Cycl. 365. 

Syn. 'avoglos, adtds. 
'Andyovds, ov, 6 et y), adj. et subst. [nepos, et qui longius distat,] a grandson, 

a descendant. Aatov tore tXv dicoyGviiv ; CE. C. 220. Syn. '£7rtydJ'os, d7re>c- 

yo v os. 
'A7royvtow, v. [membra debilito, enervo,] to destroy the strength, to weaken. 

M// fi aTrdyviw<Tr)S, fxeieos t o\ky\s te Xddwfxai, Z. 265. SYN. Kdrdyviou), 

€£aff6£pi£io, eKvevpi£u), dwovevpou), etiXvo), enBrjXvvu), 
'ATTdyvfivaZto, v. [exerceo,] to exercise, to practise. Qeovs dr/<W, KUTrdyvfivu- 

eW oro/*d. Sept. Theb. 437. Syn. Tvjjivu.^u), ddXevto. 
'ATrdyv/jirdoj, v. [nudo, denuclo,] to strip off, to strip naked. Mr) <r d7rdyv/jivoj- 

Oevrd Katibv KaX dpf/vopd Oeirj. k. 301. Syn. Yvfivou), TrdptiyujUiow, d7ro\piXoM, 

'ATrdbaidfiai, f. bdad/xm, et bacrao/uai, v. [divido, distribuo,] to portion out, to 

bestow, to allot. "YifxXrjv tHjv Ivdpiov dirohaaaofxaX, rjfjiiov & clvtos, P. 231. 

SYN. Aat'w, bidipEd), dird/JEpiZa}, dvdbXboj/jX. 
^A-Kobethiaaofxai, v. [deterreo, absterreo,] to terrify, to frighten from. Xe/Xet 

e^eordores* and yap betbiavETd rcitypos. M. 52.. SYN. 'Airetpyu), dveipyoj, 

dirorpE7ro), fedra 7rX?/ rr«. 
"'AirdbeUvvfn, f. bei£u), V. [osteildo,] to show, to prove. Ovs diro£e/£w Xearpiov 

irpoboras. Ion 878. SYN. 'AvdbeiKWfxX, ETrXbe'ucvvpX, brfXoo), enbrjXoa), bided- 

<j)E(d, fxrjvva), bXd<jd(f>7]vtCio, ad<pr}vi$,h), dvatyaivw, vnd(f>a.irh), efitpaivu), TpatoQ, 

bXaarj/jtaivh), EirXarj/Jiaipu), ETrXfAaprupo/uai. 
'A7ro§ei£is, iws, //, subst. [demonstratio, specimen,] demonstration, proof. Kovk 

dnobetliv riov virb yaias. Hipp. l$6. SYN. "Evbeifys, by'iXtaaXs, £7rXbety/*d, ar\- 

fJteiov, fidadros, TriarXs. 
, A7rdbetpord/j.£u), v. [cervicem abscindo, obtrunco,] to cut off (from) the neck, 

to behead. Awbind be 7rpdTrdpoiO£ Trvpfjs dTroheiporofxijaetv. ^F. 22. SYN. Aet- 

pdrdfiEO), Tpd^rjXi^oj, d7roK£(f)dXi$u), KupnTufiEO), av^Evi^io. 
'A7rd§£|0to, f. Zpu), v. [excorio,] to strip off the skin, to flay. TolaX dows dircEbetpd, 

KaX afj.(l>£d£fj.r)v /j.e\eeo-fft. Theocr. 25. 278. SYN. Aepw, ek^epw, tK'Sepyudr/^w, 

ciTrdXeTrw, €KX£7ri£aj. 
'A-ndbEyopi-tt-i, f. £dfjiai, v. [recipio, excipio, probo,] to receive, to accept, to ap- 
prove. *Iv' dTr6b£xu) rd TrpbaXovrd ypt}fj.dTd. Eccl. 707- SYN. At^o/iat, 

7rpoab£xdfJtai, TrdpdbEypfiai, virob Explicit, dvdXafjifidvio, dTro.Xo/i^dj'w, dn-E^uj, 

Eiraivlio, boKX/j.u£(t), £7rayyeXXw, ofioXoyEio. 
'A7rdS»7/z£w, v. [absum domo vel patria, peregre proficiscor,] to be absent from 

one's own country, to go abroad. Knirot XP } ) V «iQpi<*s veiv ahrov, ravras 

5' dTrdbr) fielv . Nub. 370. SYN. 'E/cS^juew, diro^Evoofxai, £7rX^Eydo/ 
'A7rdbr}fids, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [peregre agens,] being abroad. Ovk dndbafjov 'A7roX- 

-Xiovos. Pyth. 4. 8. SYN. "Efc5?//ids, ^Ivos, diroiKos, dtyearXos, dvpeuos. 
'A-irdbxbojfiX, f. bojooj, v. [red do, attribuo, explico,] to give back, to repay, to 

return. Tols cols QXXoioX you/i/mr dirobuato rdbi. Iph. T. 476. SYN. 'Ard- 

AnoA Ano0 111 

bxbwfiX, eubxbio/Jt, 7rpoaTtdr)fAl f airoKaBiffr^ftt, dne/JLTroXdio. 
'AirdblKut, v. [rejicio,] to throw aside. IleirXdv d7roSi/ce pedds atXta> bei^ov. 

Here. F. 1204. SYN. da-w, /3aXXw, dirofiaXXo). 
'ATtdblMKio, f. £w, v. [abigo,] to ehase away, to drive from. Ouk cnrdhido£eis aav- 

tov €K Tijs oIkius ; Nub. 1299- SYN. Auukw, dirlXavvu), dXe£w. 
*Ai:6bo*£ijidu) y v. [obliquo, incurvo,] to bend, or incline obliquely. Ke7r' 

CLTroboxfjiucras 7rd^v^ avylvd' Kabbe \iXv virvos. i. 372. SYN. koyjidio, Xo£evw, 

XoEou), arpefiXow, enXKCifi-irru), *cdrdca^u7rrw. 
'ATTobpeiiio, f. i£w, v. [decerpo,] to pluck off, to gather. T ft Tleparj, tote icdvTds 

dnobpene o'inahe fiorpvs. Hes. Op. 609. SYN. Apeiroj, anoXsyu), dvdXeydfxai, 

enXeydfxai, diroTpvydijj. 
'ATrobpvTrTio, f. ^a;, v. [dilacero, discerpo,] to tear, to rend. ,V H ndbds, 7} kcu 

Xeipds, a.Tzobpv\p(i)al be iravTa. p. 480. SYN. &pv—Tw, diroavpio, dTrbbepw, bXa- 

'ATTobpxxfHu, [dilacero discerpo,] to tear, to rend. WfjfipoaXu), Xvd fxi) fXiv d7ro- 

bpv(poi ekKvaraCiov. X V. 1 87* 
'A-ndbvpofiai, v. [lamentor, deploro,] to bewail, to lament over, zvv Tijbe kXov- 

Ou) t KCLTrvbvpdncu onobai. Sopll. Electr. 1128. SYN. 'Obvpojicn., d7ro</iw^w, 

'Awdbuu), vctoj, v. [exuo,] to divest, to strip, to deprive of. TevKpos 5' wp/urjOr], 

fiefxaojs diro revved bvaai. N. 182. SYN. 'EKbvdfxai, diroavXaw, dndyvjxvow, 

d7ros7Tepeoj, dcpaipeoj. 
'A7roe/7rw, v. Vid. dTreiTTG). Mfji-Xv dTroenrojy 1 'Ayd/ze^ovt, TCOtfJLEvX Xawv. T. 35. 

SYN. i A7rei7Th} f di'dvevw, dirdyopevio, aTrapvedfiai. 
'Andepyddit), et dTtoepyo), poet, pro direipyti) vel d-rrepyu), V. [averfo, prohibeo, 

separo,] to keep off, to prevent, to separate. Aurdo 6 UrjXelotvd boXu diroep- 

ydfle Xaov. $. 599> SYN. 'Atydpiclu), d7roY/up/c?a>, bXa^iopieiut, biaipeu), bXaKpii'io, 

bXia-rifxX, vo<7tyi£io, diro&vyvvfAX. 
'Airoeppio, f. epew, v. [perdo, ahripio, corrurnpo abreptum,] to carry off. M?/ 

\xXv d-Kuepaeie. juiEyas -Ko'djxbs fiddubivrjs. 0. 329* SYN. 'AfapTrciciu), bXacpdelpu, 

'ATro^euy^u^r, v. [disjungo, separo,] to separate, to disunite. M.^rpos orEp-qBeh, 

cptydvos t d-KoCvytis. Phoen. 1005. SYN. AXa^evyyv/uX, dvaZevyvvfiX, dtrd- 

epyw, dndXvu), drrdrdaau), dTrbyu)pi$,it), dfiarrjfjiX, vocr(j)i£uj, bX'iaTtijjX. 
'AirodavfxdZw, v. [demiror,] to admire. Navoinaav Ev-e-rrXbv d(f>ap b 1 diredav- 

fj.a<T oveipov. c?. 49» SYN. Oavjua£u), v-nepdydfxai, dn-o/>Xe7ra>. 
*ATrdd£pt£(i), a. 1. dnidEpXad, per sync. dTredpXad, v. [demeto,] to mow off, to cut 

off. "ibETE ydp dupas ws direOpXaev TpX^ds. Orest. 128. SYN. 'Avosdwww, 

'Anodea-ds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [contemptus, detestatus,] despised, rejected. Ai) 

tote kcit d-dQeoTos, dTTOL^ojXEvoLd dvaKTos. p. 296. SYN. 'A7ro/3Xj7roy, q. v. 
'A7rudXl(3(i>, f. ->pu), v. [exprimo,] to press or squeeze out. 'A7r£0Xt/3oi/ vypuv vbiop. 

Anacr. SYN. 'Ek"0X//3w, dirodXdio, drcoKvaio), d7T07rX>yrrw, dndppriyvu/Ji, dnurX- 

'ATrodv)'i/TK<i), f. ddvovfiaiy v. [morior,] to die. Ov toi, jud rriv yrjv, errd' duws ovk 

diroddvei. Pax 1S8. SYN. (dviiaKw, dTroi-^ofAai t KaToi^u/ixat, d7rep^d//ai, d?raX- 

Xdaffofiaif dirdytvo/uiai, reXei/rdw. 
'Airodpavw, v. [confringo, perfringo,] to break off. Naus, KcnrddpaveL ncwd 

tyoivicraris vim. Pers. 4l6\ SYN. Aaadpavo), ovvdpavw, Kdray^i/yut, KdraOXdo), 

ovvdpaaacj, avyKpovto, ovyKXdto, avvTpifiw, bXappijypvfiX. 
*A7todpi£<t) t vid.'A7rd0ept(?a>. 
'A7ro0pwff<cw, f. ddpovfjiai, v. [desilio, exsilio,] to leap out, to spring or rise from. 

lEfjtEvds teal kuttvov d7rodpu)(TKOPTd vorjacit. a. 58. SYN. 'ATTd7rr]bdit), /cdrd7T7/Sd(u, 

dvuXXofiai, d(f>dXXufjiat,, enddpEio. 
'A7rddv[xXds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [ingratus animo, invitus,] disagreeable to the feel- 
ings, unpleasant, ungrateful. "Aceto yap /ui) NvktX ddrj d7rddv/uXd epboi. S. 26 1. 

SYN. 'At;6//s, drep7r,')s, d^dpiffTos, bvadpeoToSy k-^Bpos, bvcr^ipyjs, XvTrrjpos. 
I See Clarke's note on the quantity of the second syllable in airoenruiv. 


'A-n-oTriTds, ov, b et >/, adj. [sine arte factus,] not done skilfully, clumsy. 'AnoXri- 

tov. Olymp. 2. 31. SYN."A7rpaKTos, driXeaTos, ayevrjTos. . 
'AiroiKeu), v. [(1) aliunde habitatum venio, (2) procul habito,] to dwell at a 

distance from. 'A b y obos arpvros' tv b' EKaardrepu) eyu' diroiKeis. Theocr. 15. 

7. S^N. 'ATtovaiw, fj,eOi<TTCif.iai. 
'ATTouua, as, $, subst. [colonia,] a colony. See *Atc6ktiois. *H AwptS' dnoiKXav 

avXtc o'iko). Isth. 7« 18. SYN. KdrowXa, jjEToUrjaXs, fJtErdardaXs. 
'A7ro7/c/5w, v. [amando, in coloniam deduco,] to send away from one's native 

country as a colonist. Spiraidrji' es vr\adv a-KWKlae tijXoOX vaieiv. fx, 135. 

SYN. 'Ano'^Evdio, an 6 ire /hit m, e^opi^o), (pvydbeixo, diron-qpvaaii). 
"attoikos, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [proprie, domo absens, aut domo emissus ; colonus, 

&c] an absentee, a colonist, an inhabitant. XdXvflos LKvdwv cmroucds. Sept. 

Theb. 725. SYN. Bevos, a7rdbr)fjids, ettolkos, oiKrjrojp. 
, A7roifxu)^io, f. £w, [lamenlor, ejulo,] to bewail. Aur/) npos avrrju TtaTlp' d-rroi- 

fxuilri (fi\6v. Med. 31. SYN. Olfioj^h), dvobvpofxai, dvatcXaid) , dvaKioKvia, 

ala£oj, yodw, diroitCTi£ 
'ATTOtvadfjiai, v. [praemium reporto,] to obtain a recompense or reward. Tij/' 

ovv 'Ayaiwv £,u>vt diroivaaQai deXeis ; Rhes. 177* 
''A.iroivYiTos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [impunitus,] unpunished. Aapdv ovk dnolvrjTot. Soph. 

Electr. 1065. Syn. 'Aflwos, ^a/pwj/. 
'ATTowdbiKos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [ultor, ultrix,] an avenger, avenging. 'AiroivdbXKoi 

bXicai tcdnolaXv eKTrdrdcro'ovaXv. Here. F. 884. SYN. "EitcbXicds, dpvvriop, dfivvrri- 

pXos, Tifxwpos, Ti/ur)opds. 
*Attoivov, ov, to, et airoiva, ojv, ret, subst. [pretium quod loco poena? debitae 

offertur,] a ransom. "fflpEus dtcoivd, kclBeivv typdvrmdrwv. Pers. 813. Syn. 

Avrpdv, KOivrj, bwpdv. EPITH.^A yXdov, dneipeaXov, d^Xdv, deiKes. 
'Anotvdu), v. [prajmio condigno adticio, hinc ulciscor. Vid. Damm.] to repay 

adequately, to revenge, to punish. Aaifiwv dTroivdxrais eXdaev. 2rciao/ucu. 

Nem. 5. 29« SYN. 'AvrdbXiCEOj, avTCLfxv%'6}xai, rifjuopeu), dfivvio. 
'Awoixopai, f. xv^ofiai, v. [abeo, discedo,]to go away, to depart, to die. "YdXos 

fxev ovv dir&yET els ra%iv TrdXXv. Heracl. 818. SYN. 'Airepydfxai, direifAX, curd' 

Xeiiro), dTraXXaaffd/uai, aTrodvijaKU). 
^ATTOKdQaipu), v. [abstergo, expurgo,] to wipe off, to rub, to cleanse. "E^', dird- 

Kadaipe Tas Tpdire^as Tavr)]L Pax 1193- SYN. Kddalpu), eKuddaipb), dird- 

'ATcdKaivvfiai, v. [supero, vinco,] to surpass, to be superior to. Tfj b' avr' Ev- 

pvdXos an EKaivvTo 7ravTds dpiarovs. 6. 127* SYN. KcuYfyurw, £7mpdr£u>, 7rZpX- 

eifxX, viKaii), v7T€pj3aXXd/, virep[3aivu), wTrepey^w, 7T(0O£^w, nepXyivofxai. 
'ATrdtcaipXds, ov, 6 et 7], adj. [intempestivus,] unseasonable. MdfleTv ovk anoKai- 

pXov. Philoct. 155. Syn/'AkcujOos, droiros. 
'A7ro/ca/w, f. Kavau, V. [aduro, exuro,] to bum up. "H kev d-rrb Tpwwv Ke(j>aXds 

Kal Tev\ed icrjat. ^. 336. SYN. Kai'w, KaraKaiu), alddXdio, dva^Xeyvj. 
'A7ro<cd\£w, v. [(l) per opprobrium et invidiam appello, (2) sevoco, (3) veto,] 

(1) to call insultingly, (2) to call aside, to call, (3) to forbid, to interdict. 

a. Oi' /jle tGjv ydfJLtav a7r£KdXovv i'joardi' '. b. 'AirEKpirio bl^jX', Iph. A. 1354. 

SYN. 'AvdnaXEM, EirXudXEU), ekkoXeu), d7ro/c/AX^ff/cw, diT0<X7r€vbu), dirdyopevh), fXErd- 

7re], d7rdyw, dTrorp£7r<*), d^>iaTr]fiX. 
"ATroKd/xvh), f. KajjLovjjLai, v. [fatisco, defatigor,] to be weary. Ouk dndKafivio. 

Ion 134. SYN. Ka^uvw, kKKafxvo), TdXanrojpEOfiat, dirdyopevM, dirorpvvfjtai, 

KardTrovEOfxai, etcXvo/uat. 
'ATrotcdnvio, v. [efflo, exspiro,] to breathe out. "H|0(7r£ S' e^orrXaio, dud be ipv^v 

endirvcrGE. X. 467* SYN. 'Attottvem, dvairvEb), diro^v-^' 
'ATroKdrdrXdrjfxX, f. dfimo, v. [depono,] to lay aside, to lay down ; to leave as a j 

deposit. 'OpOov ett obpXdyjg, kvveijv b' d7ro<car0£r' speivas. A poll. 3. 1287* 
'AndicavXiZd), v. [decutio, decurto,] to lop off, to strike off. KairdKavXi£o)v 

tyXu). Eur. Suppl. 7l6.' 
'AnoKeipu), f. IpC* et epou), v. [tondeo, detondeo, abscindo,] to sheer, to clip, to 
1 See Dr. Maltby's note on this word. 

AnOK AnOK 113 

cut off, to cut asunder. 'A7ro be artyavav neKapcrai. Hec. 898. Syn. 'atto- 

Kopadw, dnoKOTTTh), an ore fir o), dndKufJtdu), dnoffTepeio. 
'ATrdtcephalvio, v. [lucrifacio,] to derive gain from, to gain. 'AXV, doBevris yap, 

KaTToKepbaipwv norov. Cycl. 431. 
'AndKrjbebj, f. r/o-w, v. [negligo, non euro,] to neglect. At k dnoKrjbriaavTe 

tyepujjjiedd 'x&pdv dedXov. ^F. 413. SYN. AyueXea/, dtypovTiZu), dnofpovTi^oj, 

'AndKibvTjfiX, v. [dissipo, diverto,] to scatter, to disperse. "Os t dnoKibvafievos 

vurdfiov tceXdbovTos 'Apa£ew. Apoll. 4. 133. * SYN. Karao* ebavvvfii, bXaaKop- 

ntCio, bXatrKebavvv^xX, 
'ATrdiavbvvevb), v. [periculum facio, periclitor,] to make a trial, to endeavour. 

KdnoKtrbweveTOv Xenrov tX teal ootybv Xeyetv. Ran. 1108. SYN. 'AndroXfxdoj, 

nelpav Xa/xfidpio, noteojuai. 
'AiroKiveu), f. rjw, v. [araoveo,] to remove from, to remove. Mrj fi dnoKivriaaioX 

Ovpawv fiovvov eovrd. %. 107* SYN. 'Rkkivso), fieTaKiveut, dntodeio, ndpiodeoj, 

eKTpenaj, blcLKpovii), dnoaeloj, dneXavvuj, d(j)i(TT7}fjUj dnaXXuaaio. 
'attokivos, ov, 6, subst. [recessus, discessus, fuga,] a retreat, a flight, (a species 

of dance. Suidas.) 'AW evpe tip' dnoKipdp and tov beanorov. Equit. 20« 

SYN. fyvyrj, dnoxfoprioXs, dpaxuprjaXs, anobpdaXs . 
AttokXo), v. [abscedo,] to depart. Arjdev and ff-adfioid kiwv JLv/uaids vtyopfios. 


AnoKXdZu), f. dyfa, v. [vociferor,] to cry aloud. MeydXots dyd&ois dneKXay£ev. 
Agam. 151. 

A7tokXcuw, Att. aw, f. KXavffu), v. [deploro,] to lament, to mourn for, to be- 
wail. ^Vavaai fx eaaov, KanoKXavaaaQat Katca. GE. R. 1467* SYN. KdrafcXcuw, 
dvaKXaiu), dndbaKpvio, anobvpo/iai, oXd(ftvpo/j,ai KaTobvpdfiai, enWprjpeoj. 

AnoKXaoj, f. daw, v. [defringo,] to break off. "Hbij pfjd /ueXaipdp dneKXdae 
bi\6dbX \epcro). Musae. 298. SYN. KXdw, dnoppip/pvfjLX, dnoando), KaTaKonru), 


AnoKXeiio, f. eiaoj, v. [excludo, includo,] to shut from, to exclude, to shut in. 
'E^fjXdaev fie adneKXeiae bio/jLariop. P. V. 69 1. SYN. KXe/w, ey/cXe/w, evdno- 
KXeiu), ovyicXeitt), fcdra/cXe/w, naKTviv, dnelpyw, Kadeipyio. 

AnoKXemo), v. [surripio, furto aufero,] to steal from. Mr} nor dnoKXexpeip, da 
'EKTjfidXds e/credrtorat. H. in Mer. 522. 

AnoicXrjpds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [exsors,] having no share in, free from. Uopcjp b' 
ovrXs dnoKXapds kurXv. Pyth. 5. J\. SYN. "A^X^pos, d/xoipos. 
AnoKXivu), f. Xpw, v. [declino, inclino,] to decline, to fall away. Kal bofavT 
diroKX'ivai. (E. R. 1192. SYN. 'EkkXiW, eyjcX/vw, ePTpenio, dnoTpenoj, e/crpe- 
nofiai, [lerdfiaivto, KardKafinTO). 

A7tokXv^<m), v. [eluo, abhio,] to wash out, off, or away. KvfjidaX' ^et/iepty be ndXat 
dndeKXvoev aXjir}. Apoll. 1. 366. SYN. 'EkkXv£oj, eKPinTw, €KXovbj,dndXovoj. 
AnoKvatio, v. [adfligo, obtundo,] to afflict, to distress, to vex. 'AXX' a\)Tr\v \xol 
rrjv bovXeiav ovk dnd(palp(op dnoKpaieis. Vesp. 681. SYN. Avneoj, obvpaoj, 
dnodXifiu), evo-)(Xe(i}, dnoXXvfiX, 7rdpeKTeiv<o. 

ATroK^to-yud, drds, to, subst. [frustum alicujus rei, proprie, ungue abscissum,] a 
paring, a scrap. "Navvdtpvels, ayvpdbwv dnoKviafiaTd. Pax 790> 
KirdKoi/jiadfxai, v. [seorsum dormio,] to sleep apart, to sleep from home. Tx 
ovk direKOLiir]QriiiEV baov uarov arXXriv ; Vesp. 213. SYN. 'AnoKoiTeit), dnoKaQev- 
buy, aTcuvvffTacu). 

^7r6KOfxfid, drds, to, subst. [frustum, fragmentum,] a fragment. MiXup 6\pa- 
fA&Ta nerpas dnoKOfifx' drepafivu). Theocr. 10. 7» SYN. Kofi/id, ay fid, Opavaftd, 
nXdafid, Tyidyps. 

\TrdKofi7rd£oj, v. [insolentius ago vel loquor,] to speak boastingly. '6 fr i)Xd- 
Aa£e, KaneKOfxirdrrev rdbe. Here. F. 981. 

knoKdm), rjs, ^ subst. [abscissio,] a cutting off. 'AicoKdnd upaTds. ^sch. Suppl. 
843. SYN. 'Airdrop. 

1 The last two syllables of 'ApcUjw form only one in scanning. 
Pros. Lex. P 

114 AnoK AnoA 

"A-ndKOTTTb), f. ^w, V. [abscindo,] to Cut off. Told 6' cV 'l^Xbd/xavTi Kapr) dxeKoype 

irapaaras, A. 26l. SYN. 'HLkkowtii) , eKT^fiVd), dicdre'/ivio, dTtdpaffju), bXaipu, 

a7ro<7)(/e?to, dirafxatJ, d7rorujJyw. 
'AirdKOff/jEio, v. [ordine collocata aufero,] to remove in a regular order. "Hadrjv 

afupiTrdXot & aTreKOfffiedv evTed bands. r\. 232. 
'A7ro/cojy0((£w, v. [levo, sublevo,] to alleviate, to lighten. Obbev 7rd0£W anoKov- 

<pi£ova > . Hec. 105. SYN. Kov(pic]u>, dvdK0V(f)i£u), e7rXKov(J)l$u), eTraipu), eXa- 

'ATroKpefxavvvfiX, V. [suspendo,] to hang tip. Avyev* direKpefidcrev' ffvv be Tnepd 

7rvKvd XXaffdev. ^¥. 879« SYN. Kpe/jctvvvfjX, dvaKpefjavvvfjX. 
'ATTonplvto, v. [secerno, semoveo, separo, eximo,] dnoKpivdfiat, (2)med. [re- 

spondeo,] (3) pass, [secernor,] (1) to separate, to distinguish, (2) to answer, 

(3) to be separated. Tu> oX, aTTOKpivOevTe, evavrX<o d)pfxridr]rr)V. E. 12, SYN. 

'EfCK-ptVw, bXatcpivu), d7ro/3dXXw, drtop/c?w, dTrd^iopic]^, eKXeyoj, bXaTaffffio, a7rw0€w, 

(2)d7ra/xc//3ojuat, enXXeydfiai. 
'AiroKpXoXs, ews, fj, subst. [(l) actio excernendi, (2) responsio,] the act of selecting 

or distinguishing, an answer. Twv dyddiov effdXrj fiev diroKpXffXs, etrdXd be epyd. 

Theogn. 11 69. 
'AiroKpovoj, v. [repello, depello, propulso,] to repel, to drive off, to bruise. 

KotvXIgkXov, to xe7\os a7rdKEKpovfffih'dv t Ach. 459« SYN. 'EKKpovio, dvaKpovut, 

e*:/3dXXw, airoveiw, dirwQeta. 
'AiroKpinrrio, v. [abscondo, occulto,] to hide, to conceal. Eta QwpijaoeoQaX, 

aneicpvipev be fxoX i7T7tovs. A. 717* SYN. KpvnrtVy ernKpinrTit), raXv7rrw, Kevdu), 

Xavddvto, Karabvvb). 
'ATroKpvtybs, ov, 6 etfj, adj. [occultus,] concealed, secret. $ep, airotcpv^ov bejids. 

Here. F. 1069. Syn. Kpv<j>Xds, XadpXds. 
'AiroKTelvu), f. fvw, V. [occido,] to kill, '£1 0o7/3', diroKTevovaX fjH at zvvwirXbes. 

Orest. 254. SYN. Kre/yw, /cdrafcretVw, dTTOKTivvvfxX, icaivo), dtydvic^io, irecpvu), 

KaTaTretyvMy davdrdb), dxoff^drrw, dirofftyaSlw, bXd^etpiCdfiai, bXepya^ofxat, Karep- 

yac]dfiai, evaipw, evdpi<z)u), avOpwiroKToveio, bXa(f>delpio, (pdvevio, oXXvfiX. 
'AttoktXoXs, etos, rj, subst. [colonia,] a colony. "Hydye Qrjpairjv es aTtotiTXaXv' e« be 

oe Qr/prjs. Call. 2. 75. SYN. KtX<tXs, KTifffid, dnoiKXa. 
'AirbKLOKvio, v. [lugeo,] to lament, to mourn, 'ATrdKwKvffai ^v^rfv, dydpXv. Agam. 

1522. SYN. 'ATrobvpdfiai, d7ro<//wc?w. 
*A7rofcwXvw, v. [prohibeo,] to prevent, to hinder. TZkv anoKreivaa, aTrdicwXveis. 

Med. 1408. SYN. 'ATcbeipyo), eipya>, kwXvw, q. v. 
'AirdXayxavu, v. [obtineo, spe excido,] to obtain, to be disappointed. P 

dndXdyuff o%Kb)V itdrpds. Here. F. 331. SyN. *A7rdTvy)(dvw. 
'AirdXac]vfiai t V. [recipio,] to receive. Tw§'* os 7rdpeffTi, KcurdXaElvadat BeXei. 

Helen. 917* 'A7rdXafi(3dv(D, dirobeydfiai, avabeypfxai.. 
'AwdXafcn^w, v. [calce ferio, sperno,] to kick, to spurn, to despise. OeXei' dv 

b\ <£ 7ra7, p.rf 'TzdXaKTXff^s Xeyds. P. V. 652. 
'A7rdXafcr la fids, ov, 6, subst. [calcitratio, jactura,] a kicking against, rejection. 

ncofyxdr' avbpGJv, Ka.TrdXaKTtffjj.ol (jXov. iEsch. Suppl. 9^9' SYN. hXajjiy, £k- 

'A7rdXa/t/3d)/w, f. Xri\pdfiat t v. [recipio,] to take back, to receive, to recover. 

TLojs ovv Bdvb)V dv dirdXafioi ', Keivos be ttws. Helen. 9 1 1 . 
'A7roXd«7rw, v. [effulgeo,] to shine, to blaze forth. Kpart dero fipXdpi'iv { } b\ 

affnjp u>s, dTreXafiirev. T."381. 
'A7roXa7rra>, v. [lambendo absorbeo,] to lick up. Tvovs d7rdXa.\peis, drX icXelffTov 

buvdffai. Nub. 809. 'SYN. KdrdTrtVw, eKirivd). 
'ATrdXavffXs, ews, r/, subst. [fructus, quern ex aliqua re percipimus,] gain, en- 
joyment. EvfcXetdr vfxiv iraTpds, dTrdXavffiv KaXrjv. Here. F. 1370. SYN. 
Kapxds, rtpxpXs, eirXTvyXa, Tv^ri. 
'AirdXavto, v. [fruor,] to reap the fruits of, to enjoy, to suffer the effects of. 
Tepirvdv v/j.ytov a7rdXaveiv. Iph. T. 455. SYN. 'Orii/djuat, E7ravpeit>, eiravpioKo- 
fxai, eirXTvyydvu),, Kapni^it), Kapirodfxai, KTudfjai, wtyeXovfjai. 


*AirbXet(3u), f. xpio, V. [distillo,] to drop from. Kaipbaewv 6' bdbyewv, 1 dirbXei- 
fieraX vyp&y eXatby. rj. 107 • SYN. Ac</3(u, KdrdXelfibfiat, an-d^ew, dnoardZw 

'ATroXetVw, v. [relinquo,] to leave, to quit. Olov rcdrpwas fir) 'irokdneodat xdovbs. 
Med. 35. SYN. 'EXXetVw, *cdrd\et7r«, eyKa7-dXei7rw, 7rdpdXeiira), v7rd\e/7rw, 
ci(pu][jtX, Trpobxhiofii. 

'ATTdXefids, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [irabellis,] unwarlike, cowardly. 'ATrbXefibv, <5 iral, 
TroXe/xop eoTrevcras renvois. Here. F. 1124. SYN. "Ajiayos, aadevrjs, drdpdvbs. 

'A7rdXe7rw, et airdXe7TTii), v. [decortico,] to strip off the back. Trots d7rdXei/>e«s, 
brX nXeicTOV bvvdaat. Nub. 809. See also Cycl. 237- SYN. Aettcj, 7repXXe7r(x), 
aTobepu), 7r£p}f<^Xoi'c?w. 

'ATToXriyh), f. £w, v. [desino,] to cease, to fail, to decay. *fls avbp&v yeveij, ^ 
fiev 0i>et, r/ 6' dirbXrjyei. Z. 149. SYN. A^yw, KttrdX*7yw, atyiGTafxat, iravbuat, 
dirbiravbfiai, bidXei7r<t), eTrXXeiircj. 

'ATToXXpaZio, f. £u>, v. [recedo, aufugio,] to retire, to run away. Ovk dirbXXfiaZets, 
S KdtctffT cLttoXovjuepos ; Aves 1467. SYN. 'Avdj^wpeio, d7rbXXrapyi£(i>, enreppu). 

'AiruXXyalvu), v. [strepitum facio, turbas excito,] to make a noise. *Hv 6' 
dTToXXyaiyrj, rovs dybpavbfxovs adXti. Acharn. 9^7- SYN. 'ATrbBbpvfieit), 6b- 

'AnoXXs, tabs, 6 et rj t adj. [extorris, patria pulsus,] city-less, banished, exiled. 
Tpaus, dnoXXs, dreKvbs, ddXXov QcnrTia veicpbv. Troad. 1176. SYN. 'A7ro7rroXis, 
Xi7ro7rarpis, dvotnds, etcbrjfibs, TijXwnbs, (f>i>yds. PHR. TLrepeoQat narpXhos, ue- 
yiarov Kdubv. 

' 'Air dXXr a py i go), v. [celeriter aufugio, me abripio,]to run away hastily. Ovkovv 
dvvaas ri ddrroy dTroXXrapyXeis. Nub. 1255. SYN. ^AicoTpeyw, aTroaKiprdw. 

' Air dXt~xi*du/, v. [delambo,] to lick off. dTrbXixfifjcroyTai, dKTjbees' ovbe 
ae fii]Tr}p. $. 123. SYN. *A.ir8\el')(tti, efcXet^w, fcdrdXe/^w, XX~xfidu), Xfy/Jacfo. 

'A-n-oXXyfit, et (2) med. v. dTroXXvfiat, v. [(l) perdo, (2) intereo,] (1) to ruin, 
to undo, to destroy ; (2) to be ruined, to be undone, to perish. TXs <56' 
aTtfJOJS baijubvuv a diruXeaev. Med. 1205. SYN/'OXXv^it, bXeK<a, fdeipoj, 
dyarperru), d7ro/3aXXw, d7roKre(y(t), ndTa^dtvu), <f)B?v<i), <f>6ivv6(i), dwoQvriaKio, eppoj, 
o'ixpfiat, crvvTfjKdfiai. 

A7rdXXwj/, wvds, b t P. N. [Apollo,] the son of Jupiter and Latona. Irefifidr 
£^wk kv %e/)orti> eKrjjobXov 'AttoXXuvos. A. 14. SYN. $o7/3os, 'Ayvtevs/'Encdros, 
Aortas, Tiattoy, Bo^Sptyuos, HfitvBevs, 'Ynspiwy, Ylatay. EPITH. 'Ayvtam, ap- 
yvporo^bs, kXvtotoZos, )(pvff£oro£os, •)(p va ° T0 %° s > ToUjbtybpbs, ayvbfiavTXs, dicevifjfipb- 
rbs, dXr]drjs, dydvos, aypevrrjs, addydrbs, "Aktios, d7rorpo7ratos, fibrjbpbfiXbs, bet- 
>os, bayvrjtybpos, eKdTrjfieXeTtis, eKaTrjfibXbs, ^pi/ffaopos, dvajj,, eicdepybs, Xaoaobbs, 
AtjToXbrjs, draoQdXbs , ^pycawp, AvKriyevYfS, evoptcos, evaKoirbs, evyairris, evXvprjs, 
evtyopfityl-, eujbs> 'EXiK&vtds, ijibs, f/vs, Ovfi(3pa7bs, l/uepbtyojybs, KvvdXbs, Kepaa^b- 
pbs, KOvpoTpbfbs, AvkXos, XvicoKroybs, XXyvcjxoybs, fiavTXnbXbs, fiavrrjXbs, olbirbXos, 
TldrdpevSy vbfxXoSy 7roX(0"<Toi)^os, XvKeibs, Uairjojyj TrpoGTdrrjpXbs , Wdydoa"ibs y aefx- 
voSy 7rbXvypvabs. PHR. Qiioy "xbpbiroibs dva^, rj ayijTiap fxeXeuVy os Xpvcrrjv afi- 
<pX(De(3rjKe , Ar/Xov OeobfiijTas aKbirbs, by r/vKofiOS tekZ: Atjtw. See Pyth. 5. 86. et 
Horn. H. Apoll. 

ArroXXwvXbs, a, by, adj. [Apollineus,] belonging to Apollo. Uepyd/iwv AttoX- 
Wiwj/. Orest. 1386. (Vid. Schol. in I.) 

A7rbXbyebfiat, v. [defendo me sermone,] to speak in one's own defence, to 
plead one's own cause. le/ueXris re ix-qrpbs dTrbXbyiiaaadai fx vTrlp, Bacch. 
41. SYN. ' AvrXXbytb/tat, irdpaiTebfiai, Indfivvu), irpbtydoL<2,bfiai, avyrfybpeo). 

AttoXovoj, f. aw, v. [abluo,] to wash off, to cleanse. UriXelbriv, XovaaaQaX dirb 
fipbrbv alfidTbevTa. ^¥. 41. SYN. 'A7ro^t7rrw, irXvvb), e/C7rXvvw, dironXvyd), 
kXvcw, €KkXv£(o, d7roKXv£(t), dirbiiddaipu). 

ATrbXvfiaivbfiaty v. [(l) purgor, lustror, (2) corrumpo,] (1) to be cleansed, to 
be purified, (2) to spoil. Aaovs 'Arpelbrjs dtrbXvfiaiveaQaX dvwyey. A. 313. 

1 'bdovewv is liere scanned as an anapaest. 

116 AI10A AnON 

SYN. (1) 'AyWc?o>, KadayvLSio, tcddaipu), dyvevw, (2) Xvfxalybfxai. 
'A7ro\v fAavTrip, fjpds, 6, subst. [corruptor, turbator, contaminator, perniciem ad- 
ferens, pernicies,] a spoiler, ruin, destruction. Htw^ov dvir\pbv f baiTwv aird- 

Xv/iavrfjpd. p. 220. SYN. Avjxeojv, airepwevs, Xw/3)jr^p, Xiofirjrwp, <pdbpbs, bXe- 

*A7rd\v(i), f. vow, v. [solvo, exsolvo, dimittor,] to loose, to release, to let go, to 

dismiss. Ovb' aneXvae dvyarpd. A. 95. SYN. 'EkXvw, irdpdXvu), kdrdXi/w, 

a7rd\vrpoh), avTijfJ.1, cXevOepdw, d7raXXd<7(7w, 7r£pi<7a>e?w, dTbyivuxTKi*), dnoy\)Yityi- 

'A7rd\wjSda;, f. rftna, v. [conturaelia lacesso,] to goad on by insults, to commit 

acts of violence. NvKrspbs A'las aTreXtoprjdri. Aj. F. 217. (Vid. Schol. in I.) 
'A7roXwn'c?w, f. lw, v. [detraho, evello, more eorum qui lotum carpunt,] to 

pluck or tear off. TlarpXbbs ovXbfiEvas u7roXwrie7. Iph. A. 793. Syn. 'A7rav- 

'AirbfxaybdXXa, as, ^, subst. [frustum panis,] soft bread on which the Athenians 

used to wipe their hands at meals, and which then was thrown to the dogs. 

3 A7rd fiay hdXlas atrovfxevos tovovtos eKTpdtyeirjv. Equit. 414. 
'A7rdjU(irrd/iat, v. [(l) veneficiis devotum libero, (2) imitor, exprimo, (3) ves- 

cor,] (1) to deliver from sorcery, (2) to imitate, (3) to eat. 'Airbua^afXEyri 

iroXXas apsras ettoXyi(te. Ran. 1040. 
'ATrdfieipofxat, v. [distribuo, sortior,] to distribute, to portion out, to allot. 

'Hws yap t epyoib TpXT-qv a.7rdfjLelp£-aX alodv. Hes. Op. 578. SYN. Aay%di>w, 

d7rdXay^di/w, vefMJ, bXdvEftw, bXd/j.Epi£it>, bidfioipdo/xai, blaipeio, icXr]pb(d, &7rofcX»?- 

pbw, dvdbXbtOfiX. 
'A7ro^/u^oyuat, v. [reprehendo,] to find fault, to reprove, to blame. 'A7rty*e/u^d- 

fievas Efiov, 7copev6eis. Rhes. 900. SYN. Mefjt^bfxat, Kdrdjuefx(f)buai f ahXdbfiai, 

fjuojiaofxai, E7riaK{jiTTbfiai, xf^eyo). 
'ATrdfiepprjpigM, f. oio et £w, v. [depositis curis dormio,] to forget anxiety by- 
sleep. OtS'* dXX' e'mOv/j.y a/xiicpbi' tnropepfjiripiaat. Vesp. 5. Syn. Ei/Suj 

virvwoaw, vkvoh). 
'AirofirivTb), v. [irascor, iram foveo,] to be angry, to feel a lasting resentment 

against. tt H*> v.vv kippaaaavTo, Efiev dirbfi^viaavrbs. I. 426. SYN. MrjvXdio, 

fiTjvTb), 6pyl$,6fxaiy dn-opyi^bfiai, dc^dXX&j, aa-^dXdoj, BvpaLvw, QvfXEbfxai, kotecj, 

eyKoTEU), ^dXf7ra/vw, %dXd<*>, ^b\bb/, els opyrjv TriTTTio, Xrj/j? e^to redrjy/jievdv. 
9 Air ojivdofxaiy v. [recordor,] to recollect, to remember. T£ oi oVe/z^o-ayro 

koX kv Qdvdroib trep aLfrg. 12. 428. SYN. 'ATrb/jufj.vrjaKbfxai, fivrifibvevoj, dva- 

fxifjLvfjffKU), biafipr)fiovevii>> Emfxvdbfxai. 
'ATcofJLvvfxX, f. dfxovfj,ai t aor. ay-toad, v. [jurejurando nego, abjuro,] to confirm or 

deny by an oath. Kcu ravr' edeXiiaeis airdjAoaai poi tovs Qeovs. Nub. 1232. 

SYN. Ax6jj,vv/jX f e^o/jivvfxX. 
'ATrbjiopyvvfiL. f. fidpfa, v. [abstergo, exprimo,] to wipe off or away, to press 

or squeeze out. ©epjuov dnbfjiop^djjiEybv. Acharn. 695. Syn. 'A7r#/zdo-<ra;, 

aTroviirTi}), £TncrfjLrj^(o t ano^ata. 
^ATrbfxovabs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [musis alieuus, indoctus,] illiterate. Kovk dtrbfiov- 

aov to yvvauc&v. Med. 1089- &YN."Afj,ovffbs t dfiddrjs. 
'A7ro/iouffws, adv. [indocre,] illiterately, roughly. Kdpr' anbuovous 7jo6d yl- 

ypafijjiEvbs. Agam. 774. 
'A7rdjui/0ed^ai, v. [dissuadeo, prohibeo,] to dissuade, to prevent. ITdXX' d7TE/j.v- 

Qlbfxev, alb bs <x$ fiEydXfiTbpX dvfJHp. I. 109. SyN. 'A7rdyopevu>, d7rom\eo;, 

Htroo'KE.vbti), diroTpETTMy TTapaireldii), kioXvcj, a7rbXbyl£ 
'AirbfjivKTEbs, adj. verb, [emungendus,] to be wiped off. 'attoiivkteov bit coi y, 

birws Xrixpr) irXeiv. Cycl. 558. 
'Atto/xvo-o-w, f. £w, v. [(1) emungo, (2) decipio,] (1) to wipe off, (2) to deceive. 

^Airbfiv^d/iEPos, 10 A^/z', Efiov Trpos rrjp KE(f>d\fjv diro^Hn. Equit. 910. SYN. 

(2) 'A7rdrda>, e^dndrdu). 
'ATrbvivrifiX, f. d7rbpti<Th) t v. [utilitatem ex aliqua re capio, fruor,] to receive 

benefit from. FloXXd, rd rot ^tpdjuev* av bi Twyb' dnbvaib, KaX eXQois. H. 556. 

AnoN Aiion 117 

SYN. 'AirvXavu), Kdrarpv^du). 
' Aw dpatifxai, v. [med. voc. migro, in act. migrare facio. Vid. Maltb.] to migrate, 
to remove from, to depart. T il irarep, w iroXXs, w*> dTt£vaoQr)v. Med. 167. 

SYN. 'A7r0lK£to, a7T0lKi£(t), flETOlKEU), UTTOKadiffTafXai. 

'A7rdvefid(o f f. veuw et ve/uriffcj, v. [tribuo, assigno,] to bestow, to allot. EIr* 
aTrdvcfiovT evravdd ra \pr)(j)i(TfidTd. Av. 1289. SYN. AXdv£fno f u7robXb(i)jjiX y dvd- 

'ATrdvZbuai* v. [abeo, reverlor,] to depart, to return. Tw jiev dp* dxpoppoi irpdrt 

"IXXop anovZovTo. F. 313. SYN. 'Ava^wpew, v7ro^b)peio t av£pxpfiai f dTraXXaaad-, aireXavvu). 
■'Air8vi$ta, et dTrdviTTTU), v. [abstergo, abluo,] to wipe away, to wash off. 'AM* 

vbdrt vi£ovtes divb fipoTov alfxaToevrd. H. 425. See also a. 171. SYN. 'A7ro- 

lua<T(T(i), drroXovio, dTroivXvvo). 
A7rovi7rrpov, 01/, to, subst. [aqua ad lavandum,] water for washing hands or 

feet. "Slairep dnovinTpdv ek-^eovtes etncEpas. Acharn. 6l6. SYN. Xepvixp. 
"Atrdvds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [labore carens, non dolens,] free from labor, exertion, 

or trouble. Nooroi 5' etc TroXEfxwv dirovovs, dnddeis. Pers. 8(38. SYN. "Ajjio^dds, 

pq.btoSy drdXaiiroipos. 
'A7rdvo<TT£(o, v. [redeo, revertor,] to return. 'Eyw b£ rao/fo, fxri 'irdvoarriaas 

\60vos. Iph. T. 732. SYN. 'A7r6V£o/xa£, ETrdvep^ofiat, EirdveipX. 
'ATTovootyl, adv. [procul, seorsum,] far from, apart. 'Addvdrwv uirdvoacpX 6ewv, 

OdXdfxovbE tuovoai. Apoll. 3. 9- 
'A7rovv^/5w, v. [ungues reseco,] to pare the nails, to snatch away with the 

claws. 'ATrovv^Xto gov Tav Ylp^rdveiM airXd. Equit. 706. SYN. '6^t'cw ; 

eZatpEio, bXacnrapdffffh). 
'A7roVwr/:?w, v. [in fugam verto vel conjicio,] to put to flight. 'Erpav/jidTigov, 

KaiTEvu)Ti$.ov (J>vyrj. Bacch. 752. 
, A7ro^Evddjuai 3 v. [extra patriam dego,] to be estranged from. UdXvy 7rdrp<j as 

yfjs d7re^EV(Ofj.EVOis. Hec. 1203. SYN. 'AwdbrffiEtOt &7roi»ac?tu. 
y A7r6^Evds t ov t 6 et ^, adj. [inhospitalis,] inhospitable. EIr' es tov dTro^Evdv 

opfjiov. CE. R. I96. SYN. "Ajfivos, bva^eifilpos. 
'A7ro^ew, f. tan), et a7ro£uw, v. [abrado, abscindo,] to scrape off, to cut off. 

Qaaydvtj) cu£as, awo ft e^ecte j^elpd fidpeldv. E. 81. SYN. 'ATroKoVrw, Kara^Eto, 

I 'Anotyvu), v. [exacuo,] to sharpen. Kal 7rdp£dr)x ETapoioXv, dirotyvai 0' ekeKevctu ; 
i t. 326. SYN. Udpo^vvcjf TtdpdQfiyb), 7rdpdKovd(i) f dvaarofioto. 
'ATo^vpdw, Ion. dnolvpEut, v. [nova cula rado,] to shave with a razor. "6s e/i* 
j dire%vpr)(TE 7rptoTdi>. Thesm. 1052. SYN. Evpaw, axon'Mio, a.7ro/;e/p(i>. 
I 'A7rd7rdr£tu, v. [a via recedo ; ventrem exonero,] to walk aside. U\riv dird- 

7rdrr}(jdjiEvol ye 7rXelv r) fxvptot, Plut. 1185. SYN. 'Afobevio, diroaKevaclo- 

'AirdTdtds, ov, 6, subst. [secessus, ventri levando necessarius,] a convenience, a 

necessary, a water-closet. 'AW els dTrdTrdrdy &>xe™> arpdrXav Xdfiwv, Acharn. 

81. SYN. v A$o5os, KOTrp&v. 
'ATrdTravu), v. [(1) sisto, cobibeo, et (2) med. v. dndTravofxai, desino, desisto,](l) 
1 to stop or interrupt ; (2) to cease from, to desist. Mrtbe irp\v dnbiravE teov 

/uEvoSf-aXy uTTorav br]. $. 340. SYN. 'E^f^a;, K dT£\M, dveipyut, KdraarkWio, 
1 'Airdireipdu), et diroireipdoiiai, v. [experior, periculum facio,] to make trial of. 

Ovk olbd' rovbi b' avdXs d7rdTreipa.adfiai. Ran. 648. SyN. Aadireipdu), bXdnet- 

pa.£<i), efC7T€tpd5o), botcXfia^a), Kipbvveva). 
! 'A7rd^£\£Kdw, v. [securi dolo et complano,] to render level or smooth by means 

of an axe. , A7r£7r£\€^(Tav rds irv\as' i\v b' 6 ktvttos. Av. 1156. 
'A7ro7reyi7rw, v. [dimitto,] to send away, to dismiss. Aadfiiboju eicrrayXds ctTret- 
; Xrfaas dTTE7r€fxirE. 0. 452. SYN. 'E/C7reu7rw, 7rdpa.7re/i7rw, diiofidXXo), d7rdXvu), 

d<f>X~r}fjiX, e^dpTrifxt, ettXavvb), pi7rr(o. 

1 * The first syllable of this word is long in the eighteen instances which occur in Homer. See 
1 Dr. Maltby's remarks on aircvsonai. 

118 Anon Anop 

'A7ro7T£rd/iat, V. [avolo,] to fly away. T fl Kav6dp\ oUdb\ o'ncab\ d7ro7T£rw/i£0d. 

Pax 719* SYN. 'AvaTceTdfiat, d^irrTdfiai, 
' Anon fiyvv fit, f. 7n/£w, v. [concrescere facio,] to stiffen. Evdvs yap aTrdinjyvvaX 

ravriKvrjiiXu. Ran. 126. SYN. YlrjyvvfiX, KaTanriyvvfiX, mra^u^w. 
' An on in- w, f. 7reaov/xat f v. [decido,] to fall from, to fall down. iTiXTrval 
& aTreTuirTov eepaai. H. 350. SYN. 'Avd7rt7rrw, €K7rl7TT0j t Kdrd7r/7rrw, icdrd- 
'AiroV\ae?w, f. 7rXciy£w, v. [(1) aberrare facio, (2) med. v. aberro,] (1) to lead 
astray, (2) to go wrong, to wander from the right path. Nr/o-ov d7ro7rXayx0ei/- 
rds ev tjEpdeibei tt6vtu>. fx. 285. SYN. Yldpetcftalvii), a.7TOKpovdfjai. 
'A7ro7rX£w, f. 7r/\etcrd/ica, v. [navi discedo, soivo, enavigo,] to sail from, to sail 
away. Bclvtes dneitXetov nvp ev icXXairjaX (3dX6v7£s. 0.501. SYN. 'EfcrXew, 

6ia7rX£W, a.(f)Opjjieii), vavrlXXofiai. 
'A7ro7rXriKTds, ov, oetfj, adj. [attonitus, aniens,] astonished, thunder-struck, mad. 
'A7rd7rX)^Tos e£di(j)vr)S, eyevero ras yvadovs. Vesp. 948. SYN. YlapcnrXrjj-, irapa- 
TrXrjKToSy irapatypiov, atypwv, (ppEvo/SXd/oijs, efx/3p6vrr)Tds, rdtyiov, avaivQrjTds. 
'ATwirXijaaw, f. |w, v. [percutio, terrefacio,] to strike, to terrify, to dismay. 

KcnroTrXiicrffd/Liai. Antig. 1188. SYN. 'E/c7rX^o-ffa>, Kdra^Xriaab). 
'AitoTrXiaabual, f. £,dfiai, v. [saltu me proripio,] to leap away from. Ovb' av eXa- 
- (ppojs av d7r£7rX/^drd. Acharn. 217* SYN. ^ATroTtrjbdofiai, andfevyoj. 
'A7ro7rv£w, Ion, €uo, f. ewo-w. v. [(1) exhalo, spiro, (2) expiro,] (1) to breathe 

opt, to exhale, (2) to expire, to die. Uiupdv aTco-KveiovrraX dXos nbXvfievdeds 

obfirjv. b. 40o\ SYN. 'Ekttveis), dirodvfxXdu), dirodvijaKw. 
'A7ro7rv/yw, f. Trvityvjiai, v. [(1) suffoco, (2) vexo,] (1) to choke, (2) to trouble. 

'Ev Xifirrj b' d7T£7rv^£, Kpdrrjaas % et P* revovrd. Batrom. 230. SYN. Ylviyoa, 

KaTaTTvlyot, ayyovdtt), diroK-eivu), £7rtc0arrw, av¥a$,io. 
'A7ro7rdȣw, v. [laborera perduco ad finem,] to finish labor, a. 'AiroTrETrdvrjKds. 

b. (pev, Xov Tr,s aarfjoXov. Thesm. 245. SYN. 'E(C7ro»'£0), icdreipyuo-fiai. 
'A7ro7rpo/3oXXw, v. [procul abjicio,] to throw far from. Ehpv & a.7ru7rpdj3dXu)v 

j(dfjidbis adtcds evdd KaX evdd. Apoll. 3. 1310. SYN. 'A7ro/3ciXX6>. 
'A-noTcpXd^at, v. [emo,] to buy. 'XI baifiovf avbp&v ano7rpX(t> tyjv XijKvdov. Ran. 

'A7ro7rpo0£>, et dTTo-n-pdQX, adv. [procul, e longinquo,] far off, afar, at a distance. 

noXXd yudX' ivCovaXv d-KoirpoBEV, ovb' eOeXovoXv. P. 66. SYN. TloppiodEV, d7ro- 

ardbdv, Zeds. 
'Airo-npinriixXy v. [emitto,] to send forward from, 'lov aTrdirpoXels (3aXXe arfjBos 

Trdpd [xa£ov. )(. 82. SyN. 'A7rooreXXw, d(j)TrjfxX, ate a ire flit w. 
' An oTTTria a w, v, [metu percellor,] to be struck with alarm or fear. a. 'AXX 

d7T07rr//£as oXuirrj Karddvo) ; J). AetXov robi. Orest. 768. 
'AttotttoXXs, t(os, 6 et 1), adj. [extorris, peregre profectus,] far from one's city. 
T H yap rdc)' oKvStv, Keldiv ijerd' diro-KToXXs ; CE. R. 1000. S\'N."A7roXts, <pvyds, 

"A7ro7rros, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [(1) quod conspicitur eminus, (2) quod non conspici- 

tur,] (1) visible at a distance, (2) out of sight, 'fls nXelcrTdv eitj Toiib' d?ro7rrds 

ao-TEds. (E. R. 762. 
'A7ro7rrvffros, adj. verb, [aspernandus, aversandus,] detestable. O'las Eoprrjs 

ear, d7ro7TTvaroi OeoIs. Eumen. 186. (Sell.) SYN."EK:7rrv<Trds, dnevKTos. 
'attotttvio, f. v(tw, v. [(I) exspuo, (2) aversor,] to spit out, to turn from with 

disgust. "Qvddv d-KOTTTvuv ■, fiErd 6' 'Apyei'otfftv £ei7T£>. X V. 781. SYN. 'EfC7rrvw, 

KaTanTvu), bXairTVio, diroppiTrru), dTroarpEcpdjjLat, aTcofiaXXu), fxiffEOj. 
'ATroTrvbapiZw, v. [salto, nates calce ferieudo,] to dance in a ridiculous manner. 

'AirEirvbapXad jjiodiovd, nEpXEKOKKiKTa. Equit. 694. SYN. Tlvbdpi£(s>, XaKriclu). 
'A7rd7rvrt'^w, v. [respuo, spuendo ejicio vel eructo,] to spit or vomit out. Ei/- 

Xpti>v yl dalixd KaTTOTrvri^ei koXws. Lysistr. 205. SYN. 'A7T07rrvw, dvEpevydjmai. 
A7rop£w, v. [dubito, aestuo, destitutus sum,] to be at a loss, to be in difficulties. 

'lis rfKop-qfiai Trpbs Be&v 7a vvv rdbi. Iph. A. 537* SYN. bidirdpEOJ, afupiafiyiTEU/, 

aH<piyvdiW) evboia^u), afJKJyXjoaXXb), bi^rifiX, biG7a£<t), kvblo^Lcu, ffirdvi^w. 

aiiop Anoi 119 

'AiropdrjTos, ov, 6 et rj, et rj, oV, adj. [inexpugnabilis,] unsacked, impregnable. 

"Er' dp* 'Adrjvtiv ear d7ropdr]TOS iroXis ; Pers. 354. SYN. 'AvdXwros, drjTTrjTos, 

abtjojTds, adpavarbs. 
'AndpXa, as,!], subst. [consilii inopia,] difficulty in judging, difficulty. KdpdTos 

fipo-olcrXv, diropXa re ylyv&rai. Orest. 309. SYN. "Evbeid, irr'toyeia, oirdvXs, 

ttevici, d(jovXXa, ap.riya.vXa, dXlifts, XP €ta > bXaTropriais. 
'AiropvvfiX, f. op™, v. [(1) excito, concito, (2) moveo (me), proficiscor,] (l) to 

urge on, (2) to move from, to set out. 'Slpaev dvaH,, AXos vlos, aTropvvpevov 

AvKirjBev. E. 105. SYN. "'Artepyopct-i, dfoppdto. 
"A-rrdpos, ov, 6 et >/, adj, [(1) invius, non pervius, (2) difficultatibus impeditus,] 

impassable, difficult. 'AiroXepos obe yd 7rdXepds, a.7rdpd. P. V. 939* SYN. 

"AfiaTos, bvarrbpevTos, evbh)s, inrbbajs, dpr,ydvbs, aptyXfibXbs, ap(J)Xbf]ptTbs, irdXiv- 

'Airopovwy v. [desilio, prosilio, erunipo,] to leap or spring forward. 'Ibalos S' 

diropovoe, XXttojv 7repXKa\Xed biippbv. E. 20. SYN. , Avbpovit) > eKTrrjbdcj, diropvv- 

'A7rojOjoa/w, v. [dcstruo, perdo, privo,] to destroy, to deprive of. ToV p' edeXov 

<j)d7<xai KaX ditoppalaat (j)XXov r'jTop. tt. 428. SYN. 'Pa/w, dirbavXah). 
'AnoppavTripXdv, ov, to, subst. [lavacrum, lustratio,] the bason in the temple 

in which lustral water was kept. YlpbxovoXv ekdoiv, els dxoppavTrjpXa. Ion 434. 
'A7tojO|0£w, f. pevobpai, v. [effluo, defluo,] to flow or drop off from. Tvddpols 

dbrjXois <pappdicii)V aTrepplov. Med. 1198. SyN. 'Ek'joew, Karappea), Kdra~Kpovvi£<i) t 

d7rdTri7TT(t), KaTaxiirTU), aaTeifibpai, aTroppvoj. 
'AiroppriyvvpX, et dnoppiivii), v. [abrumpo,] to break off. T H*C£ b' drropprj^as 

Kopv(f>7]v opeos peydXow. i. 481.- SYN. AXappfjyvvpX, dvapprjyvvpX, dwoKouTw, 

'AnoppriTds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [ineffabilis, arcanus, nefandus,] not to be told, 

secret, sacred. 'Aydpepvbvbs 7rais ws diropprirdv 0Aoyd._ Iph. T. 1331. Syn. 

"ApprjTOS, dTTOKpv(f)ds, Kpixpalos. 
'ATTopptyeio, v. [exhorreo, extimesco,} to shudder, to be terrified. O* warpos 

plv is oIkov diteppiyaoX vieoBai. /3. 52. SYN. 'EicQdfledpai, dnoTrXijaabpai, 


'ATTopp'nrTu), v. [abjicio, rejicio,] to throw or cast away. Ovroi <r' avrippixf/ els 

bbpovs bopvlevovs. Choeph. 901. S.YN. 'PiVrw, di:bfiaX\u), 7rpbflaXXu), eicfiaXXu), 

aTWKpovb), dirtodeio. 
'AiroppoifibtWfX. [cum sonitu eructo, sonitum reddo seu emitto,] to make a buz- 
zing noise. Ovb* opvXs evarjpovs diroppoifibel. flocts. Antig. 1021. SYN. 'Axy 

yew, d(fnr)pX (j>(s)vriv. 
'Airopporit.ris, f], subst. [profluvium, effluxus,] a stream, a flowing from. A'ipd- 

ros ft diroppbai. Helen. 1603. SYN. ^Ttippbi], pevpd, diroppio^, dxocrTaypd. 
'AicoppvTds, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [effluens, defluens,] flowing out or from. Kpijvrjs t 

aivdov KaX diroppxiTOv, ij r dddXtoros. Hes. Op. 595. 
'A7rojopw£, Qybs, 6 et >/, adj. [abruptus, praeruptus,] precipitous, craggy, steep: 

subst. [eruptio, latex,] eruption, a spring. 'AXXd rob* apflpoaXris icai veKrdpds 

karlv d-rcoppb)];. i. 359. SYN. (1) Kdrappwl, bXeppwyws, (2) aypds,aTroppdrj, vapd. 
'ATTopfpavigio, v. [orbo,] to bereave, to deprive of a near relation. Aeivrjs 

EyJ.bvr}s, tovs b' dTritiptydviopevovs, Choeph. 243. SYN. 'Optydviciio, dtyaipeoi, 

'A7rop(i)S, adv. [difficuIteF,] with difficulty. To Trpaypd b' aTropws el^e Tvvbdpea) 
. TtdrpX. Iph. A. 55. 
l^Anos, eds, to, subst. [labor, lassitudo,] labor, fatigue from travelling. 7 Atc6s 

enfidX w v bbov. Phcen. 865. SYN.Iloj'ds. 
'ATToafievvvpX, f. <TJ3ea<o, v. [extinguo,] to extinguish. 'AnoafieaavTes tovs Xvyvovs 
! dirXpev o'tKab' avrol. Vesp. 255. SYN. li(3evvvpX, e^d\e(0w. 
! 'A7rooreia>, V. [excutio,] to shake off. 'AXX' aTrdffeicrdpevai recpds opfipXtiv. Nub. 

287. Syn. Kdrdcretw, e^aXXw, a7r^/3dXXw, tKbv<o, eiacpovto, GKTtvaacu), O7ro- 

jnrdb), dpatpth). 

120 aiios Anos 

r A7r8itefjLvvi>tipai t v. [jacto me, arrogans sum,] to give oneself airs, to be 

haughty. 'ATrboejjivvvelrai, irpwrbv, dwip EKaorbrl. Ran. 833. Syn. 'AXac?fl- 

vevdfjiai, fieyd\av^£d/ f virepcppoveu). 
9 A7roarKebdvvvfil t f. oKEbdow, et drroadbvrjfii, v. [dissipo, dispergo,] to disperse, 

to scatter. Avrdp Errel ^v\as jilv cnreoKihaa dXXvbXs aXXy. X. 384. See also 

^F. 4. SYN. ^KEbavvvfil, OKeba£(o t KdraoK&avvvfiX, bXdbXbwfiX, bXaoKibvt]jxX t 

'A7ro<T«://U7rrw, v. [iufigo ad firmandum id, a quo pendeo. Damm.J to fasten, 

to make fast. 'ATre-oaiixtyQaiy bv ayicvpai. Olymp. 6. 170. Syn. 'Exepeibo/jiai. 
'AirooKXrifiX, v. [(I)exaresco, (2) morior,] to wither, to waste away ; to die. "Orav 

Tis eKtyvyy fx\ aTrooKkfjvat. tote. Vesp. l60. SYN. 'ATrotyipaivofiai, oi^ofxat, 


'attookotcew, v. [ex alto despicio, observo,] to look down upon, to regard, to 

pay attention to. TlbXiv r drrooKbTrovo" end. Hec. 927 '• SYN. 'AirodeadfJiai, 

blaoKe7rrbfiai, Kddbpdw, EiriOK€7rrbfxai. 
'AndaKvbinaivu), v. [irascor, succenseo,] to be enraged at or with. "Hprj, firi by 

irdfiTrdv dnooKvbfxaiVE OeoioIv. H. 65. SYN. 'A7TO|oy/ifo/xat, vefxeacno, dydvanrEio, 

IJirivX<o t JiirdiJirivi<o. PHR. At' Spyrjs e^w, bva^lpaivta £7rl rlvbs, Kara rlvbs. 
'A7ro(TKvdi£dfiai, v.[Scythico more tondeor,] to be shorn in the Scythian fashion. 

Qpiicri rpefiovaav, Kpdr dtreoKvQiofXEvriv. Troad. 1026*. 
'ATTocwvXeuai, et dirooKvXdu), v. [spolio,] to plunder, to strip off. 'AfJKJHrpvojv 

KaXbv oirkov dneoKvXevoE rtloovrbs. Theocr. 24. 5. SYN. "EfCvXdw, diroovXdio, 

'AndoopEit), v. [abigo, expello,] to drive away ; intrans. to get off, to be gone. 

Qvk dirbobfiijoeis; ovk drroioeis rio Kdbia ; Av. 1033. SYN. ' An e\avv w, dirboeloj, 

aitaareXXu), d7rbbXbJKio, i^op/xdu). 
^AirooTrdpaoou), v. [lacerando avello,] to tear off. 'Aireorrdpa'^Ev w/jibv ov^ viro 

oOevovs. Bacch. 1125.- SYN. 1,7rdpaooG), bXaoirdpaoow, dirooirdb). 
'AiroffTrau), f. dew, [abstraho, avello,] to tear from. Maoriov /3fa/ws t&v tfi&v 

dirooirdoas. Iph. A. 1152. SYN. , Avaond(t) i eKoirdo), etypfxdit), KadeXicu), atycupeu), 

etcriXXa), dTtbyjupiCto, drrEpvw. 
*Ano(T7revbu), f. OTreioo), v. [libo,] to pour out a libation. Ev^er' anoairev- 

bu>v, Kovpy Atos Aiyld\oid, y. 394* SYN. ^Tcevbv, Karaoirevbu), Xe//3w, dirctp- 

^bfiat. ' . 

'ATrofTTTobew, v. [proprie, cinerem detergo; decutio,] to sweep or brush away the 

ashes; to pare, to rub off. 'Anooirbbrioai rovs bvv-^as tG>v baKrvXwv. Aves 8. 

SYN. Ylpoffrpifioj, dTroKpovu), dvaipu), d(f>dvi£(a. 
'ATTuairopds, ov, 6 et lj, adj. [satus ab aliquo,] sprung from, offspring of. 'A- 

yvwooeis, orl Kvnpls drrooTrbpbs eorl ddXdoorjs ; Musae. 249. SYN. 'Airbybvbs, 

enyopos, eKyeverrjs. 
'A7ro(TTdbd, et diroordbbv, adv. [eminus,] at a distance. *H avrws Eirleoolv drro- 

ordbd fxeiklyloiol. c?. 143. SYN. 'E/cds, dTwirpbBl, bXaordbov, 7rupp(oQev. 
'A7ro<77-d5(k>, f. ^w, v. [destillo,] to drop or trickle down. KoiXrjs filv Boris <pXij3ds 

dnioraijEv tybvov. Ion 1011. SYN. 'Ekotci^w, inrbXelfib/jKii, dicoordXaZu), 

'AwoordoXs, tws, %, subst. [abscessio,] a departure from. Qdveiv doirel b' els 

diroordoiv fiXov. Hipp. 277» SYN. 'ArroordoXa, e7rdi>aordoXsy d7rbXei\jjXs f eV'Xet- 

if/Is, dnbxwpriols, dvdy&priols, diraXXaQs, bldXvoXs, eXarrw/jid. 
'A7roordrE(jj t v. [deficio, desero,] to stand aloof from, to desert. 'Etcds drcoord- 

rei. Agam. 1073. SYN. 'A7roXe/7rw, bXdXeirru), dTrb^upedij dtyiordfiai, irpbbX- 

bwfjiX, fiedXrifJiX. 
9 A7roor€l^u), et drroorX^Wy v. [abeo, discedo,] to go from, to go away, Oixdb' 

dirooreiyeiv^ epbetv 0' Xipas €/cdro/i/3as. \p. 279* See also A. 522. SYN. 'Airep- 

"Xpfxai, dirbfiaivu), anoxiaped), dvdyj^piw. 
'A7roffreXXw, f. eXw, v. [amando, ablego,] to send from. 'Ek Twvb' dri/nos bopd- 

Th>p dnoordXrj. Androm. 801. SYN. 'A7r#7r£/i7rw, e«7r^//7rw, fiEdlorr}fxl. 
"Airoortpyw, \, [ejicio amorem ex animo,] to banish love from the heart. Kct 

An02 AIIOS 121 

fiiv a.iroffTep£,at/jii, ret wavrd [lev es biov tpiroi. Tiieocr. 14. 50. Syn. 'A7roor#- 
yew, KaTatypdvsui, dneyd^ipu). 

'A-KOOTtptio, et a7roorepi(TK<s), V. [privo,] to deprive, 'fi ba~i[x6v t o'tas av$,vyov fx 
airooTEpeis. Alcest. 394. See also CE. C. 389« Syn. Irlpew, dirdvoafl^ot, 
eijd7rdrdw, d(paip£u>, 7rd|0dKO7rrw, Ttdpd~Kpovu) y <rvAdw, oKvXevw. 

'AnoaTeprjTpiSf Xbds, >;, adj. et subst. [fraudatrix,] fraudulent, deceptive, a de- 
ceiver. 'E^otjO vdnXbwv yv6)fJLYiv d-nvoTEpriTpXbd. Nub. 7%8. 

'A7ro(rri\(3<i), y. [splendeo, renideo,] to shine. *Oard(j)ve~is, irXdrvvtoroX, dTroaTiX- 
fiovres ev ut/jiots. Batrom. 287^ SYN. 2rtA/3w, d-rroaTiXftodjxaiy ct7rdAct^7rw, Acc^u- 
Trpvvofiaty KaWvvd/Ltai, KaXX(OTri$o/uat, dfiapvaau), A«/Z7ra;. v 

'A7ro<rrAeyy*'c?a;, v. [strigili detergeo, destringo,] to scrape off with a strigil, (an 
instrument used for scraping the body in bathing.) Mr) <f>6dvel(¥ ijfxlv koh&oX, 
firjb' direorXeyyianEVOis. Equit. 580. SYN. 'Anoafidio, diroaiiYfyw, d7ro%u(o. 

'A-noaTdkr), fjs, fj, subst. [missio, dimissio,] a sending away, a mission. Xpdvo> 
& EJ3a YlvdXais, dnooToXcuoXv. Pl)03n. 1058. SYN. \A7ro7roju7rj), d7rdirefx\pXs, 
a7rd\vais t d0e<7is, dvEols. 

ATToarpEcph), f. i//w, v. [averto,] to turn back or away, et dTroarpEtyd/aiai, [aversor,] 
to dislike, to hate. BpirasTo tov Oeov 1 ndXXv ihpas d7reaTpd(j>rj. Iph. T. 1\66, 
SYN. (l)'A7rorp£7rw, dirdyjjjpEw, d^/ord/me, direpyvnai, (2) anone/jurd/iai, dno- 
orvyew, fii(TEU) t hvcyZpah o/zcu, dnorpEirdfiai. 

A7roarpd(p}), rjs,^, subst. [aversio, perfugium,] a turning away from, an averting, 
an escape. Apmvodv etnas aulas dTrooTp6<pi]v. Hipp. 1039* S'YN. 'AiroTpoTrrj, 
d7rd(J)vyr), d\v%is, dvdx&pricrXs, 7cdpatTr}(jXs. / 

A7r6(rTpd<pds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [aversus, abhorreus,] turned away from, distorted, 
detesting. Tup apbp'' £yw yap dfifidrojv dirooTp8<povs. Aj. F. 69. Syn. Ala- 
<TTpd(pds, dltOTp07Tds. 

A7ro(TTvyEu>, v. [abhorreo, aversor,] to hate, to detest. A») yap KovpXbXas ixev 

dneoTvy&v, ex bs /ueXddpiop. Apoll. 1. 804. SYN. 'Airoarepyup, dirooTpEcpofAai, 

q. V. fivaarTOfiai. 
AnooTixpEXicu), f. £w, v. [depello,] to drive from. HarpoicXos, rpis 5* avrov 

dTreoTvtyEXilfiv 'AttoXXiov. II. 703. SYN. 'ATreAav^w, dnuaeib), dirdKivZu), direipyu), 

diroKpovofxai, KdrdfiaXXu), eV/3aAAw. 
AirdavKagh), v. [exploro, more eorum qui ficos carpunt,] to examine, to search 

out. KdirdavKciZets irXe£<op tovs virevQvpovs,, (tkottCjv. Equit. 259« SYN. 'Aito- 

A7roffvActw, v. [spolio,] to take away by plundering, to deprive of. "Os p 

e|ewo"£ KcnrEavXr](T€v irdrpas, CE. C. 1330. SYN. 2vAdw, d<j>apiraclh) t dvap7ra£(o t 

€%aipEOfjiai, &7T00Tep£W, dTcobvts)> dirOKXeTTTU). 

ATroovd/xat, v. [exsilio, diffugio,] ro hurry from, to rush. 'HfxeHs be beiaavTEs 

direaav/iE'd' es \xvyuv dprpov. 1. 236. SYN. 'A-nucrevufxai, dvopovto, dvd7rr)bd<t), 

d7raXXa<r<rdfxai, d7rep-)(ofxat. 
Airdavpiciii), f. £10, v. [sibilo, exsibilo,] to hiss. MaKo' diroffvpi^wp, dXXov top 

fivdvv duovwv. H. in Merc. 280. SYN. 2vp<c?w, cvptrrw, KdrdavpiTTU), ettXov- 

A7rdavp(i), v. [detraho, avello,] to tear away. Ild*' S' dnEovpi /uetwttuv es 6<tteov' 

avrdp 6 irXayeis. Theocr. 22. 105. SYN. 'Avdavp<*>, bXdffvpu), d7rej0vw, and- 

TtXXo), dcpaipEU), \ptXotx). 
ATroaipaZu), et drroffcpdTTio, f. £w, v. [macto, jugulo, interficio,] to sacrifice, to 

«lay, to murder, 'fls iyjo y vfxwv dfjiripovs, ods d7roa(f>a£(o Xd(3u>v. Acharn. 326. 

SYN. ^.(paTTio, dvaip£(o, Tpd^r\Xi i tu) i dnoKTelvu). 

AnootyaXXb), v. [subv^rto, a recta via abduco, fallo,] to lead astray, to disap- 
point. OifioL' fudTYjv rjg, eX7rXbos b' d^ea^dXtjV. Iph. A. 742. SYN. 20dAAw, 

7rdparpe7rw, 7rAdydw, e^d7rdrdw. 
A7roff0f>ay<'e?w, v. [obsigno,] to seal up, MdAiffrd, ical bi) ttcivt diroG<ppayi$>ETau 

1 0eov is here scanned as one long syllable. 
Pros. Lex. v Q 

122 AU01 AnOT 

Orest. 1 106. SYN. 20/)ay«€?w, K&rafftjtpayiiSiu, eina^payi^dftai, eirXcnjfiaivo- 

'A7rojrx^» idem quod *Aire'x<o t q. v. 

Atzwy^w, v. [abscindo, reseco,] to cut off, to sever, to separate. Ylropdwv 

cnroayLc!.ov<Ta juvpaXvqs (pofiriv. Alcest. 173. SYN. Kdrao^'cw, a7ro/co7rrw, OTrd- 

re/xvu), bpv7TTid, btaT/Ariyit), aTrddepl£to. 
'A7r do &$(*), f. awffo), v. [servo, sanitati restituo;] to save, to restore to health, to 

cure. Tlavaov-as ciXyous, KaTroawcravras vdaov. Philoct. 1379. SYN. Atdtrw- 

c?w, dtceofiat, Ictdfiai, e^dVeojucu. 
*A7rdravpdd^ai, v. [taurinas iras concipio,] to be furious as a bull. 'AirbTavpov- 

rai hfitatftv. Med. 190. SYN. Tavpodfiiu. 
'Airdreix&M, v. [muro arceo,] to wall out. "Oarts ttot ea& 6 rovs deovs d.7rorei- 

ylcras. Av. 1575. SYN. 'A7re/pyw, e-rn^Xeiu). 
'Andre Kfxaipd/jiai, v. [judico, argumentando colligo,] to form a conjecture from, 

to infer, to guess. 'AfineXayos vdrXoto, nopov f direTeKfiaipovTo. Apoll. 4. 

'A7rdrejuvw, v. [abscindo,] to cut off. "Ofp' 6 yepiov 'liriroid 7rdpypdpXas aTrere/jipe. 1 

0. 87. SYN. See in 'A7ro<7x^ w - 
'ATrorrikov, et ajrdrrjXddX, adv. [procul, longe,] at a distance, far from. Uarpds 

arafrdaXXTjaX. Ntov ye jjev ovb' curdTqXov. Apoll. 4. 1092. SYN. ATron/Xe, 

'A7ro7i/3dros, Dor. pro"A7rpoff/>dros, ov, 6 et ij, adj. [qui adiri nequit,] inaccessi- 
ble. 'ATrdrXfiards uypXa. Tracli. 1031. SYN."A/3dros, airpooneXaords. 
'A-KOTXdqjiX, f. 0//ffw, v. [depono, repono,] to lay down, to set aside. MeXadpa* 

7roX\d b' dnedejuqv aanhs^iaTa. Iph. T. 377« Syn. KararXdrifxi, Kadi£u>, rd- 

'A7ror/X\w, f. tXw, 1. aor. i\ct, v. [revello,] to pull or pluck from, to tear off the 

hair. 2# be KQ-tyiyw ye GKatyXov, d7rdTeriXfievu. Av. 806. SYN. Kdrdr/XXw, 

7repXTiXX(o, d7roK'07rrw, cnruKvi$.u). 
'A7rortX^d, urds, ro, subst. [id quod avulsum estj a stripping, a rending or 

tearing off. 'E7rTdbpd^fiios Kvvdbas, ypcuav dirdrlXfjiuTa irrjpa.i>, Theocr. 15. 19» 

SYN. 'A7ro(77rao'^d, dTrdkOjJt/jid, ayyud. 
'Airoriiiau), v. [ignominia adficio, non honoro,] not to honor. Ovb' dron^r/aw* 

av be fie TrpuTiarov ovqaeis. H. in Merc. 35. SYN. 'Ari/uah), dr/cw, aTtfia^u), 
'AwdTt/uds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [inhonoratus, honore carens,] unhonored. 'E7ri rov 

dirorifjiov e.v OeoXs Qeov. CE. R. 215. SYN. "Artfids. 
'ATidrXvaoou), f. £w, v. [excutio, decutio,] to shake off, to cast away. Ova: utto- 

rXvafyis Ktaagv ; Bacch. 253. SYN. A7roo-e/w, uTrdfi&XXw, eKTivaaob), avap- 


'ATror/Vv^t, 2 d7r©rtW, et djroriw, v. {solvo seu reddo debitum,] to repay. Zwet 

vy ?i redvijKe' Katcov be pe, 7roXX' diroTivetv. /3. 132. See also 1352. SYN. 

'Rktu'I'V/iX, a'ni'w, cnrdbxbw/uXt a^rdn-o5t5w^«, avTUfxei(3<JfxaL, avTaXXuao6}xai 7 

dTroXvw, eicXvw. |L 

, A7totX'vvijmi, v. [solvi milii debitum euro 4 ;] to exact from, to demand one's 

due. YloXewv b' cnrerfovru iroivrjt'. IT. 398. SYN. 'AitoTXofiai, Ttf.iwped/jai t 

Trotrud), KoXacJw, juirep^dfiat. 
'A7ror//)/ya;, f.^w, poet, pro dirorefii w, v. [abscindo,] to cut off, to sever. AetStc 

yop, /u() Xatfxuv cnrorfjiti^eie aXbripu. 2. 34. SYN. AttokcWw, d7ro<r)(tC l w, q. v. 

anafidu, x<t>pi£<o. 
'ATrorfirj*, rjyds, 6 et r/, adj. [abrupt us, abscissus, praeceps,] rugged, craggy, 

steep. KvpTdv cncoTfxTiyi aKdrrXrj Xady' 01 b' eaXbovres. Apoll. 2. 583. SYN. 

A7roro/ios, a.7roppu>£, Karappu>^. 

1 Eustath. ad II. B. 87. says that in the Iliad rdfivciv and, not rcjAvciv is the proper reading. 

2 N.B. TtV», tl>9dvu,s and <pOtva, with their compounds, have the penult, long in Ionic v and short 
in Attic Greek,— Dr. Maltby. 

AI10T ATIO* 123 

'AwoTpds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [raiser, infelix,] unhappy, wretched. "Os fxot KaXd tov 

otrdv tnroTfxov iratbbs kvunrEs; tl. 38S. SYN. Kd^7roryuoy, adXids, bvabai/um', 

KaKOTv%})s, betXafbs, drv^s, bvorvyrfs, bvonor/jos. 
'A7rdrdfids, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [abscissus, praeruptus, asper,] broken off, rough, 

harsh, and //, subst. [fastigium abruptum,] a crag, a precipice. OvbZ rXs 

dTTOTdfiov. Alcest. 1003. See also (E. R. 876. 
"Anbrbs, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [qui sine potu vivit,] without drinking. "a-kotos kv jue- 

vois fioTois. Aj. Fl. 324. 
'AiroTpeirii), v. [averto,] to turn away. Et be ro jiev fidKdpiov tXs dTrbrpeiteX, 

ctXXd 5' oTriacru). Apoll. 1.681. SYN. 'ATTOorpe^o;, d7rorpw7rdw, eKKXivio, dno- 

kXivw, dirdybfiai. 
'A7rorp£x w > f* bpapoiifiai, v. [eurrendo abeo,] to run away. AiepdXe ft <3 ypavV 

uTroTpl^ 0)5 rdy/ord ov. Thesm. 1214. SYN. ^Avarpey^t avaywpettt . 
A7rorp//3w, f. ^w, v. [detero, altero,] to wear away, to wear out. TlXevpaX 

diroTptyovoX, bbfxov Kara fiaXXb/jievotb. p. 232. SYN. Kdrarp//3w, 7raparpiftu) t 

a.7roTpv(o, a.7ro^v(i). 
'ATrorpdnaids, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [depulsor malorum ; averruncus,] an averter of 

evils ; a protector, a defender. "A-n-oXXbv dirbTpbirate, kcu deol <jn\ot. Plut. 

'A7rorpw7rdw, poet. Ion. pro an&TpeTrii) , v. [averto,] to turn away. &r}pov dfro- 

TptairdaQe tclvvotvos, b<ppd tbtofiev. (j). 112. SYN. 'Airorpenu), q. V. 
'A7ro7pd7r>), et a7roTpdxla, as, poet. T]s, ?/, subst. [depulsio,] a driving away, an 

escape from. "AXXoV aTtbrpbird KaKwv yevoizb' to be abv Evrvyes. Helen. 359. 

See also Apoll. 4, 1504. SYN. E»crpd7n), dicoaTpb^i, dirbXeiipXs. 
'A-norpbrcbs, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [(l) aversandus, semotus ; (2) averruncus,] (1) 

turned from, removed ; (2) averting. Bwyuw irdpearrjv, dTrbTpbiroiaX bai/jbaX, 

Pers. 208. SYN. (1) 'Awb^bpos, 7rdpdY ponds, dnevKTos, (j>evKTos, (2) aworpoTcaios, 

aXeliKCLKos, dXe^X/mbpos, dXe^T^p, airoTCOjjnraios. 
y A7roTpvu), f.vau), v. [(1) altero, detero, (2) defatigo, abjicio,] (1) to wear away, 

(2) to wear out or fatigue, to cas*t away. Qa^X yap ovk dnoTpveiv. Trach. 

126. SYN. (1) Tpuyw> KUTBLTpv^u}, bXa.Tpl(3to, d-KOKayLVU), K&nXdd), Kdrdirbvew, 

kclt ahairavdu), (2) d7ro/3aXX(i>, dirdboKXfjia^u). 
'AnoTpwyiv, f.Tpu)£dfxai, v. [comedo, avello morsu,] to tear off with the teeth, to 

devour. ■ *H tovs uioQovs tu>v voirjTuiy pr/rwp wv, eir aTroTpwyei. Ran. 365. 

SYN. Tp&yw, Kdrarpwyw, KdreaQXto, dirbtydyoj, Kardtydyu), Kdra/3puxTfCw, a7ro/3pa»- 

(tku), aTTOKvaiu), dnoKeipto. 

AirdTvyxdvio, f. Tev^duat, v. [aberro, ex voto non succedo,] to miss, to be dis- 
appointed. 'AiroTvyyaveiv ep&vrd. Anacr. SYN. 'E^dfjiaprdvu), dtydfjtaprdyb), 

bXaxpevbofiat, otyaXXbpiai, aTroatyaXXofJiai, 7rdp€KTpeTrbfiai, d7ro/3dXXa;. 
'ATTovpi^ut, pro d(f>opi£u), q. v. (Damni. c. IJJO.) "AXX01 ydp oX d-xovpiotsovoXv 

dpovpas. X. 489* 
'Avovpos, ov 9 6 et r/, adj. [longe a termini*,] far removed from the frontiers. 

Uarpas dirovpov, eir es fievdv. (E. R. 194. 
A7roi/s, dbos, 6 et fi, adj. [pedibus carens,] not having a leg or legs, having 

lost the use of legs, lamel "H /* edriKtv JS' dirovv. Philoct. 632. SyN. 

A7Tovata, as, >/, subst. [(1) absentia, (2) detrimentum,] absence ; want, damage. 

'A7roi/ffi^ jaev elir&s ehoriDS e/uy. Agam. 924. SYN. ZtrifxXa, j3\d(irj. 
"Airdtydyio, v. [comedo,] to devour. Xw7rws rd KciXXat diro^dyojv ij^ets irdXXv. 

Equit. 497. Syn. See A7rorpwyw. 
'A7ro0atVw, v. [ostendo, exhibeo, probo,] to show, to exhibit, to prove. 2rpd- 

TXds dirl<pa iv 6 fieQ\ r/be vopiapdrd. Pers. 865. SyN. 'Avd^at^w, eK-^atVw, €K(j)d- 

vi£(0, d7rayyeXXh}, drooriuaivio, beitcvvfiX, eftiXeyxu), Kdrdfirivvoj. 
'A7r6</>epw, f. oirrw, v. [aufero, abduco, tollo, refero,] to carry off, to take away, 

to bring, to deliver. 'EXdoiv £k yji&v a\p "ExropX iivdov dnoiactv. K. 337« 

SYN. A^uipto;, dTrdyw, dirbKbuid.dfiai, eff^spw, KardQeput. 

1-24 AIIO<i> Ano¥ 

'Awotyevyh), f. tyfJiaiy V. [efFugio,] to escape. Kav oiaypos elaeXdrj (frevywv, ovk 
aic6({>evyei, irpXv dv i]fuv. Vesp. 57 '9* SYN. 'Efc^evyw, bXdtyevytt), bXeKtyevyw, 
avaxa£dfiai, eijdXi/o-ffw, €Kbt&paoK(t), e^ep^o/uac, d7roXv6fiai. 
'ATro^ev^is, ews, ri, et aTrofv^Xs, ews, subst. [effugiuni ; solutio, liberatio,] escape, 
acquittal. 'AXX' aKpoui/iai iraaas (jxovas levrwv els a.7rd(j)ev£iv, Vesp. 562. SYN. 
'A7ro0vyji), aXv^Xs. 
'AndQrifjiX, f. 0r/<7w, v. [(l) profiteor, (2)nego, contra dico,] (l)to declare, (2) to 
deny, to disavow, to contradict. 'Avri/cov b* d7ro0^/ut, yvvalKd fxev ovk airohu)- 
oto. H. 362. SYN. (1) 'A7rdXeyw, d7ro<7rojudri£to, andfaaKb), (2) d7re/7rw, avrX- 
Xeyw, aTrotyOeyyofJiai. 
'AnotyQeyKTSs, ov, 6 et //, a ^j« [indignus quern alloquamur,] who ought not to 
be spoken to. Hiyrj §' ereKrfjvavr cuKotyQeyKTOv ju'. Ipl). T. 951. Syn. 'A7rpo'o-00ey- 
ktos, avafyos, dTwrponos. 
'A-n-o^delpuj f. £p£j t cnrotydXvvdio, et cnrotyQiw, v. [perdo,] to destroy, to ruin. 
Our' cietov yeveBX axotytieipas, ndXXv. Choeph. 252. See also 7r. 539* SYN. 
AXa<pOe(pu), aTroWv/j.Xp naTUKrelvu). 
'ATTotyQXvb), 1 fffio f v. [intereo,] to perish. Kcnrocjidivet rd ^jor/ord, x<*> beiXos Kpdrel. 
Philoct. 457. SYN. O0tW, bXatydelpofJiai, dTroXXvyuat, drrocjiBeipofJiai, dnodyri- 


'Anotyjopct, as, ^, subst. [exitium,] destruction. Afrcat, otyayai re aitepfxaros t 

a7ro(j)ddpai. Eumen. 187- SYN. $0opd. 
'A7ro0Xai/p/cw, v. [fiocci facio,] to disparage. 'ATrotyXavplfatffd jnv. Pyth. 3. 23. 

SYN. 4>Xavpt£w, <pav\l8o), a7rd(j)avXi£(i>, eK0ai/Xtc?a>, evreX/^w, e^eure'X/cw. 
'atto0Xvc?o>, v. [efilo, ebullio,] to shoot or burst forth. "Y/3pti> dzotyXvfacrXv 

V7repj3xd nyyavowvTes. A poll. 3. 584. 
'Airofdvds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [horribiiis,] unnatural, horrible. MeXedv d7r6(j>6v6v 

al/ud t)ous. Orest. 189- 
'A7ro0oayvvjui, v. [obstruo, communio velut septo,] to hedge round, to fence 

about. Ev ye aro^dcet koltx 6(f>pay vvaat kvkXw. Antig. 247. SYN. 'Airotypaa- 


'ATrocpvadoj, f. rjffh), v. [efflo,] to blow out, to breathe* out. Kanea dveXwv fi 
a7rd<pvarj(Tas» Vesp. 330. SYN. 'E*c0vo-dw, eWvew, dva-nrvb). 

'ATro^wXtos, ou, 6et^,adj. [(1) vanus, inanis, irritus, (2) monstrosus, (3)indoctus,] 
(1) trifling, vain, (2) strange, wonderful, (3) ignorant. Tenets dyXdd tekv' 
£7T€t ovk a.7rd(j)<jjXXoX evvai. X. 248. SYN. (1) Mdrcuos, dve/uwXXos, (2) Zeros, 
repaarXoSf (3) d7reip6s, diraibevros. 

'A7roxa5d/Ltac, v. [secedo, recedo,] to retire, to depart from. 'AXX' dwoxa^eo 
fiodpov, dmayji be (j>aoydv6v o'£v. X. 94. SYN. 'Avay^topeto, avepyofiai, dnep- 

'ATToyaXdio, f. dan*), v. [relaxo, resolvo,] to let loose. 'AXX' d7ro^dXa rt)p 6pov- 

rib' es t&v aepd. Nub. 7^2. SYN. 'AvXtj/jiX, dvairefjiirto, dvdXvio. 
'ATrd^eipodyucu, v. [destituor,] to be deserted by. 'oXo/jlciv, vXofjtav, dnoxetpw- 

6eis. Pax 1013. SYN. \eip66fjiai, axoTvy^dvio, d7roaTepeo/.tai. 
'AiroxeipoTovew, v. [suffragio meo improbo,] to vote against. ^iro^eiporov^Brivat 

rpXi ev rrj 'kkXtjgXo:. Pax 666. SYN. 'ATroiprjtyiZofJiat, bXdXvu). 
'A7rox£w, et poet. 'Airoxevw, f. evvio, v. [effundo,] to pour out, to cast away. 

' 7r6bl irXr]^as y dnob' eibdrd X € ^ v ^P a ^- X' ^' ^ ee ^ on ^^' SYN. 

'EfC)(€W, dTT&XJEU), eKJjXvSoj. 

'ATroxpdiOy v. [sufficio,] to supply, to be sufficient. 'Ejuoi fxev dTroxpr} tavrd Km 

\pr}(fjic:6iiiai. Aves l6'02. SYN. 'E^apfcew, evrapKea}. 
-'A7r^xwoew, v. [absce*do, discedo,] to go from, to depart, to retire. Aevo' ws efx 
d7r6xupyo<> v i Xvd ti 001 typdab). Aves 1646. SYN. 'A7repx^"ai, dTret/mX, dvep- 
XOftai, eE ) epx6fJLai 1 dTraXXaffao/mai. 
'ATToXfhdb), f. yffo), v. [abstergo,] to wipe off, to wipe, to rub. 'A^ooV t dirtya, 

1 See note aVh-noTivw. 


ou>/uaTi>s r ert]fie\ei. Iph. T. 312. SYN. 'Azbfiacraru}, Kardfiaffffu, d-Trbviirrui, 

air 6 fjiopyvvfu. 
y A7ro^i\6io t l v. [denudo,] to strip bare. Tavrrjs dtco^LX^objjiev rbv \oipbv, Xvd 

biba-^drj. Thesm. 538. SYN. 'A7rdWXXa>, anodepi^G), d-Koyvfivbu), a<paipeu>. 
'A7ro\pvx<o, f. £w, v. [(l)expiro, frigefacio, refrigero, (2)exsicco,] [(1) to breathe 

out, to expire, to cool, (2) to drain out, to dry. 'lbpti dno-^v^Beh, irbTX"\XXbv 

airdveotfi-qv. $. 56\. SYN. *A7T odvf)aK(i), ^v^iu, dno^ripaivoj, avaivbfiai. 
'A7ro\//wXew, v. [praeputium detraho, apellam facio,] to circumcise. "?.ireoQ\ 

aTrexf/wXriiHEVOi rpdyoi b' aKparXeXade. Plut. 29<5. 
"Airpayfxoavvri, rjs, r) t subst. [(1) vacatio a negotio, (2) negligentia,] freedom 

from business, negligence. Kcu dirpay^bavvris, nal XevKrjs tyvXXbfibXovarrjs. 

Nub. 1005. SYN. *A7rpa£ia, cr-^bXi], dveaXs, dfieXetd, KaTa^povr/aXs. 
"Airpayfuov^ovbsib etr/, adj. [(1) negotiis vacuus, quietus, (2) incuriosus,] (l)not 

meddling, taking no trouble, quiet, (2) careless. UXdvw/xeda, grjrovvres tottov 

anpayndva. Aves. 44. SYN. (1) "Airbvbs, cipybs, r)av^bs, (2) dfieXy)s t atypov- 


^ArpaKros, et Ion. Airpr)Krds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [(1) infectus, irritus, (2) intentatus,] 
(l)not done, ineffectual, unsuccessful, (2) unattempted. "AirprjKTov ye vteoQaX, 
b, ri typeon, or\oX [ievoivijf.s. S. 221. SYN. 'Avtjvvtos, dbvvdrds, dreXeffTos, fxd- 

"'Airpa&a, as, r), subst. [cessatio a rebus agendis,] a cessation from business. 
'labv onrpatjcf. Xeyw. Orest. 420. SyN. See^ATrpay/ubavvrj. 

"Atpe-Kris, ids, 6 et fj, adj. [indecorus, indecens, turpis,] unbecoming, improper, 
indecent. Mefivafx, <5 (pQovepbv to koX cnrpeTrEs dvbpXbv ai>T(os ; Theocr. 5. 40. 
SYN. 'AxoiKtos, a7reoiKibs, deiKeXXos, aia^pbs. 

""Awards, rj, bv, adj. [inenitus,] unpurchased. 2 'AwpXdTrfv, dvdnoivbv, dyeiv & 
Xeprjv eKaTOfifiriv. A. 99- z SYN. "Afjuadbs, dirbuiaQbs, eKfjuoBbs. 

" ' AirpiyhonXriKTos, ov, 6 et ij, adj. [indesinenter percussus, vel percutiens,] in- 
cessantly struck, or Striking. 'AirpiybbitXriKTd, irb\v7rXdvr]Td S' i)v ibelv. 
Choeph. 419. 

'Axptybbs, rj, bv, adj. [tenax,] clinging to, tenacious, tight. 'A-rrpiyb' dirpiybd t 
fidXd ybebvd. Pers. 1064. 

"A7rpb(3ov\ws, adv. [improvide, incaute, imprudenter,] inconsiderately, impru- 
dently. 'Noff(|)Xffa(t , d7rpb(3ovXb}s. Choeph. 6l0. 

^A-rrpolEvos, ov? 6 et fj, adj. [non habens irpoj-Evbv. Vid. Eruditiss. Butler. Suppl. 
247-] not received or entertained. 3 'An-po^evoi te, voatyXv fjyrjTwv, fibXelv. 
iEsch. Suppl. 24/. SYN. 'AXXobdnos. 

^AirpboTTTbs, ov, b et rj, adj. [improvisus,] unlooked-for, unexpected. 'lis Zevs 
v/uds els dirpboTTTov. P.V.I 111. $YT$."AffKoqbs. 

""AtrpoabeiKTbs, ov, 6 et r), adj. [ignotus,] undescribed. *H Xicrads alyXXi\p <x7T0oV- 
-beacrbs. JEsch. Suppl. 797. SYN. "AbrjXbs. 

v At: poaboKrjT bs, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [inexpectatus,] unexpected, sudden. Tovrl to 
irpdyfjC tjjulv Xbelv aTrpoaboKrjTbv rJKei. Lysistr. 352. SYN. ^^dTnvaibs, dboicr)Tbs f 
airpboTTTos, dbevKfjs. 

"Atrpba-nybpbs, ov, 6 et r), adj. [non affabilis,] difficult to be spoken with, morose. 
Aeovt dirXciTOV dpeju/md Kaxpoajfyopov. Trach. 1095. SYN. "A-rrpbaoiGTbs, 

"A-xpbatKTbs, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [inaccessus, non adsequendus,] not to be ap- 
proached, unattainable. 'A-xpboiKTuv # EpwTwv 6%uT£pai fjidvXai. Nem. 11. 63. 
SYN.^A7T|t)o<77reXaoTds, bvaizpoabbbs, dfldrbs, djjLriydvbs. 

^A-rrpotTfid^bs, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [invictus,] unconquerable, invincible. 'A7rpoV/za- 
"Xpv Tspds. Trach. 1100. SYN."Ayna^ds, drjTTYjTos, dvUrjTbs. 

"'A.TTpbaoKrTbs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [ad quem aegre accedi potest, qui sustineri haud 

1 See Dr. Bl. Choeph. 683. 2 ""kirpiarriv is also used adverbially, g. 316. 

I Hp6#vos denotes a person who is entitled to be hospitably entertained by a foreign State. 

126 Anpo Anno 

potest,] inaccessible, repulsive, intolerable, troublesome. 'Airpbaoioros yap b 
Uepffwy. Pers. 94. SYN. 'Avotorbs, hvoQbpbs. ^ - 

"'ATrpdodfiihbs, oi/, 6 et fj, adj. [abhorrejis a familiaritate consuetudinis,] difficult 
of access. &ee^A7rpocrrjydpds. 'Andre's, cnrpbfTbfiiXbv. CE. C. 1236. 

^A-Kpoa^bpos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [incommodus,] inconvenient, not suiting. Nijaovs, 
ravflarais airpovtydpovs. Iph. A. 287* SYN. *AvzirlT7}heids t airpbaucTos, /3Ad- 

"ATrpdrtfxaffrds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [intactus, incontaminatus,] untouched, unpol- 
luted, undefiled. 'AW EfXEv aTrpbrXfiaaTos tvt icXXaXyaXv EfirjoXv. T. 263. 
SYN. 'Arvfipiarbs, aXwftrjrbs, dfxXavTbs. 

^ATTpotyao-iffTds, et a7rpb<purbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [ex improviso accidens,] unex- 
pected, unlooked-for. Tvijfxav auypbva Qavarbs cnrpbfyaaiOTbs. Bacch. 1000. 
See Apoll. 2. 269. SYN. ^ATtpofrbbK-qros, abdKrjTos, airapaiTriTbs. 

^Att pb^drtos, adv. [ex improviso,] suddenly, unexpectedly. Kal afXcrXv cnrpb- 
(ftaTtos dvibv fxeyd kv/jcl TrapoiQe. Apoll. 2. 580. SYN. Al(j>vXhXojs t QairXvris, 
ej;ai<J>t>r)s, a7rpbopaTios, airpboirTiiis. 

"Airrepbs, ov, 6 et %, adj. [non alatus,] not having wings, not adapted to flying. 
Qpyvovs, currepos opvXs. Iph. T. IO96. 

'AirrrjVf fjvbs, 6 et i^, adj. [Implumis,] unfledged, '[is 5' opvis atrryaX vtoaooiai 
irpbtyepriol. I. 323. 

'A7rro£7rr/s, cos, 6 et rj, adj. [in dicendo intrepidus, audax,] bold in speaking, 
audacious. "Hpy a-KTbEites, 7roiou tov fxvQov scutes ; 0. 209. SYN. Qpixavs, 
vfipiarbs, Xolbopbs, bvatyrifibs, QpdavXbybs, KaxoXbyos. 

'A7rrd\ejuos, ov, 6 et r/, poet, pro aKbXepbs, adj. [imbellis,] unwarlike, cowardly. 
Oas ejxev aTCToblfAOv KaX draXuXba* raiiTu be iravTa. I. 35. SYN. 'AttoXc/ios, 
avaXicXs, beiXos, drjXvcppwv. 

"An™, v. [(1) necto, (2) accendo, (3) med. voc. Airrdpai, tango, haereo,] (l)to 
fasten, (2) to kindle, to set on fire, (3) to touch. "OpvvjjiX, rS>v aQp firjTrbd* 
Hxpao-Bai yafiwv. Hipp. 1030. SYN. (l)IlAeKuj, Trepiairru), (2) avaicaiw, (3) 
a^cLTtTOfxaiy avvaicTb\iai, tybpai, EcbaTTTOjiai, E7rXXafj.(jav<i), 6Xyu>, diyyavto, xf^avia, 
e7n\pav(i) f 7rpoo\pav(o. 

'Actios, wtos, 6 et ^, adj. [qui non cadit, stabilis,] not liable to fall, steady. 
'Atttwti hdfjao-ffats. Olymp. 9. 138. Syn. Befiaibs. 

'AnvXiorbs, ov, 6 et 11, adj. [(1) quod obstrui nequii, patens, (2) effrenus,] (l) 
which cannot be stopped, open, (2) unrestrained. "E^oir' dx^tvov, aKpares 
airvX(OT0v crTbfxa. Ran. 839» SYN. (2) 'AbbXea^bs, advpoffTbfJibs, ddvpoyXuyr- 


'AxvpyioTos, ov, 6 et ri, adj. [turres non habens,] undefended by towers. IIiy>- 
yuMjav r' etteX ov fxev dirvpywrov y ebvvavrb. X. 263. SYN. 'AtypovprjTos. 

"ATrvpbs, et &7rvpwros, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [ignis expers, ignem non expertus,] 
exempt from fire, never having been exposed to fire. Avrdp rw rpn-drw drrv- 
pov KcLredriKE Xe^tol. Y. 267- See also Y. 270. 

"Airvorbs, ov, 6 et >;, adj. [(l)fando inauditus, (2) inscius, ignarus,] (1) unheard- 
of, (2) ignorant, unacquainted with. OuS' dpd YlrjvsXbTreta -rroXov ypbvbv f\lv 
dirvarbs. SYN. 'AvrjKovffrbs, avr\Kbbs t aTrevd))s, abo^bs. 

9 A7rv(i), f. vau), Dor. pro r/7r£!w, v. [sono, clamo, dico,] to utter, to cry aloud, to 
speak. Ti fioi Tbbe xP^s curvets; Orest. 1251. Syn. 'H^fw, irpoffnaXew, 
Kpavya.£h), Xeyia, <pdarK(o, Krjpvao-b), £irX\cr}pvooio. 

'A7r0vs, vbs, 6, Dor. pro irarrip, subst. [pater,] a father. Qapaei, Zit)7rvpXb>v t 
yXvicepop tekos' ov Xcyw arrtyvv. Theocr. 15. 13. SYN. YlaTiip, ybvevs. 

'Airubbs, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [absonus, dissonus,] out of tuue, dissonant, inharmo- 
nious. 'A-rrybos Kal icXavabfiEvbs. Cycl. 487* 

' ! AttioQev, adv. i. q. d-KoQlv, [procul, eminus,] far from, at a distance. 'AXX' ovv 
tyei tX oyyuxa, nav aTrwdiy j). Iph. A. 983. SYN. 'Airo'npbdX. 

'A7rw0£w, f. (bono et uBrjfru), v. [detrudo, repello,] to drive back, to reject, to 
repel. *H*> r^a6' d7rw0a»/ucff0d irpos ftiav yB Qvo *> Hcracl.«47. SYN. 'E|w0ew, 


eK/3aXX«, d7ro/3a\X(i), d7reXavvi»>, dxoppi^TU), aTroKpovu), dTrooofiioi. 

'ATTu/ndTos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [(l)abjuraudus, lege interdictus, (2) abjurans,] (l)to 
be abjured, to be sworn against, to be decliued under the sanction of an oath, 
(2) abjuring, forswearing. "Ava£, (3pdro~iGtv ovbev ear' dirw/joTdv. Antig. 388. 
See also Antig. 394. SYN. "Attevktos. 

'ATrworeos, adj. verb, [repellendus, rejiciendus,] must be rejected or refused. 
'Avbpos ovk aTriooTEdv. Here. F. 294. 

'AiritHTTds, rj, ov, adj. [expulsus,] driven from, expelled. TeXos b' dirwarbs yrjs 
airoppi^driaofxai. Aj. Fl. 1019» SYN. 'AiroTpdiros. 

'A7rwr£/9w, adv. [remotius,] at a greater distance, further off. 'A-rrtorepa aras 
cJSen-pos tov ijXXov. Nub. 771* 

"Ap, poet, pro dpd, adv. [utique, tandem, igitur,] in fact, then, therefore, also : 
et dpd, interrog. [igitume ? utrum ? num tan 1] M/?r' dp tls vvv ktyjuut 'AXe- 
lavhpow bex^Q* ' H. 400. T fl 0/Xrdr', dpd kcijx eiria^a^at Tafu). Hec. 509. 
SYN. Ql)"Apd ye, brj, yovv, brJTa. 

"Apd, as, ft, subst. [(l)preces, preces supplices, (2) dirae, imprecatio, (3) infor- 
fortunium, noxa,] (l)a prayer good or bad, (2)a curse, (3) a dreadful mis- 
fortune. 'Apds aparai natoXv fadaiioraras. Phoen. 65. l SYN. (1) Ev^j), 
(2) Karapa, eirapa, Karevy/aa, dvdQejxd, fibeXvyfxd, (3) cittj, fiXafirj, Xoiyds. 
EPITH. (2) AiHTtyrjfxos, tcpvepa, betv)), raXaiva, bvarrfvos, ad<j>t)s, 7rarpwos, iroXv- 
otovos, inKpoyXioaoos. 

'Apdjjeu), v. [fragorem vel sonitum edo,] to rattle, to clash. Aovwrjaev be Treotov 
apafirjcre be Tev^e' £7r' aurw. A. 504. SYN. 'H^ew, Kporeut, x^dtpeio. 

'Apafjia, as, fj, P. N. [Arabia,] 'Apafilas t dpewv dv6os. P. V. 428. 

Apafids, ov, 6, subst. [strepitus, stridor dentium,] a crash, a gnashing of the 
teeth. Jja/ufiaivwv, dpdftos be bXk oro/ud yiver oboVTVJV. k. 37 5. x SYN. 
Upvyfxos, polios, polfibos, ■flaps' 

'Apay/ios, ov, 6, et dpay/id, dros, to, subst. [pulsatio, collisio, strepitus,] a knock- 
ing, collision, blow, pelting, crash. IrEpviov dpay/xovs, ovbe Tra/ifji^Keis yoovs. 
CE. C. 1609. See Cycl. 204. SYN. "Apdfios, Kdidx*), KTvnos, Qopvfids, Kovd- 
ftos, k Xv ad k a fid, 7rdTdyt}ud, 7rdrdyos, ipofos, 7rXr}y)]. 

'Apalds, a, 6v, adj. [imprecationibus et diris devotus,] accursed. E't'6' i\v dpaiov 
baifjidaty fiponov yevos. Hipp. 1413. SYN."A7rev/cros, V7rdtcei/uevas dpcj.. 

'Apaws, d, ov, adj. [(1) tenuis, ranis, (2) imbecillis, debilis,] (1) slight, un- 
frequent, (2) feeble, weak. Au^ovtes yXuxxarjaXv dpairjariv fxeXdv vbwp. II. l6l. 
SYN. {\)1,Trdvids, KaTdbei)s,Xe7rTos, dfJLvbpos, tcr^i'ds, d^eXr/s, xjjiXds, Xe7rrdXeos, (3) 
aadeyris, afiXrjxos, abpdvfjs. 

'Apctfys, ov, et Mo\, ew, 6, P. N. [Araxes,] the name of several rivers. "Os r' 
axotcibvafxevos iroTdfiov KeXdbovTos'Apai;€io. Apoll. 4. 133. 3 EpiTH. KeXdbuv, 
'Appevtos, TLkvOikos. 

Apdopat, v. [(1) precor, (2) imprecor, maledico,] (1) to pray, (2) to impre- 
cate. 4- AuxreX' £7reJ nyrrip arvyepas uprjaeT 'Epivvs. /3. 135. SYN. (1) Ev^d- 
fiai, beofxai, KaTdbeofxai, avjifidXev, XKereuu), (2) KUTapdofiat, en a pad fiat, kdr- 

'ApdpioKO), i. q. dpti), v. [apto,] to fit to or on, to adapt. Avtos # afi^X nobea- 
aXv eols dpdpiane irebiXd. ^. 23. SYN. See "Apio. 

'Apuooio, f. £w, v. [pulso,] to strike against, to be at. Qvtis to vvv vTrelKdv 
ripaoadv Trerpois. Iph. T. 328. SYN. K.povoj, irpootcpovu), itaiu), ndraoaw, 

KOTTTU), TV7TTIO, Oeivio, ftciXXu), nXl/Gait), KoXaTTTU}. / 

Aparos, ?}, ov, adj. [execrandus,] accursed. Elbev dparov ZXkos. Antig. 973. 
SYN. KdrapaTos, dnevKTos, dpalos. 

1 The first syllable of apa «eems to be always long in Homer in the arsis; in the thesis it is 
"requently short. 

2 "Apcfaos, a P. N. occurs. Pers. 323. 

3 The Araxes here mentioned is said by the Schol. to be in Scythia ; probably the Volga. 

4 See note on "Apa. 

128 APAT * APIX) 

"Apards, ov, d, P. N. [Aratus,] a Greek poet of Cilicia, about 270 years B. C. ; 

the author of the <batv6fxeva and Atoffrffiela, and friend of Theocritus. %tt\ 

irpoBvpoioXv, "Apart. Theocr. 7. 122. 
'Apaxyrjs, dpaxyds,ov,b, et (2) apayyri, V s > ^> subst. [(l)araneus, aranea,(2)ara- 

neae tela vel textum,] a spider ; a spider's web, a cobweb. M' dXdb' dye*, 

apdxvrjs d>s. JEsch. Suppl. 888. See also Agam. 1494. Epith. ILdtybs, bo- 

XXos, BdfivX&vXos. 
'Ajoax^aTds, a, ov, adj. [Arachnaeus,] Arachnaean, or of 'Apaxvr), a promontory 

in Argolis. 'Apaxycuov aliros, aarvyeXrovas (tkottus. Agam. 300. 
*Apaxyidv, ov, to, subst. [araneae tela,] a spider's web, a cobweb. 'Hi// apa\vXa 

Xeirrd, rd k ov ke'tXs ovbe Xboiro. 0. 280. 
'ApflvXri, 77s, et apfivXXs, xbos, y f subst, [genus calceamenti cavi et profundi,] a 

kind of boot. Avrateriv apfivXaioXv ap/udaas rrobd. Hipp. 1184. See also 

Theocr. 7 '• 26. SYN. Kpr)7rXs, epfids, v-nobrifjid, aprrTs. 
'ApydXeds, a, bv, adj. [inolestus, difficilis, gravis,] troublespme, difficult. Xpaia- 

fielv apydXeos yap '6\vjU7rios avrX^epecr&ai. A. 589« SYN. HdXeiros, beiros, 

OKXrjpds, bvaKoXos, bvadpearos, bvaxeprjs, wiicpos, Xvypos, XevydXeos, XvTrrjpos, 

dfieiXXxos, arv(j)eXds. 
'Apyedbrfs, ov, 6, patronym. [filius Argea,] the son of Argeas. 'I^ed r, Ei/nrn-oV 

re, KaX ' Apyedbqv YloXv/jirjXdv. II. 4>\f. 
*Apyeids, eia, eibv, adj. [Argivus,] Argive, (2) Grecian. 'Apyeiov oyXdv Evfievrj 

6' dvioye /jiXv. Orest. 119. In plur. 'Apyeioi. EPITH. 'ApriXdoot, epX&Vfxot, 

XofAVpoi, Kpdrepo(ppdves, juevf^ap/uai, ixeveTTr6Xep.oi, evxapbXoi. 
^ApyeKpovrrjs, ov, 6, [occisor Argus, epith. Mercurii, 1 ] a name of Mercury. *fls 

dod (fxovrjtras, nope tyapfxdicdv 'Apyeityovr-qs. k. 302. 
'ApyeXd(j>oi, (ov, ol, subst. [extremae et inutilis rei partes,] the refuse. 2v be 

rrjs apxrjs dydirys rrjs ofjs, rovs apyeXo(j)Ovs TrepXrpwytav. Vesp. 67O. See Schol. 
'Apyevvos, rj, ov, et apyr)s, yros et eros, adj. [albus,] white. Boi/koXos apyevvals 

erpdtyrjs. Tph. A. 574. See also 0. 133. et $. 127. SYN. 'ApyXvdeis, apyvtyds, 

apyvtyeos, apyearrjs, XevKos, Xaprrpos, vltydeis. 
^Apyeffrrjs, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [(1) albus, (2) celer, velox,] white, fair; rapid. 

Avrdp eyoj Zecbvpoio KaX apyearao Noroto. 0. 334. SYN. (l) 'Apyevvos, dpyrj- 

arrjs, (2) Boo*, rd-^vs, wkvs. 
"Apyrjs, ov, 6, P. N. [Arges,] one of the Cyclops. Bpovrrjv re Irepoirrjv re KaX 

"Apyrjv o^pXnoQvfxbv. Theog. 140. 
'Apyrjarfc, ov, 6 et //, adj. [albus,] white. Mr) koI Xdfiovad Ttrr\vdv apytjarrrju 

o$Xv. En men. 181. 
'Apyta, as, r), subst. [otium, desidia,] freedom from work, indolence, idle- 

ness. See 'Aepyia. Xojois ydp clXXyjs, i)s e^ovalv ctpyXds. Med. 29S. SyN. 

'P#0i//Lua, a7rpay/j,d<jvvr), abpdveid, okvos, oKvrjpXa. 
'ApyXKepavvds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [albicans sen velox fulmen mittens,] hurling a 

white or rapid thunderbolt. Zev Tvdrep, cipyXKepawe, exos rX roX kv typeoX 

Bt)aio. T. 121. 
'ApyXvdels, eaad, ev, adj. [albus, splendidus,] bright, splendid. Avktov, Mt- 

Xrjrov re, KaX apyXvoevrd AvKaorov. B. 6^7 '• 
'ApyXobovs, dbovros, 6 et f}, adj. [albos dentes habens,] having white teeth. At)v 

eypixev, rxaaypvres vatv eveK apyXobovrwv. ^. 4l6 ? 
'ApyXirovs, dbos, 6 et >/, adj. [(l) celer, velox, (2.) albis pedibusj fleet-footed, 

having white feet. 'ApyXnobas Kvvds drraX, eibv dizdvevBe tokyhov. SI. 211. 

SYN. 'Apyos, apyeaTrjs, rd^v7roi>s, deXXo7rovs, depaXirovs, ojkvttovs, rdyybpdp.6s, 
"Apy/ja, drds, rd, subst. [primitiae,] the first fruits offered to the gods. 7 H 

pa, KaX dpyfidrd Bvae Beols aietyeverrjoX. |. 446. SYN .^AKpoBlvXd, dirapyri, 

"Apyds, eds, rd, et genit. antiq. 'ApybBev, P. N. [Argos,] the principal city in 

1 Vide Maltbeii notam de Etymologia in loco, haud minus lepidam quam verara. 

APrO APAE 129 

Argolis. 02 b' "Apyos r €lx ov > Tlpvvda re rtiyXdeaaav. B. 559. EPITH. 

'AyaXxdv, t7r7rdj3drdi f , KXvrdv, YleXaffyXKov, rroXvbixpXdv, bixjsXov, Xepdv, iTnrXov, 

xolXdv, iraXaidv, TtoXvirvpov. 
'Apyos, ov, 6, [Argus,] the name of a hound, belonging to Ulysses. "Apyov b' 

av KciTci f*olp" eXajSev fieXcivos dararoio. p. 3*26. 
'Apyos, y, ov, et ov, 6 et y, adj. [(l)velox, (2) albus, (3) iners, piger,] (1) 

active, vigorous, swift, (2) white, (3) inactive, idle, sluggish. YXwacav \xev 

apyov, \eXpa. b' eiypv kpyarXv. Philoct. 9$. SYN. (1) 'ApyXirovs, rayJJs, (2) 

apyevios, apyearys, (3) aepyos, padu/uos, airpuyfiwv, anvypos, abpdvys. 
'Apyvpajioifios, ov, 6, subst. [argentarius, nummularius,] a money-changer. 

Tlevdovrai fiy tynvXov, eryrv/Jidv, afcyvpajjoifioi. Theoer. 12. 37* SYN. KoXXv- 

fiurrrjs, Tpd.TteC.irys, yjivadjJLOiftos. 
'Apyvpeos, ea, eov, et contr. ovs, a, ovv, adj. [argenteus,] made of silver, silvery. 

'Apyvpeov iro'iyadv '6Xvju7rXd bcofxar tyovrzs. Hes. Op. 127* 
'ApyvprjXards, ov, 6 et //, adj. [ex argento factus,] made of silver. 7 Hv br) (f>e- 

povrwv fio^dos apyvpyXdrovs. Ion 1181. 
'ApyvplbXov, ov, to, subst. [pecuniola,] a paltry sum of money. 'JLywye toi bxd 

fuXxpov apyvpibiov. Pint. 147. 
'ApyvpXs, Xbos, y, subst. [argentea phiala,] a silver cup. 'AfKp apyvpXbeaaX. 

Olymp. 9. 3 36. 
'Apyvpobivys, ov, 6 et y, adj. [argenteos seu limpidos liabens vortices,] flowing 

like silver, silvery, clear. Ovb' dye Hyvei<p ovppfoyerat dpyvpdhivy. B. 753. 

SyN. An/nrpos. 
'Apyvpoeibys, 16s, 6 et y, adj. [argenti speciem habens, argenteus,] like silver, 

silvery. Anas apyvpdeibels. Iph. A. 752. 
'ApyvpdrjXbs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [argenteis clavis distinctus.] studded with silver. 

'H roX 6 fjtev acaceos, 6 be (paaydvov apyvp6r}Xov. H. 405. 
'ApyvpoXdyds, ov, 6 et y, adj. [qui pecuniam colligit,] raising or collecting 

money. AtreX ray^elas npyvpoXoyovs ovroerL Equit. 1068. 
'Apyvpdxeca, ys, y, adj. [argenteis pedibus praeditus vel decorus,] silver-footed. 

\Es TlyXy Xi:erevae, kcCl es QerXv apyvpoireCdv. 17. 574. 
y Apyvpopfjv-T)s, ov, 6 et y, adj. [argentifluus,] silver-flowing. Uepav b' apyvpop- 

pvrav. Here. F. 386. Svs. 'ApyypdbtvySfXa/jnrpds. 
Apyvpdsi ov, 6, subst. [(1) argentum, (2) pecunia,] (1) silver, (2) money. 

TlXijftvai b' apyvpov elaX 7repibpojj.oX ajjcpdrepwOev. E. 726. SYN. 'ApyvpXdv. 

EPITH. AlyXyeis, ijtpoeis, kXvtos. 
Apyvpovrepys, eds, 6 et y, adj. [furax,] depriving of money, robbing, also (2) 

deprived of money. Bevtxtv d7raioXyfjid Kapyvpofrreprj. Choeph. 989* SYN. 

(2) 'AKredvos, dvoX(3os, ciipos. 
'Apyvpdroi^os, ov, 6 et y, adj. [parietes argenti ornatos habens,] having walls 

decorated with silver. 'Apyvpd-oixov. Agam. 1546. 
'Apyvporofa, ov, 6 et //, adj. [argenteum arcum gerens,] having a silver bow. 

KXvdX fxeo, 'Apyvpd-0%, os Upvayv afjLtyXfiefiyKds. A. 37« 
ApyvpuvyTos, ov, 6 et y, adj. [argento emtus, v. gr. servus,] purchased with 

money, a slave, QOeipovrd ttXovtov iipyvpwyTovs 6' v<pas. Agam. 922. 
'Apyvpeos, a, 6v, et apyvtyds, ov, 6 et y, adj. [albus propter texturam,] silver, 

white, brilliant. Avry b y upyv^eov (jmpos fieya evvvrd vvfKpy. e. 230. See 

also k. 85. SYN. 'Apyevios, Xcvkos, Xa/nrpos. 
'Apyw, dds, contr. ovs, y, subst. [Argo,] the name of the ship in which Jason 

sailed in quest of the golden fleece. Upv^eiov fxera kwcls evEpydv yXaaav 

'A/oyw. Apoll. 1.4. EPITH. 'lyGovXs, UyXXas, evXaXos, ev-irXods, voi'Tdirdpds, 

yXativpa, tcoiXy, KaXXX~7rpu)pds , Oou. PHR. ITacwv 7rp6<pepeoTary vywv. 
Apywos, y, ov, adj. [Argous,] belonging to the ship Argo, of Argo. Tavrov 

frvveuTefiyvav 'Apyioov GKafos. Med. 477» 
Apbevu, et upbu), f. apao), v. [irrigo, adaquo,] to water, to moisten, to 

make wet. "Oayv TrXarvppovs Ne7Xos apbevet -^Bova. P. V. 877« See also 
Pros. Lex. R 


Theocr. 15. SO. et Pers. 806'. SYN. ^xapbevu), ilaiyu, /3p£X w > Virofipeyut, 
Karo/3(0f)(a/, d^trrjyeu), oy^revw, paivio, 7rdri£u>. 

"Apbriv, adv. contr. depbriv, [alte, fundiius, omnino,] entirely. Kat Afjpvdy 
apbrjy apaevwv k^wKiadv. Hec. 875. 

*Apbpds, ov, 6, subst. [irrigatio, aquatio,] irrigation, watering, a watering- 
place. YlavToir], kv b' apbpoX eirqerdvol TrdpEacX. v. 247. SYN. Aia/3pdvj7> 


'Apedovaa, n s >V, P. N. [Arethusa,] the name of a fountain hi Ithaca, (i>. 408.) in 

Smyrna, and at Syracuse ; the last is the most celebrated. Ol>n et avh bpv- 

fxtos, ovk aXoicr x a 'p'» ^pedoiaa. Theocr. i. 117. EPITH. EueiS//s, aaXr), 

evppoos, ^vpaudfflr). ( 

'Apetd, jjs, >/, subst. [minae,] a threat. IloXXd be pziXXyXoioX irp6ar)vba, troXXd 

# apeirj. P. 431. SYN. et EPITH. See 'ATreiXr). 
"Apews, et 'Ap/jtds, a, ov, adj. [Mariius, Mavortius, martialis, bellicosus,] of or 

belonging to Mars, martial, warlike. YldyoiaXv ev 'ApeioioXv evcrf/Seordrrjv. 

Orest. 1667. 
'ApeityaTos^ et Ion. upwards, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [in bello interfectus, bellicus,] 

slaiu in war, belonging to war. Evbeiv ICopEV kt: kottiov dpetc&drwj/. Rhes. 124. 

See also T. 3 I . 
'Apelwv, bvos, 6 et >/, adj. [potior, melior, prasstantior,] better, braver. 'ATpeibrj, 

i| dp ti Tob J aptyoTEpoiniv dpeiov. T. 56*. 
'Apeiiov, dvos, vel potius 'Ap<W, 6, P. N. [Arion.] Ovb" et Key peto-khtQev 'Apeiova 

hlov eXavvoi. ^F. 346. 
"ApeKTds, ov, 6 et ri, poet, pro appends, adj. [infectus,] not performed. Ovbe 

biCLTpifieiv' etX yap peyd epyov dpeKTov. T. 150. SYN. 'A^p a vros, a.7roir)Tds. 
*Ape<7K0), f. apEcru), et (2) aptw, v. [(1) placo, concilio mihi, (2) placeo,] (l) to 

appease, to win over, (2) to please. Ov yap p dpeaKei yXibaad aov TEdtiyplvdv. 

Aj. Fl. 584. SYN. (1) 'IXdaxio, evjxEvi^io, rtpavvio, (2) dpeauopwi, dirdpinKopai, 

XXdopat, XXaarndpai, avbavu). 
'Apearos, i), ov, adj. [gratus,] agreeable, satisfactory. Sot bi tolvt dpkoT eiri. 

CE. R. 1097* SYN. Evapeards, dapevos, r/bvs, EiraiVETOs. 
'Aperdw, v. [virtutis felicitatem adsequor,] to receive the happy effects of 

virtue. 'E£ evtjyiaXrjs' dpirioaX bi Xaoi vir avrov. r. 114. 1 SyN. Evrv^ew. 
*ApiTau)v, dvos, 6, P. N, [Aretaon,] "Eyy/i ^aXce/aT Tempos 5' 'Aperaom blov. 

Z. 31. 
'ApErr), i]s, r), subst. [vis, virtus ; virtus bellica,] superiority, excellence, virtue ; 

valor. Qv-^vyXav re fcaperj/v rfjs napBivov. Iph. A. 156*1. SYN. 'Avbpia, 

evbo^Xa, (nrovbr), to koXov. EpiTH. @e/a, d?d#ed, evoTitydvds, baipovXu, bX- 

baKTrj, -KoXvpoxOos, yvrjaXa, tyXXotypuyy, ddybwos, tcadapa, (hdevy)), v\pr)Xr), ad(f»)s, 

eloxos, icXetvr), frvr]. Phr. See Nem. 8. 59. - 
'Apriyto, f. fa, v. [opitulor, opem fero, proprie in bello,] to aid, to assist or 

defend (in battle). r H fiev poi Trpd^pwi/ e-keviv kcli x € P ffLV ap»)|etv. A. J7> 

SYN. 'A\^w, E7rdpt)y(t), (3dr)dEU), djivvw, 7rdp/ordyuat, avXXafij3dvo), avpirpaaaio, 

avp.\idyppai, ovp-noXEpi^w, ettXkovpeu). 

ApTjyiov, ovos, 6 et fj, subst. [auxiliafor, adjutor,] a defender, a supporter. 

Aomt fiev MeveXou) aprjyovES elaX Qecluv. A. 7« SYN. 'AXe^n)p,, 

(jdrfdos, TrapaaTarrjs, napaon iffrtjs. 

AprjXddds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [agilis in praelio, bellicosus,] active in battle, like 
Mars, warlike. "Ep^erat, aXX' ote kev tls aprjXddiov al£r)u>v. T. l67. 

AprjXXvKos, ov, 6, P. N. [Are'ilycus.] AvtXk dpa arpe^devrds 'AprjXXvxov fiaXt 

firjpov. II. 308. EPITH. 'Apetpavijs, apbpews, a.(TTrioTi)s, kyxempojpos, btfXos, 

bafypwv, 7roXe/xiOTJ7$, pEvenToXlpos, pampas, 0tXo7rroXe^os, adneo7rdXds f 7rX>/^t7r- 


"Aprils, ews, t), subst. [auxilium,] assistance, support. "Ap^ts ; ovb* tbip^Orfs. 

1 See Sehol. at 0. 329. 


P. V. 549- SYN. 'AXefrffVf, fidf/deid, apwyrj, &\nap, dvdiravXd. 
Aprjpdrus, adv. [(1) apte, (2) firmiter,] (1) fitly, (2) tightly. 'Pixpat OeXovoa art- 

<pdidy' aXX' dprjpdrws. Med. 1 1 8.9- SYN. Irepews, fiefiaiios. 
Apqs, ids, o, P. N. [Mars, Gradivus,] Mars, the god of war. T Ap£s,* "Apes, 

flpbroXoiye, fxlai<pdpe t reiyeo-XirXrjrd. E. 31. SYN. 'EvvdXXbs. EPITH. dvbpd- 

(poros, avbpeKpovrrjs, apydXeos, driKrjrds, dXXo7rpd(raXXds, dXeyeivbs, drepTrfjs, 

aXbrjXos, dfiaijjdtcerds, dreiptjs, d^d/udros, drdplSrjTos, dfxeiXXyos, aypXos, 'a^cu- 

nbs, ali dfjdi'rjs, dXiiCTV7rds, fiapfidpos, (jdpvs, jidpvfi-qvXs, bends, bids, brjXos, 

bpijjvs, bdtyoubs, bdpvvodus, boXbeis, eyye<nrdXbs, evdwpr}^, £dfievr}s, dovpos, 

dpdavs, 0/j^i/ctos, dep/jos, Odds, 'iTrnXbs, KopvdaidXos, Kapydpobwv, Kpdrepbs, Xaoff- 

obds, XoiyXos, Xvypus, Xaobdfias, /jiXdarwp, /ueve^apfjds, ofis, ovXos, ofipXfios, 

7rdXvbahpvs, irbXvfio^Qos, luxpos, crvyepds, aXbrjpeos, crxerXXos, rdfjetrT^pws, rofcp- 

ba/uids, VTrepfiios, ^dXKeds, \pvrrrjvXds, (f)oivXos, ^Aat/idrd;, tydtaiuppdros, iraytcpd- 

ri)s, ^dXica airXs, <bicvs, w^xofpdiv, dros TroXe/JOid, dKoprjrds dvrfjs, yjpva6Ttr]Xri^. 

See Hymn, of Horn. 
ApriTT), rjs, ?;, P. N. [Arete,] the wife of Alcitfous. 'Aptfrij, dvydrrjp 'Prjtfivdpds 

avrXdeoio. t\. 146\ EPITH. AevKwXeids, p6b6irr]vys, dyaKXetrrj, fidatXetd. 
Aprjrrjp, rjpds, 6, et dpijretpd, as, >/, su5st. [sacerdos,] a priest or priestess. 

Ovveicd rbv Xpvarjv rjrXfirja dprjrrjpd. A. 11. SYN. 'lepevs, QeoTrpoTtos, durijp, 

OvrjiroXos, Ovogkoos. 
Aprjros, ov, 6, P. N. [Aratus.] TolaX & dfia XpdjXios re Kal "AprjTOS Qedeibris. 

P. 494. 
AprjTdSyV, dv, Ion. pro apards, adj. [(1) precibus expetitus, (2) detestabilis,] 

(1) prayed for, (2) to be deprecated. 'Apqrov be rdicevaX yoov, koX TrevQds 

edt/Kas. P. 37. SYN. (l) Evktos, evKralos, (2) direvKros, fiXdfiepos, enaparos. 
Apdfiiio, v. [concilior, amicitiae vinculo jungor cum aliquo,] to be joined in 

friendship. 'Hb' avr kv <j>XXdrr)rX bXerfxdyev apB^riaavre. H. 302. SYN. <J>i- 

Xoofxai, v/Jioideb), o/uoyvoeu), d/jiotypoveio, avfJufHovew. 
ApdfjtXus, ov, 6, adj. [amicus,] friendly. "Hxaj^e Qearsptvrovs' 01 5' i]fxiv ap- 

6 plot i\odv. 7r. 427' 
ApBfjius, ov, 6, subst. [amicilia,] friendship. Arjrolbrjs Karhevaev en apdfiw xal 

<pxXdrr]TX. Hon). Merc. 521. SYN. QxXXa, fiXoT-qs, ofidvotd, o/JLOfpoavvri,. av\x- 

(jdaXs, avvd!)Kr]. 
ApOpoi', ov, to, subst. [artus,] a joint, a limb. Moppets ndbos vXv, apdpbv y 

Xvylierai. Trach. 792. SYN. MeXds, beanos rwv revpwv, appos. 

ApXabrrj, t)s, fj, P. N. [Ariadne,] the daughter of Minos. AaibdXds r\<j\:r\<re-v 

KaXXiTrXoKafib) 'ApXabvy. X. 320. EPITH. Avffepws, ev7rXdh:d/uds, KaXXiTrXdKdfi&s. 

lavdff, Mtj'wts, rriXeKXeiTos, 

Apiyj'ws, et doXyrwTos, rj, dv, adj. [valde nolus, clarissimus,] well known. 'Pe7& 

b' dpiyvwTY} TreXerai, KaXai be re -ndaai. 5. 108. See also Nem. 5. 21. SYN. 

'AfKpXlDoqros, TTeplftorjTos, exbrjXds, ae/yuv?;<rros, ^dvepos. 

ApX~yvu)T6s, ov, 6, P. N. [Arignotus.] Nv^ b' 'ApiyvojTOi' yap ovbeis oarXs ovk £7rt- 
WTdrai. Equit. 1278. 

Apxbaicpvs, vds, 6 et ?/, adj. [propensus ad lacrymandum, nuihum lacrymans,] 
inclined to shed tears, weeping, lamenting. KXdyloj b' av yobv dpXbaKpvy. 
Pers. 941. SYN.noXi/erroros, yoepos. 

kpXbeiKe-os, et dpxbrjXds, ov, et >/, adj. [valde inclytus, prasclarus,] very distin- 
guished. "H tIkH Tleparja, irdvruv dpXbe'iKerbv dvbpwv. E. 320. See also Apoll. 
3. 615. 

Api£r)Xds, r),6i>, et dpi£//\wros, ov, 6 et //, adj. [multum aemulandus, conspicuus,] 
I very enviable, highly distinguished, remarkable, 'fts b' or dpi£riXr) (f>wv)), ore 

f'idxe ffdXiriyZ. 1.219- See also Equit. 1329. 

ApX)]K66s, ov, o et >;, adj. [obediens, exaudiens, dicto audiens,] listening to, 
propitious. 'Pijj<pd MeXavriovs dpXijKobs, air e vi irovru. Apoll. 4. 1707- SYN. 

' Dr. Maltby lightly supposes that the penult, of the first*Ap«s is long by the influence of the 
metrical ictus. See his note on the word. 

132 API0 APII 

E7rrjKd0s f V7ri]t:dds f Karroos, eUiav, €virei6r}s, nXdavos, ei/juej/r/s. 
'ApWfXEio, v. [numero,] to count. Tiov tpiXrdTtov ifioly dotfyu/o-ci tekvwv. 

Bacch. 1307. SYN. 9 AirapW fji£<o t Kdrdpfflj.iEio, eKXdyizofxai, KaraXdyiCd/ucu, kd- 

'ApXdfjLrifia, ards, to, subst. [id quod numeratum est, numerus,] that which is 

counted up, a number, "loov yap ktn X rapid jui;jua twv TrdXcor. Eunien. 756. 

SYN. 'ApWfids. 

'ApW/urjTds, »), ov, adj. [(1) uumerabilis, (2) paucus,] (1) which may or deserves 

to be counted, (2) few. Tewois r)b' a.Xd\oiaiv 9 apid/ua-ovs and ttdXXwv. Theocr. 

16. 87, SYN. EvbonX/jus. 
'ApW/dds, ov, 6, subst. [numerus,] number, estimation, zhucts r dpi6/.tto Ttpuirds 

cop e^iwp fiXcov. Hec. 782. SYN. 'ApWprjfid. 
'AptfiaoTrol, toy, 01, P. N. [Arimaspi,] a people of European Scythia, so called, 

because they were fabled to have had only one eye. 1 'ApXfxaanov imedflafjidv, 

oS xpvvvppvrdv. P. V. 830. EPITH. Eavdoi, jiovvCoTtes. 
'ApXTrpETTTis, ids, adj. [valdc decorus vel illustris,], very distinguished, illus- 
trious. AtobeKa yap Kara, bfj/jop apnrpewees fidtrXXfJES. 6. 3^0, 
'Apinfirj, ijs, 1), P. N. [Arisbe,] a city of Troas. TevOpdvXbrjp, os evauv evktX- 

fjievri ev 'Apitrfirj. Z. 13. SYN. A/a. r 

'Apitrrj/ixds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [clarus, conspicuus, insignis,] conspicuous, distin- 
guished. "Es te (pdtos ayayev, doXarjjid te epya tetvkto. Hymn, in Merc. 12. 

SYN. "Ei/bo^os, €KTrp£7n)s, exbrjXos, ETrXarjfids, davjudaXos, TTEpinXvTds, cpdvspos, dpX- 

'ApMrdap/Liards, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [victor certamine curuli,] victorious in the chariot 

race. 'AW apioQapnaTov. Pylh. 5. 39. 
'Apiarulds, ov, 6, P.N. [Aristaeiis,] Kovpfj 'Apiaraioid fxlXicppdvos, os pa [aeXkt- 

vewv. 2 - Apoll. 4. 1132. EPITH. Badv^airris, aypevs, polios, rcEpioabvoos. PHR. 

Oiraiov jld'jXcop, avbpdtr? ^ctp^ct cptXois ayyiarov. 
'ApLOTcao, v. [prandeo,] to dine. YXIe /u?), V Tcebavs •Kayeiais ovbEV apiarr/GETe. 

Vesp. 435. SYN. Tevdfxni, apicrrdv 7roiov/nai. 
'Apiore'ia, cop, ra } subst. [pra?mia, proprie fortitudinis ergo data,] a prize for 

valor. Adpovad Taptcrreld, aolvi rrpts bouois. Bacch. 1228. SYN. Td fipa- 

peld, Xd(pvpd, yipds, (TTEipavds evicXeias, fiEyds, 
'Aptareibijs, ov, 0, P. N. [AristidesJ a distinguished Athenian. OIos nep 'Ape 

oreibr) TrporEpov cat MtXrtdtS/ Ivt'Ecrirei. Equit. 1325. 
'ApiGTEpos, a, di', adj. [(1) sinister, (2) infaustus, (3) stultus,] (1) left, on the left 

hand, (2) ill-omened, (3) awkward, foolish. 'AXXd teal rapiaTEpov tX fxoi W 

dvayKaitos e%oV. Pax 334. 
'Apiorrevs, iios, 0, subst. [princeps, omnium fortissimus, (pi. optimates,)] the 

bravest, the chief, chieftain. "AXXd b' dpicr/jenaX bxbov ytpd «ral fidcrXXevffX. I. 

334. SYN. '6 dptcrros, ap^os, apyvv, r\yEfxdve.vs, Kpavrcop. 
'Apicrrevco, v. [fortissime me gero, excello,] to behave most gallantly, to excel. 

AIep dpiarevetp KaX vtreipdyov eftfilvai ciXXiov. A. 7 S3. SYN. Kpdrtw, vnEp- 

'ApiariZu), v. [prandio excipio,] to entertain at dinner. "6s dxo rrjjiKpds bdndvrfs 
vfuas apitTTi^jy dTtE-rrefjiiTEv. Equit. 535. 

'ApitTTdydi os, et dpiardrdKos, ov.b et //, adj. [(1) parens optimas prolis, (2) proles 
optima,] (1) producing a noble offspring, (2) a noble offspring. 3 "\te ovv 
'HpaicXEds dpiaroyovM. Pyth. 11. 5. See also Rlies. 909^ 

'ApioTok-pdrEd/uat, v. [ab optimat.ibus gubernor,] to be governed by an aristo- 
cracy. 'ApiaroKpaTeladai b^Xus el cfyrwi'. b. eytb ; Av. 125. 

'ApiGTdfxdyos, ov, 6, P. N. [Aristomachus,] one of the descendants of Hercules, 
whose sons, Cresphontes,Temenus, and Aristodemus, subdued and divided the 

1 See Dr. Bl. Gloss, at P. V. 830. 

2 The two last syllables of fieXurtTewv are scanned as one long syllable. 

3 This difference in sense is caused by ihe difference in position of ihe accent ; the former 
apply to the case where the words are paroxylon, and the latter, where they are proparoxyton. 


Peloponnesus amongst themselves. 'Apiff7t5jud)(ou y£vds 'HpatcXios ■ fidalXevei. 

Pyth. 10. 4. 
Apurrdv, ov, t6, subst. [prandium,] dinner. 'EvovfiEvws enevovrd, Kal evtvvovt 

dpicrrov.' 2 ' ft. 124. 
'ApiGTovods, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [benevolus,] excellently intentioned, well meaning, 

kind-hearted. Kai Oeafxiov E-KE^riadv dptarovdov Kvdzpeirjs. Mus. 273. Syn. 

\Lvvdos, ev/uEirjs, Trpocppwv. 
'ApioToirdvds, ov, 6 et tj, adj. [optime laborans,] successfully working. 'Apitrrd- 

■ndrois yepoX Kparelv. Olymp. J . 94. SYN. YloXvnovos, rnXoTrovos. 
'Apia-dsy r), ov, adj. super], of dyddds, [optimus, praestantissimus, proprie Marte 

sive armis,] the best, the most brave, the most excellent. 'Apioros, "fXrj evX 

oikXo. vaiiov. H. 221. SYN. 'Afxvfjuov. See 'AydSos. 
'Ajotoro^etp, eipos, 6 et ?/, adj. [ruami strenuus,] valiant. Xlrj^drw*' -fjfios dpiore- 

X€i P . Aj. Fl. 935. 
'ApKjipaXijs, ids, adj. [valde Iubricus,] very slippery. Xk-qptVreafl', E7reXr) <£dr' 

dpi(T(pd\e' CfifiEvat ovbov. p. \§6. SYN. ^.(pdXEpos , yXi(T)(pds. 
y ApT<f>pdbeu>s, adv. [valde perspicue,] very expressly, very clearly. "Svy b\ excX 

fjbr] afifiaT dpKJtpabeios KuriXe^ds. \p. 225. 
} Apf(ppdb})s, ids, 6 et ?/, adj. [valde manifestus,] very clear or manifest. 2>7/ud 

bi tol EpEd) /idX' dpitypabEs, ovbi ge Xiffret. ^F. 326. 
"ApKabls, wr, o'{, P. N. [Arcades,] the occupiers of one district of the Pelopon- 
nesus. YlevodpiEvois' oloi 6' eguv 'A-pKubes 'A7rt5di'i)es. Apoll. 4. 263. SYN. 

'Arribav^s. EPITH. 'EyyEcrtfitopoi. 
'ApvdSta, as, r/, P. N. [Arcadia.] 02 6' e\''*' ApKdbXrjv, v~d "KvXXt'jvrjs dpds ainv. 

'AptcEoXXaos, ov, 6, P.N. [Arcesilaus,] 'ApxetrXXacs re ivpoBdiiviop re KXovXos te. 

B. 495. 
"Apx&rXs, fas, >% subst. [auxilium, utilitas,] assistance, defence, support. Kal 

Tts irpos avbpos /u>) (jXettovtos upKEcrXs ', GE. C. 74. SYN. 'AXefyrrjpXdv, jSo/jQeid, 

ovrjaXs, toipeXeid, (jixpeXrjfid. 
"ApKevdds, ov, y, subst. [juniperus,] the juniper. f A ££ KdXd vdpKioaos eV 

apcevdoiGi ko/jlcigcu. Theocr. 1. 133. 
'ApKEw, f. caw, v. [(1) arceo, propulso, (2) opitulor, (3) sufficio,] (1) lo repel, 
. (2) to assist, (3) to be sufficient. Ovk fjpKtai col pdpov 'AbfiijTov. Aicest. 32. 

SYN. (1) 'Afivrto, (2) fiorjdEU), (3) £TrapKe<a. 
"ApKXds, ov, 6 et i], adj. [suffieiens,] sufficient, adequate. Tiov vvv ijnty ejw 

riant x&pi v «paos €i/jX. Apoll. 2. 801. SYN. %irapicrjs, €^apKi)s, avrapicrjs, 

d^Xos, bvvdros, dxpEXXfxds. 
"Aoktos, ov, 6 et i], subst. [ursus et ursa,] (l)a bear, (2) the Bear, one of the - 

constellations. 1rpE6E~ai or "Apxros i')b)]. Auacr. EPITH. (1) 'AXEyetvos, 

diatbrjs, aypXos, afxatfiafceTOS, drapfirjs, dapvdXEus, xpvEpds, Xvaads, Xdaiavxv y f 

opearXds, Grvyipos, (bjudfidpos, ^air?/ets, (2)'Apra$, fiopeids, fypa. SYN. (2) djj.a~ 

£d, KuvoaovpXs, 'EXXxtj. 
WpKvs, vds, fj, subst, [rete, cassis,] a net. U\e%ap6v8& dp^os. Lysistr. 79 J » 

SYN. ' A/ucpXJDXrjvrpdy , ufKbiBbX)), biKrvor. x 

'ApKvo-rdros, rj, 6v, adj. [inextricabilis,] inextricable. Ylenriox o rXi'ip-tov ev ftt- 

aots apKVfjrd-ois. Soph. Electr. 1504. 
"Apfid, drds, to, subst. [currus, item P. N. (vid. B. 499-)] a car, a chariot. 

Tevolvo v ' vcf cipfAdr iiydyov (pi\r}iiovs. P. V. 465. SYN. "A/i«£d, oyos, QXQfta, 

bT(ppds. EPITH. WyKvXov, alxLrjpov, baibdXEov, IvZvyov, Evt,odv, Evrpoxdr, eu 

TTETcvKaonEvov, KuXXizZvyEs, xP v,7 Z()TevKTov, KCt/jLTruXdv, koXXtjtov, TETpadpdv, TE- 

1 'Hpa/cAeos is here a molossus. See Antistr. 

2 Others read ivrvvovTO vLpicrrov, and prefix the digamma to txpurrov. The antepenultima of 
&pi<TTov is always long in writers subsequent to Homer ; and the two passages in which fipwrof 
occurs in Homer may not interfere with the usual metre by reading Ivtvvovr '. See however 
Heyne's note at ft. 124. and Clarke, 


Opunrbv, oeXacrtyopov , 7toikX\ov. PHR. ' Apfiaruv bxps. v 

'ApfidXXd, as, >/, subst. [demensum, alimentum, cibus,] a portion or allowance 

of food. 'ApfidXXdp efjfjLr}vdv e/jterpriffavrb 7revearai. Theocr. l6. 35. SYN. 

Tpd(f)i], ebu)b)), vitiop, altos. 
'Ap/Aci/iaZa, rjs, ij, subst. [carruca, rheda,] a litter, a palanquin. 'Ep' apfjLdfia&p 

luaXOaKoJs KCLTciKeifxivoi. Acharn. 70. 
'Apjudretos, 1 a, op, adj. [ad currum perthrens,] belonging to a chariot. 'Ao- 

fxdreibp, dpfidreiop fieXbs. Orest. 1380. SYN. Actttos, o^vfiovbs. 
'Apfjarevco, v. [aurigo,] to drive a chariot. 'Htbatp apfxd-evaas. Orest. 989. 

SYN. 'Hpiu)(eio, 7]vio-)(€V(i), &T<ppT]\aTe(i), Wvpoj. PHR. Ylrnvov bXwyfid 7r&\wj> 

TiGpnnrbj3ctfj.bp, oroXw bitypeveip. 
'Ap/jdrrj\a~r]s t ov, 6, subst. [auriga,] the driver of a chariot, a charioteer. EtV- 

fjXBe 7roXXu>p apfj.aTr}\aT&v fierd. Soph. Electr. 700. SYN. At(pprjXdTr]S, tjpXo- 

\bs, iivld)(evs, vcprjvid^ds, Tpo\r]\dTr]s. 
'AojiaroKTv-Kos, ov, 6 et fj, ad), [edens slrepitum e motu curruum,] sounding 

from the motion of carriages. Toy apfidTOKTvnbp brbfibp. Sept. Theb. 188. 
'Ap/jiar67rr)yds, ov, 6 et >/, subst. [curruum fabricator,] a carriage-maker. Trjv 

fiev 0' ap/JLaTdTnjyds dpijp a'idwpX nXbl/po). A. 485. SYN. T6kt<i)P. 
'Apfiarpoxia, as, fj, et poet, apfjarpox^v, vs, subst. [orbita,] the track of a car- 
riage. Viper einaadjrpijjv dpfxarpbyXi) KaroTfiadep. y ¥. 505. 
"Ap/uevds, t), ov, item dpdfievds, adj. [adaptatus, liabilis,] fitted, suitable. Acutce 

fiev ol neXsKVP fjeydv, dpfiepbp kv TrdXd/jrjaX. e. 234. SYN. 'Hp^offfiepos, S.p/ju- 

bXbs, 7rp6(7r]K(i)V ZttXt y'ibeibs, epXrjpbs, Ikclvos, avfitybpbs, olnelbs, avptobbs. 
'Apfiogw, f. aw, v. [(l)adapto, (2) convenio,] to adapt, to suit, to fit. *'EX«ro-' 

efiols vwToiol, kui arofx dpfibabv. Med. J 6. ILvvapiioTTw, 7rpbarjicw, avyyipojuai, 

clittii), avpcnrrw, apriCw, aprvpw, avprXdrjfjiX, avpdyw, trpbaa'KTW. 
'ApfioX, et a.pfjLo"i, adv. [modo, vixdum, nuper,] lately, just now. 'Ap/xol ire-wav- 

fxat tovs efiovs dprjpwp ttovovs. P. V. 636. SYN. " AprX, apTXws, vewarX, eijru- 

'Ap/ioiXa, as, fj, P. N. [Harmonia,] the mother of the nine Muses. "EavQav 

'Ap^ibvXap (j)VTevaat. Med. 830. EPITH. "Anovos, axj^evarbs, fibw-rrXs, XXTrbna- 

TpXs, TrafifiliTiop, ^ctvdrj. 
'ApfjdiXa, as, fj, subst. [compages, concentus,] arrangement, harmony. 'Ap- 

fibvXa- xdtca bva-rarbs. Hipp. l6l. SYN. IvardaXs, avpwbXa, apfibs. EPITH. 

"Ejvdebs, bid, epdri], ab(j)i), bjjibtywvbs. 
'Apfxbs, ov, 6, et dp/jtoff/jid, drbs, to, subst. [compages, aptus ordo,] a fastening, 

a joining, harmonious order. 'EkAvcQ' appovs, ws Xboj bXnXovp Kdubv. Med. 

1312. See also Helen. 410. 
'Apfxoarwp, bpbs, 6, subst. [gubernator,] the director, the commander. "Ayd- 

fi€fjivbv\ hvbp&v vav(3dTa>p apfioaropd. Eumen. 450. (Sch.) SYN. AiatiTiop, 

apybs, apx<*>v> fidrrXXevs. 
'Apvdrts, Xbbs, >/, subst. [pellis agnina,] a lamb's skin. ? H par apvdnXbas re icaX 

eipXd rabe -naT-qaels. Theocr. 5. 50. 
'Apvews, ov, 6, subst. [agnus adult us,] a full-grown lamb. 'Apveibv o' e/joX 

o'iio evKt'tf/JLibes eraXpoi. 1. 550. EPITH. AdavpaXXos, 7rr)ye(rXjJiaXXbs, /j.eXdvo~ 

Xpobs. SYN. Kotos, ktXXos, a/jvos. PHR. MriXwp b% dpiarbs d-nav-iov. 
'Apvibixai, v. [nego, recuso,] to deny, to refuse. c a b" elirbv els dvavrds, ovk 

apvi'iobfiai. Hec. 303. SYN. 'Anapvebfxai, e^aprebfxai, d7rb(f)a(7KU) ; e^ctpvbs eljmX. 
'Apvevrijp, fjpbs, o, subst. [urinator,] a diver. Wavr dfxvbXs netydXys' b b' dp* 

apvevrijpX eoiKios. M. 385. SYN. Kvj3iaTr)T))p, nbXvfAJjrjTr'ip. 
"Apvr), t)s, ?;, P. N. [Arne,] a town in Boeotia. Oi' re nbXvaTdipvXov " Apvqv e^by, 

o'l re MXbeidv. B. 507. EPITH. Borpvbeffad, irbXvordtyvXbs. 
'ApvijaX/ubs, 7j, bp, adj. [inficiandus,] which must be denied. 'E^uo) be tovtwv 

1 The dirge which the Trojans uttered when they saw the body of Hector dragged round the 
walls behind the chariot of Achilles. Plutarch Op. Mor. p. 596& p. 2077. calls a certain kind of 
Xarmony ap/.iaTeios p6/xos. See Steph. Th. torn. 1. c. 585. H. 


ohhiv got apvr)<rXfx6v. Philoct. 74>. 
"Apvrims, ews, ?/, subst. [negatio,] denial. "Apvrjais ovk evzgtXv wv aviarrdpels. 

(E. R. 578. 
"Apvv/uai, v. [in me suscipio, conor vindicare vel adipisci,] to take upon one- 
self, to claim. 'Apvv/uEvos icarpos te fiZya kXeos, jy5' ejuov avrov. Z. 446*. 

SYN. 'A7rat7-£W, Xa/ufiavto, airdXavofxai, lirXrvy^avu). 
"Apdffis, eids, i], subst. [(l)aratio, ( < 2)arvum,] (l) a ploughing, (2) a ploughed 

field. 'Ej/ 6' apdus Xeir}' /ndXd Kev fiddv Xifibv alev. t. 134. SYN. "Aporos, 

aypds. EPITH. YloXvXrjXos , Xtirapa. 
'Apdr))p, f]pds, et dpdrrjs, ov, 6, subst. [arator, agricola,] a ploughman. Uoijurjv, 

ovb' dporrip, ela es iroXXv, dXXd irdpe^et. *¥ . 836. EPITH. 'A/cd/xdros, rdXdep- 

yos, Kpdrepos, oi£vpos. 
"Apdros, 1 ov, 6, subst. [(l)aratio, (2) tempus arantli, (3) seges,] ploughing, the 

time of ploughing ; the result of ploughing, a crop ; a year. M^r dpordv avroU 

yfjv dvtevai rXvd. CE. R. 278. SYN."Ap6ats, EvXavros. 
'AporpXdio et dpboj, v. [aro,] to plough. Trj nor dporpXtiuvrX gvv^vteto. Call. 3. 

l6l. See also i. 108. SYN. 'AXda'^w, ttoXeio. PhR. Xdovd rapaaow. 
" Apo-pov, ov, ro, subst. [aratrum,] a plough. NeioV aveXxrirop (3oe o'ivotte tttiktov, 

dporpov. v. 32. EPITH. 'AbdfiavrXvov, fxbyepov, evKafXTTES, IfiEpdZv, TniKTov. 
"Apovpd, as, r), subst. [(l)arvum, (2) terra,] (1) ploughed land, (2) land, earth. 

JJXyjcfXdy uXXt]Xu)y, bXXyri b' r)v ct/j(f)Xs dpovpd. 1 .115. SYN. (I) AfjXov, aypds, 

(2) ycud, yfj, a7£, xQiov, iribov. EPITH. 'Avdofaopos, atyveios, fidduXriXos, fiadela, 

biip&S) EpXflioXos, £elb(t)pds, tcap7rd(pdpds, OdXedovad, fidXaKr), oueta, 7rvpod>dpds , 

Trieipd, rcoXviCTEdvos, vypa, (fiEpeafiXos, yXovtobiis, \pdfidd(i)br}s. 
'Apovpatos, et Dor. 'Apwpalos, a, ov, adj. [ruralis,] rural. "AXt]0es, w -rrdl Trjs 

dpovpaias Qeov ; Ran. 840. See also Acharn. 7^2. Syn. ^AypoiKos. 
'Apiraybr}v, adv. [raptim,] rapidly. 'AjtIcu apirayb-qv onXoto tylpdv, cxbp 1 EitlXaG- 

odv. Apoll. 1. 1017. 
'Apirayr), rjs, ?/, subst. [raptus, rapina,] a rape, a carrying off. t% 6j/, cite xpp- 

£eis, OrjpoXv apirdyy)v -rrpoQES. Eur. Electr. 896. 
'ApnayX/jos, r], ov, adj. [rapto quaesitus,] obtained by violence. ' ApndyXfjias ok 

dirvoTa fiErearX^Ev "i^yXd Kwpas. Call. 6. 9, 
f Apira£ia, f. |w et aia, v. [rapio, abripio, praedor,] to carry off, to plunder. 

Kv/ud /uey' apira^av, /ueXet] bi fxoX eaaZraX opfxrj. e. 4l6. SYN. 'ATratpeey, aypevta, 
I Xrjiclb), <c\e7rrw. 
: 'ApTraKrrip, rjpds, et ap7ra£, dyds, 6, subst. [raptor,] a pilunderer. 'ApvZv r)b f EpX- 

<pu)v EirXbfijjiXoX ap7raic7rjpES. H. 262. See also Hes. Op. 354. 
I 'Ap7rdXEu)s, adv. [avide, rapaciter,] rapaciously. 'AprdXews, cliceiov' kclkol be 

fj.vrj(TTfjpaX <f>vrevEv. £. 110. SYN. 'Ap7rdy§77V, Ta^EOJS. 
'Ap7rdX/5w, v. [avide excipio,] to receive greedily. YlvQiivQi, tcwcvrolaXv apira- 

XtCere. Sept. Til. 229* SYN. 'AtyaipEio, E7rXbXd}K(o, aofiEvws he^ofiat. 
"Apirtj, rjs, 11, subst. [falx,] a pruning-hook, a sickle, a scythe. "Zicairj, befyrEprj 

be TCEXwpidv eXXd/jEV ap7rrjv. Hes. Theog. 178. SYN. kpEiravov, bpEirdvr], £a.y- 

kXov. EPITH. 'AyicvXdbovs, yafA\pu)vv£, mpyapobovs, fxciKpa, o^vtojaos^ yaXKr)- 

"ApTrrj, rjs, r), subst. [avis quaedam rapax,] a kind of kite. 'H b', apirrj ehvld 

rawTTTepvyX XXyvp&vM. T. 350. 
"Apirvia, as, ?/, subst. [Harpyia,] a Harpy. N5V bi fiXv aicXeiCJs 'ApnviaX avr\- 

peiipavTo. ^. 371. SYN. Td^eTd, Oorj, u)KvirErr]s, Trobapyq, y)vK0K6ii6s. 
, "ApprjKTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [non fractus, insolubilis,] unbroken, not to be broken, 
1 Strong. 'AbafiavTXvwv bea/ji&v ev appi']KTOis 7TEbais. P. V. 6. Syn. "Appojj-, 

aripEos, fiifiatos, la^ypos, dXvros, bvaXvros. 
"Apprjv, et Att."Ap<7?7i', epos, 6 et r), adj. [mas, virilis,] male, masculine. Kal 

Af}fxvdv apbrjv apatvuv etyicXaav. Hec. 875. SYN. 'AppEvdyZviis, fjiZyas, Kpd- 

'Appqvris, ids, 6 et //, adj. [ferus, saevus,] savage, fierce. Nvv be. XX-nv £a.Koroy 
1 SeeTrach. 69, where aporos is used for wairos. 


tX tcaX apprjvh yevtT avruis. Theocr. 25. S3. SyN. XdX£7rfo, aypids, hvo-)(i- 

"ApprjTds, ov, 6 et 7}, adj. [uon dictus, nefandus,] not spoken, not to be spoken, 

shocking. "Apprjr, drwrdfxaord, 6uvfj.aTU)i> irlpa. Iiec. 705. S\ r N. "Awards, 

atypaoros, aOepCrds, dioaXos, dtyQeyK~os, d(j>Boyy6s. 
"App^os, ou j o et ij, subst. [cophinus,] a basket. 'AXX' ws rd^i«rra av f.iev Iwv 

Tas appi-^ovs. Av. 130$. SYN. LnvpU, kotyXids. 
"Appvd/jos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [inimoderatus,] immoderate, disorderly. Mrffr dp- 

pvQ/jos eXOots. Hipp. 531. SYN. 'ApErpqros, drakTos, d/uovaos, 7rapa7r\{]£. 
'AppvaXcuTTos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [qui pignoris loco captus non est,] not taken as a 

pledge. KappvaXaorovs, £m> r drrvXXa fipoT&v. i£sch. Supp. 6 13. 
"Appu)j;, toyds, 6 et rj, adj. [non fraclus,] unbroken. Kai yepoos cippu)^, ovfr 

E7n]/naE,€Vfx€ni. Antig. 251. Syn. See"Appr)Krds. 
*Aps, tipvos, 6 et /;, subst. [agnus,] a lamb. 'Q-Kore ypvaeias eqXs apros. Orest. 

803. SYN. "Apreios, djJii'ds. EPITH. 'ATTdXo^pios, pirjkcis, VEoyvos, Xevkos. 
'ApcEi>dyev})s, eos, adj. [masculus,] male, manly. Avacpopov apahoyei-is. JEsch. 

Supp. 820. Syn. See^Apprji'. 
'Apaei'o-nXriQris, eos, adj. [maribus confertus,] crowded with males. Jlvcv/uaTt 

)(wp«s* apaeidTrXrjQf]. iEsch. Supp. 30. 
'Apah 'drj, 17s, //, P. N. [Arsinoe,] the name of two wives of Ptolemy Philadel- 

phus, one of them the daughter of Berenice. 'ApoXvoa TrarreaaX kdXols drtrdX- 

XefAhmui'. Theocr. 15. 111. 'Aprd/act, as, rj, P. N. [Artacia,] a foil n tain in 

the country of the Laestrygonians. ^AprdkXrjv, evQev yap vbwp TrpdrX darv 

Repeated >\ k. 10S. 
'AprdfiEOi, v. [trucido,] to butcher, to cut in pieces. 'AW dvbpds aprd/.iovart 

XaixLrjpals yvdQois. Alcest. 510. SYN. Kdra^/c'w, KdrdKoirTW, U7rdff(f>drr(i). 
'Apra/MTwv, Dor. pro WpTEjiloXor, cv, to, P. N. [Artemisium,] a promontory of 

Eubcea where Xerxes engaged with, and was defeated by, the Grecian ships. 

'Orarw pEv £/r"Aprd/n7-i«. Lysistr. 1251. 
'Aprdrr), r,s, //, subst. [laqueus, suspendium,] a halter, suspension. FloXXds 

di'U)&EV aprdvas E/jifjs beprjs. Agam. 848. SYN. ' Ayyovr), Ewpa, TrXeKrdvrj, Tfids, 

'Aprdw, v. [suspendo,] to hang, or suspend. 'ip.daXv els TovTnadlv a.pT))aas he- 

fxds. Hipp. 1217- SYTf.'ATraprdu), dvaprdw, ETrTkpEfudfJLai. 
'ApTEfiijs, 1 eos, 6 et //, adj. [integer, sanus,] unhurt, entire, sound. Noarrjaas 

evpoifjiX ovv apTEjUEeeaX (fyXXoiaXv. N. 43. SYN.^A/3Adp?/s, arpwros, dprXos, rods, 

"AprEfiXs, Xbos, acc. xbd et Xv, >% P. N. [Diana,] 'AprtptiSi at lyioyl, &ios Kovpr] 

jjiEydXoid. C. 151. EPITH. Ylorvd, 7rorrid, KlXabetv)], yjivariXaKaros, EXdtyrifioXos , 

l6xeaipa t alboia, dyi't), ayporlpa, EU7rXdkdjjds, x9 v:T ^vXds, ^puaoflpo^os, dreipifs, 

abfxrjrds, dyKvXdro^ds, yomjo^os, evarEtydvos, £av6t), opetfidrris, xpvoEoflocri py^os, 

Xo^eta. See Hymn to Diana. 
'ApTtjpXa, as, f), subst. [vocis iter; vena vitalis,] the windpipe, an artery. 

BifopajKE aapKas, nXevfxdvos r aprrjpXas. Trach. 1056. SYN. $Xe\p, Trvevfidros 

et aijudros bXappd)). 
"AprX, adv. [recenter, jam, olim, nunc,] recently, just now, lately, now. Ee7^, 

■q uprX oe \xdXXbv 'A^atot elaopdioaXv. v. 1 66. 
'AprXacib), v. [ludo par impar, computo,] to play at odd and even, to cakulale. 

IL-d-TjpaX 5' ol QEpdivovTES dprXitCo/ui'. Plut. 817« SYN. Fla/^w. 
'ApTtPpfy')$ t eos, adj. [ab infante editus,] uttered by a newly-born child. 'Ajo- 

rXfipE<f)€is (3p£/Jovrat. Sept. Tlieb. 342. 2 
'AprXbuKpvs, vds, 6 et ?», adj. [recens lacrymans,] recently weeping, 'fls o/>r?- 

haicpvs elf,u kat tyofiov 7rXea. Med. 899* 
'AprXErrns, eos, o et >/, adj. [" ap. Horn, in sensu minus bono, apta ad fraud em 

loquens; (2) ap. Hes. et Pind. veridicus, (3) garrulus,] speaking with an in- 

1 See Dainm. c. 21G4. 2 See Dr. Blomfield's note on the passage. 


lention to impose, (2) speaking truly, (3) ready in speech, talkative. IloXXd 

pep apTXeni'is. Istll. 5. 58. SyN. Afyetv betros or iKavos, dbdXeaj(ps. 
*Apri£vyia, as, //, subst. [recens conjunctio,] a recent union. YlddeovaaX thelv 

apn£vyiar. Pers. 548. 
\Aprt5w, et apriZdfjiat, v. [compono, paro,] to arrange, to prepare. "YbdrX 5' kv 

Heavy vvfityai yopbp apTietovTo. Theocr. 13. 43. SYN. 'A7raprt'e?w, Karapri^u), 

aprvu), efaprvu), apfx6£oj, avpapfxo^w, bXaKoafxeu), eTOijidciu), evTpeni^u), avpraaaat. 
'AprXOaviis, eds, 6 et fj, adj. [recens mortuus,] recently dead. kv/udaXp aprX- 

QavTy to yap. Ale. 6l6. 
'ApTiKoXKds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [recens, i. e. accurate glutinatus,] recently or 

closely glued or attached, clinging closely. UXevpalaXr aprXicoXXos, tiaTe 

reicTdi'ds. Trach. 770. 

'ApTXjnd6))s, ids, 6 et ri, adj. [recens doctus,] but recently become acquainted 
i with. 'AprXfxadijs kclk&v. Hec. 6S5. Syn. 'Aprt5d//s. 
1 AprXds, a, op, adj. [par, integer, &c] even, suitable to, entire. Tlip djirjXX- 

kltjs, orX ol QpeaXp dprXd rjbri. E. 326. SYN. 'Apre/x^s, tiros, avfi^wpos, apjAo- 

cws, drdXaprds, atcepaios, vyXrjs, riXeios. 

Apu-rrXovTos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [recens ditatus,] recently acquired. Ad/3wi>, Tre- 
ves &s, apTXirXovra xpfjfxaTa. iEsch. Suppl. 742. 
Apri7rovs, et poet, aprixos, irbbos, 6 et fi, adj. [pedibus integer et valens,] active 

in the feet, nimble. 'Eyyvs b' o§' abros aprlnovs dpwaicei bdfiovs. Trach. 58. 

See also I. 501. 
ApTX-dfxds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [modo amputatus,] lately cut. Topydrbs aprXrofiop 

Ki^aXyjp fidaXXfjX kojui^ojp. Apoll. 4. 1515. 
AprXTpdirds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [puerilem aetatem vix egressus,] KXavrop §' aprXrpb- 

irois. Sept. Theb. 323. 1 
Aprtfpojv, 6v6s t adj. [iutegra mente przeditus,] sensible, prudent. OvtX yudX' 

apTi(ppu!V ineX ov roXjirjaep efcaora. w. 260. SYN. Hbtybs, elbrifiiov, aaKrjdrjs, 

ApTf^ptards, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [recens unctus,] recently anointed, or spread. "Ews 

dp aprXypiaTov apfibaatpiX irov. Trach. 700. 

AprXws, adv. [(l)integre, perfecte, (2) modo, nuper, tandem,] entirely, com- 
pletely, justly ; now, lately, at length. T//v r aprXios Qdvovadv enyovov alder. 

Hec. 9^1. SYN. TiXelws, vyXiLs, JxprX, veoyarX, 7rdXlp, clvtXkcl, vvp. 
\ApT67rwXXs, Xbds, >/, subst.' [quae panem vendit,] a female vender of bread. 
, "Avbpas 7roir)ras, &anep apTonioXXbds. Ran. 857^ 

Aprds, ov, 6, subst. [(1) panis, (2) cibus quivis,] a loaf, bread ; any food. "Ap- 
i tous etc Kuveoio bvto 7rdpedr]K£P deipas. a. 119* EPITH. 'AyeXcuos, yXvKvs, Qeaire- 

aXbs, fxevoeiKris. 
ApTvpd, dros, to, subst. [condimentum ,] seasoning. Ko<r//owres ^vrpas aprv- 

fxdaX •navTdbd'Ko'iaXv. Batrom. 41. SYN."Apwjud, bxpbp. 

ApTvvw, et aprva), v. [apto, apparo, instruo,] to arrange, to adapt, to prepare. 

Ot be re nvpyribbp atyeds abrovs dprvpavTes. M. 43. SYN. 'E^aprww, apriCu), 
j evrvu), evTVvu), iropovvio, 7rdpa.aKeva.clu>. 

kpvfiaXXds, ov, 6, subst. [marsupium, crumena ; balneorum instrumentum,] 
j a scrip, a purse; a bottle or vessel used in the baths. EIrd Kdraawevbetv 

Kdrd rt")s ne<f>dXfjs dpvflaXXw. Eq. 1094. (See Brunck in 1. c.) 
| Apvrw, or dpvia, v. [haurio, e profundo traho,] to draw water, to exhaust. Kd^ 

ddp&v vbdrwv irojfi dpvaaifiav ; Hipp. 209» SYN. 'AvtXZq), d7ra>'rXew, knfepw, 


lAp^ayos, Dor. pro 'Ap^ryyos, q. v. 

j \pxaid, (ov,Ta, subst. [res pristinas vel antiqua?,] things antiquated or obsolete, 

the principal. Kat rap^ald Kal tokol tokwv. Nub. 1156. 
j Apxakos, yi, ov, adj. [(l)antiquam rusticitateni pra3 se ferens, (2) stultus, sim- 
! plex,] old-fashioned, clownish, simple. "On rraibdpXdp el, koX <f>poveis rdp- 
XnXfcd. Nub. 821. 

1 Sec Dr. Blomfield'a note. 
Pros. Lex. S 


'Apxaioyovds, ov, b et f/, adj. [primogenitus, priscus,] first-born, of ancient 

descent. ^Kep/jd (xev ap^aioydi'ujv. Antig. 981- SYN. YlaXaiyeio)*, 7rdXaiy6vos, 

irpoyopos, ndXaios. 
\Apx«to7rXouros, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [a majoribus dives,] receiving wealth from an- 
cestors. WpyawirXovTiav beandrwy ttoXXi) \dpis. Agam. 1010. SYN. 'Apxe- 

*ApxaioTrpeir))s, eos, adj. [antiquitatem referens,] to be revered for its antiquity, 

venerable. MeyaXo-o-y^uom r ap^ai6wpe7rf}. P. V. 4l6. 
'Apxrios, a > ov, ac ^j* [(0 priscus, (2)ineptus, delirus,] ancient, former; old- 
fashioned, foolish. Qoijoov 7rpd(bf]Tis, rpindbos upxalov vb\xov. Ion. 1321. 

SYN. (l) ITaXcuos, Yjoovios, yrjpaws, '[lyvyios, TrdXaiy evtjs, ap^aio7rp£7r?)s, (2) ev- 

i']6r)S, d~7rXovs, fiwpos, \fjpos, a7rpa.yiJ.iov. 
'ApxebiKqs, ov, 6, subst. [Justus et legitimus princeps,] a legal and just go- 
vernor. 'A7ro-<nAa a cu filaiojs apxeblnav tokemv. Pyth. 4. 196\ 
'Apxe'ws, a, 6v, adj. [quod ad imperium spectat,] imperial, lordly. Ziijvos dp* 

Xelai bZx 0VTal - Olymp. 132. 
'Apx^aKds, ov, 6 et /;, adj. [auctor malorum,] causing evils. 'ApxiKaicovs, at 

iraol kclkov Tpweaat yzvovrb. E. 6'3. 
'Ap^eXaos, ov, et ap^eXas, 6, subst. [populi rector,] a ruler of the people. 

'ApxeXas, £<rei. Equit. 164. See also Pers. 302. $YN. 'Ap^Xews, apxEnoXXs, 

upX^v, apx^yos, (3d(rlXevs. 
'ApxeirXovTds, ov, 6 et f], adj. [avitas opes possidens,] possessing hereditary 

property. 'AXX' apyEirXovrov kcu fcaraorcinjv hofuov. Soph. El. J\. 
'Apx^oXis, em, 6 et i], adj. [civitati imperans,] "Evdd vlv apylitoXiv. Pyth. 

9.92. SYN. See in 'ApylXas. 
'ApxenroXefAds, ov, 6, P.N. [Archeptolemus,] the charioteer of Hector. 'I^trt- 

hr\v 'Ap^e7rroX£jUov dpdavv, ov pa to& > 'Lmrivv. 0. 128. Sy N."E»;r opos r/i/to^eus. 
'Apx^rr/s, ov, 6, subst. [princeps, dux,] a prince, a leader, "Eiritttev epos, e/xds 

apx^ras. Eur. Electr. 1149- Syn. See in 'Apx>?yos. 
*Apxevoj, v. [impero,] to command. See'Apxw. 'Apx^veiv Tpweaol Kara Kpd- 

repas vajiivas. E.~ 200. 
'Apx%x°P° s > ov > ° et ^» a( U» [°l u ^ cn °i' um ducit,] leading the dance. Udbos 

dpy^f^opou 7rX?7ya£s Opvytats. Troad. 151. 
'Apxv, fis, h> subst. [(1) initium, (2) imperium,] (1) a beginning, (2) government, 

dominion, power. KdQecer dpxvs, ov fiedlardrai dpoviov. Phoen. J3. Syn. 

(1) YIpdoifALOV, (ppoifuov, eiaobos, (2) bwaareia, tcx^Sj bvvdfiis, k^ovala, nvpos, 

Kparos, TvpavvXs. EpiTH. Alwvtds, bvadXtOTos, 'Slyvyios, fidalXifis. 
y Apx*)yzv\)s, Ids, 6 et ?/, adj. [auctor,] the cause, the promoter. Kai ravrd rainj 

KXavfjtaTojv cipxny^^' Agam. l6l8. 
'ApxTiyertu), v. [auspicor, incipio,] to begin, to take the lead. Ile/pwyu£0' epbeiv, 

kcltto rCJvb' apxriytTeiv. Soph. Electr. 84. 
'Apx^yerrjs, ov, 6, fern. dpx"Qyt~Xs, Xbds, rj, et dpx^yos, ov, 6, subst. [princeps, dux, 

auctor,] a chief, a leader, an author or proposer. 'EXdyiad/jiyjv ovv rw yevovs 

apxnyZTfl' Orest. 548. See also Lysistr. 645. and Hipp. 885. Syn. 'Apxos, ; 

apX wv » dpiarevs, hvvaarr]s, TrpoardT^s, £7rt(7rdrj/s, r/y>'yrwp, dyiayos, ijyefxutv, 

'ApxvQevt a ^v. [ab initio, primitusj from the beginning, at first, originally. 

TijjiaepTes cipx^Oev Xeyovrai. Isth. 4. 11. SYN. HdXnt, dviodtv. 
'Apx^«y, V, ov, adj. [gubernandi capax, imperans,] competent to govern, 

magisterial. Ti btfrd Oujkois apxiKois evrjfxEvot. Eur. fr. Phil. 6. 1. Syn. See 

f Apx^oxos, ov, 6, P. N. [Archilochus,] a poet of Paros, who first invented 

Iambic verses. x Ybyipov 'ApxiXoxov pdpvXd-yois. Pyth. 2. 98. 
'> £w, v. [fabrico, struo,] to act as a master builder, to plan. ITpos 

rdb' »j/x7v, et ri XP'/ &P9- V > ^p«5e, KapxireKrdvei. Pax 305. 
'Apxtr^fcrwi/, dvds, 6, subst. [architectus, fabricator,] an architect, a builder. 
Xwrav keXevu), to'kjiv apx>~cKrdoi. Cyc!. 477« 


'Apxbs, ov, o, subst. [princeps, dux,] a captain, a leader. 'Apybv tovra, kokQv 
z7rij3curKEiJ.Ev vlds 'Axaioiv; B. 234. SYN. See 'Apxriyi-ris. EPITH. 'Aprjityl- 
Xbs, irbXvXrjXos, icpdrepos, Opdavs. 

'Aoyw, f. fa, et med. dpxb/uai, v. [(l)incipio, (2) principatum obtineo,] (l)to 
begin, to take the lead, (2) to rule, to govern. "Ap\wv avi)p nds, Ivvealv T\y 
tyuv tvxt]. lph. A. 375. SYN. 'Ap^evw, fidolXevio, iiyebfxai, alrrvfAidu), dvaa- 
o~w, heaTToCio, Kpdreu), 7rpb(TTdTew, Kvplevu). 

'Apio, f. ctjocrw, v. [apto, adapto, alligo,] to fix, to fasten. "Apapevrjbe y uXevq 
IvaetcXvTOJS. P. V. 60. SYN. 'ApapiaKU), dp-vvoj, dpfio£(t), oreWh), Xajji/Sdvoj, 

'Apioyij, rjs, f/, subst. [auxilium,] assistance, support. "Hdpoiar', dpojyrj o' ovtls 

aXXi'/Xois 7raprjv. Pel's. 420. SYN. 'AXe£7?r//pioV, dfjivvd, (xvvr), dprjtys, fibijdeid. 

EPITH. 'Ake^iKCLKos, boXoecrad, vil/av^i^r, deairecrlds, ^aeo-tu/Sporos. 
'Apwybs, ov, 6, subst. [auxiliator,] an assistant, a supporter. Ovbels dpuybs kv 

Kaicois iyiyvsTu. CE. R. 127. SYN. 'AXet^rjTijp, £7rd/jivvT<*)p, e7rXTappbdbs,rtfX(jjpbs, 

'Aptopciids, Dor. pro 'Apovpcubs, q. v. 
Aptofjta, ards 9 to, subst. [arvum,] ploughed land. Tov 6eov rap&fia-a. Pax 

1158. 1 
'Apwatpds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [arabilis,] arable, fit for ploughing. 'Apwotfioi yap 

X«T£p(ov elvlv yvat. Antig. 575. 
AffdXdfxivids, ov, 6 et ?;, adj. [rei nauticae imperitus,] not having fought at Sa- 

lamis, not a good sailor. "Aireipbs, dddXd-riords, daaXd/jiivids. Ran. 206. 
'AadXevTos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [inconcussus,] unshaken, steady, firm. 'Aad-XevToy 

re fievet. Bacch. 3<)0. SYN. 'AarvfeXtKros, (3el3aws. 
Aodfiivdds, ov, ij, subst. [labrum, in quo veteres se lavabantja warm bath.* 

'E£ dcdfjLivdov j3ij, be/ads aQdvdroiolv bfJiolbs. y. 46S. SYN. Aovrpov, Xotrpby, 

Aaravrds, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [non snulcendus,] not to be flattered, implacable. 

"Agcivtos ck fiarpos earl dv/jos. Choeph. 41 6. SYN. 'Ajtie/Xtyos. 

Aadbfxai, v. [(l)nauseo, (2) irascor,] (1) to be affected with nausea, to be sick; 

to be angry. 'AXA.' o-Ko-av Trivioaiv' bray -01 Ovjuoy acrrjdrjs. Theogn. 983. 

SYN,"Ar]bs6fxa.i, Xv7reu[jiat. 
iAadfijs, ids, 6 et //, adj. [incertus, obscurus,] uncertain, dark, mysterious. 
I 'ils 7rdvr dyav alyiKTd Kaad(f>rj Xeyeis ', CE. R. 447« SYN. "AbriXbs, d/uavpbs. 
\ Avftecrros, r], or, et ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [quod extingui nequit,] that cannot be ex- 
tinguished, unquenchable, immense. "Aa(3earos 6' dp' h'wprb yeXws /udKapecrai 
J BlolaXv. A. 599' SYN."A7ravoTos, fxeyds. 

lAafioXbs, ov, r/, subst. [fuligo, favilla,] soot, ashes, a. 'A-KbTreTrbvriKas, b. (j>ev. 
I tov ry}s aafibXov. Thesm. 245. SYN. AlQdXrj, aiddXbs, Xiyvvs, \j>bXbs t cnrb- 


Aaej3eid, as, ?/, subst. [impietas,] impiety. To 5' av Kaxovpyeiv, doefjetd fxiydXrj, 

Orest. 814. Syn. bvatrsfieia, dblald. 
'AaeiSrjs, zbs, 6 et //, adj. [impius,] impious. 'Hfletv diravras, rbv dot/or}, Toy etc 

Oeiijy. CE. R. 1395. SYN."A0£ds, dbiKos, dae-KTOs. 
lAcreiptoTos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [habena carens, intractabilis,] unharnessed, un- 
■ governable. MeXdfi7rt7rXos hi Nvf daeipwrov gvyols. Ion 1 1 50. 

AaeXyws, adv. [(l) proterve, (2) libidinose,] (1) wantonly, (2) lustfully. Kcu 

iribvts elaiv daeXyws. Plut. 560. SYN. A/coXaorws, TrpbTttT&s, dvaibus, fityd- 


^.aiXrjvbs, ov, o et >/, adj. [illunis,] moonless. Bpe^ojuai be KaclX-qvbv. Anacr. 
'3. 12. Syn. iKbTeubs. 

\aeiTTiio, v. [impius sum,] to be impious, to be guilty of impiety. Xpq be 

ray' els deoiis 3 fx^bey aGeizTelv. Antig. 1350. SYN. 'Ao-£/3tw, bvoaefitio. 

&<T€TTTbs, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [impius,] unholy, impious. (drjpioaiy Toy da€7TTby. 

Bacch. S86. Syn. 'Act^z/s, ahlKps. 
1 See Brunck. - See Uamm. c. 926. 3 Gtovs is here monosyllabic. 

140 AIHM A2KA 

'Aarji.iavTds, ov, 6 et rj, adj, [(l) non signatus, (2) incustoditus,] unmarked, un- 
guarded, 'fls be Xeiov fxi]XoiaXv darj/uavToiaXv eireXQu)?. K. 485. SYN. (l)"A<7?f- 
fjids, (2) cityvXaKTos, a<j>paKTos, atypovTWTos. 
"Affrj/mos, ov, et dvi'ifjiwv, ovus, 6 et //, adj. [non signatus,] unmarked, unstamped, 
modest, obscure, uncertain, indistinct. Ovbev tX juaXXov olb' • datj^d ydp 
Xeyeis. Alcest. 532. SYN. ^AafifiavTOS, ayviocrTos, dbr)\os, dbo't,ds. 
'korjuws, adv. [obscure,] indistinctly, ambiguously. Xprjajjiovs darings bvmcpl- 

T(os t elpr)(j.£i'Ovs. P. V. 683. SYN. ^ Ay vworws, dbi'iXws, aKoreivws. 
'Aadeveid, as, f}, subst. [iufirmitas,] weakness. 'E*> b' aadEveia tqv irdrjJiov bXu- 

Xiffds. Here F. 269 • SYN. Nooos, voar\ jua, TdXanriopla. 
'Affdereh), v. [infirmus sum,] to be weak. Tovs -KEvr^Tds aadevovvTas, Kairopovv- 

rds aX(f>XT(ov, Pax 635. SYN. 'A7rop£W, bvoTvyibJ, voaecj. 
'Aadevijs, Eds, adj. [invalidus, tenuis,] weak, infirm. 'AoQlvei (jlev xpto-X fiaivwv. 

Pyth. 1. 107. SYN.^A/3A?7Yjr)os, abpdvrjs, djiEvrivos, dtyavpos. 
1 Aadfjid, d>ds, to, subst. [anhelitus, anhelatio,] breath, hard breathing, panting, 
asthma. "Adfyt&rt <pplff(TOVTd irvocts eKiyiv. Nem. 10. 139* SYN. AvoTrvom, 
^uo-j/jud, ffrevayfids, nvdri, 7rvevfid, drjfid. EPITH. 'ApydXtoV, beivov, bvaKt- 
Xdbov, deploy, Xa/3poV, abpdves, vXXyobpdves, bt^dXedv, bvarjvEf.wr', Qeooovtov, 
Xo/ytoV, KVfidroEV. 
'Aod/jiairu), v. [anhelo,] to breathe hard, to pant, to gasp. Avrdp dy aadfiaivwv 

evepyeos eWeae blypov. E. 585. 
'Affta, as, f} t P.N. [Asia,] Asia. AovXa, XXnova* 'Aaiai/. Hec. 479. Phr. 'ao-?//- 

tis y(6u)r t et y>7« 
'Ao-iarts, xbds, et daXds, dbos, //, [Asiatica,] Asiatic, belonging to Asia. 'Aam- 

rXbos yrjs a^fid, (dr/paia vroXXs. Androm. 1. See Orest. 1392. 
'AoXaToyEvris, eos, adj. [Asiaticus,] belonging to Asia, lldad ydp tV^vs 'Aaia- 

TbyEVY]s. Pers. 12. 
'Ac/y^rds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [non tacens,] not silent, sounding, noisy. Tr^lyles, 

Qlpd-jrovTES dcriyrjTOio Xe^tjtos. Call. 4. 286. 
'AoXbrjpos, ov, 6 et rj t adj. [non armatus ferro,] unarmed. M6aj(ois E7rf]X6ov 

X €l P^ s aoXbr'ipov /nerd. Bacch. 735. 
'AaXyijs, eos, adj. [illaesus,] unhurt. IloXews daXvei awnjpX. Sept. Theb. S26. 

SYN.""A/3Xd/3>)s, dZrifxXds. 
"AaXus, ov, 6, P. N. [Asius,] an ally of the Trojans ; also used as an adjective. 
" AaXbv afJi(pX dvaKrd, KtiX 'IdfiEvbv, KaX 'OpeoTrjv. M. 139» EPITH. 'YprdiaSfjs, 
v'ws 'Tprdfcov, fXEyds, tfpws, op-^dfids avhpiov. 
"Aats, e<i)s> ?/, subst. [lirnus,] mud, scum, slime. 'AXXe£ai* togot\v 01 doiv KdQv- 

-KepQs KaXv\p(o t $, 321. SYN. Av/jlu, ttXvos, 7D7X0S, IXvs. 
'A<ris, Xbos, f} t i. q. 'Aatds, (\. V. Tds a7r' 'AoXbos ^\0' ett cudv* Pers. 275. 
'Affirm, v. [abstineo a cibo,] to abstain from food. Qdvelv dairel 6' els dwo- 

ardaiv (jXov. Hipp. 277* SYN. N^orevw. PHR. Ov alrd bXd bEprjs bExfy* 11 ' 
'Affirta, as, r/, subst. [inedia,] want of food, abstinence. ^Ikutm b£ Swo-tr', evd* 

daiTiais e/jlov. Eur. Suppl. 1115. SYN. 'A7ra(T7m, vrjOTeia, ire'ivr). 

"Astros, ov, 6 et rj y adj. [impastus, jejunus,] unfed, without food. Kelrat b* 

dcrirds, oCjfi vfeicr' uXyqbdvX. Med. 24. SYN/Avraoros, dyevaros, aKfATjvvs, 


'Aff»:dXd/3wr//s, ov, o, subst. [stellio, species lacertae,] an evet, a lizard. 'Vi 

aoKdXdfiunov. b. rXvd Tponov ; Kdre(7re fiot. Nub. 170. 

"AffKdXos, ov, o et //, adj. [sarculo haud purgatus,] unweeded, undressed. Tot- 

ydproi 7rpo dvpav fiev dirb crrropio acKdXd irarrd. Theocr. 10. 14. SYN. 'AKa0apros. 

'AaKdvXa, as, %, P. N. [Ascania,] (1) a city and district of Phrygia, (2) another 

in Mysia. Tf}X y Q 'Ac/cdrr^s* ^liidaav b' va[uvX ftdxeodai. B. 863. EPITH. 


'AmtdvXds, ov, o, P. N. [Ascanius,] so called from his country Ascania. Qopwi 

av <I>puyds r\yE t KaX 'AmidvXos deoeibtjs. B. 862. 
'AtrKavTrjs, ov, o, subst. [vilis grabatus,] a pallet bed. Ilov 2rp€\//td§»7s ; e£er 
Toy aamvTrjv Xdfiwv. Nub. 633. SYN. ^Kifxnovi, fiaOpbv, dpdvds. 

A2KA AI04> 141 

'AffKapba/jivKTvs, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [non nictans,] not winking. BXe^dy els p 

aoKapba/ivKTds. Equit. 292* SYN. 'ATevrjs. 
'AfTKeBijS, et aox7?0/)s, ids, adj. [incolumis, sospes,] safe, unhurt. Nrjwv -nr^iavQx], 

aXX' dcrnidies icaX dvovooi. £.255. See e. 144. SYN.^A/3\a/3r)s, vyX>)s, d\w- 

firjTos, cods, dprXos. 
'A<u:e\?)s, ids, adj. [imbecillis, item, piaedurus,] having no limbs, weak; also, 

hard, uninterrupted, incessant. Tprj^eiTjs 'iddKrjs' vvv b' aaniXies kcu ddvfxoi, 

k. 463. SYN. 'ATipafxvds, ffKXrjpds, tnrovbaios, ^vvi^'js. 
'AaKETrapvos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [non exasciatus,] untouched by the axe. JSadpov 

rob' avKZKaprdv' aXX ipo\, Seoi. CE. C. 101. SYN."A£eoTos. 
' AoneTTTus, ov, 6 et i], adj. [non circumspectus,] unexplored, unconsidered, in- 
considerate, rash. 'Enelvd \xdvdv aaKenTov, y\v at To^drat. Eccles. 258. SYN. 
" AaKoirds, atypojv, dfDOvXds, dvdrjTos, 7rpoTriT7]s. 
"AoKevos, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [non instructus,] unfurnished. Ob \piXdv, ovb' ixaKevdv 

els Tdayvb' vj3pXi>. (E. C. 1029« SYN. 'Areyy/js. 
'A<Tic£<y, v. [exerceo,] to practise, to labor, to train, &c. floXXw ye fudXXov 

aavrdv rjatcrjaas ai(3etv. Hipp. 1083. SYN. 'Epydzdfxat, fxiXirdw, iirXTr\bevia, 

'AffKrjdijs, see 'AtjKtdtjs. 
'AffKTjTinds, rj, dv, adj. [ad exercitationem comparatus,] fitted for exercise. 

'Aff/o/rtcoV to ^pfjfid tov voff^fidros. Lysistr. 1087^ 
'AaKrj-ds, if, ov, adj. [arte elaboratus,] curiously wrought, adorned. 'Ep Xi%eX 

aaKr]T(o' to b' eyw ledfidv, ovbi tXs aXXds. \p. 189* SYN. 'Yvktos, cvtvktos, tcoXv- 

KfiijTos, e^rjcrtcrjfxevos, evrptfit'is. 
"AanXbtdv, ov, to, subst. dimin. ab chtkos, [parvus uter,] a small leathern bottle. 

'AW ?ikev ZtcaoTos iv aaKXbXb) (j)ipcjv. Eccles. 306. 
"AanXds, a, dv, adj. [(l) umbrosus, (2) umbra carens,] (l) having much shade, 

shady, (2) having no shade. 'Ao-nXots QXiovvtos vk 'Sl-yvyXois. Nem. 6. 73. 

SYN. KaTCHTnios, fidQvoKXos, GKiepos, 
'AvicXrjTrXos, ov, 6, P. N. [iEsculapius,] a famous physician and disciple of 

Chiron. 'Eyw KdrdtcXivetv avTov els J AcrKXr}7rXov. Plut. 411. EPITH. 'Harto- 

bo>pds, 7]ttXos, einrats. PHR. TeiCTiov dvo)bvvias apiipos yviapi&ds, ijpws, iravTo- 

bdicwv aXfcrr/p vovawv, ttcus 6 Qoifiov, fidaXXevs fxiyds. 1 
"Aukottos, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [(1) inconsideratus, (2) ignotus, (3) improvisus,] in- 
considerate, unknown, unexpected. "Amcottoi Qioi' KiXcavai. Agam. 447. 

SYN."A<T»ce7rros, airpoohoKriTds, 7tdpdbo^ds. 
'Agkos, ov, 6, subst. [uter,] a leathern bag, a skin for wine. 'Ev be oX uotcdv 

idrjci did fxiXdvos o'ivoid. e. 265* SYN. Aepfxd, bipds, bdpds. EPITH. Ev- 

'AoKwXXactu), 1 v. [super utrem salio,] to leap on the leathern bag. 'AaicwXXaz' 

evravOd wpos Tt)v aidpXav. Plut. 1130. SYN."A\\ojua«. 
"Acnu^a, utos, to, subst. [pellis muniens remos, qua parte scalmo incumbunt,] 

the leathern lining of the holes, through which the oars are put. "Aanwn* 

eX €ls 7rov "Xtpi- ™ v 0([>daXfidv sdrw. Acll. QJ. 
^Aifffid, utos, to, subst. [cantilena,] a song, a ballad. 'EcttXv dudXaarT #f7/iara. 

Lysistr. 398. SYN. 'Aoibq. EPITH. "AjifipoTov, fibvOpoov, de'iov, fxeiXX^ov, 

'AifffidToKafnrrris, ov, adj. [cantuum tortor,] a distorter of songs. KvkXXwv re 

\6poJv olff/udTOKdfnrTas. Nub. 333. 
"Aefxevos, r), ov, adj. [gaudens, libens,] glad, willing, 'fls av ff^oX))v Xvcrufxtv 

aofxevoi itbviov. Here. F. 725. SYN. 'Eicibv, edeXiov, TrpoQvfios, tfbvs. 
"Aodfos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [insipiens,] foolish. <bol(3ov 5' dadtyoi yXwaaqs evonat. 

Eur. Electr. 1300. SYN/A^pw*', dbdfjs, dbdrifiwr, d/iddrjs. 

1 See lleyne's note B. 751. 

- 'AoKiiiXia was the name of a festival at Athens in honor of Bacchus, where it was customary 
to leap on swelled leathern bags. See Schol. on the pass, here quoted. 

142 AiriA A1I0 

'A<77r<i5<fymi, v. [amplector,] to embrace, to salute. 'D.s aairaauiiiai tyiv rdXai- 

Trojpov 7!o\lv. Troad. 1267. SYN."Ayu/ja(, dydiraio, afififiaXXu), TrpooTr-VGGofjiai, 

'A(T7ralpoj, v. [palpito,] to breathe hard, to pant. "EXd<pos yap aanaipova ekeit 

eiri "Xdovl. Iph. A. 158(5. SYN. 'A7raer7m/pw, kivew, xpvxoppdyEio. 
'AvTrciXadds, ov, 6 et r), subst. [frutex spinosus, aspalathus,] the white thorn, 

or thorn of Jerusalem. 'Ev yap opet parrot te KaX ao7rakadoi KofioiovrX. Theocr. 

4. 57. 
" Aoirapros, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [non seminatus,] not sown. 'AX\' y\y doTrapros koX 

avr/poTos rjfAdrd Trciprd. 1. 123. 
'A<77rd(Ttos, et aanaoTos, r), dp, et ov, 6 et /), adj. [desirieratus,] desirable, wel- 
come. Nt?£ 7ro|0a npvuvri* rw b' aoTrdaXos yever eXduv. K. 35. See Rhes. 

344. SYN. AtpsTos, ijbvs, EVK~a~ids, -)(dpieis, da/mevos, dsoeihrjs. 
"A(T7rafffid, drds, to, subst. [amplexus,] an embrace. YjIev' (pXXas }xlv ijhbvas 

ciGKaa/jdrwy. Eur. Electr. 5$6. SYN. 'A^nao/jos, itzplfioXri. 
"AoirepfjLbs, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [sine senaine et prole,] without offspring. "0(f>pd 

fifj aarTrepfxos yevefj KaX dtyavros oXrjrat. Y. 303. SYN. 'Atskvvs, dyovos, 

'AffTrepxES, adv. [indesinenter,] incessantly. Toacd kukcl pizovoXv, or aairep^s 

fieveaivets. A. 32. SYN. 'Ae???x"» ovveyG jS > ivX v P^ s ' 
"Ao-ketos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [(l) ineirabilis, (2) immensus,] (1) beyond description, 

(2) vast, widely extended. 'H b 7 ws ovv vekv&s te KaX elgixetov elaXhlv alfid' 

X> 407. SYN. 'AfJEyapros, dQ£Gtyd.Tds,direipz(rX6s, atydovos, clttXetos. 
'Ao-TrXbaTroljXris, rj-ds, 6 et r), adj. [qui scutum in fuga abjicit,] one who throws 

away his shield, a deserter. Xw fiEyds ovtos KoXdKiovvfxds aG7rXbdTro(3Xr)s. 

Vesp. 590. 
'A(nrXbrj(TTpd(pds, ov, o et 17, adj. [clypeum rotans,] turning the shield round, 

armed with a shield. "Itttov veoggos d.G7rXbr]GTpd(j)os Xews. Agam. 798. 
*A(T7rXbr}<pdpos, aanXboiixos, et acnrXbuorrjs, ov, 6, adj. [clypeo armatus,] armed 

with a shield, shield-bearing. EteAas* keXeve ndvTds acmbrityopovs. Bacch. 

770. See also Eur. Suppl. 1 1 54. et B. 554. 
'AaTrXbdtyep/Aojv, dvds, adj. [qui bello se alit ; bellicosus,] maintained by the 

shield; warlike. ' AaTrXbdtyepnovd dXdadu evdirXdV. Phcen. SO9. 
'Ao-7rts, Xbos, rj, subst. [clypeus,] a shield. 'EkeIge ko-keIg' clgttXo' ekteivojv ^tpe. 

Androm. 1120. SYN. QvpEos, GaKos, Irla. EPITH. ' A/j, ffftpoTos, ctKafjidrus, 

bopXtrdvos, evkvkXos, evtvktos, Kpartph, iroXvbaibdXos, irdvaioXos, OfMpdXvEGGd, 

ravpeia, Qdeivr), ^pi/ce/a. 
'Aff7Ttorj7p, fjpos, aGTriGTYis, ov, et aoTTiGTwp, dpos, 6, subst. [clypeatus miles,] 

a shield-bearer. AXirovGd b' clgtoIgXp aGnriGrdpas. Heracl. 278. See also Ion 

196. and Agam. 394. SYN. 'AGTrXbrjtyopos, ciGTribiwTrjs, odKeotyopos , GdKEGirdXvs. 

EPITH. Aoyxvpys, dprjXos. 
"AGnXayxi'ds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [non habens cor ; timid us,].- having no heart; 

cowardly. Mr) toi fyvatv y aG7rXayxvds ek keivov ylyws. Aj. 472. $YN. 'A- 

gBevtis, droXjutds, bsiXos. 
"AGTrovbds, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [libamenti vel induciarum expers ; implacabilis,] 

one with whom no treaty can be made ; implacable. Uautrd rip KdrwQlv 

aG7rovbti) 6e^. Alcest. 429* SYN. 'ApelXlxos, dTrdpairrjTos, vireptyXaXos. 
'AG7rovbaGTds, ov, 6 et i), adj. [neglectus, indignus,] not desirable, unworthy, 

forbidden. IxevbovTd b' aairovbaGTd, IlevQta Xsyw. Bacch. 901. SYN. 'Av- 

a^ios, d/ie\>/s. 
'Aff7rou5et, seu aGTrovb), seu aGTrovbf), adv. [sine strenuo labore; ignave,] without 

exertion, indolently. Mr) adv ftGnovbEl ye, bdfiaGcdfxEvoi nip, eXouv. O. 4/6. 
_ See also X. 304. SYN. 'AfxdyrjrX, iiGvx?}, drEp G7rovbrjs. 
'Aggov, comp. tiGGoTEpu), super!. aGGdrdrto, adv. [prope,] near. Kat tXv 

eiTTElv, rj tXs avbp&v uggov ovk eX^XvOei. Equit. 1306'. See also r. 506. Syn. 

'Eyyvs, EyyvQiv, eyyvdX, irXr}GXuv, «yx^> 7reAcw, dyxodX. Compar. eyyvTfpw, 

Super I. eyyiirdrto. 


WoovpXds, a, dv, adj. [Assyrius,] Assyrian. 'Hbe eat 'AoovpXrjs irpdyyotv 

yBdvds' 7]fiarX £>' avrw. Apoll. 2. 9^6. 
"AaraKTos, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [non destillans,] not dropping, not flowing. 'A- 

-ordicrujv fidrr\p vbdruv. Iph. T. 1 252. 
'ActtcuctT, et aa-akrei, adv. [non stillatini, copiose,] not drop by drop, co- 
piously. 'AorokTt Xeijjwv baKpiidv 6>6' obot-upei. CE. C. 1251. See also CE. C. 

1^46. for an instance of atrraKrl with the last syllable long. Syn. YldXvba- 

Wa-ad/jrjrds, et Harare's, ov, 6 et j/, adj. [iustabilis,] unstable, fluctuating, un- 
certain. Bpd-Cjv & d 7ras a(T-adfii]Tos aiuv. Orest. 971- See also Phoc. 25. 

SYN. H<pa\epds, ovtc efnrebds. 
"Aaraxps, vds, 6, subst. [spica, arista,] an ear of corn. AdjSpds erraiyl^wy, e-nt 

r ijfxveX dordyrueooXv. B. 148. 
'Aorelds, a, 6v y et 6 et ?/, adj. [urbanus,] belonging to a city, polite, witty, 

facetious. Ti be; ravrdjudXelv doreldv elyai 001 bdze7 ; Plut. 1150. SYN. 

EvrpdrceXos, kclXos, (ppdiXfuds, -^dpXeis, eirXeiKi)s, betyds, kojjlxLos. 
"Acrrenr-ds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [non calcatus vel tritus,] untrod. Ai)fivov, (jpdrols 

aa-enrrus, obo^ olt:ov/j.Evr}. Philoct. 2. SYN". 'A or Xp r)s> 
i Aorejj.(f»)s, ids, adj. [iromotus, firmus,] unmoved, firm. 'AW dorefxipes e^eoKev 

aibpei QwrX eoizws. T. 219* SYN. 'AofdXys, fiefiaios, dber,s. 
'Aorejityeios, adv. [immote, firme,] immoveably, firmly. 'Y/iels b' doreyu^ews 1 

eyijiev, fxdXXov re rrXe^eiv. b. 419* SYN. Befiaiov, do&dXios. 
'Aareywcrvs, ov, oet fj, adj. [suspirioruni expers,] not sighed for, without groans, 

without groaning (taken actively). 'AW doreyazros alev eo-ndp^v kuko'is, 

Trach. 10/6. 
"Aore-rds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [non cinctus coronis,] unadorned with crowns or 

chaplets. IIoI Tpe\bdjueodd ; ris yap doreTrros dewy ; Heracl. 441. SYN. 'Aore- 


'Acrrepyaywp, opds, 6 et t), adj. [viros non amans,] disdaining a man for a hus- 
band. Ovpavov' raploio yap aorep-yavopa. P. V. g30. SYN. Hrvydvojp. 

'Aarepytjs, Ids, 6 et fj, adj. [inamabilis,] unamiable, harsh, cruel. 'Aorepyes, 
Qvbey' yfjs b' drreioXv dfiXdfi{)s. CE. R. 229* SYN."A(7ropyos, dvepaords, d(j>XXds, 
dfxeiXX^ds, bvorpdrrds, bvarpcnreXos. 

'AaripXr), r\s, >/, P. N. [Asteria,] the ancient name of the island of Delos. Toypd 
b' er 'AorepXri ov, khi ovbeirto enXed AjjXds. Call. 4. 40. 

*AorepXs, xbos, //, P. N. [Asteris,] the name of an island. 'AorepXs ov /jieyaXr)' 
^Xfjieves b' ivi yavXd)(oi avrrj. b. 845. SYN. YXerpiieocd. 

'Acrrepdeis, eaaci, ev, adj. [stellatus,] starry, studded with stars. Evyerd, x e 'P' 
opeyejy els ovpdvov dorepdevrd. O. 371. SYN. 'Aorepiorros. 

*Acrrepd7ra~ids, ov, 6, P. N. [Asteropjeus.] 'AoTe.pdTtaj.6y re &eioi)vdpd 6\ 'Imro- 
6oov re. P. 21/. 

*AorepdTr)), r)s, //, subst. [fulgur,] a flash of lightning. E'aceXdy dorepdiry' rw b' 
ov OifiXs e.orX fuXyyvat. Z. 386. EpiTH. Aa^nrpd, ofxepbaXea. 

'Aorepdnrjrris, ov, 6, subst. [fulgurator,] he who causes the lightning to fly, 
thunderer. OuS' et irvpcpdpds d.orlpdxr\ri]s. Phil. II98. 

'AorepujTrds, ov, 6 et //, et dorep6eib))s, eds, adj. [slellarum faciem habens,] hav- 
ing the face or form of a star, star-like, bright. 'Aorepwrrds ev ypd<pa~ioiv 
Phoen. 129. See also Thesm. IO76. SYN. 'Aorepdets, dorpd(pd>)s, Xafjurpus. 

'Anretydyos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [corona non redimitus,] uncrowned. 'Aoretydvoi be 
Kdpas dvdiravXai. Hipp. 1137- SYN."Aore7rros. 

'Aor>),?/v, 1), subst. [civis,] a female citizen, "boat ndpeofxey doral. Thesm. 541. 

*Aori]p, epos, 6, subst. [stella,] a Star. TV* 7ror' ap dorrjp dbe rcopd^evet', Iph. 
A. 6. EPITH. 'Ayavos, eyils, Xafxupos, drciopivds, 'OXvfxrrXos, Tra/ucpaiywy, TzipX- 
KaXXrjs, vvktos, dnabos, ovpdvXds, dvravy)]s, dreiprjs. 

'AorXfir/s, eds, del >/,adj. [non calcatus,] not trodden, impervious to. Tuv aoriftij 

'voWwpi, rav dydXXoy. Sept. Theb. 857. SYN."A/3«ros, aorenrTds, dotydXi'is. 

1 'A<rTe,u(f>e&!j is here scanned as a molossns. 

144 aito Arrv 

*AoTdfi6s } ov, 6 et ^, adj. [durioris oris,] hard -mouthed. *E7reird b' AivXdvos 

avbpos aardfxoi. Soph. Electr. 7*2.6. 
"AaTopyos, ov, b et >/, adj. [naturalis amoris expers,] devoid of natural affection. 

'Aaropyov be yvvawus C7r' aXXdrpXa) voos alev, Theocr. 17. 43. SYN.'Aorep- 

yijSf d(j)XXos, a.7rrjvris, 
*Aotos, ov, o, et ugt)), fjs, i], subst. [civis,] a citizen. Ou5' clotgv yvea, ogtXs 

avdabjjs yeyws. Med. 225. SyN. UoXitt]S, evbrjfids, eyyevijs. 
, A<JTpdj3t]s, eos, 6 et >/, adj. [qui non convertitur, flrmus,] unshaken, firm. 

"Afxa^bv acrTpaflrj rio-va. Olymp. 2. 146. SYN."Acrrpe7rros. 
'AeTpafliSta, v. [juniento sarciuis onusto vehor,] to ride on a beast of burden, 

laden with packages. Kdju//Xo*s aarpafiigovaas yBtiva. iEsch. Suppl. 293. l 
'AcrrpayaXos, ov, 6, subst. [(1) vertebra, spondylus, (2) talus liisorius,] (1) an 

ankle, knuckle, (2) a die to play with. Nj/7rios, ovk eQeXuv, apef ciOTpdyd- 

\otai ^dXtoQeis. ^F. 88. SYN. (!) ^(povbvXds, vrpotyevs, crpofty!-, (2) kv(3os, 

'Affrpd^, ys, fj, subst. [fulgur,] a flash, lightning. Bpovrrj & eppdyr] hV aarpa- 

vrfjs. Nub. 583. SYN. 'AcTepoTrrj, arepo-m), creXds. 
^AoTpairr)(popEw, v. [fulgura fero,] to bear lightning, 'rf Uppar eXdwv Zrjvds 

&trrpam}<j>opel. Pax 72 1 . 
'AffTpairrjipopos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [fulgura ferens,] bearing a flash, sulphureous. 

H,£fieXi), Xd\€vdelff aoTpd7n/<pop&> TrvpX. Bacch. 3. 
'AotpaitTw, v. [(1) fulguro, (2) fulgeo,] (1) to lighten, (2) to shine. UebXov 

aarpaTzrei. Phcen. 111. SYN. 2rtX/3w, Xa^iru). PHR. ' AaTepdirr)v eXeX(£(t>. 
'Aorpdre/a, as, ?/, subst. [desertio militias,] the refusing to serve in war, de- 
sertion. It) b' dorpdrems y eiKoatv. Equit. 443. 
''AaTpdTevKTdSi ov, 6 et r;, adj. [immunis a militia,] uninured to military service. 

Towro b' ear aXytaroi', v^uiv^v tXs aarparevTos &v. Vesp. 1122. 
^AaTpeTTTbs, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [qui seu quod non flectitur, aut vertitur,] not bend- 
ing or turning. " AarpewTOs' KaOdpio be Trvpioadre bw/ad deeiio. Theocr. 24. 94. 

SYN. 'AffrpajSrjS, arpeirTOS, dfxeiXXyps, aarpdtpds, aKorpoTrds. 
'Aarpdyeiruv, dvps, 6 et >/, adj. [astris vicinus,] near to the stars, towering. 

Kpdra.(j)(i>v dit avrwv acrTpdyefrdvas be \P^' ^* ^* 746. SYN. Ainewus, 

"AoTptiv, ov, to, subst. [(l) sidus, (2) stella,] (1) a constellation, (2) a star. 
T ft rijv ev darpois ovpdvov Tefxvuv ohov. Phcen. 1. EpiTH. 'Apt7rpe7res, ayXdov, 

\ctfnrpov, rrjXeQdves, <j>Xdyepov, (j)deivov, ayvdv. 
'AoTpdvdfieio, v. [astronomiam tracio,] to study astronomy. Ai>t6s add' avrbv 

aarrpovofjielv bxbcHTicerai. Nub. 194,. 
'AoTpdvojiia, as, >/, subst. [astrorum scientia,] astronomy, a. 'Atrrpdvd/ua fie v 

avTTJL b. tovti be ti; Nub. 201. 
"AoTpbtyds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [irretortus,] not turning. "E7retr dfyepneiv aaTpdtyos' 

Kal ravrd coi. CE. C. 490. SYN. See " Aorpe7T7os. 
"Agtv, eos, to, subst. [urbs,] a city, ^.rvy&v fiev clgtv, tov ft efibv bfjfiov irod&v. 

Acharn. 38. SYN. IloXts, itt6Xis, 7tTdXiedpdv. EPITH. 'AyXdov, alireivdv, 

evpvyopov, delov, eiriipaTov, evbfj.r)Tdt>, Xepdv, ImroTpotyov, nvbl/ndv, 6X/3idi>, irepi- 

'Aarvdva^, aicrds, 6, subst. [urbis prasses,] a prefect or king of a city. "Ire pav 

aoTvdvaKrds. iEsch. Suppl. 1025. SYN. 'ApyenoXXs, apx^Xas, ap-^eXaos, 

op^os, apyuv, fidaiXevs, apyjiyeTYjs, cip^rjyds. 
'AffTvdva];, uktos, 6, P. N. [Astyanax,] the son of Hector and Andromache. 

'AffTvdva£, ov Tpwes eniKXr\(nv KaXeovaXv. X. 506. 
'A<rrv/3ow7-j}s, ov, 6, adj. [per urbem clam i tans,] crying through the city. 

'E<rrd#r' ev btfpu>, KrjpvKd re aaTvfiowTrjv. ft. 701. 
'AaTvyeiToveu), v. [conterminus sum,] to dwell near, to border upon. ITdp'At- 

OXoxpXv atTTvyeiTovcvfievas. M&ch. Suppl. 294. 

1 See Dr. Butler's note on this passage. 

A2TV A2G0 145 

'Aarvhpojilio, v. [urbeni oppugno,] to overrun. 'AaTvbpo^ovfiEvav noXXv, kcu 

arpdrevp'. Sept. Theb. 208. 
'AaTVKvs, ?), 6>, adj. [oppidan us,] belonging to the city. Xaipir aorvKos Xews. 

Eumen. 1000. Syn. 'Aorelds, cuttXkos, evtyvr/s, ko^os. 
'Aarvvuds, ov J 6 et >/, adj. [victor, et f. victrix, Epith. urbis,] Ti'jvb' aarvviKov 

kv fipdrols Tifiqv ttoXXv. Eumen. 91 8. 
'Aarrvvd/jids, ov, 6 et %, adj. [urbeni ad ministrans,] regulating a city, <t}pdvijfxd 

Kai aarvvofjiovs. Antig. 355. SYN. 'AoreTos, aarvKos. 
' AarvwdXeid et cud, as, >/, P. N. [Astypalaea,] Oapvos, dv 'IfjfipdaXotaX nap' 

vbdaXv 'AcrrvTrdXetd. Apoll. 2. 868. 
'AtrvXrjrds, dcrvXojros, et aovXos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [(l)non spoliatus, (2) nop vio- 

landus,] not plundered, inviolable. ~Navayds rjnio, £evds, davXrjrov yevos. Helen. 

456.' See also Med. 762. SYN. 'aXw/jVos, afiXd(3r)s, fizfiaws, TZpos. 
'AavXla, as, fj, subst. [sanctitas loci,] inviolability, sanctity. KappvoXacrrovs, 

liiv t dwXXa (jpbrwv. JEsch. Suppl. 6 1 8. 
'AavjufiXrjTds, ov, 6 et ?;, adj. [non comparandus; non adsequendus,] not to be 

compared, not to be comprehended. "A(f>paardy, a£vpj3XriTdv avdpuirw pdQelv. 

Trach. 717. 
'Aav/jHpdpds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [inutilis, damnosus,] inexpedient, inconvenient, 

hurtful. "Ektti S' ?/ fxeocrq fxdX davp<popos eort (pvTolalv. Hes. Op. 780. SYN. 

AKGipds, axprjards, (3Xd(3Zpds, aTrpZiri]s, cltottos. 
'aovvZtos, ov, et aavvrmuv, 6vds, 6 et >/, adj. [insipiens,] unwise, imprudent. 

Ov yap tooovtov aaiiveros TtZtyvK Zyu). Ph0311. 1640. SYN.^A^oujv, avdrjrds, 

'AavvZaXa, as, fj, subst. [inscitia,] ignorance, folly. Ovb' d/ueifiZTai fipdrwv 

dovvZoXas. Phoeu. 1756. SYN. "Avoid, dfxddi a, dySovXia. 
'AiTvord-ds, ov, v et rj, adj. [quod consistere nequit ; incompositus,] inconsis- 
tent, unexampled. ' A^varardv aXyos Z-npa^Zv. Agam. 1443. 
'Aav<pr)Xds, ov, 6 et i), adj. [vilis, abjectus,] mean, contemptible. *A\X' ovirto 

aev dtiovod Kaicov Z-rros, oho* dav(f)r)Xov. £1. 7&7* SYN. "Art^os, dvdptdpds, diro- 

(jiXrjros, di'orjTos, abounds. 
'A<T<pd&aaTos, ov, 6 et >;, adj. [propr. qui non jactat pedes sine lucta,] incon- 

vulsive, quiet. Zvv avtydbaGTU ku\ Tdyei 7rr)brj/jdTX. Aj. Fl. 844. 
'Aatyaterbs, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [non mactatus,] not sacrificed. Udpir els OvfiZXas, 

£7rt b' aatyaKTOis. Ion 229« Syn. "aQvtos. 
'Ao-0d\etd, as, ^, subst. [securitas,] security, safety. JLvpwpev , aotydXeid b' f\, 

bx' dcrrZos. iEsch. Suppl. 498. SYN. ^AfiXdftXa, dbeid, ebXdfieid. 
AoodXy/s, ids, 6 et */, adj. [stabilis, tutus,] not liable to fall, firm, safe. Ovbev 

yvvaiKwv ovrds aotydXeorZpovs. Hipp. 9?2. SYN. 'AKtvbvvos, E^vpoSy Zpvprds, 

evXdj3t)s, /3e/3aids. 
A<T<f)dXXojv, uvds, 0, P.N. [Asphalion,] the attendant of Menelaus. "[Is i^dr '• 

'AacpdXtwv b 7 dp' vbwp etti X ei P^ s E\evEV. b. 21 6. PHR. 'Orpripos dipaTruiv Me- 

veXclov KvbdXXfj.oid. 
AatyaXrds, ov, >;, subst. [bitumen,] a kind of pitch. 'Ac^aXrw brfaaad 'IZpipa- 

fxXs e/j/3d<TXXevEi>. Theocr. l6\ 101. 
AatydXEus, et contract. aotydXGts, adv. [tuto,] in safety. "TX^* 6 b' aa^dXtus 

6ecX epirlbov, ocpp' dv iKijrai. N. 141. See also Hec. 877. 
AcKpdpdyEw, v. [strepo,] to make a rattling noise in the throat, to rattle. 

XoXkw fjtapfialpovTi alaayfXEVoX aacpapdyevvrX. 1 Theocr. 17- 9^* 
A(T(j)dpdyds, ov, 6, subst. [guttur,] the throat. Ovb' dp' dir' aa<pdpdyot> % \ilXXr\ 

rape x a ^*<>fiapeid. X. 328. SYN. I<(>dpdy6s, jSpo'x^^, PpoyX^* Xa </^> fp&X 1 )" 

Xds, XdpvyZ, <pdpvy^» 
Aff(j>dbEXds t ov, 6, subst. et adj. [(1) asphodelus, species plantae, (2) ferem 

1 For curQapayevvrX, a word not found elsewhere, Brunck on Ms. authority reads afupayepov- 
Tat, a reading approved of by Harles and Kiesoler. 

2 Others read airb cQapayov. 

Pros. Lex, T 

146 AIXA ATA2 

asphodelum,] (1) asphodel, (2) producing asphodel. Qoira, fiaitpd /3r/3w<7o, 

icdr a.ff(j)dhe\6y XeifjL&vd. X. 538. Syn. 'AvdepXicbs. EPITH. kxavdns. 
'AcxaXaw, et aa^XXw, v. [tristor, indignor,] to be sorry, to be indignant. 

Kr^erifo aayakbm' , ty]V gi ndrebovoXv 'A^cuot. r. 534. SYN. Avvtybpeii), dbrj- 

fioveb),, obvpbfxai, yaXeiraivii). 
" Affords, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [intolerabilis,] intolerable, not to be endured, irresistible. 

T^Xe/id^'j tydybpr], fxevos aaytTE, tcoiov eeures ', /3. 85. SYN. ^ArXrjrbs, dbd- 

fiaoTbs, bvotybpos, eiraxdrjs, ov rXrfrbs, ov tyeprbs. 
'Aaxnjibvea), v. [indecore ago, vel tractor,] to act or be treated ignominiously. 

'Aa^jjibvfjaal r' eic reov fipd^ibvbs. Hec. 40(5. 
'Aer^/iwi/, bvbs, adj. [inhonestus,] unseemly, indecent, improper. 'Aa^i^oves 

yap ayxpvai fierdpaXai. Helen. 298. SYN. 'AeiKeXibs, deKrfXios, cucryjpbs, clkou- 

fibs, djuopejibs. 
'AaxbXXa, as, rj, subst. [occupatio, niolestia,] occupation, business, trouble. 

ilpayfid KaX acr\b\Xas vireprepov. Istll. 1. 2. SYN."Epyov, airovb}), irpayos. 
"AfrxoXbs, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [cui otium non est,] having no leisure, occupied. 'Us 

acr^bXos ye avyybvov irpbaebplq. Orest. 93. SYN. YlbXvTrpayfMdv. 
'Aoubris, ebs, adj. [palustris,] - marshy, muddy. Tlplp irobd xepau Tr\b' aawbei. 

iEsch. Suppl. 32. Exp. Ilr)Xu)br)s, ol/z/zwSjjs. 
'Aawnbs, ov, 6, P.-N. [Asopus,] (l)a son of Neptune who gave his name to a 

river in Boeotia, (2) a name of several rivers, Alyivd 6vydrr)p eyever 'Ao-w7roi/ 

irdrpos. Iph. A. 697, See also X. 259- Syn. (2) Badvaxoivtis, Xex^otrjs, 

fidpvybovirbs , 
'Aaatirls, (vel ut alii malunt) aounXds, i], patronym. ab 'Ac-W7rds. Ivv r 'Auw- 

*Acr<t)7ribes ye nopai. Here. F. 787* 
"Aotarbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [(]) perditus, (2) perniciosus,] (1) abandoned, (2) 

pernicious. "Eadei fibpdv dawrbv, d)S bpas, yt^et. Agam. 1587. SYN. (l) 

'Ak-oXciotos, aavtpr)Xbs, emrpLTTTOs, KaKOvpybs, fxidpos, yaffrpXfxapybs, (2) efoXys, 

7rdvo)Xris, ayjoetos, voTepos. 
"AraKTbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [inordiuatus,] irregular. T Hv xpbvbs, or i\v dratcrbs 

avdpojTrutp (3Xos. Sisyph. 1. 1. SYN." Avo/jos, dtcocr/jrjTbs, dde/uXros. 
'Ard\avr»7, V s * V> P« N. [Arcadica virgo, et venatrix,] a famous Arcadian hun- 
tress. "66' eort Wapdevbiralbs, 'ArdXapr^s ybrbs. Phoen. 150. See Pyth. 

9- 33. 
'AraXavrbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [paris ponderis ; aequalis,] equal in weight; equal. 

Tmv nvO' ^ytfibveve Mey?7S, drdXavrbs "Aprjt. B. 627* SYN. 'AXiytcXbs, evd~ 

XtyKXbs, X~abs, Xaoppbirbs, irdpairX^aXos , irdoXv bfxoios, dvrippbirbs. 
'AraXXio, v. [prsegaudioexulto ; delicate nutrio,] to sport, to frisk with joy, to 

cherish, Tu^i/ drdXXwv, [xrirpX rrjbe ^ap/jdv//^. Aj. Fl. 560. SYN. \AyaX- 

Xbpiai, )^a/pw, rpetpu), av^dvofiat. 
'AraXacppuv, bubs, adj. [tenello animo prrcditus,] of infantine or tender under- 
standing. Ilcu^' ettX KoX-nbv t^oyr' drdXa^pbi'd, v>)7rXbv avrtos. Z. 400. 
'ArdXos, ?), bv, adj. [tener,] delicate, tender; youthful. YlapQevXnal be koX i)X- 

deoiy drdXd Qpbveoi'Tes. S. 56'7« SYN. 'AiraXbs, ajjpos, rywibs. 
'Arap, conj. [sed, verum,] but. Mai|/, drdp ov i:drd kogjuov ept^e/iepai fidaXXev- 

aXv. B. 214. SYN. 'AX\&, avrdp, be, fx<£)T0i. 
'Artipfiijs, ebs, et drapprirbs, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [intrepidus,] undismayed, intrepid. 

Tw be Q>bj3os, (pXXbs vtbs, d/j,a tepdrepos hou drapfifis. N. 299* See also V. 63. 

SYN. 'Aberjs, d([)b(3bs, dtybjyqTos, dtyoftooTrXayyv bs . 
'Arapmrbs, et drapirus, ov, >/, Ion. pro arpdnXTos et arpdirbs, subst. [via trita, 

semita,] a straight path, or path without a turning; a road, a way. 'la^iai' 

ovbe fjuv ktiTbs d~op7rXrov eaTvyeXi^ey. p. 234. See X. 331. SYN. et EPITH 

see^ArjodTos. * 

'Araprripbs, a, bv, et ov,' 6 et rj* adj. [noxius,] harmful, pernicious, mischievous. 

Mevrbp dTaprr)pe t (jipevds i)Xee, tcoIov eenres. /3. 243. SYN. ""Arrjpbs, dr>'}pXbs, 

fiXufiepbs, ^c'(Xe7ros. 
'AraaddXXa, as, r/, subst. [improbitas, vesania,] infatuation, rashness, injustice, 

rapine, madness. Avt&p yap atyefeprioXv dTaaddXXrjaXv bXovrb. a. 7- Syn 

ATM ATH 147 

"Avoid, a(ppd(?vi'r), QavXdrris, dbUXa, dfxaprXa, fioydripXa. EPITH. 'AXeyeivrf, 

beivt), IXvdeaad, Xvypa, Kdkdiifjxdvds, ovXdfJLEVt], TtrdXX7rop6ds, arvylpa. 
'AraadaXXto, v. [proterve me gero,] to act wantonly, contrary to justice and 

honor. A//0et draadaXXova' eireX ovk&tX tt)XXkos earXv.r. 88. SYN. Udpdfiaivco. 
'AraaddXds, ov, 6 et y), adj. [injuriosus, nefarius,] insolent, unjust, profligate. 

Aiarad/j.aX avlpd rovrdv draaOdXdv, 6(3pX/j.depydv. X. 418. SYN. "AbXnos, drap? 

rijpds, aicrvXds, ixo'yQrjpds, Ttdvrjpds, (pavXos. 
'Aravptords, r), 6v, etov, 6 et ?/, adj. [expeis conjugii, castus,] unmarried, chaste, 

"E/ueXxjsev, ayvd 6' dravptoros avhq. rrdrpos. Agam. 236. $YN.^Abfju)s, abixvjrds, 

a<£v|, d^vyds, ayvds, 7rapd£i'ds, dvvLxevaids, dydfids, dyevoros ydiitov. 
"Ardtyds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [insepultus,] unburied. Mrjb' arduous, tekvov, kv -^Qdvl 

Kab/uov, ^apfidrd Qiipwv. Eur. Suppl. 292. SYN."A0a7rrtfs. PHR. "Afxoipds, 

aKTepiaros, dvdaXds, vekvs. 
'Ardio, v. [damnum iufero,] to injure. See ^AaaKio. O'ikoBcv y' artoiilvos. Eur. 

Suppl. 182. 
"Areyicrds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [qui tingi nequit ; non emolliendus,] unmelted by 

tears, unrelenting. 'AXX', eV, dreytcrov t,vXXd(3ovcrd KapbXav. Here. F. 829. 

SYN. ^JLnXypos, d/ueiXX-^os, drepafivos, dbdfxaaros, dbXavrds, aCdXlds. 
'Areip^s, eds, 6 et >;, adj. [indomitus,] not worn out, unwearied, invincible. 

Tov & and iiev yXwcaav Txpviivy\v rd/uE yaXnos dreipijs. E. 292. SYN. Arpvrds, 

dviKrjrds, dbdfJLCMJTos, ffKXrjpds, dreyKrds. 
'ATiKfjiaprds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [de quo nulla conjectura fieri potest,] not affording 

just grounds for conjecture, uncertain. Tfjabe Kvpi]oas dretyiaprordnjs. 

Pers. 907. SYN.*Abr)Xds, dariLids. 
"Atekvos, ov, 6 et f), adj. [prole carens,] childless. "EnXb', utekvos are fiXdrdv d. 

Orest. 200. Syn."Attcus, dydvds. 
'AreXeid, as, t), subst. [immunitas,] exemption from tribute, freedom. 0ewy b* 

dreXeidv efxcilaX )>Xral.s ETrXKpuive.LV. Eumen. 364. 
AriXeards, ov, 6 et i), adj. [(1) infectus, (2) non initiatus,] (1) incomplete, (2) 

uninitiated. 'AriXeardv ovaav. Bacch. 40. SYN. ArrXvptords, dXids, pEptiXds. 
'ateXevtos, et d-EXev-riTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [ad finem non perductus,] not finished. 

Mo~ip' d-EXevTdv virvov bd/jLevTos. Agam. 1426. See also A. 175. Syn. 'Arep- 

fxiov, aXbXds, alcovXos. 
'AnXi/s, ids, 6 et )/, adj. [imperfectus,] incomplete. Et & dre\?)s Bayards, airov- 

bai te betrnoiv-as. Ion. 1080. SYN. 'ATEXeards. 
'ArefxjSui, v. [(1) privo, (2) contristo, (3) queror,] (l)to deprive, (2) to distress, 

(3) to complain. 'E£ ov dre/ufiei dvfxdv evi orrideffaiv 'Ay/uwv. (3. 90. SYN. 

'AvXdco, Xvtteio, evo\Xelo, dTTOGTEpEio, aripl^to, bva-^Epaivh). 
'ArEvtjs, ids, adj. [intentus,] intent, earnest, inflexible, wide-spreading. Tdy, 

Kicads ms d-Evi'is. Antig. 837- 
'Art/o, prep, [sine, absque, extra,] without, asunder, apart from. Ovk avlvvat- 

lxt]v rovbi ri/JLiopelv drip. Hec. 737» SYN."Ai/ev, cktos, yupXs. 
'Aripa/uvds, ov, et drepdfjiiov, dvds, adj. [przefractus, pervicax,] stubborn, impla- 
cable, harsh, grating. K?#> drlpafivdv tdt]Kdv '6XvfX7rXd bio/udr e^ovtes. \p. 167. 

See Acharn. 180. Syn. 'Ar£v?)s, dreipr)s, avdabrjs, dreynrds, aKXrjpds, orepptis, 

'Arep/jitov, dvds, 6 et >/, adj. [interminatus, rotundus,] boundless, round. Aevtr- 

aova drepfidvds els avyas. Hec. 925. 
'Arepin)s, Ids, et dreprrds, ov, 6 et ?/> a( U- [insuavis, acerbus,] joyless, sullen, 

bitter, disagreeable. 2ra£', Xid /xt) fj.iv \iixds drep7rr)s yovvdd' Xtcrjrai. T. 354. 

See Z. 285. Syn. 'a?;5/)s, dbevKt)s, dydpXs. 
'Arevxns, eos, adj. [armis destitutus,] unarmed. Kevrova drevxv 7ra7^' 'A^tX- 

Xetos Xddpa. Androm. 11 18. SYN. "Aaicevds, dvo~7rXds. 
'AtexvQs, adv. [sine arte, certe, prorsus, omnino,] without art, certainly, plainly, 

by all means. N>) At, eyioy ovv drlxvus. Nub. 408. 
"Arri, i)s t ri, subst. [(1) Ate dea, (2) damnum, noxa, &c] (1) the goddess Ate, (2) 

a curse ; guilt, sin, crime. Hpeafid Atos dvydrrjp "Art), i) rxavrds darai. T. 91. 

See 0. 237« EPITH. (l)'Apr?7rovs, avbpdXtreipd, bdpXiiapyos, crdtvapd, Xvypa, 


Odvdrr)<f)dpos, ^dX!^, (2) dvXrjpbs (see 'Aviapos,) aypXos, dbevKrjs, d-^ppevTos, djuiii- 
\dv8s, fidpeld, baKedv/xos, bXaXyi)s, yoepd, bvotyopfxiyl, XevydXea, 7rt/\v7n7/u<*/v, 
arvyepd, Kpvepd, dvfxcxpddpos, ^Oiafjvojp, x&Xettj), pi^orXos. SYN. (2) BXd/3»/, 
(Zri/jiXa, aUTa, X&firj, 7rfjfjid, 7r^fi8vrj, TTTalffjxd, oi£vs. 

'ATrjfieXrjs, eds, adj. [(1) negligens, (2) neglectus,] (1) negligent, (2) neglected. 
Mrjrepes aixTTTftXledpov drr}/u.eXees dXdXrjvro. Apoll. 1. 811. 

'ArrifxeXrjTds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [(1) neglectus, (2) frustratus,] (l) neglected, (2) dis- 
appointed. 'ATriiJ.sXr]Tovs alev ev b' oveipdaX. Agam. 864. SYN. 'Ax^/ieX^s, 
dfjieXyjs, dKribecTos. 

'Ar^jueXta, as, rj, subst. [uegligentia,] negligence. At oX dTrjfieXXrj KdrdeifievaX 
fiepedovTo. Apoll. 3. 829. SYN.. 'AfieXeid, ajxeXXa. 

'ArfipXds, ov, 6 et »/, et arrjpds, a, 6v, adj» [damnosus, noxius,] guilty, destruc- 
tive, grievous. Kdrdyfjs avfievai, to fxev drfipXdv. Eumen. 1010. See also Au- 
drom. 353. SYN. 'Araprrjpos, fiXdfiepos, icbXinrovos, aKXrjpds. 

'ArdXs, Xbds, f}, adj. [Attica,] with yfj understood, denotes the country called 
Attica. IdeveXos' 'ArdXbos o' dytov. I ph. A. 24/. 

'ATiZrds, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [inhouoratus, inultus,] unhonored, unrevenged. 'Ane- 
tos (f>XXu)v. Ion. 702. SY N. "atTtos, drifxrjTds. 

'An'^w, dri/j.d$h), drifidw, et drifioia, v. [contumelia adficio,] to insult, to treat 
with contempt. O'vtoi a drl^wv, ovb" ev eyQpo'iaiv rXdeis. Alcest. 1056. See 
also Heracl. 228. et tt. 307- et Helen. 454. SYN. *Adepi£(o, dTraijttfw, tcard- 
(j>pov€(t), v(3pl£u>, xpeyio, K€pTdfieo> } oveibi^to, eTr&ve tbicitit, KrjXiboo). 

'ATifxdyeXew, v. [(l) gregem, sperno, (2) seorsim pascor a erege, (3) separor a 
grege,] (l)to despise the flock, (2) to feed apart from the flock, (3) to quit 
the flock. MtjScj' dTifxdyeXevvres' efiiv be tv fiu)Ko\Xaabev. Theocr.9. 5. 

'Arifiaarrip, rjpds, b, subst. [contemptor,] one who dishonors another. ,X H £&vt 
drijJiCKTTijpd d* ws a h.vbpr\XdTT\v . Sept. Theb. 634. 

'ATlfirjTds, et dri/ids, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [inhonoratus,] unhonored, dishonored. 
t Arpdbr]s, uxrei tXv drifirjrov fierdvaffTtji'. II. 59- See also Phoen. 637* 
SYN. 'AnoTifids, eKTifios, drijfjieXrjTos, dnTos, dyepaaros, ovrXbdvos, d7TojjXrjTOS. 

'Art/iid, Ion. drt^Xri, et drifxiaaXs, »/, subst. [ignominia,] disgrace, degradation, 
infamy. IloXet t dveibos, tcai dewv drt/xia. Heracl. 72. See also v. 142. and 
Choeph. 429' SYN. 'A§o£ia, alffj^yvrj, oveibos, aiKia, vj3pXs, alamos. 

'ATtfioTrevdrjs, eds, adj. [contumeliam lugens,] mourning for dishonor. Nvktos 
drifxdTcevdels. Eumen. 813. 

'ATifuos, adv. [ignominiose,] ignominiously. Tis a wS' dri/juos baijjdvtijv d-rruXeoe; 
Med. 1205. 

'ArirdXXw, f. XS>, v. [delicate nutrio,] to bring up with care and tenderness. 
Tov b' 6 yepwv QvXas ev £Vo£0ev, ?}§' drXraXXev. II. 1 9 1 . SYN. 'ArdXXw, XX- 
iraivti), iraiborpdipeh), rpetfua, etcrpefu). 

'Arabs, et drXrw, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [inhonoratus, inultus,] unhonored, unre- 
venged. 'H/ieTs o' drXra oaptcX ndXaty. Agam. 71. See also Eumen. 257. " 
SYN. 'Arieros, drifxds, a^rjfjuds. 

^ArXavreios, a, ov, adj. [Atlanti incumbens,] resting on Atlas. Toy 'ArXdv- 
teiov Trjpoval irbXov. Eur. Pirith. fr. 3. 

"ArXavTXKds, ri, 6v, adj. [Atlanticus,] of or belonging to Atlas, Atlantic, "booi 
re itovtov repjjLoviov r 'AtXcivtXkwv. Hipp. 3. 

^ArXas, avros, 6, P. N. [Atlas,] one of the Titans ; the name of a very high 
mountain in Africa. 'ArXas, d vwrois ^aXKeoiaXv ovpdvov. Ion 1. Epith. 
'6Xdo^>pwv, adXXos, Kpdrepofpu)v, TiTavXos, 'Ian eridvibrjs. 

^ArXrirecj, v. [tolerare non possum,] not to endure, not to brook, (sc. an insult). 

Yldpeifx' drXrjTtov' el ydp ev rats ^vfjKJ>dpdls. CE. R. 515. SYN. li.dXe7ra.ivti). 
^ArXrjros, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [intolerabilis,] unsufferable. ' ArXard rXdad* 7roXXa 6' 

earevdv. Agam. 398. 
^Arfxri, ijs, rj, et arfxos^ov, 6, subst. [vapor,] vapor, exhalation, steam, smoke.* 

1 On the quantity of the penult, of &wos see Dr. Clarke's note at N. 414. 

2 'AT/ibs is properly the steam arising from boiling water. See Dr. BlomfielcTs Glossary. 
Agam. 12S2. 


'Arfiov Ka.Tia\vaivova& vrjbvos 7ri)pi. Eumen. 133. Syn. Kairvds, Xiyivs, alddX-q. 

EpiTH. AWdXoeis, fidpvs, flepjuos, aiXaacpdpds, (pXoyeos. 
^ArfxrjTds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [non sectus, intonsus,] uncut, undipped. 'IXZ/kois* 

alel rot, dva%, arfirjroX edeipai. Apoll. 2. 710. SYN. 'AKepaeicu/jirjs, ardfxos. 
"atoixos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [parietem non habens,] unwalled. Hepvuis oltoi^ovs 

■7replfid\as CTK^vwjudrwv. Ion 1133. Eur. Elect. 1127. 
'Aro/vds, i), adj. [quae nunquam peperit,] who never bore a child. Tpi/W yap 

ovi; eifx t dronds ova kv tg) ndpds. 
'atoX^tos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [non audendus,] not to be dared, that ought not to 

be attempted. ^roXp'/rwv' Apr/. Agam. 366. 
"AroXfids, ov, 6 et >/, [non audens,] not daring, not bold enough, cowardly. 

'Eyw 6' cLToXfjids, elpX (TvyylvTf Qeov. P. V. 14. SYT$."Avavbpds, ax^v^ds, betXos, 

KaKos, oKvqpos, rapfidXeos, <p&j3epds, uoirXayyvos, beibfjfKav, beiXaios, beiXaKpds, 

"atoixos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [qui sectus non est,] uncut, unpolluted. T ilZei5, rov 

O'irris aTofiov os Xei/ufiv' eyeis. Trach. 203. SYN.^Ar^ros, airopd^Tos. 
'ATdrria, as, rj, subst. [insolita novitas ; insolentia,] strangeness, absurdity, in- 
convenience; perverseness, insolence. Kai ravrd bxd rriv drdnXav r£bv ^i/^orwv, 

Acharn. 349. Syn. 'Arjdeid, dKoafiXa, dtcaipXa, dfj.op<pXa. 
"atottos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [(1) insolens, novus, (2) importunus, (3) absurdus,] un- 
usual, strange, troublesome, absurd, "atottos' drbnd yap Trdpdbxb&oX fuoi. Ion 

691. SYN. 'Afj,d8r[s, dXoyioros, dijdrjs, dav^opos, duaipos, dv6r\Tos, oXXokotos, 

dTreipdkdXos, drdaddXos, zeros, KaKos, diru>bds, fioyQtipos. 
'Atos, see"Aaros. 
"ArpciK-ds, ov, 6 et v, subst. [(l)fusus, (2) sagitta,] (l)a spindle, a distaff, (2) a 

reed, an arrow. HoXXoi r drpdKTiov To£drai, ndXvs tV dxXos. Rhes. 308. Syn. 

(1) 'HXckarqs kXwot//p, (2) fieXos, dKiov, dvLOvrXov, Ids, oioros, fieXeftvop. 
^ArpaKTvXXXs, xbds, >/, subst. [spinas genus,] a species of thorn, a briar. Tcu 

WpaKTvXXXbes evrX, mews a iroprXs dXoird. Theocr. 4. 52. 
"Arpcbrds, et arpdirXTos, ov, 7], subst. [via trita, semitaj a straight road, a 

beaten path. MXdv evpdv d-pdnov baifidvXios v-n-eptiva. Nub. 76. See also v. 

195. SYN. 'Arapirds, aTapTrXros, obos, olfxos, o'i/jt}, KeXevOos. EPITH. ^Lvpvyp- 

pos, TriXZirdpos, rpay/id, gkoXXci. 
^Arpeibrjs, 1 ov, et^A-petW, lords, 6, patronym. [Atrides, filius Atrei,] the son of 
j Atreus. 'Arpeiba be fidXiarrd, bvto KOGfiiiTopeXaGiV. A. l6. 
"ArpsKews, adv. [vere,] truely. TldvTd fidX' arpeKeios dydpeve/xey, (Its e7tit£X\<o. 

B. 10. 
, "ArpeKris, eos, adj. [verus, certus,] true, certain, sincere, accurate. BXdrov b' 
' drpEKe'is E7rXrr)bevo€is. Hipp. 26l. SYN. 'aXtjO^s, aKpifii}*, pefiaids, brjXos, 

^Arpifxa'tos, a, dv, adj. [quietus,] without trembling, quiet, gentle. Ovk drpe- 

fiald dpijvdv ata£er', tl> ylpovTES. Here. F. 1047. SYN. Ac7rros, i\avyps, EKijXds, 

EnXeiKi)s, fiErpXos. 
"ArpEnds, et arpEfid, adv. [sine aliquo motu et tremore,] without -moving or 

trembling, steadily. 'Arpe/ucts,' 6<jt>p' evbyoX jxevos Bopeao, kcu ciXXiov. E. 524. 

See also Hipp. 1355. SYN."EK7/\d, ijpl^id, ijovxa, hoPx** s * 7 V^X?» o.<h v > arpe- 


^ArpeixEd), et arpd/jiEu), v. [non tremo, imniotus sum,] not to tremble, to be un- 
moved. Tijv TvepXeaaao-dai, Xvd rot TpX^^s arpefjiEwaX. lies. Op. 537* See also 
Theog. 972. Syn. 'Hffv X «^ w - 

"ArplfiXa, as, »/, subst. [quies animi a timore, audacia,] intrepidity, boldness. 
Kcu to darjTov btsfjas arplpXav re tyyyovov. Nem. 11. 15. SYN. E^roX/uta, 

^ArpeTTTds, ov, 6 et ri, adj. [immotus,] unmoved, unalterable. Ilpwrd ply arp^ir- 
toiu XvrhpXdv five <pdvoio. Apoll. 4. 704. SYN. ^ At pun 6s, drivr)Tds t oarers, opdds. 

' The first syllable is always long in Homer, and 'Arpcttrjs forms a quadrisyllable. See Dawes. 
Misc. Crit. p. 172. 


^Arpearos, ov, 6 et t), adj- [intrepidus,] intrepid. 'Ey<J> b* drpeaTU) napbXa irpos 

elbords. Agam. 1373. SYN.^Arpfytos, dbeifiavrds. 
^Arpecrrws, adv. [intrepide,] intrepidly. "EtXtjt drpecTios, rovrb Qav^xaaTuv ireXet. 

iEsch. Suppl. 243. SYN. 'A^dfius, abews, arpbfuos, evBapa&s. 
"Arpevs, eos, 6, P. N. [Atreus,] the son of Pelops and Hippodamia, king of 

Mycenae. AeXaas 'Arpeos vlov 'AXe^avbpos Qedetbi]s. T. 37. EPITH. Adfypwv, 

"'ArpXctKTds, ov, 6 et ?;, adj. [non vincendus,] invincible. Ovk drpiaKros cltu ; 

Choeph. 337. SYN. 'AriKTjrds, abajmaoTOS. 
""ATpiirrds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [non tritus, aut exercitatus ; invius; indomitus,] 

untrodden; impervious, unpractised; unsubdued. 'HpdtcXETjs toiovtos ev arpi- 

•KTQtalv aaavQats, Theocr. 13. 64. SYN. "Aneipbs, tL^prjaTos, dridrjs, dbdjjaff- 


^Arpixos, ov, 6 et 7), poet, pro aQpt£, adj. [capillis carens,] devoid of hair, bald, 

bare. "[IXotpas be j3Xr)<j>X' to & arpXyov elaerX ml vvv. Call. Dian. 77' 
^Arpof-ios, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [intrepidus,] intrepid. "Arpd/iidv, otov e^ec^e adzea-nd- 

Xos L7nrbTa Tvbevs. E. 126. SyN. Arpeirros, dbirjs, d(j)d(3os, dbeifiavTOS. 
"Arponos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [imrautabilis, durus, gravis,] unalterable, perverse. 

ZaX(*)Tos \xev ejiiv 6 ruv arpdnov vttvov Xavtav. Theocr. 3. 49* SYN. AloovXds, 

arpeirTos, kclkos. 
^Arpdfds, ov, 6 et 7], adj. [(1) impastus, (2) non alens,] unfed, lean ; not nutri- 
tious. Kai arpotyds, 1 old 0' dXnrXyZ. Call. Del. 11. 
^Arpvyeros, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [infructuosus,] fruitless, barren. Yields en arpv- 

ylrov tzovtov Kd/cd {JLyirXowad. O. 27' S Y N." A/cap 7rds, areipos. 
^Arpv/jtov, dvds, et arpvrds, ov, 6 et y), adj. [non labore terendus, indomitus, 

non cessans,] not to be worn down by exertion, indefatigable, incessant. $t\wv 

d7riGToi Kai Kanwv drpvjjidvEs. Sept. Theb. 874. See also Aj. Fl. 788. Syn. 

'A/sia^tdros, dbafxaoros. 
"Atpvtwvt), r)s, ?/, adj. [indomita,] invincible, an epithet of Minerva. 7 £l ird7roX f 

Aly toxoid Atos tekos, 'ArpvTwvr}, $. 420. 
^ArpwTos, ov, 6 et r), adj. [invulneratus, indomitus,] unwounded, invulnerable. 

Kai 7rws drpiorov oZddp ^v vivo arvybs. Choeph. 525. SyN.^A/3\>)s, afiXtirds, 

djrddrjs, dbafxaaros. 
"Arm, [" Idem fere notans quod ' irairiras, sic tamen ut et frater junior sic 

blande appellet fratrem majorem natu; imo et in genere junioris ad seniorem 

est 7rpo(T(pu)V7i(ns 7-t/ur)rio/." Damm. c. 1853.] father, sir, a term of respect 

addressed to elders (used in Homer). $>o~ivtj;, arrd, yepau, Atorpt^es, ovtX fie 

ravrrjs. I. 603. 
"Arrd et acred pro "ArXvd, et arrd, daad, pro rXvd. Vid. Damm. c. 2423. "Att 

egtXv opdws ; b. Nj) At', eiwip korX ye. Nub. 251. See also A. 554. Nub. 630. 

et K. 208. 
'Arrdyas, 6, subst. [avis picto dorso, attagen, (Hor. Epod. 2, 53.)] a species of 

bird, either a hazel hen or a quail. Ndo-cas koXolws, drrayas, (pdXapXbds. 

Acharn. 875. 
'Arrdjoctyds, et arTapd^ds, ov, 6, subst. [minutum fragmeutum pani cocto dera- 

sum, mica,] a very small scrap or fragment. Ovb' babv dirdpdyov tv beboiicd- 

fiss. Call. Ep. 48. 
'Arrdrat, interjec. [lieu, eheu,] alas ! a. "H* fir) oXoj7r^.s. b. drrdrai, drarrd- 

rat. Thesm. 223. 
'AttXkos, t), 6v, adj. [Atticus,] Athenian. 'AXX', u> fieX\ o\pa rot otydbp' avras 

'AttXk&s. Lysistr. 56. 
'ATvc,r]Xds, 7), bv, adj. [terrens, terrificus,] alarming, terrific. TqXov, drv£r)X<p 

V7r8 beljidrX KeKXrjyvlai. Apoll. 2. 1059. SYN. BXoavpos, bei/udXeos, beivos, 

(TTvyepos, cr/jiepbaXeds, fffxepbvos, (jidfiepos, (j>piKwbi]s. 
'Arv^w, v. [metu percello,] to terrify, tlpos noXXv, rj-rrep ol aXXoX drv^dfiEvoi 

1 Dr. Blomfield's conjecture, instead of fopoiros. 

ATTM AY0H 151 

tybfieovrb. Z. 41. SYN. AetS/ffo-o/mt, €K7rXri<Tffio, Tapciaaio, enrapdffau), e^d/Bew, 

KaTa7rrr](T(TU), fj.oppbXvTT(o. 
'Arv/nrlabrjs, ov, 6, patronym. [Atymnio satus,] the son of Atymnius, Mydon. 

'KtjQXbv' 'Arvf.ivXa.biii', o§' vnearpe^e jiiovvyas 'tTnrovs. E. 581. 
'A-v^ew, f. rjcru), v. [miser sum, frustrorj to be disappointed, to be unfortunate, 

wretched. '£ls ovk drv^i'iffeis. Nub. 427- SYN. Avgtvxew, bv(nrpay£U), Takat- 

7T(Op£U), hvOTV^WS fX W * 

'At<o, f. acrco, v. [laedo,] to injure, to hurt. T A<re [ae bai/ubvos alad kclkt), icat 

ddeacpdrbs olvbs. X. 6l. SYN. 'Ardw, fiXcntTU), aivb/xai, dbXKecj, dda^u), ddrio. 
Al, aire, avQXs, avrXs, adv. [rursum, retro, contra,] again, also, on the other 

hand, in turn. Avdis av iraMv. Philoct. 948. See Aves 896. et A. 206. 
Ahalvio, f. dvib, v. [exsicco>] to wither, to fade, to dry up. Yldpeia e/iavrfy; 

dtyXXos avdvuj fiXbv. Soph. Electr. 821. SYN. Avio, Irjpaiih), bXatydeipu). 
AvaXEds, a, ov, adj. [aridus,] dry, parched, squalid. AvdXZos bs te xP^s vtto 

Kavf-idros' a\\d tot ??§»/. Hes. Op. 586\ SYN. Avbs, dcJdAeos. 
Avya£u), v. [(1) illustro, (2) fulgeo, (3) video,] to shine, to beam on, to see 

clearly. Olds eyibv iiriepvs avya^buaX, ?je icaX vfxels; y ¥. 458. Syn. (3) 'A7rai/- 

yaC.bixa.iy ftXeTrii), Qe^peijj. 
Abyeids, ov, 6, P. N. [Augeas,] a prince of the Eieaus whose stables were 

cleansed by Hercules. MovXtov alxfxrjrriv' ya/jfipbs ft i\v Avyeiab. A. 738. 

EPITH.'Avai; avbpCjv, apybs'Eireiibv. 
Avytj, ijs, yj, subst. [splendor,] light, blaze, poet, the eye. "ExdQev be te (f>ai~ 

veto! avyr], B. 455. SYN. A'iyXr), (pus., <j>eyybs, ocpdaXjJibs. EPITH. 'Ajo/efy- 

Xos, Xsvkt), TTvpcpopbs, (pd.E^ij.tftpoTbs, d£e7u, TrjXeaKOTrbs, papfjiaipovad, fjXeKTpb- 

Avbdo), v. [loqnor, alloquor,] to speak, to talk, to address. Avbd, o,tl typb- 

veels' TEXErjai be fiE di'ojysv. 5. 195. SYN. JJpbcravbdu), dybpevoj, 7rpba- 

dybpevu), (jhvveio, TrpoctyiDVEw, yrjpvb), (ppd^oj, fibdw. 
Avbrj, rjs, t], subst. [vox, nuntius,] a voice, a word, news. Trjs ev jitev vbbs karX 

/jLetcl typevXv, ev be /ecu ai/bi). 2. 419* SYN. 'Avrri, fibi], (3a£,Xs, yijpvs, Opbos, 

tyQeyLid, tyQoyybs, tjxovyj. EPITH. 'A/cd^udros, d7re/piros, df-ifipbrbs, ftdpvtf^ s » 

yXvKEpd, yblpa, Oeia, QeoKeXbs, XXyvph, XaoaaboSy bfxodpbbs, iroXvaTovos, otoTtj- 

pXbs, yXvKL(x)v f-ieXXros. 
Avbrjeis, eaad, ev, adj. [voce praeditus, vocalis,] vocal, civilised, eloquent. 
Avbr/evTa b' WrjKE 0ed XevkojXevos" Hpi] . T. 407. SYN. Qwvrjeis, ev<p(ovbs, rjbv- 

<p0)VOS, evyix^' 

Avddbris, eos, et avdabXKbs, rj, bv, adj. [sibi placens, arrogans, peiYicax,] self- 
willed, obstinate, stubborn, unruly, cruel. iTvyEpav te (pvcriv, typivos avdabovs, 
Med. 104. See Lysistr. 1118. SYN. 'A\d£wr, avaibrjs, dtidrjs, doeXyrjs, dre- 
pafirbs, Opdcrvs. 

AvdabXa, os, //, et avdabiaLid, drbs, to, subst. [arrogantia, superbia,] self-suffi- 
ciency, arrogance, perverseuess. AvOabXa tol <r«:atorryr' otyXtaKavet. Antig. 
1040. See also P. V. 963. SYN. 'AXagbveia, dfiovXta. 

AvdabooTbfibs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [contumaci ore,] foul-mouthed. " AvQpiaitbv 
dyptbTroibv, avdabocTTb/jibv. Ran. SOl. SYN, 'Advpoarbfxbs, ddvpoyXtocrobs. 

Avdab&s, adv. [contumaciter,] insolently, haughtily. AIox^Xe, Xefyv, /urio' 
avddbojs aefivvvbLiE* •bs ^d\£7raue. Ran. 1020. 

AvdaiLiujv, bvbs, 6 et r/, adj. [qui ejusdem est sanguinis ; frater,] one of the 
same blood ; a brother. T ft AXbs avdaiLicjv. Trach. 1041. Syn. "Opai/jibs, 

Avdevrrjs, idem quod AvTbevrrjs, ov, o, [qui perimit sua manu,] one who is 
armed against himself, a self-murderer, one who murders a near relation; 
also pass, self-inflicted. Et toIgXv avdevraiaXv ev (f)pbvi]ffb/j.ev ; Iph. A. 1200. 
SYN. AvTbcpovTrjs, avroo-^dy^s, avTOKTbvbs, avTobaucrbs, avrbxeip, <f)bvevs, <J)b- 

AvdljLiEpbv, et avTiijidp, adv. [eo vel hoc ipso die,] on this or that very day. 
Tai/r' i\v MeyapXnd, Kq^tirpar' avdrjLiepbv. Acharn. 522. See also 2. 454, 

152 AY0I AYI1N 

AlBX, adv. [" fere semper pro avrddX, hie, ibi, illic. Frequentatur ab Homero, 
sed ne semel quidem reperi in Poetis Dramaticis."Maltb.] here, there. AvOX 
fjtevwv, iroBeeaKt , & dvrfjv re ir-dXefj.6r re. A. 492. SYN. KdravrodX, avroQX, 

CIVTOV. €K€l. 

AvdXyevrjs, eds, 6 et //, adj. [indigena, nalivus,] born in the same place, native, 
genuine. Oh abdXyerijs TfxrjQelaa bdicovs. Eur. fr. Cret. 2. 6*. Syn. 'Eyyei^s, 
Idayevrjs, eyyujpXos. 

AvXa£, aicds, y, subst. [sulcus,] a furrow. 'AXX/uevdv alOepos avXdKa reyuvwv. 
Aves 1400. SyN."A\o£, wX£. EPITH. 'Of>0/), /3d0e7d, evKap-rros, Xevpos, Trvpo- 
<j)dpds, ffTaxyrjfydpos, (f)epea(3Xds. 

AvXeios, a, ov, et ov, 6 et /;, adj. [ad aulam perlinens,] of a hall or court. Kal 
fxri irpos avXtiotaXv earrjKibs 7rvXais. Helen. 437* See AvXrj. 

AvXeirrjs, ov,6, subst. [villicus,] a bailiff, a steward. AvXeirrjs, 6s ewv firjXuv 
irepX, rotyp erdpoitrX. Apoll. 4. 1487* Sy N."" A ypotKos. 

AvXew, v. [tibia cano,] to play ou a pipe or flute; to pipe. AvXei ov QolttoV 
erX bebowas tov ILkvByjv. Thesm. 1186*. SYN. KdravXeio. 

AvXrj, rjs, rj, subst. [(l) area subdialis ad doraum ; (2) septum, intra quod 
pernoctant pecudes; (3) vestibulum,] a court-yard, a sheepfold, a hall. Yipds 
Tavb' avXav' tit rewov, tb 7rou. Hec. l69- SYN. (2) ^rad/uos, otjkos, eiravXXs, 
ZiravXXop, (3) /3d<7tXeio>, [xeXaQpov, dvaKTopov. EPITH. BderiX//tos, irepXKaXXijs, 
oXfiXa, dvwbrjs, j3dde7d, Xafnrpd, KaXy), v\pijX>), ^aXKoberos, r)epoeibr)s, evriiov, 
€vepKr)s. Phr. Tvpavvov bCJfid, TvpavvXnoi bo/uoi. 

Ai/Xi/jud, dros, to, subst. [cantus tibiarum,] piping, music produced by a wind- 
instrument. ^koXXQv MeXi'irov KapXnibv avXrj/ndrojy. Ran. 1302. 

AvXrjrrjp, ypos, avXrjrijs, ov, b, et avXqrpXs, Xbos, rj, subst. [tibicen, f. tibicina,] 
a flute-player, a piper, a minstrel. TW ye /uey av yeXouvTes' vie avXtjTfjpX 
b' Zkckttos. Hes. Ciyp. 283. See also Vesp. 579 et Acharn. 550. Syn. 2v- 


AvXi£dfiai, v. [stabulor ; pernoeto,] to be folded, to abide for the night. 

KXayyj) b* doireros ibpro ov&v avXiZofxeimwy. £. 412. SYN. *EvavXic6[xai. 
AvXXov, ov, to, subst. [stabulum,] a stall, a fold. Kal rets fiev ovveXaooev es 

avXtoy adpo 1 Xovoas. H. Merc. 106. 
AvXts, Xbos, et Ion. Xds, r), subst. [aula, cubile,] a place of abode for the night, 

a tent, a fold. Xfjpai jxev pavbpai, Keveat & epXv avXXes rjbrj. Call. 6. 106. 

SYN. AvXrj, evavXos. 
AvXXs, Xbos, rj, P. N. [Aulis,] a town and port in Boeotia, situated on the Eu- 

ripus. Oi' 0' 'XpXrjy evefxovTo, Kal AvXXbd ireTprjeoodv. B. 496. EPITH. %vd- 

AvXos, ov, 6, subst. [(1) tibula, (2) foramen,] a pipe, a socket. 'EyKt^dXds be, 

nap avXov, dpebpd/nev e£ (breiXfjs. P. 297- SYN. 2upiy£, bova%. EPITH. At- 

fivs, MvyboyXos, yXvavs, r)bv/jieXr)s, el'KeXdbos, yrjbvfxds, XXyvpos, //uepoets. 
AvXwr, (ovos, 6, subst. [vallis,] a narrow passage, a valley. IloXXd §' dprj <jkX6- 

evrd Kal avX&yas KeXdbetvovs. H. Merc. $5. SYN."AyKos, (pdpay!;. EPITH. 

AvXd>7r Xs, Xbos, fi, adj. [procera, oblonga. Vid. Damm.] high-coned, oblong, co- 
nical. 'AonXbi yiyvwGKiov, avXwTrXbX re TpvtydXelr). E. 182. 
Av^dvofiai, et av£dpai, v. [cresco,] to increase, to grow. 'Ek KdXvKos av^dvo- 

fxevd yevvaX TrdXixpdyois. Aves 1065. See also Acharn. 226. SYN."Aopv- 

vdfiai, aXbalvu, dvaXbr)aK<i). 
Avdvr), rjs, rj, subst. [(1) ariditas ; (2) clamor,] (l) drought, (2) clamor. 'AXX' 

€fj.7TEbws drrprjKTdtf avdvrjv «x e1, Simon. 20. SYN. (1) Avyjuos, (2) fior), diirr), 

Avos, a, tip, adj. {siccus, aridus,] dry, withered, parched. "EffrtjKe IvXop av6v t 

oaov r opyvi, vnep a'irjs. Hf .327. SYN. 'ActdXeos, £rjpds, avffrdXeos. 
"Avirvb's, ov, 6 et r), adj. [insomuis,] sleeples-s. Ylws^iveXbds dvnvovs. Iph. T. 424. 

SYN. ApyvTrvbs, wavvvyXos. 

1 kvXtia. in the fern., Oipa being understood, signifies a porch or hall-door. 


Ai/pa, as, y, subst. [ventus lenior, aura,] a gentle breeze, air, breath, blast. 
Avpa, TrovrXds avpa. Hec. 444. SYN. JJvdtj, £(pvpds. EpiTH. "Aordros, aOo- 
Xiotvs, dicvftavrds, bvoiobrfs, evLobrjs, evicrjXds, ETrXtcvpros, £d~xpr)j]s, f}beid, f]bv7rvdds, 
Opya-crd, xpanrvos, \e7rn), XevydXEtj, XalXaxp, XXdpa, fXEfrrjfijopXds, vfjbvfxos, opeibpo- 
/uos, (poifids, <j)vcrt£dds. 

AvaraXeds, a, 6v, adj. [(l) siccus, aridus, (2) squalidus,] dried, squalid. Et 
Kei'dVffraXEOs, kolkcl elfiEvos, kv [liydpoiaXv . r. 327* SYN. Avos, av^/Liojbtjs, 

AvTabe\<f)ds,ov, et am buddy vyitos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [frater germanus,] born of the 
same mother. T ft noivbv avrdbeXtybv 'Icr^f?;s napa. Antig. 1. See also B. 706. 
SYN. KacriyvrjTos, bfxaifxbs, ofxbwaTpXbs. 

Avravbpds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [cum ipsis hominibus,] with the men themselves. 
Avravbpov 0Xe£eiv bbpv vrjiov. Apoll. 3. 582. 

Ahrapiais, ids, 6 et rj t adj. [sufficiens; contentus; satis virium habens,] self- 
sufficient, complete, content, adequate. "E^er v ^ a be vijbvs avrapKrjs tekvwv. 
Choeph. 745. 

'AvTeio, f. rjffco, et aw, f. dvaio, v. [clamo, inclamo,] to cry out, to shout. 
"E\k£ 7robds fxe flaws, iccu diirei travrds dpiarovs. A. 258. SYN. Avtv, enXKaXEio, 


'avtyi, Tjs, y, subst. [clamor,] clamor, a shout, a shout in battle. Tx xp^f 1 ' avrfjs 
nav toV kirXriadr} ariyos ; Heracl. 646. SYN. Boj), evonfi, Xd)(fj, Xtori, KeXdbbs. 
EPITH. 'Avaibrjs, uorii^eXtKrds, beivrf, deppr), d£e7d, ajjiepbaXea, arovbearod, orv- 
Av-fjfidp, adv., vid. AbQrjfiEpbv. 

Avtiko., adv. [mox, statim; exempli gratia,] immediately, instantly; for 
example. "Oxjjet vXv avrX\? ovrd biofidrtov ndpbs. Hec. 1032. SYN. AlxLd, 
dtpdp, 7rdpavriKa, eiaavdXs, evOeios, TtdpaxpfjfjLd. 
'Avr/ufj, fjs, 7}-; et dvTjur)v, ivbs, 6, subst. [spiritus, vapor; halitus,] breath, odor, 
exhalation. "Operas apydXetov dvsfxiov dfieydprdv dvr/n^v ; X. 399' See *¥. 
765. SYN.^Ar/zos, arfirj, dvairvbrj, 7rvevfxd, Kanvbs. EpITH. 'Ey/Trev^^s, Xt- 
yeld, XeuydXea, fidXaxr), oXbrj, irvpbearerd, afxepbdXEa, (rrbibeaad. 
AvTdfiovXds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [contumax, pervicax,] self-willed, obstinate. 'AXX' 
avrbfiovXbs "ia&, dTCEvvETTU) b' eyw. Sept. Theb. 1055. SYN. AvOabrjs, avro- 
yvtorbs, drEpafivbs, avQaiperbs. 
\AvTdyepvr)Tos,ov, 6 et //, adj. [incestus,] incestuous. T Arcu, Koifififxdr avrbyev- 
: vt)t\ Antig. 864. 

Avroyvio-ds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [pervicax,] obstinate. 2e b' avrbyvwrbs &Xeg 
j opya. Antig. 887. Syn. See Avtoj3ovXos. 
\Avrdbdiis, ids, et avTohibaKTos, ov, 6 et f], adj. [a seipso doctus,] self-taught. 

NuaXd KvuaV op^ifJ-dr avrobdfj. Aj. Fl. 699' See also ^. 347- 
AvTdbd'ixTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. AvTobaiKTot Qdvioat. Sept. Th. 732. Syn. See 

Avroba£, adv. [mordicus,] with the very teeth, bitingly, fiercely. 'Sis dv o^fiev 
J yvvaiicujv avrbbdi, &pyiafjL£vu)v. Lysistr. 687* 

, AvTobtby, adv. [statim, e vestigio,] immediately. See AvtXku. AvrobXov # 
\ dpd rdfiXri XovaaaOaX dvtoyEV. 6. 449. 

Avtoetes, adv. [intra annum,] withing the space of a year. Avroeres olyyevaXv \ 
! £7rei fiiyd re betvov te, y. 322. 

AvTbeyrrjs, ov, 6, subst. i. q. Avdevrrjs, q. V. Tov avToeyrrjv i]fiXv ev kolty\ nd- 
; Tpds. Soph. Electr. 272. 

I AvtoOev, adv. [inde, illinc, ex isto loco,] from thence, from that place. Avro- 
I BeV i] tXs ETTeird KaX rjfxeitov 'A^X^t. T. 120. SYN. 'EKeWev, h'Blv, cvtevOev. 
AvtoTi, adv, poet, pro uvtov, [hie, ibi, in co loco,] here, there, in this or that 
• place. 'Avvffas ri. 0ep', Xbca.rX dp IvearXv avTodX. Equit. 119. SYN. 'Ekt7, 

kvravQo~i, rgbe, rijb' avrou, ev qvtco ry totto). 
I Avtomivy), rjs, }/, P. N. [Autocane,] a mountain in ^Eolia. Kae AvTdtcdvris dpbs 
alnv. Horn. Apoll. 35. 

Pros. Lex. U 


AvrdKaatyvrjTds, ov, 6, et (2) avroKaffiyvfirr], 17s, r/, subst. [(l)frater germanus, 

(2) soror germana,] (1) an own brother, (2) an own sister. AvrdKualyvrjTov ev- 

■qyeveos Iwkolo. A. 427. See also k. 137' SYN. 'AbeXtybs, b/xaifxbs. 
AvtokXtjtos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [a seipso vocatus, i.e. ultro,] one who invites 

himself; of his own accord. 'AM* avTbxXrjTos etc bb/jnoy Trbpeverai. Trach. 

396. SYN. AvToaavros. 
AvTondfJos, ov, 6 et ij, adj. [sua sponte comatus,] wearing his own hair, hairy. 

Q>pi£,as t)' avroKofxov \u<ftas Xdolavyevd ^airav: Ran. 822. 
AvTOKpaTiop, bpbs, et avToicpdrrjs, ov, 6, adj. [qui plenam auctoritatera habet,] 

vested with full powers, independent. Avrdnparopas Trpeafieis cnroirep-Keiv ev- 

QdbL. Lysistr. 1010. See also Andr. 482. 
AvtoktXtos, ov, 6 et 1), adj. [non manu factus, sed sponte natus, nalivus ] self- 
formed, natural. Avrdertr uvrpd, ti)v aXbijpb/uijTbpd. P. V. 309. 
AvTOKTuvbSyOVy 6 et f], adj. see AvdepTrjS. 'Avbpo~ti> §' b/jtaipoiv Odvaros JS' avro- 

ktovos. Sept. Theb. 678. 
Avtoktov&v, ovvtos, 6, parlicip. adj. [se inviceni iuterficiens,] killing one 

another. Avtoktovovvte, rw rdXanrupii). Autig. 56. 
Avtoktovojs, adv. [sua, vel mutua caede,] with mutual slaughter, kpacrai Tbb' 

epybv ovic erA^s avroKTbvios ; Agam. Ifj25. 
Av-oKUTrds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [cuni ipso manubrio,] with the very hilt, up to the 

hilt. 2)(£t}ta r' avroKWTra vio/jlwv fieXr] ; Choeph. 157. 
AvrdXvKds, ov, 6, P. N. [Autolycus,] the grandfather of Ulysses, whose character 

for ingeni6us roguery was so great, that clever robberswere called by his 

name. See Hygin. fab. 200. 'E^eXer AvtoXvkos, ttvkXvov hbubv ai'TXTopljcras. 

K. 267. 
AvTofxaprvs, vbs, 6 et >/, adj. [qui ipse sibi testis,] one who bears witness for 

himself. Nootov, avrbfxapTvs &v. Agam. 9^1. 
Avr&jjidrds, r], ov, adj. [a se ipse aliquid faciens,] self- moved, spontaneous, 

voluntary. 'EXdovad, QrjrrXv, iibro/ddri? fiird tclv Hi/Aw. Pax 665. Syn. Av- 

Baiperds, avroKXrjTbs, abroaavTos. 
AvTdfxZbojv, ovtos, 6, P. N. [Automedon,] the charioteer of Achilles. '"Imrovs b' 

Avrdfxebovrd 6oQs C,evyvvfj.ev dvwye. II. 145. PHR. " AprjX drdXavrbs, ijptos, 

iiiwpebs vlbs, Aiwpeos aXxXjubs vlbs. 
AvrdfjidX&fi), v. [meo solum jussu abeo, ad hostes deflcio,] to desert to the 

enemy, a. MbXojfxey, abrb pbXwfxep, avTofidXiofjLev. b. i\v. Equit. 26. 
AvTopojjids, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [qui suis legibus vivit; liber,] independent. 'AW 

avT6v6fj.os,,$.Mcd, fubprj b)j. Antig. 821. 
AvTdvvxet, adv. [ea ipsa nocte,] on that very night. Avrovv^e\ vtjup ETrXpiiob- 

fXEP djKClCKOP. 0. 197« 

Avt6E,vXos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [ex ligno rudi confectus,] made of mere wood. Av- 

to^vXov y eWw/.ict, (pXavpovpyov tXios. Philoct. 35. 
AvTbircus, albbs, 6, subst. [filius genuinus,] the real son. T^ Albs avTbiraibX, 

Kat Tab' opd&s. Trach. 839- 
Av-oTToibs, ov, 6 et i], adj. [sponte enatus,] self-made, tyvrevfi d^ei'pojrbp, ab- 

Tb-rroibv. 4E. C. 6'98. 
AvTOTTpe/jivbs et avToppiCbs, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [qua3 cum radicibus ipsis evelli- .^ 

tur,] from the very roots,- root and branch'.. "Eveifxdv avTbirpefxvbv els to ttclv 

efxoi. Eumen. 395. See also Rhes. 284. Syn. UpopptZbs. 
AvTopvTbs, ov, 6 et f], adj. [sponte fluens,] spontaneously, flowing. Xpwov 

(jidfjLEV avropvTOv. Pyth. 12. 29* 
Avrbs, air)), clvto, et superl. Ai/roraros, rj, by, pron. [ipse, sup. ipsissimus,] 

himself, and superl. his very self. a. 'EKeivbs avrbs ; b. avTOTdros. a. 7rb6ev ovy 

ippdobi'. Plut. S3. 
AvTbae, adv. [illuc, hue,] to the same place, hither, thither, a. Kdrdfiijdt 

bevpb, b. Ma At', eyw /jev avroa ovk, Lysistr. 873. SYN. "E^et, efcclffe, nelffi, ^ 


AvTdrfhripds, ov, 6 et ?;, adj. [ferreus,] the very iron. AvTbcXhapbv ecu ntXaaoj 

biaaapkds dfxiXXdv. Helen. 360. 
AvTuaraVrds, ov, 6 et 77, adj. [sponte excitus,] self-moved, not urged by another. 

Av-togovtos, ab-oKXijTos. Eumen. 169. Syn. AvTofidrvs. 
Avroarablct, as, Ion. 77,77s, 77, subst. [pugna stataria,] a standing fight. "Ev y' 

avrocrTabiri' TrboX b' ovttios ccttXv epi£eiv. N. 3%5. PHR. Urabir] vvfiivrj. 
Avto/ttoXos, ov, 6 et 77, adj. [ipse navi advectus,] having sailed here himself, 

in his own ship. AvtogtoXov we/uxpavTa fx eKcruxrai bo/nois. Phil. 503. 
Avtootovos, ov, 6 et 77, adj. [proprio doiore gemens,] groaning on his own ac- 
count. Av-togtovos, avTom\]x(s)v. Sept. Tlieb. p 1 1 . 
Avro<r(j)dyrjs, eds, 6 et 77, adj. [a se ipse jugulatus,] self-slaughtered. See Av- 

dei'-rjs. Abroafdyrj TriTtTovrd. Aj. Fl. 840. 
AbroGX&d, avToayebov, adv. [cominus, proxime,] at hand, closely. "HpiTrs be 

TTpOTrdpoids' Mdpis b' avroo-y^ci bovpt. IX 319. See N. 4£6. SYN, 'Eyyvs, 

avveyyvs, eyyvdiv. 
Avroay^btos, d, dv, adj. [promptus, spontaneus,] made on the spur of the 

occasion, spontaneous. 'E£ avT0(T\ebXr]s Treipwfih'Gs, ijvte Kov-pot. Hvmn. Merc. 

Avtotokos, ov, 6 et 77, adj. [cum ipso partu,] together with its offspring. Av- 

totokov Ttpo Xb^ov fxbylpdv Trrdfcd dvdfxevoiffX. Agam. 134. 
Ai-ovpyid, as, 1), subst. [quicquid sua quis manu facit,] a man's own labor. 

0^orojj' TOtviv abrovpyXai. Eum. 332. EPITH. Mdraios. 
Ai'Tovpyos, ov, 6 et 77, adj. [qui per se facit et operatur,] one who works with 

his own hand. Abrovpyos, o'i-Kep Kal {.ibvoi cw^ovaX yfjv. Orest. 918. Syn. 

Auroye«p, bi]f.uovpyos. 
AvrocpXoius, ov, o et 77, adj. [ipsum corticem adhuc habens,] together with its 

bark. EvnayZs, avTO(fXoibv, E7rr)pe(j>eos Korivotb. Theocr. 25. 208. 
AvTd<p6rrris, ov, et avrd<pdi'ds 6 et 77, (see Avdevrrjs,) [qui seipsum, vel alium oc- 

cidit,] murdering or killing oneself, a suicide. Top avTb(J>6vTr)V 77/uiV ev koitjj 

ndrpos. Soph. Electr. 274. See A. 395. 
Abjo'pdvios, adv. [propria sua manu caesus,] by self-murder, '[is avrdtydvios. 

JEsch. Supj)l. 65. 
AvTdtyopTos, ov, 6 et 77, ^dj. [cum ipsoonere et mercibus,] with its freight. 2re/- 

Xovrd b" avTO<f)0pTov ohela adyrj. Choefth. 663. 
AvTd(j)v))s t tds, o et 77, adj. [sponte natus, nativus,] sprung up of itself, native. 

AvTotpvd, rav ovb' dv Xaias /iio/uaadTo tcktiov. Theocr. Q. 24. 
AvrdtyvTos, ov, 6 et 77, adj. [sponte natus,] springing up of itself, self-grown. 

Tovs f-iiv ibv, oaaoi fxdXov, avTb(j)VTwv. Pyth. 3. S3. 
AvTofwpds, ov, 6 et 7/, adj. [in ipso facto deprehensus, manifestarius,] caught in 

the very act of stealing. 'En' avTotywpa) irpkofivv ws ex^'Q' ^ ot - I° n « 1213. 
Abrd^etp, eipds, b et 77, adj. [qui sua manu aliquid facit,] using his own hand, 

an assassin : et abrbx^tpX, adv. Orest. 1039. 'AW avroy/ipts, &ute dav/ua- 

£eiv EfiE. Aves 1135. SYN. Ahovpybs. 
AvtoxOojv, di'ds, b et 7*7, adj. et subst. [indigeua,] a native, indigenous. T ft Ijoy- 

ydv, eXOiov Xabv els avroyQbvd. Ion. 29. Syn. See in AvdXy evi'is. 
Avrbxb(oibs, ov, b et 77, adj. [per se et sponte sua fusus,] self-fused. Abrdp 

UqXeibrjs dfjxev obXov avrbybiovov. X V. 826. 

AvToxpripd, adv. [(l)re ipsa, plane, omnino, (2) confestim,] in reality, im- 
mediately. '6 irpioKTbs karXv avToxpyp ev XubaXv. Equit. 78. SYN. 'AXrjdtis, 

axpevbws, TravTtXois. 
AvxlviZu), v. [cervicem incido,] to cut the throat, to strangle. Kal tovs /jev 

rjbxEVi^E' tovs b' dviDTpi-KtDV. Aj. Fl. 298. SyN. AaifJOTOfXEU), beipbrbjUEU). 
AbxEvXbs, a, bv, adj. [ad cervicem pertiuens,] belonging to the neck. Av^e- 

vXovs' Xvcev bE poos fXEvos' alb' oXoXv^dv. y. 450. 
Avxtw, v. [glorior,] to lift up the neck, to glory, to boast, to be proud. Mt; 

to KpdTbs ai>x €l bvvdfxXv avdpu)7rois E)(€tv. Bacch. 306. SYN. MtydXavxew, 

EiravyEU, afipvvb/Aai, dydXXbfJLai, dXacdvevd/uat, yavpXdw, uTrberefjivvvd^ai, <av- 

156 AYXH A$A2 

^ciojtfcu, enXafjnrpvyofjiai, ev%pfAai t KOfiira^a), fieyaXvyofjiai, fieya <f>puvew, Qapplh), 

oyKodfiaiy E7caip8fxai. 
Aux»?, fjs, y, et avxyfia, cltos, to, subst. [gloriatio,] glorying, boasting. T6v 

fiev Klvio^povEs ab^ai, Nera. 11. 38. See Phcen. 1153. Syn. Kavxn> k«v- 

\rifxa, dXa£oveia. 
Av^rjv, evos, 6, subst. [cervix,] the neck. nXi^'* dizb b' av^Evos wpdv Upyd- 

Qev, fib' and vutov. E. 147. SYN. TpdxqXtfs, ^P^y beiprf. EPITH. 'AirctXos, 

fxdXdicos, na^vs, arXfidpos, {XEads, ayipioyps, Bpdavs, QeairEaXos, Xolps, Xevuvs, 

AbxftEio, v. [(l)areo prae aestu ; (2) squaleo,] (1) to be dried up through heat; 

(2) to be squalid, a. Av^fxels alaxpios. b. av bs y ev irpaaaeis. Nub. 920. 

SYN. t CFKeWofiai. 
Avxfirjpos, a, ov, ai/x/u*?eis, eow, ev, et avxfiwbrjs, eos, 6 et %, adj. [squalidus,] 

squalid. Av^fi-qpov olbas, tekvvl b* afxtyX yovvdaX. Alcest. 9^8. See Horn, in 

Pan. 6. et Orest. 217* SYN. AdaXos, bdavs, pyndpos, nXvapos, avos, uvoXeos, 

typos, crrvyvos. 
Abatis, ov, 6, subst. [siccitas, squalor,] drought, squalidness. "ftort fiffT av- 

Xfibv nXeZeiv jii)T dyav ETro/iflpXav. Nub. 1120. SYN. Avdvif, 
Aw, et Att. avw, v. [(l)sicco; (2)accendo,] to dry, to parch with heat; to 

kindle. iLwepfjid irvpos ow£iov, Xva pr} koQev clXXoOev avoi. e. 490. 
'Atyayiarevu) et dpayWc?w, v. [(l)expio; (2) consecro,] to perform holy rites 

for the dead, to purify, to consecrate. Kdvtv rrdXvvas, KafdyiaTevvas d xp*7- 

Antig. 253. See Alcest. 1165. SYN. 'AyiPTevu), ayvevio, ayvi£u> t dy/c?w, 


'A^cupew, v. [aufero,] to take away. l ils Eft dtyaipelrai XpvarjXbd Qolfids 'A7roX- 

Xwv. A. 182. SYN. AlpEio, dvaipEU), aTralvv/xat, d^eXcw. 
'A^aXXd/nat, v. [desilio,] to spring from or down. 'E7rt ty\v KtydXrjv tov ^uncpd- 

rovs dtyrjXaTo. Nub. 147. SYN. 'EraWopt, dTrodpuxricat, dvaXXv/jiai. 
"AfdXds, ov, 6 et f], adj. [sine cono aut crista,] without cone or crest. Tavpeirjv 

d<pdX6v re Kai aXbtyov* y\te Karalrv^, K. 258. 
'AtpdfxapTdvio, f. rfjabfiai, v. [(1) aberro; (2) privor,] to miss, to be disappointed, 

to be deprived of. Kal fidXEV. ovb' dcpd/mapTE tXtvctkuijievos KE(pdXij([)X. A. 350. 

SYN. (lyAuapTavh), a7roTvyxdv(i), (2) GTEpEOfxai, KdrdXetTrbfiai. 
'A0d^aprd£7r?)s, eos, o et rj, adj. [verbis^errans, stulte loquens,] inappropriate in 

speech, tedious, trifling. Ovb' dtyd/uapTOETrrjs, el Kat yZvds vaTipov ^jev. T. 215. 
'Atyavbdvoj, f. dtydbfiau), v. [displiceo,] to displease, to offend. Ovtoj bi Kai aoi 

rafx dtyavbdvovT E(f>v. Antig. 501. SYN. 'AnapeaKta, bvodpeaKia. 
'Atydveid, as, rj y subst. [obscuritas,] obscurity, indistinctness, uncertainty. 

Bwjuoi', els dtydveidv. Agam. 375. 
'Acpdvrjs, e8s, 6 et r/, adj. [occultus, obscurus,] invisible, vanished, obscure, un- 
certain. Ivv d(j)dve~i Xoyw dri/Jtov fidXelit. CE. R. 657 > SYN."A0av7-os, dbrj- 

Xos, Kpvtyalbs , OKoreivos, okXe^s, e^r^Xos. 
'Atydviku, f. Xoio, v. [e conspectu aufero,] to convey out of sight, to cause to 

disappear, to steal, to bury. ToiV ^(pdviarai, bXdfidpov irpus ovbEvds. Trach. 

678. SYN. 'A^otpew, dKvpou), d7roXXi/)ut, dTraXXaccttf, bXatydeipu), Xvu>, KaraXvu), 

€^dXel(j)(o, e^EXavvio, etcfxapaivu). 
"Atyavrds, ov, 6 et >y, adj. [a conspectu remotus,] vanished, extinct. "Atyav-ds 

eppei QdvdaXjKo ^eipcjfidTi ; CE. R. 560. _ SYN. 'A<j>dyris, dvwvvfxds, airpoabo- 


"A(j)dp, adv. [statim,] immediately, swiftly. From this adv. is derived the corn- 
par. 'AfapTEpos, more swift. Acwpvo-as, erdpwv d^dp ccHto voa(j>X XXaadets. 
A. 349. See Y. 311. Syn. Ev0tws, rdxeus. 

'A0ap7ra5w, f. ^w et aw, v. [abripio,] to snatch from, to seize greedily. Trjv be 
<j>dXvovffdy* <5v d(j>ap7ra£eiv <pXXe7. Trach. 548. SYN. 'AvapnaZw, d7roanrdtx). 

'A<pdala, as, %, subst. [stupor, prae quo loqui non possumus,] inability to speak, 
through sudden alarm. TWt tX karXv ; dtydoXa ris rot fx e^et ; Thcsm. 91 1. 
SYN. Ityt). 

A$A1 A$0O 157 

'A0d<r<rw, et d0da>, v. [coutrecto, adtrecto,] to touch, to feel, to x handle. AtitCj 

Koidyeveid (pXXais evX %epaXv dtyaaaet. Apoll. 2. 710. See Z. 322. Syn. ^rj- 

Ad^dw, aitTofiai, eyyeipi$.dfxai., 
"Awards, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [non dicendus, ineffabilis,] not to be spoken, unutter- 
able. "A^drdV, dtydrov, dvavbr\TOV Xdydv Zfjiol flpdels. Ion 783. SYN."A0aj'- 

rds, abo^oSj dbrjXos, upprjTds, /ueyds. 
} A(J>avaiv(o, et ci^aww, v. [arefacio, uro,] to dry up, to exhaust. A/i//ei ydp, ws 

eotKev, atyavavdfodfJLai. Eccles. 146. See also Eccl. 13. SYN. Avaivu), avw, 

Zripaivio, kch'oj. 
'Acpavptis, «, ov, adj. [imbecillis, debilis,] weak, infirm. 'H be fit ov-wio iraver, 

afavporarr) b' etetvkto. v. 110. SYN. 'Aadevrjs, afiXrjxpds, dfiavpos, abpdvrjs, 

'A^dw, see 'A0ao-crw. 
'A<peyyr)s, ids, 6 et fj, adj. [lumine carens, invisibilis,] obscure, dark, invisible. 

Tts &%&>, tls 6b/j.a 7rpd<re7rra //' atyeyyfc. P. V. 115. (Bacchicus tetrameter.) 

SYN. ^LKoreivos, dbrfXos, rvfXos, ddeojprjros. 
'AQetbeicos, adv. [sine parsimonia, large,] unsparingly, abundantly. Et b' dye, 

fioX-jry du/.tov dtyeibeim Kopefftofxev. Apoll. 3. 897* 
'A(j)eibe(jj t v. [non parco; contemno,] not to spare, to lavish, to expose to dan- 
ger, to despise, to decline, to shrink from. KdicolaXv, ei tis rovb' dQeibfjcroi. 

7ropov. Antiq. 414. SYN. 'Afleptcjw, dpeXeio. 
'AQeibrjs, eds, 6 et r), adj. [profusus, largus,] unsparing, profuse, lavish. *fls tov •xpvadv dtyeibed n a era ifieaOa. Call. Cer. Calath. 126. SYN. Adirdvrj- 

pos, iroXvbiapds. 
'A^eAjcw, v. [detraho,] to drag away from. Xl&Xdv dtyeX&v, aibv cnrd fxaZCbv. 

Hec. 141. SYN. 'Awepvu, d^cupew. 
"Atyevds, ov, 6 et eds, to, subst. [divitiae, opes,] abundance, wealth, riches. 'Ev- 

6db' drtfxos eibv, dtyevos koX ttXovtov d(f>v£eiv. A. 171* SYN. TlXovrds, tcepbos, 

Xpriixdrd, 6Xj3ds, KTrjfidrd, Kredvov. 
" AtyepKTos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [exclusus,] shut out from. Mi/yov 5' dtyepKros, 7rdXvoX~ 

vovs kvvos biicav. Choeph. 440. 
'AQepTrto, v. [abeo,] to creep back, to go away from, to depart. Tlapdevtis evQd 

fiefiriKd, yfci'r) o' els oIkov d0ep^w. Theocr. 27« 64. SYN. 'A-Kepyoixaifdneifxt, 

"A<pepTos, ov, 6 et %, adj. [non ferendus J not to be borne, intolerable. "A^eprdv 

alrnX ay. Choeph. 436. SYN. Ov tyepros, ov tXcitos, arXrjrds, dvoioTtis. 
"AtyeoXs, ews, f], subst. [dimissio equorum a carcere ; career,] a sending off from ; 

a starting-place, 'louoas ry 'c/>e<rei rd repfidTd. Soph. Electr. 686. 
"Astros, ov, 6 et //, adj. [dimissus, liber,] dismissed, free, unprotected. "Atyerov 

dXandai yrjs eV ea^drois opois. P. V. 687. SYN. A0et/ie>ds, dvetjuevos, irdpei- 

fxevos, dndXXrds, eXevdepus, [itivds. 
'A<j)evu>, v. [accendo,] to burn off, to singe. Td Kara 6' d<j>eveiv. Thesm. 215. 

SYN."A7rrw, avb), Ka'ua, 0\dy/i£w. 
'Afyexfsu), fut. d<pe\pri(TU), v. [decoquo,] to boil away, to evaporate by boiling. 

Tov Afjfidy dtye^riaas vffiv, kuXov e£ alff^pov 7re7roXrjKds. Equit. 1321. Syn. 

Kdrd7re7rro», 7re7rrw. 
'A<pr)Twp, 6pds, 6, subj. [(1) jaculator, Epith. Apollinis ; (2) vaccinator,] (l)a 

shooter. Ovb' dad XaXvos ovbds apropos evros eepyei. I. 404. Syn. 'Akov- 


" A<pdey ktos,ov, 6, et fj, adj. [non vocalis, mutus,] unutterable, mute, silent. "Eirov 

be ]UT]vvT9jpds atyQeyKTOV <f)pdbais. Eumen. 240. SYN. See "ApprjTos. 
"AqOXtos, ov, del r/, adj. [qui s. quod non corrumpitur vel mutatur,] not subject 

to decay, imperishable. 'Addvd-dv, atyQXrov re 7roi//ffw 6Z6v. Androm. 1245. 

SYN. ^AyifpdTos, dyripdGs, aKiipdros. 
"A<pdoyyds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [mutus,] silent, dumb. QoiftoV ^o/3y 5' iityOoyytis 

tarddrjv, <pXXoi. Pers. 211. SYN."AvavSos, dtyojvds, (ikeoju, oiyriXds. 
*A(j)6dvrjTds, ov, 6 et»/, adj. [invidiae non obnoxius,] not liable to be envied. '6 

158 A$0O A<K)II 

b' atyQbvriTos y' ovk ETriZrjXos 7T£Xet. Agam. 912. 
AtyQdvXa, as, r), subst. [abundantia,] abundance, plenty. Tus atyQuvXa'v vira^i. 

Nem. 3. 14. SYN. EvTropia, evdrjvXa, iCEpXovaXa, TrXijdos. 
A<f>d6vds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [nulli invidens, copiosus,] unenvious, plentiful. Afy', 

us tTOifJids atyQovw bovvai \zpX. Med. 6l2. Syn. 'AvEirifQovos, d/xfyapros, 

dvdp Xd/JLOS. 

AtyXbpvojxai, v. [colloco procul a,] to place far from. "E7rexrd ndTpXbos deoi jx 

)ibpv<ravTo yrjs. Helen. 280. l SYN. 'A7roio'5w. 
A(j)lepd(i) t v. [consecro,] to consecrate, to hallow. JTTdXcu irpds aWois ravr 

dftepwfjEdd, Eumen. 445. SYN. 'A^dyiorevw, d(f>ayvi£(i), 6v(o. 
'Atyfy/JLL, antiquitus atyito or acpXiu), 1. aor. dfrjKd, and in Horn, d^irjua, [dimitto, 

emitto,] to send away, to dismiss. Acpi-qfi dyu/idrwv eXevdepdv, Hec. 368. 

SYN. 'A-Koirefxirii), £*c/3aXXw, anaWaaffio, fiEdTrj/xX, fdw. 2, 
'AtyXKavw, et cKjHKVEdfiat, f. dtyilojiai, v. [advenio,] to come from, to arrive at, to 

arrive. 'H ywe> cJ?) 7rpos ret^os ETreiydfiEvrj d^ucdret. Z. 388. See also CE. R. 265. 

SYN. 'E7repY/>,uat, Trpuaep-^dfiat, dtrjKio, 7rpoW/Kw, TrpoaeXavvu), Trpo(nrdpevdfjiai, 

7rpoo-/3atVw, 7rdpet^tt, tKayw, ttotXi'Iggohqi, EirXpaivii), kiw, tdyavii), fxdXu), EirXrvy- 

'AcpiKTiop, dpds, 6, subst. [(l)supplicum patronus, (2)supplex,] (l)defender of the 

suppliant, (2) a suppliant. KXdSoi ye yue> £>), Kdrd rdfiovs dfiKTopwv. iEsch. 

Suppl. 244. SYN. (1) 'Ike&Xos, (2)Xk£ti]s. 
*A(f)X\r]Tds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [inamatus,] uubeloved. Ovbe yspiov dfXXrjTds ejnoi 

TTOTe. (E. C. 1702. SYN. 'Avepaoros. 
"AtyXXds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [amicis carens,] friendless, unbefriended. "AfXXdv kv 

<tclk€l tov ^QbvXov befids. Sept. Theb. 518. 
'A^lXws, adv. [parum amice,] unkindly. Nvv 6', ovk d7r' dxpas typevds, ovb' dcj)X- 

\(0s. Agam. 778. 
"AQifys, ems, r), subst. [adventus,] arrival. Qes, ws XbuxrX r^o-S' d(j>l^ews TEtfidp, 

JEsch. Suppl. 486. SyN."HXvchs, eiaobos. 
'A(j>i7rTdfiat, v. [avolo,] to fly away from. 'H 7ret7s adcp&s <rot frpos Oeovs d(pi7rrdTd. 

Ipll. A. 1607. SYN. 'ATTUTrerd/Jiaif e^Vrd/uat. 
9 Aty'urntiiii, d-KooTriaio, v. [sejungo, segrego,] to separate, to detach, to withdraw, 

to cause to revolt. 'AiroaTdQw^ev Trpdyjidros teXovjjlevov, Choeph. 859. 
^AtyXaorbv, ov, to, subst. [aplustre,] the extremity of the stern. "AtyXaarov 

fXErd yepoXv E^tav, Tpwalv b' ekeXcvev. 0. 717* SYN. UpvfivrjaXoy. 
A<pXeKTds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [non ustus,] not burnt. Bw/xo7s t dfXeKrot irEXdroi. 

Helen. 1354. 
^AcpXoifffxoS) ov, 6, pro atypoiffjuos, subst. [spuma,] foam. 'A^Xotc/uos b£ nipl 

GTOjid yiyvETo. O. 607* SYN.^A^pos, ayv-q. 
"AfyvEos, d, ov, et acjjvetos, ov, 6 et>;, adj. [opulentus,] rich, wealthy, munificent. 

Kcu tSjv dtyvE&v Kal iroXv^pvaiov. Pers. 3. See also Y. 220. Syn. RvKTrifiiov, 

ifXovaXos, it6\vXr)Xbs , ttoXv/u^Xos. 
"A([>vii>, et a(j)V(i)s, adv. [subito,] suddenly. "A^yoj irpdoeXOwv hupd, irpooirXTvel 

VEtcpuj. Med. 1202. SYN. ^^ai^vrjs, a'tyvm, aityvXbXov, al<pvXbXws, €^d7rtvrjs, 

e^dirXvaidJS, dboKijTios. 
'A<pdj3r)Tds, d(j)d(3ds t et dcj>dj36ffTrXayxvos, ov, 6 et >/, adj.[timore carens,] fearless. 

Auxts dydfirjTds ouot. CE. R. 885. See Aj. Fl. 336. and Ran. 495. Syn. 'a&£>)s, 

arpdfxds, ToXfxrjpds. 
"Atyvbds, ov, >/, subst. [secessio ad exonerandam alvum,] a house of office. "idX 

vvv laaov els d<j>dbov. Eccles. 1059* SYN. 'A7ro7rdros. 
'AcpotfiavTds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [immundus, impurus,] not hallowed by Phoebus, 

impure, unclean. Ov npooTpdiraiov, ovb' d<poij3avTOP x^/ 3 "* Eumen. 237. 

SYN. 'AtcddapTus, dvayvos, 
'A<poirXi£dnai, v. [arma exuo,] to strip off the armor of a defeated foe. 'E»> 

1 Here Bedi must be scanned as a monosyllable. 

2 The antepenult, of 'AQiyiM is common in Homer, and long in the Attic poets. 

A<K)P A^PO 159 

KuvlYia' ot & eyre'' d(f>07rXi£ovTO ekciotos, x F. 26. SYN. *E,^07r\i$u> t Evdp'iQia, 

efcevapiCw, cnrobvo). 
, A<pdpi^(s) t et a<pdpi£df.tcu, v. [(l)separo, (2) aufero,] (l)to separate, (2) to take 

away. Ti/uds EVEpiov d(j)dpi£ofjL£pds. Alcest. 31. SYN. 'Opinio, Kadopi£u> 7 a7ro- 

Kpivbj, cnrdvE/j,(o, bXatptw, bXaareXXd), ywpi^h). 
'AQopfxau), v. [proficiseor,] to hasten away, to inarch off. $vyrj rcpds oUovs Tfjoh* 

d(j)op/jir,(T€iv ydovos. Rhes. 98., SYN. 'A7rd^wp£W, dvdXvu). 
'Atyopfxigio, v. [e portu deduco,] to steer out or from. 'Aya/ie/ivoV, ov fxri vavs 

dQoppXar] xOoi'ds, Iph. T. 18. SYN. 'Ek7tX£&;. 
'A^opfxij, fjs, f], subst. [impetus, materia, occasio,] occasion, opportunity, pre- 
text, motive, cause. I/Luupas c)' dfyopnus rjv XafiuoX tujv Xoywv. Pli03n. 20p. 

SYN. Wpotydots, Xa/3>), Katpos, evtcaipXa, dXEiopij, ZXeyyos, TEK/jirjpXdy, curia, 

7rpdy jid. 
'A(f)6pfiiKTos, ov, 6 et^, adj. [cithara carens,] sung without a lyre, harsh, grating. 

'Afop-fxiKTos avovd fiporo'is. Eumen. 333. 
"Afop/ids, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [profugus,] one who sails away, a fugitive. AvrXs 

dcpopfids efjids. CE. C. 238. 
^A(f>pdb£(o, atypaivu), et dtypdvEh), v. [inconsulte ago ; desipio,] to be inconside- 
rate, foolish, indecorous. 'Arpeibrf, vol irpMrd /jidyriadfjiaX a^paSeovri. I. 32. 

See also v. 360, et O. 104. Syn; 'AXXo^porew, irdpatypovEU), dXoylo), irdpd- 

voeio, fiwpatvoj, /zara£w, XrjpEU). 
'AtypdbEws, adv. [inconsiderate, temere,] unwisely, inconsiderately, rashly. 

'AtypabZcos hXd ratypov EXavvofxlv wKEas 'iinrovs. M. 62. SYN. 'A/3ovXws, direi- 

'A0pdSj)s, eos, et d(ppdb/x(t)v, s. atypdafMov, ovbs, 6 et rj, adj. [inconsultus, teme- 

rarius,] ill-advised, rash, giddy. 'Arabics vaiovot, fipdribv eibuiXd KdjiovTuv. 

X. 475. See also Agam. 1410. SYN."A/3oi/Xds, ayXuxrvos. 
^A(ppabfi6vu)s t et a</>pao-/io>ws, adv. [inconsiderate,] ill-ad visedly, thoughtlessly. 

'EWrjvXKat te vtjes ovk dtypabfioyws. Pers. 423. 
^AcppaKTds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [non septus, non munitus,]~unfenced, unprotected, 

unawares. Et /*?) yap opKois dewy, 1 dtypaKTos evpEdrjv. Hipp. 653. SYN. *A<pv- 

\(ikt6s, drei^KTrds. 
^A<ppaoTds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [inefFabilis, non perceptus,] indescribable, imper- 
ceptible, unperceived. Tavrd fioi fjLEpifxv dtypaaros ecrrXv kv typEalv bXnXrj, 

Pers. 170. $Y~N."Appr)Tus, dbrjXos, dSdxrjrds. 
"~A(f)pdar(i)s, adv. [ex improviso,] unexpectedly. 'E7ret at vvv d(f>pdar<as. Soph. 

Electr. 1262. 
"AcppEU), et d(f>pi$(t), v. [spumo,] to foam. "Acppeov be ar^ded* paiyovru be vepQe 

Kdvirj. A. 282. See also Soph. Electr. 719. SYN.'Ifyow. 
~A(ppri7vp, opus, b et y], adj. [qui est extra tribum,] not belonging to a tribe, 

having no connexion with human society, unsocial. 'A0p//rwp, ddifJuffTds, 

dveorXos. I. 63. SYN."A7roXis, dnoTTToXXs, d(pXXos. 
'AfpiKTt, adv. [sine horrore,] without horror, without shuddering. OvbEirdr 

aippiKTt fj.dKdpu)v opdwoX Qvyarpls. Call. 3. 6*5. 
^AtypbbiTr), Tjs, i], P. V. [Venus,] the goddess of beauty, (so called, because she 

was supposed to have sprung from the foam of the sea) : hence metaphor. 

grac^, charm, elegance, violent passion. OIviottos, otrtrots ydpXrds'Arppdblrrjs e^u)v. 

Bacch. 232. SYN. KvtrpXs, Kvdipeid, Ud<f>Xa. EPITH. Alhoia, bui, dvydrrjp 

AXds, (pXXo/jifjieibris, KaXi}, yjivoeir), -y^pvcoaTEfdvos, tvorc^dvos, iroXvypvavs, apiard- 

v86s t dwdXii, dvayKuia, dbdtcpvros, dpyvpoTceCd, d^d-yos, dvitcrjTds, fldpeld, yiXdovad, 

yXvKeld, yXavKunrXs, boXXos, eXXkui7tXs, elvdXXa, evXeKrpos, Xevicr), fiaXax^, oXot), 

iroXXrf, 7rori'Xd, TrouuXodpovos, ydXE7rt), ypvfffjvXos. PHR. 'Airooivopos 6dXci(T(rr)s, 

Xdptrwr ftdaXXeid, AvkXiov fidaXXrjXs, vjiEvaiois Kporovad. See Horn. Hymn. 2. 
^A<ppoKofxus, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [spumantes capillos habens,] having dripping locks. 

'AcppoKdfiovs pdddfxtyyds eti OTuZovrd ddXaffcnjs. MllS. 262. 

1 ®€u>p is here scanned, as often, as one syllable. 

2 "h<ppiov and ct-}]Qw must be scanned as dissyllables. 

160 A$PO AXAI 

^Atppuvew, vid.^A^pddew. O. 104. 

^Atypoi'TiGToSjOv, oetlj, adj. [incogitatus,] un though t-of, without premeditation. 

'E/iot 5' dywj; ub' ovk dtypovriaros TtdXat. Again. 1347. 
^ArppovT larTws, adv. [sine cura, negligenter,] carelessly, negligently. 'Yfiwv biz, 

irdibes, ovk dtypovriaTtos izdrrip. Med. 910. SyN.^A/^eXws, aKr)becrru>s . 
"A(j>pdi/ti)s y adv. [insipienter,] senselessly, foolishly. '6 b* v-ipXKo fxirios Katypdvws 

■tjfieixpdrd. Aj. FI. 773. SYN. 'AfiovXcos, dvofjTios, davvsrios. 
^A<f>pds, ov, 6, subst. [spuma,] foam, froth. 'Afypbv KdreoracT evToX^pv ylveidbbs. 

Here. F. 029. SYN.^A^Aoto-jUos, a^vq. EPITH. Qpofj(3<l)br}5, alfxdroeis, 6ep- 

jjos, Aei/^os, noXXos, -^Xwpos, ttovtXos, 
^Atypdavvq, r}s, //, subst. [insipientia, amentia,] folly, madness. 'Slhiviov te tcaX 

aeppdavvas. Bacch. 382. SYN. ''Avoid, dfiovXXa, dfxddXa, EPITH. 'AxaXivos, 

"A<f)pu)br)s f eos, o et fi, adj. [spumosus,] foamy, covered with foam. Sro/xdrds 

ct(j)ph)br] ireXdvbv. Orest. 220. 
^Atypuiv, 6v6s, 6 et f] f adj. [insipiens, stultus, aniens,] silly, foolish, mad. Kijbos 

Tob' rjfTiv TcpoaXdfiuv' eyw d' dtypwv. Med. 881. SYN. "AfiovXos, atypdbrjs, 

atypcuTfAMv, irdpatypuv, dvovs, aypoiicos, avQabrjs, XdXos, (ppevofiXdjjris, <j)pepu)Xr}s. 
'Atyvbpaivw, v. [abluo,] to wash out, to wash clean, to wash. 'A&vbpavd/iEvoi, 

oret^tre vaovs. Ion 97* SYN.^YdpouVw, dirovL-KTio, Xovu>. 
'a0vt/, rjs, f}, subst. [species quaedam piscium,] anchovy. "\vd tcls d<pvas &volvto 

nroXXas r' dtfioXov. Equit. 649. 
'AQvrjs, eos, 6 et fj, adj. [natura inhabilis,] not adapted by nature. 'a0v>7 t ovrd, 

kov deXovQ\ Philoct. 1014. SYN. 'Afiddrjs, direipos, vicaids. 
"A(pvKTds % ov, 6 et fj, adj. [uon evitandus,] inevitable, unerring, "a^vktov bfijjd 

irpoabpatcoi jje. P. V. 938. SYN. 'AviKTfrds, dvayKCubs. 
'AQvXaKTds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [incustoditus,] unguarded, unprotected. 'AfvXaKTds, 

fi Triplets' av yap (pavXds y. Eur. fr. Antig. 6. 2. 
"AQvXXds, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [foliis carens,] devoid of leaves. 'Uerris, d<pvXXov 

ffrofxaTds e^cuTTiov XXras. Orest. 377* ' SYN. Zrjpos, dicapirds. 
'A0u7rvt<w, v. [e somno excito,] to waken from sleep. "Orpvv eyyps deipeiv 

dtyvTn'tcrdv. Rhes. 25. SYN. 'E£i;7rr/c?M, dvEyetpoj, dviffTtifiX. 
'Atpvaraiv, f. v£oi, v. [haurio, hauriendo promo,] to draw out, to drain, to 

quaff. 'Ev0d5' drifxbs ewv, d(j>evos Kal ttXovtov dtyvfav. A. 171. See II. 230. 

SYN. 'AyravrXeio, dpvio, dpvdfjai. 
'A(f)u>vr)Tds, et dfcjvds, ov, d et fi, adj. [voce destitutus,] having no voice, silent, 

mute, dumb. Yldpea^e tywvrjv toIs dcpuvfjTois rXvd. CE. C. 1283. See CE. C. 

865. SYN.^AyXwffcroSf dvavbds, atydoyyos, Kcofpos, aKEiop. 
'A(pil)i>(t)s, adv. [mute, tacite,] dumbly, mutely, silently. 'A^wyws dXdyws to rds. 

CE. C. 131. 
'A^atat, 'AxatXbes, et 'Axaudbes, wr, al, P. V. [Achivae,] Aehaian or Grecian 

women, 'ft Tceiroves, KdK eXeyye, 'A^aitSes, ovket 'A^oto/. B. 235. See r. 

542. and Apoll. 1. 284. SYN. ^vnXoKd^ibes, evireirXot. 
'A^atts, Xbbs, (sc. yam,) fj, P. N. [Achaia,] (1) Achaia, or (2) adj. belonging to 

Greece. 'A^aubos QpavaavTes rjKeTe <7/cd0ds. Helen. 1543. EPITH. 'Hyd0e«, 

irovXvfldretpd, KaXXXyvvai^. SYN. 'A^ajas, 'A^ai/a/. 
'A^atoJ, we, ol, P. N. [" est quidem generale nomen omnium Grsecorum ; sai- 

pius tamen in specie nobiles et principes Graecorum sic vocantur." Damin. 

C. 1945.] Ol ireiQovrai 'A^atot. A. 79> EPITH. 'AKoprjroi ft«X^ s » avciXubes, 

hloi, evKviijiibes, eXXicwnes, tfpivZs, KdprfKdjudoJvres, jj.Eyddvjj.oi, ^aXkoKVJ/juiSes, fJEvia 

TcveiovTES, 'AprjXtyXXoi, ayxEfid^oi, an/jrjrES, bXKa(n:aXot, 6oo\, ndXvKdvoi, Imzo- 

bd/joi, KXvrdTrojXoi. 
'Abends, et 'A^aK-ds, >), op, adj. [Achivus, Achaicus,] Achaean, Grecian. Ovb 

dv avTr}P rt)p 'A^oid^ pabtws, ^^ec^erd. Acharn. 709* 

1 It still remains a disputed point among the learned, what nation was designated by the term 
'Axads, in Homer, and its inhabitants 'Axaiol. Heyne has a learned note on this subject at B: 
681. which though not fully conclusive, contains much useful matter for future examination. 

AXAA AX0O 161 

*AxaXTv6s, ov, 6 et fit adj. [erTraenatus,] unbridled. 'k^aKivuiv oTdpaTiov. Bacch. 

*Axa\icevrBs t et dxaX/ctfs, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [non aere fabricatus, non aheneus,] not 

formed of brass, not brazen. JleScus a\a\KevToi(rlv ecievicrai vobds. Eur. fr. 

Pirith. 4. See also CE. T. 200. where d^aXicos donXbuv denotes * unarmed 

with shields of brass/ 
'Axavr], f t s, f}, subst. [mensura Persica frumentaria,] a Persian corn-measure. 

Ovk, dXX' d^avas dbl ye" ypvaiov Xeyet. Acharn. 108. 
'Adapts, Xros, ace. tv, et axapurrds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [ingratus,] ungrateful, un- 
gracious, disagreeable. "Aydptv KeXdbov fiovaiZdfievos. Cycl. 486. See Hec. 

137- SYN. ' Air ddvfitds, drjbrjs, ovk aareids, KaKds, Xvirripds, YdXe7ros. 
'Aftapvevs, ews, 6, subst. et adj. [Acharnensis,] Acharnian, an inhabitant of 

Acharnas, one of the bfjfiot of Attica. Ae7 yap fie tyevyovT etctyvyelv 'A^apveas. 

Acharn. 177- Syn. 'a^opvIkos, (Acharn. 666.) 'AxapvTjXbrjs. (Acharn. 322.) 
'A^e/yudrds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [nullis tempestatibus agitatus,] untossed by storms. 

'A^e/yLtdrdv fx eire/jLXpe avv ttvoous. iEsch. Suppl. 142. SYN. 'AtcvfiavTb's. 
'Axetpfjs, eds, 6 et i), adj. [manibus carens,] devoid of hands. 'OKTdndbes, bl- 

KdprjvoX axetpees, oi be KdXevvrai. Batr. 289« 
'A^e/pwrds, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [manu non factus, insuperabilis,] not made by the 

hand, invincible, not to be extirpated, fyvrevp dxdpwTdv, avTbirowv. CE. C. 

A-xZXuXus, et 'A^eXyfo, ov, 6, P. N. [Achelous,] a river which separates Acar- 

nania from jEtolia. T<p, ovte Kpelwv 'A-^eXwids lad<pdpi2ei. $. 194. See also 

Androm. 167. Epith. 'Apyvpdbivr)s, KaXvbuvlos. Phr. See Trach. 9. 
Axepb#s,ov,j), subst. [prunus sylvestris,] a species of thorn, the sloe-tree. Kot- 

Xrjs r d^epbov Kcnro Xdiuov Tafov. 1 CE. C. 1596. SYN. A\pds. 
AyipovTlds, et 'A^epouards,* a, ov,adj. [Acheronticus, vel Acherusius,] belonging 

to Acheron. Kpdrei XXpevd XXnwv ye tov ' AyepovrXdv . Here. F. 766. See also 

Here. F. 834. 
AxtpioXs, ibds, i], subst. [populus alba,] the white poplar. "Hpt^t 6' &»$ 6tZ tis 

bpvs ripcney r) dyephiXs. N. 389- 

'A^epwv, ovtos, 6, P. N. [Acheron,] (l)a river of Thesprotia in Epirus, (2) fa- 
bulously applied to a river in Orcus or Hell. Evetbrjs 'Ay^poyrd irdXvoTovb'v 

ovk enepaaev . Theocr. 17* 47« EPITH. 'Aevd&s, fiddvs, bivqets Kvdveos, arv- 
| yvos, oTvyepos, \pv)(pds, oltfnrXift. 

A^evw, et dxeo), v. [doleo, moereo,] to grieve, to groan, to be indignant. ITdp 
', be Aa KpdvXwvX Kade^ero, dvpdv dx^vwv. E. 869. See 0. 360. SYN. Avireb- 

fjiai, aXytu), ax^v/uai, dyavaKTeu). 
\A\rjv, evos, 6 et r/, adj. [pauper,] poor, a beggar. 'Axvv, eK trdreptjv irhXav. 

Theocr. 16. 33. 
AxnvXa, as, ?/, subst. [egestas, vacuitas,] " gaping for a thing," want. Kai 

irpotnrXeZei ^p^drwv dyrivXa. Choeph. 295. SYN. 'Awdpta, evbeid, cmdvXs. 
Axdeivos, f), 6v, adj. [molestus,] grievous, odious. 'AxOetvd /joi raXXorpXa 
1 Kpiveiv kuku. Hec. 1222. SYN. Bdpus, fjL0x^np^ s > TaXalirwpds, dXeyeivds, Xvmj^ 

pos, dXedpXos. 

AxQi}bwv, 6vos, ?/, subst. [tristitia, aegritudo,] sorrow, distress. 'Aei be tov nap- 
C- 6vt6s axQr\bi»v kukov. P. V. 26. SYN. "A)(0os, dXyus, aXyrjbwv. 
ii AxBdfiat, f. ax8eadfiat etaxQwdfiai, v. [gravor, molcste fero,] to be laden with 
is, sorrow, to be grieved, to be indignant. Ov yap ae kwjauZovt dv ^xQofirjv 
in ijpwv. Alcest. 831. SYN. Ava^opew, dx^vu), dydvaKTeu), dbrjfxdreu), dvXdtii, Xv 

1 TTlUfiai. 

1 AxOos, Ids, to, subst. [(1) onus, (2) molestia,] (l)a load, a load of evil, (2)dis- 
$ tress, trouble, sorrow. IloXXd yudX'- ovb' av vtjvs UdTOv^vyos dxOds dpoiru. 
Y. 247. SYN. (1) Bdpos, fioxOfis, (2) Xvirri, dvia, orvyvoTrjs, K&ritf*i&< EPITH. 
*AtXt)tov, dXXaoTov, oftpX/udv, ETdnXov, OTvyipov. 


|E ' See Brunck's note on this passage, and Suidas, v/hx*pb° s ' 
2 'Xx^povtrtas, aSoj, is used in Apoll. 2. 854. 

Pros. Lex. X 


'AyiXevs, et 'A^tWcvs, fas et yds, 6, P. N. [Achilles,] the son of Peleus. X^a- 

yeis 'AxtXAiws iraibds eic /jXatQovov. Hec. 24. SYN. AldnXbrjs, YlrjXeiwv, II??- 
\eibrjs. EPITH. 'A/xv/iwv, deois eirXeUeXos, fxeyd tyepraros 'A^aiwv, ofipXfxds, 

oXfiXds, vtos IT^Xeos, bdfypiov, bovpXuXvTds, KXvros, wals QerXbds, Trdbds wkvs, 

opXafios dvbpiov, ireXu)pXds 9 Trobas Taxys, KToXXTCOpdos, Tayvs, avail;, oXods, 7rot/i»)j/ ! 

Xawv, dyavos, Kpdrepds, KvbdXXfxds, deoeiKeXds, (paibXfids, <f)XXds Au, 'ApijXds, 

Aioyevr}s, e<r0Xds, [xeyddvfios, TrdbdpKrjS, irdbwKris, bids, QvfidXeitiV, prfei]vtap, 
"'AxXaivta, as, rj, subst. [defectus vestium,] tattered clothes, rags. %oQXhs 

eveyKwv y, clvtX rfjs aj(XaiyXas. Helen. 128. SYN. ^vff^XaivXa. 
"AxXdds, ov, et contr. d~xXovs, 6 et fj, adj. [ubertate destitutus,] destitute of 

verdure, barren. YSpdrolaX §' axXod itebXd yds. Helen. 1343. 
AxXvs, vds, r), subst. [caligo,] mist, fog, darkness. TdioX b' an o^daXfjidv 

veifrds ayXvos waev 'Adfjvrj. O. 668. SYN. Zo(j)ds, (words, bvdtyds, dfjCfyXri. j 

EPITH. Alvij, bvofepa, spefivrj, ddvdrr)(j)dpds, QeaireaXa, KeXatvrj, Katcy. 
^AxXvoj, f. vffio, v. [obscuror,] to grow dark. "H^Xvae be tzovtos vn avrfjs. p. 

405. SYN. licdTovfjiai. 
"AxvVi V s , hi subst. [" est in genere, res non cohaerens, sed minutatim 

sparsa;" Damm. c. 27370 chaff, foam. EEoXXov be rpdfl Kvfxd KvXivberaX, 

vipdoe & a^yri. A. 307* SYN.^A^pfo, a~xXvs, Kanvds, dyppos. 
Axvvfjcai, et dxpfxat, v. [doleo,] to grieve, to mourn. "A\vpfiat, bmrdre rls 

fivriffri Kebvdio dvaKTos. £. 170. 
"AxoXos, ov, 6 et ft, adj. [felle carens,] devoid of gall. Nrjnevdes r d^oXov re, 

Kctfcwv eicXXr)Qdv dTravTiov* b. 221. 
*AxopevTos, et dxppds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [chorearum expers, illaetabilis,] joyless. 

"Aras tceXdbelv dxdpevrovs. Troad. 121. See also (E. C. 1223. Syn. Ilajoa- 

fjLOvads, dvavXds. 
"Axds, eds, to, subst. [mo3ror,] mourning, sorrow. "ft* ^dro* UrtXeiiovX 6' dxos 

yever, kv be oX r)rop. A. 188. SYN. 'Avia, aXyos, dxQds, Xv7rrj. EPITH. 

AXvdv, dXaorov, aTXyrdv, oty, icvkXvov, dXeyeivdv, dfieyaprdv, eXeeivdv, ari/- 

"Axpavrds, ov, 6 et i), adj. [impollutus, castus,] unpolluted, pure, chaste. 

"Axpavrdv cufid KaXkXnapdevov beprjs* Iph. A. 1573. SYN.^A^pat^v^s, a\pav- 

ards, ddiKTos, dicripdrds, ayvds. 
""Axpds, dbds, fit subst. [primus sylvestris,] the sloe-tree. See"Axqo5os. 'Axpas 

tXs kytcXeioaa ex et Ta °" tr td. Eccles. 352. 
"Ax/>e«os, a, dv, et 6 et fi, adj. [inutilis, ineptus,] useless, sluggish, foolish. Ovo' 

tbs dxpeiov rcis yvvcuicds ev Xeyeiv. Eur. Suppl. 299* SYN. ^AxpyGrds, direot- 

Kuts, airpeirYis, Kovtyds, <j>avXds. 
"AxPWaTfc* ov > et aXPWuv, dvds, 6 et fi, adj. [carens pecunia,] poor, without 

money. 'AxprjpdTOtcrt. SirifxXais ravpovfxevdv, Choeph. 269. See Solon. Syn. 

'Avdpyvpos, dfiXds, dirdpos, d'ipds, aKXrjpds. 
""Axpvords, ov, 6 et r}, adj. [inutilis, incommodus,] useless, hurtful, ineffec- 
tual, disadvantageous. Kovbev y dxPWtdv, ovbe x? 1 l (Tl l JLOV ^dpdv. Iph. 

A. 521. SYN.^Axpelos, dv(0(f>eXrjs, fiXdfiepds, Kaicds, itdvripds, d(rvfx(pdpds, dva- 

^AxpX, et axpis, adv. [usque ad,] as far as, until. Apv^ dwd fivwviov and b\ 

oaredv aypXs dpa%£. II. 324. SYN. "Ews, fiexPh xddoXov. 
"Axpworos, ov, 6 et 7], adj. [coloris expers,] uncolored, colorless, 'fts ovk dxpot- 

ard ydvdr efxtiv efct xepwv. Helen. 838. 
'Axvp/nXd, ds, i), et dx^pwv, Qvds, 6, subst. [acervus palearum,] a heap of chaff. 

At b* dirdXevKalvovraX dxvpfiXaX' S>s rdr 'Axaiol. E. 502. See also Vesp. 

"kxvpdv, ov, to, subst. [palea, straraen,] chaff, straw. 'Ek KdXd/ias dxvpov re- 

Xedei Ttjfidffbe fidXiard. Theocr. 10. 40. SYN. 'Adfip, tcaptyr), axvq, 
*A\pdXaKTds, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [qui tactus non est,] untouched, unpunished 

'ATrrjXdev axpdXaKTos. Lysistr. 275, 
"A-^avards, ov, o et r), adj. [qui non est tactus ; qui non tetigit,] untouched ; 


not having touched. "Aipavvros eyypvs, e'i tX jit) tw '/*$ Trtfffy. CE. R. 969. 
SYN. 'Anadris, ddiKros, aiciVTjTos, aipaXatcrds. 

'A\peyews, adv. [sine reprehensione,] without censure or reproof. 'Ai/zeyews 
fjieaarjalv evl peZovaiv dyvtais. Apoll. 2. 101 9« 

'A\peyfjs, eds, et axpetcrds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [irreprehensus,] irreproachable, blame- 
less, harmless. 'A^eyes iteX^v -epas. Soph. Electr. 497. See Theog. 797* 
SyN."a^uw//os, afxefxirros, dpLVfJiuv. 

'Ail/ei/Sew, v. [non mentior,] not to lie, to tell the truth, to be sincere. Upos & 
e/x a.\pevbeXv del. Trach. 475. 

'Axfrevbrjs, eds, 6 et r), adj. [mentiri nescius,] free from lying, true, infalli- 
ble. Nrjpeios* irpdtyriTris TXavKos, aipevbrjs Beds. Orest. 358. SYN. 'AXr)&Xvds, 

'AxprjKTds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [non rasus, durus,] unshaved, rough, hard. Tybe y 
a\priKTq> 7rdra^w rw KdB6pv<o rrjV yvdBov. Lysistr. 658. SYN. 'AKdjidrds, (jkXtj- 


'AxpTityHTTds, ov, 6 et i), adj. [qui non suffragia tulit,] one who has not given his 

vote, unvoted. TXs a\\jr)(picT6s ; dviGTaoBu). Vesp. 750. 
'A\pls, ~ihds, et Ion. a\p\s, rj, subst. [(1) vinculum, (2) arcus, testudo, (3)rotae 

circulus,] a fastening, a bow, a shell, the felly of a wheel, a wheel. 

'AxjAbd irerpa irpovfidXibv dy/z/udros. Hipp. 1228. SYN. Aeff^uos, yeXvs, ye- 

A\P6ppdds, et b:\poppds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [refluus, retrogradus,] flowing back, 

ebbing, retrograde, back. 'Ev 7rpdY#jfs he (3dXoi axpoppdoi) '[tKedvciio. v. 65. 

See also P. V. 1020. Syn. UdXlppdds. 
"A\pds, ids, to, subst. [compages membrorum ; artus,] a joint. Elbe b* dvaKXtv- 

Belad" XvBev be 01 axjjed Ttdvrd. b. 794. SYN. 'Alps, £evyfid, fieXtis, yvlov, 

'A\pd(jxr)Tds, et d\pd((>ds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [nullum edens sonum,] noiseless. 'AW 

a^/6(j)rjTds o^ewv KuKvpdrioy. Aj. Fl. 321. See also Call. 2. 12. 
"A-j/vxds, ov, 6 et ri, adj. [vitae expers ; timidus,] lifeless; cowardly. Olov 

b* a\pv-)(oiffXi> eoiKores elbuXotoXv. Apoll. 4. 1280. SYN, "ABvpids, droXfids, 

"Aw, see^AaoTcw, ox"Arip.X. 
'Awpi, adv. [intern pestive,] unseasonably. IloXXdKi vvktos dtvpX' Tpe<p<o be roX 

evbend vefipws. Theocr. 11. 40. SYN. 'Akcu'ows, irdpd Katpov. 
*Ah)pXa, as, i), subst. [intempestivitas,] an unseasonable time. 'AXX' dtapXav 

iJKovres. Acharn. 23. SYN. 'AtcaXpXa. 
"Awpds, et dwpXos, ov, 6 et i), adj. [intempestivus, indecorus, negligens,] unsea- 
sonable, untimely, improper, negligent. T ft ttjs dwpov Bvydrep aBXXa tvxW' 

Hec. 423. See also Arat. Phaen. 1076. Syn." Aicatpbs, deiicr)s, airpeirr)s, d\dpXs. 
'AwpdwKTos, ov, 6 et t), adj. [intempesta nocte veniens, &c] coming at an 

unseasonable part of the night. Hveiov, dwpdvvKrdv afifidapid. Choeph. 31. 

SYN. MeadvvKTids. 
'Awrew, v. [(1) flores decerpo, (2) carpo, ut somnum,] (1) to pluck or gather 

flowers, (2) to enjoy, as sleep. "Epyed, Tvbeds vie, ti 7ravvv\dy v-kvov dwrcTs ; 

K. 159- SYN. (1) 'A7rav0<£a>, diroXavu), (2) KaBevbu). 
"awtov, to, etdiorvs, 6, gen. ov, subst. [flos ; praestantissimum cujusque rei,] a 

flower; the most excellent of its kind. Ai-icas dwTds, eaXds alvtiv. Nem. 

3. 50. SYN."Av0os ; IpXdv, OTe<j>dvds, dyaXpid. 


Bd/3at, Bd/3atd^, [interjectio admirantis, papae!] bravo! ToU xoipXbXoiaiv t apd 
TpwfyvTai ; /3d/3at. Acharn. 806. See Ran. 63. 

1 Nrjp&s is here scanned as a spondee. 

164 BABY BA0Y 

JSoflvXojv, Qvds, ij, P. N. [Babylon,] the capital of Assyria. Kat aKoprtffral 

Mvffoi' BdfivXbv b\ Pers. 52. EPITH. HdXvxpvods, Kpdvdi), vnep(pXdX6s. PHR. 

n Hv aa(j>a\T<p ebrjai TLepipdjuus. Theocr. 17. 94. 
Bay/xd, are's, to, subst. [sermo, rumor,] talk, rumor. Al-avrj bvcrdpdd /Say^udrd ; 

Peft. 642. SYN. Avbrj, dpoos, (priori. 
Bdbr\v, adv. [pedetentim,] step by step, slowly. TW be (3dbrjv dirXovros cacov- 

Tiffe bovpX tydeivw. N. 5l6. SYN. 'Efifidbov, ype/jid. 
Bd§/c?w, f. Pabiovpai, v. [gradior,] to walk, to proceed along, "laov fidblcleiv 

riiv evXav&iov kvk\6v. Phcen. 554. SYN. BatVw, /Sdoxw, kXw, 7rdpev6fJLat, irepX- 

irdTeu), obeixo, o*Tei(3(o. PHR. Aiaww 7rofjnrXjuiovs \voas ■RobGjv. 
BdbXaXs, Zojs, ?/, subst. [ingressus,] walk, gait. 'lo)ro^ ti, rr} fidbXcrei kcil t$ 

rdxet. Piut. 334. SYN. Hdpdbds, r/XvaXs, ndpeia, fidbos. 
Babtcrrtds, gerund, adj. [gradiendus,] must go. BdbtoTeov y dp' IotXv ettX 

Tovbl ndXXv. Ran. 656. 
BdbiffTris, ov, 6, subst. [tolutarius, cursor,] a walker, a runner. Td%vs fidbioTi)s 

Tepjxovuyv dv i]TtrlTO. Med. 1179* 
BdbiarXKdSy 7), 6v, adj. [qui veloces liabet pedes,] nimble, swift-footed. N?) 

70v At', o*s bvTOS ye [ii) fidbivrXKOv. Ran. 128. SYN. Td^v7rovs, 7rdbapKt]s,7rdbds 


Bdbos, ov, 6, subst. [gressus, iter,] a walk. Am ravrd Tovbe top fidbov (3dbi£d- 

\xiv, Av. 42. SYN. BdbXaXs. 
Bd£w, f. <tw et £o», v. [dico, loquor,] to speak. Tpuwv lirirdbdfuov' av be ravr 

dvefiwXXd flaclets. A. 355. SYN. See Avbdd). 
Bdd/Ms y Ibds et Hbds, rj, et fiadfws, ov, 6, subst. [gradus, limen, basis,] a step, 

entrance, threshold, the base of a statue. Ai&vds aicpdv fiddjjiibwv. Pyth. 5. 

8. See also Apoll. 3. 1334. Syn. BdaXs, fifj/jd, fiddpdv, KXipaZ. 
Bddos, eds, to, subst. [profunditas,] depth, breadth. "Aibtiv, Kvefydid t afxfi 

Taprdpov fiddri' P. 1065. SYN. B&vdds, (jvQds, fivaads. 
Badpeia, as, f], subst. [sedes, asylum,] a seat, a place of refuge. BdOpeias, 

flddpeias, yepdv. iEsch. Suppl. 86*1. SYN. Bddpov. 
BdQpdv, ov, to, subst. [gradus, fundamentum, basis,] a step, the base of a 

statue, foundation, seat. r ft irdrpydv earXas pddpdv. Aj. F. 860. SYN. Ba- 

BfxXs, de/jteXXdv, dyaXfxd. 
BddvfiovXds, ov, 6 et i], adj. [profundi consilii,] deeply wise. QpovrXbd Kebvr)v 

kcu fidBvfiovXop. Pers. 14/. SYN. BdOvfxrjTris, (3d0v(f>piov f fiddvvovs. 
BdQvyews, ov, 6 et r), adj. [pinguis (de terris),] having a deep soil, fertile. 

Oo7/3os Kal fiddvyetdp efxrjv noXXv efypdoe Barrw. Call. 2. 65. SYN. BddvXrjXds, 

Bddvbivrjs, ov, et fidQvbivi'ieis, evrds, adj. [profundos vortices habens,] abound- 
ing with deep eddies, deeply flowing. "Aird b y dp' 'H^a/oroto jieyas Trdrdjuos 

fidQvblvris. Y. 73. See also $. 15. 
Bddvbo£,6s, ov, 6 et f/, adj. [celeberrimus,] very glorious. Bddvbo-£ot ydrdves, 

wv kXZos ap-6)]oev. Pyth. 1. 128. 
Bddvgojvds, ov, 6 et $1, adj. [profundum, i.e. demissum sinum habens,] deep- 
girdled, long-waisted. T ft fiddvclwvwv dvaaad UepaXbwv v-nreprdTTj. Pers. 155. 1 

SYN. BddvoTepvus, (DdQvKoXirds. 
BddvOpit, TpXxos, o et hi a dj. [bene lanatus, villosus,] thick-haired, shaggy. 

Mi/Xd fidQvTpXyd fiooKeraX alei. Horn. Apoll. 412. 
BdOvicXrjs, rjds, 6, P. N. [Bathvcles,] 'ErpdneT, eKreivev be BadvicXija. fieyddvfiov. 

n. 594. 

BddvKoXrrtis, ov, 6 et y), adj. [demissum sinum habens,] deep-bosomed, long- 
waisted. OJfxai a<f epdruv ex fiddvic6Xirt»v. Sept. Theb. 862. SYN. See 

Bddv Kprjfxvds, ov, 6 et »'/, adj. [altas et profundas ripas habens,] having banks 
steep and rugged. BddvuprifxvoiaX b' aju<f)\ Nem. 9. Q5. 

Bddvvpfiiris, ibds, 6 et 7), adj. [alta fundamenta habens,] having a deep founda- 
1 See Dr. Bl. Sept. Theb. 362. 

BA0Y BAIO 165 

tion, strongly built. UXwe {3ddvnpri7nbb's en evped brjfjdv 'Aflvbov. Musre. 229. 
HadoXeifids, ov, et fiaOvXeifjim', uv&s, 6 et r/, adj. [ampla pascua habens,] having 

fertile or extensive meads. <I>/7pds re CdQeas, iib^'Avdeiav fidBvXeifidv. I. 293. 

See also Pyth. 10. 23. 
BadvX-ijlds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [ferax,] having deep corn, fruitful. 'Ev b' eridei 

Tefiepos fiddvXifiov' ei'Od cV cV epiOot. 2. 550. SYN. Bddvyeios, evyews, eviiap- 

nos, eytcapnos. 
BddvfiaXXdSf ov, 6 et r/, adj. [villosus,] thick-wooled, fine-fleeced. Aep/ud be 

Kpiov fiaOiifjiaXXdv dyetv. Pyth. 4. 286. SYN. Bddv6pt%, noXvOptj-,, Xa^yijeis, 

TScidvfxt'iTT)!:, JEo\. (jadi) /uiiro., ov, 6 et rj, adj. [profundi ingenii,] possessing great 

talent. "Ends eyjo' Bd0fyo/rd Xelpuv. Nem. 3. 92. SYN. Bd0u/3ovXos. 
Bddvvoj, v. [excavo,] to hollow, to deepen, to dig deep. 'E^epp^ev obo'io, {3d- 

Qvve be ^wpdv dnavrd. *¥. 421. 
Bddv&Xds, ov, 6 et ?;, adj. [densus arboribus,] thickly wooded. Uerpats, to cV 

vXrjs ev fidOvfyXo) (f)d(3r). Bacch. 1136. SYN. haducrKlos, dvi)Xios. 
BdOvnebios, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [latani planitiem habens,] having a wide and level 

plain. Badinreblu) Nefxea. Nem. 3. 31. 
BdOvn-XoKcifjids, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [comam densis cincinnis nexam habens,] deep- 
curled. 'E^eirjs 6' yi<jk7]to fiddvnXdtcdfids KvBepetd. Apoll. 1. 742. 
BaOvnXovTGs, ov, b et >/, adj. [przedives,] having great wealth, rich. Kcu fiadu- 

nXovrov yBdvd, kq'l. iEsch. Suppl. 557. 
BddvppeiTTjs, ov, fiadvppeiwv, ovros, et fidduppdos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [profunde 

fluens,] deeply flowing, very deep. Ovbe fiddvppeiTad fieya aQevds ^.Kedvold. 

$. 195. See also Apoll. 2. 797. and H. 422. 
BddvppiZos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [altas habens radices,] deeply rooted. El bid/las' 

nebodev be, (3ddvppi£6v nep eovadv. Apoll. 1. 1 199* 
BdQvs, eld, v, adj. [profundus, &c] deep, full, large. Baku's ye toi Aip- 

tcalos dvd%(i)pe~iv nopos. Phcen. 742. SYN. YldXvjoevOris, dfivaods, rdvdos, vnep- 

Bddv<TKu<pris, eds, 6 et rj, adj. [alte effossus,] deeply dug. 'AW i) nvodiaXv, rj 

fiddvffKdQel. Kovei, Soph. Electr. 435. 
BdQvo-Kids, ov, 6 et I], adj. [altam umbram edens,] shady. Uerprjs els Kevdfiuva 

fldQvaKldv, evdd re Nvfj<j>r). H. ill Merc. 229- 
BdOvandpos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [quod alte seritur,] deeply sown, deeply furrowed. 

Kcu fiddvinrdpovs. Phcen. 6*57. 
BdQvaxoivos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [juncis obsitus, juncosus,] thickly set with rushes. 

'Aaionbv tV ikovt& (3dQu(T , )(0ivov, Xej(enoirjv. A. 383. 
BdQxHppwv , ovds, o et ri, adj. [callidus, prudens,] deep-minded, inscrutable. 

'EXeidvtd, ndpebpos Motpdv (3d6v(j)pdv<j)V. Nem. 7- 1« SYN. BddvfiovXos, fiddv- 

/j.yTT)s, (idQvvovs. 
"Bddv(f}vXXds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [frondosus,] broad-leaved. Avrdp efio\ yXvicvs vnv&s 

vnb nXdruvy (3d6vcf)vXXu). Mosch. Id. 5. SYN. '£/>t0v\Aos, eivdattyvXXos, k6}ii)- 

rrjSf evOdXr/s. 
BdOv^aiTrjs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [qui densam habet cazsaricm,] having thick or long 

hair. AvTdvdr)vQ\ ?)v yfifxlv 'Aptoralos /3d0j>^atr7js. Hes. Theog. §77 > SYN. 

Bd0vyJW> ovos, b et //, adj. [altam habens tellurem, fertilis,] deep-soiled, fer- 
tile. Thv j^dQvxBov cudv. Sept. Theb. 29^. Syn. See Ba0*A#Wfr. 
Ba/vw, f. fitiaofxai, v. [ire facio, gradior,] to cause to go, to lead, to move, to 

go. 1 Els aicpd firjvai /c\t/id/,a>^ £>>'/\drd. ElIT. Suppl. 739. SYN. 'E/i/3a<Vw, 

£7ri/3at'vw, (jdbi$(o, TreplndTEU), nupevo), crre/^w, d/itXXdoyuai nubt. 
Baids, d, 6v, adj. [parvus, modicus,] slight, moderate, slightly attended. Ho- 

Tepfv e^wpet fiaios. CE. R. 750. SYN. Mupos, a/nKpijs, tvtOos, fip(i%vi, 


1 In the 2d aor. the intransitive meaning of " to go" is always used. 


Bcura,. as, Dor. et pairri, rjs, Ion. r/, subst. [lsena consuta ex corio seu pellibus,] 
a coarse covering, cloak. Tay fiafrav dirobvs es KvpuTa rrjva. aXevjucu. Theocr. 

3. 25. SYN. kicpdepa. 

BaKrrjpXa, as, fj, fiaKrrjpXov, ov, (Zaicrpevfid, aros, to, et fiaiCTpdv, ov, to, [bacillus, 

scipio,] a stick, a staff, a support. OIs Udaeib&v 'AatydXetos eorXv r} flaKrripXa. j 

Acharn. 682. See also Acharn. 447. Phoen. 1555. Troad. 278. Syn.2*7>- 

tzmv, aKrjiTiov, okittuv, pa(3bos, pdirdXds. EpiTH. 'AfiTeXoeis, avro(j)\oids, KiaaX- 

vbs, rfbeld. 
*BctKxaw, v. [bacchor,] to be inspired by Bacchus, to revel, to rage. Ba^x? 

7rpds aXKrjv, Qvids d)s, <J)bfiov fiXiwtov. Sept. Theb. 494. 
BaK^Ja, as, rj, subst. [bacchatio,] a festival of Bacchus, a revel. Nuy b\ rjirep 

kv bdfxoi(Tl Pamelas KdXfjs. Choeph. 686. 
Baxxefiatcxos, ov, 6, subst. [acclamatio, in sacrifices, quae fiebat in honorem 

DionysiJ a sacrificial shout in honor of Bacchus. 'HaOevr XriTraiiavtoai, Ka\ 

BaicxefiaKxov %<rai> Equit. 407. 
BaK^eios, a, ov, et /Sa^etwnjs, ov, 6, adj. [Baccheus,] Bacchean, belonging to 

Bacchus. Bcucxetdi' avT£KXa£ov aXXijXais fieXos. Baccll. 608. See CE. C. 678. 

SYN. BaKxXds, Baicxntds. 
BaKxVi V s y et BaKxXs, Xbds, f], subst. [(1) Bacchi sacerdos, (2) quovis furore 

bacchanali percita,] a priestess of Bacchus ; a devotee to Bacchus, a frantic 

woman. Albo/jieva, (bepdfxai BaK^a vekvwv. Phoen. 1503. See also Antig. 

1129. SYN. Matvds. See Theocr. 26. Epith. 'AoXds, Kabfieia, Bvpao- 

<f>opds, eic<j>p<ov, irdpaTrXf)];, vvktXtvoXos, x<*|°° 7r, )j Xvaads, dpeaoifiaros, QioaavTos, 

fxdvids, fxavi(i)brjs, XdcpvarXa, Kepaatyopos. 
BaKxev/nd, drds, to, subst. [(l) furor Bacchicus, (2) ylur. Bacchanalia,] (l) Bac- 
chanalian fury, (2) the orgies of Bacchus. Tdaovbe y ei-w anjadfiai /3aK)/cu- 

/udra/*>. Troad. 369. 
BaKx^v aXfibv, ov, to, et Baicxevo-Xs, ews, rj, subst. [bacchatio,] bacchanalian 

frenzy, revelling. Mcivtis & 6 batfiwv obi' to yap fian'xevoXfxbv. Bacch. 294. 

See also Bacch. 353. Syn. Ba^e/a. 
BaKxevtj, et Ba^td^w, v. [bacchor,] to be inspired by Bacchus, to revel, to 

rage. Avrai ere flaicxevovaX avyyevet ^dVw; Orest. 405. See Cycl. 204. Syn. 

BaKxdd), dvdfiaicxcvb), fxaivofiai. 
BaicxXdbat, wi>, ol, P. N. [Corinthii,] the Corinthians, so called from Bacchia 

the daughter of Bacchus. Etcdre Baicx?dbai, yevErjv 'Efvpqdev eovtes. Apoll. 

4. 1212. 

BaKxXds, et flaicxeios, a, 6v, adj. [Bacchicus,] of or belonging to Bacchus. Uepl 
era BaKx? opyXd, fxaTpos re ads. Bacch. 99^>- See Baicxbs. 

BaKxos, et BaKxXds, ov, 6, P. N. [Bacchus,] the son of Jupiter and Semele, and 
the God of wine. Kpar^pa re Bd^ou. Iph. A. 106l. See also Bacch. 191. 
SYN. AXovvabs, AXwvvabs, Zaypevs, "laicx° s i ^djSaclXbs, Avoids, M.r)6v/jiva~ids. 
EPITH. Qpdavs, dpTirpeiriis, d\r}Br)s, dniifxwv, dTapj3r]Tos, dirdXbs, ayXdbbiopbs, 
aXe^rjTrjp, dbaupvTos, uKoprjTos, dicbpeffrbs, dtrXb^pbs, dvaXnis, dvovrdrbs, dbfipiTos, 
dfirjTiop, dfiat^dKETos, fiorpvbets, ydXi]va~ids, bbpvaobbs, bupiKTrjTos, boXbets, 
bvoepws, eptfipEfierrjs, evu)br]s } evvfxvbs, $eiov, £ddebs, fjbvs, fjvs, dvpffbfxdvrjs, 
QriXvudvris, driXvQpiov, Qrjfiaiyevrjs, 'IicdpXos, KaXos, t/Jiepdeis, KtaaoaTecpiis, KaXXX- 
vikos, XvaXirovos, AvbXos, MvybovXos, fiaivofievos, [.lereirTdXeuos, fxeiXXxXos, vrj' 
TrevQris, wktXttoXos, vvtCTO(j)drjs, olvofidpfjs, olarpijeis, dpeifjidv^s, TTvpX~7rveiiov, toXv- 
VTdQvXos, irddeivds, <J)iXd7raiy/Ji($)V, xP Vff ° KO 'l JLr } s > X a ^ i: °X* Tl0V > X"P €VT *i 5 > ^dyovds, 
XpvaeofxiTpr)s, KiaaoKoiiris, epTfipo fib's, Maivdbatv, dfioffroXos. 

BdXdvelov, ov, to, subst. [balneum,] a bath. Tds ttveXovs <pj\a\v fcardX^etrO' kv 
PdXdv€t<(>. Equit. 1060. SYN. Aovrpov, Xoerpov, irXvvds. EPITH. rXvicepov, 
Kdddpov, Xvai7cbvov. 

BdXdvevs, i(as, b, subst. [balnea tor,] the keeper of a bath or bagnio. 'AW d 
fidXdvevs cX^et 0fy>a£' avrov, Xd/3a/i/. Plut. 9^5. 

1 The word Bcc«x«s does n ot occur in Homer. 


BaXayevu), v. [nrinistro, proprie, aquam in balneo,] to supply with water in 

the bath, to serve, tyepovras tiffirep fidXdvev oovTds. Lysistr. 337. 
BdXdvds, ov, >/, subst. [(1) glans, fructus quercus, (2) extremi penis carnosa 

substantia,] an acorn, date, bar, bolt, gland. 'EXflwv tKeivr\ tyiv jSdXdydy 

evapjuoffdv. Lysistr. 413. EP1TH. Merdetio/s. 
BdXdvdoj, v. [objice immisso obsero,] to bolt, to bar, to stop up. NvV /iky 

yap ovros fiefjaXdvcoKe tt}v dvpav, Eceles. 36*1. SlfN. '^.micXeiu, kclte^oj, 

BdXavTXtiTbfxbs, ov, 6, subst. [sector crumenarui/i,] a cutpurse, a pickpocket. 

Tols Xi*)7robvTats teal toigX j3dXavTXr)Tb/xois. Ran. 772. 
BdXdvTXby, ov, to, subst. [crumena,] a purse, a money-bag. Jlpeaflets, expyrts 

apyvpXov fidXavrXd. Equit. 1197. 
BaX))v, 6, subst. [rex,] a king. BdX>}»>, ap-^alos fiaXrjy, XdX, Xkov. Pers. 663. * 

SYN. See fidaXXevs. 
BaXfils, "ibbs, rj, subst. [(l) locus, unde ii, qui cursu certaut, emittuntur, 

carceres, (2) raeta,] the starting-place in a race, the goal. *Hy Xbov, Kal 

brj rXvatraei tcpard (jaX(3ib(ov and. Here. F. S63. SYN. "AtyeoXs, Kprjiris, repfid, 

BaXXds, a, ov, adj. [(1) maculosus, seu (2) velox. Vide doctiss. Monk, ad 

Hipp. 218.] MeXZ-wv, fiaXXai re Xvytces. Alcest. 595. SYN. (1) KaraariKTos. 

albXbs, (2) -a^ys. 
BaXXw, f. dXw, v. [jacio, &c] to cast, to strike,, to throw, to drive out. Ylptv 

dv oe yaias Tep/iovojv efa /3dXw. Med. 278. SYN. 'P/7rrw, dnoppiirTtt), clttu- 

fiaXXio, bind), aKOvri^h), Traia), 
Bafifiaiyu), v. [tremo (labiis),] to falter, to stammer. Bafifialywv, dpdflos be bxd 

ardfid yivir bbovTioy. K. 375. 
Ba^u/id, drds, to, subst. [tinctura,] an immersion, a dye. *Hr eKeiv6s §r\aXv 

elvat /3d/i/id ^apbXavXKov. Pax 1174. SYN. 'AXoi^rj. 
Bdvavffds, ov, oetr/, adj. [mechauicus; illiberalis,] a mechanic, a laborer; mean, 

degrading. Ov yap fldvavaov rfiv Te\vr)v eKTTjadfATjy. Aj. F. 1141. 
Ba£Xs, eivs, r/, subst. [fama, oraculum,] fame, report, oracle. Keyyjv dicovaas, 

/3a£iv, ffV 0o/3^> oQdXeis. Orest. 1575. SYN. QrjfJiri, d/coj), dpoos, XoyoSf nvarXs, 

(fxirXs, ixavreioy. 
Banrds, rj, dv, adj. [tinctus, immersus,] dyed, dipped, colored. T H Ilbffeibby, 

<jjs erepos av (oairTos bpvXs ovroffi. Aves 287- 
Ba7rrw, v. [(1) mergo, (2) tingo, (3) haurio,] to dip, to dye, to stain, to draw. 

Ba^aa eveyne bevpo novrXas dXos. Hec. 608. SYN. (1) TlXvvut, (2) <papfiaaau), 

(3) dpv<o. 
BdpaQpov, ov, to, subst. [hiatus profundior,] a deep pit into which criminals 

were thrown at Athens. See Bepidpbv. 'Eyw be y es to fidpddpbv e/*/3dXo*p 

at. Ran. 574. 
BapftapXnos, i), bv, adj. [mores barbarorum referens, barbarus,] belonging to 

foreigners, barbaric. BapfidpXKr) teal KeXroV. Call. 4. 175. 
Bappdpds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [(1) barbarus, homo non recte et sonore loquens, 

(Vid. Damm. c. 2507.) (2) non Graecus, (3) agreslis,] barbarous, notaGreek; 

uneducated, uncivilised, savage, unintelligible. TXs 'EXXds *i tis fiapfibpbs. 

Phoen. 1524. SYN. BapfidpXKos, irdXiyyXuJoabs. 
Bap(3dpb(j>u)vbs, ov, b et //, adj. [barbaro ore loquens,] speaking a barbarous lan- 
guage. Nacres ov Kapuiy ijyrjadTb fiapfidpb(f><jjvu>v. B. 867* 
Bapfidpbo), v. [barbarum reddo,] to render barbarous. Btfiapfidpwvai ^pbrXbs 

u>v ev fiapfidpois. Orest. 479- 
BapfiiTdv, ov, to, et fiapfiiTvs, ov, y, subst. [instrumentum musicum, multis 

chordis intentum,] a harp, lute, lyre. 'A fiappXTos be x°p^> a ~ is ' Anacr. 1. 3. 

SYN. Avpa, KXOdpa. EPITH. MiXfypwv. 
fyupbioTbs, poet, pro Bpabtarbs, superl. a Bpdbvs, q. v. 

1 See Dr. Blomfield's very learned note on this passage in bis Glossary. 


Bapeu), v. [gravor,] to be loaded, to be oppressed. $j} bs bdKpvnXweiv /3tjGa- 

p-qora /jle (j>pevas oivu). r. 122. SYN. Bdpvvdfiai, emflpidh), irXiS.ofxa.i ayQlio. 
BdpXs, ibds, if, subst. [navigium, ratis,] a boat or barge used on the Nile. 1 

HovarOe, oova& ettX fiapiv o7rws 7rob(oi>. ^scb. Suppl. 833. SYN.S^eSia, vavs. 
BapKaibs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [Barcaeus,] belonging to Barce, a country in Africa, 

Barcaean. MerwTra avjirraiovaX Baptcaiois b^pis. Soph. Electr. 729- SYN. At- 

Bdpbs, eds, to, subst. [pondus, gravitas,] a weight, burthen, load ; importance. 

'AW ayyeXlas (3dpos dpdfXEva. Hec. 104. SYN. BpWbs, j3pXdbirvprj, dvXa, 

cL^Bbs, la^ys. 
BapvaXyrjTds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [graviter dolens, seu gravem dolorem inferens,] 

very grievous, distressing. BdpvdXyrjr' e/jloi §' d%bs caratce. Aj. Fl. 200. Syn. 

Bdpvs, aXyetvbs, ^d\£7ros. • 
Bapva^s, Dor. pro fiapvrixvs, ^os, 6 etrj, adj. [graviter sonans,] deeply sounding 

or groaning, distressing. r il xQbvXcu jjapvax^es ofiflpbtyopoi 0' d/jd. Av. 1750. 
BdpvjSpeixerrjs, ov, 6, et fidpvfipofios, ov, 6 et //, adj. [deeply and loudly roaring, 

awfully sounding. Bdpvj3pe/uETd yZvbs. Antig. 1117. See also Nub. 312. 

S\'N. BdpvKTVTTos, (jdpvrjxrjs, fidpvybovnbs, epiyhovTros. 
Bdpvfipios, tiros, 6 et f], adj. [graviter mordens,] eating deeply. Bdpvfipwr' dnb- 

K\av(reuv. Philoct. 694. 
Bdpvyhovi<6s, et (3dpvbovirbs, ov, 6 et y, adj. [graviter sonans,] loudly roaring. 

'Ob/uiri r lyBvoeoad pdpvybovirotb QdXaoaris. Mus. 270. See also Moscll. 2. 

Bdpvyovvdrbs, et fidpvyowds, ov, 6 et f], adj. [genua oppressus, tardus,] tired, 

slow. T H pd tXs kaaX XXav fidpvyovvdrbs ; rf pd tyXXvirvbs ; Theocr. 18. 10. See 

also Call. 4. 78. 
Bdpvbalfxwv, bvbs, et fidpvbaifibvEwv, eovtos, 6 et >/, adj. [infelix,] oppressed by 

an evil genius, ill-fated, unhappy. Avcrrrjvbs eyw rrjs fidpvbai/jibvbs. Troad. 

112. See also Equit. 555. SYN. Bapi'Trorfibs, drv^s, bvorrv^jis , KaKobalfxiov, 

BdpvbXtcds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [graviter puniens,] severely punishing. BdpvbXtcos 

troiva. Choeph. 923. 
Bapiibdreipd, as, r), adj. [gravia dans mala,] dispensing affliction, afflictive. 

Bdpvboreipd, fidyepa. Sept. Theb. 973. 
Bdpvybovnbs, see Bdpvybovirbs. 
BdpvBvfxos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [graviter animo adfectus,] deeply affected in mind ; 

fierce. Et ttws (3dpv6v/ubv opyav. Med. 177* SYN. 'AjmeiXX^bs, bvadvpos, 

Bdpvdw, v. [gravor,] to be oppressed. Tepafjvai bvvdrac fidpvdei be poX ib/uus 

for' a vtov, W. 5l9« SYN. Bdpvpbfxat, fipiQbfiai. 
BdpvKo/i7rds,ov, 6 et >/, adj. [gravem strepitum edens,] loudly roaring. Eevotat* 

Kelvov ye Kat fidpyKofXTroi. Pyth. 5. 7 6. 
BdpijKdTds, et fidpvfxrjvlds, ov, 6 et i), adj. [gravem iram gerens,] very in- 
dignant. 'Eyw b' dTifids, r/ rdXaivd fidpvKOTds. Eumen. 783. See Theocr. 

15. 138. 
BdpvKTviros, see Bdpvfipdfjids. Hes. Op. 77* 
^BdpvXdyds, ov, 6 et ij, adj. [maledicus,] uttering bitter things, reproachful. 

BdpvXbyois exdeffiv nXaivofjievdv. Pyth. 2. 100. 
Bdpvvu), f. vvuj, v. [(l)gravo, premo ; (2) molestia afficio,] to make heavy, to 

load ; to annoy, to exasperate. Kat f.iijv aKbreivbv 6/j/id /iov fidpvveTai. Alcest. 

395. SYN. Bdpew, tyopTigu), a^0tw, 7rXe£(t), \i»7T£w. 
Bdpvdirrjs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [gravisonus,] deep-toned, deep-sounding. Bdpvdirav 

(tTEpdirdv Ktpavviov te TrpvrdvXv. Pyth. 6. 23. SYN. BdpvKTvnos, fidpvfipdjJidSf 

(3dpv(5pEfJErr]s, Epiybovicbs, fidpvybovirds, (jdpvKo finds. 
BdpvndXdfjids, ov, 6 et f}, adj. [graves et fortes habens manus,] heavy-handed. 

Bdpi>7rdXdfxdv opcai ^oAoy. Pyth. 11. 37» 

1 See Dr.Bl.atPers.599. 

BAPT BA2I 169 

Bdpvneoijs, ids, a et fi, adj. [graviter cadens,] falling heavily. "AynuQep fidpv- 
Tritrij. Eumen. 375. 

Bapvirveiw, v. [graviter flo,] to blow violently. 'AXXd, <pX\r), Tre^t/Xa^o /3dpv- 
TTveiovTas urjras. Musa?. 21 6. 

Bapv7roT[jL(js, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [infelix,] ill-fated, unhappy. Ofyioi tyfifybpas.fiapv- 
irdrfjtojTaras. Phcen. 1364. SYN. See Bdpvbaifxujv. 

Bapvs, eld, v, adj. [gravis, molestus,] heavy, strong, robust; infirm, trouble- 
some, dangerous, "[is /uoi (3dpeld Kal bdfiois eireaTddrjs. Hipp. 821. SYN. 
Alvus, aXyeivos, fiXrj-)(pds, eird^Qiis, yaXeTtas. 

Bdpvarad/uos, ov, 6 et r\, adj. [ponderosus,] heavy, massive. 'AW erepoi' av 
Cr/rei tl tuiv fiapw-adfuiov. Ran. 13$7. 

Bdpvorfidyw, v. [graviter gemo, s. suspiro,] to groan deeply. Tijv be fidpv- 
aTlvdywv irpd(T£<p7] -rrobas u>kvs 'Ay^XXevs. A. 364. 

BapvffTdvds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [graviter suspirans,] deeply groaning, lamentable. 
Bdpt/oroV eivuc npos cJ' eiceivounv rl (j)tfs. CE. R. 1233. 

BapvfTTdvujs, adv. [gravi luctu,] with deep sorrow or groaning. *lj«oi nXdeade 
f.irj fiapvffTdvws <pepetv. Eumen. 797- 

Bdpvatydpdyos, ov, 6 et if, adj. [quod gravem edit strepitum,] deep clashing, 
loudly thundering. Alatcov fidpvcydpdyy nd-rpX. Isth. 8. 47. SYN. Bdpva/ud- 

Bdpvrt/uds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [pretiosus,] very costly ; severe in punishment. 
"YTr&Toi te deal, Kal fiupvTi/uoi. iEsch. Suppl. 25. 

Bdpv<ppiov. 6vus, 6 et i], adj. [aeger animo, gravia meditans,] heavy minded, 
meditating destructive things. KoXyJ&d yfjpvp Xelad papvcppdvos Ahjrad. Apoll. 
4. 731. SYN. Bdpvdvpos. 

Bapvipv-^os, ov, 6 et i), adj. [qui abjecto vel graviter sauciato est animo,] heavy 
minded, cowardly. Hpos yap kukov re Kal fidpvtyvypv ydovs. Aj. Fl. 319' 
SYN. AeiXos, fidpvdvfuds. 

Bdodvi£u>, v. [(l)exploro, (2) torqueo ad eruendam veritatem,] to assay, to try, 
to explore, to torment, a. Ylws ovv (odcrdvlels rw biKai'cos ; b. 'PabXws. Ran. 
642. SYN. 'E£erct£w, boKX/JidCu), eXey^w, orpejGXoo;, dvXdio. 

BdadvicTTpld, as, ?/, subst. [exploratrix, tortrix,] a female examiner or tormen- 
tor. "Evdev b>) OTOfxarovpyos ettuh' fidadviorpXd XiGnr). Ran. 826. 

Bdadvicrreus, a, ov, verb. adj. [explorandus,] to be tried, or examined. Ov yap 
eor' dvcKrd rdb', aXXd jjuadviaTtdv. Lysistr. 4iJ9. 

Bdadyds,ov, >/, subst. [(I) lapis Lydius, quo aurum probatur, coticula, (2) tor- 
mentum,] the Lydian stone used in trying gold ; a touch-stone, a trial, proof 
or evidence. Xpt](rd/xevos bi) fidcrdvy. (E. R. 492. SYN. (2) KpXaXs, tl- 

BdcXXetd, as, fidalXXs, Xbds, et fidoXXicad, t?s, ?/, subst. [regina,] a queen, a prin- 
cess. BdjtXetd yvvuiyOovos 'Apyeias* Eur. Electr. 988. See Hipp. 26?. et 
Theocr. 15. 24. SyN."Aj aacrd. EPITH. Alboia, ItyQipir), irepXipptor, irdXvfiini- 
OTT), dnoflXe-n-Tus, aQavdrt], dyatcXeirfl, doibX/Jos, d/jat/Ad^trr]. 

Rdo-iXeios, 1 fidaXXi'fids, et fidaXXXKos, ?), or, adj. [regius,] belonging to a king, 
regal, royal. Adxels (TirdriZeiv bu//id (DaaXXeioj' ntirXwv. Med. 956. See also 
7T. 401. et Phcen. 1346. 

BdfftXevs, £o>s, 6, subst. [rex, dominus,] a king, ruler, governor, commander. 
Yldad ViV Xefctv (jdaXXevoX battels ; Heracl. 295. SYN. "Ara^, dyos, Koipdvos, 
korr/jy'jTGip. EPITH. 'AydOos, dyauos, aibo'ios, d/ii//iwv, dfiaifxdKeros, dpXirpiin)s f 
dpi^rjXos, dyciicXeiTus, avrlQios, dyy/vuip, dytpioyos, dydr^i, brjfidflopds, ijtcXm, 
tpeiaotiiv, Trepfypwv, 7rpo(j>pu)i>, a^irrovyos, (jurfnTpov iytov, typtaXv a'inXfxd elbows, 
\dXi7ros, Atorpt^i/s, tcXeiros, ytpdods, fidbvirXovros, 'i<p6X/jds, Kebvos, fmeptivfjus, 
fiovXri<pdp6s, 7TOtK;tXo/i//r7js, evdvfxds, Kvbt(TTds, Kpdrtfjds, 6elos, fjLtyddvfius, KvbdXi- 
fxos, Xdoaaods, Xafiirpds, fdlvein oXifid s, fieyatcXZiis, inrfpcpidXds, d7rr}vt)s, Kakus, 
iiXki/jids, ^dxrjri)s t TtavTooepvus. 

1 The fem. form BaffT\7?is, T5o5, rj, occurs in ITou). Z. ll)i>. and Hipp. 127G. 
Pros. Lex, V 


BdatXevT^pds, et fi&aXXevTcLTos, r\, 8r, adj. coropar. et superl. formed from the 

subst. Ba<riXcvs, in the same manner as caXXtW, cuayiwv, tcvbiwy, and several 

others are derived from the subst. k6XX8s, altrxps, tcvbos, [augustior, augustis- 

simus,] more and most kingly, or like a king. "Oacrov PdaXXivrepds elfti. I. 

160. See I. 169. 
BaffiXevw, v. [rex sum, regno,] to be a king, to exercise kingly power. "Iv* eX- 

7r/c?€i fidoXXevaeiv. Ion 1087. SYN. 'Aydtrow, atffvjuvdw, apx u t efjtfidaXXevuf, 

ap\os elfii, Kpdreto, Opova eyicddicluj, evQvvia Xaols bXtcas. 
BdaXs, eus, f], subst. [(i) gressus, (2) pes, (3) fundamentum,] a going, a 

pace, a step ; the spoke or summit of a wheel ; a foundation. "EXkw irobos 

fidaXv. Phoen. 31 1. SYN. (l) BdbXaXs, (2) 7rovs, (3) fiadfios, ebpa, nvdfiriv. 
Baotcalvw, f. dvG>, v. [(1) fascino, (2) invideo, (3) accuso,] to fascinate, to envy, 

to accuse. 'Q.s pr) /3ao7cav0w be, rpis els e/jidv eirTvad kqXt:8v. Theocr. 5. 13. 

SYN. fyapfiaKevu), <f>Boveh),, jueju^djucu. 
BaaicdvXa, as, %, subst. [(1) fascinatio, (2) invidia, (3) obtrectatio,] fascina- 
tion, envy, calumny, detraction. J Hp£ev, 8 $ rjeurev upeloodvd (3a<TKdvXr}s. Call. 

Ep. 22. Syn. <&ddi>ds. 
BaoKavos, ov, 6, subst. [fascinator, &c] an enchanter, a deceitful, malignant or 

envious person. 'ETrnraord Xe/ijas bt]^ioTrpa& 6 j36.akdv8s. Equit. 103. Syn. 

Qddvepos, vfipicrrrjs, j3Xd(3ep8s. 
BdffKb), Ion. pro Bdw s. BrjuX, V. [eo,] to go. Bchtk XdX, ovXe "drape", ddas eiri 

vfjds A^euwv. 
Baarayfxa, dr8s, to, subst. [gestamen, onus,] a thing carried, a load, a burthen. 

Aeivov fieu l\v j3a<rr ay fid, Kaiaxyvrjv e^oV. Eur. Suppl. 777 • SYN. Bapos. 
Baora£ti), f. daw, v. [porto,] to bear, to carry. Bvvrjdes aid rav-a /3aordc?ecv 

ejuoi. Alcest. 40. SYN. fylph), <p8pe<i), dvdKOV(f>i$.w, aipu), Kd/iilciu), €KKofii£(o. 
Bdretd, s. fiarXeta, as, %, subst. [tumulus Myrinnes, cujusdam Amazonis, ita 

dictus,] a rising ground said to be the tomb of a certain Amazon called 

Myrinne. "Avbpes BdrXeiav kikXtio-kovo-Xv. B. 813. 
BoLTea), et /3d,T€vto, v. [coeo,] to mount. r £liir8Xos, okk eaoprj rets fiacdbas old (3d- 

TevvTat. Theocr. 1. 87. See Eur. Supp. 1013. Syn. Biveio, playd/mat, 
Bdrm, as, ^, subst. [rubetum,] a bramble, a thicket. KeKpvnTo yap (rxoivp 

(3drXa r ev d-jreip-ciTta. Olymp. 6. QO. 
BdrXbocrKonds, ov, 6, subst. [helluo,] fond of thornback, a glutton. BdrXbovKdirot, 

dprrviai. Pax 811. 
BdrXs, Xbtis, fj, subst. [(1) herbae nomen, (2) piscis quidam, (3) avis quaedam,] 

(2) a thornback. Ovbe xaipw fidrXoXv. Vesp. 510. 
Bdrds, ov, rj, subst. [rubus, sentis,] a thorn-bush, a bramble. Nvv Xd per tp8- 

peoire, fidroi, tyopeoire b' dtcavdai. Theocr. 1. 132. 
BdTobpo7r6s, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [rubos decerpens,] cropping the shrubs. T ft yepdv, 

'OynrjCFTold (3dTobpo7re 7roirj€vros. Horn, in Merc. 190. 
BaTpd^eiov, ov, to, subst. [ranunculus, genus herbae, cujus succo inficiebant 

faciem ante inventas personas. Vid. Suid. in v.] a ranunculus, (2) a dye, the 

juice of a flower with which the actors besmeared their faces before the 

invention of masks. Kai Xvbi£<t>v, tat ^WeW, Kai fiaTTTdfievos fidTpdyeiois 

Eq. 520. 
BaTpdyXs, xbSs, fj, subst. [vestis, a ranunculi colore dicta,] a frog-colored gar- 
ment. "E7Tov be Tavrjjvi Xdfiiov t^v fidrpdyXbd. Eq. 1406. 
Barpdyps, ov, 6, subst. [rana,] a frog. Kd« tCjv aXbXwv fidrpdxovs iiroiet, trws 

btiKels; Nub. 881. See Ran. 240. and the following verses. 
BaTrXbai, Giv, ol, patronym. [Battiades,] descendants of Battus. $ao\v Bar- 

TXbdv. Pyth. 5. 37. 
BciTTds, ov, 6, P. N. [Battus,] the founder of Cyrene in Africa. TdBdrrov a/X- 

(j)X8v. Plut. 925. 
Bdv&o, f. pdvfa, v. [latro,] to bark, to howl over, to lament. "SIxuks' veov B 

b* dvbpd fidviei. Pers. 13. SYN. 'YXanTeio, wpvo^xai. 
Bd07, i\s, 1), subst. [(]) immersio, (2) tinctura, (3) color,] immersion, dye, color. 


alhrtpos ws, zBrj\vvdr)V oro>d. Aj. Fl. 660. SYN. (2) Bctfjfia, (3) 

B£eXXd, as, fj, subst. [birudo,] a leech. 'Ejji<pvs, <bs Kt/jtvaTis dnav he fibeXXd 

irlTrwKas ; Theocr. 2. 56. 
BblXvKTpuTrds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [abomiuandus,] abominable, odious. Avral ueXcu- 

vat 6' es ro 7rdy j3be\vKTpo7TOL. Ell men. 52. 
B^lXvpds, a, 6>, adj. [fiagitiosus, impurus,] abominable, impure, impudent. 

'A\X' ovyX vvvi y G fibiXvpos tov vovv Eye.1. P' 11 ^ 993- SYN. 'AyoaXos, aaeic- 

tos, airevKTus, drroTpdiros, d<reXy>)s, atcdXaaros, fxXdpos, fjLO^drjpos. 
BbiXvTTu/jiat, v. [detestor, proprie ob foetorem,] to abhor, to nauseate. T H7rov 

ai bid Toiir evdvs efibeXvTTETd. Plut. 700. SYN. 'Airev\d/ t fiiaew, fxvaaTTd- 

pai, TrpofiaXXio, aTroarpefofJiai. 
Bbiw, v. [pedo, foeteo,] to break wind, to stink. T»)v p7v' £7rrXd/3oCV* ov XtySd- 

vuiTuv yap ftbeui. Plut. 703. 
BSuXXw, v. [(1) i. (j. Bbiw, (2) tremo, timeo,] (2) to tremble at, to fear, to be 

disgusted with. "6 te -kevt}% fibx/XXei Xlws. Equit. 224. 
Bepaws, a, 6v t et ov, 6 et >/, adj. [firmus, stabilis, constans,] firm, steady, 

fixed, immovable, constant. Bifiaidy ovbev rijs dei tv\tis E\ojy. Helen. 7 14. 1 

SYN. "ApprjKTos, dfr<pd\^s, ebpaios, efnrebos, KvpXds, fioyXuos, arepeds, tckttos. 
Befiaiws, adv. [certo,] certainly, decidedly. Kai o\ el fiefiaiws ev Qpovels, 

i]brj (tkowG). Here. F. 1112. 
BsfijiXds, ov, 6 et 7/, adj. [profanus, non initiatus,] profane, not initiated. Kai 

irus fte(3r}Xdv dXaos av ptiotrd fxe, iEsch. Suppl. 512. SYN. 'AtcddapTds, /xXapos, 

BefipvKta, as, i), P. N. [Bebrycia,] an ancient name of Bithynia. E'iato Be/3pi)- 

Kiris, 'Afxi/Kov ubpdv ayyeXeovTes. Apoll. 2. 136. 
Btfipwdoj, v. [comedo, voro,] to eat, to devour. 'ft//o>' fieflpwdois Wpldfiov, 

YlptdfioiO te iralbds. A. 35. See BifSpuanu. 
BeKKiaeXrjvos, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [lunaticus,] one who receives bread from the 

moon, an old dotard. Kai KpovXwy o£<ov, Kat fieKKeaeXrive. Nub. 398. SYN. 

'Ap^aTos, KpovXnos, KpdvXds. 
BlXefxvvv, ov, to, subst. [telum, sagitta,] a dart, a shaft. BeXe/zvd iraibds* ws bi 

fjtv Trepiardbov. Androm. 1125. 
BeXXZpuQovTris, ov, 6, P. N. [Bellerophon,] at first called Hipponoiis, the son of 

Glaucus king of Ephyra. YldvTas yap KdTZiretyvZv dfxvfjiwy BeXXZpd(j)6vTTis. 

Z. 190. EPITH. Adfypwv, eaOXus, Kpdraios. PHR. AtdXXbas /3doiXevs. 
BiXdyrj, rjs, >/, subst. [(l)acus, (2) piscis quidam,] a needle, a bodkin ; a kind of 

fish. Ev/ij/Ki/s (3e\6vT), 7rayxaXKEdv epydv" Apr]ds. Batrach. 129* SYN. 'Pd^fr, 

BzXds, e6s } to, subst. [telum, jaculura,] an arrow, a shaft, a javelin. 'Apyeld 

rai KaS/ield /ui^apres fiZXrj. Phcen. 896. SYN. "akwv, dKOVTXov, arpaiCTos, ids, 

oioTtis, fiZXdyr]. EpiTH."AXioV, d(f>avpov, e^ettevkes, Body, naKov, KdrdnaipXay, 

KpdTEpoy, Kiofdy, o'£v, irEpXirevKEs, wicv, enrXXoy^ov , kLogXvov, Xoy^utToy, 6fyQr}KTov t 

oXbrjpEuy, ttttjvov, dyrXwpujpdv, dXZyeiyoy, dpydXiov, a\yov, aypXbv, /3pt0v, EKtjpd- 

Xoy, 7]Veu6ev, Oepfxdy, fiXatQdvdy, Xat\pTjpdy, tiicCpdv, OKpvoEV, 6Xouv, TTTEpuZv, 

TrticpdyfipdfiEpdy, -^dXETrov. PHR. Ylravbv orrXdv, 7TTr}v6s 6<pXs. 
Be/jfitki£(o, et fiefjfiixXdio, v. [in gyrum ago, velut turbinem,] to whirl round 

like a top. "lv t<f liovyXas ijfxCJy irpoodey fiepfliKlctuiaXy Zavrovs. Vesp. 1517* 

See Aves 1465. 
Be/i/3^, ikus, >/, subst. [turbo,] a whipping-top. O* 6* dp' vtto irXriyrioX Odds 

fiefifiiKds e^ovtes. Call. Ep. 1.9. 
BkvQ&s, Ids, to, poet, pro fidQos, subst. [profunditas,] depth, profundity. Uikttjs 

ftevOld olblv, i^et bZ te kiovus avrbs. a. 53. EPITH. 'AXfxvpuv, dXtfivpis, 

Be peOpoy, ov, ro, subst. Ion. i. q. BdpaOpdy. TfjXZ /udX', fix 1 /3«0«rro> Otto xOwos 
1 Bc&xioi> is sometimes used adverbially. Tracli. 020. 


effrX fiipeQpov. 0. 1 4. SYN. Bd0os, Micros, dXeBpos. EPITH. Aeuov, alv&v, 

dtyeyyes, KolXdv, yXdtyfipdv, bewov, yepdev, andrXdv, orvyvbv, yftovXo'v. PHR. 

Bevdos a'irjs, vetcpiov k€v8/j(ov, okotgv nvXai. 
Bepevinr), seu Bepovkt}, tjs, r/, P. N. [Berenice,] the name of several women, par- 
ticularly of the wife of Ptolemy Lagus, and mother of Ptolemy Philadelphia. 

'Av8pu>7ru)v ws jjivdos, eiroirjaas Bepevlnav. Theocr. 15. 107. EPITH. IIejcu- 

KXetrr), dpicirjXds, eveibr)s. 
B/yXos, ov, o, P. N. [Belus,] (l) a king of Assyria, father of Ninus, (2) the father 

of iEgyptus and Danaiis. BfiXnv bi7raibd. /Eseh. Suppl. 314. 
B^Xos, ov, b, subst. [limen domus vel templi,] an entrance to a house or temple. 

BrjXa) £7rt XX6ea>' rot §' <bs Xhov ofdaXfuoiot. A F. 202. SYN. Badfxos, ovbos. 

EPITH. AXOeos, QeottEoXos, 
Bjifia, oitos, to, subst. [(l)gressus, vestigium, (2) suggestus,] a step, a pace; a 

throne, a tribunal. M?) Kod(pov mprj fififx es 'Apyeiwv arpd'd%'; Troad. 344. 

SYN. BdbifTfiu, flu&is. EPITH. Kovtpbv, KXo)7rXkdv. 
Brjcrcrdy qs, r}, subst. [saltus, convallis,] a thicket, copse, or woodlands. XXw- 

pa~ts v-ko fifjcrtrais. CE. C. 673. Syn/'AActos, iiyicds. EpITH. EvdvE/aos, ev- 

OdXijs, upa, naXrj, TtanzdXbeaad, anXepct, j^Xbipa, eprjfxaia, apyevvrj, KoiXq, rpr}- 

Biivcrtjeis, i\eaad, ev, adj. [saltuosus,] abounding with thickets, woody. 'Eyyvdi 

vatErdwff, o'l r ayKed firjcrorievrd. Hes. Op. 390. 
Bfjrd, indecl. the name of the second letter in the alphabet. Kcu nr}pv£ei rovs 

€K tov Brjr enX rrjv arroidv dubXovBeHv. Eccles. 684. 
BrjTapjjids, ov, b, subst. [saltatio pyrrhica, saltatio apta et concinna,] the pyr- 

rhic dance. 1>Kaipovres ( evorrXXov elXLoaovTo. Apoll. 1. 1136. 
BrjTTb), f. £w, V. [ttissio,] to COllgll. "EpijTTe rpXyXbiov eorrrEpas e/U7rXr//i£|/os. 

Eccles. 56. 
BXa, as, //, subst. [vis, robur,] strength, force, violence, opposition to. BXa 

yvvaind Tqvbe. a e^aiprjaerai. Alcest. 69- SYN. "Is, \ayys, bvvdfiXs, aXicy. 

Ep I TH." A aj^erbs, arpearbs, aarefjt(f)r]s, apprjKrbs, /ueydXotypwv, fjeydXrj, QeotteoXos, 

afydXros, XevydXea, vinritybpbs, e/mebos, vqitXa, vTrepQv^os, 'Ereo/cX^eoj, 'HpanXrjetr}, 


Bidctd/iai, v. [vim adfero, &c] to force, to use violence, to overwhelm, to at- 
tack. "Aval, fiiagei fx ov OeXovtu bpqv rdbe. Alcest. 1135. SYN. Btda/, 

fixdofiai, Eireiyu), fcdrd/3«XXw, TrdpdvbfJEU), vfipicw, Xojfldbfxai, bXa(pdeipu). 
BXatos, a, ov, et ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [violentus,] violent, outrageous. AXuas fiXaiuv 

btotrer avOpwirois yd/uov. Ion 448. SYN. 'ird/ios, oj3pXfjbs, beivos, dovpbs, Ig\v- 

pos, Xdfipus. 
Bl alios, adv. [violenter,] violently, by main force. "EXuet fiXatws Zrjvbs etc irpb- 

fiwfxXiov. Heracl. 80. SYN. Bt<?, vtrepfiXws, beivws, Xrd/j,<x>s, a<fobpd. 
BXdofxai, i. q. Bia£,opat, q. v. NrjvrrX rreXeC, ore top ye /Storing icoXnov XneaBat. 

Apoll. 4. 1235. 
Bias, aVTds, 6, P. N. [Bias,] the son of Amythaon. A'lfidvd re tcpeiovrd, BXavrd 

re, irotfxevd Xatov. A. 296. 
BXaffrebs, a, dv, adj. verb, a fitacduai, [cui resisti debet,] must struggle 

against. 'Hfiiv §' ov rv-^r\v fiXaareov. Rhes. 583. 
BXary)s, poet, pro flXacrrrjs, ov, o, adj. et subst. [fortis, strenuus,] brave, 

vigorous, violent. 'PlnaicX Kdraa^o^tvos xat yap fiia-ras. Pyth. 1.18. 
Bt/3dff0w, /3t/3dw, et fiXfirifiX, v. [eo, vado,] to go. A'ias be npwros irpoKaXeff- 

<rdro, ftaicpd /3r/3a(T0wv. N. 809. See X. 53S. et H. 213. Syn. See BatVw. 
BYpXXdv, ov, rb, subst. [libellus, scheda,] a book, a parchment, a letter, a. 
"E7T€fi\pZ be rls o-e bevpd; b. QavXov fiifiXXov. Av. 1024. SYN. AeXros, Xoyvs, 

rev^tis, o-vyypa/jud. 
BTfiXds, ov, >/, subst. [(]) liber arboris, (2) liber,] the bark of a tree, a parch- 
ment, a book. Qbb' ev irrityals f3i(3Xt*>v Kureocjwdytff/jieid. iEsch. Suppl. 94-3* 

SYN. $Xotos, Xt7rey; EPITH, ZdOtos, Oeia, OcairXs, l ! f.i(j)pojy f au<p)i. 


Bt^wp, dpds, 6, P. N. [Bianor,] a Trojan warrior. Upoirvs dpova' eXe b' dvcpd 

BtY/ropd iroifieva Xauv. A. 92. 
Bivew, et ftivevko), v. [coeo,] to commit fornication. "Os r<s y£ iriveiv olbi rcu 

fiiveiv fxovov. Ran. 7-52. SYN. Bdrew, ydfxeo). 
BtvrjTuito, v. [coire cupio,] to desire concubinage. B^rto/ner, 77 jSpdy/ffrov 

tov Xoyov. Lysistr. 7 17. 
Bxdbwpds, ov, et /3to0pe/x/iwv, dvos, 6 et ^, adj. [victum largiens, vitam alens,] 

food-yielding, life-supporting. "6^d iref-nrei yd fixdbwpos. Philoct. 1162. See 

Btds, ov, 6, subst. [(1) 6£vt6vuis, nervus, arcus, (2) 9rapo£vroi'a>s, vita, victus,] 

(1) a bow-string, a bow, (2) life, tbe means of living. (1) MrjpXovijs o' 'dbvofjX 
bxbov pXov, i)be <pdphpv,v. K. 260. (2) See Hec. 1 66. SYN. (1) Nevpov, t6*ov, 

(2) flXoTt), /3Xotos, £u)7], 4>w%ri, rpd(f){]. EPITH . ( I ) TvajXTTTos, KpaTepos, (2) daXvt)s, 
afiefiTTTus, d/3\d/3^s, air ores, dXvTos, avrdpKrjs, dyi)pdos, d^dXros, yXvKiis, yXvKepos, 
ijbvs, €V7rpe7rrjs, einropos, i]ovyos, l/jiepdeis, KXetvos, neXfyptov, vrj7revdr)s, vrfiroivds, 
repTn'os, ^pvaeos, afiids, dfiiutTos, adXXos, dpydXeos, a.XyXi'0€ts, diraibevTos, am- 
otos, danjfiuSy f3upvs, bv(jb(iifj.u)v , bvorrjios, €/j.7retds, e<prj/Aeplos, eipi'i^iepos, Kpvepos, 
Xvirpos, Xinnjpds, Xevyd\eos, Xvypos, Xonros, fioyepos, oicvpes, roXvrX^ros, irticpos, 
irTspdeis, arvylpus, ctkXosis, arovoeis, OKXrjpds, TaXalTrwpds, rvtyXos. 

BXoaT£p))s, eos, 6 etrj, adj. [cni victus non suppetit,] deprived of food, destitute, 
poor. HicoTepfj ^povi'Tci, t>)v eyio ToXas. GE. C. 747. SYN. 'Etvberjs, irevrjs, 

Biorevw, fiXou>, pXwfjiX, V. [vivo,] to live, to florist] . Tov tiretra yjpovov ftXorevffet. 

Alcest. 249. See also Alcest. S00. and K. 174. Syn. Z&u>, fiXeiru). 
Bton), fjs, fiXdrrjs, tjtos, et (dXotos. Vid. Bios. Biorav OTvyepdv irpoXXxovad. Med. 

147- See Horn. Mart. 10. and Orest. 197- Syn. See Bios. 
Bior/?crios, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [ad vitam sustentandam pertinens,] fit for supporting 

life. 7 Qvov d/ue//3o!'roi fitor 1)0X0 V ovbe irore o<fiv. Apoll. 2. 1007. 
BXotXov, ov, to, subst. [parvus victus,] a slender subsistence. Qvtos yap e^evprj- 

kIv avTw fiXorXov. Plut. 1 l6o. 
BXwv, ojvos, o, P. N. [Bion.] Kdi 7ro-d^ioi tcXaioire tov 1/j.epdevTC. Biwyd. Mosch. 

3. 2. PHR. Awpios 'Op$ei)s, ay eXaicXv epdofilds. 
lliwai/jLos, ov, 6 et i), et Biiotos, 7), ov, adj. [vitalis,] worth living for. Tt yap 

p.ovr\ fxoi Triob' drep (dXwoXjxov ; Antig. 5Ji. See Plut. 197. 
BXdfiepds, d, ov, adj. [noxius,] hurtful, injurious. O'Lkoi (jeXrepov elvaX, ene! 

fiXcifitpov to dvpytyXv. H. in Merc. 36. SYN. UdXv7rt'ifuwv t enXnivbvvds, einctri- 

pXos, bijXi'ifiwv. 
TiXi'ifir), r,s, /;, et /3\dp6s, eds, to, subst. [noxa, injuria,] hurt, detriment, injury. 

"A a ovt in ala-^pols, ovt £7rt /3\d/3p (fiptviov. Hipp. 513. See Ion 998. SYN. 

"Att], drjfjia, Ct]pXwfjd, crvfitpopa, tTrrjpeia, iroivi), Xujfh). EpiTH. Hrvyvi). 
RXafiitt, et Attic. fiXcnrTio, v. [proprie, pedes capto, et iinpedio curreuttun, bine, 

lisdo,] to impede, to supplant, to injure. Aupnov tTcoiyerrdai, fiXafiirm be re 

youidr' IovtX. v.ol. I 

BXatfTos, >), ov, adj. [distorts habens crura,] having crooked legs. hXaiaot, 

\cipoTivovTis, axo GTepviov iaopibvTES. Batrucu. 2S8. 
BXakik'ws, adv. [socorditer,] lazily. 'Hs fikaKixin biaxdvels. A v. 1323. 
BXa7rrw, Ion. /5Xd/3(u, (j. v. \IXuttt€oO\ Ifxov ye fjit) fiXaivovroa Otovs ; Heracl. 265. 

SYN. 'Ai'idw, kcikooj, Xvfj.aivofJiat, Crifiiou). 
HXaoTuvw, f. <ttt](tu), v. [ijermino,] to shoot, to bud, to spriu^ from. Qvycrxei 

be TritJTLS, fiXaoTavei V amorta. Q£. C. 638. See also Choeph. 287- Syn. 

'AnoftXaoTavu), tkfiXaoTavo), aXbaivofiai t eK^vut, BaXXu, dvixdaXXio, OaXtdto, Ori- 

Xeu) t fipvu), dvdreXXw, QvXXois ddXXut. 
BX«0T7/, t/s, >/, (jXdfTTtiud, dTos, t6, fiXdffrr)fids y et ftXaffros, oi), o, subst. [germen,] 

a shoot, a twijr, a scion, an offspring. IlatSos be fiXdaras, ov bxin^ov ii/upai. 

(E. R. 717. See also Sept. Th. .Escb. Suppl. 322. and CE. C. 697- ^ Syn. 

Tevvtifid, BdXos, (pros, cptrv/jid, tyvTov, a'vfafjts. EPITH. \cvva~tos, xXrpaia, 

7roXXri, ArV7T£r?/j. 


BXavfriuXa, as, ^, subst. [maledioentia,] slander, obloquy, reproach. BAa^- 

fuav tis oIkZtojv e^dey^drd. Ion 1208. Syn. {^va^-quXa. 
VtXavrlov, ov, to, subst. [genus calceamenti, quo fere utebantur domi ; solea,] 

a kind of slipper or shoe used in the house. To~iaiv Tponois toIs aolaXv, wcmep 

fiXavrioioX, xpiojuat. Equit. 885. SYN. 'X-nobq^d, apftvXrj. 
BXa\pfypojv, dvos, 6 et r/, adj. [cui mens est leesa,] hurt in mind, infatuated, 

wretched. Kdrdpas (3Xa\pi(j)pd>ds OlbX-rrobd. Sept. Th. 722. SYN. fypevo/Jidvrjs, 

(ppevoirXrjyijs, <ppei'OirXr)icTds, (ppEVwXrjs. 
BXe/jteaivw, v. [trucibus oculis circumspicio/j to look furiously. Kcmptus, >/e 

Xecjv arpe^erat, oQeve'I (dXe/jlecuviov. M. 42. 
BXefiftd, aros, et fiXsirds, ids, to, subst. [adspectus,] a sight, a look. To ftXeju-. 

jud o' ws exoifJiL ftdXaKov ical mXov. Plut. 1022. See Nub. 1178. SYN. 'Atto- 

ftXex^Xs, bepyud,. oxpXs, oip, 7rp6a(oir6v. 
BXeirrds, y, ov, adj. [videndus, inspiciendus,] to be seen, to be looked upon. 

Tt brf iruT efiot ftXeitT&v, r/. (E. R. 1337- SYN. 'Oparos. 
BXcttu;, f. "d/to, v. [video,] to see. tyXXovs kukuis hpdaavT' evavriov fiXE7retv. Med. 

470. SYN. 'A7ro/3A£7rw, bepau), bepKojiai, 6pd(o, eibto, deddfiai, Xevaato, otttcvu). 
BXE<pdpXs, tbos, fj, subst. [cilium, pili palpebrarum,] the hair of the eye-lids. 

*Os avros avrb) fiXetydpXb'' ovic eawadrd. Eccles. 402. 
BAe^aooV, ov, ro, subst. [palpebra,] an eye-lid. "Xirvtis ew\ ftXitydpoioXv £<j)i£dvE, tX irddouv. K. 26. EPITH. *DiAoV, dtcoifirjrdv, evkvkXov, nvdvlov, v7rep(pXdXov. 
BXrjofxai, V.: i. q. See in B&AAw. BXrjerai, ij irepX ftovaXv rj apyevvrjs 

oieaoXv. p. 472. 
RXff/jid, dros, to, subst. [ jactus, vulnus,] a shot, a wound, a throw at dice. 

"AXXd fiXiifidr kv Kvfiois ftdXeiv. Eur. Suppl. 330. SYN. B6Xyi, nXriyri, 

YjXtjtos, j), oc, adj. [ictus, attonitus,] struck, wounded, astonished. *H fiXrjral 

Qvi)OKovaX Xeyjaibes, i)e <f>vyovoai. .Call. 3. 127« SYN. BeftXrjfXEVos. 
BXrjrpov, ov, to, subst. [clavus ferreus,] an iron clasp or hoop. KoXXrjTOv fiXrj- 

TpoiaX, bvwKaietKdaXTTrj'xy, O. 67S. SYN. Yuu-tyos, ftdXdvos, fio^Xos. 
JSXrjxddfiai, et fiXii', v. [balo ut ovis, (2) vagio ut infans,] to bleat, to cry 

as an infant. Ta b£ vvyKvnrov 0' dfid /3Ar/yarat* lca.^^€l^ , 6 7ran)p Unrip avTwv. 

Vesp. 570. See also Theocr. 16*. 92. Syn. Mr/raw. 
B\j?x'/> V s , n> subst. [balatus,] the bleating of lambs or sheep. BAa^ou (Dor. 

for ftXi)xat) 0' aludToeaaai. Sept. Theb. 340. 
BXrjxpos, a, ov, adj. [imbecillus, lenis,] feeble, weak, gentle. Oldv ore 

ftXrjXpoiffi icvXivbofxivov -KeXdyeaaX. Apoll. 4. 152. SyN."A/3A^P" s j aoQlvris, 
BA?7xw, 00s, rj, contr. ovs, subst. [pulegium,] penny-royal. 1 Ko/t^orara ttjv 

(iX-qy/o ye. irdpaTETiXuevrj. Lysistr. 89. 
BXrjx^vXas, ov, 6, subst. [cui pulegium admistum est,] a compound of penny- 
royal. Ovk, et ye kvkewv ettXttXois ftXriyuvXav . Pax 711. 
BXifjiaciu), v. [contrecto,] to handle, to feel the breast of a bird. Ot 6' wvovvtcu 

ftXt/uaciovTES. Aves 530. SYN. ^VrjXd^dta, ETrXdvfXE(o t bXadXiftw, KaMd&, aitTOfxai, 

BXXTdudfxas, ov, 6, subst. [vapidus, stupidus,] an insipid, stupid person. Tot* 

'l7nroicpdTovs vlirrXv e'ileis, icai as KaXovaiv /GAtroyua/iav. Nub. 1001. 
BAtrrw, v. [exprimendo aufero,] to squeeze honey out of the comb. *Hv /t// 

tXs CboTcep acprjkXdv ftXlrTrj yue KapWi^y. Lysistr. 4-76. SYN. 'EK7rteqw, KivZio, 

BXdovpos, a, ov, adj. [truculentus,] stern, dreadful. BXdcrvpov dpdfxevov dyds 

E-Xetv. Eumen. 163. SYN. fyofilpos, cre/xvos, beivos. 
BXo<Tvpo(f)pu)v, dvos, 6 et f}, adj. [saeva mente insignis,] fierce-minded. BAoai/- 

potypovos yXXbqs . iEscl). Suppl. 835. SYN.^AyptoOvjuds, dizr]vris. 
BXoavpCjirXs, xbos, >), adj. [habens truculentos oculos,] fierce-eyed. Ty o' E7rX 

f*ev Vopyu) fiXdovpumis 1 effTECftdvwTO. A. 36. 

1 By a poetic license Homer here makes the < in fi\o<rvpHnis long. 

BAftO BOAB 175 

B\v6pb», a, oV, adj. [(1) procerus, excelsus, (2) viridis,] (1) tall, (2) verdant. 
"Eras h % dp iJTro fiXwdpftv oyx v V y K&Ta baicpvov ef/3e'. w. 233. SYN. tLbfjfjKrjs, cv- 
fxeyidrjSf fxaKpos, aiireivds, appds, ddXepds. 
BddypXdv, ov, ro, subst. [scutum, taurino corio indutum,] a shield, a buckler 
covered with a bull's hide. Kal boid j3oaypXd \epaiv eXeadat. sr. 296\ Syn. 
See Boeia. 
Bdafia, arcs, to, subst. [sonus, clamor,] a shout, clamor ; Dor. for 
Borffid, q. v. Nub. g6j. 

BoavXdv, ov, to, subst. [boum stabulum, bubile,] a cowhouse. "Ivd re tr<f>Xtr'(u 
effKe j3oavXd. Apoll. 3. 1290. SYN. Bovarad/uds, fiovoTadfidv, avXXov, (3oo- 
Bodw, f. rjffb), v. [vociferor, inclamo, boo ap. Plaut. et Ovid.] to roar like an 
ox, to shout, to call to. Els 5' eodpovas fidaaas. Olymp. 8. 52. Syn. 'Ara- 
fioau> a Iftyto, avreio, dvvfXPEU. 
Boeia, as, y, subst. [(l)corium bubulum, (2) scutum,] (l)an ox's hide, (2) a 
shield. 'Es kXXoXtjV depanwv he Xbwv vTre^eve fioeias. A. 842. SYN. Bvpad, 
bepfxd fioos, aanXs, fioaypXdv. EPTTH. Ava, arepea, ddfjieid, aKafidrds, appdyrfs, 
ipiyhovKos, cvtvktos, dbe\^r}Tos, fisdvovud aXoi(j>rj. 
Bdeids, et (jdtos, a, 6v t adj. [bubulus,] of or belonging to an ox, large, noisy. 
"EAfce 6' dfxov yXvfXbas re Xdfiwv icai vevpd fioeid. A. 122. See also P. 492. 
Bdevs, ews, 6, subst. [lorum e corio bubulo,] a leathern thong, a strap. "EKkov 

§' iffrXd Xevicd EvarpeTTTOtaX (3oevaXi>. j3. 42C). SYN. Aecr/ios, tjuas. 
Bdff, vs, fi, subst. [(1) clamor, (2)pugna,] a cry, a shout, a shout in battle; battle. 
'EkoAcV sKdXecrd fiapfldpa fioq.. Phcen. (590. SYN. T H)(os, eydirq, fiorj/jd, /3oij- 
tvs, dXdXdyr), dXdXrjTos, nd\r), a.\icr) 9 dXdXij, fior,Qeid. EPITH. "Aajjearos, a<nre- 
tos, OeffTreaXa, KaKoyXwaaos, arpefxaia, vnopotyos, gv^vvetos, evtypwv, \dpq. fyvav- 
Xos, hvafidvKTos, dyopos, hopiKTvnos, virepfxriKr)s. 
(\)Bdr)hp6}iE(i) t et(3dr)QEto, v. [(l)currens vociferor, (2) auxilior,] (l)to run with a 
shout, (2) to assist. Bdr)bpo/j.Tjcrai irpos bo/xovs TvpavvXtcovs. Orest. 1351. See 
also Iph. A. 79- 
BdrjbpdfjXds, (2) j3dr}bpd/j8s, fiorjdods, et porjOds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [auxiliaris,] running 
with shouts, an auxiliary, (1) an epithet of Apollo. 7 H 'iroXXov, noXXoi oe fidr)- 
bpitfxiov KdXEovai. Call. 2. 69. See also Orest. 1283. Nem. 7. 48. and Call. 3. 
' 153. SYN. 'Apwyos, eitdpioyos, dXe^rjnjp, 7rpoaTdTT)s. 

I BdriXdaXa, as, r/, subst. [(l)boum abactio, (2)praeda,] (l)the driving away of 

cattle, (2) plunder. 'AfiQt poqXdaXr), dr'eyai KTdvdv IrfyioVi/a. A. 671. Syn. 

^ Ay pevfxd, dypa. 

: Bor)XdTr)s, ov, et fidTjvdfids, o, subst. [bourn abactor, bubulcus,] a driver-away 

I of cattle, a herdsman. Ivv /fcqXdra XapXres. Olymp. 13. 35. See also Theocr. 

20. 41. SYN. Borr)p, vofievs, fiovxdXos. 

Bdrjfxd, drds, to, et (3dr)Tvs> vds, 6, subst. [clamor,] a shout. See Bo//. Xd/icu- 

nerks fioa/ud Trpoaydvris Ifxoi. Agam. 893. See also a. 369' 

Bodpos, ov, 6, subst. [fovea, scrobs,] a pit, a ditch, a well. Bodpov r' llearpexpe. 

Kat e^ETdvvaa EitX yairf. P. 58. SYN. Kuttetos, ra^pos. EPITH. TXatpvpos, 

evpvs, 7n)\vids, tyQiar\vu)p. 

BoXbdpXov, et fidibidv, ov, to, subst. [bucula,] a young heifer. Mi), irpiv y dv 

lyu) rw fioXbdp X(o rw '/xw irpu>TioT dndbtinai. Aves 586. See also Acharn. 1035. 

Botwrta, as, y, P. N. [Bceotia,] a district of Greece. Tlpeafleipd toi, vai rw aXut, 

BoiiorXa. Lysistr. 85. 
, BoiujTibxdv, ov, to, subst. [Boeotulus,] a little Boeotian. 7 H x^p*- KoXXiKdtydyi 
I BonoTibXov. Acharn. 872. 
BoiibrXos, a, dv, adj. [Bceotus,] a Boeotian. UpwTos Ti^viXiios Botwritfs yp^e 

tp6$oi6. P. 596. 
Boiiorot, up, ol, P. N. [Bojoti,] the Boeotians. Boturdv fity YltfVEXiws kui Antras 

i'IPXev. B. 494. EPITH. XaXKoxiTwvis, nXt'i^nrnoi, vn^p odxiuiv irveiovTts. 
t BoXfir}, r)s, >/, P. N. [Bolbe,] a marsh near Mygdonia. BoX/v^s 0" iXeiuv btitrdtd, 
Tlayyalov t optis. Pers. 500. 


BoXfibs, ov, 6, subst. [bulbus,] a bulb, an onion, a leak. Xr\TovaXv ovtoitol k&tu. 

yijs' fioXfiovs dpd. Nub. 188. 
BbXr), ys, f], et (3bXbs, ov, 6, subst. [jactus,] a cast, a throw, a shot, a draught. 

Ol t>', tiare dvvvovs i) tXv Ixdixov fibXbv. Pers. 430. See also p. 283. Syn. 

'EkjSgXi/, fiXfjLid, dcpsaXs, EPITH. Kparipa, bpbaEpd, Zvaroyos, fiavriTi bXbs , 

KEpavvXbs, ovpdvXbs. 
BoXXtos, ov, 6, Alt. pro /3dX/3iros, subst. [stercus,] dung. 'Ev xdaX (joXXtois, 

eird vvv\ tov beet. Acharn. 1025. SYN. ^tteXeOos, Koirpbs, vrjbvos yeiXaj/udrd. 
BoXiTivds, y, by, adj. [stercoreus,] of dung. Nr) tov Ylboeibfi, na\ fibXXrXvov 

QuTlpov. Ran. 297- 
Bo/i/3dXo/3ojti/3d£, et /3o/i/3d£, [adverbium irrisionis,] hurly4)urly. M?) Xvtodw 

/3oft/3dXo/3oju/3d|. Thesm. 48. See also Thesm. 45. 
BopPavXXbs, ov, 6, subst. [tibicen,] a piper, a buzzing musician. 'Ett* n)v 

Ovpav (J.0L ^aipXhels fioLifiavXXou Acharn. 866. 
Boli(3vXXos, ov, 6, subst. [genus apis strepitantis,] a kind of noisy bee, a gnat. 

"(tanep lieXitt i) (3of.tftvXXbs elaepxerat. Vesp. 107. 
Bo/u/3fw, v. [bombum edo, susurro,] to buzz, to whizz, to ring, to resound. 

'Ytto tov 7rXt]dovs t at fiofifiovcrai nepX Trjv KefdXrjv avXtifiXv. Plut. 538. Syn. 

'H)(fw, dpd/Bew. 
Boju^rjbbv, adv. [edendo bombum, susurrando,] with a hum or buzz. Bo/jftrjbov 

kXoveovtclX. Apoll. 2. 134. 
'Bdfjtpos, ov, 6, et (2) Dor. jjoiiflb, to, subst. [sonus, quern edunt apes, bom bus,] 

a buzz or hum of bees. MaivbLiEvcov pbBXatv noXvriyed fi6/uj3bv dtcovwv. Mus, 

242. See also (2) Thesm. 1 176. Syn. 7 Hxos, ^b<pbs, bovnbs. 
BboiCTaaXa, as, ?), subst. [bourn occisio,] the killing of oxen. Atev ev 'AXkX- 

vboto (jooKTaaXas bpouxaai. Apoll. 4. 1/24. 
BbooTdaXs, ems, fj, subst. [bourn stabulum,] a cow-yard. Bovpa re Ae&^gvoto 

fidoffTaaXs OhXabao. Call. 4. 102. See BbavXbr. 
Bopd, as, f], subst. [esca, cibus,] food, fodder, flesh. Maarov 7rbdovvTa, dijpcrXv, 

adXXov, (3bpav. Phoen. l6l9« SYN. TLlbdp, fipiofxd, beXedp, oItos, rb[xf), tyopfii), 

OVetdp, (36(TK7}. 

Bopfibpbdvjxbs, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [stercus olens,] muddy-minded, stinking, filthy. 
Aid/3ds (3vpcru>v oouas beivds, tcairetXas fiopfiopbdv/xovs. Pax 752. 

Bopflbpos, ov, 6, subst. [ccenum, lutum,] mud. See "AaXs. a. Ov yap lx dirb- 
Tpeipeis. b. Eird (36p(3bpov irdyyv. Ran. 145. 

BopPopdrdpafys, ews, 6. subst. [homo turbulentus,] a stirrer of mud, a trouble- 
some fellow. BopfibpbTapafy, Kai. Equit. 309- 

Bopeas, ov, Dor. pops. a, Ion. (3vph]s, d, subst. [(l) Boreas, aquiio, (2) rex ven- 
torum, vid. Pindar. Pyth. 323.] (I) the north wind, Boreas, (2) the king of the 
winds. Bdperjs Kai Zefvpos. 1.5. EPITH. AidpriyEvrjS, aXsyetvos, Kpanrvbs, Kpbs- 
pds, KpaTEpos, K£Xdbh)v, biurarfs, QprjXKios, Qpr)£„ y/Yjf/eis, t//uYjoo.v, jSdcrXXcvs dvtfxwi', 
dvEiibs aKparjs, PE(j>ed kXovewv, xpvaTaXXbtrrjKTbv <j)var)fxd, ctdfxevrjs. 

Bdpids, abbs, f], adj. [septentrionalis,] belonging to the north, northern. Bi- 
peds, dfAiTnrds opdoirbbbs virep irdyov. Antig. ^85. 

Bopews, fioppalos, et fidpi)Xos, a, ov, adj. [Borealis,] northern. WclvtoQev fiopetos 
<Sjs tXs citcra. CE. C. 1240. See also Sept. Theb. 533. and Apoll. 1. 211. 
SYN. 'ApKTtZds. 

Bbpds, a, ov, adj. [vorax,] ravenous, voracious. Midpov to \prJLid, kai KaKoapov 
Kai (3opov. Pax 38. SYN. 'Abrj^dyos. 

Boo-Ky, fjs, r], subst. [cibus,] food, nutriment. Booths evfvXXw eXXkiov. Helen. 
1330. SYN. Tpd(f)rj, cTitos, airXov. 

Boaicrjfjid, drds, to, subst. [(1) cibus, (2) pecus,] food, a flock. Uuvtwv Ki)/cXw- 
iriov avrXbovs /^ocr/c^/idrd. Cycl. 165. Syn. Boaicri, jjopd, (jotov, ttoifivXbv. 

BoaKo), f.t'iaw, et Horn. fioviceo-Kw, v. [pasco,] to feed or attend on cattle, to 
maintain, to glut. BovXetciX alrl^iov (36<tk€iv fjv yo.a~Ep dvaXrbV p. 22S. 
See ft. 355. SYN. Tpe^w, rbjxEvw, atTEio, fiovKoXeu), xotfxaivti), \opTa$<a, 

VEfXW. i 

BOin BOY0 177 

Boondpds, ov, 6, P. N. [Bosporus,] a part of the jEgean sea near Constantinople. 

QaiviTo b' t)ipdev croud Boandpov, i)bi KdXGtvai. Apoll. 1. 1114. See also Prom. 

V. 739> EPITH. Aiv//eis, l^Ovdeis, QprjXicXds, Kifx/dipXds. 
BoandpXds, a, 6v, adj. [Bosporius,] of or belonging to the Bosphorus. 'Aicreu 

BoandpXai. Antig. 9^8. 
BoaTpv^ds, ov, 6, subst. [cincinnus,] a cluster of hair, a lock, a ringlet. T Ii 

fiotrrpv'XWv nXvwbes ddXXdv xdpd. Orest. 219* Syn. Ko/xtj, yaiTt], nXdm/jtos, 

hoaTpvx&brjs, ids, 6 et >/, adj. [cincinnis ornatus,] shaded with curls. Ov npd- 

KdXvnTdfxiva fioarpvyjobids. Phcen. 1507- 
BdTdvrj, rjs, y, subst. [herba, gramen,] a herb, herbage, grass. 'FAdovaas es 

Konpdv, otclv jSdrdyrjs tcdpeacjvrai. b 411. SYN. Hold, \Xdq, \vprds, vo/jltj. 

EPITH. Eldplvt), Ceibwpds, yXdepd. 
hdrt)p, fjpds, 6, subst. [pastor,] a shepherd, a feeder or observer of birds, an 

augur. Nvv 6' <hs 6 {jlclvtis <f)r)aXv, olu>vu>v fidTyp* Sept. Theb. 24. Syn. Bov- 

(3ott)s, notfxi]V, (dovkoios, (3ovkoXos, fiovtyopfids, j3ovniXaTT]S, (3dt]Xdrt]s, foovrrjs, 

fiwrrjs, fiwTtop, vd/ievs. EPITH. ^Aypovdjids, dpeaX~Tpd(f>ds. 
Botov, ov, to, subst. [pecus,] an animal fed, cattle. "Ev0' ovts. noifxriv a^Xol 

(pepfieiv j3d~d. Hipp. J4>. SYN. Qpe/xfid, fxyXov, fiuaKrjfjd. 
Borpvbdv, adv. [more uvae ; dense,] in clusters. Borpvbov be ireroyraX, en dv- 

QiaXv eidpXtcdiaXv. B. 89* SYN. "Adpduis. 
Borpvs, vos, 6, subst. [(1) uva, (2)racemus,] (l)a grape, (2) a bunch of grapes. 

'OrXrj fiorpvs rpojyataXv kv to'is ^pXois. Equit. 1077* SYN. Drd^vAr), dnwpa. 

EpiTH.^AyAdos, ayXdoxapnos, cipniXdeis, rjfj.ipds, oivwnds, Ban^Xas, nop(j>vped t 

Borpvobwpds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [racemos largiens,] giving or producing clusters of 

grapes. 'ft ndrrXd fidTpvdbwpe, tX npdaeinw a ends; Pax 519« 
Borpudeis, evrds, et (joTpvwbrjs, ids, 6 et 1), adj. [racemi instar contortus,] 

abounding with grapes, in clusters. Borpvoevris ineppwovrd kXovtX. Apoll. 2. 

6?7- See also Bacch.526\ 
BovfidaXdi', ov, to, subst. [locus, ubi pascuntur boves,] pasture-gronnd. Te7d 

Ke fiovfidatov TiXiOoi nXidv. Call. 2. 50. Syn. Bo ad]. 
Bovfiurris, ov, 6, [bubulcus,] a herdsman. Bov(3otui rddt np&vis e$-$\ok Nem. 

4. 84. 
BovfioTds, ov, 6 et i], adj. [pascendis bobus commodus, lzetus,] fit for feeding 

oxen, grassy. Atyi/3oros o' dyddt), cat (3ov(36tos' etrri fiiv vXrj. v. 246". 
BoufipuaTls, las, r/, subst. [(1) magna fames, (2) acerbus dolor,] a dreadful fa- 
mine, bitter pain. Kai i tcdnii fiovfipwarXs enl yQdvd b~idv iXavvei. H. 532. 

SYN. Bovneivd, Xipds, a via, Xvwr]. 
Bov/Swv, wpos, 6, subst. [inguen,] the groin. Be/3\>/Ket fiovfiioyd, viicvv erlpwa' 

ipvo vtu. A. 492. SYN. \lr]pds, ij(3r]. 
QovfiwyXdu, v. [tumore circa inguen laboro,] to have a swelling in the groin. 

'Xnd twv kottwv yap tu) ve(j>pui fiovfiuivXti. Ran. 1280. 

QovyuXo's, 6 et //, adj. [gloriosus, jactator. Vid. Damm.] vain-glorious, insolent. 

At'dv dfiapT dines, fiovydli, noldv ietnis ; N. 824. 

Qovbdpds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [boves excoriaus,] skinning the carcases of oxen. 

Mrjvd bi Arjvatuivd, kuk r/judrd, fiovbtipd ndyrd. Hes. Op. 504. 

%ovdipt)s, ids, 6 et >/, adj. [quod a bobus depascitur,] grassy. 'Ev fiovdipel Xei- 

ftuni npoandXos Optiel. Trach. 19 !• 

Rovddpds, ov, 6, adj. [insiliens vaccis,] bulling a cow. $ao\v npinoyrd fiovQdpif 

ravpu) bifjids. JEsch. Suppl. 306. 

ZovOvaXa, as, t), subst. [immolatio bourn,] the slaughtering of an ox, a solemn 
sacrifice. 'Ynd fiovdvoiais, didXioy ri nefi-nTafiipois. Olymp. 5. 11. 

&ovQi>Tiu), v. [boves macto,] to sacrifice oxen, llpos TVfifidv, evBd fiovdvrelv 
fx&XXoy npinet. Hec. 260. SYN. Bovtpdyih). 

&ovdvTds,ov, 6 et »/, adj. [ad bourn mactationem referens,] relating to the sacri- 
ficing of oxen, solemn. B(y/>nt\ dpftei, ftovOvrois ev fyudtxu Choeph. 255. 
Pros, Lex, Z 


TSovKcuds, ov; 6, subst. [bubulcus,] a herdsman. See Btfrr/p. 'EpydrXva Povtcaie, 

tX vvv, w '£vp$, 7reir6vdr)s ; Theocr. 10. 1. 

BovKepws, o) et turds, 6 et r% adj. [bovis cornua gerens,] horned. KXi/e« 7rpo'<r- 

<f>6eyfxd rds fiovKeput TrapQevov ; x P. V. 60S. 
BovudXeto, v. [(1) boves pasco, (2) delenio, lacto,] to feed or attend on cattle; 

to decoy. Tbv fxev, (jovKoXetav, tov b\ apyv<pd fxrjXd vouevtov. k. 85. 

BovudXXa, as, r/, subst. [armentum,] a herd. BovtcdXXas r* e7rereXXev ebeKTd be 

Matdbos vlos. Horn, in Merc. 498. SYN. 'AyeXr), dyeXalov. 
BovKoXlagb), daw, Dor. a£w, v. [pastoritium carmen cano,] to sing a pastoral 

song, to play on the rustic pipe. Avrode fiot irorepinbe, tcaX abrade fltOKoXXaabev. 

Theocr. 5. 60. 
BovKd\ia<nrjs, ov, 6, subst. [pastoritii carminis modulator,] a pastoral poet. 

BtOKoXlcurras evrX' rx> b', to 'ydde, ju//r' efxe, Mopatov. Theocr. 5. 67. 
BovKbXtbr)s, ov, 6, P. N. [Sphelus, Atheniensis, pater Iasi.] Tibs be l<j>riXoid 

KaXeanero BovKoXXbao. O. 338. 
BovkoXikos, rj, ov, adj. [bucolicus, pastoritius,] bucolic, rural. "Apxerc /GwkoXi- 

Kds. Mtvtrat tfiXXai, dpyer doibds. Theoc. 1. JO. 
BovkoXos, ov, 6, subst. [armentarius,] a herdsman. $avXovs pdxeadai (3ovk6\ovs 

fiyotfxedd. Iph. T. 306. SyN. See Bornp. 
BovXapx&s, ov, b, subst. [auctor consilii,] a first mover. Advdbs be wdryp ical 

PovXapxos. jEsch. Suppl. 12. 
BovXeia, as, rj, subst. [munus senatorium,] the office of senator. Udpdbovs 

erepw tyjv fiovXeiav' ovb' avros rovro ye frjcrets. Thesm. 808. 
BovXevfxd, drds, to, subst. [consilium,] counsel, a measure, a decree. Ovkovv 

Kdxvvei Toltrbe rols fiovXevfxdoXv ; Hec. 251. 
BovXevfidTlov, ov, to, subst. [dimin. a praeced.] a little counsel or advice. Bov- 

Xev/jtdrXtvv teal yvtajxXbXtvv icai voXbXtav. Equit. 100. 
BovXevrripXdp, ov, to, subst. [(1) curia, (2) pro povXevr^s, ut iraibevpa pro 7rai- 

bevrris (Hipp. 11.) aliaque multa ejusdem generis apud Tragicos,] (1) a senate- 
house, (2) a senator. (2) AoXta fiovXevrripXd. Androm. 446. Syn. BovXewv, 

bXKacrrjpXdy, trpvTdveloi', dfxrjyvpXs, dydpa, ovvobos, epvfid y^pas, iroXews ffwri/- 

BovXevrris, ov, b, subst. [consiliarius,] a senator. Ylepvaiv tis fiovXevrrjs karXv 

dpeiviov. Thesm. 808. Syn. BovX-qtftdpos. 
BovXevros, rj, ov, adj. [decretus,] decreed. *Os nori j3ovXevruv yvovs errX ol 

Bdvdrbv. Call. 5. 3*8. 
BovXetfw, v. [(1) senator sum; delibero; (2) molior,] (l) to act as a senator, to 

deliberate, to advise, (2) to contrive. AeboiKd b* avTrjv, [ir\ rX flovXevvrj kukov. 

Med. 37- SYN. (1) Wpvrdvevto, ovjjfiovXevto, (2) ETrXfiovXevot, fjirfrXdofiai. 
BovX)), fjs, yi, subst. [voluntas, consilium,] will, counsel, advice, deliberation; 

a senate, a council. Trfv brjfxoKpdrXav, ovre rrjp j3ovXi)p iridwv. Pint. <H9» 

SYN. ^v/ufiovXr), yvibfirj, fxfjbds, jjLrjrXs, dyopd, avvobos. EPITH. 'Aplffrrf, ttcttny, 

errTtpptov, acTTefJMprjs, eadXrj, rriKepbrjs, vruneprris, TrvKXvrj, irvKXvoQpojy, >/ vuitbad, 

KaipXa, vrTicpa, boXXa, dbXicos, dXetymiids, ev(f>pii)v, Kpv7TTdbXa, 7rdXvTpd7ros, oXor/, 

OTvyepa, owtypwv, rp^e/a. 
BovX-qaXs, ews, h, subst. [voluntas,] will, wish, inclination, design. "E7roa£e yap 

fiovX-qoXv, fjp efiovXe'rb'. Here. F. 1296. SYN. Tvil)fir), eeXbwp, 6eXr}/uid, deXrjaXs, 

Xfj/Jld, OKOTTOS, 

BovXrj(f)dpds, ov, b, subst. [consiliarius,] a counsellor. Aheia, Tp&wv fiovXij^dpe 
<XaXK6yj.riovb>v. E. 180. SYN. BovXevn'is. EPITH. 'EoOXos. PHR. Ov ^P') 
7ravvvyXoi> povXt}(j)dpdv dvbpd. 

BovXifxXdiD, v. [fame ingenti premor,] to be excessively hungry. '6 avKdcjiavrrjs* 
bfjXov orX (3ovXi/j.Xqi . Pint. 874. SYN. AifxwTTio, iretvdw. 

BovXXds, ov, b et >/, adj. [ad consilium pertinens,] deliberating. 

BovXofxat, f. fiovXijffdjjiai, v. [volo, cupio,] to will, to wish, to desire, to prefer. 

See Dr. Blomfield'a note on the metre and reading of this line. 

BOVA BOY$ 179 

BovXei &0 fiivroi, Kovyt fiovXriffei rd^a. Phoen. 913. SyN. BdXtyiac, (Horn.) deXu>, 

edeXco, Xda>, TrpoQvuedfxai^ /xeveaivu), xprj$(o. 
hovXdfxaxos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [pugnandi avid us,] wishing to fight. 'Avbpos fiov- 

XofJLa^ov Kal KXavuXfxd\ov tXvos vtos. Pax 1291. 
BovXvtos, ov, 6, subst. [vespera, tempus quo boves solvuntur,] the time for 

unyoking oxen, the evening, the setting sun. r H/j.os b' r/tXXos ulTeviaoeTu 

fiovXvrovbe. t. 58. 
Bourn, et fiowlTis,* ibds, r), subst. [terra collibus frequens,] hilly land. 'IXco- 

fiui fiev 'Antav fiovvXv. JEscb. Suppl. Il6. 
Bovvo/ws, ov, 6 et /;, adj. [bobus depascendis aptus,] grazing herds, fydXvovod 

b' dyeXais povvufiois, tokolgX re. CE. R. 26. 
BovTrais, aibds, 6 et ?/, adj. [(1) " qui jam graudi est pueritia, (2) Epith. apicu- 

larum, qui e bobus nasci putabantur, sicut vespae ex equis." Vid. Virg. Georg. 

lib. 4. sub finem,] a great boy, a lubber. *ft*/ fiov pais erX. Vesp. 1206. 

SyN. Neds, i)Xi£. 
Bovirakds, ov, 6, P. N. a man whom Hipponax has abused iu his poems, [vid. 

Horat. Epod. 6. 14.] "EKOXpev, wrnrep BovrraXov, (pwvrjp av ovk dv e^oy. Ly- 

sistr. 360. 
BovirlXdr-qs, ov, 6, subst. [bubulcus,] a herdsman. See BovkoXos. BovizeXaTai 

te fid&p' to7s b' ov vv ti yijpvs erv\6r]. Apoll. 4. 1342. 
Bov7rXrjj;, ijyos, fj, subst. [bovis stimulus,] an ox-goad. Qeivopevai povrrXfjyX' 

Aiuvvaos be <pdp7}6eis. Z. 135. SYN. MdoT<£, Kevrpov. 
Bovirdpos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [boves trajiciens,] ox-piercing. Ifdyels r e-^aipovv 

povnbpoi irubtiv ndpos. Androm. 1 135. 
BovirpdaXov, ov, to, P. N. [Buprasium,] a city in Elis. "O^p' ZtzX BovirpdaXov 

TroXv-trvpav pi\<jduev 'imrovs. A. 7 55. EPITH. HoXvjSoTpv. 
BovTrpwpds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [quod bovem vel caput bovinum in prora habet,] 

having the front of an ox, horned. Bovirpiopos' en be baonXcv yeveidbds. 

Trach. 13. 
Bovs, ftdos, 6 et y, subst. [(l) taurus, et vacca, bos, (2) bovina pellis, (3) flagel- 

lum e corio bubulo, item scutum, (4) piscis quidam, (5) numisraa Atticum, 

bovis imagine signatum,] an ox, a bull, or cow ; a bullock's skin ; a scourge 

of neat's leather ; a shield, a buckler; an Attic coin, with the impress of an 

ox ; a bribe. (5) Boiis i-xl yXojcray] peyds. Agam. 36. EPITH. 'AyeXa'ids, 

ubfirjrds, ebpvfjieTWTrds, ipXs, /ityds, nevTaeTtipos, ixiiov, ttiidv br)/jui, areipd, eiXX- 

7rovs, eXtO,, epX/JVKus, ?/(ceoros, viroppvyXos, aypavXos, evkpaipos, opdofcpatpds, ev- 

7roiT]Tds, evdrjXos, dy^os, Kepd<pdpvs, lipyos, Kepdos, yijs epydrtis, dporr/p. 
Bova-uOfjidv, ov, to, et povaraOfjios, ov, o, subst. [bubile,] a station for oxen, 

stable, cow-house. 'EXeviiv Trpos "Ibrjs /3ov<rrdfyi', eKbtipov Xdpu/v. Iph. T. 76, 

See also Hel. 359. 
Bova<pdyeio, y. [boves macto,] to sacrifice oxen. Ovk olbd, 7rXy)v ev, /3ovc0d~ 

yeiv to-rrXiciTo. Eur. Electr. 6*27. 
Bovttis, ov, et as, a, Dor. 6, subst. [bubulcus,] a herdsman, cowherd. Bovttjs 

is also used adjectively. ^>6pov^ui tov fivoXumov elaopwau ftovTav. P. V. 56'9- 
Bovrdfuvy, ov, to, subst. [genus planlse palustris,] a bur-rced. "Evdev fiovTofidv 

6t,v, fiddvv t lTdfxovTo KVTreipov. Theocr. 13. 35. 
Bovtvttos, ov, 6, subst. [qui boves mactat,] a slayer of oxen. Tov b\ dye /3ov- 

Tviriis uxTTe /ueyuv TTtpiaXkid Tavpov. Apoll. 4. 468. 
BovQoveio, v. [boves macto,] to slay or sacrifice oxen. Bovtyoviov be Kara kXi- 

aXas, Kal bopnov iXovto. H. 466. SYN. Bovtr<pdyiu), ftovdvTeoj. 
Bovtyovos, ov, 6, subst. [qui boves mactat,] a slayer of oxen. Bovtyovi, fi»?X"" 

vXwTd. H. in Merc. 436. Syn. Bourv7ro$. 
Bov(j>dfXd, u>v, Ta, subst. [festus dies apud Athenienses,] a festival at Athens, 

where an ox was sacrificed, a. Kal KrjKeibov, kul liiov<pdvXu)v. b. 'AXX' ovv 

raiir eo-Ttv etce'ivd. Nub. 985. 

1 Schutz reads PodvXs for frownX*. ^sch. Suppl. 779. ; and adds: " Vulgo 'lo> y« down?, 
invito metro. Bovvts Pauwius coromendavit probaate Heathio." 

180 BOW BPEr 

Bowfvpflew, v. [boves pasco,] to feed or tend oxen. 'E\6u>v be yalav ri]vl\ 

ej3ov(f>6pflovv tyvij). Alcest. 8. 
Bov<p6p(3xd f o)v t rd, subst. [annenta,] herds, flocks. K&v ra>be nds rXs, ws dp$ 

fiov(j>6pj3Xd. Iph. T. 302. 
Bovtyopfids, ov, 6, subst. [bubulcus,] a herdsman. Bovfopfids r]fiu>v. Iph. T. 

BotiirXs, Xbds, ri, adj. [magnos vel pulchros oculos habens,] full-eyed, fine-eyed. 

TcV & t)[xeifilT ewetrd (3du>7ris 7ror>id"Hpj7. A. 551. 
Bdioreto, v. [boves ago, aro,] to drive oxen, to plough. Naiovaiv yvfivby aitei- 

peiv, yvfxvbv be /3dwreti/. Hes. Op. 389* 
BdwTrjs, ov, 6, subst. [bubulcus; nomen sideris,] a herdsman ; the name of a 

constellation. Kdrd xelpd rrjp Bowrou. Anacr. 3. 3. Syn. 'ApKToQvXal-,. 
Bpdfieia, as, r), subst. [disceptatio et dijudicatio,] decision, terms of reconci- 
liation. Koivas (3pdj3eias, als viroairovbov /xoXelv. Phcen. 460. 
Bpd/3ei)s, ecjs, 6, subst. [judex certaminis; arbiter,] an umpire, a judge. 

Kat fxf) tX fieXXeiv, ws eyw /3pd/3evs \6yov. Med. 276. SYN. 'tic lot arris, dywv- 

apx/is, pafibov-)(os. 
Bpaj3ev<t), v. [(1) praemium do certaminis; (2) certaminis sum arbiter; (3) mo- 

dero, guberno, (4) tribuo,] (2) to be an umpire, (3) to preside, to direct, to 

decide, (4) to dispense. 'Ev vol (3pdj3eveiv. Helen. 1002. Syn. 'AyiovdOereto, 

bXdve/jb), Wvvo). 
Bpd$vX6v, ov, to, subst. [prunum Damascenum,] a damson. "OpiraKes fipdfiv- 

Xoiac KaTafipiQovres Epaabe. Theocr. 7« 146. 
Bpayyjd, <ov, to., subst. [branchiae, quibus pisces spirant,] the gills of a fish. 

'ft pot, or ovk etekcv fi' cl jiaTrip (ipay^f lyovrd. Theocr. 1 1 . 54. 
Bpabvva), v. [(1) cunctor, (2) moror,] to retard, to delay, to be slow or tardy. 

1,v rot fipdbvveis, kovk eyw, boKwv tX bpcj.v. Heracl. 733. SYN. ArjOvvw, fxeXXcj, 

bXarpiflu), oKveu). 
BpabvTTovs, dbds, b et r), adj. [tardigradus, lentus,] slow-footed. ^Xepeibdfxeva, 

owevatd j3pdbv7rovv. Hec. 62. 
Bpdbvs, e7d, v, adj. [tardus, segnis,] slow, tardy, sluggish. Qvtjtwv e^ovaX, 

kclv fipdbvs tXs t) Xeyetv. Here. F. 237* SYN. MeXXrjT^s, vio^eX^s, ff)(d\a7ds, 

Bpdbvri)s, ijTds, //, subst. [tarditas,] slowness, delay. BpdbvrfJTos virep KXavfidG' 

viraplet. Antig. 932. Syn. 'Apyta, na^lXXa. 
Bpd/ced, wv, rd, subst. [genus tenuis vestitus muliebris,] a thin female dress. 

HoWd §' old yftvalKes <pdpeoi(T vbdrXvd fipdicr). Theocr. 28. 11. 
BpcWwj/, comp. for fipdblwv or ppdbvTeods, [segnior, tardior,] slower. So 

fxafffftjv for fxeiZwv, Bpaaauiv te voos Xeirrrj be te fiijTts. K. 226. 
BprWw, v. [ferveo, aestuo, bullio,] to boil, to bubble violently. BpaaaofXEvov 

(TTprives be wept gtvQeXt) fipEueX d*crr/. A poll. 2. 323. 
Bpavptav, wvds, i), P.N. [Brauron,] a town in Attica, famous for a temple of 

Diana, whence the goddess is called BpavpwvXa. Iph.T. 1464* 'Eiraid/Ltev 

Bpavpiovdb' vxottetziokotes. Pax 874. 
Bpdyittiv, 6v6s, b, subst. [brachium, lacertus,] the arm from the shoulder to the 

elbow, strength, might. NiavXav OwpaKd Kal ^pa^lovd. Here. F. 1086. Syn. 

'HXevy]. EPITH. 'Araprrfpos, dvitcrjrds, dreiprfs, updrEpos, frbii'dpos. 
Bpd%ys, eld, v, adj. [brevis,] short, brief, few. Ovk' uXXd j3pd\Ed aov 7rvde- 

(rdat fiovXo/Jiai. Nub. 482. SYN. Batos, oXiyos, tvtOos, avvrdfids. 
Bpd^vaXbr\pos % ov, 6 et //, adj. [brevi ferro armatus,] having a short iron weapon, 

lightly armed. BpdxvoXbapov dKovrd 7raXXwy. Nem. 3. 79' 
Bpd-xyavXXdfiXa, as, rj, subst. [brevitas orationis,] conciseness of speech. Toi- 

Trcfs* efioi b' &vai,, r/ fipdyyovXXdfiXri. Call. Ep. 13. 
Bpct^w, v. [gravem sonitum edo, gemo,] to roar, to rattle, to ring, to groan. 

'E/i^cjwdv7d 6ed' fxeyd b' efipdye <pi)yXvos a£o>v. E. 838. SYN. dovrreio, dpdfieut, 

fipipaa, ^TiJw. 
Bp^y/wd, dros, to, /3p£x/uos, ov, b, subst. [sinciput,] the fore part of the head. 


Xeppdbiy irXij^as Kara ^pey^drbs* eyKefdXos be. Batra. 225. See also E. 

Bpifua, v. [fremo, murmuro,] to roar, to resound, to rage. IIoXXoIs fitv linrots, 

fivpXois 5' d7r\ois fipefxtov, Phoen. 111. SYN. Bpbfiea), yyeio, <crv7rew, Ppdyht, 

ftpifxadfxaty (3pvyu). 
BpevQvbpai, v. [superbio,] to be proud, overbearing, consequential. 'OtX fipev- 

Ovei t ev Taiolv bbols, Kai rw '(pdaX/xia 7rdpdfidXXet. Nub. 362. SYN. Kav^do- 

fiai, eiraipb^xai. 
Bperds, ebs, to, subst. [statua,] the image of a man, a statue. See "AyaXfxd. 

J.v /uiev yap yvyeis, Beds 1 {operas awoat robe. Androm.311. EpiT H. 2e/iv6V, 

ayvov, evrvKTOv, evTroiyTov. 
Bpe<pbs, eds, to, subst. [infans, puer,] an infant, a babe, a boy. Bpe<f>os rbaovb' 

ebeiocLT ; ovk alvut (pbfibv. Troad. 1155. SYN. Flats, iraibXbv, vynXos, vyirXd- 

%os. EPITH. 'Airakuv, (pXXibv, vebv, veoyvdv, vebybvbv, vyitXbv, e7rifiaaTibi6h' f 

Bpexo, f- £w> v. [madefacio, pluo,] to wet, to moisten, to cause to rain, to pour 

rain. Bplybfxai be KaaeXyvbv. Anacr. 3. 12. SYN. "ApSw, rouCi*), blaivu), 

bidTeyyu), vw, ofi^peu). 
BpXdpews, o), 6, P. N. [Briareus,] See AlyaLtov. *Ov BpXdpeojy' 1 icdXeovaX deot, 

dvbpes be re TtavTii. A. 403. EPITH. 'TLKa.Toyyet.pds, yvs, ddros 7rbXe/xoib, evnd- 

Xdfids, neydOvfios. 
BpXdpos, a, 6v, adj. [validus, gravis,] strong, heavy. Kai KbpvQa fipXdpyv b be 

to£ov ttiixvv dve~tXKe. A. 375. SYN. ^Lrifidpos, loyypbs, Kpdrepbs, odevdpbs, /3d- 

pvs, OTepeus, fipidvs. 
BpXdu), v. [robustum reddo, extollo,] to render strong, to raise up. 'P^a 3 fiev 

yap fipXdet, pia be (ipXdovrd ydXeiTTei.. Hes. Op. 5. 'Avaipio, av%dv<t). 
Bpi$<i), f. £w, v. [post cibum dormio, dormito,] to sleep after eating, to dream, 

to be inactive, or indolent. "Rvd' ovk av fipi$,ovrd ibois 'Aydatyuvovd bwv. A. 

223. SYN. 'Hpefie<o, evdyveio, virvwaait), Koifxdbfjtat. 
BpXynvbs, ov, 6 et y, adj. [vehementer damans,] loudly shouting. Ovb* dpd 

Trto tX iriTrvtTTd ftpX)]7rv6s bfipXpibs" Apys. N. 521. SYN. KeXdbeivbs. 
BpWds, eds, to, et fipiBdavvr), ys, y, subst. [pondus, gravitas,] weight, heaviness. 

Ti & IcttX; ixe\$.ov fiplQbs y irdpos y e yet ; Troad. 1050. See also E. 839. 
! SyN."A^0o$, fidpbs, beivbrys, bynbs. 
I BpXdvs, eld, v, adj. [gravis,] heavy, ponderous. BpiBv, fieya, v-xfidpov, rJ 

bufxvyot OTXyds dvbpu/v. E. 7^6. SYN. Bdpvs, betvbs, arepbs. 
BpiOu), aor. efipierd, v. [gravis sum, praevaleo,] to be heavy, to be laden, to pre- 
i vail, to excel. "OX/3u> be fipiBeiv evBdXel t evKapnXa. Troad. 218. SYN. Bd- 

pvvw, bvoyipalvit), yd\l7rnivio. 
Bptfjab/uai, v. [fremo, irascor,] to gnash the teeth with rage, to be enraged. 

"11*77' el av fiptfjyvaib, Kai fiXexpeids oarpaKivbd. Equit. 851. SYN. Bpefxio^ 

direiXiu), opyicbfiai, fipevQvbfxai, Bvfjttbfiai. 
Bpi/jr), rjs, >/, subst. [robur, potentia,] terrific power, such as is exhibited by 

magic. Mrjbeiys fipifiy irbXvtyapfjLdKov' av be fidpeias. A poll. 4. \677- SYN. 

'AXo), irryys. 
Bpeyuw, bbs, >/, P. N. [Hecate,] see Ylepaecpbvq. Bp</uw WKrXnbXov, ydbrXtjv. 

Apoll. 3. 862. 
BpivapudTos, ov, o et ?/, adj. [currum onerans,] loading a carriage, epith. of 

Mars. * Apes VTrep-ixei-era, fipiaapjidTi, yjpvoeb-nyXyl. Horn. 7« !• 
Bpicn'jXs, Xbbs, ?/, P. N. [Briseis,] the daughter of Briseus. Uefi\pu>' eyio be k 

dyio Bpiffyibd KaXXXTrdprjbv. A. 184. EPITH. 'HuKbpos, evTrXbkdfJibs, Kovprj, 

XneXij "AtppbbiTrji, KaXXXirdpybs, ehv'td OijjoXv. 
BpirbfiaprXs, Xbbs, rj, P. N. [Britomartis,] the name of a nymph. 'EXXbfbvov 

BpXrbfjiapTXv evoKbirbv, ys nbrl Mi'rwi. Call. 3. 190. 

1 Here 6eus is a monosyllable. 

2 Bpidpewv in scanning is an anapaest, and was probably pronounced Bpidpwv. 

3 'Pea is a monosyllable. 


Bpofxeia, v. [freroo, murmuro,] to roar, to hum, to buzz. Iradfty kpi ftpd/iewal 

TreptyXayias kclto. TreXXas. II. 642. SYN. Bpfyiw, fipifidojuLai, y/^ew. 
BpdjjLtds, ov, 6, P. N. [cognomen Bacchi,] a name of Bacclius. See Bazoos. 

Kat QavixTh) Kare^ei, BpojxXov 7rdpdfxovaos soprais. Phoen. 797* 
Bpoy-os, ov, 6, subst. [fremitus, fragor,] a roar, a crash, a bellowing. Bdjovv 

fipofiov fiedjjtce, typacibbr} kXveip. Hipp. 1197- SYN. Bpv)Q), ^pv^Jl^-d, 7]X<> S > 

Bpovrdu), v. [tono,] to thunder. "HffTpanTep, efipovTa, £vpetcvica tyiv 'EWdSd. 

Acharn. 531. 
BpopTri, ijs, y\, et /fyoyrq/id, dros, to, subst. [tonitru,] thunder. BpopTfjs 0' virep- 

(jaXXoprd Kaprepov ktvttop. P. V. 959. See also P. V. 1027. EPITH. 'A/u0t- 

irvpos, fidpvbovTrds, GTdvdenaa, beiprf, deia, Trrepivros. PHR. Bdpv(3pdfids riyio, 

bXaTtpvoios ordfios, j3pvj(Xa f >/^w vdpdfxv Karat fipovrijs. (See P. V. 11 18.) 
T$povTr}<7lKzpavvds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [tonans et fulminans,] shooting forth thunder 

and lightning. Aa/nrpos t AWr)p, aejupal re deal NetyzXai fipoprriaXiczpavpoi. 

Nub. 264. 
Bpdreios, fiporevs, et flpdrfoXos, a, op, adj. [mortalis,] mortal. Kdtcwp d7raXXa- 

ijao-d tujv (3porr)aXioi> . Androm. 1244. See also I. 545. and Iph. A. 1084. 
Bpdroeis, eaad, ep, adj. [cruore respersus, cruentus,] blood-stained. "Oarts brj 

7rp<oros fipdroevT avbpdyp? 'Avatar. H. 509. SYN. A*/io/3d0>)s, 7} /nay pep os, eu- 

fidroeis, al/xoppavros, 
BpbTds [fipoTos], ov, 6, subst. [cruor, sanies,] blood, gore. 'AW vbdn pictopres 

diro flporov aifxaroevrd. H. 425. SYN. Al/xd, XvOpdp, ix&P* EPITH. MeXds. 
Bporos, ov, 6, adj. et subst. [mortalis,] mortal, a mortal. BpoTo~is ductal tcardd- 

veiv ofeiXeTat. Alcest. 79$- SYN. Qptjtos, avrjp, dvdpwxos. EPITH. 'Avrijxe- 

pds, dadevrjs, abpdvi)s, aXaos, boXofpwp, biepos, betXos, bvofXEPris, naKovpyds, 

bvarv^s, (maids, aOXXos, 7rd\v7rdvds, TdXat7rwpds, <f>XX6^(t)ds, bvaTrjpos, 7rovr}pds, 

rdXas, E7nyQovXos, TroiKiXofirjTis. See" ApOpionds. 
BpoTOKTovtb), v. [hominem interficio,] to slay a mortal, to murder. Bpdrofcro- 

vovvrds €K bofKov eXaavpo julep. Eumen. 424. 
BpdroXoiyds, ov, o, adj. et subst. [homicida,] man-destroying, a homicide. 

T Apes, " Apes, (jpoToXoiye, (xXaityoPE, Tei^effiTrXftrd. E. 31. 
BporoffKOTcds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [homines observaus,] men-observing, vigilant. 

Ovre yap jSpoTocrKoiriop. Eumen. 503. - 
Bpdro(xrvyf]s f ids, 6 et rj, adj. [invisus hominibus,] men-hating, hostile to men. 
' ApaKOPrd/jiaXXoi Topyopes (iporooTvyels. P. V. 824. 
BpoTocbddpds, ov, 6 et 17, adj. [homines perdens,] man-destroying. Bporo<f>6o'- 

povs nr]Xlbds ep %w/3$ jjdXoi. Eumen. 808. 
BpoTbio, v. [cruento,] to stain with blood. "Apbpes 'AprjXQdroi, PeflpoTWfJierd 

revy? e^ppres. X. 41. SYN. Alfiaoow. 
BpoyGos, ov, 6, subst. [(l)guttur, (2)lagena,] a throat, or gullet; a flagon, 'fls 

jieXi rot yXiitcv tovto Kara /3joo^oio yepoiro. Theocr. 3. 54. SYN. Bpoy^ds. 
Bpoyos, ov, 6, subst. [laqueus,] a cord, noose, rope, snare. Bovp 1) Xeoyr rjXirir 
. <Bes epTcipeip /3/9d)(ots. Androm. 718. Syn. 'Ay^dr^, axolpos, dprdpr). Epith. 

Kpefiaaros, ovpdpXos, ayxopetos, aeipalos, ddprjros, fyty-qipdpds, Kpv<j>Xos, bvaXvros. 
BpvaZu), v. [exsulto, floreo,] to spout or burst forth from the ground, to spring 

up, to florish. tilpXxpi^rd ppvagei. Msch. Suppl. 880. Syn. BXaaTdpw, 

dpdeo), daXXu), dyaXXo/jiai. 
BpvKU), f. fa, v. [mordeo,] to bite, to tear with the teeth, to devour greedily. 

BpvKeiP, Kpeu)Kditel.p fxe\r) ^eptop. Cycl. 359. SYN. Aacrw, eadXu), dttorpioyu). 
BpvXXu), v. [sorbillo, poto,] to tipple, to sip. BpvXXojp to ko0' y/jepap. Equit. 

1123. SYN. 'YttottIpu), jjeOvcj, (ftXXdTroTeit) . 
Bpvop, ov, to, subst. [(1) muscus, (2) alga,] moss, sea-weed. YTpioadfiepoi flpvdv 

avop vtto 7rXeKra~is KdXvfiatoX. Theocr. 21.7. EPITH. 'EXatypop, Xcvkop, 0d- 

Bpvxddfxai, v. [rugio, ejulo,] to roar, to growl, to groan deeply. "Onus 6pd viv, 

beipd fipvxrfdeU rdXas. (E. R. 1265. SYN. 'AXd\d<?a;, /AVKad/jiat, ibpvdfiat. 

BPYX BYP2 183 

Bpv\Vf * s i V> s "bst. [rugitus, gemitus, stridor,] a roar, a growl, a deep groan, 

a gnashing of the teeth. Kai yevves ktvttZov (3pvj(fi # vireTeXXeT bbovTiov. 

Apoll. 2, 83. SYN. MvKqdfjds, /3pvx»?/ua, fipdfios. 
Bpv\ios, a, ov, et ov, o et rj, adj. [fremens,] roaring. BpvyXa b' r/^w irdpdfivKd- 

roc. P. V. 1118. SYN. Bpvxov- 
Bovw, v. [scateo, pullulo,] to spring up, to gush forth, to blossom. UnvroUov 

dve/Kov, Kai re fipveX dvdeX XevKui. P. 56. SYN. Bpva£w, cnroppeu), dva/3Xus?<t>, 

yefiui, avBib), avTrj^X. 
Bpufjiad/jat, v. [rudo, rugio,] to bray like an ass, to roar. Bpoj^ffd/^evos tov 

gov hivov fJieya Kai arpaTiov Karerrapbev, Vesp. 6l6. SYN. 'OyKao/xat. 
Bputfiri, rjs, (3pw(Tis, ews, e\(3po)Tvs, vos, i), subst. [cibus,] food, meat. 'AXX' dyer', 

otyp ev vt]l Oorj (opwats re iroais re. n. Ij6. See also k. 177* and g. 406. Syn. 

Ilras. EPITH. 'Avdefioecroa., evbpdaos. 
BptifxX et fipuxTKio, v. [comedo,] to eat. "Os pa. re /3e/3owKws (3dos epyeraX aypav- 

\oio. \. 403. SYN. Be/3pu>dw, €g6Xoj, baivvjiai, ebu), rpwyw, <payu>. 
BpuoXfivs, uv, 6 et r/, adj. [esculentus,] fit for eating, eatable. Ovk i\v dXe^fx 

ovbev, ovbe fipojaXfuov. P. V. 488. * SYN. 'Ebwbifjios, rpwtffjids. 
BpQaXs, et fipio-vs ; see Bpu>jurj. 
BpwTTjp, rjpos, 6, subst. [qui comedit,] an eater, a devourer. BpwTijpds cuyjuas 

airepfxarbiv dvrj^epovs. Eumen. 806. 
BpwTds, 17, ov, adj. [cibo idoneus, edulis,] fit for eating, (and in the neut. pi. ret 

/3pwra,) food. Yeivaro b' ev Kakvfiri fxe, Kai kleQpe-^ard flpcorols. Batrach. 30. 
BvfiXXvds, 77, 6v, adj. [(1) Byblinus, (2) e cortice papyri factus,] (1) of Byblus, a 

city of Egypt, (2) made from the bark of the papyrus. KaTdfiaajudv, evdd 

BvfiXXvwv dpQv and. P. V. 836. z (2) See <p. 391. 
BvfiXds, ov, ?/, subst. [papyrus jEgyptia, &c] an Egyptian plant whose bark 

was wrought into a kind of paper, and the stalk and root of which served as 

food for the poor. Elvaf fivfiXov be Kapirds ov peparet ard^yv. iEsch. Suppl. 

Bvcrjpes, (vv 01, P. N. [Byzeres,] a nation of Pontus between the Cappadocians 

and Colchians. Bvctrjpas r enX toTgXv eiwrpo yap alev e.T€fxvov. Apoll. 2. 1248. 
Bv£ti), v. [refercio,] to fill, to cram, to stop up close. Nr/^dros ciGKrjTold fiefiva- 

fAtvov' avrdp eV avrw. b. 134. SYN. 'AvaTrXrjdu). 
Bvdos, ov, o, subst. [gurges, profunditas,] deep sea, depth. BvQ&v er o\>x ola 

re (poivXov adXov. CE. R. 24. SYN. Bddos, bivrj. EPITH. MXaubovov, aKapd- 

tov, ayvbv, apydXebv. 
Bvkttjs, ov, 6 et 7/, adj. [sonans,] swelling, sounding. "Evdd be fivKTatov dve/uov 

Kdrebrjffe KeXevdd. k. 20. SYN. AeXX^s, ifxfieis, fidpv(Dpef.i.eTr)S. 
Bvveu), v. idem fere quod Bv£(o, [refercio,] to fill. YIqiovvtwv efivvovv to 
(TTdfid. Pax 645. Syn. Vid. BvZw. 

Bvpod, tjs, rj, subst, [corium,] a hide. 'H fivperd aov Qpavevtrerai. Equit. 369* 
SYN. 2.kvtos, bepjxd, bepds, Kwbldv. EPITH. Adatav^^v. 

BvpoaOj-os, ov, b, subst. [ab Aristophane dicitur Cleon,] the tanner eagle, a 
ravenous eagle : Cleon was so called, because he was a tanner. 'AAV d-rroTav 
fjiapxpy fivpaaleros dyKvXd)(eiXT}s. Equit. 197. 

Bvpoivos, r), dv, adj. [coriaceus,] made of a hide or leather. TW fivpaTvrjs, riys 

'ImrXdv. Equit. 449. 

Bvpoobe^iu), v. [corium subigo,] to dress leather, to be a tanner. '6 bi ftvpao- 
be\peX y,6 be 7rw\et Kp6fi}xvd. Plut. 1 67* 

Bvpadbe\pr)s, et (hpad7ro>Xrjs, ov, 6, subst. [coriarius,] a currier, a leather-seller. 
EIrd -ov OeolaXv eyQpov, fjvpaobe\ln]v l\d(f)Xdydvd. Nub. 581. See also Pax 269. 
SYN. ^LKvrevs, crKVToTofxos. 

BvpadwacfjXdyiov, dvds, 6, subst. [coriarius Pa|)hlagon,] a Paphlagonian tanner. 
'O fivpooirdyXdywv vnbireouv tov beoiroTtiv. Equit. 47« 

1 See Dr. BlomfielcTs Glossary and very learned illustration of this word. 
* SeeDr, Blomfield's note on this passage, who contends that Bv&\lvov is the proper reading. 
Ion. 1195. Dr. Maltby defends the common readiug. See Thes, Bi&hwos. 

184 BYP2 TAIA 

BvpodTEvfjs, eds t et flvpcrdTdvtis, ov, 6 et r), adj. [corio obductus,] made of 

stretched or tightened skins. Tvfjurdvd te XajSere fivpadrevrj. Helen. 1363. 

See also Bacch. 123. 
BvaaXvbs, rj, ov, adj. [byssinus,] of fine linen. ErctXcu vvv ci/jKpi xpwri fivaoXvovs 

ttettXovs. Bacch. 819. 
BvfTodhdfievw, v. [animo volvo,] to form deep designs, to meditate secretly. 

'AXX' clkewv dvrjoe Kaprj, Kaca Pvcradbofxevov. v. 184. SYN. ^liiydvdofiai, E7rX- 

(jovXevit), KaXj^aivb). 
BvoooQev, adv. [ex imo,] from the deep. KvXivbei fivaaodev KsXaivar. Antig. 

597 • SYN."AjoSjjr, KaTaKpas, TrpefJU'ddev. 
Bvaads, -ov, 6, subst. [profunditas,] a bottom, the deep. See Bddos. 'H be 

fidXvfibalvrj XkeXt], es fivaaov tjpovaev. £1. 80. 
Bvaaos, ov, r), subst. [byssus, pretiosissimi lini genus,] flax of the finest sort 

raised in Egypt, cotton. 'ilfuapTevv, fivaaoid KdXov ovpoiaa yXr&vd. Theocr. 

2. 73. 
Bvff(To<j)p(ov, ovds, 6 et r), adj. [alta mente consilia agitans,] deeply planning. 

XpdVw kXvttj (3vaffd(f>p(t)v 'Epivvs. Choeph. 640. 
Bwkos, Dor. pro fiovicds, i. q. fiovrrjs. See Borrjp. 'H KaXds afifXE rroXiov eXe~ 

Xr'jdrj (3u>kos dotbas. Theocr. 10. 38. SYN. BovkuIos, (ZovkoXos. 
B&Xal, olkos, et {3wXos, ov, r), subst. [gleba,] glebe, a sod. 1 Ae£cird fiuXaica bai- 

povXav. Pyth. 4. 66. See also Aj. Fl. 1286. SYN. "Apovpd, aypos, oynos. 

EPITH. Ba0e7d, bvotyepa, Oeia, bi\pds, eXa0po. 
Builds, ov, 6 et y, et a, tiv, adj. [ad aram pertinens,] of or belonging to the 

altar, at the altar. 'H 6' o^vdrjKrds ijbe fitojxXa nepiZ,. Antig. 1301. 
BojfidXdx^vfJtd, drds, to, subst. [scurrile factum vel dictum,] buffoonery, scur- 
rility. Toiavr d(f>eXojv icaKd ical tyoproi' teal (DiojjoXdyevfxdT dyevvTi. Pax 747* 
Bto/zdAoyevw, v. [scurram ago,] to act the buffoon, to be scurrilous. Ei be 

tis avTUfP (3(i)fio\d)(ev(rair , rj Kafixpetev rlvd Kafxiriiv. Nub. 966. 
Bw/jids, ov, 6, subst. [altare, ara, basis,] an altar, the base of a statue. Tjjv 

fxiv eireiT ettX fitofidv dyivv irdXvfnjrXs 'bbvaaevs. A. 440. SYN. Qv/JieXri. 

EPITH.^Iepos, evbjur)Tds,7rEpiicaXX})s, AeX^eios, dvijeis, 6v<jjbr)s, dEobfxrjTvs, ayrbs, 

Ovoets, fxrjXddvrrjs, dnYipdros, dy atcXsris, avbpd(povds, ETraKTXds, 'EpxeWs, efxnvpds, 

fxavTelos, (j)Xoy£pds, PHR. Neokthjtov Xldwv (3(t)fxow divdp, bet,(7rvpot Oemy OvfXE- 

BbHTTpEu), v. [clamo, voco,] to call to, to bawl. 'AXXci fxdXa otyobp&s iXdav, 

(3u)OTp€i}> bi KpdratXv, jjl. 124. SYN. 'E7rtKa\£w, fibdio. 
Biottjs, ov, et /3wrwj0, opbs, 6, subst. See Banjo. 'Hvflov tol /3wrai, tol noifXEvls, 

yirdXoX fjvddv. Theocr. 1. 80. See also £. 102. 
BiorXdveipd, //, adj. [aleus et educans homines,] men-feeding, populous. Ovbe 

ttot ev Qdiri EpXfiwXdKi fiurXdveipr}, A. 155. 

Tayydnov, ov, to, subst. [rete piscatorium,] a fisherman's net, a net. Tayyd- 
fiou, arris TrdvdXuTOv. Agam. 352. SYN. ^dyf)vrj, dfji(pXj3Xr](rrpdy, biKTvov. 

Ydbeipd, up, rd, P. N. [Gades,] the straits of Gibraltar, rdbetpwv to 7rpbs 
$d<pov ov iTE-paTov. Pind. Nem. 4. 112. 

Tald, as, r), subst. [(l) terra, (2) regio, (3)patria,] (1) the earth, (2) a tract of 
land, (3) conntry. UXtjcret te Trdoav yaldv ala^iaTOiv Xoywv. Hipp. 689. 
SYN. Veu, yfj, aid, ttcltoXs, X®<* )V * 7rebdv. EPITH. 'A7re/pwv, direipEoXa, direi- 
pXros, avQovad, avdEfioeaad, ainvEXoecrad, ai7reivr), d7rr}vi]s, dXiTrXayKTOs, /3a0v- 
KoXnos, fliorXdveipd, bvo(f>Epa, bix^ds, EpXfiuXos, tptjSwXa^, epdTeivr), ETrripdTos-, 
evpvxppos, evicapiros, OdXZpa, KXetvrj, Kvdyia, 5d0eo, /ueXayu0vXXos, fJiEaojAtpaXos, 

Bci\os is also used for a aolid mass, as the sun. Orest. 975. See R. P. and below at the word 


£i/pa, fclrrj, Td\vpO)(dds, irdXvdpe/ufiWV, iroXvKapTros, 7ra^u?/re</od, TritJV, Tvpd(f>dpos 9 

orvtitXt), tyvaicldds, ^Xdrj^opos, xpdfxddtvbrjSf avyye'iTiay , aefxvi), dvoXjjos, Trarpua, 

ayxirtpftuv, eXevdipa, icparaiXews. 
rariiids, a, ov, adj. [terrenus,] of the earth, earthy. T HyoV E7ro\p6fiEvoy Tlrvoy, 

yaiifiov v\ov. tj. 324. SYN. ^ETn-^Qovlos, ^dovoarlfiiis, eyyetos. 
Faifidxds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [terram cingens et continens,] holding, surrounding 

or protecting the earth. Yaiaoxov r dbeX(f)£av. CE. R. 160. 1 
Valto, v. [glorior,] to boast, to exult. "Os pd irdpk Kpoyiwvl Kdde&TO, Kvbei 

yaiujy. A. 405. SYN. Av^ew, yi'fiio, yavpldu), dydcoyucu, a(3pvvo/, -^aipa). 
TdXd, aKTOS, to, subst. [lac,] milk. 'ETreKirliby ydXaKros a.fx<f)dpea t ttetcXov. 

Cycl. 327. SYN. YXayos. EPITH. 'A///3pofftov, afieXydfierov, yXvKEpoy,Xev- 

kov, deaTTEffidy, naXoy, veKrapiov, Trloy. 
YdXddrivos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [lacteus, tener,] suckling, young, tender. Nefipovs 

Koifxi]ffaaa. verjyeveas ydXadr/vovs. p. 127» 
TdXaKTOTr dr-ns, ov, 6, subst. et adj. [qui lac bibit,] a person who drinks or 

is fed on milk, a countryman. "E/aoXe rts, e/aoXe ydXouToTrorcts dvijp. Eur. 

Electr. 169. 
rdXdretd, as, >/, P. N. [Galatea,] one of the sea-nymphs. Awocs teal TLdrdirtj 

koX dyaKXeirrj rdXdretd. 2. 45. EPITH. EtvdXia, evetbijs, KaXt), Xevia). 
Fakei], contr. ydXr), rjs, >/, subst. [mustela,] a weasel, a cat. Mvs ttote bi^dXtos 

ydXerjs dvbvvdv dXv^as. Batrach. 9. See also Vesp. 1177. Syn. 'IktU, aiXov- 

pos. EPITH. Uctfitydyos. 
rdXeurris, ov, 6, subst. [stellio,] a lizard, an evet, a newt. "Hadtjv ydXtwr// 

KdrdxlaavrX ^LwKpdrovs. Nub. 174. SYN. f Aan:dXdj3u)Tr]s. 
YdXi)yrj, et poet. ydXrjvau], tjs, et ydXf)vetd, as, ij, subst. [tranquillitas maris, 

serenitas,] a calm, tranquillity, serenity. Kpeiaawv ydXi)vr)s vavrXXoialv elad- 

pav. Orest. 719. See also Apoll. 1. 1154. and Iph. A. 546. Epith. Aa/i- 

Trpci, duvaavTos, dvi^vEfxos, yeXduxrd, Xevia), vqvefua, ey^rr/ts, fieiXljfla, evbXos. 
YdXijvos, ov, 6 et f], adj. [tranquillus,] calm, tranquil, quiet, 'Ek KvfxdTtoy yap 

avdls al ydXi'jy opw. Orest. 273. SYN. Ei/oios, a'idplos. 
YdXows, o), Att. ydXtos, 10, y, subst. [(1) soror mariti, glos, (2) uxor fratris,] 

(l)a husband's sister, (2) a brother's wife. 'He irf] es ydXbtav, r) eivdrEptov 

£V7T€7rXu)V. Z. 378. 

Fafxfipds, ov, o, subst. [(1) gener, (2) socer, (3) frater uxoris, (4) sponsus,] 
I a son-in-law, a father-in-law, a wife's brother, a husband. 'E»> ao'taX yajx- 

fipols, oXoiv ok eXuffaovd. Androm. 360. SYN. Krjbecrijs, sKvpds, TrevQtpos. 

EPITH. 'Apioro7ro» os, dfivfiojy, kclXos. 
I Td/ierj), r)s, y, subst. [uxor,] a wife. YdjjLETas ovpdvoviKov. iEsch. Suppl. 17o\ 

SYN. "akoitXs, irdpaKoirXs, bdfxdp, ovyevvos, cv^vyos, yvvrj. 
Td\xlTt\s, ov, 6, subst. [maritus,] a husband, 'lbov, tboii, /udKapros, 6 yd/.UTas. 

Troad. 311. 
TdfXEd), f. low et u>, 1 aor. eyq/id, v. z [uxorem duco,] to marry. 'EXtyrjs yd/jiei 

fit bvarv^aTEpov ydfxov. Troad. 359* SYN. Nvfx((>evdfjiat. PHR. AeKTpotu 

OetTfiov fayed/nat, Trpuoaio dk'oiriv. 
rdfit'iXev/ud, dros, to, subst. [nuptiarum contractio,] marriage. rdfx))-Xev/n\ 

dTrevytTOV bofxois. Choeph. 6l4. 
rdfxijXids, ydfiios, et ydfilnds, r), 6v, adj. [nuptialis,] belonging to marriage, 

nuptial. 0i)jjf, npo naibioy ical ydpirfKXov teXovs. Eumen. 825. See also Moscli. 

2. 120. and Aves 1692. Syn. 'E7rt0dXd/iros. 
Tafxdpds, Dor. pro yrjpdpds, ov, 6, subst. [agricola,] a land-holder, a native 

citizen. Toy fit) fioqOt'jcravTd Twvbf. ya/jopioy. iEsch. Suppl. 6l6. 
Td/uos, 3 ov, o, subst. [nuptiai,] marriage, a marriage-feast. Ov nep-rus tyl? 

v yd/ids els 706' ))/uipas. PI10211. 436\ Syn. Nu^0e7d, vu/«/)//m, yd/u//Xev/id. EPITH. 

Neds, \pevbt)s, dditcros, alfjidTrjpds, bvarv^rfs, bvarr}vos, dyd/uos, Odydoifids, dyd- 
1 This is an epithet applied both to Diana and Neptune, but more frequently to the latter. 

* ra/teTt> is generally said of a man, and yayalaBai of a woman. Sop H. P. Mod. 2(i I. 
3 Td/jios is very frequently used in the plural to ilcjmu marsi 

Pros, Lex. 2 A 


olds, nXoxxrids, duoptyos, yvvatKelos, dZoydvos, boXXos, hvoydfjids, fidoXXXicds, 

ifitpb's, Xvypds, aXXolos, veobfxris, evvalos, fiapfidpos, tfyxiperos, eadXds, vfipicrBeis, 

evbdnXfJos, dbXitos, atVyjods, dvovrjros, fiXaios, ddifiXros, KpviTTos, yXVaepos, OaXepos, 

l/biepdets, Xepos, oXoos, Tijirfeis, wpa'ids, Kebvos, dyopevTos, oXjpXbs. N. B. The 

above epithets, except the last ten, are all used by Euripides, and many of 

them will justify his right to the appellation of fjuodyvvris. 
rdfidfTTdXds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [nuptias parans,] marriage-preparing. "Hpovs, yd/iooroXov ayyEXXwTtjv. Mus. 7» 
YafifyrjXi], f/s, ?;, subst. [maxilla,] the jaw, mouth, cheek. IfiephvaiaX yapcpr)- 

Xa7oX avpi£wv (f)ovdv. P. V. 363. SYN. Yvddos, aXdyiov, ndpeia, Kopprj. 
Ta/j\pd)vv^ v\ds, o et >/, adj. [aduncos habens ungues,] having crooked talons. 

a. Tots be ya/jLxbojvv^X Tolabe ; b. ToV ofieXiaKov aptrdaas. Av. 359. 
Ydvds, eos, to, subst. [(I) splendor, (2) laetitia; item, quod est in quaque re ve- 

nustum,] joy, gladness, delight. Kai rrjs opelas avOEfiuppvrov ydvds. Iph. T. 

634. SYN. Trjdocrvvr), evtypoavvi], y]bovri, Tep\pXs, ^apjxd, ayXdXa. 
Ydvda), Tdvow, Tawfu, v. [Iretitia adficio,] to render joyful, to gladden, to 

exhilarate. Marapas Oeovs ydvdovTEs. iEsch. Suppl. 1020. See also T. 

359. Iph. T. 1240. et Cycl. 501. SYN. AafiTrpvvio, oti'A/3w, ayXcucw, a/3pv- 

vofxai (in med. voc), %a/pw, y^diw, ijbdfxai, eixppaivdfjiai. 
rdvvjj.r}br]s t eos, 6, P.N. [Ganymedes,] the son of Tros, said to have been taken 

up into heaven to supply Hebe's place as Jupiter's cup-bearer. A&x v "* s 

iroLvi]V TdvvfJu'jbEds' ovveic aptoroi. E. 266. EPITH. QpvyXos, AapbdvXbrjS, aya- 

kXvtos, IfjiEpdeis, olvoyoos, favdos. Phr. Atos evvErrjs, olvo^oos irals, koXXhttos 

6py)tu>v iivQpwTCiibv , E(j)effrXos dddvdroiaX. 
Td7rdTds,ov, 6 et >;, Dor. pro yr)7rdTos, adj. [a terra absorptus,] drunk up by 

the earth. Aape7o»> dvdKdXe~icr6E, yanorovs b' lyw. Pers. 627' 1 
Tap, adv. [nam, enim,] for, because, wherefore. Owe av bvvaifxrjv' ws 6' fx w > 

tX yap nddo); Hec. 6l2. 
TapydXos, ov, 6, subst. [titillatio,] a tickling, a titillation. 'ivd ttjv Zbpav avTyjv 

v7rT]Xd£ yapydXos. Thesm. 140. 
" Yapyr}TToQEv, adv. [a Gargetto, pago Attico, unde et Epicurus Gargettius ap- 

pellatur,] from or of Gargettus. E/'jue 2, [eyw ;] KpXrvXXa y 'AvtXBeov Yapyr)T- 

toQev. Thesm. 898." Maltb. 
Yaarrip, TEpds et Tpds, yj, subst. [venter,] the belly, appetite. TapKovvr 

dri£(t)V ov ,ydp kv yaaTpbs (3opa. Eur. Suppl. 875. SYN. Kevewv, tcotXXa, 

Aa.7rapa, vrjbvs, veiatpd. EpiTH. Mtcrr), inrrXa, fXEyiavq, atcpa, XdaXa, dvaX- 

tos, Kdxdepyos, Xvypd, nTvylpd, \iapyr\, dretprjs, apy>), ovXo/jevt}, /jtoyepd, TtoXXa. 
Yawpr), tjs, fj, subst. [cavitas vasis aut navis,] the belly of a vessel. Yaarpriv 

{xkv rpXirobos Ttvp dji^ETXE, QepfjLETo 8 vbtop. 6. 437* SYN. Ylvtos. 
YacnpibXov, ov, to, subst. [dimin. a praeced.] I.Kexpai roivvv y duo yaarpXbXov 

TvvvovTOvi old 7T£Tiopbds. Nub. 391' 
YaorpiZo), v. [vent rem ferio vel expleo,] to strike or beat on the belly, to fill 

the belly, 'ft noXis Ktti bf}/.i\ vcf) o'lwv Orjpiojv yaaTpi^dfxai. Equit. 273. SYN. 

Ka7-a(C07rrw, evio^Eio. 

YaoTpX/napyds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [gulosus, cibi avidus,] eager for the belly, glut- 
tonous. 'E/.<ot 5' dTTdpd yaaTpXfj,apydv. Olymp. 1. 82. 
YaarpXs, Xos et. Xbds, et yctorpwr, wvos, b, subst. et adj., et yaorpwbrjs, eos, 6 et //, 

adj. [gulosus,] a big-bellied man, a glutton. Kai 7rpos tovtois yaaTpXbds yfiQv, 

Thesm. 81 6. See also Ran. 201. and Plut. 560. 
YavXos, ov, 6, subst. [rnulctra,] a milk-pail. YavXoi re, vKdcpXbes te, TervyfiEi'd, 

toIs Evdfj,eXyEV. t. 223. 
YavXos, ov, 6, subst. [navicula,] a small Phoenician vessel. YavXov KTwfiai, teal 

vavKXrjpCJ. Av. 599' 

1 " Hujusmodi composita a yrj Dorice efFeruntur." Vid. doctiss. Blomf. in loco. 

2 See Brunck's note 011 this line. The reading elfxl militates against Dawes's canon ; though 
that may not be a sufficient reason for rejecting it, since Porson, Tate, Kidd, and many otiier 
distinguished scholars have convicted Dawesof consideiable temerity and hastiness in his canons. 
'E7& seems to be required by the context, and by the restrictive particle, as emphatically re- 1 
plying to the previous remark of Mnesilochus — Ai/t?; Qeoi'67] npcorews. 


Vavpbsy ov, o et ?/, adj. [superbus, ferox,] proud, insolent, petulant. Z^rel* 

to yavpop b' kv typZalp K€Krr]fxepot. Eur. Suppl. 228. SYN. AvOdbrjs, dyip(o^6s, 

V7rip}'i<f>dids t oreppbs, fitytis. 
Yavpbia, v. [superbum reddo,] to render proud. ,V H rovpbfx, w av nardtipeli yav- 

povfiepr). Hipp. 504. SYN. 'AyaXXofuai, dXaCbpevofxai, Qptiovrbfxai. 
Yavpoi^d, tiros, to, subst. [arrogans gloriatio,] pride, exultation. Kepop be 

yavpwfx earX t£jv Cwitwj' robe. Troad. 1239' 
Teywyew, yiyojptia), yeywiw, et yeyojiiaKU), v. [vociferor,] to speak, to cry out, 

to exclaim, to invoke. tv 6 ^p?/ yeyiovelv a evrvyovv-ti ttoijupXiop. Rhes. 266. 

See also H. 469, a °d Dr. Clarke's note ; and Eur. Electr. 809. Syn. Bodw, 

Yeivdfiai, v. [nascor, item active, pario, procreo,] to be born ; also, to bear, 

to bring forth. See Damm. c. 319' Ile/flei £' 'bpearr]p fxr)Tlp\ ij atf eyei- 

vtiro. Orest. 29* SYN. Yepptiio, Xbyevio, 0irvw, (pvrevu), tiktw, yiypofiai. 
Yetb/ubpbs, ov, 6, subst. [agricola ; et i?iplur. qui agrum inter se divisum co- 

lunt,] a countryman, one who has a portion of the laud. Yetdfibpot [xvpfxrjKEs 

bfiiXtibbp. Apoll. 4. 1453. 
Yciobv, ov, to, subst. [suggrunda,] the eaves of a roof, cope-stone, battlement. 

"Hbr) # vizepficiivovTa yeiati rei^Eiop. Phoen. II96. 
TeiTvlaw, et yeiToieu), v. [vicinus sum,] to be near, to be a neighbor. Tis 

karXv ; ov biiTzov BXewvpos yevrvlibv. Eccles. 327^ See also Pers. 316. Syn. 

Yeirop, bvbs, 6, subst. [vicinus, adfinis,] a neighbor ; also adjectively, neigh- 
boring, near to. Terapros dXXos yeirbvas TtvXas ^X (t>v ' Sept. Theb. 482. 

SYN. 'Aarrvyeirwp, ofxbpbs, 7repiKTi(ov, rrpdaoiKos, cvpoikos, o eyyi)s, b 7rXr}oibp. 
Yl\ap))s, ebs, 6 et ?/, Dor. pro yeXrjv^s, adj. [serenus, tranquillus,] cheerful, 

gladsome. Ou/uy ytXavei ddaaov ep-tvpzv. Pyth. 4. 322. 
YeXaofxti, tiros, to, ycXctorvs, vbs, et yeXws, wtos, 6, subst. [risus, cachinnus,] 

a laugh, a smile, laughter. 'Avijpxd/jiop ytXaer/id. P. V. 90. See also v. 8. 

°- 99* et Call. 4. 324. EpiTH."Ao-/3eoTo>, 7ro\v, tinatpov, atypobioXop, yXvicv. 
YiXaarr}s, ov, 6, subst. [irrisor,] a derider, a mocker, an insulter. Ovy, ws ye- 

Xaarrfs, Olbr-Trovs, eXi)Xvdd. (E. R. 1422. 
YeXaarbs, 37, ov, adj. [risu digitus,] to be laughed at, laughable. &evd\ Ivd 

epyd y€Xa<7-d teat ovk enXeiKTa Xbrjcde. 0. 30J* 
YiXaarvs, vid. YeXaafxti. 
YeXtiw, f. ucroj et tivofuai et Dor. a£w, et yeXoutu), v. [rideo,] to laugh, to smile. 

Aaupvoep ylXtiaaad' rtbois 6* eXetjoe vbi\aas. Z. 484. See Horn. Ven. 49. 

SYN. Metc7d(u, aaipo), tivtiyEXtiu). Phr. YeXcjtci dyw, 7rt/.nru). 
YiXoibs, et yiXoiids, a, op, adj. [ridiculus,] ridiculous, laughable, humorous, con- 
temptible. Ov yap av yiXoiop r\p, et EapQXas fxep bovXbs iop. Ran. 541. SYN. 

YlXtxaros, curreids. 
YeXcjs, vid. YiXcHT/jti. 
Yifii^oj, v. [impleo, onero,] to fdl, to load. Ytjii^opros Xt/3^rds evBlrovs. 

Agam. 452. 
Tljids, 16s, to, subst. [impletio, ferculum,] a m< ss, a dish, a feast. Zuv hrt- 

pois re o-KXdyyp\ ittolktiotop yt/ios. Again. 1192. SYN.'Hoe(7/id. 
Yifid), v. [onustus sum,] to be laden, to be full. IldXu 5' dfiov pkv OvjjLiajjariou 

yefiei. CE. R. 4. SYN. Yifil^io, -nXifioj, e^u7rX>'/Ww. 
Yivza,, Ion. yeptt), ijs, //,' subst. [(l) natales ; (2)geueratio, stirps, &c] birth, 

origin, generation, age. O'trj nep tyvXXwp yii'ti), roij)bi. kui &vbpwv, Z. 1 Id. 

SYN. Wpbyopoi, tkyopoi, (pvXt), evytpeiti. EPITH. OoXtpct, TTuXuicjxiTfis, KOiift) t 


YiptdXrj, rjs, 1), subst. [progenies, origo,] birth, origin, !»reed. Twp oi L 
vovru ipt jilydpoiaX ytvetiXris. E. 270. SYN. Ytviit, yifvioX$ 9 yivirii, yivviffid, 

yov6s,T(.K6s. EPITH. 'AyXdonais, tpXicvbt)s,!>, euxais, Kibi)), KXetr;), di/'i- 
ybvbs, irbXvreKpbs, bvcTrorfibs, TtXeaaiybrbs, oKoria. 

1 The dative singular occurs in Homer umler tlic Form yhcfi<pX, H. 112. +. 139. 


Tsvedyids, a, ov, et ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [natalis,] belonging to birth, kindred. 'E£ 

ovictp aljua yZvE&XXov Karrjvv<Tev* Orest. 89* SYN. MrjTpaids, irarpaids. 
YeveQXov, ov, to, subst. [filius vel filia,] a child, offspring. 'Eyw [xev, <5 ylveQXov 

Olraiov itarpos. Philoct. 453. SYN. Yevos, yevta, tekvov, tekos, ndis* 
YeveiaZb), et yZveidu), v. [pubesco,] to begin to have a beard, to grow to man- 
hood. "ApTi yeveiaffbiov 7tEpX to ffTOfid tms Kporacfxas te. Theocr. 11.9- SYN. 

'H/3aw, f}(5a<7K(i). 
YZvetds, dbos, ?jf, subst. [lanugo, barba,] a beard. 'AW avTo/jiai ge TyjabZ npos i 

yZveidbos. Med. 707» SYN. Tevvs, avdepeibv, 7rwywv, XovXos, 
TevetriTtjs, ov, 6, adj. [barbatus,] bearded. T<v 6' o yeveir/rqs oi/o uev *cv>as, 

rjuXov irrjyovs. Call. 3. 90. 
Fe^etdv, ov, to, subst. [mentum, barba,] beard, chin. "Oaas ylveiov x € ~ l P as 

egr/fcovrfoa. Iph. T. 363. EpiTH.'A7raXoV, ayXdov, bpoospov, evpv, Xa^ynEV, 

XdaXoVy aefxvov, X~keoXov, ttoXXov, Tpv<pepoy, fidXaKov. 
YeveoXs, ews, % subst. [ortns, origo,] production, origin, generation, 'ilneavov 

te Qe&v yevioiv, Kal firjTEpd Trjdvv. S. 201. SYN. Tevieti), ytVfa. 
TevETij, Tjs, fj, subst. [nativitas,] birth. 'Etc yevirfft 9 7 lpoi> bs reoi kUXyjctkov 

dnavTES. a. 6. 
Yevet^s, ov; yevvrjTrjs, ov; yZvEnop et yevvy\Twp y opos, 6, subst. [genitor, pater, 

filius,] a father, parent, a son. HvpX ical oTEpoirais 6 Aios yZvZras, (E, R. 470. 

See also (E. R. 1034. Ion 135. and Hipp. 681. Epith. 'Apx^™*, afivfxuy, 


TepetvXXXs, xbds, y], P. N. [generations antistes Dea,] the goddess of birth. 
&dndvr\s, Xdfvyfxov, KioXXdbos, YZvETvXXXbos. Nub. 52. 

TevyjXs, -qXbos, et contr. fjbds, et yH'vs, vds, fj, subst. [securis,] a pick-axe. Owe 

oib"' ekeI yap ovte tov yevrjbos fjv. Antig. 255. EPITH. XaXKOTrXijfcros, li\i§r\Kr\s, 

Yewd, as, rj, poet, pro ylvos, subst. [generatio, progenies,] a race, a progeny, 
offspring. Yevvdv ovbe X>/£-et. P. V. 17 1. 

Tewdbas, ov, 6, adj. [(l)generosus, (2) ingenuus,] generous, brave, a. 'Eyw 
fiabXovfiat. b. XpqoTos el ical yevvdbas. Ran. 1 79> 

YevvawTrpEirios, adv. [generose,] generously, magnificently. YevvaidirpE7rws 
toigXv Epaarals. Pax 988. 

Yewaws, a, 6v, et ov, 6 et y, adj. [ingenuus, generosus,] generous, noble, brave. 

*H tyaaydvov Ofjyovff ; d yevvala yvvyj. Troad. 1006. SYN. Evyew)s, Atoye- 
vrjs, yvriaXos, EXevdZpXos, ETrXeucrjs, avbpelos, j3ddv)(cilds. 

Yevvawrrjs, rjrds, fj, subst. [generositas,] noblemindedness. YevvatbrriTd' Tfjs 
yap e^diffTrjs Oewv. Hipp. 1296. SYN. EvyeVetd, to ebysvES, to yevvalov. 

Yevvaitos, adv. [generose,] generously, nobly, manfully. To fxev gov, w vZdvX t 
yevvaicos e^et. Iph. A. 1402. 

Yevvdio, v. [gigno, pario,] to produce, to beget. "E<rd>ac?oV ispevs 5' 7jv o yev- 
vfjoas TTdrrjp. Iph. T. 36 1. 

Yewrj/ud, drds, to, subst. [quod natum seu procreatum,] a thing produced, off- 
spring, race. Tw»' Acuov Tolvvv tXs i\v yevvrifidTtov. CE. R. 1 167» 

YevvriTris, ov, et yevvrirwp, opos, o, subst. [parens, proavus,] a parent, an 
ancestor. IIws 6' ohyX, naTis y el T&vbZ. yevvrjTutv E<pv. CE. R. 1015. See also 
Ion 735. 

Yevos, eos, to, subst. [genus,] offspring, race, a kind, a nation, sex. '£/\oyi- 
o-dfir]v ovv, rw yerovs ap\r]yETr]. Orest. 548. SYN. Yeveu, ytvEQXbv, edvos, 
(pvXov. EPITH. QfjXv, apGEV, Xoyyptyopov, "ApZi kutoxov, fiapfidpdv, ETrXarjfidv, 
bovXov, iravpov, (fiXXov, (3poTeiov, bvowvvfjidv, XooQeov, KevTavpeiov, 7roXvfioy(ddv, 
yQoviov, TvpprjvXKov, bpifxv, drrvXr}T6v, TavrdXewv, (pXXoTEKvdv, ap.(j)}}pictTdv, av- 
Totrpefjivov, Qelov, Xa/jnrpov, £dd£ov, pXaityovov, ofipXfiddv/Jidv, irdXaitydroVy beiXov, 
dvEfXU)Xtov, fjiuyEpdv. 

Yevvs, vos, >/, subst. [(l)gena, barba, (2) securis,] a cheek, a jaw, a hatchet. 
<l>dvov OTdXayno\cY}V KdTEVTaZov ysvvv. Hec. 241. SYN. (l)YEveivv, yapfrjXat, 
TrdprjXs. EPITH. Olv(07ros, aypXa t XX^jAiaad, ditdXaxpws, icvppa, 7rdXm, £ovdt) >{ 
ciavdrj, Xaflpos. 

1EPA rEHM 189 

repaid*, 1 a, ov, adj. [(1) senilis, (2) senex,] (1) old: also subst. (2)m. an old 

man, (3) f. and old woman. "Qpeye vvv, dpeye yspaXav. Phcen. 101. Syn. 

(1) Yepdpos, (2) yepuv, irpkcfivs, tv peer fibres, (3) ypald, ypats, ypavs, TrpeafivrXs. 
Yepalpw, v. [muneror honoris causa,] to bestow upon, to honor. "6s evri)- 

Xqoet, Ti/utos yepaiperai. Eur. Suppl. 563. SYN. Koafie(a t rtfxaoj, bo^a^o), 

ayXd'i£w, rtw. 
Tepavhpvovy ov, to, subst. [stipes vetustus,] an aged stock of a tree. Ylpoyvv 

yepdvbpvov' to fiev eiCTdfiov btypa ireXoiTO. Apoll. 1. 1118. 

Yeodvos, ov, >/, subst. [grus,] a crane. Xrjviov f) yepdviov. B. 460. Epith. 

'Hepd(f>u)vds, riepd(f>oiTOS, Kpaurvrj, noTavos, bbXXyav^rjV , avvvofids ve(j)ea)V bpofxov. 

Yepdpos, a, 6v, et yepae/uids, ov, b et r/, adj. [augustus, venerabilis, honorificus, 
honorandus,] venerable, majestic, august, honorable. "AfKpu) b' e^d^xevu), ye- 

papurepos ^tV bbvaaevs. Y. 211. See Eur. Suppl. 106. Syn. Tepaios, eVrt- 
fxos, o-efiavfxXos, alios Tiuijs. 

Tepas, a-ds, to, subst. [preemium, honor,] a reward, an honor. Aevtraere yap 
Toye TravTes, 6 fioi yepds epyiTal ct\A?;. A. 120. SYN. 'AdXov, butpov, Ttfxr/, 
Tifjuov* EPITH. KaXov, afxtupov, dyaicXeiTdv, eadXov, Xaov, oXtyov, TeXeov, 
<pXXov, a<pdXTdv, ayXdov, eirXripov, Xafxxpov, Tifirjev, dpiadapjudTov. 

Tepaofilos, see Yepdpos. 

Vepaaipdpos, ov, 6 et %, adj. [praemium ferens,] winning the prize of honor. 'Ev 
av- bpdol yepaotyopov. Pyth. 2. 80. 

YepfjvXos,ov, 6, adj. [Epith. Nestoris,] ** Nestor was so called because, when 
Hercules took Pylos, lie was concealed and brought up at Gerenia, a city in 
Messenia." See Damm. P. N. TolaX be rat ,ueTeenre YeprjvXos tinroTd Neora>p. 
B. 336. 

YepovTayioyew, v. [senem circumduco,] to lead an old man about, to instruct 
anew. YepovTaywyelv, KuvaTraibevetp 7rdXlv. Equit. 1099* 

YIoovtXkos, ri, 6v, adj. [senilis,] belonging or adapted to an old man. Elirev 
o be ffKiTTiovd, yepovTiKov oirXov, deipas. Call. Ep. 1. 7* 

VepcvTidv, ov, to, subst. [vetulus,] a little old fellow. 'ticXX-qofidTdTov, «u 
mcaidTaTOV yepovTXdv. Nub. 79®' 

YepovaXa, as, >/, subst. [senatus,] a senate. Yld rdv 'Acavav earXv a yepwtrXa ; 
Lysistr. 979' SYN. ftovXi), dyopa, eKKXrjaXa, Xeo^Vy fyvobos. 

Yepuv, ovtos, b, subst. [senex,] an old man ; also adj. aged. Yepoiv yepovrd 
7catbdy(oy{)(Jio a eyo>. Bacch. 189* SYN. Hpeafivs, yepdpos, yepatos, yijoeuos, 
yr)pdXeos. EPITH. 'Afxevqvos, iroXvirevQris, dXlos, da^aXoiav, kukov Ke^dKujfxevds, 
dpiffTevs, 7rdXXotcpoTU(pos, TroXvTXrjTos, oveipoiroXos, irdXaws, fjeyddv/uos, flovXrjcpo- 
pds, ttoXXos, evTtjxos. PHR. Xvoaelwv apTi Xevnavdes Kapu, kuku) tiri yijpdos 
ovbw, iroXXibv iTUiV viXy)povyos, TVjJtfioyepoiv, TroXefXhiv ev elbws, dXufojXd elbws. 

Yev/jd, utos, to, subst. [gustatio, cibus,] a taste, food. "Eywye, ^fiX, rpid ye 
ravTi yevpdrd. Acharn. 186. 

Yevoj, v. [gustare vel experiri facio,] to give a taste, to make to experience. 
BovXet ere yevaio tt^wtov dtcparov fxedu. Cycl. 149. SYN. 'A7royci/w. 

Yhpvpd, as, rj, suhst. [(1) pons, (2) interstitium inter ordiues puwnantium, (3) 
campus in quo concurritur,] (1) a bridge, (2) the space between two con- 
tending armies, (3) a Held of battle. Yrjdrio-ei, irpofdve'tad ai'a 7rrd\t^oto ye- 
<pvpas. 0. 378. 

Yeipvpdio, v. [ponte jungo,] to throw a bridge over. 'Ej fieero-ov KdreftaXXe* 
ye<f>vpwaev be neXevdov. O. 357* 

YeuXdfov, ov, to, subst. [tumulus, collis,] a hill, 'flu to Kdravres rovrd yewXo- 
<pov, $ re fxvplxai. Theocr. 5. 101. SYN. Ad(f>os, KoXojvr), ftovvos, irpwv, opos. 

YeojfueTpeoj, v. [(l) terram mctior ; (2) geometriam disco,] to measure land, to 
learn the science of geometry. YewpeTprioai fiovXdfiai tov atpd. Av. 99(j. 

YeojfuTpXa, as, 7/, subst. [geometria,] geometry, a. Yewfierpia. b. Tour ovv tX 
€(ttX xpijtrXfiov ; Nub. 202. 

Yecjfjidpds, yeupyXKos, yewpyos, ov, b, [agricola, rusticus,] a countryman, agri- 

1 The penult, of yepcuos as in Che instance (juotcil above it. sliort, as also that of StiKaios, aad 
some others ending in aios. Sec J\. P. lice. 61. 

190 rEnp nrA 

cultural. YldoXv, oiroooi yeiopyl-Koy. Pax 589> See also Apoll. 1. 1214. and 

Pax 1549. SYN. Aypovdfids, aypoltcos, aypavXds. 
Tewpyeio, v. [terram colo,] to cultivate the ground. Mij&e ylwpyeiv top jxkv 

itoXXyjv, Tub' elvai fir}he Ta<pfjvai. Eccl. 588. SYN. Yr\7covEw, y^rojuew. 
YewpyiKos, vid. Ysoj/xopos. 
Pi), rjs, >/, subst. vid. Tarn. 
TrjyevETY}s t ov, et yrjyev^s, ids, 6 et ?;, adj. [terra genitus,] earth-born. "6 te 

yriylveras bofios ovketX. Ion 1467- See also Here. F. 4. 
YfjdEv, adv. [e terra, funditus,] from the ground, from the foundation, utterly. 

H teal <7(f 'Adava yrjdev e^dvelXero ; Ion 272. 
Trideit), v. [gaudeo,] to rejoice, to exult. T H kev yijdtjaai Uptd/uos, Tlpuifioto re 

7ra7S£$. A. 255. SYN., ^a/jow, fjbd/jai. 
Yrjddavvri, rjs, r/, [gaudium,] joy. YrjOdovvr], o 01 vlov etjirjv dptbeiKETOv elvai. X. 

539- SYN. Xapa, ydvos, ^ap^d, xapjur). 
Yrjddovvds, -q, ov, adj. [laetus, laetabundus,] rejoicing, joyful. YrjOoavvos b' 

ovp<p TTETatr IffTlahlos'bbvoaevs. e. 269. Syn.^A/3j0os, evtypwv, XXdpos, evdu- 

fios, \a/jnrpos ofifjiouri, (fxxibpos, TTEpXydpris, ^alpwv. 
YtjXexvs, fos, 6 et f], a( lj. [humi Cubans,] lying on the ground. Yijklyees Blpd- 

ttovtes doiyrjrotd Xe/jtjtos. Call. 4. 286. SYN. Xdfxaievvijs. 
YrjXETrjs, eos, 6 et >/, adj. [in terram delapsus,] dropped on the ground. ITW^- 

reis bXtciov dbovras. Phcen. 682. 
Yi)7roi>E<i>, v. [terram colo,] to cultivate the ground. $pvywv dpovpas eicfxddoxrX 

yrjrorelv. Rhes. 75. Syn. See Tewpyew. 
Yr)Trdvds t ov, adj. [agricola,] one who cultivates the ground, laborious. KpetWw 

bXbiooX' yrjirovos S' dvrip, Treves. Eur. Suppl. 430. 
Yrjpatds, et yrjpdXEos, a, ov, adj. [grandaevus,] aged. Kcu fxijv dpw tov ndTtpd 

yrjpaih) 1 nobi. Alcest. 627. See aiso Pers. 176. 
Yrjpds, aros, Ion. ads, ws, to, subst. [senectus,] old age. 'Epel tXs, ms to yripds 

ovk al(T%yvdfj,ai. Bacch. 200. EPITH. AeiXaiov, ov aofov, 7rev6Xfjiov, fidpv, 

dvaibeias kXewv, iroXXov, bvairdXaiGTov, avTtvov, bvaKoXov, fidpvTEpov A'lTvas 

aKd7TEX(i)v, Xvypdv, (povXov, mitpdv, bvffojvvfiov, XXirdpov, arvytpdv, ojjlouov, oXowv, 

^dXETrov, (b/iov, PhR. A.evKav6es mpa, Yfjpds dcpXXov, Xvd ttuvtu kdud Kattiov 

YrjpavKh), et yrjpdu) ; vid. Yqpaivio. 
YripdfioaKEU), et yrjpd^d/i£w, v. [in senectute alo,] to maintain when old. Oi 

yripofioaiciiaovoX, ko\ ddvovTa <te. Alcest. 679- See also Call. Ep. 43. 
YrjpofiocrKos, yripoKofxos, et yrjpoTpotyds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [qui aliquem in senectute 

alit,] one who supports another in old age. 'Eyd> bi yrjpdjooanov ovk Z%(o. 

Eur. Suppl. Q33. See also lies. Theog. 606. et Alcest. 684. 
Yrjpvfid, aros, to, subst. [sonus,] a sound. 'YTrepTovov yrjpvixd <j>aiVEra> OTpdrui. 

Eumen. 566, 
Yrjpvdvevs, eios, yrjpvovrjs, ov, et yqpviov, ovos, 6, P. N. [Geryon.] Xpvaaotp b' 

ETEice TpXKdprjvov Yrjpvdvfjd. Hes. Theog, 287. See also Acharn. 1081. et 

Agam. 843. EPITH. 'A/ccijuaros, dyt'iviop, TpXcrwfidros. 
Yrjpvs, i>ds, fi, subst. [vox,] a voice, a sound, speech. KpEov, tX oiyqs, yfjpvv 

a(f)6oyyov oydaas\ Phcen. 974. SYN. Avbr), (jxovr/, yiipvfid, <j)d6yyos. EPITH. 

'Optyeld, 7rdXv^opbds, irXxpa., <ro(pt), baupvoeood, Kpainvri, aXyXroeaad. 
Yrjpvo), v. [sono, loquor,] to speak loud, to speak. Ov fir) nap' o^Xa rdbi yr\- 

pvoei. Hipp. 213. Syn. Avbdio, iiyEu, deibto. 
YrtTeidv, 7, ov, to, subst. [genus ceepe,] a kind of leek. "AitavTd, tu te yrjrei, da' 

i\v kvTaydpq.. Equit. 674. SYN. Kpo/uvov. 
YriTr)s, ov, contr. pro yriiT-qs, 6, subst. [rusticus,] a rustic, a countryman. See 

Yita/idpos. YriTrjs onus, dpovpdv €Kto7tov Xajjojv. Trach. 32. 
YXyaprdv, ov, to, subst. [granurn acini; item (pars pro toto) uva;] the stone or 

refuse of the grape. 'AW, dr &v dvev yXyapTiav, ical <f>XXiov ras t<rxa^«y« 

Pax 633. Syn. 2rd0#\>/. 
Yiyas, avrtis, 6, subst. [gigas,] earth-born, a giant. Elaibeh*, ytyaj/ri. Phcen. 
1 For the quantity of the penult, of yrjpaivs, see repawn. 2 See Bruiick. Pwan. 622. 

nrA TAYK 191 

I27» EPITH. Vrfyeir/s, ytiyeverrjs, (f)uvXds, imepBvfxbs, drdcrdaXus, dreip?)s, dbXxbs, 
cnreXtdpos, Kpdrepbs, >/Xi/3dros, v\pav^rjv y vfipiffTijs, aypibs. See Apoll. 1. 942. 
Theocr. 22. 44. Hes. Theog. 185. 

YlyavTotydvds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [qui gigantes interficit,] giant-killing. Adpv yi- 
yav-updrdv. Here. F. 1185. 

Tiyvdfiai, et yivdfiat, v. [gignor, nascor, fio, sum,] to be produced, to be born, 
to become, to be. XlavTw (jp&roi&t ylyvl-ai bxbdmcdXbs. Androm. 682. See 
also k. 375. SYN. Yeivb}xai, yevrdbfiat, (five*, el/jX, rUrdfiai, TTjXeddio, teXe- 
ddfiat, KaQiarauai, TTeXajxai, vwdp^oj. 

YiyviboKw, et ylvuxTKU), f. yvu>crb/utai, p. eyviond, v. [nosco,] to know, to per- 
ceive, to learn, to decree. T& Xl 07 ' " 7 "' ETncrrdfieodd, Kal yiyvuxrKofjiEV. Hipp. 
382. SYN. A,Xdytv(i)(TK(0, EirXyivuxTKio, Kpiixo, alcrddvbfiai, avvfrj/xi. 

YXbybs, eos, to, poet, pro ydAd, q. v. subst. [lac,] milk, "ftpr/ ev eldpXvrj, ote 
re yXdyos dyyed bevei. II. 643. 

TXcijjiiov, bvbs, 6 et ?*/, adj. [lippus,] blear-eyed. Kdaor dirbXoifiriv, Kap^Ebrj/ubs 
o yXafiwv. Ran. 586. 

TXavKt), r)s, //, P.N. [Glauce,] a sea-nymph. "Ev0' dp' ir\v YXavxrj te, QdXeid 

TE KvfldboKr} TE. 2. 39* 

YXavKlao), v. [glaucis oculis terribiliter intueor,] to look fiercely. YXavKXbiov 

b' I6vs (f>£pETai fXEvel, tfvTiva Trecpvr]. T. 172. 
TXuvkos, ov, 6, P. N. [Glaucus,] (l)a sea-god, (2) also a leader of the Lycians. 

VXcivKE, tXt) brj vwX TEn^i/ueadd ptdXiaTa. M. 310. See Orest. 36*4. EPITH. 

(2) 'AvtXOeos, Ev/.i/jtEXXr]s, Kparlpos, /ueydXjjrwo. PhR. ^lmroXdypio (fiaibXfibs vlbs. 
rXavtcibxLy Qttos, 6, et yXavkwTrXs, Xbbs, ?/, adj. [glaucos oculos habensj having 

cerulean, bright piercing eyes. Aeliri ytifxai' bud be yXavKunrEs avrov. Olymp. 

6. 76. See B. 166. 
TXciv£, avebs, r/, subst. [uliila, noctua,] an owl. YXavKEs vfxas ovttot ETrXXei- 

\povm AavpXiOTXicaL Av. 1106. EPITH. NvxrEpXa. 
rXd(f>v, eos, to, subst. [antrum,] a den, a cave. Kal yXdcjtv irerpjiev tote brj 

TpXtrobi jjpoTO) Itroi. Hes. Op. 531. SYN/'Avrpov, rnrEos, oireios. 
YXdtyvpbs, d, oV, adj. [(l) cavus ; (2) scitus, elegans,] hollow, spacious, smooth, 

elegant, clever. Tlerpijs ck yXd(f>vprjs aiel veov epybfiEvaiov. B. 88. SYN. 

KolXos, (Sudus, i/bvs, abtybs, aKpifirjs, eKTTpETrt)s, EirXbefrios. 
rXa(j)u>, f. \pv, v. [(1) cavo, (2) sculpo,] (1) to hollow out, (2) to engrave. Ouptj 

fiaaTi£(ov, 71-0(707 yXdcpeX' ovbi tXs av-uv. Hes. Scut. 431. SYN. YXvcfxo, /3d- 

Ovvoj, opvcaiOf cnccnrTio. 
TXijvrj, i]s, tj, subst. [pupilla oculi,] the pupil of the eye. YXrjvijs KaibfiEvrjs' 

a<f>dpdyevvTb 5e ol ttvqX pl$ai. i. 390. SYN. Kopr), o^QaXjubs, Olafdd, ftXefXfxd. 
TXt~ivds, eos, to, subst. [deliciae,] any thing charming or delightful. KtbpXvdv, 

v\pdpo((>oy t os yXyjvEa TroXXd KEy&vbei. ft. 192. 
rXif^iov, wrbs, //, subst. [pulegium,] penny-royal. Kal yXd-^iov dvQevadv 

VTTttTfrelTat bi yX}iatpdv. Theocr. 5. 56. 
TXiff-^avrXXbye^EmTpnTTds, ov, o, adj. ab Aristoph. confectum. [qui odiosusest, 

quod ob res nauci pertinaciter obloquitur,] hateful for maintaining paltry 

disputes, litigious. Obb' eXicdfxEvos tteoX irpayfxuTXov yXia^avTXXbye^ETrXTpiTrTOv . 

Nub. 1004. 
TXia^pos, a, ov, adj. [viscosus, lubricus, jejunus, sordidus,] viscous, hungry, 

mean, sordid. TXia-^pos, irpbaaiTiov, Xtitdpiov t. FjvpnrXbi]. Ach. 452. 
TXiaxpiov, bi'bs, 6 et fi } adj. [qui aliquid discupit, infelix,] a wretched beggar. 

fl. ? ft beiXdcpXiav, 7rios ?]X8es ', ft. T ft rXla\p(ov, bpys. Pax 192. 
TAoios, d, o>, adj. [lubricus, sordidus, malignus,] smooth, sordid, malicious. 

MuaOXrjs, eipojVy yXoibs, dXd^wj'. Nub. 448. 
TAovros, ov, o, subst. [nates, clunes,] a buttock. 'Iax'd T€ y^ovrous te, iXioou- 

filvov te bbicevei. 0. 340. 
rXvk-Epbs, d, bv, et yXvKvs, eld, v, adj. [dulcis,] sweet, balmy, refreshing. YXv- 

Ktpbv ftXdarr)fx, lsbpu> futXirri. Med. 1095. See also Cycl. 556. SYN. f Hoi/s, 

fiiXii/biis, ijbu/.(bi. 

192 1AYK TNHM 

r\vKi)dvfids, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [placidi ac mitis animi,] sweet-miuded, gentle, 

placid. TXvKvdvfdds ofifiaTtav. Nub. 706. 
TXvKvKap7rds t ov, 6 et ?), adj. [dulces fructus ferens,] bearing sweet fruit. 'Evri 

fxeXas Ktcraos, evr dfnreXos a yXvKVKap7ros. Theocr. 1 1 . 46. 
TXvKv/jietXl^ds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [dulciter mitis,] sweetly sootbing. Xalp ZXXko- 

(jXe(f>dpe, yXvKVfj.eiXt'^e' bos cV ev dywvX. Horn. V. 19. 
rXvKv/urjXdv, ov, to, subst. [malum praedulce,] a sweet apple. 'Ev be ndXa, 

yXvKv/jiaXa' to cV wot' dXeKrpXvov, vbwp. Call. Cer. 1Q. 
TXv^clpov, ov, to, subst. [scalprum, caelum,] a graver. 'Aja^wes, veorevyes, eu 

yXvcpdvow TtoToobov. Theocr. 1. 28. 
rXvcpls, tbds, 1), subst. [(I) crena, et per synecdoch. (2) sagitta,] (1) the notch 

in an arrow, by which it is fitted to the bow-string, (2) an arrow. Tofav 

TTTtpoJTas yXvfXbds efypfjiu) fievas; Orest. 268. 
TXvipw, f. \pM, v. [scalpo, sculpo,] to scratch, to engrave. Kcu rocV an evwbovs 

yXvxpdr' dyaXfxd nebpov. Theocr. Ep. 7* SYN. Hew, £vw, yXd(f>tJ t ydpaGOU), 


FXioffoa, Attice yXwTTd, rjs, fj, subst. [lingua,] a tongue, language. 'AkoXciotov 

eaye yXCJcffdv, ala^iaTrjv vooov. Orest. 10. EPITH. 'Adwirevros, dyyeXos 

Xoywv, ao<prj, biTTTvyos, evTpd^os, XbXa, kclkj), fxear}, 7rpvfxvi}, dydXivos, evtyiifxos, 

evKeXdbos, eXevdepoaTo/aos, fjbvXoyos, Bor/, XdXos, Xiyeld, fj.a\l/XbXos, fiapyq, fxXdpd, 

fxuTaid, fieydXavj(ijs, ovXd/uevr}, 7roXvbaibdXds, KepTo/xXos. 
TXiocrffaXyla, as, >/, subst. [linguae prurigo,] vexatiousness of tongue. Tqv <r>)»> 

tTTOfxapyov, u> yvvai, yXioaaaXyXav. Med. 525, 
TXioTTOTroieco, v. [verba nova et inusitata profero,] to utter strange words : or, 

according to Dr. Jones, after Sanxay, to make the tongues of musical instru- 
ments. VXojTToirotelv els ret iropveV elaXovQ' eKaavoTe. Vesp. 1283. 
rX(OTTd<TTpd(j>ew, v. [versute et cailide dicere,] to speak craftily or evasively. 

'Atto yap oXovjiat, /ur) fiddiov yXwTTOGTpo<f>e"iv. Nub. 7.90. SYN. AafipooTd/jeio, 

(TTioftvXXb), (fXvapeii), Xrjpew. 
TXwxjlv, Ivds, //, subst. [cuspis teli,] the tongue or point of any instrument. 

spear. 'Efcirjs Kdrebrjcrdv, vno yXd)j(ivd b' eKafxx^dv. £1. 274. SYN. 'AKwKt], 

EPITH. 'Appdy})s, jaap/japea. 
TvaOfxds, ov, 6, et yvddds, ov, rj, subst. [mala, maxilla,] a jaw, a jaw-bone, a 

cheek. Tov /3ctA' vtto yvadfiolo KaX ovdros' <bicd be dvfxos. N. 671. See also 

Nub. 1107* SYN. Tevvs, aXdyi>)V, yajLKprjXat, napeta. EPITH. 'ApyXobovs, 

be^iTepos, Xaixprjpd, avbpofip&s. 
Tvafi-KTbs, ?}, ov, adj. [incurvus, tortilis,] bent, crooked, curved. Hopiras re, 

yvafXTCTas 0' eXttcas, tcdXvK&s re teat opfxovs. 2, 401. SYN. 'Ayd/Aos, CTpeTTros, 

evarpeTTTOs, €VKafX7rris. 
TvafXTtTU), v. [flecto,] to bend. 'Ev be yovv yvd/x\pev' eitX be \QovX nairireadv 

o^u0w. M 7 . 731. SYN. Ka/jnrTh), enXKaixirTti), Kvprooj, dvaorpecpej. 
Trdfevs, ews, 6, subst. [fullo,] a fuller. 'ATrebioic' otyeiXwv r§7 yvd<f>el TpiwfioXov. 

Vesp. 1123. Syn. Kvd<j>evs, 7rXvvevs. 
TvrjoXds, a, ov, adj. [(l) legitime genitus, legitimus, (2) genuinus,] (1) lawfully 

born, legitimate, (2) genuine. Tie bvta YlpXdfiow vodov teal yvrj 0X0 v, a./u<pio. A. 

102. SYN. NdfxXfids, dfio7raTpXds, o/ioyev^s. 
Tvu/ud, dTds, to, et yviofxr}, rjs, y\, subst. [consilium, ratio, sententia, mens,] 

counsel, reason, sentiment, judgment, opinion. "E^etv, «x rjis ^" yvupa.' Trach. 

593. See also Hec. 124. SYN. Boi/Aj), bXdvoid, rovs, v6r}nd, rorjoXs, deXqfid, 

(ppovrifid. EPITH. 'ArappijTdv, eboefies, ejjnrebov, IQv, bvatyopov. PHR. Tvdifirjs 

obos, <f>povTXbos 7r Act vai. 
TvwfxXbXov, ov, to, subst. [sententiola,] a little sentiment or conceit. Kai yvu- 

fxibXb) yv(*)fxr\v vv^aff erepw Xoy<3 avrXXoyrjaai. Nub. 320. 
TvwiidrvTreu), v. [sententias acutas eflingo s. cudo,] to frame or coin maxims. 

Kcu yvwfioTVTce'i, Kavrdvofxaciei. Thesm. 60. 

1 Brunck renders the word by " patro lingua." 

TNHM rOOI 193 

rvwfivTiiKiKds, j), dv, adj. [acutas sententias effingens,] a framer or coiner of 

maxims. Kcu yvwfidTVTrXKos, nat aa(f>7)s, ical KpovarXKds. Equit. 1376\ 
Yvw/xdrvirds, ov, 6 etfi, adj. [qui sententias proeudit,] hammering out fine sen- 
tences. TvojfidTVTrois [xepipvats. Nub. 950. 
Yr<vpi£u>, v. [noscito,] to know, to ascertain. 7 H rolpydv ws ov yvwpXaoi/xi aov 

Tobe. CE. R. 538. SYN. Yiyvu>aK(o, boKX/nd^to, avaicpivw, pdo/iat, laTopeio. 
YvwpXfxds, (2) yvuHTTos, et (3) yt'WTos, r), dv, adj. [notus, (3) consanguineus, fra- 

ter,] known, acquainted, allied to, a brother. ,X H nal yv&pXfxos dXXds. tt. 8. 

See also CE. R. 391. et (E. R. 3p6\ Syn. Okelfo, Mo^ds, <f>XXds, <j>avepos, 

ovyyevi]s, d/xaifios, dbeX<pds. 
IV&xTt/udxew, v. [fluctuo animo,] to be doubtful in mind. Xprj yviatxtfiaxeiv 

arjv f]\iKlav. Heracl. 706. 
Toad), f. ydr\au), aor. 1. eydrjvd, inf. poet. ydi]jievai, aor. 2. eyddv, V. [lugeo,] to 

express wo, to lament, to bewail. Ylarpi 0iA« tiftt firirpt yd^fxevaX kv fxeydpoi- 

aiv. H. 502. See CE. R. 1249. and Z. 500. SYN. Oprjveu), dbvpd/xai, nepdeui, 

ava.K(DKv<jj s fcXalu), Opdeio, Kivvpofiat, fuvpd/, cu'd^w,, ototv8(0, dyevu), 

eXeXl^o), TTiKdfjai ydois, dyeo), kojkvtoIs e7rap6i$u). 
ToyyvXr), rjs, fj, subst. [(1) rapum rotundum, (2) maza rotunda,] a turnip, a 

round cake. "Slcnrep yvvaucX, yoyyvXyv nefiaypev-qv. Pax 28. 
Ydebvds, j), 6v, et ydepds, a, 6v, adj. [lugubris, lugens,] woful, mournful. "H£et 

ti pieXos ydepbv ydepals. Hec. 84. SYN. Avott/j os, TtoXvbaKpvs, Xvirripiis, nepi- 

Xvttos, dXeyeivds, dprjvwbrjs, dtyodprjvds, icivQXjjLos, 7re%dy']pr]s, fidpvirevdris, 7toXvot8- 

rds, dvTapds, oinrpos. 
Ydrjs, rjToi-, o, subst. [praestigiator,] an enchanter, a deceiver. 7 Ap' ovk enybbs 

teal ydrjs 7re<pv% (Jibe ', Hipp. 1038. SYN. 'Ayvprrjs, KdXa^, irXavos. 
Yo/jos, ov, b, subst. [(1) onus navis, (2) merces,] freight of a ship. Mey cjjl- 

irXyaas ydpidv. &sch. Suppl. 439- 
Yo/acpXds, ov, 6, subst. [dens molaris,] a jaw-tooth, a grinder. 'AirdTiadv cid 

yap yofityXov fxdvov tydpei. Plut. JOfjO. 
Yo^dberds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [clavis firmatus,] firmly bound, wedged. Yo^d- 

beru> Tt bdpX. /Esch. Suppl. 853. 
Yofupdnayris, eds, o et >/, adj. [clavis firmatus ; accuratus, exquisitus,] coupled 

with nails, firmly wedged. 'Ptjfiura yo/ji^d7rdyf}. Ran. 823. SYN. YIjjktos, 


I Yojbupds, ov, b, subst. [(1) clavus, (2) cuneus,] (1) a nail, (2) a wedge. Yoptyoiaiv 
f apa. rr\v ye xaX apfudvXrjGXv dprjpev. e. 248. SYN. S^^, i/Xds, bea/j-ds, apdpov. 
EPITH. Kpdrepds, Odds. ' 

Yo/i(f)di», v. [clavis compingo,] to fasten with nails. Yofxtyovpieva. ye rd 7rdvrd 
Kal KoXXoj/ueia. Equit. 463. SYN. 1(f)qpdto, Tri)yvvfit, crvpn'/yvv/u, auvairru), 
ovvupfio-u), TTfjocrapfjiOTTio, KarapTicZty. 

Ydvevs, e<os, 6, subst. [parens,] a parent. Yoveas i>j3pi£eiv tovs efiovs ovk tffiiov, 
Eur. Electr. 257* Syn. Yevi'rirwp, ylverys, tokcvs, irari)p, (j>itus. 

Ydvt), fjs, ?/, et ydi'ds, ov, b, subst. [partus, genitnra, soboles,] parturition, birth, 
offspring. 'PrjibXoi be yovai, rinva 6' ovttot Iolkoto. Trarpt. Theocr. 17* 44. 
See also N. 449. SYN. YeveaXs, o-nopos, fiX&arrjfjia. EPITH. 0d\f|od, i)vs, 
tfiepdefToa, yXvKtpa, TrjXvyeTt], btrcTvyos, aWepXos, yjpvoea, mtcpa. 

Ydvos, ov, 6, subst. ; see Yo\n). 

Ybvv, (ltos, et yovios, to, plur. yovva, yovtara, et yovara, subst. [genu,] a knee. 
'AW yrot niv ravra deu>v ev yovvaai Kelrat. a. 267« EPITH. 'Atca^-ires, 
ayki/Xuv, bovXdv, Odov, eXatypdv, XKertjaXov, Xai\prfpov, vtyaXeptiv, yXu)p6v, \pv- 

Yovvxerrfs, eds, 6 et r/, adj. [ad genua cadens,] knee-bending, kneeling. Ydvv- 
7rtre7s ebpa$ TrpocnriTVoJ ae. Phcen. 302. 

Ydds, ov, 6, subst. [lamentatio, luctus,] lamentation, wo, grief, sorrow. Ovmo 

yap »/ TaXaivd iraverat ydtov ; Med. 58. SYN. Qpnrds, kiokvtos, -rrlvdds, dbvp- 

fxds, dXdXvyntis, dXdXvyt), tiXd<pvp(jXs. EPlTH."Ar\?;To$, ahhrds, dXiafrrds, liff^e- 

tos, dXt]KTds, cnrelplTds, dppr\To%, baKpvdeis, UdXtpos, Ift&pdeu, Kpvepds, d'tivpti*, 

Pros. Lex. 8 I» 

194 ropr tpa* 

6%uTovds, 6%us 9 7rd\v&aicpvTos, XevydXZos, ^dXe7rds. Phr. T6u)v Tunpbv vef&s, 

6%VTdvu)V (Jbwv Opfjvoi, xeipoirXrjKTOi boxmoi, duvy/xdrd ^aiTTjs. 
TopyeidSf a, 6v, adj. [Gorgoneus,] of or belonging to the Gorgon. 'Ev be te 

Topyeir) KetydXrj, beivdio neXiopov. E. 74>1 . 
ropyo\d(j)a f r}s t if, adj. [caput Gorgonis in cono galeae gestans, epitb. Minerva?,] 

Gorgon-crested. 'H TopyoXoipa a etceXeve tovtovC <f>dye~iv. Equit. 1181. 
Topyovwrds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [caput Gorgonis in tergore pictum habens,] having 

a Gorgon's head on the back. Qepe bevpd TopybvwTbv aoirXbos kvkXov. Acharn. 

Topydtyovri, tjs, fj, subst. [Gorgonis interfectrix,] the murderess of the Gorgon. 
"laroj Topyd(j>dva. Ion. 1478. 
TopytfQliov, wvbs, 6, P. N. [Gorgythion,] one of the sons of Priam. Kal tov 

\xkv p dtydfxapd'' 6 S' djxvfxbvd TopyvdXwvd. 0. 302. 
Topyu>, bbs, ovs, et Topyiov, bvbs, fi, P. N. [una filiarum Phorci et Cetus ; Me- 
dusa scilicet, vel Stheno, vel Euryale,] a Gorgon. X^f 6' exX /aev Topyio fiXb- 

avptoxis 1 €ffre<l>av(i)Td. A. 36. EPITH. 'A^au^s, avbpbtybvos, Kapdrbfibs, Opdaeld, 

tleporrjls, bpdKOVTbfxaXXbs, fipoTOffTvyrjs, tear airr epos, Xvypd TrdQovad. 
TopytonXs, Xbbs, fj, yopyutxj;, unos, et yopyio-nbs, ov, © et rj, adj. [adspectu hor- 

renda,] Gorgon-eyed, terrible-looking. Nuj> b* ry Atos yopywnXs dbafxaarrbs 

0ed. Aj. Fl. 450. See also P. V. 356. and Orest. 255. 
Toprvv, vvbs, fi, P. N. [urbs clarissima Cretae,] a famous city in Crete. Ot 

Kviogoovt ci'xpv, Voprvvd re rei^oeaaav. B. 646. 
Toward pat, et yovvbbfxai, v. [genua amplectens oro,] to embrace the knees, to 

supplicate. Kcu fxiv yovvdadfxai, Kai fxiv treiQecrQaX ouo. A. 427. See also A. 29. 

SYN. Upoff7ri7TTi»), irpocritiTveii), XKerevw, TrdpaKaXeit), yovvdrwv a7rro«cu, yovvd 

Tovrbs, ov, 6, subst. [solum fertile,] a fertile spot, a rich soil. Havrri ot Kara 

yovvbv dX(or}s olvbireboib. X. 192. SYN. Void, Trebbv. EPITH. EvKap7rbs. 
Vow, vid. Tdd(o. 
Tpald, as; ypa'bXov, ov ; ypdXs, yprjis, ypavs, ypr)vs, subst. [anus, vetula,] an old 

woman, a hag. Uovs, dyrjaai rq. ypaia. Hec. 16*8. See also Plut. 688. 

*//. 33. Alcest. 56, and r. 353, SYN. Tepatu, TrpeafivrXs venpov ftoptyq, veKvwv 

dfievrji'dv dyaXfxd. 
Vpafifid, drbs, to, subst. [littera scripta,] a letter. Td ypanndr eKTri^ui/JiX rr\s 

ifirjs bXKrjs; Nub. 772. SYN. ^Ivyypa^nd, ypdffj, fiffiXos, (pi.) Xbyoi, Phr. 

Td rfjs ye Xfjdrjs <j>apfidtc d<piovd Kal <ptt)vovvjd. See Eur. fr. Palamed. 
TpafifidTeloy, ov, to, subst. [tabellae, libellus,] a register, a book of accounts, 

a record. KaK<pepe to ypafXftdTeibv, Xv' dvdyvti Xdfiuv, Nub. 19. SYN. BffiXds, 

Tpafxfidrevs, ea>s, 6, subst. [(l) scriba, (2) nomen magistratus,] (1) a writer, a 

cl«k, a secretary, (2) the name of an officer. 'bnoTe ypd<poiTo ty\v biKrjv 

ypafifxarevs. Nub. 768. 
Tpa/uLfjidTevb), v. [scriba sum,] to be or officiate as a scribe. AvaiXX' eypafifjid- 
jevev eiTre Sworpdri?. Thesm. 374. 
Tpafjifjifj,rjs, fj, subst. [(1) iinea, (2) carceres,] (l)a line or mark, (2) the lists, the 

goal. Tpafifjirjs iKtjTai, Kal reXos Ka/n\pr) fiXov. Eur. Electr. 9^' SYN. BaXfiXs, 1 

Tpatiffdfirjs, ov, 6, adj. [qui vetulas abigit,] one who drives away old women. 

Tpabadfiai, fxXdpoi. Pax 812. 
TpanTds, ?), 6v, adjn [scriptus, pictus,] written, painted. Kal to Xov jjieXdp evrX, 

KaX a ypawra vdicivdos. Theocr. 10. 28. SYN. "Eyypa7rros, eyypdtyos. 
Vpenrrvs, vds,f], subst. [laniatio cutis genarum,] a scratch, tearing of the cheek. 

Kprjffibas paTTTas bebeTO, ypairrvs dXeetvwv. cj. 228. SYN/'Auwy/ud. 
Tpavs, ads, fj, vid. FpaZd. 
Tpdijievs, ews, 6, subst. [scriptor, pictor,] a writer, a painter. Okteipbv rjfids' 

1 It is remarkable that t is long here in the thesis, which is tare in Horn. Vid. Herm. Elenu 
floet* Metr. p* 41 * 

rPA<i> rVMN 195 

ws ypd(j>evs r anoaraQeis. Hec. 806. SYN. Tpappdrevs, £u)ypd<j)OS. 
rpa<pff, ijs, >/, subst. [scriptura, pictura,] a picture, painting ; a writing. 'A<rre- 

pioTrds kv ypd^alaXv. Phoen. 129. EPITH. 'AeipvrjGTos, QlonvevoTds, ipevbr/s. 
rpd(po), v. [scribo, iusculpo, pingo,] to write, to engrave, to paint. See Damm. 
c. 2101. and Wolf's Proleg. to Homer. Keh o-KvXd ypdxpets ttCjs eV 'Ivdyov 
poals. Phoen. 583. SYN. 'EnTypacpo), ctwypdtpEOJ, eyyapatrerw, kyypdtyio. 
rpijydpew, v. [vigilo,] to keep awake, to watch, to be vigilant. Tovrl to trvp 

eyprjyopev Qeujv ekcltI teat Crj. Lysistr. 306. ' 
TpriviKds, ov, 6, P. N. [Granicus,] the name of a river in Asia Minor. Tpyvticos 

te Kat A'ivrjnos, bios te ^.Kdpavbpos. M. 21. 
rpnrevs, eojs, 6, subst. [piscator,] a fisherman. See 'AXXevs, Tots bi pZra ypi~ 

Treys re ylptav, irerpa tZ tZtvktui. Theocr. 1. 39- 
rplcpds, ov, 6, subst. [rete,] a net. Obbev dod ypi<f>ov bxdfepet KXZwvvpos. Vesp. 

20. Syn."A/)kvs, yayydpij, biKTvov. 
Tpv, s. ypv, subst. indecl. [(1) minimum, (2) vox porci,] (1) a small chip, 

(2) a grunt, a syllable. Tonapairav oibZ ypv. Plut. 17. 
rpvcco, f. £w, et ypv\\i£(o, v. [grunnio, musso,] to grunt, to mutter. 'AXXa 
(pdeipov, Kat p>) ypvfysr Plut. 598. See also Plut. 307. SYN. 'Araypocw, 
pv£w, tptovZto, <f>deyyopat. 
TpvKTds, j), dv, adj. verb, a praeced. [mutiendus,] must mutter. ' r Apd ypvKrdv 

korlv yplv ; et be Xvirfjaets tl fie. Lys. 65"jf. 
rpv7raiiT6s, ov, 6, subst. [avis fabulosa, mixta ex aquilarum et gryphorum 
genere,] a griffin, eagle. YpviratETovs yaXKrjXdTovs, Kat py'ipdd' ImroKpripvd. 
Ran. 928. 
Tpv\jj, viroi, 6, subst. [gryps s. gryphus,] a griffin. Ypviras <pv\a£,ai, tov te pov- 

vuiTza (TTpdroy. P. V. 829' EPITH. TeroaffKeXr/s. 
Yva, et poet, yvia, as, f], subst. [arvum,] land, a field, region. NotXs eVep- 
\irat yvas. Phoen. 655. See also P. V. 714. SY~S."Apovpd, irXedpov, irZXe- 
Opov. EPITH. Rddvanupos, evKapiros, iroXvypvods, 7ritov, dvrjpdrds. 
YvdXdv, ov, to, subst. [(l)cavitas; (2) vola, vallis,] a cavity, a recess, the 
hollow of the hand, a cave, a valley, a capacious goblet. Yldpd pZaoptpdXd. 
yiJdXd fyotfiov. Phoen. 244. SYN. KotXojpd, dyKos, tttv^y}, tttvZ,. 
Yvyalrj, sc. Xlfivr}, P. N. [Gygaea,] a lake of Maeonia, in Asia Minor. Yli 

TlvXat/uevtos, toj Yvyauj TEKZXipvr}. B. 865. 
Tvrjs, ov, 6, subst. [bura, pars aratri,] the culter of a plough. IIoXX' e7rt 

Kafjnri)Xd KaXd' <pZpetv bZ yvrjv, or' dv evprjs. Hes. Op. 425. 
YviapKrjs, eos, 6 et >/, adj. [membris valens,] able-bodied. "ApZpov yvtapKEos 

' 'AaKXamdv . Pyth. 3. 12. SYN.^Acaa^wv, lax vit » / ' 
rvtdj3dprjs, eos, 6 et i], adj. [membra gravans,] crushing the limbs. FToXXd -nd- 

Xatcrfxdrd Kat yviofidpfj. Agam. 63. 
Vvidbd/jas, ov, 6, subst. [qui membra domat,] a limb-subduer, a victorious 

pugilist. AIveio Kat Tlvdeav kv yvwbdf.tats. Isth. 5. 7b. 
TvidKopds, ov, 6 et v, adj. [membra satians, i. e. fatigans,] wearing out the 

limbs. Kat -noQov dpydXiov, Kat yvtoKopovs fieXebtirds. Hes. Op. 66. 

Tv~t6v, ov, to, subst. [membrum, artus,] a member, a limb. Ovpios kv firjaffrjs, 

iino re rpofids eXXd/3e yu7d. T. 34. SYN. MeXds, ydvv. EPITH. 'A/jLatfidKETdv, 

ddaX-iTES, E\a(f>pdv, ep.TTE.bov, dddv, oflplpov, TrdvaioXdv, TiXea^dpov, (palbifidv, u>kv. 

TvidTribri, r)s, %, subst. [pedica,] fetters. 'AtpvK-TOtol yvtdiribats tteowv. Pytb. 

2. 75. 
Tvtdu), v. [membra frango,] to lame. Yvtwaio pev a<piolv v<j> appdalv u>KF.d$ tzr- 

trovs. O. 402. SYN. XwXdw, ftXawTto. 
TvXXds, ov, 6, subst. [vasculum militare, in quo cibus adversatur,] a wicker 
vessel used by soldiers, to carry their provisions. ITa7, 7ra7, <pio % e£w hevpH roy 
yvXXdv Ipot. Ach. IO96. 
TvXXavyr\v, ev6s, adj. [cervicem praelongara et gracilem habens,] taper-necked, 
YvXtavylvds op^frras. Pax 789' 


YvLtva£u>, v. [in palaestra exerceo, exerceo,] to practise, to discipline, to 
harass. YeyvpvdKaoXv, ovb* tyio. P. V. 6"06. SYN. 'Andyv/Jivaclu), acrtctoj. 

Yvfxvds, dbds, 6 et r/, adj. [exercitatus,] inured, trained. Kdre^wv nobl yi^ivd- 
bds'iirirovs. Hipp. 1134. 

Yvlivyjs, fjrds, et yvfivriTr)s, ov, 6, subst. [miles levis armaturas, veles,] a light- 
armed soldier. YvfivfjTes, 'nnteis, ap/idrwv r emordrat ; Phcen. Il63. See 
also Rhes. 31. SYN. tyepbdvfirrjs, To£drr)s. 

YvlivXkos, r), ov, adj. [ad exercitationem pertinens, gymnicus,] of or belong- 
ing to exercise or activity. Tloielv dy&pas /jlov<tXkovs kcu yvLiviKovs. Plut. 

Yvlipos, ?), of, adj. [nudus,] naked, destitute. Yviip6v iC tOrjKdp bnrrvyov ord- 
Xiffiidrbs. Hec. 1138. SYN. 'A^trw*', direirXos, dveijuioy. 

Tvfxvdio, v. [nudo,] to render naked or bare, to strip. Aevtcds iyviivov oapuds, 
eicreivojv yepd. Eur. Electr. 823. SYN. 'Andyviivots), etebvu), dvabepio, ipiXdu. 

Yvvaticeios, a, bv, adj. [muliebris,] of or belonging to woman. 'E/cTayXws 
tfxOyp* yvvatKeias bid fiovXas. X. 436. 

TvvtuKictio, v. [fceminam ago s. imitor,] to act the woman. rWcufcteTs ev, aa\ 
iriddv&s. b. YletpaffdLiai. Thesm. 268. 

YvvaUXaXs, iws, rj t subst. [imitatio muliebris,] a representation of a woman. 
Tlplv rfjs sTspas bovvat yvvaituoeus biKr/v. Thesm. 863. 

TvvaiKdfiovXds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [a muliere excogitatus,] contrived by woman. 
YVpatKofiovXovs te firjTthas (jipevutv. Choeph. 624. 

YvvaiKoK-fipvKTbsy ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [a mulieribus decantatus,] proclaimed by 
women, originating in a woman's praise. YvvaiKbaipvKTbv oXXvrai kXeos. 

YvvaiKoLidvEU), v. [amore mulierum insanio,] to be woman-mad. YvvaiKbfxdvGt 

yap, 7rpo£evu> & v/j,u>v dfid. Thesm. 583. 
YtivaiKOLiifios, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [mulieres imitans,] imitating a woman, timid. 

YvvaiKbfiiLLOis vTrriaafxdariv yepuv. P. V. 1013. 
Yvvaucdfioptyos, ov, 6 et f/, adj. [formam vel habitum mulieris induens,] woman- 
like, in the form of a woman. YvvawoLtoptyov dybfxEPov bt acreds. Bacch. 

YvvaiKorrXrjdiis, eos, 6 et r/, adj. [muliebribus plenus,] full of women. BvXXoyoi 

yvvaiKOTz\r]Qeis. Ale. §55. 
YvvaiKoiroivbs, ov, 6 et f], adj. [mutferem ulciscens,] undertaking to avenge a 

woman. YvvaiKbiroivtav dpuydv voXelim'. Agam. 234. 
YvvaiKo<pX\r)s, ov, 6, subst, [mulierum amans,] a lover of women. Kcu rv yvvaiKb- 

<pt\as, Theocr. 8. 60. SYN. Yvvaifxavris, 
YvvaiKb^<ovds, ov, 6 et ij, adj. [muliebri voce praeditus,] having a woman's voice. 

YVvaiKdcJHdvds, d7rd\ds, €V7rp£7n?s Xbclv. Thesm. 199- 
YvvaiKwlrXs, Ibbs, //, subst. [mulierum conclave, gynaeceum,] the women's 

apartment. EIra bXd tovtov reus yvvaiKioiUTXaXv. Thesm. 420. SYN. Tlapde- 


Yvyai/j.dvrjs, Zbs, adj. [mulierosus,] woman-mad. kvairdpX, eibos dpurri, yvvai- 
fidves, f/TrepfiirevTa. Y. 39* 

Yvvi), atKos, >), subst. [(l)mulier, (2) uxor,] (1) a woman, (2) a wife. 'H o' dlKova 
dfid rdiaX yVvrf kXev' avrdp 'AyiXXevs. A. 348. SYN. (l)0i/Xvs, 6r}Xeid, (2) 
aKonXs, ndpuKotrXs. I&TITII." AvaXicXs, d/xvfxidv, aKrjbrjs, daropybs, adicr/, <])XX6- 
aropyds, <j>X\6\pv)(os, bvaTV\y)s, aOXXa, ofxdXeKrpos, crwtypiov, o^vdvjjids, fidaXXts, 
eadXrj, dfj.iiya.vos, Kebvri, dpiarrj, Ovpaws, bovXrj, bdpucrrjrds, alyudXtarXs, XprjffTt], 
dyddrj, fiapfidpos, dreicvds, oltcerXs, dvoaids, via, bvafxayutTards, ypatd, aLtprjaTev 
t8s, avbpoKTOPos, KaKbTiiy^s, bvtrrrjvds, yepatd, TaXaivd, fidaXXeid, evrtfrvwrdrj/, 
El/toy, beivr), TtjUiwrdr^, dpdavar olios, <piXTdrrj, TXrjfiwv, irpoaTrdXos, icXeivri, atcpX- 
T&jj.vd8s, bid, btiXoetrffd, boXotypoveovad, ftdpvdvLios, ev£wvos, evetbi/s, i^KOfids, 
dXdrj, dtxdXeKTpds, wepXKaXXrjs , irtiXvardvos. 

YvirdpXdv, ov, to, subst. [nidus vulturis vel cujusvis avis,] a hole in a rock 

1TPO AAIM 197 

where vultures or other birds nestle, a nest. Kcu yvnaptois, Kai nvpyXbXots 

It6s oybddv, ovk eXeatpeis ; Equit. 79®* SYN. QojXZos, tcdXta. 
Tvpds, a, ov, adj. [orbiculatus, curvus,] circular, round, curved, rvpds lv 

w/jLOiatVy fitXdvoypoos, ovXoKdprjvos. r. 246. 
Yvpruiv, wvds, et Vvpriovr}, r\s, >/, P. N. [Gyrtone,] a city in Thessaly. "HXudt 

b' atyveaiv irpbXXirwv YvpTibvd Kopiovos. Apoll. 1. 57' See also B. 737. 
Tv\p, v-rrds, 6, subst. [vultur,] a vulture. TvxpX (j>epeiv Terdrat, cvyd b' y\vval 

bovXid Tpoia. Troad. 595. 
Tw^rd, as, i], subst. [angulus,] a nook or corner. 'Andbpds yap els ri)v yiovXav. 

Vesp. 905. 
Vuviaa/jos, ov, 6, subst. [exornatio s. flexus verborum,] the rounding of words. 

Aeirrutv re Kavovwv eafioXas, en-Qv re yuivlaofiovs. Ran. 9^6. 
YiapvTos, ov, 6, subst. [thecae arcus,] a case for a bow. Airy ywpvrip, os ol 

irepXneiTo (pdeivos. 0. 54. SYN. 'lohdur], (pdperpa, To%odi]Kr\. 


Aayvs, vbds, ?/, subst. [pupa cerea s. gypsea,] a wax doll. See Ruhnk. Timae. 

p. l65. 'AW £7rdyT]y bayvbX, *.d\6v \P^ L r-avToQev lad. Theotr. 2. 110. 

Exp. Yretydvos irepiGtyiyyiov ti)v Ke(f>dXy)v. PHR. K.6<r/uus eyxapblos yvvaiKwv. 
kqbXov, ov, to, (dimin. from Adts or bqs,) a little torch. $epe br), to bablov rdb' 

efi{3a\pto Xafiujv. Pax 9$9' SYN. AafjLirabXdv. 
kqbovytu, v. [facem praefero,] to bear the torch. "H(paicrTe, babovx^is fiev 

ev ydfiois fipdrQv. Troad. 343. SYN.] (jidpeu), irvpoevu*, tyiOTiCu, 


Ade/w, et baeto, v. [disco,] to learn. F^vbova, rj dirdvevQe ; bXenre fioX, o<f>pd, 

bdeiio. K. 425. See also Z. 150. SYN. AxbdaKojuai, /uavddvu). 
Aagofxai, V. [divido,] to divide. Kr///<idrd yctp Key rrdvra bdarai/uedd, ohXa 6' 

aire. /3. 335. 
Ad///Ltwi', duds, o et //, adj. [peritus, doctus,] skilful, learned. UpioQr/fiat 'laravTo, 

bdr)fxoyls op-^rjOfioid. 6. 2()3. SYN. "YLfXTteipos, 'ib/Jtojv, elbios, ev eibcos, gvvetos, 

evrjvveTos, 'larwp, (ppabfuov. 
Act>)p, epos, 6, subst. [mariti frater, levir,] a husband's brother. Adep eftelu, 

kvvos KaKOfirf^dvov, OKpvoeaarjs. Z. 344. 1 
AaibdXZds, baibdXos, et baibdXetds, a, or, adj. [(1) affabre factus ; (2) varius,] 

curiously wrought, variegated, polished. KaXrj, baibdXerj, t7rX b' apyvpios 

Zuyds iilv. I. 187. See also S. 179. et Eur. fr. Eurysth. 9.' Syn. UdXvbai- 

bdXos, uloXos, 7toikX\6s. 
AatbaXXw, et baibdXoa), v. [(l) artificiose facio s. exorno ; (2) variego,] to work 

with art, to carve, to polish, to adorn. WavTooe baibaXXojv, nipl S' avTvyd 

fiaXXe (f>deiyr)y. 2. 479* See also Olymp. 1. I69. SYN. UoikIXXu), Koa/ulw, 

kaibdXds, ov, 6, P. N. [Daedalus,] an Athenian distinguished for his talents as 

an architect and statuary. *H AatbdXov rex^niaXy, y Oewv rXtds. Hec. 82o\ 
Adt(5w, 2 f. £w, v. [divido, disseco, discerpo,] to divide, to rend, to mangle, to 

tear. *E£ be bXa Tnvyds 7)X6e bd'C$,uiv ^cxXkos dreipr/s. H. 247. SYN. Aa/tu, 

ba£ofiai, bXar/jLTjaaoj, biatpeu), baTtofxai, dvapiraiEiu), bXaandu), o-^iclu), TropBeu). 
Adkrvp, rjpos, bdiKTbjp, opos, et bakros, ij, ov, o, adj. [vi cogens ; infestus,] 

tearing, piercing, heart-rending. Adarj/p 700s, av-rooTdvos. Sept. Theb. 9 10. 

See also iEsch. Suppl. 795. et Anacr. 42. 10. Syn. A/ytos. 
Haifxdvdu), v. [malo numiue teneor ; furore corripior,] to be influenced by a 

daemon; to be mad. 'Iw, iw, batfidywyres tiro:. Sept. Theb. 1003. KdKdbat- 


1 Aatpwv, at n. 762. and 769. is only a dissyllable. 
3 The first syllable of Ibis word is long, A. 497. 


AaifibpXbp, ov, to, subst. [numen,] a deity, daemon, genius. To baifibpXop icdre- 

Kwfidffe. Pho3n. 363. 
AatfibpXbs, a, bp, adj. [divinus, admiratione dignus, &c.J (l) divine, happy, 

noble, (2) wretched, infatuated. Aai/ubpX\ ov ae eoace, kukop &s, beibiaoeoQat. 

B. lpO. SYN. 0e7ds, yeppalos, /xuKaptos, avrXdebs, dav/uaarbs, dyaords, evbai- 

fi<op, KaKohaifiwv, bvabaifiiap, adXXos, fuopaX/ubs. 
AaifidvXtos, adv. [(1) divinitus, (2) mire,] in a providential or wonderful man- 
ner, wonderfully. X' vfjtrbderrjs avro~ts batfjibvXws (j>X\os %$. Theocr. Ep. 12. 4. 

SYN. QavfiaffXtos, davjuaar&s. 
Aaijjiop, bvbs, 6 et rj, subst. [(l) Deus, dea, (2) heros, (3) genius, (4) sors, fa- 

tum, (5) animus humanus,] a god, a goddess, a divinity, a deified hero, a 

daemon, lot, fate, life. Ovkovp ebojtce rrj Tv^y top baifxbpd ; Phoan. 1667. Syn. 

Qebs, dXaaTiop, to bai/ubpXbp, fiolpd, jjiopos, Tv^jq. EPITH. 'Ayctvos, kclkos GTvye- 

pbs, )(d\f7rds, 7ro'jLt7rt/ids, aefxpos, euryy^s, /udrnp, OTeppbs, epdXXbs, ttovtXos, fieyds, 

efxtydprjs, ttoXvotopos, eadXbs, atydXrbs, bXKatbs, atydovos, bejtfos, . eirippbQbs, aicXr)- 

pbs, Eirt^QbvXbs, fjyddebs, TrXovTbbbTtjs, iroXiaaovybs. 
AaiPvpX, fut. batata, et Aaipvu, (2) in med. v. AatVfyiat, v. [(l) epulas do ; 

(2)epulor;] (1) to give a feast; (2) to feast. "HtoX b top KTtipas baipv 

Tufbp 'ApyeioiaXp. y. 309. See also Y. 29. et Troad. 7-77. SYN. (i) 'Eorictw, 

eva^ew, baluj, (2) 6oipd(o, eadXio, eiXd7rXpd£<o t Tpe^bfiai. 
Ambs, a, op, et ov, 6 et rj, (apud Tragicos,) adj. [(l) miser, (2) hostilis,] 

wretched, hostile. 7 [l baXa TeKfj,t)ffad, bvofxbpop yepbs. Aj. Fl. 784. SYN. 

ArjXbs, barjfxwp, bvfffjieprjs, aefjipbs, tybfiepbs. 
Aaipd, contr. a Adeipd, as, ^, P. N. [Daira,] a name of Proserpine. Aalpap 

fiovvbyepetap, sop befids itcfjiaipovTb. Apoll. Rh. 3. 846. 
Aats, curbs ; baiTrj, rjs ; et bairvs, vbs, fj, subst. [epula?,] a feast, a banquet. 

Kotprj £vpa\p(t)p balru naibX tw vew. Ion. 806. See also K. 217» and X. 496. 

SYN. TLvwyXa, eiXd7rXprj, beiirpbp, epdvos, Qoip-q. EPITH. <&bpXa, dpr/fxepbs 

(Hec.) irXtcpa, opeoKobs, dvoaXbs, Koivi), evbenrpbs, wfiotydybs, (Eur.) dyddrj, epd- 

Teipri, a.Tep7rr}S, epXicvbrjs, ddXeid, fievbeucrjs, etar), irieipd, etCYiparbs, ecrdXrj, arv- 

yepa, (Horn.) ct/z/3pdrds, eTotfirj, ndxe'td. Phr. See Pyth. 4. 226. 
AdXs, Xbbs, >/, subst. [(I) fax, (2) praelium,] (1) a torch, (2) battle. Nwcras 5' 

aXXvecwep, errr/v bdXbas 7rdpd0e7rd. /3. 105. SYN. (1) A^s, (2) pd^r}. 
AaiTaXevs, ews, 6, subst. [hospes,] a feaster, a guest. "AkX^tos epirtap batrd- 

Xevs 7raprifiepbs. P. V. 1060. SYN. See AaiTv/j.wp. 
AatTi], rjs, fj ; see Aais. 
AaiTpevio, v. [(1) divido cultro ; (2) coquum ago,] to carve, to cook, to prepare 

a feast. AaiTpevaai re, icai OTTTfjaat, Kal otVd^o^fTat. o. 322. SYN. Adtd?w. 
Aairpbs, ov, 6, subst. [qui carnes dividit,] a carver. Keifxepbp, epOdbi 'baiTpbs 

eficieaicep, Kped 7roXXd. p. 331. SYN. "Aprdjjibs, fidyeipbs. 
Aairpbovpr), rjs, ^, subst. [scientia carnem dividendi,] the art of the carver at 

table. Kal both BepdwoPTe. bdrifxovi baiTpbovpawp. tt. 253. 
AaiTvfxihp, bvbs,b, subst. [(1) conviva, (2) coquus,] a guest, a cook, a carver. 

M^o-orw baiTvfxbpwp, wpbs Ktbvd [xaicpbp epeioas. 0- 66. SYN. AatraXevs, fxdyetpbs. 
AaiTva, vbs, fi, Vid. Aats. [" Aairvs semel in Homero legitur." X. 496. 

Aai<ppu)p, bpbs, 6 et fj, adj. [(1) bellicosus; (2) prudens,] warlike, prudent. Ev- 

beis, 'Arpeds vie, bd'icppopbs, iTnrbbdfioib ; B. 23. SYN. (l) A'idwp, baXbs, (2). 

efxtpplap, e'xJEtypojp, exeOv/jibs, ov verbs. 
Aaiio, v. [(1) distribuo, (2) epulum praebeo, (3) i. q. icaiio, uro,] to divide, to 

distribute, to give a feast, to burn. ITaiods baiabfiep vjuepaiovs. Iph. A. 123. 

SYN. ( 1 ) AidKOTTTto, (2)bah>vfxX, (3) aputcaiw, dpcnrTW. 
AaKedvjubs, ov, 6 et »}, adj. [animuin mordens,] heart-rending. Udpojp, aPiK 

ejjdpirj bu^eOofios ara. Philoct. 715. SYN. 'Apfapds, (see 'Apfapbs,) alvbs, btjgi- 

Aixicpagu), poet, et baKpw, v. [mordeo,] to bite, to sting, to annoy. "Eppovrat* 


oteve Kal bdwa-gov. Pers. 577- See also Iph. A. 689. Syn. KevTEw, 
lvo")(\l(i) } Kadcnrrdfim. 

Adicds, eds, to, subst. [fera,] a creature that bites, a ravenous animal. UdXefiXw, 
Sikcis 7rdpdvdfia) bdicei. Troad. 284. (a double dochmiac.) SYN. AdjceroV, Zxibvd, 
OrjpXov. EPITH. Qyjpetov, bvarbnov, d(pdoyyov, fiXafieoov, ftXoavpov, tyoivXov, 

Aatcpv, vos, poet. haKpvfia, cltos, et baKpvdv, ov, to, subst. [lacryma,] a tear. 
KXiiovad dpiivovs, ovk dv eicfiaXoi bdnpv ; Hec. 298. See also Androm. 92. et 
Here. F. 1201. SYN. Axfios, ftcfids. EPTTH. XXwpov, irevtuvov, ohrpov, Od- 
Xepov, adpdov, dvotKTpdv, ttoXXov, irevQXfibv, irodeivov, eXeeivuv, TEpsv, depfiov, 
TTLKpov, alvov, dXlyeivdv, avaXidv, yXvKv, ttoXvcttovov, Kpvtpov. PHR. 'O(f>0aX- 
fiOTeyKTOs 7rXr]fAfAvpis. 

AaKpvdydvos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [lacrymas ciens,] tear-producing, Aatcpvoyovdv 
"Aprj. iEsch. Suppl. 685. 

AaKpvdeis, eaad, ev, adj. [lacrymabundus,] shedding tears, weeping. Aaupvbev 
yeXdffaad, ndcris 5' eXerjae vor)aas. Z. 484. SYN. 'ApXbaicpvs, ttoXvo-tovos. 
Phr. AaKpvaX jivbaXZos, ofifid baicpvois iretyvpfievbs. 

AaKpvbnETrjs, ids, 6 et i), adj. [ad lacrymas proclivis,] inclined to weeping, la- 
mentable. Aiyed fidpld baKpvdTTETrj. iEsch. Suppl. 112. 

AaKpvwXuxi), (alii Aaicpv ttXww,) v. [lacrymis exundo,] to swim in tears. <&rj be 
bdupv-rrXweiv (3el3aprjdTd fie (f>pevds o'ivy. r. 122. 

Aa.Kpvppoe(o t v. [lacrymis fluo,] to shed tears, "tiraipE Xevnov tepdrd, fir) bdtcpvppbei. 
Eur. Suppl. 299« SYN. AaupvirXwui, baKpvd), dprjveu), icXcti(o, bbvpbfiai. Phr. 
Na/x' £c^£w bdupvppbbv, bX' baauv e^u) bdKpvppbovv, 6(p6aXfibTeyKTa> bevofxai 

Aaxpvppbbs, ov, 6 et i), adj. [lacrymas fundens,] shedding tears, weeping, mourn- 
ful. 'AXX' r)av-)(a$,e, Kat baKpvppoovs tekvojv. Here. F. 98. 

&aKpvoioTa.KT6s, ov, 6 et ff t adj. [lacrymis stillans,] shedding tears. Tv^as, 

' Ylpdfirjdev' bdicpvai-TraKTOv, P. V. 406. 

AaKpvros, r), ov, adj. verb, [deflendus,] wept over, cherished with tears, de- 
plorable. AdKpvT dyav, u> Ijoyybv' airXa 5' tyw. Eur. Electr. 1181. SYN. 
'Atyodprjvos, bvabaKpvTos, alaKTos. 

AaKpv-^eh), v. [lacrymas fundo,] to shed tears. *fls (pdrb banpvyZtov tov b' ZkXve 
TTOTvid fir)rr)p. A. 357- 

Aaicpvu), 1 v. [lacrymor,] to weep. See Kdrelfibfiai. ToXavrd yaipeiv ko\ bd- 
Kpveadai 7rdpd. Sept. Theb. 720. SYN. AaKpvppbeu), Oprjveui, k/Ww, obvpofiai, 
dXdXv£<jj. PHR. AaKpvwv pij^at depfid vafidTa, Oepfid reyyeiv baapvd OTovd- 

AaKTvXlbidv, ov, to, subst. dimin. a baKTvXbs, [(pedis) digitulus,] a little toe. 

To baicrXibXbv 7rTec?et to <2,uybv. Lysistr. 418. 
AaKTvXids, ov, 6, subst. [annulus,] a ring. Kal vvv dirobos tov banTvXXov, ws oxjk 

etX. Equit. 9^7> SYN. typayXs, arjfielbv. 
AaKTvXdbeiKTds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [qui digito monstratur,] pointed at, conspicuous. 

UdaX fipoToloXv baKTvXobeiKTOv b\ Agam. 1303. 
AaKTuXos, ov, 6, et in plur. baKTvXoi, ol, et b&KTvXd, to., subst. [digitus,] a finger, 

or toe." Aicpoiat baKTvXoiaX 7ropdfievu)v X-^vos. Iph. T. 267. (On tiptoe.) EPITH. 

'A7rdXd$, dirdXo\p66s, EK7]j3dX6s, Evrpo^os, 600s. PHR. \epu>v axpoi kteves. 
AciXius, et 5d\os, Dor. pro At'iXXds et Af/Xos, q. v. 
AaXos, ov, 0, subst. [titio, torris,] a torch, a firebrand. Aovirrjaev b£ tteoiov, 

baXus bi 01 Zktteoe yeipos. O. 421. SYN. Al).s, Xafindj. EpiTH. AiOdfievos, 

aWoxp, ev(j)eyyr)s t (jjlfjcivyrjs, TrjXavyrjs, olXaotydpos. 
Adfidclio, bafidXi^io, bd/udo), bafivdio, bttfivrjfii, v. [doino, subigo,] to subdue, 

to reduce, to overpower. *H i'lbr) vxo x € P a ^ MivotTidbud bdfidaau). n. 438. 

1 The young scholar will do well to recollect that the penult, of the v<>rh SaKpvca is long, and 
of the substantive Zdnpvov is short. Thus SaKpijov is a tear, baKpvou, the neuter participle from 


See alsoPyth. 11. 38. X. 271. X. 220. et E. 746. Syn. 'Ar^w, /3i^w, Kdra- 

rpv^o), Ttdaacrevu), v nor aa cru), dvaipeto, d-rcoKTelvto. 
Ad/udXXs, eo)s et ids, et bdjjidXr], rjs, yj, subst. [juvenca, vitula,] a heifer, a calf. 

IloXXai b' av bdfxdXat ko\ iropTXes wbvpavTo. Theocr. 1.75. See also iEsch. 

Suppl. 355. EPITH. Aevo), fxvuojfjievrj. 
Ad/udp, apros, //, subst: [uxor,] a wife. Ylpoyovois bdfiapres bvfffxevets del irdre. 

Ion J328. SYN."Afcoirts, 7rapa\eicrpds, KoivoXeKTpos. 
Ad^dm fifipoTds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [Iiominis domans,] man-subduing. Adyudari/u- 

fipdrov m'yjuas. Olymp. Q. 115. 
AafxctTtjp, Dor. pro Arjfxrirrip, q^v. 
Advarj, rjs, r/, P. N. [Danae,] the daughter of Acrisius, and mother of Perseus. 

Oid be Kcil Advdrj tcovtm evX 7rr//^dr' dverXr}. Apoll. 4. 1091. EPITH. KaXXl- 

a<pvpos , A.KpXaXwvrj , r)VKd/j.os. 
Adj'dot, et AdvdXbai, wv, ot, P. N. [Danai,] the Greeks. Tpwas §' etcXivav Ad- 

vdoi' eXe b' avbpd ekclgtos. E. 37. See also Iph. A. 337. SYN. see 'A^atot. 

EPITH. At^^ra), ypcoes, QepcnrovTes" Aprjos, TdyyiroiXoi, (ptXoTTToXe/Jioi, affmaTal, 

'itydifxoi, SXXvfAevot, axpoi, y/iXfctoTrXot, tcapTepodvfini. 
Advdds, ov, 6, P. N. [Danaus,] the son of Belus, king of Lydia, and brother of 

iEgyptus. Fabulous history relates that he had fifty daughters, and his 

brother fifty sons. Advdds, dbeX<pos o' earl TrevTrjKoaTOTrais. iEsch. Suppl. 325. 

EpiTH. 'ApxencLKos, Xind7rarpis. See Eur. fr. Arch. 2. 
Adveigw, f. ew, v. [mutuum do; et in med. voc. mutuum peto aut accipio,] 

to lend money at interest; m. v. to borrow at interest. 'Es \01pXbx6v /uoi vvv 

bdveiaov rpeis bpaxnas. Pax 374. SYN. '6/3oXoordrew, fxeTabibtajju. 
AaveurjAds, ov, 6, subst. [foeneratio,] the lending out of money upon interest, 

usury. UUpos bdveiff/uos fjXde rw OdvovrX vvv. Eur. El. 85S. SYN. Tokos. 
Aavos, >), ov, adj. [aridus,] parched, dry. Uvp r ev vrjriaai, bid re £vXd bavd 1 

Keaaaai. o. 321. 
Advds, eos, to, subst. [(1) donum, (2) mutuum foenus,] a present, a debt. 

MeydXoi/s eletyvyev bdveiov. Call. Ep. 50. 
Adds, eos, to, subst. [lumen, fax, lampas,] a light, a torch, a lamp. A? b* Xadv 

ck /Jteydpoio, bdos {jitTa yepaXv eyovcrai. b. 300. SYN. A^s, <f>dos, <fXo^, (peyyos, 

avyij, Xafnrds, baXos, <f>avos, 7rvp. 
Ad7rdvdw, v. [impeudo, erogo, surnptus facio,] to spend, to waste, to defray 

the expense. BovXdfxevos tovtov fxrjbev bdirdvaaQai. Plut. 588. SYN. 'Ayct- 

XiorKu), KaTatyQeipto. 
Adndvri, 77s, i], subst. [impendium, surnptus,] expense, cost, wastefulness. Ad- 

•xdvcuoX (ppovbd, bXdipvyovff vir apyXas. Here. F. 591» SYN. 'AvaXwjjtd. 
Ad-rrebdv, ov, to, subst. [(l) pavimentum, (2) solum,] pavement, ground. EiOe 

yevoi'juav ev <ro7s bdirebois. Hipp. 230. SYN. Ovbds, ebatyds, 7rebXdv, yrj. 
AdnXs, Xbos, i], pro TdnXs, subst. [tapes,] a carpet. Ovr' ev baTrXaiv' tls yap 

vtyaiveiv tBeXijaei, ypvoXov ovtos ; Plut. 528. 
Ad7rrw, et bapbcnrTu), v. [dilanio, devoro,] to tear with the teeth, to devour, 

to consume. AevK))v eba-n-TOv aapKa rfjs bvabat/jidvds. Med. 1186. See also 

7r. 315. SYN. ViXfipuHJKU), eadiu), naTecrdXu), bXaandpaoah). 
AapbdvXbrjs, ov, (iEol. ad,) 0, et AapbdvXs, Xbos, r/, patronym. [Dardani satus,] 

a descendant of Dardanus. T0I0X be AapbdvXbrjs, Vlpidfios Kara /jiidov eenrt. 

T. 303. See also 2. 339. 
Aapbdvos, AapbdvXds, ov, et AapbdvXtov, uvos, o, [nomen gentile,] Dardanian or 

Trojan. KefcXvrt jxev, Tpwes, kox AapbdvoX, r)b' enXicovpoi. T. 456. See also 

B. 819- and 0. 154. SYN. 'Ay^fytd^oi, fieveirToXefioi. 
AapeiKds, ov, 6, subst. [uummus Persicus aureus,] a darique, a coin so called 

from Dareios, worth 20 Attic drachms, or about 12*. 6d. of our money. Kai 

AapeiKovs, dipdvij ttXovtov. Eccles. 602. 
Aapewyevt)s, eos, 6 et )/, adj. [Dario satus,] sprung from Darius. Aapewyevr\s. 

Pers. 6. 

1 Some read iroWa for Savd : havoraroi is used, Pax 1134. 


AAPE AA$N 201 

Aapelds, ov, v t P, N. [Darius,] the name of. two kings among the Persians. 

'Hpyjr be Wepowv, TrpGnov navriov, Aapeiov *a« Meydj3a£ov. Aves 484. 
Adprjs, tjtos, 6, P. N. [Dares,] a Phrygian who was said to have written the 

history of the Trojan war. TpQes be fieyddv/xoX, enel ibov vie Adprjrbs. E. 27. 

EpITH. 'Afivfibjv, acpveios, Xepevs 'Htyaiaroid. 
AupOavio, f. bapdt'iadfiai, 2. a. ebapQov, per metatli. poet, ebpddoy, v. [dormio,] 

to sleep, to repose. "EbpdOev kv Trpbbbfxui' yXaivav 8 emecfad^xev iifie'ts. v. 143. 

SYN. Evbio, K&deubh), v7rpdu), jjpiciu). 
Aapufixds, ov, o et //, adj., Dor. pro brjpdfiids, [diuturnus,] long-lived. Aapbfix- 

oiaX deoifflv. Sept. Theb. 520. 
Anpds, Dor. pro Ajjpds, q. v. 
Aqis, babos, ff, subst. [fax, taeda,] a torch. Hretydvov ye toi koX bqb' Zyuv xvpev- 

Irai. Plut. 1042. SYN. see AaXos. EpiTH. AiddXdeaad, (jiXoyepa. 
Ad/TKids, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [umbrosus,] thickly shaded. Ei be kIv es kXi-vv dm- 

fids teal bcuFKtdv vAiyv. e. 470. 
Aavfubs, ov, 6, subst. [(1) divisio, (2) tributum,] division, distribution, tribute. 

Xelpes efial bxiitova' arap i)V irore baafxos XnrjTai. A. \66. SYN. Te/^cros, 

reXos, (fjopds. 
Aaafidfdpeoj, v. [tributum solvo,] to pay tribute. Ovb' erX baafiotydpovoXv. Pers. 

AcHnrXrjTis, ibds, ?/, adj. [ferox, terrorem incutiens, dira,] furious, terrible, 

dreadful. 1 Xa7p', 'Emm baairXfjrX, kuX es reXos a/jfiiv bndbei. Theocr. 2. 14. 

SYN. Alv>), ydXein). 
Aaavdpi£, Tptyds, 6 et //, adj. [hirsutos capillos habens, villosus,] having thick 

hair, very shaggy. 'Ek jxev yap XdaXoid bdtrvrpXyps elye rpdyoio. Theocr. J. 15. 
AaoinzepKos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [villosam caudam habens,] having a bushy tail. 

Mtbeoj ras baavKepKos dXajireicds, at r& Mlkwvos. Theocr. 5. 112. 
AuavfxaXXds, ov, 6 et y, adj. [lanosus,] having thick wool. "Apaeves o'iUs ?)<rdv 

evrpetyees bdavftaXXoi. t. 425. 
A&ovvu), v. [denso ; pilosum reddo,] to thicken; to render hairy. "EppixLd 

irpQrov, Xvd bdavvdehiv uXrj. Eccles. 66. 
Adavwu)yu)v, (jjvos, 6 et fj, adj. [densam barbam habens,] thick-bearded, a. Mm> 

v bdovirwymv ; b. ov^ ewpas -Kwirore ; Thesm . 33. 
Adavs, eld, v, adj. [(l)densus, (2) hirsutus,] thick, hairy, thickly set. Eloev 

& eladydyiov, punas & vireyeve bdaeias. £. 49* SYN. Wvkvus, XdaXos, rpayys. 
AdovoTepvbs, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [hirsutum pectus habens,] having a hairy chest. 

^v-xpos etov bidrjat, bdcrvaT+pvwv irep eovTuv. Hes. Op. 512. 
| Adrtofxai, v. [(1) divido, lacero, (2) absumo,] to divide, to tear, to mangle, to 

decide. To^ \xev 'Ayauov ittjtoX eiriaawTpoLS bdreovTb. T. 39+* SYN. 'Eibd- 

redfiai, bdt£u), baCbfiai, (jtpi£(v. 
AdrripXds, a, ov, adj. [dividens,] dividing. "0\j/€is, ndrp^ajy yj ir ll JL ^ LTljJl ' bdrypioi. 

Sept. Theb. 70S. See also 942. 
AdTTjTrjSf ov t 6, subst. [divisor, distributor,] a divider, distributor. Auroras 

"Apys. Sept. Theb. 942. 

AavXos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [expon. Kesych. ba<xvs, densus, obscurus,] thick, ob- 
scure. AovAoi yap irpdirlbuiv bu-cKXoi re. £scb. Suppl. Q2. SYN. Kdr»;pe0//s. 
Antyvr), r)s, ?/, subst. [laurus,] the laurel, or bay-tree. 2 KaXXleras TrpoTruXev^d 

hdtyvas. Ion 113. EPITH. Evepyrjs, Qeaniaibs, Xipa, AeX<f>is, YlvdXKt), evduXi/s. 
AayvTityupos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [laururn gerens, lauro redimitus,] bearing laurel, 

crowned with laurel. Ad<pvr)ty6pois ftovdvrotaX rivals. ;Esch. Suppl. 7®9> 
AacppXvds, r),6v, et ba^vwbrjs, t6s, 6 et //, adj. [(aureus, laurinus,] made of laurel. 

Olov 6 rw 'ttoXXuvos iaeiaaTd ba<f>vXvds opTr^. Call. 2. 1. See also Ion 7b*. 
Aa<pvXs, ibds, 6, P. N. [Daphnis,] a name frequently occurring in bucolic 

1 For an excellent illustration of the meaning of this word, see Ruhnk. Epist. Crit. p. 242. 

2 See Martyn's Virg. The fabulous story of Apollo and Daphne does not appear to be 
alluded to by any Greek Poet anterior to the time of Ptolemy Philadelphus. 

Pros. Lex. 2 C 


poetry. AdfvXbi T<p ydpXevTX ovviivtetu fiovtcbXeov tX. Theocr. 8. 1. EpITH# 

TaXas, bvaspojs, XevKoypvjs. 
Aa<j)oive6s, et bdcpoivds, ov, 6 etji, adj. [valde cruentus, caedis avid us,] stained 

with blood, bloody, greedy of slaughter. Efyd 5' stf un<f &/^oiaX bdtyoivlov 

aifiarX (jhvtwv. 2. 538. See also Alcest. 598. 
Ae, conj. [et, sed,] and, moreover, also, but. Syn. Ardp, czretra, re, kuL. 
AkebiffKofxai, et beibiaKdfxat, v. [dextr\ manu data excipio aliquem,] to shake 

hands with and welcome. Zri/ & iinruv TrpoirdpoidE' bebiaKdfxevos be 7rpdar}vba. 

o. 150. See also y. 41. 
AeeXds, pro ArjXos, [manifestos,] K. 466. 
*Ae7, f. bericrei, v. [oportet,] it behoves, it ought. Ov 7toikXXiov bet ravbXx Zppr)- 

vev/JiaTwy. Pho3n. 480. SYN. Xp>), 7rp6a^K€i, irpeiret. 1 
Aeibiaau), f. £w, v.[terreo; in med. v. metuo,] to terrify ; in the mid. v. to fear. 

Aatfiovie, ayebov eXde' tit} beibioraeaX ovtios. N. 810. SYN. 'A7rorp£7rw, <j>dfie<0. 
Aerj/ud, ards, to, subst. [precatio, petitio,] a want, a request. To berjfxa rqs 

vvfityris, 6 beirai fxov afobpcb. Aves 1058. SYN. Evy^), Ttpbaevyii, ev^wX?), apa. 
Aety/za, ares, to, subst. [documentum, specimen,] an exhibition, a specimen, 

proof, pledge. Tpo7ram beiyfiaT adXX<»)v irpocrdey/jidTioy. Eur. El. 1 174. 
Aet6»/juwj/, dvds, 6 et fi, adj. [meticulosus, timidus,] timid, cowardly. 'A\Xd 

fidXa Tpwes betb)) roves' i\ te kev i]br}. T. 56. 
Aeibw, v. [timeo, vereor,] to fear. Aeibio, aj) QripeaoXv eXa>p kol\ Kvpjxd yiviofiat. 

e. 473. See also b. 825. SYN. Aeifiuivu), tybfieofxai, beiXXdu), okiem, oppubiw, 

rap/3ew, TpEjMi). , See Tdpacradfiai. 
AeieXXda), v. [moror usque ad vesperam,] to tarry until evening, to stay to 

supper. "Effffercu ovtojs, arm* ov b* epylo beuXXijoas. p. 599' SYN. JLvbXdu). 
AeieXXvos, ?/, 6v, et beleXds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [vespertinus,] setting in the evening, 

evening; late." AeuXXvov, kXivovtos v-no £d<pov fieXXmd. Apoil. 1.452. See 

also $. 232. 
A€ttcdvddjJiat,et Ion. betudvddoKdj, v. [comiler et benigne excipio, Horn.; porrigo, 

Theocr.] to receive, to entertain. 'Hbv yeXwoires, tcaX e beiKdvocovT ettecooXv. 

a, 1 10. See also Theocr. 24. 56. Syn. Ae£iaouai, yepa/pw, npooavbdu). 
Aeacvvoj, et beiKPVfit, f. £a>, v. [ostendo, indico,] to show, to discover, to prove. 

AeiKi'vi be bfxioeoaX, Oepeos etX fieooov eovtos. Hes. Op. 500. See also Ion 1340. 

SYN. 'Avdtyalvh), (pdvEpoeo, orj/Jiaivb). 
AtiXaws, beiXaKpos, a, ov, et beiXatcpXwr, ojvvs, 0, adj. [timidus, miser,] timid, 

cowardly, wretched. O'ifioi Kdaobaifnov, u>s dnoXtoXd belXaXos. Plut. 850. See 

also Plut. 974>* et Pax 192. SYN. Aeibijfuov, beiXos, eXeeivos, adXXos, rdXai- 

TTUfpoS, /JldTCllOS. 

AeiXrj, r]s, ?/, subst. [tempus pomeridianum vel ante meridianum,] evening, 
twilight in the morning or evening. ,N H i)o>s, ?/ beiXTj, ?) fxEidv iipdp. 0. 112. 

SYN. AcieXov, (3ovXvtos, COTTEpa, KVE^)ds. 
AetXXa, as, //, subst. [timiditas,] timidity, cowardice. Tor betXXa irpobovrd kqX 

KdKavbpXa. Aj. 1033. SYN. 'AroX/uXa, <f>dj3ds. 
AetXds, »}, t>v, adj. [timidus, miser,] cowardly, wretched, miserable. T H yap 

Kev beiXos te kcu ovrXbdvos KaX£0ijj.rjv. A. 293. SYN. AelXafvs, evXd(3t)s, cktOe- fo 

vrfs, KaKos, TaXas, Trovrjpds. 
Aelfxd, dTos, to, subst. [metus,] fear, consternation. SvfiflaXXETai ol 71-oXXa 

Tovbe belfidros. Med. 286. SYN. <I>o/3os, bios, beiXia. EPITH. XXofpSy, dXe- 

yeivdv, dfjLEiXXyov, upydXidv, dvatbes, XevydXtov, baifxovXov, beivov, rvKTXirXayK- 

t8v, ireXtopov, ptyrjXov, OTvyEpov, Tpofxtpdv, yXtopov. 
Aet/J.aivu>, f. dvw, v. [timeo,] to fear. 'AXX' ejjle t albofiEvrj KaX tvi <f>pe<rX Bet pal - 

vovad. A poll. 4. 796' SYN. Aeibio, ^EfSo/jiai, €K(f>d(3eo/uiai. 
AetfxdXEds, a, ov, adj. [terribilis,] terrible. Avrdp £7retm ntpavvbv, beipdXtor 

Atos SjtXSv. Batrach. 278. Syn. 'ATvZqXds. 
AeifxdTdu), v. [perterrefacio,] to terrify, to alarm. 'En-' ovro tovto' bet/jidTovfAevTj 

£' iyu>. Audrom. 42. 

1 On the different governments of 5e? and xMi see Porson. Orest. 660. 


Stifios, ov, 6, subst. [terror,] terror, *fts ^dro* mi p Imrovs keXeto Ae7p6t> te 

Qbfiov te. O. 119-" 
AetvddeTrjs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [maleficus,] mischievous. Kfipos betvbdErys, kclk6- 

fxd^dvos alvd bxbaanwv. Mosch. Ep. 8. 
Aeivbirovs, vbbbs, 6 et y, adj. [cujiis adventus gravis est,] dreadful-footed, 

moving with terrible steps. 'EAct ttot ck yrjs ryabe. beivbnovs dpd. CE. R. 417* 
Aetvbs, >), by, adj. [(1) universe, qui est in aliquo genere multus, vehemens, ex- 

cellens ; unde speciatim, (2)dirus, horribilis, (3)soler*s, (4) validus, (5) impro- 

bus,] fearful, formidable, commanding, terrible, clever, strong, cruel. 

AeivrjV, fji' 7repi /lev 7raPTr} Qofids earetyavoJTd. E. 73.9* SYN. (2) ( \>dfiepos, ^d- 

Xf nbs, •ndXafivaibs, flXcubs, alvbs, (3)bdy/jcoy, obfbs, ejineipos, ETrXrybeibs , Xicdrbt, 

(4) ia^ypbs, [xiyds, (5) dnyXyros, draaftdAos, dAaaros, bva^Epys, navovpyos. 
Aeivwxbs, ov, 6 et r/, et beivw^, finds, adj. [adspectu tembilis,] fierce-looking. 

Aeti'w7rot, fiXbovpoi te bdtyoivoi r airXyrol te. Hesc. Scut. 250. See also CE. C. 

85. SYN. Yopywnbs, yopyioxp, betfidrwbys, tybfiipbs. 
Aetvuts, adv. [terribili modo, sollerter,] terribly, cleverly. Aetvws y ejuov to 

fieip&Kwv 6 AxXrpE<f>ys. Av. 1442. 
Aenrveu), v. [coeno,] to sup, to feast, to eat. 'AW ovbe benri'els kdrd rbv kv 

7reTTOis vb/jiby. Eccles. 988. SYN. BijGpaxrKW, egBXoj, bopneu), baivvfiai, beiitvbv 

Aenryyarbs, ov, 6, subst. [tempus ccenandi,] supper-time. 'AXX' ore bi) benrrya- 

tos Zyv, teal £7r//Ai/0£ fuTjXd. p. 170. 
AeinvrjTiKuts, adv. [laute, opipare,] elegantly, sumptuously. Ko/^ws te mi 

benrvT]TXKws. Acharn. 1015. 
Aenrvlgu), v. [ccenam prsebeo,] to prepare a supper, to entertain. Aenrviaaas, 

us ris te ndreKTdvE fiovy ettX tyarvy. X. 4 1 0. SyN. See Aahvpti. 
Aeiirvbv, ov, to, subst. [(1) ccena, (2) cibus, (3)convivium,] (l) supper, (2) food, 

(3) a repast. 'AAV d/ifX beiirvbv ovaX 7rpo<x(3dX(o bbpv ; Pboen. 740. Syn. 

Aopirov, bopiros, (jpuaXs, ydfxos. EPITH.^AjSpoy, apfipbcXby, ydjxyXXbv, evrpETris, 

Xufi7rpby, XXirdpbv. 
AenrpoXoxv, tjs, y, adj. [quae convivis, insidiatur,] a woman who plots against 

her guests. AenrybXbxys' y t dvbpd kuX 'ifdi/utov trip sovrd. Hes. Op. 702. 
Aeipds, dbbs, y, subst. [jugum montis,] a cliff, the ridge of a mountain. 

"OpoivX, yeiTuv beipdbos KdpvoTXas. Iph. T. 1452. See also Philoct. 491. 

Syn. KoXvjvt], Kbpvcp^, \bcf)bs. 
AEipr), et bipy, fjs, y, subst. [eollum,] the neck. Aetpys vaony /lEXdyavyel. 

Hec. 151. See also Mosch. 2. 94. SYN. Av^v, rpdy^/Xos. Epith. 'A7rdA>), 

irEpXKaXX})s, Xlpa, xpvcbtybpbs, XevKy, 
AeipbrbfiEoj, v. [jugulo,] to cut the throat, to murder. Alprjo-ei jjle mi us, ml 

dvaXicXbd betpbrbfirirrei. <l>. 555. SYN. KuparbfiEd), eKTpd-)(r)Xi£u). 
Aeiayvtjjp, bpbs, b et ?/, adj. [virum metuens,] man-fearing. Neikemv 1 riicTbrd 

avfKJwrbu, ov bei(Ji)vbpd' fiifxvet. Agam. 148. 
At^d, adj. indecl. [decern,] ten. IloXXds alXrivas, blKd bieXdovaas ett). Helen. 

AiKdbcjpbs, ov, 6 et y, adj. [decern palmos habens,] ten palms long. Tpiawidd- 

fiov 6' dxpiy Ttifiveiv btKubwp^ d/jid^. Hes. Op. 424. 
AiicdKXs, adv. [decies,] ten times. Ovb' e'i fxoi biKuKts te Kal ek'dadas Tbad boiy. 

I. 378. 
AEKdfirjvbs, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [decern menses natus,] ten months old. 'HpaKXea 3 

b(.Kdfjiyvbv eovtu "nb\ a MxbiaTXs. Theocr. 24. 1. 
AsKUfivovs, ov, 6, adj. [qui s. quod decern miuarum est,] worth ten mime. T* 

bal biKufAvoi Tujbi dvpdKos tcvret. Pax 1224. 
AiKft/jufibpbs, ov, 6 et )/, adj. [decern amphoras capiens,] containing ten barrels. 

Kpdrf/pd b' e^EirXytTEV ws bEKu/jtybpov. Cycl. 387* 

1 AeTjuos et 4>({/3os are by some said to be the sons, by otliers the horse?, of Mars. 

2 NetKeW is here a dissyllable, and scanned as if it were Niikwv. 

3 l HpaK\4a must be scanned as if it were 'HpoKAa. 


Aekclttovs, TTdhds, adj. [qui s. quod decern pedum est,] having ten feet. "OrdvJ 

bead-now to (TTOi X e~iov y XXirdpov X ope1v ^ belirvdv. Eecles. 648. 
Aeicds, dbds, fi, subst. [numerus denarius, decuria,] the number ten, tew. 'ffyets 

d' es beicdbas bXdKoofirjdei/Jieff ' A^aio/. B. 126. 
AeKacnrdpds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [in quo decern sementes facial sunt,] in which there 

have been ten sowings. YlpvfivTj6e.t> ovpbv, ws beKaarcdpa XP° P ¥* Troad. 20. 
Ae/cdrev^d, aros, to subst. [decima (pars),] the tithe or tenth part. Etowd, tQv 

Ki-pheiov beKaTevfiard' khi yap ev£d0' oiitojs. Call. Ep. 40. 
Aekutos, r), ov, adj. [decimus,] the tenth. AUdTu be al^vos ev kvkXu. Ion 

A£Kd X tXoi, pro beKdtci<r X iXXoi, adj. [decies mille,] ten thousand. "Oaaov t ev- 

V£a X iXoX eitidyov, rj beicd X iXot. P,. 148. 
Aekettjs, eos, 6 et v, et Se/cgr-s, Xbos, ?/, adj. [decennalis,] ten years old, ten 
years long. Arrets dXdXrjvTo veoi Xoyyais. Androm. 306. See also Ly- 
sistr. 643. 
Aetcrns, ov, et Seicrwp, dpos, 6, subst.^ [susceptor,] one who receives, a beggar. 

AcKrJji, os ovbev to'iosetjv ettX vy]vaiv 'A X aiibv. b. 24S. See also Eumen. 204. 
AlXeap, aros, »^, subst. [esca ; iliecebrae,] a bait, a decoy, an allurement. $i- 
\ov btbovaa btXedp drop (twv rpdirwv. Troad. 702. SYN. QeXyrjrpov, OeXnTpov, 
deXtcrrjoXov, dnciTrj, boXos> ivy?,. EPITH. 'Hbv. 
AeXroypd^os, ov, 6 et i t , adj. [qui aliquid in pugillares refert,] recording. 

AeXroypd^w bl ttilvt Eircoirq, typevX. Eumen. 275. 
AeXTddfxai, v. [in memoria quasi in tabula inscribo,] to write a thing on the 
memory as on a tablet, to remember distinctly. Alvib, fvXd£cu rap eirri 
beXTOvfjievas. iEsch. Suppl. 177- 1 
AeXrds, ov, ^, subst. [tabula?, pugillares,] a tablet, a record, li b{j nod r/oe 

beXros eK(j>XXr}s X £pds. Hipp. 859. 
AeXtydtcXdv, ov, to, subst. [porcellus lactens,] a sucking pig. Ofyoi adtcdbalfxiov, 

beX(pdKiov yevfadfiai. Thesm. 244. SvN. XoipXbiov. 
&eX(j>dtcddnai, v. [succresco in porcam,] to grow up into a sow. Nea yap 

effTiv, aXXd beXQdKovfieva. Acharn. 786. 
AeXfiKds, >), ov, et AeXfis, ibos, f/,adj. [Delphicus,] belonging to Delphi, Del- 
phian, (ddveiv yap avTui fxoipd AeXfiKai tyei. Orest. l672. See also Orest. 
AeXfivXos, ov, 6, subst. [(l)cognomen Apollinis; vel (2) AeXtyirXov, ov, to, tern- 
plum ejusdem Dei,] (1) a surname of Apollo, or (2) a temple of Apollo. Us 
Efxol ev X eaQai AeX^n'iw. H. Apoll. 4-95. 
AeXfiv, et beXfis, ~ivos, 6, subst. [delphin, piscis,] a dolphin, a sea-fish resem- 
bling a pig. AeX^uvds te Kvvas te kol einodX pelcldv eXtjoX. ^9^> EPITH. Me- 
ydKrjTrjs, fiXavXos, aXCrptyris, dXXds, OdXaacrXos, TrovTonopos, QdXaoooTrXayKTos. 
AeX<bo\, tip, 01, subst. [Delphi,] Delphi, a city in Phocis. Kovo' els AeX<f>ovs, 

oi/S' els "Afifj.ojv\ Av. 6l8. 

Asjuds, to, subst. [corpus,] a body, structure, form. To'uvek £t]v nobd oityXos* 

drdp befxds oh X e Tts frX*. Apoll. 1. 204. SYN. 2w/ia, X pl>s, fxop^. EPITH. 

TepaTov, ayvbv, aXXo X pbov, aMXXoi', naXXicrTdv,^ KEpavvXov^ vKoirTepdv, diroKpV- 

(}>dv, lr\pov, (Eur.) dTrdXov, aldXov, dpfipoTov, Zfipov, aXXoirpdcraXXov, Xvypov, 

Kapripov, ttoXXov, TEpiv, TaXaiTrtopdv, 7repiK:aXXes. 

AifxvXdv, ov, to, subst. [stratum, lectus,] a bedstead, a bed, a couch. AXXd 

KaX &s ddXdfiov te XXttwv teat befxvXd vvfi^s. Apoll. 1. 978. SYN. Koin;, 

aTptouvij, crTp&fid, XeKTpov, Xe X os, . ' y , j 

AefivXdTvpijs, eos, 6 et ></, adj. [custos lecti,] confined to the bed. Aejmor W . 

A gam. 52. > Cv . u uS w 

Ae/iu, v. [asdifico,] to build, to raise, to construct. Kai br t Tei X os sdetfie, kqi 

tiXdae Tatipov eit' ah™. I. 349- SYN. Adyudw, ohdbdfitio, ktLZu. 
AevbiXXu.v* [(l)oculos hue illuc verto ; (2)oculis nuo,] (1) to roll or turn the 

1 See the learned Dr. Butler's note on this passage. 


eyes upon, (2) to beckon. Aevo7\\w»> es EKarrTov, 'dbvcrarj'i bi /idWrd. I. 180. 
Aevbpeov t hevhp6v t ov, et bkvbpds, ids, to, Ion., subst. [arbor, stips,] a tree. 'AW, 

&OTS arriXrjv, ?} blvbpiov v^Xnir^Xdv. N. 437. See also Aves 1. et 1066. 

SYN. Apvs, <pvrov, dctfxvds. EPITH. 'Ay\dt/J>, ayXdoKapnov, avdifAoiv, avro- 

Trpefxvdv, evKapnov, evOdXis, jxaKpov, i]VK6}i6y, anXipdv, rrrXfidpoy, TavvQvXXov, 

TrjXiddov, hxptripes, v\bXtcdpr]i6y. 
Aevbpfcis, ecrad, iv, et bkvbpdxdfids, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [nemorosus,] woody. e A~d/*£- 

voi' wicei yap iv dXaiX berbprjevri. c. 200. See Hel. 1113. 
Aevbpd7rfifji(jjv, drds, 6 et ?/, adj. [arboribus nocens,] hurtful to trees. AeySpd- 

irtl/jiutv be /uij ttveoi /3\d/3ct. Eumen. 926. 
Aevbpds, ids, to, subst. see Aevbpidv. 
AepbpdrdfjiEit), v. [arbores exscindo,] to fell wood, to mow, to shear. Kdbevbpd- 

TOfi-qtye tcl vwra. Pax 746. 
Aevbp&Tts, Xbds, i), adj. [nemorosa,] woody. Tlvdiov bevbo&TX nerpa. Here. F. 

790 ; 
Aevj/d«?w, v. [probris incesso,] to utter reproaches. Xalpwv iiri ipdyoioX bevvd- 

creis e/j€. Antig. 759- SYN. , bveibi£,b>, Xvtteo), v/3p/5w, Xotbopeu). 
AeOXabrjs, ov, 6, P. N. [Dexiades,] Aetydbrjv tinriav inXdXfxivdv (hKetdojv. H. 15. 
Ae£md/ia«, Ion. -ddfjiai, v. [(1) dextra prehendo, (2)humaniter excipio,] to re- 
ceive with the right hand, to salute courteously. Xepai t ibe£id(ovTd' kcu 

ripTjoavTo efcavros. H. Ven. l6. SYN. 'AffTrdcJo/iat, (juXotypovia), evbetydofxeu. 

PHR. Xetpl bl x e 'l°' dvTepeiaais, kv r dpd ol (j>v j^eipX. 
Ae|to$, et befyrZpot, d, dv, adj. [dexter, faustus,] right, clever, auspicious. 'fl$ 

dpd ol elxovrt iireirTdro be£lds opvXs. N. 821. See also ft. 284. SYN. 'Eirtbe- 

Z;Xds, a'iaXds, dyddds, ettXtti beids. 
Ae£is, cws, fj, subst. [modus alicujus excipiendi,] reception. Ae£d/xe0d be^Xv, r\v 

ai befaodai xpiuv. Iph. A. 1182. . 

kelXfArjXus, ov, 6 et r], adj. [oves excipiens,] receiving sheep for victims, opu- 
lent by means of victims. Bw/iov Kivwo-as belXfjLrjXdv ka^dpav. Androm. 

Ae^tdyvids, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [qui agilia membra habet,] alert in limb, nimble. 

Ei/xetpd, btfydyvwv, dp&vT . Olymp. 9' l64. 
kelxdoeipds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [jugali equo ad dexterum latus alligatus,] the shaft - 
j horse on the right side. Meyds"Apr/s befydaeipds. Antig. 144. 
Ae^tdri/s, rjTds, >/, subst. [dexteritas,] dexterity. Aetydrqros KaX vovQiaXas, 6tX 

fteXriovs te 7roXovjjiEv. Ran. 1009. * 

Ae£iTrvpos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [ignem suscipiens,] receiving fire. "EfidXov be^Xirvpovs 
1 Oitiv. Eur. Suppl. 63- 
Ae|to;/id, drds, to, subst. [quod comiter accipimus et dextra prehendimus,] an 

object of salutation and welcome. 7 ft \ovoi, befyw/id kuXXiotov flporols. Eur- 

fr. Bell. 15. 
Ae^Xwvv^ds, ov, o et r\, adj. [(1) faustus, auspicatus, (2) dexter,] (1) auspicious, 

(2) right. TlavbrjfxXa yap yepoi be^novvixois. iEsch. Suppl. 6l5. 
bedfiat, f. bet)(rSftai, v. [(1) mihi opus est, indigeo, (2) precor,] to want, to 

stand in need of, to beseech. Mdrrevfid icpvirrov bEOfiEvr) Oo//3ov rv)(eiv. lore 

337. SYN. (1) 'A7rop£&>, evbldfiai, kvbiu), 'xpeiav Eyu>, (2) avrXfidXEM, TrpoobZd- 

fiaiy aiTEO), yovvd^ofiai, Xicraofxai. 
Acds, et poet, bews, ovs, t6, subst. [metus,] fear. "A<pdoyyot, toIov otyXv ett\ 
■bids rjtopcird. Apoll. 1. 639- SYN. AetXta, (pdfios, beifxa, oppiobXa. EPITH. 

AvXapov, drXriTdv, alvdv, dpydXlov, KpdrEpdv, arvytpdv, dXodv, oKPijpou, yXiopvv. 
Awards, dos, to, subst. [poculum,] a cup. "fts etVwv, kv X € P ai 7 ^ €l binds qbEd* 

o'ivov. y. 51. SYN. Itor^pidv, eiarajfxd. EPITH. 'A/jK^XKij-rreXXdy, ajipuv, itepX- 

KaXXis, xpvffEuv, ifiEpoEV, KvuaffXdu, yj>va6K6XXr)Tov , efiTzXlov oivov. 
Aepcudj/, ov, to, subst. [torques, collare,] a necklace, a collar. Aepatd Traibt 

ylbyuvu (j)epeiv, tekvov. Ion 1431. 
Aepds, et bepfid, drds, et bepds, ids, to, subst. [corium, pellis,] n hide, a skin. 

Apd«fo»'rd ff, os ir-dy\pvo6v afKpeTrti bipds. Med. 480. See also b. 440. and 
t Apoll, 2. 119. Syn. See Bvptrd. EPITH. &d<poiv6y, ftd€tdv, KtXatvdv, fjgya, 

206 AEPr AEYT 

vebbaprbp, nbbijpeKes, Xa-^pfjep, ttvkXpop, w/aop, flddvpaXXop, XdaXbp. 
Aepy/jd, cltos, to, subst. [adspectus,] a look, aspect, gaze. K a/rot Tbadbos 

bepy/jd Xeaiprjs. Med. 190. SYN. hXefi/jd, bxpXs, o^daXjuibs. 
Aeprj, vid. Aetprj. 
AepicXdbfiat, et bepicbfxai, bepKta, et Ion. bepKeoxbfxat, v. [video, adspicio,] to see, 

to behold, to look. AvaX/xeXfjs* koXop be vtt otypvaX bepKioiovrai. Hes. Theog. 

911. See also £10. Od. e. 158. and Apoll. 2. 911- Syn. 'Opdw, fiXe-mo, 

oTTTOfiaif baabfxai, e'ibto, Xevaau), TrpovXevcraio, TrpoafiXeirio, eirXj3Xe7ro), KaTOirrd/Jiai. 
Aepfxd, dros, to, vid. Aepas. 
Aep/utaTii'ds, y\, op, adj. [coriaceus,] made of skin, leathern. 'Hprvpaprb b' eperftd 

Tpoirols kp bepfxcLTLPOtatv. 6. 53. 
Aepbs, Ion. ut vult Etym. pro Aepas, q. v. 
AepTpov, ov, to, subst. [omentum,] the coat of fat investing the bowels, 

the caul. Aeprpbp eaio bvpopres,' 6 b J ovk d7rdfjtvpeTb -^epaXp. X. 578. SYN. 

Adirdpa, bitydepa. , 

Aepio, f. bepio, [pellem detraho,] to take off the skin, to flay. Av epvaav pev 

irpiora, KaX eotyafav icaX ebeipdv, A. 459. SYN. 'Airobepu), enbepio, be<f>h), 


Aeor/ict, et befffaofid, cltos, to, et befffibs, ov, 6, in plur. bea/jol et befffid, subst. 

[vinculum,] a fastening, impediment, chain, &c. 'AftQXb' dp' kpfxioiv x« bea- 

fxdrd kvkXu diravTrj. 0. 278. See also Pers. 751. and Iph. T. 457. Syn. 

jLvvbea/utos, ajxjid, dXvoXs, nebrf, yXos, aeipd. EPITH. *A/jri\dvuv, Kapre- 

pbv, aXbrjpebp, oiydXoev, direipov, apydXebp, dpp-qKTbp, ypvoeov, ydXenbv, dXvTov, 

dv/JLoXyes, vrjXees, oXoop, bvaeZflPvaTOP, dbear/jbp, d(f>VKTOP, bxbv/jbp, 'nnrXubp, irX- 

Kpbv, dvayKcuov, dreipes, d^iyves, avyepXbp, al/JLofidtyes, yXvKv, /3dpi/, Xbcpbep, fjid* 

Xdicbv, tyXXibv, detKeXXov. 
Aeofxevio, v. [ligo, vincio,] to bind, to chain, to imprison. AatfxbvXoi, tXvu rovbe 

debv beafxeved' eXovres. Horn. H. 6. 17. SYN. Aeio. PHR. Aeafxols KpdTepolal 

AefffiXbs, ov, 6 et f], adj. beo-ficorrfs, ov, 6, et befffJiwTXs, Xbos, r], subst. [vivctus, 

captivus,] bound, chained, imprisoned. 'QsovTesXepo), primer looXbeGfiXoi. Iph. 

T. 470. See also Aj. 105. and 234. SYN. Aedcts, ireTrebrjfjiepbs, IXXb/nepbs. I 
AetTTToZio, et beonoTeu), v. [dominor,] to rule, to domineer, to sway. Top TLi/pv- 

tov rovb* elite beoiro&Lv Qpbvtov. Trach. 367. See also Heracl. 8S4. Syn. 

Koipdveto, Tvpavvevto, Wvpio, Kpdreio, dp^ia, alavftpdio, KvpXevu), fidaXXeuu), dvaa- 

au), TcpoaTaTew. 
Aio-xoLvd, ys, et beairbrXs, ibbs, »/, subst. [hera, domina,] a mistress, queen, lady. 

Aeanoivdv els reicp' evTii-^elp efiovXb/jirip. Ion 569« See also Alcest. i)69> SyN. 

"Apctcrad, KvpXa. 
AeonrbaXbs, et beanbavvbs, ov, 6 et >/, et beenrbrXubs, »/, bp, adj. [herilis,] of or 

belonging to a master. AeanbaXu Z&v vftpei. jEsch. Suppl. 852. See also 

Iph. T. 440. etCall. 6. 62. 
Ae<nrbrr)s, ov, 0, subst. [(1) herus, dominus, (2) rex,] a master, a lord, a king. 

"E^ouo-d vlotois beoTroTrjP etyrifxepbp. Bacch. 1063. SYN. KvpXbs, Koipdpbs, (3d- 

cXXevs, dpa£, beairbTOV befids. 
Ae<T7rbri<TKbs, ov, 6, dimin, a preeced. Vid. ad v. e^bbdio. 
Aer>), fj:, rj, subst. [fasciculus,] a bundle, a faggot. Kaibfjtepai re berat, ras re 

rpel, earavfxepos 7rep. A. 553. SYN. Aa finds, bois. 
AevKaXXojp, iopos, 6, P. N. [Deucalion,] the son of Minos. Ilarjods efxolb ndTrip, 

fieyddvfiov AevicdXXtoTbs. r. 180. EplTH. MeydOvfios. 
Aevpb, adv. [hue,] hither, here, to this time. "Ews dp tmrovs bevpb OpyicXovs 

dyutp. Alcest. 1040. 
Aevre, v. [hue festinate,] come, hasten. 7 ft re»:i'd, reicpd, bevrt, XeiTrere oTeyas. 

Med. 890. 
AevTepbs, a, op, et (2) bevrdrbs, r), bp, .adj. [(l) secundus, (2) ultimus,] (1) se- 
cond, inferior, (2) the last, the lowest. At bevrepat yap <ppoPTXbes abfwTepai. 

Hipp. 438. See also 1//. 342. (1) 'OiriaTepbs, dXXbs, (2) veuTbs, vtldrbs, $ayd- 

rbs, 7rvfjidTbs, TeXevralbs, i/ordros, Trapvardrbs. 


Aevrepiaiw, v. [seeundas partes ago,] to act the second part, to be second. 

"Ordv ijbfj 'yio bldirpa^dixevos rrdpabut aoi bevTepXa£eiv. Eccles. 630. 
Aevu), Ion. Seveaicu), v. [madefacio, rigo,] tp moisten, to vater, to bathe. 

'OtpdaXfxGTeyKTh) 'bevero irXtifxpvpibi. Alcest. 185. S\N. Bptx w > v jO« w > /*«- 

Aevoj, f. bevy™, et Aew, f. beijaoj, v. [opus habeo, egeo, indigeo,] to want, to 

need. Bivfids ebevird batrds eUr}s. A. 48. See also N. 786'. and Phoen. 482. 

SYN. 'Evbedfiai, ypyZu), \peia kari, epyov eari. 
Al0w, v. [cutem abstraho,] see Aepw. 
Ae^diiat, v. [accipio,] to take, to receive. '[Is 7rv€vfid icdBdpdv ovpdvov be&fiedd, 

Helen. 866. SYN. ', Xaixfidvut, aipeu). 
Aex^eio, v. [mollio coriarioruin more, depso,] properly, to steep hides, to soften 

or render pliant by handling or rubbing. Krjpbv be\p>]aas fieXXrjbed, /jyitXs 

atcovari. ix. 48. SYN. 'E^uu, LidXaaaio, dirdXvvw. 
Aeio, i. btjcruj, v. [iigo,] to tie, bind, confine. AvoetyvvaTov eXKerai bedeis. 

Hipp. 1232. §YN. Aevixevu, ovvairTio, dvdbeu). 
At), 1 adv. [sane, profecto,] indeed, assuredly. 'E£ ov bij rd Trpwrd. A. 6. 
Ayyjud, dros, to, subst. [morsus,] a bite. 'AW ovv dv ea-t (tvko^uvtov briyixd- 

tos. Pint. 885. 
Ar)6d, b))v, brjpov, et Dor. bapov, adv. [diu,] long, long ago. 'ETreib)) bijdd tyXXuv 

diro vftfiara tt/kt^m. rj. 152. 
Afjdev, 7 ' adv. [scilicet, videlicet,] therefore, then, namely. '[is bijdev ovk elbvld 

ra^eipyaa/devd. Orest. 1314. 
Arjdvvw, v. [tardo, moror,] to delay, to tarry. ArjdvveiV 6 b* dp' altv drovrdros 

yv bid \xT\rXv. Apoll. 2. 7b. SYN. hpdbvvu), bidiieXXu), ypoviZio, TrepXfxevh). 
At)ui\w-6s, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [bello captus,] taken by an enemy, plundered. T H 

Tpota, bopX teal irvpX brjXdXojTov. Androm. 105. SYN. See AiyjuaXwrds. 
Arjldveipd, as, 77, P. N. [DeJ3nira,] the wife of Hercules. Thv a/j(j>Xveini] Aqtd- 

veipav aei. Trach. 105. Phr. f H boXunrts Olveo)S Kopr). 
Ar}i6iriTr]s, ov, 6, P. N. [Deiopites,] Tputes, 6 bk npioTov fxev djivjiovd Ar)Xo7riTr)v. 

A. 420. 
Arj'ios, a, ov, adj. [hostilis, infectus,] hostile, raging, furious. AWdXdev, KpT/acu 

be Trvpus brj'ioid 3 Ovperpd. B. 415. SYN. 'E^dob ottos, e-^dpos, 7ro\e/jitds, bvaixevijs. 
At}XoTr)S, Titos, ?/, subst. [pugna, bellum,] a fight, war. 'AvtXJjXov fxdyerraadaX 

ev alvrj btitoTfjTX. T. 20. SYN. May^?, Poij, vafiivrj, <f)vXo7tXs, X^P/"?* ^Ap?;?, 

dvv)), kXoios. EPITH. AevydXea, KeXdbeivri, oXot'i. 
Atjiou), v. [igue et ferro vasto, caedo, caedem facio s. edo,] to ravage with hos- 
tile fire, to desolate, to rout, to slay. Xa\<cw brjioojv r<p yap Zeiis Kvbds 

6na£ei. P. 566. SYN. Atjooj, bXtoictj, (pdvevio, etiirepQw. 
Arjlfufids, ov, 6, P. N. [Dtiphobus,] one of the sons of Priam. Arjtyo/Sw eiKvTd 

be/uas tcaX draped (jnov^y. X. 227* EPITH. 'Yirepijtopeiov, fjp<vs, XevKacnrXs, 

{)edeib>)s, OloeinZXds, fjeyd <J>pove(ov, IlpidfjiXbris. 
'\rjKTriplds, ov, o et //, adj. [mordax,] keen, vcproachful, annoying. M») Xvirpd, 

fir)be Kapbtas bniTt'iptd. Hec. 234. 
\rjXe6fxat, v. [lacdo, noceo, deleo,] to injure, to wound, to destroy. "Evdd 

Ke (iff fiovXr) btjXyjatTai, op-ydfxe XaQv. H. 102. SyN. ftXcnrTU), (fiQetpio. 
fyXTj/ud, dTos, to, subst. [exitium, pernicies,] injury, hurt, destruction. 'E*. 

WKTUiV b' dvefioi ^dXe7rol, br)X))fjidTu vtjujp. /u. 286. SYN. BXd/3?/, Xviirj, iiXedpds, 

€£,u)Xeid, opyrl, XtoftqaXs, (jtdopd, 
\r)Xfifiiov t dvos, adj. et subsl. [(1) nocivus, (2) pernicies,] (1) injurious to, (2) a 

destroyer. E«s "E-^Itov fidoXXrjd, fipdruiv brjXi'ifJidvd vtortav. a. 84. Syn. 

T$Xd(3epos, dXtrpos, oKeQpXds, Xv/uetov. 
\t]XXds, dbos, r}, gentil. fem., belonging to Delos. Alpvas enXfia rds AriXXubds. 

Ion 165. 
l^Xos, rj, ov, adj. [manifestus, clarus,] manifest, clear, distinct. WoXi> 5' u/3po- 

1 For the meaning of this particle, see Hoogeveen and Yiger. 

* Bis in Eorip. 5tj0€. Electr. 2G8. 274. 

* Hi in Irjioio is scanned as one long syllable. 


ervPTf bfjXos dpuadat. Orest. 344. >SYN. 'Aplhr}\vs, ejjL(f>dpi)s t gtcbrjXos, ipbyXos, 

fpavepos, epapyqs, ypiocrros, oafr)*, tiparos. 
AfjXds, ov, i], P. N. [Delus,] an island in the iEgean sea, anciently called Aste- 

ria, the centre of the Cyclades, and famed as the birth-place of Apollo and 

Diana. ArjXw bf] irdre toIop 'AtvoXXwvos ndpa fiojfjy. c?. l62. EPITH. 'AfMbX- 

pvTos, rjvenoeooa, r)ydderj, dvoeaard, Xepd, Kpdvdi), dKinXayKTos, 7rXayKT^. 
ArjXdtOf v. [indico, manifestum reddo,] to make manifest, to show, to declare, 

to explain. 'AW ev ftpdxet aoi rajjid bi]Xu)cno Kckd. Orest. 725. SYN. 'A7ro- 

betKPVfxX, efi<paiv<o, tydvepois) . 
&r}fiayu)yeu>, v. [populi gratiam capto, &c] to lead, to flatter, to cajole the 

people. 'Svpi be brjfjiayuyel. Ran. 422. 
Arj/idywyXa, as, ^, subst. [populi regimen,] government by the people. 'H 

btj/idywyXa yap ov rrpos /novrriKOV. Equit. 191f 
ArmaywKiKds, r), op, adj. [popularis,] popular. T& §' dXXd aoi TrpoaeorX bq/jidyb)- 

Ktfcd. Equit. 217. 
Aruuanibidv, ov, to, subst. dim'm. a brj/xos, [cams popellus,] dear little people. 

7 il brjfiaicibiov, ical irXeiard 7cdvovpyd bsbpaicws. Equit. 823. 
Atifjiapxos, ov, 6, subst. [magistratus plebis,] a tribune of the people. Adicvet 

j/at bfjfiap^os tis es tu>p arpwpdriop. Nub. 37. 
Arjuevia, v. [publico,] to confiscate, to vest in the people. TXpos kXvoptzs ; ?j 

bebrifievrai Kpdros ; Cycl. 119. 
Aijfiriydpea), v. [concionor,] to harangue, to address the people. Arjfjirjydpiiaei; 

b. TldXv fiep ovp dptard irov. Eccles. 111. 
Arinriyopds, ov, 6 et f], adj. [popularis,] popular. 'A^dpiffrdi' vfxQp (nrepjj.', oaoi 

br)jj.r)ydpovs. Hec. 254. SYN. 'AyoprfTrjs, brj/xd^dpiaTJjs, kottXs, fjbvXdyos, pj)rwp. 
ArjfiriXdoids, a, dp, et brmriXdrds, ov, 6 et ri, adj. [plebiscito in exilium actus,] 

exiled by the people. OvtXp* eft aifidrX brjftrjXdaXa. iEsch. Suppl. 7. See also 

609. SYN. AiifjidoXos, bi'i/uXos, 
Atjfivrrjp, Tepds s. rpds, rj, P. N. [Ceres,] the fabled goddess of corn, and mother 

of Proserpine. Arjjj.rjTep earXov^ 'EXevaHpos ^Qovos. Eur. Suppl. 1. SyN.Ajjw, 

EPITH. 'Ev7rXd/cdyuds, rjvKOfios, favOr), ae/upy Oeds, 7rvpo(f>dpds, KupTroiroios, ayXdo- 

7rais, ayXdoicap7rds, iroXvuapTros, 7rorpXd, Trafxjj.}jrwp, 7rvpo<j)dpus , KaXXXnXoKdfAoSy 

evare<pdpds , 7ra[ifir)reipd, evedpds, bid dediop. 
Arj/jtXbXdp, ov, to, dimin. a bfjf^da, subst. [popellus, plebecula,] dear little people. 

"EifcXde brjrd, Arj/jXbXop 10 <piXrdTop. Equit. 726. 
At]fxiSit), v. [populo sum addictus,] to court, or be devoted to, the people. 

'Ytto twp del br)fxi£6pTu>p, ovk oib'' diroi ey..envKXrjaai. Vesp. 697. Exp. Tuip 

top brjfjidp dirdTOiVTitiP. SYN. Arjudywyew. 
Ar)/j.Xdepyds, et bqjjiXovpyds, ov, 6, subst. [opifex, artifex,] a mechanic, an artisan, 

a magistrate. Ovre -X kyjpvkcjp, ol brjfiXdepyoX eaaXp. r. 135. See also Pax 286. 

SYN. 'Epy arris. 
Ar}/xXo7rXr}dr)s, eds, b et //, adj. [opibus publicis abundans,] supplying public 

wealth. Krrjpr) irpoode. rd bri/xXd7rXrjdfj. Agam. 127' 1 
Ar^iXoTTpaTds, rj, ov, adj. [quod publicatur,] confiscated. UpvTdpeld, fieraXX', 

uyopas, XXfiepas, jjligQovs ual brnxXd7rpard. Vesp. 657. 
AijfuXds, ov, o et >;, adj. et (2) bi)/uXds, ov, 6, subst. [(1) publicus, (2) carnifex,] 4 

(1) of the people, public, common, (2) an executioner. A///luo?, 01 k&t* dyiopds 

svirpriffaeaKOP eKaaTa. d. 259. SYN. (l) ArjfjidaXds, epbrjfios, koipos, (2) brjfxo- 

koipos, paj3bovy t os, vtrr]plTr}s, 
ArjfiXovpyXKios, adv. [affabre,] in a workmanlike manner, cleverly. "Arrd ^pj) 

iroielp, £(f>eoTU)s ^joac^f brjfjiXovpyXtcuJs. Pax 429* 
Arj/jivpdpds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [qui bona populi devorat,] people-devouring. Arjfiti- 

ftdpos fidaXXevs, intX ovrXbdpolaiv dvdaaets. A. 231. SYN. Arjfuidtydyds. 
i\r}fx6yep(ap, ovtos, o, subst. [populi senior,] a senator. E'/dro br]^6yepopTls «7ri 

IxairjoX TrvXr)frXp. V. 149. SYN. BovXevn)s, ylpuw, (DOvXi]<f>dpds. 
j \r)f.wbdk-ds, ov, 6, P. N. [Demodocus.J Arjfidbdnop' ru yap pa deos nipX b&KtP 

doib))r. 0.43. EPITH. 0e7os, doibos. 

1 See Dr. Blomfield's Gloss. 

AHMO AHMft 209 

AtjfjLodpdus, et contr. -ovs, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [vulgatus, popularis,] common, popular, 
notorious. $f]f*r) ye iievroi brj/modpovs fxeya crdevet. Agam. 911. 

Atjijokomv, iovTQSy 6, P, N. [Democoon.] 'AW vlov TipXdfjtoio voOov fidXe, Ai-j/jo- 
KOUfVTd. A. 499« 

Ar}fioK', v. [populi imperio servio,] to live under a popular government. 
Kal tovs brifiovs kv rats TroXeatv bei^as, <vs bt]/udicpdrovvTat. Acharn. 640. 
PHR. Aeios Kpaliet dvev KXrirfjpds. 

Arj/uo \:parin, as, rj, subst. [imperium populare,] a constitution in which the 
government of the state is vested in the people, a republic, a democracy. 

'fl brjixdicpdrXa, ravrd b>jr dvda^ird ; Acharn. 6l8. SYN. Td brj/xoirXd, rd Kotvd, 

Arj/joKpdrUds, i], ov, adj. [ad democratiam pertinens,] democratical, like a 

friend to the people, a. ArifioupdrXKov ydp avr ebptov. b. Tovto /uiv eaaov, t5 YoV. 

Ran. 952. 
Arj/JoKpavrds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [a populo ratus,] executed or ratified bv the 

people. ArmoKpavTov §' dpds rivet %P^ S ' Agam. 444. 
Ar}fjto\ev(TTds,ov, 6 et »/, adj. [a populo lapidatus,] stonedby the people, effected 

by being publicly stoned. <tovov TcpotceiaOai biifAdXevarov kv 7ro\ei. Antig. 36. 

SYN. ArjiioppX^s. 
Arj/joXitov, ovtos, 6, P. N. [Demoleon,] the son of Antenor. Ylptory ev bfffiivr)* 

6 & eir avraj ArifioXiovrd. T. 395. 
Ay)fjioTridr}Kos, ov, 6, subst. [qui simiam se exhibet erga populum vel fraudulentia 

vel adulatione,] ape of the people. Kal fiiojjidXoxwv brj/uoTrXd^Ktov. Ran. 1085. 
Atj/joirpciK-ds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [a populo factus vel decretus,] made or decreed 

by the people. ToXabe br)/jb7rpaKT0S e/. iroXetos 1 fxXd. iEsch. Suppl. 939. 
Ar)/joppi(j)t)s, ids, 6 et //, adj. [a populo jactatus,] scattered by the people. A?7- 

ftoppXtyels, vaty' "inQl, XevaX/uovs dpds. Agam. \606. 
Af/Lids, ov, 6, subst. [populus, plebs,] the people, community, the common 

people. "Ov b" av brjiiov r dvbpd Xboi, fiooiovrd r e(f>evpot. B. 198. SYN. Aaos, 

Xitos, o^Xos, 7r\r}6ds, ol TroXXoi. EPITH. 'JLrepaXicris, Kiveocpptov, evpvs, evfAevrjs, 

evdvvTijs yQovos, Trponrdrr\s rov /Sitov. 
Arjfjids, ov, 6, subst. [piuguedo, adeps,] fat. At/juov epenToiievoi enXvetypXbXov Ketpov~ 

res. $. 204. SYN. 'a\oi0?7, nt/miXr), XXnos, aridp. EPITH. 'Apyijs, iritav, bXirXa^. 
lArifAdoXevu), v. [publico ; rem publicani tracto,] to confiscate, to meddle with 

public affairs. 'AW, « itdvr\p\ ov brjfxdcXevcjv rvy^avto. Acharn. 1029. Syn. 

Arinoalds, a, 6v, adj. [publicus,] belonging to the people, public. "AKpav 

irpoao'toei br\\xboXbs we, tcXavairai. Lysistr. 436. et Apoll. 1. 7S3. SYN. Ar)- 

\rjfi6r-qs, ov, o, et S^om, xbds, r/, subst. [unus de populo, plebeius,] one of the 

people, a plebeian. "Eyjov duXeiorovs t$ deXovrX brffidriov. Iph. A. 340. See 

also Theocr. 28. 22. 
\rjfi6TtKds, >}, 6v, et brjfjbripds, d, ov, adj. [plebeius, popularis, popularis status 

amans,] plebeian, patriotic, republican. Avo fivpidbes rHJv brjfxoTXKQv e^wv 

av irdoX Xdywois. Vesp. 709« 
\rujtovyos, ov, 6, P.N. et (2) subst. [princeps, (3) adj. populo praesidens,] 

(2) a president or guardian of the people, (3) ruling or protecting the people. 

S.vv ra'tabe rats aefJLvalaX brifxov^ots dials. CE. C. 458. 
)trj/id(f>dyds, ov, 6, adj. [qui populum devorat,] devouring the people. Ar)fid- 

Qdyov be rvpdvvdv, onus ideXets, KdraKXlvat. Theog. 1183. SYN. Arjfuo(3dpds. 
\rjfxd^dpi(TT))s,ov, 6, adj. et subst. [qui populo gratificatur,] a flattering, artful 

demagogue. KottXs, iibvXbyos, bt)fi6\dpioTi}s. Hec. 132. 
\r)/jcoiddrd, iov, tu, Dor. Sa/iw/udrd, subst. [carmina qua? publice cantantur,] 

patriotic songs, ballads. XdpXTwv bufxtofxard KaXXlKofjuav. Pax 798. 

1 U6\fa>s is dissyll. 

Pros. Lex. 2 D 

210 AHN AlAr 

A»)y, adv. [dill,] long, long-lived. Ar> fy, os (m deolaXv tTrovpZvXoioXv epi&V, 

Z. 131. Syn. AfjpdV. t> _ J ;";.'' ."" 

■Aijvaid* a, or, adj. [longsevus, d.uturnns,] long-lived, permanent lasting. 
"Orrt fiaXoi bivaOs, ds addvarowi ^a X oiro. E. 407- SYN. Anpds, ftfr*«vf, 

Af5ros, los, rb, subst. [consilium, ars,] design, art, device. Uavra be rot zpeu 
dXtyM* bf,ved Klpw *• 289. Syn. BovVj, favXtyfia, Epith. Hrttfr, 
oXidpXov, TCaimioMv, ird\vfiri X avdv t iroXtrpdirov, ff X er\Xdv. . . ' ^ 

btfXdvf.Lds, ov, 6 et ?,, adj. [taiMUm mordens,] heart-piercing, ^tdv/idy epw 
tos avdos. Agam. 720. SYN. Aautf^os, cmapos, ,cuvos. 

Aft*, contr. a or^oa,, v. [hostiliter populor, vasto,] to ravage with hostile fire, 
to lay waste, to ravage. "Ottws c-tyWs ecu K&raKrelvas epo&s. Heracl. 995. 
SYN. 'Ai'ttipew, oat'w, kukoo), Tefivu). 

Ai,pmo>ai, f. Aerf/ic, et c^o/m,, f - '™> a <> v ' [contendo pugno ] to contend, 
to combat, to fight, Xlava^e^Qd fid^s' oi c' avroi br)pXaa<jd<ov . <P. 407- 
See also II. 756. P. 734. and Olymp. 13. 63. Syn. Ma X o/J(ii, (fntevet&a, 

Afipfr, ea,s, et Ion. »t> //, snbst. [pugna, contentio,] contention, conflict. 1 to, 

& v'mvh r dperns irepX MjfXv lypvaiv. to. 514. SYN. Afflfr. /m X »?, «y«uv, epts, 

re~iKos. EPITH. 'ArreipeaXa, dda X ETds, (UjU&roe<rffa, aj>«ed»jp, a/ze<Xi X os, cm/i'vros, 

a7rev0>7s, kydpa, raarepa tfegfya, ovU^rj, ndevdpa. 

' Arjpos, a, or, ex Dor. 6apov, adj. [diuturnus,] long, lasting. Et hqpHv et Dor. capo> 

adv. [diu,] a long lime. Aitrypov roi bqpov re fiepeiv, kIvUv re veeadat. 15. 29b. 

AnpdBXos, longaevus. Vid. Aapo/3ios. • ■> ^ 

A>/m, adv. [quidem, tandem,] indeed, I pray. Hoi, ras tj>i\as br,r evfpovas 

begets, dva*', Uec.S\6. ' u ; 

A»/w, fut. a criw, v. [inveniam,] to be about to find out. Oitcab aTrorrXeietv 

eneX ovkstX b?i£rs -eicfioip. I. 418. 
A>7(1>, ovs, i). Vid.Awrijp. A>?o7 dvfiwaafxevq. Helen. 1342. / 

A/a, as, v, P. N. [Dia,] the ancient name of Naxos. My ep cififtpvrrj, Hiovvaov 

ixapTvpXnoXv . X. 324. 
Amfprtep: ct*>fi gen. et ace. [per, propter,] though, by means of, on account 

of. 't\evnv XboiuX' bXd KfiAwj' yap oupdriov. Hec. 442. 
Aia/3a*Vw, f. /3i/^/iai, 2 a. e/V, et fca/3Ao™, v. [trajicio, incedo ] to go through, 
to. o-o across, to pass over, to stalk along. XdovXav \ipvriv biafitere. Alcest. 
927. See also Aves 4S7- Syn. AmTrepdw, vnepfiaivu), tiltayvf*"* hUl h l > 
bXeteiuX. , ... . . . . 

AXaBaMu, et 5*aj3AXX«/iai, v. [(l) trajicio, (2j calumnior,] to p.erce through, to 
calumniate. KAy* w*X/ra« /i)) 8ra/3Xn8M^oi. Heracl. 423. SYN. Am/3mvo,, 
katftpid, aWddfiai, Xoibopeio, vfipiCta, ovKotyaxTlu. 
Am/3a<XKw ; vid. Aia/3aiV«. 
Ara/3/ 7 r^, ou, 6, subst. [circinus,] a pair of compasses, a. E*0e<s bia^y, pa* 

Odvets; b. Ov fxarddvio. Aves 1003. x 

ta*Bia&6iu*i v - [P er vim eompello,] to force, to urge strenuously. Kat Trpos a 
iveoOai bUfa&pri* **- Iph- Taur. 1365. SYN. BtaCo>a t ^iirayMi^. 
Aioj3«dw, f. ^™, v. [divulgo,] to proclaim. Axd(3dairu>. Pers. 644. Syn. lle- 

ptfi'daw, Krjpvacru), K^r/'iZio. . 

AidGoXv, r lS , et §iaj8dXta, «*, //, subst. [criminatio, obtrectatio,] accusation, 
calumny, reproach. ElaavrXs e'/3Xa^', elm bXafioXals veais. Eur. buppl. 417 
See also Pyth. 2. 140. Syn. Aotbdpta, airiafAu. 
Atafapbs, ov, o et >'/, adj. [(l)absumtus; (2) act. peredens,] (l)consumed 

(2) devouring. ISoctm Kctraaroco^ra bxd(3dp(p nobd. Phil. 7- ^ 

toappd X te> ov > h et *« ad i* [ ma(1idus » » vidus «] drenched, bathed. svv#ar 
«0pw bXd(5pd X 0L yereidbds. Phoen. 1396. SYN. "Typos, rorepos. ■ 

AtayaXijvi§w, v. [sereno,] to make serene. Twr ^' e^ews rd ^pdawna cu- 

yd\i,vXalv. Ecniit. 643. SYN. See FaX^mw. 
AiayyAXw, f. ?Xa), v. [annuncio,] to proclaim, to pronounce. 'Onus biay 


AIAr ALU 211 

yeiXeii rdf.i e'iffU) kclko.. Helen. 435. SYN. 'E^ayyeXXw, d7rayyeXAw, bld- 
AidyeXdu), dou, v. [derideo,] to deride, to mock. Ovros b' 6 baifiiov 6 rids, ov 

av bidye Xas. Baccll. 272, SYN. KdrdyeXdu), yXeva^u), yetyvp&uj. 
Ardyivwo-fv-w, et btayv&fii, v. [pernosco, dignosco,] to know thoroughly, to dis- 
cern, to determine, to decide. Kat xpfrfov aipeiv, ra< biayvaivat bXi;t]v. Euraen. 
699- SYN. riyvwamj), bXaicpivu). 
AXayXavatrw, [mico, renideo,] to shine. 'Ek 7repuT7}s dvXovod, bXayXavaaovaX b % 

drapiroi. Apoll. 1. 1280. SYN. AXdXciLnrd), (j>wri<Xw. 
AXayvtaiu, v. Axdy lvoj a kuj. 
AxayvwaXs, etos,i), subst. [dijudicatio ; cognitio causae,] decision, discernment. 

To yup baKvov gov ti)v bXayvioaXv Kparei. Hipp. 693. 
AXaypdtyw, v. [describo, &c] to describe, delineate, set down. "6rX irei-revd- 

Xavros bXayeyparrrai liol biter]. Nub. 77 4>- 
Aiaypv7rve(t), v. [insomnem noctem Iransigo,] to pass a sleepless night. "Hbt) 
ttot kv naKpip xpovo) vvtCTOs birjypuTrvrjad. Ran. 931. SYN.^Aypu7rv£&>, bXa- 
Axdyio, f. fa, v. [(l) trajicio; (2) vitaui dego,] to lead through, to conduct ; 
to live. Ovbels aXinroi tov (dXov bxijydyev. Eur. fr. Antiop. 39. 4. SYN. 
Aidftaivio, blarpi(3u), bXdpXoio. 
Auiyivviidfiai, v. [certo ad extremam dimicationem, decerto,] to contend to 
the end, to combat, to dispute. AxdywvXe~iG& etyaoKe vpos y KvpnrXbrjr. Ran. 
794. SYN. ! 'Ay uiviCofiai, dfxiXXdofiai. 
AidbaCoiiai, v. [distribuo, divido,] to distribute, to divide. 'AOavarois' 6 be 

ToiaXv iv bilbacauTu Tifias. Hes. Tlieog. 881. SYN. see AaCdfxai. 
Aidbu7rro), v. [dilacero,] to pierce through, to tear. 'I6i>s e/uev woas, bid be 

\pdd caXov ebaxpds. <1>. 398. SYN. Acnrrio, bXepydfxai, biaKOTTTO), rejxvw. 
Aidbdriufjiai, v. [dispertior,] to divide for oneself, to appropriate. Xrjpuxrral 

be bid KTrjntv bdreovTo. E. 158. 
AidbeKTwp, 6pos, o, adj. [haereditate acceptus,] hereditary. AXabenropd irXovrtii'. 

Ion 481. SYN. Ylarpyos, eyicXrjpds. 
AidbepKio, et. bxdbeoKofxai, aor. bXebpdKov, v. [pcrspicio,] to see througU, to dis- 
cern. Xpvoiov ovb" av vu>X bXabpdxoX 'HtAios nip. H. 344. SYN. See Qedo/jai, 
( t AepKdfiai. 
Aidberds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [vinctus,] bound. Axdberot be yevixov. Sept. Theb. 
: 115. SYN. Acrds, beaixXos. 
Aidbe-^dLiai, v. [excipio, succedo,] to succeed to another. Km vvE, uTrcodeX 

bl&b&beyuevTi iriivov. Trach. 30. Syn. 'Er&xo/im, rafya£|)(d/«<u. 
.AidbrjXiofjat, v. [valde la:do,] to injure greatly, 1o tear asunder. KvujbdXd 
(pwXevovrd fipfyot bidbriXiiGwrdai. Theocr. 24. 83. SYN. See ArjXtoLiru, Xv- 
pairiifxai, trlvdpat, fiXarrta. 
AiabtbpaoKut, f. bXdbXbpaaOfiai, v. [aufugio,] to escape. Siavias b\ o'iovs ov, 

bidbibpakords. Acharn. 6*01. SYN. 'Efcipevyw, d-rroyeoyi*), biubl/ro). 
Atdi'ibijjLiX, f. bulbtocru), v. [trado per maims, (iiiuc) doceo, &c] to disseminate, 
to distribute, to teach. Kat hlabovvat vwtov aKavdav t\ Troatl. 1 17- Syn. 
'ArdbibhJfAi, biacTreipw. 
AXdbdxv, »7s v, subst. [successio, quicquid lit per vices,] succession. Tevoab, 

bidbii^al), u/jeiftovrrai -yepoTiv. Hec. 1 141. 
Alabama*, ov, o et //, Mjbst. <^t adj. [successor, vicarius ; auxilians,] successor, 
substitute; alleviating. G^>yro7s ftiyiarw h\dba\oi fioyj)qtiu-u)v. 1\ V. '173. 
SYN. Axdbe'^dfuei'ds. 
AiabpcifTi-oXlrat, we, oi, subst. [(jui reipublica: niunia Sllbterfugiuni,] those 
ulio decline to perform the oilices of the state. ELj yervalevs, icai rtr/MT^en, 
rai ut) bi((bp(toi~6\iTas. Kan. 1014. 
AXabpofi)), ?~/s, »/, subst. [discursus,] a running about, coiisUruatiou, alarm. 
teLdbpoLidv dfialfiiivis. Sept. Theb. 

. et bidbvvb), v. [subeo per medium, cft'ugio, | to enter, to pass tin • 


to escape. Ildyrd Tre^ocKraf, kgvk earXv d7rfjs ovb' el cepcfxp bXdhvvat. Vesp. 

352. SYN. Atd<^evya>, bXafialvw, a.7rd(f>€vy<x). 
AXdeibd/nat, f. elodfiai, v. [(1) perspicior, exhibeo, (2) cognosco,] (1) to show 

oneself distinctly, (2) to put to trial, to ascertain. AvpXdv fjv ap£r))v bXdeice- 

raX, at k tfxov eyxps. 0. 535. 
AXdeibcj, f. eloia et elad/uai, v. [cantando decerto,] to contend with in singing. 

'lepov, aXXd ye toi bXdeiaopaX, etrre k' direiirys. Theocr. 5. 22. 
Aia£dw, bXa£6oj, et Ion. tXagwecrKio, v. [oninem vitani transigo,] t«» live by 

means of, to maintain, to continue to the end of life. '0p0ws bXa^v tov 

j3Xov yv&firjs fxerd. Iph. A. 924. See Apoll. 1. 1074. SYN. Zda», (jXoio, 

AXagevyvvjut, f. £ev£w, v. [disjungo,] to separate. 'AW ovre irCjXds, rjrXs av 

AXa£r)T£io, v. [excogito,] to examine thoroughly. ITotktXovs \6yovs dvevpev ev 

bieci-)Tr}jJ.ei'Ovs. Thesm. 438. S YN. 'Avae? r/rew, dvaicphio, e£erdc?to. 
AidrjfxX, v. [perfio,] to blow through. Kcu bid 7rapdevtKfjs dndXoxpoos ov bXdr)oXv. 

Hes. Op. 517. SYN. Atepxtyai, bXdu. 
AxdOetdto, v. [sulphure perfumo,] to purify or to fumigate with sulphur. Ev 

bXedeiwuev peydpov, ical bu>pd kclX avXi'jv. %. 494. SYN. QvpXdb), ewXdv pidh) , 

Aiddfitcrj, ijs y fj, subst. [fcedus, pactum,] an agreement, a covenant, a will. 

KXaetv tjpels pdxpd ri]v Ketydkrjv eiiruvres tij bXdOrjxr). Vesp. 582. SYN. ^.novbrj, 

AXaOXljSoj, v. [prerao,] to oppress, to afflict. Kovtyorepcos tote ty&rd bXadXijoovrrXv 

driai. Call. Ep. 10. SYN. 'ETrfflXifiio, itXe^w. 
AXadpho, v. [perspicio, investigo,] to see through, to investigate, to observe. 

Kdr' kvrevQev TrpupaTevoai, /ecu tovs diepovs biddpfjoai. Equit. 543. SYN. 

AXdelbo/xai, adpeio. 
AXadpv7TTU), v. [(1) dift'ringo, (2) deliciis franco,] (l) to break to pieces, to 

bruise ; (2) to corrupt or render effeminate. Tpi\Qa T ^ Kai rerpayfid bXarpixpev 

€KTT£(xe %eipd$. T. 363. SYN. AiappijyvvfxX, KdrappijyvvpX, bXarpifiio, aXoidto, 


AXcuOvaaw, v. [irruo,] to rush, to drive (as a gale.) "AXXdraXXolai bXaSvaaov- 

aXv avpat. Olymp. 7« nit. SYN. AWvaaio, £7n<jKi]TiTa). 
Aiaifxds, ov, o et rj, adj. [sanguinolentus,] soaked in blood, bloody. AXaipdv 

ovvyd rtdepeva cnrdpaypols. Hec. 6.54. SYN. Adtyaivus, 
AXaivio, f. dvw, v. [humecto,] to moisten, to sprinkle, to bathe. AXaiveoBe, 

Ylep-aat. Pers. 263. SYN. Boeyw, vypaivio, tcXvpu), 
AialpeaXs, eios, >/, subst. [divisio,] division, distinguishing, reckoning. Tw fir) 

'bX^ew oifiovTis ev bXaipeaei. Eumen. 752. SYN. Nd/i>), pepiauos, baapos. 
AiaipETos, ?/, ov, adj. [quod dividi potest, divisus,] divisible, divided, distinct. 

Molpav Trdrpyas yfjs bXalperov repot. Trach. 1 66. 
Atatptio, v. [divido, distinguo,] to separate, to divide, to distinguish. "HBpet 

bXaipuJv' tov be vevovTOS fcdrw. Eur. Electr. 839* SYN. AidKOTTTu), bXappiiyvvpiy 

AXo:tjaru>, v. [cum impetu transeo,] to hasten across, to traverse. Axfoaef tov 

Xpyad/jirpav. CE. C. 209« SYN. AtarjOe^w, bXijKit). 
AXd'icrTou), v. [mernoriam alicujus aboleo,] to erase, to obliterate, to destroy. 

Avrriv bXrj'iarcjee. Trach. 883. SYN. 'At'ordw, a<f>ari$ia. 
AXcurd, ?/s, fj, subst. [(l) vitas ratio ; (2) victus,] mode of living, living, live- 
lihood. 'AvbpHjv bXatrav fiavvei. Pytll. 1. 182. SYN. Bios, fiXoros, fiXorri. 
AXairdu), v. [(1) arbiter sum, adjudico; (2) in med. voc. vitani dego,] (I) to 

adjudge, to award, (2) to live, to spend one's life. *OA/3t#$, Sons iraiaX 

(pXXripdrd kcTvu biairq. Theocr. 12. 34. SYN. (1) Bpafievu, Kpivw, (•>) bia~du>, 

btdyu), biarpiftu). 
AXdKdvaZa, f. |w, v. [cum murmure infundo,] to pour in with a noise. ISiw^ 

tov Xdpvyyd hXeKava^i oot KaXws ; Cycl. 157. 



AiaKavvia£<*>, v. [sortior,] to allot, to appoint, to draw lots. *H bxdKavvXdoat, 

TTdrepoi taXavrJovfxlQa fxei£u). Pax 1081. 
Atdkeacw, f. daio, v. [diirindo,] to cleave asunder. Tlvp r ev vr\r\ao.i, bxd re £i/Xd 

bard Kedffacu. o. 321. SYN. AXaa\ic,it), Kea£u), bidrifipts). 
Axdiceifuai, f. Keiaofxai, v. [dispositus sum,] to be disposed, to behave, to be 

situated. "Apdpwv kXX&eios, ws bXane'tfjiat. Troad. 1 13. SYN. Ylda-^w, c^w. 
AidKeipo), f. K£pu> et Keptru), v. [detondeo, rescindo,] to shear, to crop off, to 

frustrate. YleipctTU) bXdicepaaX s/jlov ends. 0. 8. SyN. 'Airdtceipo), /ce/pw, dvai- 

pe»), dpaTpento. 
Axdiceyfjs, adv. [frustra,] in vain, to no purpose. Uvevjxd bXaicei 'fjs dpd. Troad. 

753. SYN. Avru)s, dXXus, \xd7r\v. 
AidKepfidTizu), v. [in minutas partes seco, moneta permuto,] to cut into small 

pieces, to mince, to get change for. 'EXOwv buKepfAdrtCep kv roh lyBvoX. Vesp. 

789. SYN. KepfiduCw, btadpvTTTw. 
Aidiciveu), v. [permoveo, invito,] to actuate, to stir up, to excite, to sift. Ktu 

bXdtivei tqv vovv uvTOd, teal rijs yvojfirjs dno7reipQ. Nub. 477* SYN. Ktveto, 

€ Ippil diD. 

Ata/cXdw, f. dan), [frango, confringo,] to break to pieces, to cut through, to 

snap asunder. AlaxXaooai' dvep.u)XXd yap fioi d7rr)be7. E. 214. SYN. 0pavw, 

d~oBpavio, bladpvTTTio. 
AxdtcXqpdu), v. [sorte distribuo,] to distribute or appoint by lot. '[Is eft 

exua-ri biiKXi,po)aev. iEsch. Suppl. $15. SYN. 'AnonX^puu), bXanavvXaZii), Xay- 

AXukXv^o), v. [cilluo,] to wash. Kdr' ctrrjo', d ttovtos rorXbX tidnXvciei peXas. Ipll. 

T. 107. 
AiaKvaiw, v. [contero, perdo, corrumpo,] to gnaw through, to goad, to annoy, 

to irritate, to corrupt. x Yvyj]v ijXlkv bXawalaai. Heracl. 297« Syn. Ata- 

<pQeipto, Kaavvu), Xwfidofxat, fiXaivw, r//vw, dfxavpdu). 
AidKoipdvtoj, v. [regis more obeo,] to give orders, to marshal. Vvld Xdj3ri Kdp.d- 

70s 7ioXeas bidnoipdveovTa. A. 230. SYN. Koipdveio, bXaraaaio, blind), bXepyo- 

(Aai, bidKOfffJied). 
AiciKuveoj, v. [famulor, ministrum ago,] to minister, to wait upon. AtcucneZ- 

adai' yaarpl /uev rd avfi^upd. Phil. 287* SYN. 'AjuctuTrt/Xeuw, bovXevio, Bepd- 

Trevu), vnovpylu), vTrtyperedfjiui. 
AxaKdiuKos, r), or, adj. [promtus ad exsequendum ministerium,] prompt to 

supply, serviceable. "\v evdeios hXwKovXh-d: elvai boxys. Pint. 1171. 
AiaKoids, <,v, b, subst. [famulus; inprimu, qui cibos minislrat,] an attendant, 

a minister . "Opviv, Xv duoXovOuv bian&voi' r eyoi. Av. 73. Syn. 'AfxcpXndXds, 

bXuKrwp, irais, VTirjpt7r\s. 

AidKuiTTw, v. [discindo,] to cut asunder, to separate. AxdKonrt, /u>)re filaye. 
Anacr. 28. 15. SYN. Ko7rra>, diacry^'iw, binppiiyiv/ui. 

m&Kdpivu f v. [stupro,] to deflower, to violate. "Ooirep /ui bxikopevuev ovadv 
enrerii'. Thesin. 487. SYN. Aiatydelpu), Kdraiayyvu)., v. [strepitum edere cogo,] to cause to rumble, to shake with a 
rumbling noise. r i7/»' yaarepd, kuI xXdvdt e£atyvti$ avrtfv bitKopKopvyqal. Nub. 
386. SyN. KopKopvy lit), y\e<jj. 

AidKocriJieo), v. [divido, dispono, ordino, re^o,] to divide, to arrange, to mar- 
shal. 'H^eTs ft is beKdbas bidKoafurjOeifjitp 'A^aioc* B. 12(). 

AiaKpacu), v. [clamo,] to cry out. WopvaiaX kui ($&b&ye$9l bidktKpayivai. Equit. 
1403. SYN. Kpactti), bXdfiddo), dra/vXa^oi. 

AXatcprji'dbj, v. [e fonte refundo,] to pour forth from a pipe, to pour fresh. Olov 
bfj rdud Trttf/id bieKpr\vu)ad-i, Nv/iipai. Theocr. 7- 154. 

Axd~Kpibdv, adv. [(1) praccipue, eximie, (2) discrete, distincte,] chiefly, pre- 
ferably, decidedly. KapreX re oBeve'i re bXaKpibuv elruX dpinrih. O. 10S. 

AiaKpiviD, v. [secerno, discerno, &c] to separate, to distinguish, to discern. 
Kat k dXdos -01, &~nt, biaKp'neu rd ar/fid. 0. 195. Syn. AXdpi^u), bXaipZw, 
d<pdpi£u), droLKpivu). 


AXaupXeXs, E<os, if, subst. [discretio, dijudicatio,] decision, determination. Aefyi' 

exZv> y teXeoito bXaKpXaXs 'AXkXvooio. Apoll. 4. Il69« SYN. Tvwfirf, j//?)0os. 
AXatcpoTEW, V. [subagito.] "Airavres avrrfv bXeKpoTrjadr kv pepei. Cycl. 179. 
AXaKrdpXa, as, ff, subst. [ministerium,] the office of a herald, ministry. Av^voy 

dirayyeXXovTa hXanroplnv 'AfpobiTrjs. Musae. 6. SYN. 'AyyeXXa, bovXevjud. 
AiaKTbpus, ov, 6, subst. [(1) minister, (2) nuncius, epith. Mercurii,] a servant, 

a messenger, an interpreter. Avrap dpa Zevs btitce biaKTopu 'ApyeityovTy. B. 

103. SYN. AXclkovos, ayyeXos. 
AXaKwXva), v. [impedio, prohibeo,] to hinder, to prevent. Mdpdv \A£p;//rov 

bXdtcwXvcrai. Alcest. 33. SYN. KwXvcd, ette^w. 
AtdXayyaj/w, 2. a. eXd^or, v. [sortito divido,] to decide by lot. 07/ aXby/pa) 

biofjiu bidXa^ely robe. Phoen. 66. SYN. AXaKXrfpdto, bXa/jept^o/Jiai. 
AiaXcih-eo), v. [cum sonitu dissilio,] to burst asunder with a noise, to explode. 

E«r' efaicpyjjs bidXaKijaaaa npds avrC), Nub. 409. SYN. AXapprfyvvfiX. 
AXaXaXeoj, v. [colloquor,] to converse with. "Azov, 'bbvrraev, bXdXdXifoojiev tX 

aoi. Cycl. 174. 
bXakapfiavta, f. Xri\pd/xai, v. [divido, distribuo, distinguo,] to separate, to divide, 

to distinguish. ITws ovv tXs avrd bxd\dj3d)v opdtos KpXye'i ; Eur. Eiectr. 373. 
AXaXa/jnTco, v. [illucesco,] to shine through or abroad. 'Ey pijydpEcdy, eojs bXeXajx- 

\pev fjfxepa. Plut. 744. SYN. 'RtiXct/Lnro), ETrXXafXTruj, bXdtyaUojuai. 
AtaXyris, eos, 6 et r/, adj. [qui perdolet, luctiticus,] grievous, sorrowful. AtaX- 

yrjs ara bXd<p£pei Toy ai-rXoy. Choeph. 62. SYN. Tospos, fidpvTrevflrjs, /3dpi/aX- 

AidXeyw, v. [deligo,] to choose, to distinguish, to ascertain. T>)v fiiv yl 7rpu>- 

rrjy, bXdXiyovaay ty\v Unify. Lysistr. 720. SYN. AXaKpivo), bXopi£u>. 
AxdXEyd/uat, v. [loquor, dissero,] to speak, to converse with, to reason. 'AXXd 

rXrf fj.01 TCtvrd (j)XXos bXiXe^aTo dvf.ibs; A. 407. SYN. 'Ayopeva), aKpifioXoyEO- 

AtdXe/^w, v. [lingo,] to lick clean. 'Ayddos y vXaKTeh', Kal bXdXeixeiy rds 

Xyrpas. Vesp. &99' 
AXdXe&s, ews, ij, subst. [sermocinatio,] elocution, converse. AtVep yvwfirjv, iced 

bXdXefyy, Kal vovv iffxiy TtdpE^pvcrXv. Nub. 3l6. SYN. AXarpXfir), optXta, pfjffXs, 

Xeoyr], odpiarvs. 
AXaXen-ToXdyEd/Jiat, v. [argute dissero,] to argue with subtlety. AxdXe7rrdXdyov- 

fxai TalsboKois Tfjs ohXas. Nub. 1498. SYN. AXaXtyofxat. 
AidXeTTTds, ov, 6 et if, adj. [pertenuis,] very slender. AXdXenTov & ovtos aWov, 

tyiv irvoifv. Nub. lb". SYN. Actttos. 
AXaXXdyt), ijs, if, et bXaXXaypd, utos, to, subst. [reconciliation] reconciliation, 

interposition, mediation. Kai bvarXvTovs E^ovad rds bXaXXdyas. Phcen. 386. 

See also Helen. 585. SYN. YLipifvrf, cvvaXXdyri, <f)XXXa, /uerdjSoX//. 
AXaXXaKTi)s, ov, et bXaXXaicrifp, fjpds, 6, subst. [reconciliator,] a reconciler. Qiu/y 

yit'ono, Kai bXaXXaKTr/s tcdnuiy. Phoen. 478. See Sept. Theb. 9®9- 
AXaXXd(T(T(o, f. £w, v. [(l) muto, (2) reconcilio,] to exchange, to reconcile. 

"AXXoi' bXaXXctfavrd to7s cdTio vEtcpoy. Alcest. 14. SYN. 'AXXdaau), ovyaXXda- 

o(o, fiET aXXcio a to. 
AidXvfj.ahd{jai, v. [(l)noceo, (2) dilanio,] to injure, to dishonor, to mangle. 

Xprjtrpols uhlKOiS hXi\vfx^vBr{v. Hipp. 1346. SYN. BXa7rrw, bcnrroj. 
AidXvaXs, Eios, if, subst. [dissolulio,] dissolution, the putting an enc\ to, the ter- 
mination. 'AXX' eis (te Teiyei rwvbi bXdXvais tcdtcwv. Phoen. 448. SYN. A10X- 

Xdyrj, ekXvgXs. 
AtdXvw, f. vaio, v. [dissolvo,] to dissolve, to unfasten, to dismiss. NeUovs te 

bXaXveadi. b. [leiOeadai ^ptwv. Orest. 1696. Syn. Avw, ekXvw, KdrdXvcj, 

AtaX<pXro(o, v. [farina oppleo,] to fill entirely with meal. AmX^irwaw aov kvkXq 

T))u Kapbdnoy. Nub. 66.9. 
Atdfjiddvyo), v. [in ciuciem redigo,] to reduce to ashes. IloAo hlmmdvrh 1 'Ap~ 

ytior bdKo$, Agam. 797- Syn. 'AfiaQifvut, q. v. 


LkiafiaTTuj, f. £w, v. [subigo, pinso,] to knead, to bake. "Ov bxdfia r rei v ov km- 

Xvfi. A v. 46*3. SYN. 'Avdjurirrw, biairXuTTU). 
Aiuftaxofiai, f. iiaxiaonai vel ad^o^at, v. [depugno,] to tight against, to com- 
bat with. Trjvbi bebXure, fi>) be bXafxaxovfiedd. Plut. 448. SYN. MdxdfAUi, 

avBiardum, dv-Xtyepo/jai, cWi/ud^ouat, avrexu, bxdyiovicdfxai, itVTdywvicidfxat, 

evavrtdofxai, iaxvpi-^ofiai. 
Atdudw, v. [demeto, discindo,] to cut asunder with a sickle, to tear off or 

asunder. 'Avrucpv be Trdpal Xcnrdprjv bXd/xr}ae yXT&vd. T. 359' SYN. "Aado;, 1 

(iit or efir 10, &ta<7)(/£to, airodeptcta). 
toafiediqfii, v. [dimitto e manibns,] to dismiss, to leave to, to throw aside, to 

neglect. Tw bal rrdrpaav bXdfxedrjs Ti/jujpXav ; Eur. Electr. 978. See 'AtyXq/Jii. 
Atafxeifib), f. -Xu), v. [commuto,] to change one place for another, to pass 

through. Evpw7ras bldfieixfjas. lph. T. 400. SYN. Merd/3a/\Xw, eTrdvaXXaTTU). 
AiafitXeicTTi, adv. [membratim,] limb by limb, in pieces. Tovs be bXafxeXeiaTX 

rdfiiov omXlaadro bopirov. i. 29 '• 
Axd/jierpeu), v. [dimetior,] to measure out. Awpov fxev -npuiTOV bXe/nerpeov, avrdp 

eireird. V. 315. SYN. 'AvafMerpeoj, bXaipetv, bXdrarrb). 
AXu/.ierprjTdSy ?/, ov, adj. [dimensus,] measured. Kai p' eyyvs GTriTrjv bXdfieTpr}T<ji 

evX x&P 1 ?- I • 344. 
Aidf-ierpos, ov, i), (sc. ypap/jLtj.) snbst. [diametrus,] a measure across, a diameter. 

Kai bxd/uerpovs, Kat atyf/vas. Ran. 799* 
&£(t), v. [femora diduco s. divarico,] to divide or part the thighs. '£y« 

bXanr)pi£oifx av avrf]v ybeojs. Aves 669- 
Aiafxrjxdvddfxat, v. [fabricor, machinor,] to conlrive, to discover. AXdfitfxav^ 

aofjiai f)\ onajs. Equit. 9W- 
AxdjjiXvvpojiai, v. [exili s. fiebili voce cantillo,] to sing with a lamentable or 

whining voice. Mvpfiqicds uTpuxovs, ij rX bid/iXvvpe-ai ; Thesm. 100. Syn. 

MXvvpi$io, Oprjveu}. 
AXdtioipdw, v. [divido, dispeitior,] to tear to pieces, to mangle, to deal out. 

Aoyx^s epd/jiai bXdfioipdaai. Hipp. 1373. Sy N. AXabdreofxat, bXatpew, /uepl^dj. 
AmuTrai-, adv. [(l) penitus, (2) semper, (3) utrinque,] right through, entirely, 

always, on both sides, fydvevovod bal/jiwv bXa/und'^. Bacch. 982. Syn. Atd- 

Travros, ttuvtojs, biqveKuis. 
AXafi7repis, adv. [penitus, perpetuo,] quite through, entirely, ever. T fl live Ke- 

(paXXriv, eiQe aov biaf.i7repes. Philoct. 79^' SYN. I7oVr>;, 7ravreXios, reXews. 
AxduvdoXdyeu, v. [enarro. eloquor,] to relate, to tell, to record. FKuxr-o-a 

bX£fivQdXoyi]fTt. P. V. 915* SYN. AcdXtyoaai, bie&ifiX. 
AxdfivXXaiioj, v. [lahra distorqueo,] to turn the mouth awry, to distort. Olds 

be bti^vXXatvev, cos b>) bec,ios. Vesp. 1315. 
Aia/.(fpXt:t6s, ov, o et >/, adj. [seorsum positus, diversus, discrepans,] very 

different. To hlafuftibttiv. P. V. 5?0. 
Aiavbixd, adv. [bifariam, ex duobus alter,] in two ways, one of two things 

only. ILrlideaaiv XdffioivX bXavbixd fiep/jLy'iptlet'. A. 189* 
AidvtfMo, v. [divido, distribuo,] to divide, to distribute. Et ydp d TlXovrds 

0Xex^eit TrdXtv, btdiei/ueiev r Xaov avrov. Plut. 510. SYN. 'ATrdfxeipdfjai, 


Axdvevfid, ctrds, to, snbst. [nutatio,] a beckoning. Aldvevfidrd XapXruv. 

Thesm. 122. 
Aiaviaaiifiai, V. [transeo,] to pass through. Aeirrov bXdviaadfxevdv. Pyth. J2.' 
I 44. 
AxdvoeofAcu, v. [mente agito, paro,] to turn over in the mind, to think, to de- 
sign, to intend, a. Ii> & ov tcdrdde'iyai bidvueT ; b. $v\aZ6fiai, Eccles. 769- 
SYN. Aiaddvdfxcn, bXdytyvojffKU). 
Axdvoid, as, //, subst. [mens,] mind, thought, sense. 'Ay«0// blavoid 7rdXiTais. 
Eumeil. 1011. SYN. No?;u«, iiriVOla, y^wa>;, Xoytauos, a'ioOqo'ts, Ovfibs, <}>()>)>', 
\ vdds, Trpdntbes. 
AXavTaids, a, ov, adj. [ex advcrso penetrans,] penetrating through, fatal. 
1 See the note at "A/ui«. 


AXavralbs etVttev dbvpa fie. Ion 766. 
AlavT\e<0, v. [exhaurio, velut sentinam exantlo, perfero,] to endure, to sustain. 
M.dicpas bXavrXova' ep bofxois ofaovpXas. Here. F. 1365. SYN. 'A7raiTXew, aV- 
arXrjfAi, avajuepiv. 

Aidpv<o et blai'vTU), v. [perficio,] to finisli, to bring to an end. AtavXovs linrXovs 

hXrivvoe. Eur. Electr. 825. SYN. 'Avi/w, aVe/)yac?d/ucu, reXetow, Karepydcd- 


Alafalvh), v. [carmino, distraho,] to card, to tear asunder, to distract. 'E7rt 

rats apxaici bXa^pai, teal rds KE<j>dXas aKoriXat. Lysistr. 578. SYN. AiaXvio, 

ijcuVw, 6Xij3d), ai'cupeai, bXaKOTrrw. 

Ata£i((>t£dfxai y v. [digladior,] to attack with the sword. 2e yap, os MrfbotaX 

hie^i(j>i<T(o irepirr\s X^P as MapaQo/i't. Equit. 781. SYN. TldXefisu), bXafxa-^dfiai . 

A?a7raXat'w, V. [colluctor,] to contend, to struggle. 'AXXa bXETrdXaiop airdXs. 

Equit. 572. 
AiaVaXXw, v. [sorlior,] to fix by lot, to allot. Xdopd vdietp bXa7rnXas. Sept. 

Theb. 738. SYN. IlaXXw, bXaKXrjpooj. 
bXcmaXvvio, v. [in partes minutas disseco,] to dash to pieces. "BavQbv be Kpard 

bXeTrdXvve, teal pdtyas. Phcen. 1 1 76. 
Am7rarrdXevw, v. [distendo clavis seu paxillis affixum,] to stretch on stakes 

fixed in the ground, to peg down. AxdTraTrdXevdrioet x«A* at ' Equit. 371. 

SYN. 'Ecre/Vw. 
Axd-rreivdio, v. [valde esurio,] to be very hungry, to starve. Has e^ete ; bXd- 

ireivajuEs atet irarro niip. Acharn. 751. 
AXdneipd, as, fj, subst. [experientia,] a trial, experience. Adyov bxdneipd toi. 

Olymp. 4. 2Q. SYN. 'EjU7re<|0ta, irelpd, fidodpos, Ktpbvpos. 
AXa7r€ip(o, v. [transadigo,] to pierce through. Ityvptip aibrjpd xevrpd bxd-n-etpas 

fiEaop. Pho3n. 26. SYN. He/pw, dvdireipw, efnrEpopdb). 
AXaTTEpalpd), v. [ad finem perduco,] to bring to an end, to finish. TVltVcXae, 

(pEpe brj, bXaTTEpapiofxep Xoyovs. Androm. 333. SYN. TeXetow, aVepyae , o/*at. 
AXdnEpaidio, et bXawepdit), f. arno, v. [(1) trajieio, (2) e vagina stringo,] (1) to 

convey across, to pass over, (2) to unsheath. KdXewv Epvard bXEirEpaiwQr) ZXcpr]. 

Aj. Fl. 730. See also Anclr. 1248. SYN. AxdfiaiPM, bxdyu), bXep^ofxat, ktcTrEpdu. 
AXdnepQh) et bXairopdeiOy v. [devasto, everto,] to plunder, to waste, to demolish. 

'Yfiip ciddpdryvX, bia7rpddE€ip Tubs darv. H. 32. See also Helen. 111. SYN. 

'AyarpETTb), divrdu), brjXdu). 
Atct7T£racw, et biaire'ravvvjiu, f. daw, v. [pando, aperio,] to expand, to open. 

"0(top bidivETdaaa ettX Tfjs kXivtjs fiopop. Lysistr. 732. 
Aid7r6v6ujuai, poet, pro bXdirvpQdpdjAai, v. [perscrutor, exquiro,] to ask or inquire 

thoroughly. Tp(o<T€i bi xpdpu bXarrevdofxepos. Agam. 808. SyN. 'ApaclrjTEU), 

dpatcpiP(o t bXd7rvi'0dpd/uai. 
AXaTrtaivii), v. [pinguefacio, sagino,] to fatten thoroughly. MtjXojp ^iXm£«, 

j3oTapais bXaniavBe'iarai. Theocr. l6. 0,1 • SYN. Tliaivto, XX-rratpa). 
AxdTr'nrTio, v. [elabor, quasi e manibus,] to fall asunder, to fall away, to escape. 

Aid7r£(7otjut iraPTdyfh Equit. 6$%. SYN. AXdXiaQaipio , v 7r e K(f>ev y oj , d7rdrvyxdv(jt>. 
AmVXeKw, f. £w, v. [intertexo, contexo,] to entwine, to interweave, to spend. 

AXu7tXek€ip $,wp riblws ToXonrdp, ws fyuas Xtio. Aves 7^5. SYN. 'EjUTrXeK&j, 

Am7rX//<r<rw, f. £o>, v. [ictu perfringo, diffindo,] to dash to pieces. THirrow tcis 

fiEP iiitird bXaTXijGanPTES 'A^ato/. V F. 120. 
AiaTrXoos, ou, 6, adj. et subst. [(I) hue et illic delatus, (2) trajectus, transmis- 

sio,] (1) sailing about, (2) sailing across, passage. Kou 7rappi))(oX bij btdn-Xdov 

KdQifTTdadp. Pers. 382. 
AXanXwu), v. [navigationem conficio, navigo,] to sail across, to navigate. Ke70ev 

$e bXairXwovaXp 'AftaPTUP. Call. 4. 288. SYN. Am7rXfw, bXdfiaiPh), 6tty>)(Ojueu. 
AxdnoprXos, ov, 6 et y, adj. [qui per mare fertur, transmarinus,] across the sea. 

TlX^aovfiai tcijyiop bXairoPTXas, ovte KaKiaros. Theocr. 14. 55. 
Aia7ropdE(o ; vid. AXdvepdat. 
AXawparru), v. [(l) perficio, conficio ; (2) transigo cum aliquo,] to finish, to 


execute, to kill, to treat with. TlXovrovoX, bXanpaTTovoX, vikuktiv bXtsas. Equit. 
93. SyN. 'ATrepyacZdfjat, Karepya^dfjiai. 

Axairp£Trr)s, eds, 6 et rj, adj. [eximius,] distinguished, conspicuous, 'ibeiv /je- 
yiaTrj, hXaTrpe^ijs te ti)v Qlav. Iph. A. 1487« SYN."E£o)(os, V7reipd)(ds, e^aipE- 
tos, etacpXros, EKbrjXds, Enter) fids. 

Aia7rp£7rw. v. [conspicuus sum, excello,] to be distinguished, to excel, to sur- 
pass. 'Hr' &pd iravriDV bXairplizeis cftyvyXq. Alcest. 658. SYN. M.ETCL7rpE7rw, 

cXd(f)£p(jJ, TTpoZyWy VTTEpE^U), V7T€p(3airh) } V7T€pfiaXX(t), VTTEpi]VdpE<0. 

AXa7rpi(o, v. [serra disseco,] to saw asunder. Yldaov bxbws bijr ; b. et bicnrpicr- 

6elev bXyd> Pax 1262. SYN. 'Efiirpiw, bXaTepno. 
AXairpvoXos, a, ov, adj. [(1) late porrectus; (2) clarus, late sonans,] clear, loud, 

wide-spreading, far extended. KpwdXd bl BpdfiXd bXdnpvaXdv. Helen. 130?. 

SYN. Avbriets, bXarvpos. 
Am7rroew, et poet. bXaTrrouoj, v. [perterrefacio,] to alarm, to terrify. "Us eiiruiv, 

E7T£effoX bXeTTTOirjaE yvi/cuicas. a. 339* SYN. Ilroew, eKbeiptdrdo), eK7rX?/rrw, K&ra- 

Aicnrrvoau), fa, v. [evolvo, explico,] to unfold, to spread out, to explain. 

Qvtoi bXaTTTV)(QevTES t uKpdrjaav kukoi. Antig. 709- SyN. 'AvairTvacru), bXoiyoj, 

bXaaacpEU), (pdiEpovj, e£a7rAoto. 
Atcurrvxii, fjs, ?/, subst. [volumen,] a fold. AEyofiac irapeh bi ypd/j/jdrwi' bXa- 

ittvxcls. Iph. T. 794. 
Aia.7rvpds, ou, 6 et ?/, adj. [igne excandefactus,] ignited, fiery. Atd-n-vpos 5' eor<V 

K&XcJs. Cycl. 626. SYN."Eyu7riipds, depfios. 
AXu.7rvpo(o, v. [accendo, comburo,] to kindle, to set on fire, or reduce to ashes 

Ktk'ois yap av Tpniav ye bXEirvpwadfjriv. Cycl. 69O. SYN. AXdnaiio, Karafflw. 
AXapahiOf et bXappah'w, v. [respergo,] to shed, to sprinkle all over. Kpovvol 

bteppaivovTu Kprivcdov ttotov. Trach. 14. 
AXapfflfiEoj, v. [dinumero,] to enumerate. Yt'ityovs birjpXdfirjffE IlaXXas wXeVi?, 

Iph. T. 9°Y' SYN. Karapffl/uEd), KaxdXeyw, bXdXdyiCofiai. 
AiapKEU), f. tew, v. [surricientes vires habeo, sufficio, sustineo,] to be sufficient 01 

equal to, to resist, to hold out, to prevail. BovXcu b' dwicrroi AaXov bXijpKEodv. 

Sept. Theb. 842. SYN. 'ApKew, e£apjcew, EirapKEU), ftorjOEd). 
AXapfiogw, v. [disjungo,] to tear asunder, to rend. AXapptdaas diroTtpb betnroi- 
, vas. Orest. 1452. SYN. 'ATrocJei/yvv/i?, dTrooirdw, xo>p/c?a/. 
AXaptaclu), f. daio et a£w, v. [diripio, discerpo,] to snatch nway by force, to 

plunder, to tear. Ali^d bXapnaZovatv dvaXtubd dv/auv ey/wcts. II. 355. Syn. 

Z.vvapTra?tj). bXacrnacj, btdandpaaato, dvapTrad.(a. * 

\AXappaiu), v. [vasto, destiuo,] to break to pieces, to shatter, to destroy ut- 
terly. N>;& btappatovaX, 6eHov dEKrjrX dvannov ; fx. 290. SYN. AXdnepOoj, 

bXuiordoj, bXatyQeipto. 
Axapplit), f. pevao/uai, v. [perfluo,] to flow through, to vanish. Xdpis bXappel, 

Kal irpdbovc dXiatCErai. Aj. Fl. 1266. SYN. Kdrappe. w, bXaXvo/uai, bXa(f)Beipvfiai, 

Atappijyvvfjii, v. [difTringo,] to tear asunder, to rend, to burst. YlXevpdi' 

bXappi]E,afTu r^bl tyafTydvh). Aj. Fl. 834. SYN. 'Avappyyvv/jiX, avvTpifib), (ryj.$,i.o. 
AXappi7TTio y bXapptnTEio, et biuppiTTTacncu), v. [disjicio, trajicio,] to toss about, to 

scatter, to hurl. TpdyuvbXappiTrToinX; fieXriovnoXv. Thesm. 773. See also 

Vesp. 59- et I. 575. SYN. AXaoKibavwuX, d-rroppiTrTO), KaTdfidXXu), IktXvcktvw. 
AXappdf], rjs, ?/, subst. [meatus, canalis animae,] a passage through, a channel, 

the windpipe. Te/uvei irXbrjpy nvevfxdros biappdus. Hec. 565. 
AXappvdfu), v. [cum strepitu excito,] to cause to spread like the noise of a tor- 
rent. OeTffcu, bieppoQiiauT a\[>vypv tcdtcrfv. Sept. Theb. I76. 
Atappoiilw, v. [cum stridore ruo s. transfigo,] to rush or pierce with a whizz- 
ing noise, to penetrate. Xrepvwv bXeppol£r)fT£W €k6vi](tko}v & 6 Oi'ip. Trach. 568. 

SYN. AXuTripdu). 
Aiappvh)v, adv. [ita ut difHuat seu diluatur. Vid. Doctiss. Blomf. in 1. c] in 

streams. Ttras <pdvos TiEnriylv ob bXappVbdi>. Choeph. 6l. 

Pros. Lex. 2 E 

218 AIAP AIA2 

AXappVeio, veljpotius AXafipeu), (q. v.) v. [diffluo,] to flow away, to waste away, 

to decay. "iv e^eXys pe, Kpty bXeppvrjKeyai. Vesp. 1156. 
AtOjOjow^, tiyds, 6 et fj, adj. [disruptus,] broken asunder, rifled. 7 Hr ris bXapp(o£ 

xvpdrwy ttoXXm ortAw. Iph. T. 262. SYN. 'Airopp&Z, 
Ataprdpeio, v. [in frusta concido,] to cut into small pieces, to tear asunder, to 

devour. AXaprdpyiaei oLopdros jj.£ya panes. P. V. 105Q. 
AidcrdXaKuvictio, v. [lascivum ago,] to play the wanton, to move lasciviously. 

'flbi irpofias, rpv^epov rX bXdcrdXaKwvXody. Vesp. Il69« Sy N.^Afipvyofxat, bXa- 

AuiaracjiEU), v. [manifesto, clare explico,] to explain distinctly, to prove. OvS' 

d xpovos auras bXeadtyrja qvtfas Kei'usi Phcen. 409* SYN. Qavepou), brjXdu). 
AXdtrrjuds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [illustris, eximius,] very plain, distinguished, illus- 
trious. AXdmipd yap 6poe~i. Philoct. 212. SYN. 'EirXfftipos, Xa/i7rpos, (pdvepos. 
AidaXd, iov, ra, subst. [festum in honorem Jovis Milichii Athenis,] a festival in 

honor of Zevs M.€iXi%ios. "Or £7rpXdp.r)y aoi AidaXois d/uagibd. Nub. 864. 
Alder ly do pa i, f. (rtyrjoopai, v. [reticeo,] to pass over in silence. AXdaiyaoopiaX 

avTOv jxopuv. Olymp. 13. 130. 
AXaaXtonaa), v. [conlicesco,] to keep silent or secret. "EjieXXe b' avrd, bXdoioj- 

irrjaas aVa£. Ion 156'6\ 
AXaanaipw, v. [persulto,] to bound along. "AicXtrot, vypd aeXevdd bXaanalpoy- 

res hvovro. Apoll. 1. 574. 
AXaaKavbiici£io, v. [plitores imitor ; deinde Euripidem, aicaybiK07ru)Xibos filiuni : 

vox Aristoph.] to imitate Euripides, whose mother sold herbs called anavbi- 

kes. M// fxoi ye, fir) pot, /x>) bXaaKavbucXvys. Equit. 19* 
AXacncebayyvpi, f. oKebaoto, et poet. bXaffKibvrjpX, v. [dissipo,] to scatter, to dis- 
perse, to efface. K.ap(pdXecoy , ra pev dp re bXefftcebda dXXvbXs aXXy. e. 369. 

See also CE. C. 1340. and E. 529* SYN. 'ATrocwebavvvpX, bXacnreipio, dnop- 

pt7TT(M). j 

AXacnceTtropai, hXaoKoireiOy et bXaaKoirXdopai, v. [perspicio, dispicio, speculor,] to 
consider thoroughly, to deliberate, to espy. IIws ovv tceKparai, fepe bXaaicexpu)- 
Hldd. Cycl. 559, See also Vesp. 246. et K. 388. SYN. iKeTrrdpiat, dewpeto, 

<PpOVTl$.U). ' 

AXaafXYj^io, v. [extergendo perpurgo,] to rub, to cleanse by rubbing. *AXa\y 

bXcMrprjxdeis bvair dv ovrdai. Nub. 1237* SYN. Xju^w. 
Axdadcpiidpai, v. [sophistice ago,] to act the sophist, to deceive by cunning 

language. Ev^dpeyds, elrd bidaocpi^rjTat Xeyioy. Aves l6l9« 
Am (map a a aio, et bXaffndu), f. doio, v. [distraho, discerpo,] to tear asunder. 

AXaairdparTei, Kal tyvapirazet flXa. Pers. 195. See also Eur. Suppl. 840. 

SYN. 'A7roo"7raw, SaVj-w, avvrptfiw, bXnipeu). 
AXaairdpaKTos, 17, oV, adj. [dilaniatus,] torn to pieces. AXaarrdpaKTov, Koiibey ev 

TavTf irebw. Bacch. 1218. 
AXacnreipu), v. [dissipo,] to scatter asunder, to disperse. Td be bXaaneipet /udrrjy. 

Soph. Electr. 1292. SYN. AXaoKebdvyvpX, bXacpopeut. 
AXcurradpadpai, v. [libro, metior, dispono,] to weigh, to measure, to adjust. 

Kal dripXwbovs deiov 1 bieoTdd/xfjoaTd. Eur. Suppl. 213. SYN. AXdrciTTio, bXdpe 

Ataoret^d), v. [pervado, abeo,] to go through or away. Xd jxev dyeypopeia^ye 

bXeorXye paXd vdfieveiv. Theocr. 27. 68. SYN. Bdbicto, bXdfiaiyu), bXepxpfxai, 

AiaaTiXfito, v. [mico, refulgeo,] to glitter, to reflect lustre. At re dplvd- 

kcs bXacrriXfiovaX 7rpbs Toy ijXXoy. Pax 066. SYN. AXd^aiyopiai, bXaXctfiiru), 

AXaoToiyjZopiai, v. [ordiue colloco, stabilio,] to arrange, to settle, to establish, 

"AXXotaXv dXXd Kal bXeoToiyiZero. P. V. 238. SYN. AXdraoab). 
AXaarpetyuj, v. [distorqueo,] to bend aside, to distort, to pervert. Evbatfid- 

1 &euv is here a monosvllable. 


AIA2 AIAT 219 

\ vijua y\ el biaaTpdfi'ia&fiai ; Equit. 175. SYN. Ildpdyw, itdp&ovpit), bXatyBeipw, 
| \to(3ao/ 
Aici(TTpd(f)ds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [distortus,] distorted. 'H 6' atypdv e^telad, Kal bXa- 

arpofovs. Baccli. 1121. 
Aiaatyaipigoj, v. [in pilae morein disjicio,] to scatter like balls. Xelpas, bXea<pui- 

pi£e aaptcas l Uevdeios. Baccil. 1 125. 
&Xa<T(f)TiKou), v. [in vespam converto,] to form like a wasp. EIrd Qavfxa$,ei fi 

opibv fjtfjov hlea<pr}KttiixEt 6i>. Vesp. 1072. 
Am<rx«cw, v. [discindo,] to split, to cleave asunder. Nevpd bXea^iaQr)' tuv be 

okotus 6(7(7 endXvxLe. n. 31 6. SYN. AXapptiyrvfiX, cnrovxiciu), bXdrefxrut. 
&Xaau)£u>, v. [servo, con:>ervo,] to render safe, to rescue, to deliver. 'IkctXs, 

tv avbpX rcifxa bXacriovw Xe^rj. Helen. 65. SYN. 'Avd(7u>c!oj, bXdrrjpeto, bXix<pv- 

Atdrarrw, f. £w, v. [dispono,] to arrange, to station. "Avbpes 07rX7rai r5tdra£d- 

fxevoi. Vesp. 360. SYN. AidrXdrj/jX, Kdraprvu), bXenu), bXaaTadfxddjuai, Taaaio. 
Atdreyyw, v. [humecto,] to moisten, to soak. Atdreyyet (3u>fxovs. Iph. T. 405. 

SYN. Teyyw, fipe-^o). 
A?dret)(/5w, v. [muro inter jecto distermino,] to separate, to fortify by a wall. 

AXa.T€i-)(i£(oi>, cat xprjcrfiubwv, 6 Qe/ULardxXeX avrX<t)Epi£uji>. Equit. 815. Exp. 

^LvaTeXXojv tu Tei-^rj. 
AxdreK/naipd/uiai, v. [(l) certis notis ostendo ; (2) conjieio,] to prove by clear 

signs, to conjecture, "larpov \iiv kuXeovtes e^ds bXereKjjiripavTb* Apoll. 4. 284. 

SYN. TeKfxaipdfxai, di'dbeUvvfiX, brjXoa). 
AXdreXy)s, ids, 6 et //, adj. [perpetuus,] continual, effectual. Bporrai bXareXels, 

rd TroXXa re. OS. C. 1514. SYN. 'AaxeXijs, avve^ris. 
AtdreXei/rctw, et bXdreXeu), v. [ad finem perduco, perficio,] to bring to an end, 

to finish. 'AXXd rX Key pe^aifxX ; deos bXd rravrd reXevTcj.. T. 90. See also 

Heracl. 435. SYN. 'Avi/w, d7repya.C0jJ.a1, bidyo), bXdfxevu). 
AidrefAvw, f. rlfxib, v. [disseco,] to cut through or asunder. (daXarraoTrXayKTov 

y, (Jbe bXuTEfxujv XP°<*' Hec. 770. SYN. Svvre/ui'w, bXaa-^i^u), bXarfxriyiOy bXd- 


&XaT£Tpatv(i>, vel bxdTLTpaivoij v. [perforo, perterebro,] to bore through, to pe- 
netrate. 'AKdrjv be ^(odi'i]S (bra bXereTp^vdro. Thesm. 18. SYN. Aidnelpio, 
vXaKUTTTU), bXcijjpijypv/uX. 

CiXdrriKU), v. [liquo, liquefacio moilio,] to melt thoroughly, to soften. Krjpoy 
bXarr^as, elrd rr/i' \pvXXav Xd/3wv. Nub. 149. SYN. 'Efcn/fotf, avvTyicu), fidXarrw, 

\XdTXdrjfjiX, f. bXddtjau), v. [compono, dispono, &c] to settle, to compose, to 
arrange. *fls eiVwv, bXidrftce tikpeiXia Qolfios 'A7toXXwj>. H. Apoll. 254. $YN. 
aXaroTTU, o-vvtuttw, d7rdbXbw/biX, Kddi(7TT}fxX. 

Atdrowo-w, f. £w, v. [quassatione labefacto,] to shake to pieces. Td XlerOiws 
fxlXnBpd btdrXva^erai. Baccli. 578. SYN. AuiXvoj. 
\G/LarivOdXefc, a, or, adj. [ignitus, candens,] red hot. Kepaviy bldrivOdXe^. 
Vesp. 328. SyN. Aidnvpos, Oepfxos. 

Amr/uryyw, et bXar/triaau), v. [discindo,] to cut asunder, to cut into parts, to se- 
parate. Tw y uts fluvXevaavre bXeTfidyev' »; \xlv l-rretrd. A. 531. SYN. Atd- 

' re/jivuf, bXa.GX.icii), d<j)dvi£(o. 

lidrd/ij), ijs, f], subst. [incisio, compositio,] a cutting, a decision. Atdro^aTs ov 
<pXXats, epXbX. Sept. r Iheb. 931. 
\\XuTdpds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [penetrans, perforatus, percussus,] penetrating, loud, 
acute, perforated. Avw a t^ovrd bluropovs Trobuiv aKfxas. (E. R. 1034. 

\XaTptyu), f. Qpetyfxai, v. [percurro,] to run through, 'l^phuevrd KiXevda tHkhpSL- 
[iov, es be Tepaiarop. y. 177- 

XiaTptw, f. eaio, v. [perterrefactu difFugio,] to run away in alarm. Ai// r 
dveyu>pr\(jav, bid t eTpeadv dXXvbm dXXus. P. 729- SYN. Tpiw, tXeXiCof(fti t 

1 " An <rdpna, ut Porsoni tauou scrvetur V Dr. Maltby. 

220 AIAT AIA<I> 

AiaVpi/3>), ijs t >/, subst. [mora,] delay, "opdjxd §' eVAorov bXdrpXpff noWi) Xtyetv. 

Phcen. 768. 
bXarpifita, v. [attero, contero ; remoror,] to wear out; to retard, to delay. MijtI 
bXarpifieiy top efi6p j(oXdp, ciXXd ju edaai. A. 42. SYN. At/Ovyw, (jpabvyw, 
dvaXiaKiv, dvd/3aXXo/Liat, 5taya». 
AtaTpnTTiKos, >), ov, adj. [atterendi vim liabens,] wearing away. Ei ^j) Smrpin- 

rtKoV ye, kovk 6£op ya/iwv. Lysist. 943. 
Am7-(ud7ros, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [perversus, diversus,] altered, different. Axdrpdnot 

be Tponois" 6 b" 1 opQos. I ph. A. 559* SYN. £ud(popos, bXaarpoyds, aXXoirpoa- 

toarpvyXos, ov, 6, adj. [frumento consitus inter vitium ordines,] having corn 

planted between the vine rows. Aworeiv TrevTr^oPTd, bXarpvyXos be eKaaros. 

tt). 341. SYN. Kap7ro^>opos, irvpoipdpds. 
Atarpwyw, f. Tp&*ofitn, v. [perrodo, corrodo,] to eat through, to gnaw, to cor- 
rode. AXarpw^dfjirii roivvv vbali t6 biKTVov. Vesp. l64. SYN. KdreaOiu). 
AXavXobpdjiris, ov, 6, et bXavXobpdpds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [qui diaulum currit,] one 

who runs the double course. AXavXobpdjjap v-rrdzop iraibtov dveeiwep. Pyth. 

10. 14. 
AtavXos, ov, 6, subst. [diaulus : cursus duplex; mensura duorum stadiorum ; 

reciprocatio, cursus reciprocus,] a double course, the reciprocation. IIoXXoTs 

bXavXois KVficiTiov <pdpov/uepos. Hec. 29* 
AXatpciivdfjtai, v. [conspicuus sum, adpareo,] to be distinctly seen, to appear 

clearly. 'Ev cdddpy' 6dX brj vZkXhov bXe^aivero X^P ^* ®* 491. SYN. €>cuVd/xai, 

efjKpah'dfuai, 7rdptordyucu. 
&Xd(j)dvris, eos, 6 et fj, a dj. [pellucidus, clarus,] quite clear. AT, aV Tab' ijbq 

bXd(pdvrj. CE. R. 754. SyN.*Ek§»?Xos, bfjXos, efJKf>dprjs, Xajjurpos, eTrXarffJids. 
Aid<f>epio, f. bXoiaw, a. 1. ijveyicd, v. [in diversas partes fero, &c] to carry dif- 
ferent ways, to distract, to differ, to cause the difference, to excel. ~Ap ol 

TeKovTes bXdtyepovoXp, r) Tpd(f>ai ; Hec. 597* SYN. Atttrrty/n, £taXXa<r<7W, bXd<j>o- 

peu), irpoeyu), vnepeyw, v7rep/3aXXo/int, inrepJDaipio, dp lot eh to. 
Aid<pevy(i), f. ev£opat, v. [effugio,] to escape from. QevyovoXp, wore bXdtpvyelv 

Tov/iov bopv. Iph. T. 1327' SYN. 'Airdcpevyto, etctyevyto. 
Ata00e/0w, f. ep<5 et epato, v. [corrumpo, perdo,] to corrupt thoroughly, to 

destroy, to spoil. Ndfios 7rdXaios batfioi'MV bXecpOdprj. Eur. Suppl. 573. SYN. 

AXdiropdeto, dTroXXv/AX, bXaicpauo, dvaipea), fdeipto, Xvfiaipd/Jiat. 
AicKpddpa, as, r/, subst. [corruptela, pernicies,] corruption, destruction. A! 6' 

alfxaTwrrol bepyfid-iov bXatpdopai. Phcen. 884. SYN. Qddpa, efaXetd, brjXrjfjid, 

Xhfjirj, e^Opa. 
Aid(poipacdfxaL t v. [furore corripior,] to be seized with frenzy. 'H/ifr, top avbpd 

bxdire<poij3a(7dai kukoIs. Aj. Fl. 332. SYN. 'EKfiaipofxat. 
Atd^opa, as, yj, subst. [differentia, dissensio,] difference, dissension, quarrel. 

WacryoPTds, ei cat fxrjrpX bXd(j)6pdp £X eu Mt?d. 75. 
Axdfdpe'a), v. [differo, distraho,} to scatter, to dissipate, to spread extensively. 

Tovs be -rrrepwroXs bXdtyopwv TO^ev^daX. Here. F. 570. SYN. 'Avdtyepto, dpdfidX- 

Xd/nat, bXaandpaaau/ . 
Axd<pdpds, ov, o et fj, adj. [(l) diversus, (2) praestans,] different, discordant, ex- 
cellent. /HXdtpopd 7roXXd deojp x (3poT0~ioXv eioopio. Eur. Suppl. 622. Syn. 

'AXXoTos, afi(j)XXenTds. 
AXaQpdgu), v. [iudico et narro clare,] to show plainly, to explain. "12s -nwi fioi 

ft//r?7p bXe-irecppabe, nai fjtoi eenrep. X. 9. SYN. <l>pa£u). 
kXafpetd, <j)p{]adfiai, pro Aid<f>epia, v. [transmitto,] to convey. Tup /jtijpXutp ty/p 

KPioadp ov bXd(pp{]arETe. Aves 193. 
Atd</>vX«<rtrw, v. [custodio,] to guard thoroughly, to secure, to defend. Oi' r* 

av to Kcibfjiov bXetyvXaaaop IttttXkop. Eur. Suppl. 682. SYN. Aaicrar^w, d/uvpu, 


Oiwif is here a monosyllable. 

AIA$ AlEI 221 

Am0v<r<7w, f. £w, v. [prorsus ex aliquo in aliud transfundo,] to pour through. 

Ov to. kcitci Xd-rrdprjv, bXd &' evrepd -^oXkos d<pvaae. H. 317* SYN. Atd/co-nTo;, 

o7ravrA£W, yupiSlh). 
A<a X a\aw, f. a<rw, v. [laxo, dissolvo,] to loosen, to relax, to open. AidxdXow-s 

fiot fxeXaQpd, b flues, ws tcpvxpu) befxds. Iph. A. 1340. SYN. 'AvdjuoxXeuu/, 

bXolyto, bXdXvo), bXaOKebavvvfiX. 
&icixa<TKb), v. [hisco, fatisco,] to gape. lav 6' apfjovXtiv btd^aaKovauv, Equit. 

530. SYN. Xa<r/cw, dvd^nivu). 
Am^c«#, f. ey<Tfa>, v. [(1) diffundo, (2) disseco,] to pour, to spread, to dissipate, 

to dissect. Tov bepov, dfi<pX 0' e^oy, kcu fiiv bte-^evdv diravrd. H. 3l6. SYN. 

Airiakebavvv/uX, baiu). 
Alaxpadfiai, v. [(l) utor, (2) interficio, (3) mutuo sumo,} to use, to despatch, 

to borrow. Evvod, ov (pev£rj ; bXdxpweiTat tov dyovrd. Theocr. 15. 54. SYN. 

Xpdd/zat, dvatpeu), bXatydeipuj. 
&lax<*ipl£h), v. [secerno,] to separate. AWrip ydp, ore rd 7rpwrd ble^wpi^eTd. 

Tliesm. 14. 
Aiaxpaipuj, v. [perpurgo, perflo,] to sweep, to waft through. AZpai bXaxfsalpovoX 

ir\zKTavr}v kclttvov. Aves 1714. SYN. Kd0a/poj, bXdrjfiX. 
Aidto, v. vide &Xar)[xX. 
Ai/3a^uos, ov, 6 et 77, adj. [bipes,] two-footed. Axfictfjids elftl* Trjbe ovyKeiTai 

ddXds. Rhes. 215. Syn. Aittovs. 
Ai/SoXos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [utrimque cuspidatus, anceps,] having two edges or 

points. ktfidXov t olkovtci 7rciXXojv. Rhes. 374. SYN. AtVro/ios, aficjiXfidXds. 
Aiydvds, ov, 6 etij, adj. [geminus,] twin, two kindred. AXyovd o-wjudr ev xdovX 

Keifievd irXayq.. Eur. Electr. 1179* SYN. Axbvfios, botos, btoobs. 
Axbayfxd, arts, to, subst. [doctrina, institutio,] instruction, warning, "IW avrX 

tovtov tov bxbdy/jidTds /Jtovov, Nub. 668. SYN. Ae7£is, 7re7pd, eirXbeiypd, bXbd- 

X»?, fiddri/jd. 
&XbaK-ds, j), ov, adj. [qui docere vel doceri potest,] capable of teaching or 

being taught,* communicable. Ylolov ; bxbafyv, jafjTep, et bxbaKTd /not. Trach.64. 
Aioa£?s, Z(ds, bibaaKaXXa, as, et bibdxv, ys, »/, subst. [doctrina, docendi actus,] 

instruction, discipline, doctrine. AabalXv eadXov' tovto 6' i'jv tXs ev fiddrj. 

Hec. 599. See Phoc. 84. SYN. MddrjoXs, iraibeia, TrdpaiveaXs, bxbayjad, vov- 

AibdaKdXds, ov, 6 et //, subst. [magister literarum et morum,] a teacher, a master. 

Ok eioetypovfurjv* tov be vovv bxbaavidXov. Tioad. 654. SYN. 'EmcFTdTrjs, Trpo- 


AioaorKc.;, f. bibafo et poet. bXbaoKyo-w, v. [doceo,] to teach, to instruct, to in- 
form. rioXXd bxbc'iaKet /x o 7roXvs (3iotos. Hipp. 252. SYN. TLaibevco, (ftpeido). 
Aibrj/ui, f. b)'bt'i<Tu), v. [" verbum vetus ap. Horn, a btio, ligo." Morell.] to bind. 

"Ibrjs ev K.vr}fxo~iaX bibr) [xoaxotaX XvyotoXv. A. 105. 
AlbvfxdGjv, 6v6s, 6 et >/, et bxbvLids, rj,ov, adj. [geminus,] twin, twofold. 'E/c be 

AioicXyos bxbvfxuove Tcaibe yeveaOi]v. E. 548. See also Here. F. 657. Syn. At- 

ynviis, ofioTrais, botos, bibv/jioyhojs. 
bibvpaTotcds, ov, rj, Dor. pro bibvfjirjTdKos, adj. [gemcllipara,] bringing forth 

two at a time. Alyd re toi bionio bcbvfxuTOKov es TpXs ilfxeX^ai. Theocr. 1. 25. 
bxbvfidy eviis, ebs, o et r/, adj. [eodem partu editus,] twin-born, twin. Aibvpo- 

yeves dyaX/ud 7ruTpibds. Hel. 207. 
AiSw/ut, f. bojtru), v. [do, dono,] to give. Kpeioaut bibioaX tH}s TvpavvXbos \dpiv, 

Hipp. 1024. See abo T. 270. Horn. Cer. 327. I. 136. et Hec. 577- Syn. 

i\(opedfiai, xdpi£ofAM, t7rirp£7rw, o7ra^w, 7rpocr(pepio. 
^XeibrjfxX, et hXttbu), v. [perspicue cognosco, perspicio,] to see through or clearly, 

to distinguish, to recognise. 'Avbpiov o' otu> \P } ) ™»> kukov bieibevai. Med. 

518. See also Apoll. 1. 546. Syn. Aidbtpudfiat. 
Ai€(Xi/w, v. [clam evolvo ; pass, elabor,] to evolve, to unroll ; pats, to slip 

through. O'lrj 6' ttyvetold bXeiXvoOelod bofxotb. A poll. 4. 35. Syn. \A7r#&f- 

bpaoKw, dtyepnut, tyevyu). 


Aiei/uX, Ep. fut. Sielodfjiai, v. [permeo,] to go through, to penetrate, to continue, 

to persevere. "Avayrd yap bXeifiX aoi rby aepd. Aves 1392. Syn. AXsettu), bi- 

e^eifiX, bXepxpfxai, bXu)Ku>. 
Atenrw, v. Vid. AXeno> ab eVw. 
AXeipyu), f.£w, et bXepyw, v. [distineo,] to separate by an enclosure, to intersect, 

to keep off, to distinguish. *£ls dpd rovs bXeepyby £7cdX^Xes' ol b' vnep avrtiv. 

M. 424. SYT«i..'A7r6epyw, ej-eipyto, bXa)(ii)pi£(0, bXiarrjfxX, 
Aldpdfiai, poet, pro bXepdjiai, v. [inquiro, perrogo,] to inquire diligently, to ask 

minutely. MrjrX ov ravrd eKaard bXeiplo, fjitjbe fierdXXd. A. 550. SYN, 'Ar- 

epwrdw, bXepevvdu), e^epevrdio. 
AieipiovoZevds, ov, 6et rj, adj. [simulato hospitio fallens,] fraudulent to strangers 

or guests. Ol b', dr 'byres aloypotcepbeis icai bXeipuvolevoi. Pax 623. 
AXeK7T£pdio, f. daw, v. [e loco aliquo per alium transeoj to pass through, to en- 
dure. Aevp i]X6bjj.ey, 7roXX&y dupiov pt£as bXeKTrepibvTes. Plut. 283. 
AieXavyo), f. bXeXdau), v. [peragro, perequito, trajicio,] to drive, to ride, or 

force through. Tlepav be bXeXdoavres aXXrjXtov b)(pvs. Eur. Suppl. 6&6. SYN. 

Aidfiaivto, di'dTrei'pu). 
AXeXKvu), el bXeXxw, v. [traho per,] to draw through, to drag out. Am baicri/XXov 

filv ovy Efxe y ay bXeXavaais. Plut. 1036. See also <j>. 299. SYN. AXdyto, 

AXefiTroXdu), v. [divendo,] to sell, to betray. Ate/i7ro\£ XbyotaX irpos a 6 vavfid- 

rijs; Philoct. 579' SYN. AmVpdrrw. 
AXeirepevfid, drbs, to, subst. [investigatio de iutestinorum natura,] an investi- 
gation or explanation of the intestines. 3 il rpta/uaKdpXos rov bXeyrepev/j-drbs, 

Nub. 166\ 
AiefcifJiX, et bXeZepxopcii, f. eXevabfiat, v. [(l) egredior, (2) mente persequor,] 

to go out through, to pass, to detail. HLicatcis f rrj yap e/meXXe bXe^Xevai ire- 

btovbe. Z. 393. See also Phoen. 1030.. SYN. Am/3cuVw, bXdirepdw, bXeipX, 

AXefcipyio, v. [prohibeo,] to prevent, to hinder, to exclude. "Oare bXeK IleAo- 

Truyyrjaov irietpdv eepyei. Horn. Apoll. 432. SYN. AXeipyw, kdXvio. 
AXeZeped/jiai, v. [percontor,] to ask, to seek earnestly. 'A\Xd rXrj ejjie ravrd 

hXe^epeeaQe EKaard; K. 432. SYN. AXetpojJiai, dvepdjjiat, dvaKpivoj. 
AieTTu), ab end), v. [distincte loquor; colloquor,] to speak distinctly, to con- 
verse. H UTrdvevde ; bXetne fioi, ocppd bdeiw. K. 424. 
AXenui, ab eVw, v. [exsequor studiose, abigo, administro, dirigo,] to follow 

through, to follow up, to drive away, to manage. "lis bye Kotpdvecoy bXene 

arpdrbv' ol b % dybpiivbe. B. 207. SYN. Aidrdaaw, direvdvvu), dfJ(j)E7r(ti, bidridrjfiX, 

bXouceu), Kadiardfiai, bXtoKto, Kvfiepvdw. 
AXepydgbfxai, v. [conficio,] to work through, to dispatch. "Ay ovy, 'bbvooev, 

Kai bXepydaai // dywy. Hec. 373. Syn. Kdrepyd2b/j,ai, bXci\pddfxai f dvaipetx), 

Aiepeibdfiai, v. [innitor,] to kneel or rest upon, to be propped or supported. 

^Krjirrpoi TlpXapov bXepeibb/ieyd. Troad. 151. SYN. 'Ep^ibb/Jtai, arr}pi^6jxat. 
AXepeaata, f. bXepeaw, v. [remigo per,] to row, to wave. AaXoHaX x^P as bXepea- 

aoyras. Troad. 1249- 
AXipos, d, ov, adj. [hurnidus, liquidus,] humid, wet, pliant, quick. Ok eo-flP 

ovros dvrjp bXepbs fipords, ovbZ yeyijrat. 5.201. SYN. MvbdXeos, vorids, j'to- 

Xfios, yXupos. 
Aiepnio, v. [penetro reptando,] to creep, to pass through. Kcu irvp blepxeiy, 

Kal deovs bpK(jjjj.6r€iy. Antig. 26'5. 
Axtpxpfiai, f. bXeXevaofxai, v. [trauseo,] to go through, to reach, to survey. 
"Oar oXtoy fityd ttwv biepyeraX apyeyyatoy. T. 19S. SYN. Aie^ep^o/Jiai, biefafiX, 

bidfiaiyw, rrdpepxa/Jiai. 
AievvaZu), v. [consopio,] to lull to sleep. Aid r evvdaai rbv efxbv pXdrbv. Hipp. 

1377. Syn. Evmcw. 
Ate^u, v. biefa, v. [(l) distraho, (2) intervenio,] to divide, to give way, 

AIZH Aim 223 

to be distant, to intervene. 'Avru'pv be bXeoye nap 6/jL<f>dXdv eyyeds alxfxij. 
V. 4 16". SYN. Aiepypfiai, bX(\ppi)yvvfxl, tcarappriyvvpi, buarrifii. 

Aiziyjat, bizu>, et bicdfxai, v. [quzero, dubito,] to seek, to look for, to doubt, 
Yldvbdpov avrlQlov btztfi/jei'ds, et irov eQevpot, E. l6S. SyN. ZrjTeu), dvepevvdio, 
autyKficiWu), biardiu), ci/JfXvdeto. 

Ai£u£, vyos, 6 et //, adj. [bijugis, duplex,] a couple ; double. TpioTOiyel' ndpd 
be otylv tKuaru) tl^uyes 'ittttoi. K. 473. SYN. AiiTTvyos, barXoos. 

AinyEdfiai, v. [narro, edissero,] to relate, to declare. Tis dv olv to irpdyix 
abrols bXrjyrjaaird ; b. av. Aves 19S. SyN. 'K^tjyedfxat, e^icrropeio, bXafivrjfio- 
vevio, aTrayyeXXio, /jtjvvio, bXe£ei/jX, (ppct£u>. 

AirjepWs, a, dv, adj. [per aerem,] through the air. 7 £l# al\pd bXrjepXat iroTeovrai. 
Apoll. 2. 225. 

A117CW, v. [pervenio, pervado,] to go, to stretch through, to penetrate through. 
Axrfce tyvur] 7rcubd rrijv d(j>iy/jevrjv. Iph. A. 426. SYN. Ai'ei/xt, bXaareiyjo. 

AttjXvaXs, fws, >/, subst. [transitus,] a passage across, a ferry. Ke/v?7 jxev ndvToid 
bXtjXvaXs, eida naXtffTu. Apoll. 4. 1573. 

Atr}psKeios, et bXrjvtKes, adv. [jugi et continuo tenore,] continuously, in a con- 
tinued series. Ov fiev tol Keivov ye bXrjveKeios dyopevacj. b. 836. See also 
Horn. Ap. 255. Syn. ^Ivve^s, del. 

AirjveKijs, ids, 6 et //, adj. [contiuuus, perpetuus,] continued, uninterrupted, un- 
broken. 'ArpcnrXToi re bXqvenees, XXfxeves re Trdvopnoi. v. 195. Syn. Mdk'pos, 

Aiqvefids, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [vento expositus,] exposed to the wind. Axijvefxov 
XeXonrev. Trach. 326. Syn. 'YxpyXos, eprjfids. 

Axfipls, ids, rd, subst. [summa pars aedificii,] an elevated part, the top of the 
house. MeOfjKe, fj.eXddpu)v es birjpes zayarov. Phoen. 88. 

AxOtjktos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [utrinque acutus, anceps,] double-edged. AxOtiktov 
ev otydyaiaX (Sa^aaa. £i<j>6s. P. V. 888. SYN. AxfioXos, dfxfXfioXds. 

AXQpbvds, et bioicriirTpos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [(1) duas sedes et (2) duo sceptra habens,] 
(1) haying two thrones, (2) two sceptres. Axdpdvov Axddev Kal btaMjirTpov. 
Agam. 42. 

AtOvpa/LtftdbxbdfTkdXds, ov, b, subst. [dithyrambicus poeta,] a dithyrambic poet. 
^Fi/yas bv J} rpe~is bidvpafjfiobxbaaKaXwv. Pax 827« 

AidOpa/ufids, ov,6, subst. [(1) nomen Bacchi. Vid.Bck^os; (2) dithyranibus, car- 
men Baccho sacrum,] (l)a name of Bacchus ; (2) a dithyramb, or song dedi- 
cated to Bacchus. Tuv bidvpdfifiiov yap rd XafiTTpd yiyverai. Aves 1388. 

Attaiy'w, v. [dormio,] to sleep, to repose. Top ev biXavavrd. Here. F. 1048. 
SYN. 'lai/w, Kadevbu). 

Axi~r)/uX, v. [transmitto,] to send or drive through. Aatfjtwv bXFjKe, rybe yrj o-wr//- 
pXdv. Phojn. 1 108. 

Axl~KvZd/uai, f. bxilofxat, v. [pervenio, oratione percurro,] to go through, to pene- 
trate, to explain, to relate. 'Ev /jLotprj ydpTxdvrd, bxUeo Kal KariXe^ds. T. 1S6\ 
SYN. AXe^eifxXy bXepyonai, Kd&iKvib}iai, KdOi'iKu), bX^yedfiai. 

AXiirery)s, ids, o et //, adj. [a Jove delapsus,] fallen from Jupiter, flooded, pure, 
liquid, bright. Ylds I.Trepyeio'id, Autteteos 7r6ra/io7o. II. 174. SYN. Ylpavy)s, 
bid(f>dvT]S, bXavyrjs. 

AxXiroXXd, et AXnrdXeid, wv, rd, subst. [dies festi Athenis in honorem Jovis,] a 
festival at Athens in honor of Jupiter IloXreus, as protector of the city. Mv- 
artipf 'Epfjrj, AxX7rdXei, 'Abwvid. Pax 419* 

&XXn6XXu)br)s, eds, 6 et 1), adj. [priscus, obsoletus,] coeval with the festival A?r- 
TroXXd, antiquated, obsolete, fabulous. 'Apxaid ye Kal AxXiroXXuibt}, 1 teal rer- 

1 Here read, on account of the metre, Atirb\Xu>5ri, and in the preceding word Aj7roAta, though not 
for the same reason. Brunck remarks at Nub. 084. " AiiroKiuOr}. Sic A. B. Vulgo AinroMuZi], 
ut sit proceleusmaticus pro dactylo. Placet forma contracta, Aiir6\t.a, Sidvpafifios, Sidaia, 
quorum prima itidem producitur." " Sic etiam dixere Attici At<pi\os, non Ait<pi\os." R. P. 
Suppl. liv. Porson denies that the proceleusmatic is admissible in Aristophanic anapaestic 

224 AU1 AiKP 

riytav ava/ieaTa. Nub. 984. 
Alierrripi, v. [seorsim statuo, dissidium facio, disjungo,] to set apart, to set al 

variance, to divide. 'E£ ov b)) to. irp&Ta biaarrjTrjv EpXaavrt. A. 6. SYN. Aa- 

oravw, otyoorarea;, bXaywpiztto. 
AxX~rp£<pr}S, eos, 6, P. N. [Diitrephes.] Aeirais y' efiov to petpanXdv 6 Aitroe^Z/s 

Aves 1442. 
AXkcl^oj, f. diTw, v. [judico,] to judge, to decide, to determine. TpvoX te kcii 

AdvdoiaX biKaSerio, ws EirXeiKES. 0. 431. SYN. Kpivuy, bXdyiyvwaiOt), defAMrrevut, 

a/MJ)icr(3r}TE<*), ey/cdXew. 
AiKawTrdXls, ems, 6 et ^, adj. [justitiam in urbibus colens,] observing justice 

in the cities. 'A bXtcaioirdXXs. Pyth. 8. SI. 
AltcaLds, a, ov, adj. [Justus, aequus,] just, equitable, good, right, righteous. 

Xatpe b f 'Adrjvatr) ttetxwixev^ avbpX bXnaih). y. 52. SYN. "EvbXicds, inXetKris, 

^prjarrds, aycidos, Taos. 
At/catdw, v, [justum et sequum censeo, &c] to think a person or tiling just or 

right, to do justice to, to defend, to claim as a right. Qevyetv biaaiov r oarXs 

dv t '" Apyos (j)vyoi ; Heracl. lpl. 
AXicaiws, adv. [juste, jure,] justly, rightly, Ylws av bXKalws a>s MvKijvaiovs dyoi. 

Heracl. 188. 
AXKaprjvos, ov, 6 et r}, adj. [biceps,] two-headed. 'Ofcrd7roces, bXudprjvoX ct^et- 

pses' ol bs KaXeuvrai. Batrach. 289- SYN. 'Apcplicdprjs, a.jj<j)Xtidpr]vds. 
AXicao7rd\ds, et bXicaerris, ov, 6, subst. [judex,] a minister of justice, a magistrate. 

AaivvraX, us etceoike bXicaffiroXov dvbp dXZyvveiv. X. 185. SYN. KpXrijs, bXtcys 

AXKaoTripXov, et (2) dimin. bXt:aoTr)pibXdv, ov, to, subst. [forum judiciale,] (1) a. 

court of justice, a tribunal, (2) a petty tribunal. Ku« bXKaarrjpX,'' t5. Equit. 

307. See also Vesp. 803. Syn. Bfjjxa, bx«r). 
AtKeXXd, rjs, fj, subst. [ligo, bidens,] a spade, a mattock, a pitchfork. Ylvp koi 

SiKeXXas, uts KaTaaaa^iav ttoXXv. Phoen. 1171. SYN. 'A/j,r), puKEXr], [ianeXXu, 

AXky], 1 rjs, i), subst. [jus, fas, lis,] justice, equity, right, a cause, law-suit, trial. 

To fxr) bXmiov Trjs biKrjS riaawfXEvdv. Ion 1117. SYN. KpXaXs, iroivr), Ti/uwpXa, 

eyKXrjfid, Be/uiXs, EPTTH. 'I0e7d, aKoXXa, data, XevaXfios, tytyrjfopos, vncrjfopds, 

Ttfioopos, 'xpovXos, 
AiKrjXov, ov, to, subst. [propr. effigies Jovis, dtinde effigies quselibet,] properly 

an image or representation of Jove; any resemblance or picture. XaXKein 

biKrjXov ev aauXbX (paivET ih&adat. Apoll. 1. 74-6. ExPL. See Schol. on this 

AXkt}v s adv. [more,] like to. KevrovcrX iccubas* al bt, ttoXe/uXiov bXicyv. Hec. 

AiKr)(j)dpds, ov, 6, subst. [juris defensor ; vindex,] a supporter of justice ; an 

avenger. Yldripd bXicaaTrjv, y bXtcrityopov Xlyeis', Choeph. 114. Syn. Tifno- 

AtKXbXdv, ov, to, subst. dimin. a bXnr), [lis parvula,] a petty suit. O'lav binXbXois. 

Nub. 1108. 
ACkXXs, ibds, ?/, adj. [gemina, qua? duplici clave obseratur,] doubly barred, 

folding. AtKXXbZs' ev bl yijvrj TapXri vvxras te KaX 7ipdp. (3. 345. 
AXicoppafEU), v. [causas s. lites consuo,] to patch up law-suits, to be litigious. 

'OpO&s irdpaiveis, ovk eCjv bluoppatyeiv . Nub. 1485. SYN. 'A/i0t(r/3^rew, <j)XXo- 


AiKopvQds, ov, d et fi, adj. [qui s. quod duplicem verticem habet,] having two 
tops. AtKopv(j)ov aEXds VTTEp cLKpuv. Phosii. 234. SyN. AiXotyos, bXKdpT}VOS. 

AbcpaTrjs, tds, 6 et ij, adj. [divisum habens imperium,] possessing a twofold au- 
thority. AiKpcLTels 'ArpetScu. Aj. Fl. 251. 

AiKpdds, bUpovs, adj. [biceps, bifidus,] having two prongs, forked. Tijvbe /uev 

1 Af/cij is frequently personified by the Greek poets. 


biKpo~is euQovv rfjv Qebv K£Kpayp.aoX. Pax 636. SYN. AtKdprjvds. 
AiKpdTos, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [(1) utrimque pulsans, (2) duabus orbitis sectus ; 

tritus,] impelling on both sides, marked by two wheels, rutted. EfofiavTes 

fjfiev bXKpdrov els dfia£i~dv. Eur. Electr. 775. 
AiKTvwa, t]s t »;, P. N. [noraen nymphae, item Dianae.] See"Aprefxis. AIktvvv 

ovpeia. Iph. T. 127. 
Aiktvov, ov, rb, subst. [rete, cassis,] a net. ^.Tel^ei yap elmreaovad btKTviov 

flpoxovs. Orest. 1308. SYN."ApKvs, yayydfidv. 
AiKTvoKXioffTds, ov, 6 et >;, adj. [in retia plexus,] woven like a net, net-like. 

2.7retpaiai biKTvoKXcjcrrois. Antig. 353. 
Aim, v. [jacio,] to throw, to fling. Ta7reTe~is bXKibv obovrds. Phoen. 678. 

SYN. BdXXw, piTTTii), KarafiaWu) . 
AiKojnds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [duos reraos habens,] two-oared. f 6pw bXKio7rdv, 6pw 

<TKa<f)ds. Alcest. 253. 
AxXoy^ds, ov, 6 et ?;, adj. [duas gestans lanceas, duplex,] doubly armed, two- 
fold. AXXoy^ov drr\v, (froivlav JfiviopXbd. Agam. 626. 
Ai\6(pds, ov, 6 et ?/, [duas cristas, seu duplicem verticem habens,] having two 

crest or cliffs. 2e & v-rep bXXd(pov nerpas. Antig. 1139. SYN. AXKdprjvos. 
Al/jiotpds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [duas habens partes,] having a distinct or a double 

portion. Kal to bXfioipov alvu>. iEsch. Suppl. 1078. 
Aivbv/ria, t]s, ij, P. N. [Dindymia,] a name of Cybele. MrjTepa AivhvpXriv 71-oXv- 

tt6tvXo.v eyKoXeovTes. Apoll. 1. 1125. 
Aivevu, htveu), et Ion. hiveveoKu, v. [gyro verso, circumago,] to move, turn, 

whirl, or roll round. Aivedv ws 5' ore ris rpvirw bopv vifiov avi'ip. 1. 384. See 

also 2. 543. and ft. 12. SYN. 'AvaKVfiXow, elXecj, KvXtvbeoj, arpecfHo. 
Ah'T], r)s, y, et b'tvds, ov, b, subst. [vortex, turbo,] a whirlpool, a vortex, a 

whirlwind. Zwovs b' ev bivyaX KdOlere jiiovvyds 'ittkovs. $. 132. See also 

Vesp. 6l6. SYN.*AeXXd. EP1TH. 'Apyvpea, cipyvpdeibfjs, dKrjXrjros, dve/jno- 

Kt]S, dot), XevKi). 
Atvijeis, eaad, ev, adj. [vorticosus,] whirling round, full of whirlpools, eddying. 

TrjXoBev ck AvKirjs, fzavdov dirv bivrjevros. B. 877' 
Awards, t}, ov, adj. [tornatus,] rounded, inlaid all round. *Hord cJo/iw buioruv 

dvd Bpovov, dvrd Qvpaiov. Apoll. 3. 44. 
AXdj3oXds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [a Jove missus,] hurled by Jupiter. UpXv awdv elXe 

bXofioXov. Alcest. 129. SYN. AXoKrinrds. 
AXoyeveriop, opos, b, subst. [Jovis genitor,] father of Jove. AXoyeveropos ev avXq. 

Bacch. 122. 
Atoyev^s, ids, AXoyvrjTos, et Axdydvos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [e Jove natus,] Jove-sprung, 

noble. T ft IlaXXds, w beo-irotvd Aidyeves 6ea. Cycl. 350. See also Hes. Scut. 

340. and Hipp. 560. SYN. Alas, evyevijs, yevvalos. 
Axdbds, ov, //, subst. [transitus, compitum,] a way through, a passage, a pass- 
port. "Aarpojv bXobovs' e'is re KeXaivov. P. V. 1086. SyN.'O&Js, 7rdpdbos, 

AXddlv, adv. [a Jove, divinitus,] from Jove. TotdS' en efiol pim) AXddev. 

p. v. 1090. 

AXoiyvvfiX, et bXolyto, f. £w, v. [aperio, pando,] to open widely, to gape, to 

expand. "RarrjKeV dXXd rets yvadovs bXoiyvvri. Eccles. 852. SYN. 'Avoiyoj, 

itv direr a.$,(i), bianTvacru). 
AXoiffrevu), v. [sagitta trajieio,] to shoot through. Nevpi'iv r hrdvoaai, btoi- 

orevoai re aXbrjpov. t. 587. SYN. 'Akovti^io, KardjiaWu. 
AXoi-^vea), v. [permeo,] to, pass through. 'AoXvi/s b' alwvd bioi^vei. Eumen. 

316. SYN. Aldftaivis), bXdfievio. 
AXoiyofxai, v. [peril,] to be undone, to be departed or gone from. Ala^puis 

tict'hois >/ bXKTj biol^irai. Eur. Suppl. 540. SYN. % i\6/jtat, oXtoXd, uTroXtoXd, 

epp(o, bXoXXvfxai. 
AXokX)~}s, rjos, b, P. N. [Diodes.] 'OpcriXd^os b' aft eriKTe AukXiJd fxeyaQvixdv. 

E. 547. 

Pt'os. Lex. 2 F 


Atdfcrv7ros, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [Jovis fulmine ictus,] struck with lightning. *H 

AXoktvwov yevds. Msch. Suppl. l6l. SYN. AXofioXos. 
AidXiadaivu), f. »/<rw, et bWXtcrdeo), v. [elabor e manibus,] to slip through, to 

escape. AioXioddvelv liev ciXXois. Anacr. 44. 9. . See Nub. 434. Syn. 

'OAto#c»Vw, €K(f)evy(o. 
AXoXecj, inus. pro quo usurp. bXoXXv/uX, v. [disperdo, obliviscor,] to destroy 

entirely, to ruin, to lose, to forget. To£' ei/yeVes oe tCjv typZvwv blu)Xe(TEi>. 

Hipp. 1388. SYN. ^Qeipio^bXa^Oeipio, diroXXvLiX, lie Xavddvet. 
AXdLu'ibris, eds, 6, P. N. [Diomedes,] Diomed, the son of Tydeus. ^vLnravTojv 

b" 1 rjye'ird /3di)v dyddos AXd/atibrjs. B. 567. EPITH. Tvbeibrjs, b'ids, vTrkpQvfxos, 

i7mdbctfjds, dyddos, bovpfuXvTOS, tcparepos, ey^eairdXoSj LtEV€7rroXEjjids, epiKvbijs, 

adsidpos, 'itydiLios. 
AXdvvaXd, cjv 9 ra, subst. [Dionysia,] festivals in honor of Bacchus. 1 "A£w ra 

Kar dypovs elouov AiovvaXd. Acharn. 202. 
Aioi'valds, dbos, fj, adj. [Bacchica,] of Bacchus. Ylpos a'lfxdr, ov-^t rds Aiovv- 

aXdbos. Here. F. 891. 
Aiovvabs, ov, 6. Vid. BaK^os. AXbvvaov ovk Ztyaavibv €K<pvvai Aids. Bacch. 27« 
Atd7T£7-/)s, eos, 6 et rj, adj. [de co3lo delapsus,] fallen from heaven. $>o~i(3os fx 

€7re/j.\pe bevpo, AXo7r£res Xdj3e7v. Iph. T. 977 ' SYN. Ainrerfis. 
Aidirds, ov, btoiTTYip, fjpus, et bioTrrrfs, ov, 6, subst. [inspector, administrator,] a 

commander, an inspector. TXvX <rtifi7Jv<o bioTrwv orpdrXas ; Rhes. 738. See 

also K. 562. and Rhes. 234. Syn. KdroTrrrjs, ettotttyip, ett6-ty\s, eirfavovSs, 

KdrcicrKOTros, decjpos, etydpos, tcrjbefioji'j riyE/uiby, fidaiXevs. 
Aio7rrevd) y v. [(l) inspicio, (2) speculor,] to look through, to survey. 'He 

fcowTevffiov, f] EvavrXfiXov 7rdXefii£b)v. K. 451. SYN. EtVopaw, EironTevit), e$o- 

Aiopdeixo, et bXopdow, v. [recte quidquam facio,] to correct, to adjust, to state 

rightly. "AXXws re, 7rws ai' lu) bXopOevwv Xoyovs ; Eur. Suppl. 427. See also 

Helen. 1158. SYN. 'a vopQbia, bXevQuvio, bXararru), dvdrXQr}pX. 
AXopiZio, v. [(1) distermino, (2) definio, (3) distinguo, (4) statuo,] to fix 

limits ; to define or mark out ; to distinguish ; to settle. Totaurd (piiftai 

fiavrXnal blupXadv. (E. R. 723. SYN. 'A^6p/c?w, bXaareXXu), bXdrdaaw, bXdx^' 

AXopvvixat, v. [propero per,] to hasten through, to pass over. YlaLKpvXwv re 

bXopvvjjiepa* iEsch. Suppl. 56*1. 
AXdpv-TU), f. £w, v. [perfodio,] to dig through, to break open, to scrutinise. 

"RgtXv birr) bfjd\ y\tXv dv evbodev olus r e'lrjs bXbpvfai. Vesp. 350. SYN. AXap- 

priyvvfu, bXdireipu). 
Aiopxeo/LiaX, v. [(1) persulto, (2) decerto saltando,] to continue to dance, to 

contend in dancing. 'Eyuot bXopxqvoLiEvbs, evddb' eiaXrii). Vesp. 1499* SYN. 

'Opyjrojucu, bXaXXofxat. 
A~ibs, a, 6v, adj. [(1) a Jove genitus, (2) divinus, (3) inclytus,] sprung 

from Jove; divine; incorruptible, pure, serene, mighty, noble, excellent. 

'Slblvbs dyaXfxd bias. Hec. 460. SYN. 'AvtiOeos, Xabdlbs, evbo&s, davfia- 

Aioaboros, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [a Jove donatus,] Jove-given. Aioabdrds eXdy. Pyth. 
8. 37. 

AXdarjuXa, as, r/, subst. [signum a Jove missum, ostentum,] a sign from Jove, a 
portentous storm. AXoarmXa 'a-X, teal pdvts (jefiXrjice fie. Acharn. 171. SYN. 
Ttpds, to ZvaiaifJiov. 

AXoaKopoi, AXoaKovpoi, ol, et AioGKopio, T(o, P. N. [Jovis filii gemini, Castor et 
Pollux.] TtfiCbv re fx obbiv »} AiooKopio. Orest. 459- See also Eur. Electr. 
1237. and Iph. A. 769- \ Syn. see Kdorwp, and UdXvbevKrjs. 

AXoTpe^ris, Ids, 6 et rj, adj. [Jovis alumnus,] divinely born and educated, Jove- 

i See Potter's Antiquities. ; . 

2 T4pt) is here omitted after Tla/x^Xcav on account of the metre and syntax. It is retained by 
Dr. Butler, though he very properly remarks : " Hanc vocem rejiciendo et metro et^ syntaxi 
optime consuluit Heath. Uncinulis earn incluserunt Schiitz. 1. Pors. Rejecit Schutz. 2." 


nourished, noble, renowned. Ue^pdheLiev, brjeis be Aiorptyeas Pd<rXXrjds. 

if. 49. 
AiTrnis, aibds, 6 et 7), adj. [duorum liberorura parens, bis puer,] a parent of two 

children, twice a child. Aikcus toi a eTrXTVfjfixbXos. Choeph. 332. 
AXtoXtos, ov, 6 et y), adj. [(1) qui utrimque vibrari potest, (2) act. bina tela 

lenens,] hurled with two hands, holding two weapons. f Hs ft eiboLiev bXnaXTd 

iroXefiXiov '^(prj. Iph. T. 324. SYN. 'AptyXbelXos, afxtyXfioXos. 
ATirXaSw, v. [(]) geminus sum, (2) gemino,] to be doubled, to be augmented 

doubly, to double. AXirXagerai Tiixr). Eur. Suppl. 79 l» SYN. 'ApabX~7r\a£h>, 

bX~7r\du>, dvabTirXooj, bX~itX66s elfiX. 
AXwXul, dk6s, rj, subst. [duplex laena,] a double cloak, a doublet. Kal 01 eyio 

yaXizeiov nop Kal bt7rXdicd biokd. r. 241. See ^F. 253. 
ATxXdaXos, a, ov, et bTirXoos, rj, ov, contr. bXirXovs, rj, ovv, adj. [duplex,] double, 

twofold. 1v be rrj KecpdXfj y , Xv f] bXirXdaXos 6 \^6(p6s. Aves 55. See also Iph. 

T. 6S9« SYN. At^-rrXa^, bi7TTV^, biirTvyos, biaroXos, btyddbXos, burros, bxbvixos. 
AiWXa<r?ws, adv. [rlupliciter,] doubly, in a twofold proportion. Hpeofieis. b. Ai- 

7rXaijXi»s ixdXXov dyy^eiv lioi bokei. Aves 1577' 
Ai7r/W£w, v. [duplico,] to double, to render double. " AyQos bX7rXoliei t$ 7re- 

Trafxh'to voabv. Agam. 808. SYN. AnrXacTw. 
ATttX 60s, vid. AX~7rXdcrX6s. 
Alir6bXa2u>, v. [salto KaTci bnrobiav, (more Laconum,)] to dance with both feet. 

"lv eyi) bXTTobiu^u) ye, Kaeiato na\6v. Lysislr. 1243. ExP. To'is bvo iroaX yo- 

Axn6p6s,ov, 6 et r), adj. [duos meatus habens, bimaris,] between two seas. *H 

bXnopov Kopvfav. Troad. 1087« 
AXnoTufios, ov, o et //, adj. [qui a duobus fluviis alluitur,] between two rivers. 

AXirordfiov Xvd noXiv fxoXio ; Eur. Suppl. 62 I . 
Ax-rrovs, ttoIos, 6 et >/, adj. [duos pedes habens,] two-footed. Mat/*£ 7reXas 

bt-n-ovs 6<J)Xs. iEsch. Suppl. 896. 
Al7rrvx6s, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [duplex, geminus,] double, twin. Ai7TTv-^d Troiijcravres' 

en avrwv b' <b pod err] adv. y. 458. SYN. see At7rXdfri6s. 
AiirvXos, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [duas portas habens,] having two gates or doors. 

7 ft vx^F-v- Trerpas bXnvXov, iivdXs av 7raXii>. Philoct. 97 5. 
AXnvpos, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [(1) duplici flamma spleodidus, (2) bis coctus,] having 

double lights, twice baked. 2t) b\ d AXos, binvpovs dveyovad Xafxndbds. Ran. 

Aipica, Dor. pro AipKrj, t?s, r), P. N. [Dirce,] a nymph ; hence the name of a 

fountain and river near Thebes. AipKtis re 7rtjya~is, ov 6' ct7r' 'Ioy^roD Xtyw. 

Sept. Theb. 259* SYN. Evwdpd'evos, fiuKaipd, KaXXtpeedpos, KaXXXpoos. PHR. 

Atpkas ayvov vbwp, pev/xdrd cre/ivd AipKas. 
Atpk-alos, a, 6v, adj. [Dircaeus,] of Dirce. Bddvs ye toi Aipkdios dva^wpelv 

rtopos. Pho?n. 742. 
AipKT). Vid. AlpKa. 
Aippvftos, ov, 6 et y, adj. [duos temones habens,] having two shafts. Alppv/ud 

re Kal Tpippvjxd TeXrj. Pers. 47 • (A nap. dim.) 
Alpfyvs, v6s, >/, subst. [Dirphys,] a mountain in Boeotia. Aip<j>vv & epwruv, ij a 

eQpexP' 'AftavTtbd. Here. F. 183. 
ats, adv. [bis,] twice. 'AXX' ore bt) b\s roaoov d\a Ttp))aaovTes dTTi'ifuev. t. 491. 
Aiaddvtjs, eos, o et yj, adj. [bis mortuus,] twice dead. AiaOdvees, ore t dXXoi 

anal Qvi'janova uvOpwiroi. fx. 22. 
Aujkevu), et biffKeco, v. [discum projicio,] to throw the quoit, to hurl. "Odev 

irerpalov aXfjid biffKevdrjaerai. Ion 1267. See also Isthin. 2. 51. SYN. 'Pt7rra- 

5w, TTpofiaXXu), 7repXbiveio, Xcltttu). 
Aiokrj/ud, dros, to, subst. [quod projicimus, (ut discum,)] the throwing of a 

quoit, a hurling. NeKpov, ov 7rvpywv biaKr^xd niKpov. Troad. 1111. (Anapiest. 

Aiokos, ov, 0, subst. [discus,] a quoit. AIokoioiv Ttpirovro, Kat aiydverjaiv Xivres, 

228 A121 AIXO 

b. 626. EPITH. AXdXvos, /carwjuaStds. 
Alffaapxai, wv t ol, adj. [duo regnantes vel regii,] two royal. Aiff-ff&pxas oXec- 

aas fiaaXXris. Aj. Fl. 390. 
Aiaabs, et btrros, 7), ov, adj. [geminus, duplex,] twin, double. See AxirXaaXos. 

Ataads QvXd^eis' rjv jjev <bpd(pp(t)v tXs t)» Helen. 505. 
Ahto&s, adv. [dupliciter, iterum,] doubly, again. T ft rdXas, biacrws dvrQ' fiiyaXd 

yap (j)Epio kclkcl. Phoen. 1347. SYN. Ai7rXa aXsos, aZOXs. 
AtoroXds, ov, 6 et//, adj. [geminus,] twin. Grjaect 1 nal tcls btaroXovs. CE. C 1055. 

Syn. see AnrXdo-tos. 
Aiardfids, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [geminum os habens, anceps,] having two mouths, 

two-edged, two-angled, where the roads intersect each other. Hirevbeiv d™ 

pvrfjpos, evQd biaTofJiQi. CE. C. 900. Syn. 'AfityicrrdfJios. 
AXvypds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [humidus, lacrymis madens,] twice-watered, moistened 

with tears, bitterly lamented. AXvypd rpXTraXnov Tr^yudrwv. Sept. Theb. 993. 

SYN. Aiipos, aifxaroarEyris. 
Ai(j>d(o, v. [quzero,] to seek by feeling, to catch. HoWovs av Kopeaeilv avr/p 

obs, Ttidla bity&v. II. 7^7 • SYN. Z^rew, tpevvdu), e^era^u), fxaarevu), fidrevu). 
ArfOepa, as, rj, subst. [(1) pellis, exuvium, (2) quicquid e pellibus fit, ut vestis 

coriacea,] a goat-skin, a hide, a shepherd's cloak. Ai^depwp KafofxXbwv, as 

ovtos avrols i}fxir6\a. Vesp. 444. Syn. Aepfxd, fiairi], 
AX(f>dpds, ov, 6 etfi, adj. [bifer,] producing or bearing two or twice a year. Ai- 

(j)dpov avurjs. Eccles. 707* 
AT(ppevr))s t et bfypriXarrjs, ov, 6, subst. [auriga,] a charioteer. Kcu tov bx<ppevrrjv 

"HXXou 7rpd<TevvE7ru). Aj. Fl. 868. See also I ph. A. 21 6. Syn. 'Ap/idrqXdr^, 

7]vXd)(os, v(j)r)vXd)(os, Tpd^r}Xarr]s, eXdrrip. 
Afypevw, et bfypriXaTEO), v. [aurigo,] to drive a chariot, to glide over in a cha- 
riot. E7Xkvg-£ bi<t>p€va)v Tra'is aXXas OerXbos. Androm. 108. See also Rhes. 

777. Syn. see 'Ao/udrevw. 
AfyprjXdaXa, as, 1), subst. [aurigatio,] driving, skill in driving the chariot. At- 

(pprjXdaXas' efxe b' (bv 7rct. Olymp. 3. 66. 
AfypiaKos, ov, 6, subst. [curriculum,] a coach-box. TpeTs fxval bXfpiaKov xal 

too^oIv 'AfivvXa, Nub. 31. 
AXtypovrXs, ibds, 6 et >/, adj. [animi dubius,] divided in mind, irresolute. "07r<ws 

bXtypovrXs ovad jutii \ivvaa6fXY]v. Choeph. 194. 
Afypds, ov, 6, et in plur. bfypot et bfypd, subst. [(1) locus in curru, in quo para- 
bates et auriga sedebant ; (2) currus,] (1) a coach-seat, or chariot-box, (2) a 

carriage which bears two persons, a chariot. Kcu ^vaoKoXXi'iToiaXv enpefibs 

bX<ppois. Phoen. 2. SyN. "Apfxd, $evyos, dfxalp., o\ps, oy^id, dvTvt,. EPITH. 

KaXos, vtoTevyj\s, TrpMTOTrdyfjs, irafjitydvoiav, ttoikXXos, detKsXXos, ev^eaTos, ev^oos, 

7repXKaXXijs, koXXtjtos, evepyrjs, £eoros, evn-XeKTos, £V7tXek^s, (Horn.) i7nretds, 

apfidretds, sXt^avrXvos, KafnrvXos, 7rdXvbaibdXos, TreiaXxdXivos, 
AT(ppdcj)dpE(t), v. [sellam porto,] to carry a litter or chair. Kcu top bx^pov yl bX- 

(frpdtydpei rovbl Xdjjojv. Aves 1552. 
Afypdfdpos, ov, 6 et »/, subst. [qui vel quae aliquem sella portat,} a chairman. 

Wov V6f f{ bX(f)po(j)dpds ; f] \vrpa, bevp' etydX. Eccl. 734. 
Aix«) adv. [bifariam,] in two ways; prasp. [sine,] apart from, without. Ao^d 

b' EX^P eL ^ L X dv'EXXavotit. Hec. 116. SYN. Airrats, biTTrvxd, \<*>pXs, dvev. 
AXyjiXos, ov, 6 et 11, adj. [ungulam habens bisulcam,] cloven-footed. Et^es b y dv 

7J TrXevp', i) bX-)(r]Xdv efxfidaXv. Bacch. 729« 
AXxvprfs, Zos, 6 et r/, subst. [divisor, sector,] a bisector, a divider. Mrivos bx- 

X>1py s > 'Ydbes te pavrXXots. Ion 1 1 56. 
AtxOdbXos, a, dv, adj. [duplex,] double. AixOdbXas Kfjpas <pEpE/iev Odvaroio rt- 

XocrbE. I. 411. SYN. Agios, bX/xXdos, bcirXdaXos. 
AXxofiovXds, ov, 6 et ri, adj. [discors,] quarrelling with. Moipg. Ne/ieaty bXxo- 

ftovXoy fiij difxEV. Olymp. 8. 114. SYN. AXxptypuv. 

1 ©Tjaca is here scanned as a spondee. 


AiXuSev, adv. [a duabus partibus,] from tvvo sides. Ka\ rav-d htyoQev fxiadu- 

(popovvres aXtyira. Pax 477 • 
Ax-XpprivXs, ibos, 77, adj. [ad lunam plenam pertinens,] of the full moon. Upbs 

yap ol hlyj&iLrivXs an aWepos avya£ovaa. Apoll. 1. 1231. SYN. T\avo~e\7}vds. 
bXx?ipvQos t ov, 6 et >/, adj. [ambiguus,] ambiguous, prevaricating. Atytf/uvfld, 

varepd jjiev abv eK7dyXov/JEvds. Orest. 888. 
^Xxoppdyrjs, ids, 6 et r\, adj. [dupliciter ruptus,] split in two, shattered. A?- 

yoppdyris ekcito Kpr}irXb(t)v ettX, Here. F. 1008. 
&txoppd7rojs, adv. [cum inclinatione in duas partes, ambigue,] with divided 

impulse, partially, ambiguously. To 6' ev Kparohj, fit) bXyoppoTrus Xbelv. Agam. 

kiXpoTaola, as, rj, subst. [dissensio, dissidium, seditio,] schism, discord. Ei/- 

vibes, apyakerjaX bXyoardaXris KebowvTai. Apoll. 4. 501. SYN. Aldtyopa. 
hZ-XotTTCLTEu), v. [dissideo,] to disagree, to separate from, "brav yvvij rrpos dvbpd 

f-n) bX-xovrdrrj. Med. 15. 
AXxo(ppu)v, dvos, 6 et 7], adj. [discors,] divided in mind, discordant. 'Apcuw t 

ck Ttdrpbs bX^ocppovX QufHg. Sept. Theb. 902. SYN. AX\d(3ovXds. 
A/»//d, i)s, 77, et bi-^ds, ids, to, subst. [(l) sitis ; (2) cupido,] thirst, drought ; de- 
sire. A/i/zec yap, ws eoikev, dtyavavQyadfxai. Eccl. 146. See also Cycl. 97- 

SYN. (2) "RXbojp, ETrXdvjjiXa. EpiTH. 'ApydXea, avakea, fypd, dvjno(f)6dpds, 

KeXaivrj, XvaXfiiXris, fjidXepa. PHR. Ai^dXea dvayicr}. 
At^dXtos, bt\pX6r, a, ov, et btx^ds, dbds, 7/, adj. [siticulosus, bibulus, aridus,] 

thirsty, dry, parched, scanty. Mvs ttote bixpdXeos, ydXerjs rivbvvdv dXvfas. 

Batrach. 9. See also Alcest. 576. et Apoll. 1. 1146. Syn. zrjpds, dzdXids, 

Ati/<dw, inf. bixprjv, v. [(l)sitio; (2) cupio,] to thirst; to long for. TldoE^w 

TVTTTeiv, netvrjv, bi\l>rjv. Nub. 441. SYN. (2) 'I/ue/pw, ettXQv/jeo). 
Atiiaos, vid. Ai^dXeos. 
Atw, v. [(1) persequor fugientem ; (2) timeo, fugio,] (l)to pursue, (2) to fear, 

to run, to flee. Ack-pv dvanpriaas, wept yap bXZ %'rjvaXv 'Ayaiwv. I. 433. See 

AXofxat. SYN. (l)'EK^o/3fw, d-iXavvw, bXMKcu, {2)(j>evyw, bXhpaaKw, e/c^evyw. 
Atwy/id, drds, to, subst. [id quod persequitur ; in 1. c. inest sensus tov dpfud,] 

a pursuit, speed. Yldrdvbv jxev ctwy/m 7rwXwv. Orest. 990. 
AXojyfids, ov, 6, et bXcjKTvs, Vds, t], subst. [persecutio,] pursuit, rout, chase. 

O'ifxoi bXo}yfj.(vy, oh iXavvofxat rdXas. Orest. 412. See also Call. 3. 194. Syn. 

Iwy/itfs, ndnwaXs. 
AXwbvvds, ov, 6 et 7/, adj. [gravem dolorem adferens,] agonizing. KaKelrds, ws 

f]KovoE, Ka\ bXubvvds. Trach. 779' 
bXwKu), f. £w, et Attice bXioKdQio, v. [persequor,] to go swiftly through, to pur- 
sue, to hasten, 'iy rjbdvfjs ooi, ^(XrdrT?, biuaofxai. Soph. Electr. 871. 

SYN. y E7rXbXwK(t), kdTdbXujKU), fAETdbXojKb). 
AXJodEo/jiai, f. djaofxai, v. [transjicio, detrudo, dispello,] to pusli or pierce 

through, to reject, to force asunder. Ovy, w5l Kijbds abv bXwalTcu ttdaXs* 

Androm. 86l. 
AXtoXvyXos, ov, 6 et 7/, adj. [(1) late patens, magnus, (2)tenebricosus,] vast, ex- 
tensive, gloomy. Ile^d bXwXvyXrjs dva-nk-KTaTaX t'lTretpoid. Apoll. 4. 1258. 

ExP. ^LKoreivr), rj EirXirdXv bXyKovad. Schol. SYN. Meyds, fjianpos, aicdTeivos. 
Alw/ioros, ov, 6 et t/, adj. [(1) juratus, (2) perjurus,] (1) bound by an oath, 

(2) perjured. Aiw/itfroi ttXeovoXv, i\ fiijv t) Xoyy. Philoct. 593. Syn. 'I^w- 


Axtjvjj, rjs, i], P. N. [Dione,] the mother of Venus. Kovprj &Xiuvr)s,Kv7rpX, fit) p 

e^epydo-T/. Helen. 1097- EPITH. 'Epdrr/, Ev-rrXdicdfAds, kuXi), £,avO>), ae/xvi). 
AXwvvjuds, ov, 6 et 77, adj. [(l)binoininis, (2) late longeque celeber s. iuclytus,] 

having two names, honorable. T A t biwvvpoi Qlai. Phoen. 694. Syn. Ovk. 

Aiujvvods poet, propter metrum pro Aldwads, q. v. 'H bl kiwvvoov 2t/jtX7j tekc, 

\apfid ppoTOlcriy. 5. 325. 


Aiu)pr)S, ids, 6, P. N. [Diores,] Tuiv b'AfidpvyKeibris 7]p\e cpdrepos Aiwprjs. 

B. 622. 
Aprjats, ems, r), subst. [domatio,] a subduing, a taming. "Innwv aOavdruv Eyepev 

hfAVJOlV TE fJEVOS TE. P. 4^6. 

AjurjTrjp, ijpbs, 6, et bjjrireipd, as, i), subst. [domitor, domitrix,] a subduer, 

a tamer. "iTnrup re b/.irfTf}pefji£vat Gwrfjpd re vqiov. Horn. H. Nept. 5. See 

also H. 259. SYN. f \7ntobdfjids, dpy^utv. 
A/Awr), ris, et b/jw7s, litis, f), subst. [ancilla, famula, serva,] a female enslaved by 

conquest, a female slave, a handmaid. y [l b/uwal, bvadprjpijrots. Iph. T. 143. 

See also Bacch. 506\ SYN. AovXr], depdrcaivd, TraibltTKr}, d^^iTroXos. 1 EPITH. 

AevKwXevbs, EVTrXbzd/ubs, fibyipd. 
Ajuibs, ojos, 6, subst. [servus,] a slave, a man-servant. Apwes \xiv elaXv, ol oe y 

ovk elbov wore. Eur. Electr. 631. SYN. AovXos, 6r)s, Qepairuv, ttcus, birr]bbs, 

TTpoTcoXos. EPITH. YldXatos, TaXdat(j)piov , 7tiotos, icebrbs, orprjpos. PHR. Ild- 

Xatbv ditnov KTrjfxd. 
AidTrdXiio), v. [movendo jacio, mot 11 vebementi dejicio, circumjicio,] to shake 

and strike, to blend, to throw round. See Damra. Nvv drdp r)ihdev ye rd ca 

pdfCEa bvd7rd\ti;€is. £. 512. SYN. 'A7ro7r\>/rrw, dvaipe.ii), (fibvevw, afjnrEyo). 
AvbipEpos, a, ov, adj. [tenebrosus,] dark, gloomy. Nukto. bid bvb(f)£pi]v eXdav 

Ta^d & eaaeral rjiits. 0. 50. SYN. MeXas, fXEXay^pias, keXuivos, £o<j)deis, 

6p<pvalbs, cricdreivos, daeXi^vos. 
Avbtybs, ov, 6, subst. [tenebra?,] darkness, gloom, sorrow. Avbtiot koXvittovgiv 

bb/jovs. Choeph. 47. SYN.^AyXvs, ok6t6$. 
Abdirjv, fjvbs, 6, subst. [furunculus,] a felon. "Orw ; bbdXfjvX crKopbbbv jjfifjXetrftety. 

Vesp. 1172. 
Aou), rjs, 7], subst. [dubitatio,] doubt, hesitation. 'Ei> boifj bi adu)al[XEv, 1) dnb- 

Xevdai. I. 230. 
Aoibv^, vkus, 6, subst. [pistillum,] a pestle. UdpedrfKE Kal boibvud, Kal KifiojTidv. 

Plut. 711. 
Adios, a, op, adj. [duplex,] twofold ; et pi. boioi, a), d, [duo,] two. 'Ayu^t b' 

dp' A'lavras boiovs 'laravro (j)dXayy£S. N. 126. SYN. See AtirXdatos. 
AokclZu, f. med. boKciadfiai et bbdoofiai, Ion. Aotacjecfcw, v. [videor mihi, puto, 

arbitror. Vid. Damm. in v.] it seems, to think, to conjecture, 'ils dv rot 

nXrjfivri ye bbatroETaX aicpov iKeadat. ^¥. 339* See also Apoll. 3. 818. SYN. 

See Aokeu). PHR. AX7rXfjs fXEplfxr-qs bnrrvyovs Xiov obovs, 
Aonevw, v. [(l)observo, (2) insidior,] to observe, to watch, to lie in wait for. 

'Ic^td re yXovTOvs te, eXktco^evov te bbtcevei. 0. 340. SYN. 'EttXttipeoi), iraod- 

TTlpEh), E(f)0pd(O. 

Aokeiv, f. \u>, et rjtrio, v. [(1) videor ; (2) censeo, arbitror,] (l)to seem, to appear, 

(2) to think, to determine, to decree. Aokovjxev ehai baijjibvtov cbtywTEpot. Eur. 

Suppl. 229* SYN. Ao£ac?w, eibofxai, Zoned, So/ctyiac?w, Kpivu), o'lbfiai, eXirbfxat, 

Abicrj/jd, drbs, to, et bbtcrjffts, ews, rj, subst. [opinio,] opinion, surmise. 'Arap rd 

aejxvd, Kal boKiifxdcnv crbtpd. Troad.411. See also Here. F. 288. SYN. IJpoa- 

boKia, v7ro\pla, vwbpotd, yi'w/uir), bo^d, bow. 
AbKtifT lab^bs, ov , 6 et f], adj. [qui sibi videtur sapiens esse,] who thinks himself 

clever, conceited. Niavlas bbKrjoiabtyos' rbbi irpdyptd ti; Pax 44. 
AoKijiaZio, daw, v. [exploro,] to examine, to ascertain, to try. AbKlfia^bjievhiv 

aibo~td ndpevrl QidoQai. Vesp. 578. 
AoKt/ubs, ov, 6 et y], adj. [pro bus, probatus,] approved, tried, respected, esti- 
mable. r H(j)XXbs, (5 bbKtfxwrdTbs 'EXXdbX. Eur. Supp. 288. SYN. Evbo^Xfibs, 

btKatos, xprjffTos, dyddbs, yprjcrXfios, teXcios. 
AokXjmos, adv. [plane, vere,] faithfully. A'ipta bbtcXjjiws irbXvirevdrj. Pers. 553. 
Aokos, ov, r), subst. [trabs, tignum,] a beam or rafter. Oh avdtyEvrjs Tfxrjdelad 

bbKovs. Eur. fr. Cretens. 2. 6. 

1 See note at the word apspiirohos. 

AOKft AOiMO 231 

Aoku>, vds, jj t subst. [opinio, suspicio,] opinion, suspicion, thought, notion. 

<t>X\ai, fiofjs fiKovaar; ?/ botch Kevrj. Eur. Electr. 7^7 '• Syn. See Adicqud. 
AoXepds, et boXXds, a, 6V, et SdXoeis, e<ro-d, ev, adj. [dolosus, vafer,] crafty, 

subtle, deceitful, treacherous. ToDr' ets yvvatKas boXXov earX Ka\ oadpvv. 

Bacch. 479- See also Aves 451. et Iph. A. 1526. 
AoXioves, wv, 01, P. N. [gens Propontidis,] a nation near the Propontis. 'ladfxdv 

& au-rrebXov re AoXioves a^evefxovTo. Apoll. 1. 9^7- EPITH. TLv£etvot. 
AoXXotypiav, bdXoippojv, dvos, et boXofx^ris, Xbds, 6 et >% adj. [fraud ulentus, astutus,] 

cunning-minded, crafty, treacherous. AbXXdtppojv Kvxpis. Iph. A. 1305. 

See also JEsch. Suppl. 746. and Od. y. 250. 
AoXixnvXds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [longas tibias habens,] fixed in long sockets, long. 

AvtXko. KafX7rvXd ro£d, cat alydveas boXX^avXovs. 1. 156. 
AoXX^avxn^* £vos, 6 et r), adj. [longam cervicem habens,] long-necked. Am oe, 

ray kvkvov boXX^avytvos yovbv. Iph. A. 79^> 
AdXXxey\rjs, eos, 6 et 77, adj. [longa hasta armatus,] armed with a long spear. 

TJaiovds dvbpcis ay<ov boXX^yx^ds' ijbe be fjtoi vvv. $. 1 55. 
AoXXxvperfids, ov, 6 et 77, adj. [longis remis utens,] having long oars, skilful in 

rowing. <bair)Kes boXXyi)p€T^.oi, vavfritcXvTOL dvbpes. 6. 1 C) 1 . 
AoXtyos, 7), dv, adj. [longus, diuturnus,] long, of long duration, inveterate, 

tedious. *H boXXx*) vovaos ; X. 170. 'SYN. AXr)veiu)s, fidtcpbs, evfxriKris, rd- 

AoXi^offkios, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [longam projiciens umbram, longus,] projecting a 

long shade, long. XIpoade b' 'AXefavbpos irpoXei boXXyoaxXov ey-^ds. T. 346. 
AoXoets, vid. AoXepds. 

AdXoKrdaXa, as, 77, subst. [caedes dolosasc. insidiosa,] murder insidiously perpe- 
trated. 7 H' difxXs avdevrycrt boXoKraaXas XXdeadai. Apoll. 4, 4S0. 
AoXd/xvOos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [dolose loquens,] treacherously speaking. Necraou 

<PovXd boXojxvQd Kevrp\ Trach. 841. 
AoXotrifios , ov, 6 et 7/5 adj. [Dolopeius,] of the hero Dolops. 'Am), kcli tv/jj3os 

AoXbirr]X6s' e^0' dpd roiye. Apoll. 1. 585. 
AoXoTrXoKXa, as, et btiXocppoavvrj, rjs, f], subst. [doli meditatio,] plotting of wiles, 

craft, cunning. Tw be boXoirXoKXai fxdXXov il-kmjtoX dbdv. Theog. 226. See 

also Trach. 834. Syn. AoXos. 
AoXottows, ov, 6 et 77, adj. [dolos ncctens,] guile-making, treacherous. Xptet 

boXoirows avayna. Trach. 834. Syn. See AoXepds. 
AdXds, ov, 6, subst. [dolus, fraus,] deceit, guile, fraud, stratagem. Els al/udrr]- 

pbv ydfiov tTvopQjxevoas bd\o). Iph. T. 372. SYN. 'Aizdrt], bbXio/jja. EPITH. 

'AyuT/ydi/os, Kpv(pa~ws, Ovpalds, aivbs, alrcvs, arXrjTos, KpvcpXbs, Hands, K"0V7rrdo76s, 

6dvaT7)(})dpds, ttvkXv6s, orvyepds. PHR. IlodaXd ftovXevfidrd. 
AdXutyovds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [sicarius,] treacherously murdering. 'Evubpu revyet-' 

boXd(f)dvov Xtftr)-Tos. Agam. 1128. 
AoXocppoviio, v. [dolos animo agito,] to plan artfully, to plot, to dissemble. 

Tots be bd\o(ppdveu)V fxerefi] 7roXvfir)TXs 'Obvaaevs. a. 51. 
AoXo(ppu)P, vid. AdXXo(ppu)y. 
AdXdu), v. [dolose ago, decipio,] to decoy, to deceive, to cheat. Moipas buXu>- 

ffas' rjveaav be /j.oi deal. Alcest. 12. SYN. 'A7rdrdw. 
AoXwyud, arils, to, subst. [fraus,] deceit, guile. [\Xov vdfjii£(ov' rybe r av boXdo- 

fiarX. Choeph. 990. Syn. et EpjTII. see AdXds. 
AdXwi', lovos, b, P. N. [Dolon,] the name of a Trojan spy. ~Y\v be tXs ev Tpw- 

eaaX AoXiov, Ev/uijbeds vlds. K. 314. EpiTH. ndXv^aX^os, 7roXy^pvrros, Xui^tj- 

AbXHirbs, xbbs, //, adj. [callida,] treacherous. Olov rob'' 77 bdXunrXs Oiveuts nopr}, 

Trach. 1067- SYN. 'ATrdrqXos, navodpyds. 
Adfxt), 7js, >'/, subst. [structura,] structure. Kai nXevpols rijreetrl bdfit)v drdXcirrot 

Xbevdai. Apoll. 3. 1394. 
Ao/uds, ov, b, subst. [domus,] an edifice, a house. Mt0»/x'> ' v ' a ^ $ \pvadv kv 

hofiOLs exy. Hec. 27. SYN. Ad), buj/Jia, bdfit), oIkos, tarta, areyos, opo<j>y'i. 


EPITH. 'AdavaTds,Xepds, fiityds, 7tvko. Troir\Tb$, 7roir}Tos, vxprjXbs, aarEpbeis, acbQX- 

tos, deios, KolXoSy fxer an 0£7n)s, ireptKaWris, ^dXiccos, \aXKf)Xbs, r/juireX/ys, evvau- 

rdutv, (Horn.) alnvs, atyveibs, Evb/ur]Tbs,.€vbaifj(x>i', fidaXXrjXbs, yXvtCEpbs, tcrjweis, 

nthav, "koXv^elvos, aepvbs, Oijyjtos, ■%pv<7eds, ovpdvbfiijKrjs, gkXoeis. 
Adfxocr(paXris, eos, 6 et >?, adj. [domum labefactans,] ruinous to a house or family. 

AebviKa & ofjjjpov KTV7ror bdfxocrtyaXfj. Again. 1511.^ 
AdvaKtvs, ews, et Ion. fjbs, 6, poet, pro bbvdicelbv, subst. [arundinetum,] a reed- 
plot. Ilctp iroTafJiov KeXdbovTa, irdpa pbbdvbv bbvdKfjd. ]£. 576. 
Abvdxbeis, evrbs, bbvanoTpbtybs et bbvdtco'xXbbs, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [arundinosus,] 

abounding with reeds, reedy, rushy. TvfxvdaXd te bbvd<bevTbs. Helen. 209. 

See also Theog. 783. and Iph. T. 400. 
Ao>a£, clkos, 6, subst. [arundo,] a reed, a pipe, the bridge of a lyre. "Epetca 

bbrdubs, ov vnoXvptov. Ran. 233. SYN. KdXdjJibs, liXdbbs, avXbs. EPITH. 

AoXi^os, Xeirros, Xiyvpbs, aicXipbs, eXews. 
Aoveu), v. [agito,] to whirl about, to shake, to agitate. 'Ayio-vos fiaXelv e£w 

irdXdfiq bbvEiov. Pyth. 1. 85. SYN. Klveio, bldae'no, 7rdXXa>, arpofDEw, aeicj, 

<rdXevu), rdpaaau). 
Ao£d, ys, »?i subst. [(1) opinio, (2)fama, (3) existimatio, gloria, (4) expectatio,] 

opinion, report, esteem, glory, expectation. Xtipas dvaures, bold fioi Trdpearddrj. 

CE. R. 91 1« SyN. AoKrjaXs, ^y\\xii t ti/j.)], kXeos, eiraiyos, Travbotya, -vitbvoid* 

EPITH. 'Afldmros, eplicvbrjs, TrbQeivrj. 
Ao£d£w, f. daw, v. [arbitror; expecto ; laudo,] to think; to expect; to praise. 

Td/aovs ydfielo-dai rovab' ebo^a^Ov ttote. Troad. 349. SYN. O'ibfiat, boxed), 

vnbvoZit), Kvbaivis). 
Ad^oo-jud, dros, to, subst. [opinio, gloria, ostentatio,] opinion, glory, ostentation. 

0£ fxr) (ppdvrjaeQ\ 01 Kivibv bofaff/jidTtDv. Eur. Electr. 383. 
Aopd, as, r/, subst. [pellis detracta,] a skin. Zvvbea/ui eXeXvto, mi KdracrriKrovs 

bbpas. Bacch. 686. SYN. Ai00£pa, bipfid, X9^ s - EPITH. Avkelos. 
AopdrXov, ov, to, subst., [hastile,] a little shaft or javelin. '£ls rdyiar dvev bbpd- 

rXov, Kai tytyovs, kcikovtIov. Pax 552. 
AopldXioTos, et Ion. bovpXdXwrbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [hello captus,] captured in 

war. Aey', Eirei oe, Xe^os bovpXdXurbv. Aj. Fl. 211. SYN. AbpXdfiparos, bb- 

oXXqirrbs, bbptKTrjTbs, at)(jud\wros, arbpairobov. 
AdpXyajuppbs, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [quam sponsi armis petunt,] sought in marriage by 

the spear. Tdv bbpXyajjifipbv afityXveiKfi 6\ A gam. 669. 
AbpXdfjparbs, ov, 6 et ij, adj. [hasta i. e. bello captus,] hunted with the spear, 

captured in war. AbpXdrjparois. Troad. 576. 
AbpTKfiris, fjrbs, 6 et rj, adj. [hasta caesus,] slain by the spear, or in war. Ao- 

piKfjLriTX Xaw. Choeph. 359. SYN. Aoptr /juntos, aXb-qpoKfifis. 
AbpitcTV7rbs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [hasta sonans,] sounding with the spear. Abpi- 

Krvitbv dXdXuv AvkXuv. Nem. 3. 104. 
AbpiKTYirbs, et Ion. bovpkrriTbs, rj, bv, et ov, 6 et v, adj. [hasta quaesitus,] ob- 
tained by the spear. 2v 6' olad bovXr), ko.1 bbpkrrjTos yvvi\. Androm. 155. 

Seel. 343. 
AbpXXr}7rrbs, ov, b et rj, adj. [hasta captus,] captured in war. "HTrep bbpXXrjTTTbs 

et fy Xonrt]. Aj. Fl. 146. 
AbpX/udvris, eos, bbpifiapybs, ov, 6 et ?/, et bbpXfjL)]ffTiop, bpbs, o, adj. [bellandi cupi- 

dissimus,] spear-mad, courting war. Ovk av Tcbr 'EXXus bbpX/udvris d7rwXfro. 

Eur. Suppl. 485. See also Sept. Theb. 684. and Androm. 1007. Syn. 

^Ibpis ai)(fArjs t /uE/jtdios fjid^eadai. 
AbpXiraXTbs, vid. bbpuTraXrbs.* 
AbpiL7rETr)s, eos, 6 et r/, adj. [bellicosus,] warlike. KdT'ixi'bs, ?ivbE bbpXirETt)s 

ayiovXa. Troad. 1003. 

1 " Hujusmodi adjcctiva, quae ex dativo dopl vel Soupt composita esse videantur, retinebant, ut 
opinor, iota in compositione, ut SopiKTTjros, dovpidXaros, SoplArjTTTos, Soupiirer^s, BopiiJ.av^s,Sopi6ri- 
paTos, Sopl/xapyos. Ea vero quai ex quarto casu conflata sunt, retinent v, ut dopv(f>6pos, SopvacrSos, 
dopmpavos" Dr. Blomf. Agam. 115. 


AdpXndvds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [sub hasta laborans,] pressed by the spear. AdpXnd- 

vov fit) 7rpdhu>d\ Sept. Theb. 155. 
Adptrfjirjrds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [hasta transfixus,] pierced by a spear. Adpi-jurjTos 1 

Ku.-r}iapiad))s. Again. 341. 
Aopxds, dbds, bopici), ys, bopt,, opKds, et bopi;d\Xs, Xbds, ^, subst. [caprea, dama,] 

a wild goat. At £' aykciXatfft bopxdb', i) onvfivovs Xvkiov. Baech. C9S. See 

also Here. F. 377- Call. 3. 97- and Call. Ep. 11. Syn. Ai£, x^aipd. See AV|. 
Adpds, ov, 6, subst. [uter,] a skin, a leathern bag. See 'Actkos. 'Ey be poX 

ci\(piTu yj-VGov tifjpcKpeeffO'i odpolaiv. p. 354. 
Ao/)7rew, v. [coeno,] to take a meal, to sup. *E| ov bop7T£dfiev re, kcu wpdpe bids 

doibds. d. 53 ( J. SYN. See Aenri'Za). 
AopTriaros, ov, 6, subst. [tempus coenandi,] supper iiour. EMs 6' and bopTriarov 

KEKpayiv epjjdbds. Vesp. 103. 
A6pnds, ov, 6, et bopizov, ov, to, subst. [ccena,] a meal, supper. Aop-n-ov b' 

efavris fuvTjau) /nedd, \epaX d' £$>' vbwp. b. 213. SYN. &eiirv&v, f3dpa, oItos, 

dveidp, rpofu, dpivTdv. 
Adpv, gen. boparos, Ion. bovpdrds, contr. bovpds, dat. bovpi et bopX, to, subst. 

[(1) liasta, (2) trabs, navis,] (1) a spear, dart, javelin, (2) a bark, a vessel. 

Ev fiev tis topv 0}]lao8u). B. 352. Syn. Aoy^r), w:u)v, urnvritiv, eyyds, al^/urj, 

fieXos. EPITH. AdXX^dv, aXklfidv, appr)KTov, dreipES, dfitiXXydv, d^Laifidkerdr, 

alfidrdev, Ivljodv, yaXko^dpES , OTXfidpdv, yjxkktov, irpvfjvdi', o'^v, txEiKxvdv, vi\Xo.v t 

fieyd, ^a\tw Ktkdpvdfieyor, ffleivdv, ardidlv, ofipX^dy, XevydXedy, XoiyXdy, tee- 

Xaivdv, Kovcpov, koTXov, 6ody. 
AbpvKpuvds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [cuspide prsefixus, cuspidatus,] pointed. *H bdpv- 

tcpavov. Pers. 1 53. 
Aopv^evos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [ex hoste factus bospes,] one who is received as a 

friend after having been an enemy, a foreign friend. '6 /uyTpd^oyrys b\ fjv 

bopv^tviiiv efiwv. Audrom. 991. Syn. zevds. 
Adpv^dds, ov, 6, subst. [hastarum politor vel faber,] a polisher or maker of 

spears. Ke't tis bdpvtyos, y Kd7rrjX6s aanXbojy. Pax 446. 
AdpvTraXTos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [hastam quatiens,] shaking a javelin. "1-KTap /.it- 

XdBptov, xzpv* * K bdpv7ra\Tov Again. 115. 
AdpvTrdyrjs, eds, 6 et ?/, adj. [e ligno constrtictus,] wooden, made of wood. 

Adpxnrdyeis 6' l^ovres Kvdvu)irXbds. .^Esch. Suppl. 751. 
Aopv-rrsTris, ids, 6 et rj, adj. [hasta interfectus,] slain by the spear. YIoXX&v 

VEKpwv TroXovod bdpinrETrj cpdydy. Cycl. 304. 
Adpvadenjs, ids, 6 et >/, adj. [liasta valens,] powerful in war. &dpvoQZvr\s dvy)p 

lnvdris. Choeph. 154. 
Adpvaobds, contr. ovs, dov, 6, adj. [hastam quatiens, acer bello,] brandishing the 

spear, brave in war. KoX^ojy, ot kqX "Aprji bdpvacdoX eioiv dreiptls. Orph. 

Aopvcraco, f. ^w, v. [hasta pugno,] to fight with the spear, to arm. T£S' end- 

yovid bdpvoaovTd. Heracl. 774. 
AopvTivctKTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [hast is concussus,] agitated by spears. AdpvrX- 

vciKTds aidrip tnijiaiviTat. Sept. Theb. 143. 
Adpvtydpds, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [hastatus, satelles,] spear-bearing, attendant. Qpov 

pais KiKaaTai, be&als te bdpixpdpcjv ; Eur. Electr. 6l6. SYN. AdpvaQl ti)s, bdpt- 

lufi<JT(op, bdpX-rrdi'ds, aly^fj.r}T})s, <pvXu^, Ey^ 
Atiats, tws, ?/, subst. [donatio,] a giving, a gift, lol \pij peXeodar t>)p bdatv b' 

lykyyvdv. Pi)03n. 771. SYN. Awpdv. 

Adrrjp, fjpds, ■), t bdreipd, as, //, subst. [dator, dispeusator,] a giver, a bestower. 

Kat Tduiai irdpd vr\voXv tear, ohoid bdrifpls, T. 44. 
AovXdpXdv, oj, to, subst. [servulus,] a little slave. Avrui ye ml tu bovXdpXd, 

Ttypav irttfkv Xdftovo-ai. Thesm. 537. Syn. naibdptdv. 
AovXeiu, et bovXia, as, ?/, bovX€Vfid, drds, to, bovXdcvvij, rjs, y, subst. [servitus,] 

1 Here Dr. Blomf. would read hoplKixtyros. 
Pros. Lex. 2 G 


servitude, slavery. AovXeias ras ovTXrjTas. Hec. 155. See also Pyth. 1. 147. 

Orest. 215. and Phoen. 199. Syn. QepaTreia, Xa-peia. Epith. AaXcu'a, ov 

(peprr/, ov rXjyrr), jSdpeld, 'e/jnre&os. 
AovXeids, bovXtds, a, ov, et bovXucds, r/, 6v, adj. [servilis,] of slavery, servile, 

slavish, mean. AovXeidv Jjfjiap eibes, u)s 7rpdaffets adieus. Hec. 56. See also 

Z. 463. and Ran. 743. 
AovXevoj, v. [servio,] to be a slave, to serve. '12 QvydTEp, f]/jie~is b' kv (j)det bov- 

XevaofAEv ; Hec. 415. SYN. OepaTrevw, v7rr]pETE0), bXaKovEto. 
AovXrj, r}s, 11, subst. [ancilla, serva,] a female slave, a handmaid. AovXrj ke- 

icXfjcBai, fidcXXXs ova', alayyvonai. Hec. 55Q. SYN. A/nojyj, oiketXs, BspaTrvrj, 

Bnaad, afi^nroXos. Phr. See Hec. 359. and 444. Troad. 489. &c. 
AovXXa, as, 1), see AovXela. 
AovXds, ov, 6, subst. [servus,] a slave, a servant. *H ^prj^aTioy yap bovXds 

karXv, rj TVffls. Hec. 864. SYN. Ajuws, Bepaxp, Oepcnrwv, oIkettjs, Xarpevs, ajj.- 

<JH7rdXos, TrporrroXos. 
AovXbs, 7), ov, adj. [servilis,] servile, of a slave. See AevXews. 
AovXdavvr], vid. AovXela. 
AovXdavvds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [servilis,] servile, of a slave, a slave. T<3 bovXbovvos 

irpos oJkov. Hec. 446. SYN. See AovXews. 
AovXow, v. [in servitutem redigo,] to reduce to slavery, to enslave. AovXov- 

fXE& avbpes dvbpd, kclI noXis koXXv. Eur. Suppl. 503. 
Aovtteu), v. [(1) sonitum edo, (2) cado sub armis sonitura edens,] to sound ; 

to fall in battle with a crashing sound. Aovnrioev bl irEolbv, dpdfirjvE bl 

revyE et avrw. A. 504. SYN. 'Attvcj, ktvtteoj, KovafiZu), TrXcLTayEoj, drro/Sew, 


Aovirds, ov, o, subst. [sonitus,] a sound, a noise, a clash. Aov-kov aZ kXvlj 

rXvd. Aj. Fl. 87l« SYN. Bpoyuos, r/y^), ktvttos, dfjidbos, Trdrdyos, Kovdfios, 

AovpaTEds, bovpXos, et bovpeios, a, 6v, adj. [ligueus,] wooden. AovpdrEOv, tov 

'Eireids ETroirjvev avv 'Ad)p>r). 6. 493. See Aves 1128. and Troad. 14. Syn. 

EvXXvos, bopvTrdyrjs. 
Aovpr)V£ici)s, eos, 6 et 17, adj. [quod intra hastee ictum est,] within a spear's throw. 

'AX\' OTE blj p' CLTTEffaV bovpr)V£KES, 7/ KCU EXaffffOV. K. 357. VHR."O<70V T Em 

bovpos Epiorj yiyvEjai. O. 358. 

AovpXdXioros, V. AopXaXuTos. 

AovpftXeiTos, et bovpfcXvTds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [hasta inclytus ; clarus bellator,] 
famed for the spear, renowned in arms. "Hpws \Arpe«)»?s, bovptKXetros Meve- 
Xads. o. 52. See also K. 230. 

AovptKTTjTos, vid. AdpUrrjTds. 

AoupiXrjTrTos, vid. AopXXrjirTos. 

Aovpios, vid. AovpaTEos. 

AovpbbdKrj, i]s, ?/, subst. [hastarum receptaculum. Vid. Damm. c. 423.] a ca- 
vity in a pillar to receive javelins. Aovpdbdfcrjs evtooBev evIjuov. a. 128. 

A#x>), fis, h> subst. [(l) receptaculum, (2) convivium,] a receptacle, an enter- 
tainment, a feast. ^wXayyvois' ttvXcll bi kcii bd^al xpXrjs 7teXo.s. Eur. Electr. 

Aoyj"*/> V s , >/> subst. [palmus,] a measure equal to the palm or breadth of four 
fingers. Kal nplv ij^Epav fopyo-ai, fj.e1$,6v i)v bt)o~iv bo-^/naiv. Equit. 3 IS. 

Aox^Xds, et box^us, i), ov, adj. [obliquus, transversus,] oblique, across, trans- 
verse. Kal tls boxuXav keXevBov. Alcest. 1019' See also M. 148. Syn. 
Ao^os, Xe)(pios, CTKoXlos. 

AoxjuoXo^os, ov, d et f}, adj. [obliquam habens crista m,] cross-crested. Aoyjuo- 
Xdcpiov ctvbpwv. Sept. Theb. 109. 

Aoxi^bu), v. [curvo, inflecto,] to bend, to render crooked. Aox^w0e« niyapoio 
bia icXfj'idpbv ibvvEV. Horn, in Merc. 146. 

Apayfid, drds, rb, subst. [manipulus,] a handful. TJvp&v Kal Kptdwv, to. be 
bpay/udrd rapfld 7r/7rrei. A. 69, SYN. 2wpos, d7rapxn> EPITH. 'EirrjrpXfxdv. 

APAr APEn 235 

Lpayfxevut, v. [manipulos colligo,] to gather corn in handfuls, to bind in 
sheaves. IlatSes bpay/uevovTes, ev ayxaXXbeaaX (pepovTes. 2. 555. 

Apuyfios, ov, 6, subst. [prehensio,] a grasping. Maerrov re bpayuos, cat ndpe- 
cncevacrfievov. Cycl. l6<). 

Apaivio, v. [facturio,] to project. 'AW el tl bpatveis, eireX ovbe ae y virvfts 
Xicavei. K.§6. SYN. Apaoeiu), eirXvdew, dvvto, icrxyu). 

Apdtcaivd, vid. ApaKojv. 

ApaKuvTeids, ov, et hpa.Kov~iohr,s, ids, 6 et ?/, adj. [anguinus,] of or like a serpent 
or dragon. *Ov dpri Kprj/xvibv e/c bpdcovTeiiov eXuv. Pho3n. 1337. See also 
Orest. 250. 

ApaKovTdfiaWds, ov, 6 et >;. adj. [anguicomus, anguibus comatus,] having dra- 
gon's fleece or hair, having snakes entwined in the hair. ApaKovTofxaXXoi 
Topyoves fiporocrTvyeis. P. V. 824. 

ApaKwv, ovtgs, 6, et bpaicatva, rjs, >/, subst. [draco, dracaena,] a dragon. Upoade 
Xeojv, uitXdev be bpduwv, [xkaar] be yj/icupa. Z. 181. See also Iph. T. 287» 
SYN. "OtyXs. EP1TH. HeXo)pos, Qoivrieis, Kvdveos, enX vQrd bd^oivos, opecTTepos, 
(TfjiepbaXeds, (Horn.) (povXos, 6r]porpd^ds, (j)Oivu:dXo(f)ds, yrjyevrjs, xpvaeds, 7tokXXo- 
vojtos, olvioirbs, TroXvKpavds, 7rvpadv(s)Tos, TrvpXye vijs, beivos, (Eur.) abevKrjs, dfiat- 
fxafceros, aypXos, fipoToXoiyos, brjXy)fi(ov, Kpvifros. 

Apa/ua, cltos, to, subst. [actus, rei repraeseutatio, fabula,] an action, a theatrical 
representation, a drama, a play. 'A-rrbXels fi, Xbov o-or (ppovbd jjlol to. bpafidTd. 
Acharn. 470. SYN. Updyfid. 

Apdp.r)fjid, drds, to, subst. [cursus, festinatio,] running, haste, speed. YldXia- 
avTOV bpdfxrjfud vwrlaai. CE. R. 193. SYN. Apdfxos, bpo/urj/ud, (pvyrj, 

Apu£, ukos, 6, subst. [pugillus, manipulus,] a grasp, a handful. Ur}Xdj3dTr}s b' 
eaXbuv, TrrfXov bpdtcd piipev eir avTov. .Batrach. 234. SYN. Apdyfxd. 

ApaireT-qs, et bpa,Tre-Xbr)s, ov, 6, subst. [fugitivus,] a fugitive, runaway. Krdvotev 
avn)v, bpairetai 5' ol^oidTo. Iph. T. 1342. See also Mosch. 1.3 . Syn. 

Apaaeiu), V. [facturio,] to intend to do. Tolcrb' u>s tX bpaaeio'vadV ovbe 7rav<re- 

Tat. Med. 92. 
ApaoXfids, ov, 6 et >/, et bpaoTi'ipXds, a, ov, et ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [efficax,] active, 

efficacious. 'Avy)p dfcofiTros, ye\p b' bpa to bpaaX/jov. Sept. Theb. 550. See 

also Helen. QQl. SYN. Ae£tos, beivos, dyi'iviop, airovbouos, dyyXvovs, Trpodv/uds. 
Apaofjios, ov, 6, subst. [fuga,] flight. 'Hfiels b' eXevdepovvTes Ik bpacr/uoiv nobd. 

Here. F. 1004. Syn. See ^vyi). 
Apaaaofxai, f. ^Gfxai, v. [prehendo,] to catch with the hand, to grasp. Trjs 

eX-n-Xbos ydp epyoyiai bebpa.yfj.evds. Antig. 235. SYN. Alpeu), dvrt\ayu/3d- 

ApaaTeds, d, dv, adj. verb, a bpuoj, [faciendus, agendus,] to be done. $ev. 

Tevvaiov avbp' eXe^us, ev tI bpaareov. Eur. Electr. 262. 
ApaaTrjp, ijpos, o, et bpaoTeipd, us, rj, Ion. et Horn. bp-qaTt/p, et bpi'itrreipd, subst. 

[(1) famulus, minister, (2) famula, adjutrix,] a servant, an assistant, ^x 7 /" 

oeiv evdvfiu), avv re bpy)i7T€Lpd ireXeadai. Apoll. 3. 700. See ajso ir. 248. 

Syn. See A^s. 
Apaa-i'ipXds, vid. Apaaifios. 
ApcHTTuavvr), 7]s, ?/, Ion. bprjrjTotTvvi], subst. [strenuilas in agendo,] activity or 

vigor in acting. AprjaTbauvrj ovk dv fioX tpiaaeiev ftpoTos dXXbs. o. 320. 
ApdTds, 7), dr, adj. [excoriatus,] skinned, flayed, (per metal h. pro baprOs a 

bepbj.) 'Es 7robds etc Kl(f)dXfjs, rripi be bpdra aw/idrd vr/ei. y V. 169. 
Apd-frfo), ijs, //, subst. [drachma (moneta, Romaoum denarium aequam,)] a 

drachma, (six Attic oboli, about 7jd. of our money.) Hpurd pev -ov fzrjids els 

bab' ovk eXciTTdv, ») hpajyi{]v. Nub. 0*12, 
Apdio, f. u.(7(o, v. [facio, ministro, fogio,] to act, to do, to perform, to run away. 

Mrj-pos ti \<j)p\s bpuoeO\d 'f^ebpav yoliov ; Iph. A. 72S. SYN. 'Avt/w, vxiipeTiu), 

iroieu), pe£(o, rev^u), TrpaTro), bpuiviu. 
Apirrdrti, iis, //, ct bpendvdv, ov, to, subst. [ f a 1 x , ] a tickle, bcylhe, falchion. 

236 APEn APY2 

"Hjjiiov, o^i'os hpsTrdvas kv ^cpiTtv e^crTes. 2. 551. See also Ran. 585. SyN. 
Apeirdvovpybs, ov, o, subst. [falcarius,] a scythe or sickle maker. '6 be bpe-n-u- 

vovpyos, ob% bpas ; <bs ijberai. Pax 547. 
Apen-u), et bpeirb}.iai, v. [carpo, decerpo,] to pluck, to reap, to crop, to cull, to 
mow. Apetriov TspeivrjS fAvpaXvrjs adpa 7rXbiiovs. Elll*. Electr. 77$' SYN. 'A7to- 
bpeTto), 6epi£u), a7rav&i£(o, aTroTefxvw. 
AprjvrXs, Xbbs, >/, Ion. pro bprnre-Xs, subst. [fugitiva,] a runaway. T7)j' bpiianv 

fill V7rdbe^de } veoi. Callim. Ep. 43. 
Apijuvs, eld, v, et bpif.iv\<is, r), bv, adj. [acer, acerbuS, asper,] sharp, acid, bitter, 
sour. Olb'' dvbpd KpbrdXov, hpifivHioxxpov yevbs. Cycl. 104. See also Mosch. 
1. 9' SYN. 'Qtvs, beivbs, ^aXenus, fiXbavpbs, oj/jos. 
ApXbv, ov, to, et bpXbs, ov, 6, subst.; pi. heterog. rh bpid, [locus arhoribus consi- 
tus,J a shrubbery, a plantation. UerpXvd hard bpld irbXvvXtyed. Helen. U25. 
SYN."A\o-os, bpvpbs, vXrj. EPITH. 'Epir^ev. 
Apohi], 1 tjs, ?/, subst. [vas balnearium,] a bathing-vessel. ApoiTtjs Karaero/vw/id' 

bkrvov nZv ovv. Choeplr. 986. 
Apbfxcuos, a, ov, et bpo/uas, abbs, 6 et ';, adj. [eursu valens, velox,] running, 
rapid, fleet. Ot>x ws bpbpaia nwXbs, >} Bcik^I Oeov. Helen. 542. See also 
Hipp. 550. SYN. 'A?\/\o7roi/s, Tamils, Obos, ojKvbpbfibs. 
Apbfievs, ecos, o, sub»t. [cursor,] a runner, Qarfaov be pvpTav k^ebeipev, */ bpb- 

fxevs. Eur. Electr. 824. Syn. BciSiotj/s. 
Apdfxrjfxd, drbs, to, subst. [cursus, curriculum, festinatio,] running, speed, rapid 
course, confusion or tumult, incursion^ Udpeladv abrovs Kvparwv bpbfxri/udaXv. 
Troad. 695. 
Apdpds, ov, 6, subst. [cursus,] speed, a course, a race-course. Apbfxovs be 7ro\- 
\ovs k^eirXriad KafH7rijjiovs. Iph. T. 8 i . SYN. Apaajubs, <j>vyrj. EPITH. JLvpvs, 
TCVjidrbs, 7ravro7os, beivbs, eV'TrXgftpos,, ovpibs, KaXXicrrdbXbs, dvXbpvrbs, 
XafiTTdbov^ds, 7roXv7rXayKrds, (bicvs, bbXX^bs, 
Aponepos, a, ov, bpoabeis, evrbs, et poet, bpoiriobrjs, ebs, 6 et ?/, adj. [roscidus,] 
dewy, cool, limpid. Hdpd yap bpbaepd irvpyois ovveyjjs. Hipp. 226. See 
also Troad. 830. and Bacch. 704. Syn. 'Epcyeis, vbpr\Xbs., v. [rore humecto, irroro,] to sprinkle with dew. 'Puyiai XP™ bpb- 

(Tigbpsvat. Ran. loll. 
Apbnbs, ov, rj, subst. [ros,] dew, dew-drop, juice. Ka^Xacot-car bpbao), biopt]- 
oerai. Olymp. f. 4. SYN. "Epc-Tj, eepat], ipekds. EPITH. HbrdfjiXa, VTraiQpXa, 
evdXXa, alfxdrrjpd, OdXaaaXa, Kprjvafa, k'aQdph, fxaXOdn), yXdepa. 
Apvas, avrbs, by P. N. [Drvas.] Olai' PieipiObuv re, Apvavra re -noifAevd XuaJr. 

A. 263. 
ApvXvbs, r), bv, adj. [quernus,] oaken, of oak, TeXos be, bpvXvovs o-vyKepavvovacu 

tcXdbovs. Bacch. 1092. 
ApvtcbXa7TTr}s, ov, 6, subst. [picus' arborarius,] a woodpecker. Obi: eaeX ov ~pv- 

ywv, ovb' alerbs, ob bpuxuXdirrris. Aves 979- 
Apvbs, ov, i], et bpuf.ibs, ov, pi. heterog. m bpvfid, subst. [(l) quercetum ; (2) 
quodlibet nemus,] an oak grove, a grove. Kipurjs kv /jeydpoiaX, bxd 8pv/ud 
irvKvd kol vXrjv. k. 150. See also Hes. Op. 531. and Hipp. 1125. Syn. 
"AXabs, vXr]. EPITH."5petoj', ei)6rjpbv, XdvXov, olb~bXbv. 
Apvbybvbs, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [quercum generans; nemorosus,] oak-bearing. 

Apvbybvoi-aX Kbpav. Thesm. 114. 
Apv7re7r))s, ebs, 6 et ?/, adj. [qui ex arbore cadit, maturus, sole coctus,] 
ripened on the tree by the heat of the sun. Kal ras bpv-eTrels Kdre7rtve. 
Lysistr. 56 1. 
Apv7rrio, v. [lacero,] to rend, to tear. Xepd bpv7ireTai re ndpetav. Hec. 650. 

SYN. 1.7rdpa<T(T<o, dfivaaio, d-nro^eit). 
Apvs, vbs, 1), subst. [quercus,] an oak. 'O7ro7d klvjos bpvbs, bxws r?/c-5' 'Qb- 

1 For the menning of this word feee Dh Blomf. Glcss. Agam. 1518. 

APTT AY2A 237 

fiat. Hec. 398* EpjTH. 'XxprjXi), a£dXea, (3ddvppi£os ? Xipa, TrjXedutoad, v\pXnd- 

Apv-dfids, ov, 6, subst. [qui quercus vel arbores caedit,] a wood-cutter. MZ/n 1 

rot bpvro/uos fjiey d^xeivwv, ije fiXrjtyXv. y ¥. 315. SYN. 'YXdrdfids. 
ApvipaK-ds, ov, 6, subst. [janua fori judicialis; inplur. caucelli,] the door of a 

court of justice, the rails which encompassed the court. El0' vxepeTn)bu)v tovs 

bpv(j>atirovs Travra-^ov. Equit. 672. 
Avaio, v. [in calamitates conjicio,] to involve in calamity. 'AXXd deoi bvoiaai 

TtoXvirXay ktovs avdpwTrovs. v. 195. SYN. 'Avtaw, irXe^k). 
Avrj, t)s, ij, subst. [calamitas aerumna, miseria,] distress of mind, calamity. 

Aecrfiovs deiKels, Kai bvas €K(j)vyydvti). P. V. 534. SYN. 'Atv^/jcl, Xvjir), dvia, 

bvarrpafya, dXyos, novos, bvr]7rddXa t EPITH. Aivrj, Xvypd, GvfiofJopds, (jape'ia, 

TrXtcpa, brjfyQvfios. 
Av)]TvddXa 9 as, ?/, subst. [aeruninarum perpessio,] the enduring of affliction, 

affliction. Aiipd bvrjnddXo: re Kai dXyeaXv' ovb' e/udrrjadv. Apoll. 4. 1395. 

SYN. Avtj, Tiddr)}Jid, Trades, 
Avt]7rddt)s y Eds, et buij7rddds t ov, 6 et »;, adj. [aerumnarum patiens, aerumnosus, 

miser,] suffering calamities, miserable, distressing. 'AXXd yap ovirdre 0vXd 

bvrj7rddeoiv avdp(v7nov. Apoll. 4. 1165. See also H. in Merc. 486. Syn. 

AeiXaTfrs, adXXos, fidpvTror/uds. 
Av/jii, bvio, et bvdjjLai, v. [subeo,] to sink, to go under, to enter. Kaprtrrr^v 5j) 

rr/y ye fxayr}v <pd~6 bvfiet'aX avbpiov. Z. 185. SYN. 'Yirobvio, elebvo), KciTabuvoj, 

vTtdbvid), vTrdbvo/jLat. 
Avvdfxai, f. rrjao/iai, imperf. ebvvdfjirjv, et Alt. i]hvvd}xr)v, v. [possum, valeo,] to 

be able, to have the power, to prevail. Ok* av bvvainqv €%aXei\pao-8ai (ppevos. 

Hec. 588. SYN. 'Icry^w, aQevw, ex 10 ' 
Avi'd/jXs, et poet. bvvdiTLs, ews, >/, subst. [vis, facultas,] power, ability, capacity. 

'6 6', ws vfipiZr], els x €l P as Xd/3w;'. Eur. Supp!. 246. See also Androm. 

483. SYN. 'AXi;r), /3ta, is, leyrus, klpvaXa. EPITH. 'AjU0tXd0>/s, daefrros, 

axpela, Atucrborvs, dbdfxacrrds. 
Avvaa-eia, as, ?/, subst. [potentia,] supreme power, sovereignty. 'Apxns dXvirov 

Kai bvvac-eias etyv. (E. R. 600. SyN. 'Ap^JJ, loyys, rvpavvXs. 
AuuafTTTjs, et bvvarrjs, ov, et bvvciGTiop, dpos, 6, subst. [dominus,] a sovereign, a 

lord, a potentate. AapTrpovs byv/ivras, kfjurpe-ovrds uldepX. Again. 6. See 

also Pers. 682. (where some read bvraard for bvvdrd,) and Iph. A. 280. Syn. 

'Ap-^os, upxip/os, yye/Jtu)i', fidaXXevs. 
Avvdros, t), 6v, adj. [potens,] able, powerful, adequate, mighty. Ovkow dirav- 

bCiv buvdrov kcrrX fxoi itovovs. Eur. Suppl. 352. SYN. 'ludvos, 6 Kpdrwv. 
Avi'uj, vid. AdfiX. 
Avo, bvoj (poet.), gen. bvo'iv et bvelv, adj. [duo,] two. Avo~iv be iraiboiv bvu 

veKpio Karv-^erai. Hec. 45. 
AootcaibeKd, adj. indecl. [duodecim,] twelve. Kcu oX v-Toa^effQcu budttaibtKa 

fious etX vrjij). Z. QJi. 
Ai>dKatbeKdiA7p'ds, ov, 6, adj. [qui duodecim mensium est,] of twelve months. 

Ildyrd bvoxaibeKdfArivov ajjfxtrova. Tiacl). 659. 
Avtttm, v. [aquas subeo, inergo,] to dip. AvTrropres ice^aXots Kai arridid' yv'ui & 

vvepOe. Apoll. 1. 100S. SYN. V)vt)i&M, kut air ovti£io. 
Avpb'fXai, poet, pro obvpojiui, v. Pors. ad Hec. 728. [lamentor,] to lament, to 

deplore. Kru pot ra fxev 7rdp6v-d fju) bupeod' o)pf, P. V. 2f \ . SYN. Auitfw, 

ordrvzZtt), fivpdfxai, yodii). 
AvaayKofxiaros, poet, pro bixrdvdKvfjLiaTos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [non rccuperandus,] 

irrecoverable. AvoayKoftirrTov, Trd-rral. Eumeu. 262. 
AvaayKpiTos, poet, pro bvadi'dKpXrds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [judicatu difflcilis,] dif- 
ficult to be decided. 'Io>, buaayKpXroi ttovoi. /Esch. Suppl. 132. 

1 M-^rtj itie last syllable being long, i» tl)6 dal. from ^tis, ^tI&j, M'^ 7 ' r > i l ^ Tl - 

238 AY2A AY2F 

Avoayvbs, ov, betrj, adj. [impurus,] impure, unholy. Avaayvois <j>pio\v, Kbpatcis 

&<jte, (3oj-[jiwi>. iEsch. Suppl. 759. 
AvadbeX<pbs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [infelix in fratribus,] unfortunate in a brother or 

sister, unfortunate brother or sister. AvadbeXtybraTat 7raa<vv, bnbcrai. Sept. 

Theb. 868. 
Avo-a>)s, eds, b et fj, adj. [graviter spirans,] hard-blowing. Kavfidrbs e£ dvl^oib 

bveaeos opvvfAEVOib. E. 86a. SYN. Avoirvbos. 
Avaaiavrjs, eds, 6 et 7], adj. [lugubris,] mournful, lamenting. Bbav bvamavr,, 

Hepaais. Pers. 286. 
Avaaidptos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [caliginosus,] darksome. "H/3t?j/ 0'* b # 6p<pv7]s etc 

bvaaidpXov, vetov. Heracl. 857. 
Avo-cuW, uvbs, 6 et 7), et bvaadXXbs, a, bv, adj. [miser, infelix,] wretched. Av- 

caiuv # b fixbs. Eur. Suppl. 970. See also CE. C. 328. 
AvaaXyris, ebs, 6 et fj, adj. [gravem adferens s. perpetiens dolorem,] very pain- 
ful, hard to be endured. AvaaXyel Tvya, pXvvpd Opebfuevas. Agam. 1135. 
AvaakyriTbs, ov, b et r), adj. [qui dolore alterius vix adficitur,] uufeeling, hard- 
hearted. 'E/zou TtpbaapKEiv nav' bvaakyqros yap dv. CE. R. 12. SYN. IkXtj- 

pos, avrfkerjs, dvdXyrjrbs. 

AvaaXiorbs, ov, b et ?/, adj. [difficilis captu s. occupatu,] difficult to be cap- 
tured or held. Tctv bvadXiorbv eXr] tXs apyciv. P. V. 173. 
Avffajufjibpbs, ov, b et f), adj. [miserriraus,] dreadfully miserable. ? H pa. vv /not 

ttote Kal cv, bixrafJifibpE) 61X70.6' traipvio. T. 315. SYN. "Afibpos, bvaybpbs, 

bvoTvyiis, drv)(7js. 
Avaavwp, bpbs, b et ?/, adj. [infeliciter maiitatus,] ill contracted. Tdfxov bva- 

avbpd. iEsch. Suppl. 1071. 
AvffcnraXXati-bs, ov, b et >/, adj. [qui s. quod difficulter abjici potest,] difficult 

to be shaken off. 'E7ret kv bvad-n aXXaK- 01s bbvvais. Trach. 9j6. 
Avadpearbs, ov, b et ?/, adj. [difficilis, morosus,] difficult to be pleased r morose, 

surly, fastidious. XaXe7r6v jjlev ovv dvbpas bvadpeorovs vovQeteiv. Eccles. 180. 

SYN. AvarpbTtbs, bv<7^epr)s, •%d\E7rbs. 
AvcrdpiffTbrbneid, as, 1), adj. [quae optimum filium, sed malo fato, peperit,] uu- 

happy in giving birth to the noblest of sons. T 12 fxoX syw beiX)), w pot bvadpL- 

(TTbrbKeia. 2. 54. 
AvaapKTbs, ov, b et r/, adj. [contumax,] ill regulated, contumacious. fypEves 

bvaapiCTOi' npos bs Kapbi<a (f)bj3bs. Choeph. 1011. SYN. Avcnreidi]s, dvijKobs. 
AvaaoyZtos, ov, b et fj, adj. [intolerabilis,] intolerable. Tj/Ae ndpeS,' 6b/x)) bi 

bvaaayETbs avdX XEXenrrb. Apoll. 2. 2/2. SYN. Ava<popr]Tbs, bvaa^di'is. 
AijffavXla, as, %, subst. [graves excubiae,] an inconvenient abode. Mo^dovs yap 

el XEyoiful ml bvaavXXas. Agam. 558. 
AvaavXbs, ov, b et >/, adj. [ad deversandum parum commodus,] hard to lodge 

in, incommodious. AvaavXiov ndytov aWpXa. Antig. 363. 
Avaavxns, eos, b et 7), adj. [odiose jactans s. glorians,] vainly boasting. Ov 71 

eyiov, oioi te bvcrav^EES dXXoX taoXv. Apoll. 3. 97 '6. 
AvaayQris, lbs, b et ?/, adj. [onerosus, non tolerandus,] burdensome, difficult to 

to be borne, intolerable. 'ETrdObjjiev -ndQos bvcra^Qls, io ttottoi. Eumen. 145. 

SYN. AvacKT^trbs, bvacjibpbs, bvatybprjrbs. 
AvofidvKTbs, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [lacrymabilis,] ill-boding, mournful. Tetve bt bva- 

fiavKTov fibav, rav. Pers. 580. 
AvafjovXXa, as, >/, subst. [stultitia consilii, malum consilium,] absurd design. 

'AW ea 1 fiE, kgu T))v ei, Ey.ov bva/3ovXXav. Antig. 05. SYN. 'ApovXXa, avoid. 
AvafiioXbs, ov, b et »/, adj. [parum fertilis,] barren. Total oe bvafiu)Xos ml rpr}- 

yei, oh E%b\u)Qr)s. Horn. Epigr. 8.3. SYN. "Axapnbs. 

Avaydfibs, ov, b et ?/, adj. [improbi s. infelicis matrimonii,] of a bad or un- 
happy marriage, horrid. Avaydytbv aloybs eXovo\ Troad. 1114. 

1 "Ea in scanned Jiere as a monosyllable. 

AYZr AT2H 239 

Avaylveid, as, ^, subst. [generis obscuritas,] low birth. Tr/v bvoylveiav rrjy 

l^xYiv ala^vverni. CE. R. 1098. 
&vffyev))s, eus, 6 et 77, adj. [ignobilis,] low-born, ignoble. Axbovs ye pev brf, 

Swygres ur]bkv blbov. Helen. 1275. 
Avayvoui, et bvcryvojaXa, as, f], subst. '[ignorantia,] ignorance. Avayvotdv oaris 
ttjv efjiijv Xaalrai. Here. F. 1107- See also Eur. Electr. 767. Syn. 'A/iovXta, 
bva[3ovXXa, avoid, ayvioaXa. 
Avabai/jLoyXa, as, ?/, subst. [infelicitas,] misfortune. MerafiaWei bvabai/novXa. 

Ipli. T. 1 120. SYN. AvaTV^Xa, bvcnrpa^Xa. 
AvabaLuwv, dvds, 6 et ?/, adj. [infelix,] unfortunate. Upbs ay bvabaipovX poipq.. 

(E. R. 1312. SYN. Avo-rroTfios, adXXds. 
Avabaicpvrds, ov, b et >/, adj. [lacrymabilis,] sadly to be wept over or lamented. 
TLefJ.7r-ei fipciyy xp^y/nd bvarbdtcpvrdv/Av-Ttivdpds. Agam. 428. SYN. 'Afyodprj- 
vbs, baKpvois irdQeivds. 
Avabd/udp, ap-os, vel bvabdjiapTos, ov, 6, adj. [in conjugio infelix,] unhappy in 
marriage. 'Avjjp re bvabdjj,aprds avr civbpos near}, Agam. 1290. SYN. Auct- 
yd/uos, bvcrvvfitpos. 
Avirebpds, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [malam sedem habens,] ill seated, a bad neighbor. 

Avaibpos teal bi>(jdfj.iXus. Again. 723. SYN. KdtcdyeiTbw, 
Avoeipdrds, ov, b et rj, adj. [male vestitus,] meanly dressed. 2v 5' w6' dXovros 

Kal bvaelfxdros xpod. Eur. Electr. 1107. 
AvaetcXvTujs, adv. [inextricabiliter, ita ut solvi non possit,] inextricably. "Apapev 

ijbe y thXevr} bvaeKXvrws. P. V. fjO. 
AvaeKTrepards, et bvaelijvvards, ov, 6 et f], adj. [vix explicabilis, difficilis ad 
transeundum,] unutterable, inextricable, difficult to pass through. Kddefa bv- 
aeKirepaTdv, oXdov. Hipp. 887- See also Hipp. 1232. 
AvoeXevr), ijs, rj, subst. [infelix Helena,] unhappy or infamous Helen. Uticpav 

Xbovad AvalXlvav. Iph. A. 13l6. Epith. 'EXtvas, see Agam. 699. 
AvveXnXs, ibds, 6 et //, adj. [speorbatus, desperans,] hopeless, desperate. Kcu 

rore /j.ev bvaekirls. Choeph. 40o\ SYN. 'Ave\7rtOTds. 
Avae^vvaros, v. AvaeKiripaTds. 

Avaepyds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [piger ad opus faciendum,] inconvenient for working. 
T H kcu x €l ^ 1 bvffepydv ; enel ku\ j^eljudrX 7roXXoL Bion 6. 5. 
Avcrtpis, ibds, adj. [acerbus et pertinax in certando, minis rixosus,] bitter in 
contention, too quarrelsome, morose. Ovr <Lv bualpis fis dyav, Olymp. 6\ 
33. Syn. tylXdveiKos. 
AvntpiffTus, ov, b et ?/, adj. [admodum certaminis avidus, valde litigiosus,] 
difficult or dangerous to contend about. To bvoEpiarov alpd tyvawv "Apr\s. 
Soph. Electr. 1385. 
Avaepws, lords, betrj, adj. [perdite amans,] unfortunately or desperately loving. 

Avoepcores bi) (haivd/jLtd' owes. Hipp. 193. 
Avffevm'iTwp, dpds, b, subst. [infaustus tori socius,] a dreadful bedfellow. At- 

\ewv bvaev-vardpds. Sept. Theb. 280. 
AvaevptTds, ov, b et ?/, adj. [inventu difficilis,] difficult to be found or explored. 

Ad[3wv ev vXr\ uei/UEUOv bvaevpETo). Bacch. 1210. 
Av<jir)Xds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [in malam partem {emulator, suspicax, iracundus, 
acerbus,] prone to suspicion, very envious or jealous. Alrjy yap buaZrjXoX 
ea~is ettX ivaial tokT^es. Apoll. 4. 1089« SYN. <\>ddvlpds, (jnXdveiuos. 
AvarjXEyt)s, e'os, adj. [propr. molestam parans dormitionem, gravis,] harassing, 

painful. Tw ok* av Odvdrov yl buvqXtyEa 7rpd(j)uyoifjQd. ^. 3'25. 
AvarjXtds, ov, b et >/, adj. [ad quein sol aegre pervenit, sole carens,] scarcely 

illuminated by the sun, cold, dreary. Ta£i»> iyjivod ku\ boaaXiov Kvltyas. 

Eumen. 399. Syn. 'Ai^Xids. 
AvarijjLEpXds, v. Avffa/jEpXds. 
Avffi]vlpds, ov, b et ij, adj. [ventis vexatus,] harassed by the wind. 07Wi Kal 

bvaa.vEfj.dy. Antig. 591. 
Avanpdrds, ov, b et 1), adj. [aratu difficilis,] difficult to be ploughed. Avry Zyut 

240 AY2H AT2K 

Tolrjhe hvaripbrbs. Call. 4. 268. 
Avarjxrjs, eds, 6 et ij, adj. [horrisonus,] ill or harsh sounding, hoarse, flav- 

aacrdai 7rd\e/ioid bv^rj^eos, elabKE veicpovs. H. 376. SYN. AvaKEXabbs, ftapvr}- 

\}js t /3apvppdfids. 
AvadaXirr)s, eos, 6 et r/, adj. [calefactu difficilis, frigid us,] hardly warm, cold, 

frigid. *H nal yet^iibvos bvodaXitEos' 6s pa te epycjv. P. 549. SYN. "^v^pus, 

Avodavarbs, ov, 6 et r), adj. [difficilem mortem inferens,] causing a painful 

death. AvaddvaTiDV Kparijpojv 7rXr]-po)fxdrd. Ion 1056. SYN. ®a-t'aTt](pbpbs. 
Avadeards, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [infelix adspectu, invisus, dirus,] difficult or painful 

to look at, shocking. 'Opys Oeajja bvoQiarbv ofipaoiv. P. V. 69- SYN. Avg- 

irpbcroTrrbs, beu bs, (j)d(3epos. 
Avcdeds, ov, 6 ct }/, adj. [(l)Diis odiosus, (2)impius,] (1) hated by the gods, 

(2) impious, wicked. Avros' Igvia hi rovbe bvadeos variip. Agam. 1580. 

SYN. 'Airort/ios kv deals, aaefiris. 
Avadepd7revTds, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [segre sanabilis,] difficult to be cured, past 

remedy. Kai juoi bvadepaTrevrus Atas. Aj. Fl. 6l4. SYN. 'AvtjxevTos, bvcrKrj- 

Xos, bvalaros. 
AvcrdvijCTKoj, v. [difficulter vel male morior,] to die hard. BdXXei jxe bvoQvy)- 

gkovtos alfidros veov. Rhes. 791« 
Avadpiivr^Tos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [lamentabilis,] very mournful, doleful. "hfcX bver- 

6p}jvr}Tdp' T ft rdXas eju). Antig. 1211. SYN. Avoatavtjs, irbXvbaKpvrbs, cW- 

(3a.VKTds, yospos, ybebvbs. 
AvaQpbbs, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [(l)asperum reddens sonitum, (2) flebilis,] harshly 

sounding, mournful. Avadpbov (povds dvdKp(.vbjiEvbv. Pyth. 4, 111. 
AvffdvfUEto, et bvaQvfiaivu), v. [animum despondeo, moereo,] to be depressed in 

mind, to grieve, to despond. Tt xWH a & dvEpevvqrd bwOvfiel, yvvai ; Ion 

258. See also H. Horn. Cer. 363. SYN. AvnEbfjiai, bvatcbXaivw, ddvfxio), 

Avadvfxta, as, r/, snbst. [animi moeror,] depression of mind, sadness. Tx <prjs' 

ccKptos jj.01 eras fpacrov bvadvfiXas. Med. 6S9» SYN. 'AQujJiXa, Xvttt), 
Avodv/Ltds, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [graviter animo adfectus, mcestus, tristis,] heavy in 

mind, sad, dejected. Avadv/ubs' el bi 001 bbtc& <ppbve"lv kolkws. Soph. Electr. 

550. SYN. "AOvfAos, (jdpvdvfjLbs, dppwards, GizXiipbs, bvatypiov, KckopovXos. 
Avoia-bs, ov, 6 et 1), adj. [sanatu difficilis, insanabilis,] difficult to be cured, in- 
curable. Aeirr] rXs Spy)) teat bvalaros 7re\et. Med. 520. SYN. AvaQlpdirevTos, 

AvdljuEpbs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [ingratus,] disagreeable, unpleasing. 'He pXv cirrjs 

Trfj/jd bvai/uspbv, 1) Toy evigttio. Apoll. 4. 4. SYN. AvoZpias. 
AvcXs, Eu>s, ij, subst. [occasus,] the setting of the sun, the west. "Aarpojv ibet^d, 

rets te bvcriipXrovs bvaeis. P. V. 467- SYN. AvfTjir). 
Av(ri;adapTbs, ov, o et 11, adj. [purgatu difficilis, inexpiabilis, implacatus,] diffi- 
cult to be purified or expiated, implacable. T H bvamdapre ba'ifxbv, u>s fx a7rw- 

Xeccls. Pax 1250. SYN. 'Axadaprbs. 
AvcTKa-n-vos, ov, adj. [male fumosus,] infested with smoke. Aka be Xafxnet fiev 

kv bvoKd-Kvois. Agam. 747. 
AvoKaraTravoTbs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [non sedandus,] difficult to be stopped, im- 
placable, restless, incessant. 1w bvaKaTdTravarbv dXybs. Choeph. 463. Syn. 

" Airavrtros. 
AvoKEXabbs, vid. Avvqv'is. r Opa<rd\ bam bvcncEXdboirrX. Ion 1098. 
AvatcriXbs, vid. AvcQEpa-Kevrbs. (dial fipbrtiv ariiuriTE bvoKrfXov ")$&va. Eumen. 

AvvKY}b>}s, eos, 6 et 77, adj. [plenns laborum et curarum,] laborious, anxious, dis- 
tressing. Et fjep k ev irbrafxy bvffKr)be.a vvktcl <j)vXa'£,u). c. 466. 
Av(tkXe))s, eos, 6 et 7/, adj. [inglorisjs, indignus,] infamous, inglorious, disgrace- 
ful, 'ils vu>v dTceyQi]S bvcwXiiis t d7rw\t-o. Antig. 50. Syn.'AkXo/s, drijjbs, 

abo£bs, a7roe7rvs. 

AT2K AY2M 241 

AvoicXetd, as, %, subst. [ignominia,] disgrace, ignominy, infamy. AvonXetdv 
EKTriaavrd Kal padvpXav. Med. 220. SYN. See 'ASo#a. 

AvokXZws, adv. [turpiter, inglorie,] infamously, ignominiously, ingloriously. 
Kre7j'', el bbtcel ooc bvaicXetos yap ov Krivels. Helen. 992. 

AvoubXaivu, v. [indigne fero, inorosus s. difficilis sum,] to be indignant, to be 
peevish. X' a bvoubXaivei irpbs e/jle Kal (3pevdve.rat. Lysistr. 887. SYN. Avo- 
ytpaivta, bvotybpEU). 

AvaubXXa, as, rj, subst. [acerbitas, severitas, difficultas,] harshness, strictness, 
moroseness. 'Ynb bvoKbXXas 6' dnaoX rtLiwv rrjv fidnpav. Vesp. 106. 

AvoKoXbcaLnrrbs, ov, 6 et %, adj. [difficilis flexu,] difficult to be modulated. 

Oias ol vvv ras Kara Qpvviv ravras ras bvoKbXbaai,nrrovs. Nub. 971. 
AvfrKoXdicoirds, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [difficilem somnum efficiens,] rendering sleep 

difficult, wakeful. 'AW epekcv ye \pv)(fjs oreppas, bvonoXbicoirov re fxepifxvrjs. 

Nub. 419. 
AvffKdXds, ov, 6 et f), adj. [difficilis, morosus,] nice in feeding, hard to please, 

morose, peevish. 'Sis bvoKbXov rd yfjpds avOpunrois ecftv. Bacch. 1240. Syn. 

'ApyaXeos, bvo(j>bpos, buarjXey^s, aypXbs, bvodpeorbs, drjbrjs, bvo^Eprjs. 
AvoKbfiiorbs,ov, oetrj, adj. [intolerabilis,] hard to be borne or endured. Ubrfios 

bvoKbiiiorbs eio^Xdrb. Autig. 1347. See Avocjtbpbs. 
Avotcpirbs, ov, b et fi, adj. [judicatu difficilis,] hard to be distinguished or in- 
terpreted. See in Avals. 
AvcrKptrws, adv. [indistiucte,] indistinctly. XprjOfiovs, doiifiovs, bvoicpXrios r el- 

prjfiivovs. P. V. 683. 
AvffKv/utaivos, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [procellosus,] stormy. 'Ev vvktX bvonvtxavrd V 

tjpwpet KaKa. A gam. 636. 
AvoXenrbs, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [infandus,] difficult to be related. Aeijas bvoXeKrd 

qXXoioXv. Pers. 704. SYN."A(0j0?/ros, bvo<pdrbs. 
AvoXbyiorbs, ov, betii, adj. [ratiocinatu s. judicatu difficilis,] difficult to be 

computed or apprehended. Kal irpos rX bvoXbytorbv wb' rjfcv \epd ; Aj. Fl. 40. 
AvaXb(j>bs, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [cervici onerosus, gravis,] not fit for the yoke, insup- 
portable. Kal riovbe y e£ei bvoXb^ioripovs iibvovs. P. V. 939» 
AvoXbtyus, adv. [difficulter, aegre,] with difficulty, heavily. 'Ev rails roXovrots 

bvoXbtfxos <pepet kolkcl. Troad. 303. 
AvffXvrbs, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [solutu difficilis,] difficult to be loosened or disen- 
tangled, intricate. Kal bvoXvrovs e^ovod ras bXaXXdyas. Phcen. 388. 
AvoiidBlw, v. [vix aguosco,] to recognize with difficulty. Avrov lxev ovv bpSod 

bvo/xadels ejule. Choeph. 223. SYN. 'Attioteu), ayvblu). 
AvvfAddrjs, eos, adj. [indocilis, difficilis doctu,] difficult to teach. TJXijv ruj 

rlKovrX Kaprd bvafjiddrjs Xbelv. Med. 1193. 
Avafxd^EO}, v. [aegre, difficulter resisto,] to resist with difficulty. QeoToX oW/id- 

yovvrEs &A\' eoio orlyris. Trach. 499* 
AvafjLdxnrEbs, a, b\>, adj. [aegre resistendus,] difficult to resist or struggle 

against. To bpyv* dvayKTf o' ovyX bvcrfxax^riov. Antig. 1106. 
Avafxa^bs, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [inexpugnabilis,] not to be conquered, impregnable. 

Aeivbv rb rrXfidos, £vv bbXo) re bvoLidybv. Hec. 883. SYN. Avolpiorbs, bvorcd- 

Xaiaros, bvoTrbXELios, tyXXovetKos. 
AvtTfjLEVEw, et bvafxEvaivu), v. [iufensus sum, animo sum male afFecto,] to act as 

an enemy, to be hostilely disposed to. 'AXV dye, liijketX iiol Kd/cd pecere bva- 

fXEVEOvrls. v. 314. See also Med. 870. SYN. Ava\Epah(o, ttoXelxew, e^daipw. 
AvafjiEveid, as, ^, subst. [malevolentia, hostilitas,] ill-will, enmity. 'AX\', >/ ydp 

€K aov bvarjjLEvetd, Kai rd ad. Soph. Electr. 6*21. SYN. Avavoid, '^\Qpa, fxlabs. 
AvaiiEvris, ibs, 6 et ft, adj. [malevolus, hostilis,] ill-disposed, hostile. Ava/xEVEes 

& dvbpes oylbbv c'idrai. K. 100. SYN. 'E^pos, irbXE/iXbs, d7rey,^)s, dLieiXucrbs, 

Avafir), T/s, t], subst. [occasus,] see AooXs. Totaiv kv avydv. Isthm. 

4. 113. 
Avofxtirrjp, Epos, »/, subst. [mala, s. infesta mater,] a cruel or unnatural mother. 
Pros. Lex. 2 H 


Mrjrep Ifir), bv<Tpr)TZp, drrrfvid dvfidv t^ovea. y ¥, Q7- 
AvcrjxriTiop, dpds, 6 et ?/, adj. [qui infaustae matris est,] of a cruel mother. Av<r- 

fJLUTOpOS KOTOV TV^OJV. jiEscll. Suppl. 68. 

&vaw)(ave(D, v. [difficultate laboro,] to be hardly able, to find great difficulty. 

Kayw Toiovros eifx, eirel bva[X7]ydvG). Agam. 1331. SYN. Ov 
Avfffxoipds, et bvfffjidpds, ov, 6 et 77, adj. [infelix,] having a sad fate, wretched. 
r fi tckvov, fjiceis ; h. <5 irarep bvafxoip opyv. (E. C. 327. See (E. R. 665. SYN. 

Avcrrv^s, adXXos. 
Avfffxopcpos, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [deformis,] ill-shapen, horrid. "AiroXXdv, ws eodfjTi 

bvfffiop(f)u) irpeicei. Helen. 1203. 
Avavnnos, ov, 6 et ri, adj. [qui s. quod aegre deleri potest,] difficult to be 

washed away, indelible. XaXidjs 07rws bvovntTov e/c beXrov ypa<pi\v. Trach. 

Avavotd, as, _r), subst. [malevolentia,] ill-will, reluctance. Avvvoid uj) irpoacorXv, 

7) \v7rr) TrXtcpa. Soph. Electr. 654. 
Avcrvdds, ov, 6 et f/, contr. bvavovs, adj. [malevolus,] ill-disposed, malevolent. 

Avavovv fie. Xrjifjead', o'lrXvis Trod"" rjtcere. Iph. T. 351. SYN. Av(t/jlevt)s, e^dpos. 
Avvvootos, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [cum reditu iufortunato, infaustus,] hard to return, 

ill-omened. Avgvogtov avroTs vogtov efxfidXeiv deXw. Troad. 75. 
Avo-vvfi(j)os, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [infeliciter sponsus,] unhappily married. Kal kov- 

pat, Kal bvovvfxtyoi. Troad. 145. SYN. Avoydfios, KaKovvfupos, alvbydjxds, alvo- 

Ava^vfipXrjrds, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [perobscurus,] very obscure, very mysterious. 

K.eivos be bvcr%i>fjifiXt]Tdv eitfveyK bird. Eur. Dan. 10. SYN. Avars Kfxapros. 
AvoIvvetos, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [difficilis intellectu,] hard to be understood, abs- 
truse. Ava^vverov Zvvetos /ueXos eyvto. Ph03n. 1520. SYN. 'Agvvetos, dadtyrjs. 
Avadbdirai7rdXds, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [salebrosus, invius,] difficult to pass, (as being 

craggy). 'AviiXXa) Xau7ra, bi>abbb7rai7rdXd. Eum. 390. SYN. Tpax»s. 
Avaoigu, v. [metuo, timeo,] to hesitate, to be suspicious. Ov tol bvool£io, 

Oafivov ws opvis,tybfiij). Agam. 1287* SYN. Avvfopea), bva^epaivu), v7tottt€V(o, 

Avffoi/jios, ov, 6 et>/, adj. [lamentabilis,] lamentable. Avaoifiov rv^as, Choeph. 

932. * SYN. Avadpoos, bvafiavtCTos, bvoKeXdbbs. 
AvaoiOTos, vid. Av(T(j>dpds. Ovb' wbi bvadeard Kal bvaoiard. P. V. 714. 
Av<rofj.(3pds, ov, 6 et 7), adj. [pluviosus,] raining heavily, showering. Kai bvao/j.- 

fipa (pevyeiv fiaXrj. Antig. 365. 
AvcrdfiiXos, vid. ad Avoe bpbs. 
AvaofjinaTos, ov, et 7j, adj. [oculis haud integer,] dim-sighted. AepKb/ievotffX 

Kal butrofifjiaTois. Eumen. 391 • 
Avaropyds, ov, oetrii adj. [qui graviter irascitur,] irritable. '6 S' evddb' tjkwv, 

Kaiirep ov bvaopybs &v. Philoct. 377* SYN. Bdpvdvfibs, ofyxoXos. 
AvffopfxdSfOv, 6 et 7), adj. [importunus, s. male fidus carinis,] inconvenient, dan- 
gerous. Bam, bvaopfxos vavaXv, fjv 6 ^XXb^bpos. Pers. 454. 
Avaopvis, 160s, 6 et 7), adj. [quod malis s. sinistris avibus fit,] inauspicious, led 

by an evil omen, fatal. *H KpTjaXas ck yds bvaopvXs. Hipp. 756. 
Avooptyvaios, a, ov, adj. [caliginosus,] dusky, gloomy. Avoop^vaid $ afityX rpv^V' 

Phcen. 337. 
AvaoafiXa, as, r/, subst. [malus odor,] a stench. "Edov, fibrjs re Kal bvaoafxXas 

ye/uwv. Philoct. 876. 
AvaovpiiTTds, ov, 6 et tj, adj. [quod ad verso vento advehitur, infelix,] driven near 

by an unfavorable wind, unfortunate. Kal bvaovpHrrdv. CE. R. 1313. 
AvarcdQliov, ovtos, 6, adj. [aerumnarum patiens,] suffering misfortune. MtjteoX 

bvcndBtovTos. Mosch. 4. 84. SYN. Av<jTrorfxds, bvaa/jL/btdpos, aOXXos. 
AvandXaKJTds, ov, et 6v<77ra\?)s, ids, 6 et 7), adj. [(l) vix eluctabilis, (2) difficilis,] 

hard to contend with, unavoidable, arduous, difficult. Tvx a » rvya bvoird- 

1 See Dr. Blomf. Gloss. 

AYin AV2II 243 

\at<7Tds ijicet. Alcest. 910. See also Pyth. 4. 484. Syn. AvV/udxos, apydXtbs, 
hvcr)(zp*l s i bvoKoXos, fficXripdSt bvarv^s. 

Avairaiafids, ov, 6 et f/, adj, [cui aegre repugnari potest, insuperabilis,] hard to 
struggle against, insurmountable, (dewv bvairdXa^ou Eumen. 849- 

AvcnrdXdfios, adv. [sine remedio, infeliciter,] without remedy, miserably. Kal 
yap bvaircdMfUds oXoib. jEsch. Suppl. 874. 

Avff7rupdj3ovXds, ov^ 6 et rj, adj. [male consulens s. suadens,] ill-advising, ill- 
judging. AvoTrdpdfiovXoiat <ppEoXv. iEsch. Suppl. 113. SYN. AvafiovXbs, 

AvaTcupaQeXKTosy ov, 6 et y, adj. [vix placabilis,] hardly to be appeased, im- 
placable. AvanapadeXiCTOis iraQovTos oiktois. iEsch. Suppl. 391. ' 

Avff7rapalri]Tds f et bvoirapYiybpbs, ov, 6 et fi, adj. [difficilis exoratu, inexorabilis,] 
hard to be supplicated, unrelenting. <D0ey£er Aios yap bvondpaiTrjrot typeves. 
P. V. 34. See also Eumen. 387. Syn. 'ATrapairrjTbs, dfxeiXXxbs, x^^os, 

Avcnrdpewbs, ov, 6 et y, adj. [in quo vel quocum non bene dormitur,] hard to lie 
on or with, cruel, unfortunate. To bvandpevvoy Xetcrpdv evbdTov/jiEvbs. Trach.793. 

Avcr7rdpyybpbs, vid. AvcnrdpaiTrjTbs, 

AvairdpXs, Xbbs, 6, subst. [infelix Paris,] wretched Paris. AvandpX, elbbs doiore, 
yvvaifiavts, rj7repuTrevTa. T. 39« 

Avo-7re/i7rros, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [aegre submovendus s. expellendus,] hard to be re- 
moved. AvanefXTTTos efyo, Ivyybviov 'iLpivxxov. Agam. Il6l. 

Avff7refi(j>eXds, ov, 6 et r), adj. [infeliciter demissus,] unfortunately sent, boiste- 
rous. Mrjbi irbXvfcivov bairbs bvaxefx^eXos elvat. Hes. Op. 720. Syn. Ava- 
apeoros, ^aXe7ros, bvarnoXos. 

AvoTrevOrjs, ids, 6 et y, adj. [luctuosus,] causing bitter grief, heavily grieving, 
mournful. Ava-nevQei avv Kd/jidr<*>. Pyth. 12. 18. SYN. UbXv7revd^s f 7rbXv6pr)vbs. 

Avaireparbs, ov, 6 et y, adj. [(1) trajectu difficilis, (2) tempestuosus, non tole- 
randus,] (1) difficult to pass through, (2) tempestuous, intolerable. Avairepa- 
rdv a\S>v\ Med. 646. 

AvaniTris, eds, 6 et r], adj. [male cadens, adversus, gravis,] turning out ill, un- 
fortunate, heavy, troublesome. '6pw* jxddeiv yap eyyvs o)v, ov bvaneTiis. Aj. 
Fl. 1065. SYN. Avtr^epj/s, bvfnroTfibs. 

Avanerds, adv. [graviter, aegre,] heavily, painfully, with difficulty. T H bvont- 
tws av rovs efxovs ddXovs <pepots. P. V. 777 ' • 

Avcnrlvris, eos, 6 et >/, adj. [squalidus,] squalid. Kadeegr' elf eXvae bvamvels 
arbXds. CE. C. 1597. SYN. KvxfJir)pbs, pvirdpds, "xXvapos. 

AvcnrXavds, ov, 6 et r\, adj. [misere errans,] wretchedly wandering. AvanXdvois 
"Upas dXdreiats. P. V. 933. Syn. 'AXj^s. 

Aihtttvoos, contr. bvairvovs, ov, b et rj, adj. [vehementer vel male spirans,] 
violently blowing, hard-breathing, panting. Avonvovs tKdvto novtybv e%upas 
Trbbd. Antig. 223. Syn. Avaays. 

Av(77rbXefjir}Tbs, ov, b et ?/, adj. [non oppugnandus,] hard to wage war with, diffi- 
cult to be combated. Awn oXe^tov, by ov-tXs. jEscIi. Suppl. 656. Syn. 

Avoirbvris, lbs, bvonbvbs, et bvvirbvrjTbs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [laboriosus, aerumnosus,] 
toilsome, harassing, oppressive. Avairbvlos Kdfidroib, (j)XXa fiXltydp d/u^XKaXv- 
i//as. e. 493. Antig. 1277. and (E. C. 1614. Syn. IlbXvnbvbs, iroXvufiyrbs, 

AvcrTTOT/jibs, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [cujus sors est misera, infelix,] ill-fated, wretched. 
'OpaTE beafjiwrriv fit bvairbrfjioy Qeov, P. V. 119- SYN. Awtv^s, bvadfjifibpos, 
adXXbs, KaKUTvxfjs, drvyfis^ bvffTrjvbs. 

Avoirorpws, adv. [infeliciter,] unhappily, unfortunately. YlXrjQovaX vexpiov bva- 
TTbTfxios ecpdap he Viov. Pers. 277. SYN. 'Atvx&s, adXXios, rdXanriopios, 

Avoirbrbs, ov, 6 et //, adj. [non potabilis,] unfit to drink, nauseous. Bocricav 
<j>Epolfxav 7ra>/zdros bvoirbrov. Eumen. 266. 

1 Porson's emendation of this line is here adopted, a& making the line correspond with that 
m the strophe. 

244 Ann AY2T 

Avffirpayew, v. [adversa fortuna utor,] to prove unfortunate. T&J bvffirpayovvTi 
b* ZiriaTlva'xeiV' Agam. 7^3. Syn. Avarvytw. 

Avanpa^Xa, as, ^, subst. [infelicitas, infortunium,] misfortune, miscarriage, ca- 
lamity. Hiicreiv (Supeiais irpos di&v bvairpafyais. Aj. Fl. 75i9- SYN. Avotv- 
yXa, drvyXa, Aw/3r;, drv^/jua. 

AvcnrpocXTds, ov, 6 et »/, adj. [qui difficulter adiri potest,] difficult of access, 
inaccessible. AvmrpbaXros, e<t(o te KXeidpwv airdvXds', &vbpd b % ov xpE&v. 
Iph. A. 345. SYN. AvadpiXos, airpoaXTos. 

AvanpoooioTos, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [idem : et, intractabilis,] difficult of approach, 
untoward. T# bvairpftoouiTov Kairpoaiiyopov a-QfJid. CE. C. 1277* SYN. Ava- 

AvffirpdffoirTds, et bv(nrpdff<0Tr5s, ov, 6 et ^, adj. [qui adspectus infausti vel tristis 
est,] of forbidding mien, frightful, hideous. Ylefixpat Tab" clvttj hvoirpbaoirt 
Zvelpard. Soph. Electr. 460. See also (E. C. 286. 

Avatrefieia, as, %, subst. [impietas,] impiety, ungodliness. 'Ek hvoolfieias daXdv 
et Tldrifxt vlv. Helen. 1020. SYN. 'AtrejSeta. EPITH. 'YTrspoTrXos. 

AvaalpEia, v. [impius sum,] to commit impiety, to be impious. Twv bvcal- 
(3ovvt(i)v ft eiapdpwTEpa weXols. Eumen. 913. 

Avffasfirjs, eos, 6 et fj, adj. [impius,] impious, ungodly. OinroTE KEicXriffei bvaoe- 
Prjs clvt €v<te(jovs. Helen. 1028. Syn. See"A0£os. 

Avaabos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [qui vix servari potest, perditus,] difficult to be saved, 
wretched, abandoned. Tbv QaXXov TpfoyovrX tcl bvaabd* git& 6 XEwapybs. 
Theocr. 4. 45. EXP. K^dKobai/xioy, bvoyipibs (tio^ojievos, 

AvaaTOfxeto, v. [objurgo,] to upbraid with. Keivrjv te ravrd bvacrTbiielv eyw bs 

; vXv. CE. C. 986. See Brunck. Syn. See Av^/zew. 

AvardXas, aivd, dv ; bvarrjvbs, ov, et hvarXrifnov, bvbs, 6 et ^, adj. [valde mi- 
ser,] very unhappy. T il bvardXaivd' irpos rXvos 7roV ahXas ; CE. R. 1236. 
See also (E. R. 790. and H. in Apoll. 532. SYN. AvaTvxns, bverfibpbs, adXXbs. 

AvffTEKfxaprds, ov, 6 et %, adj. [difficilis ad conjiciendum,] hard to be conjec- 
tured or ascertained, inscrutable. 'Oa<f>vv Trvpwaas, bvaTEKiiapTov els TE^vrjy. 
P. V. 506. 

Avotekvos, ov, 6 et //, adj. [infelix liberis,] unfortunate in children. Toils o\aXv 
avrov hvoTEKvov iraibovpyXav. CE. R. 1248. EXP. IlcuS&s bvoiraibds. 

AvGrepTcfjs, Eds, oetfi, adj. [acerbus, insuavis,] unpleasant, disagreeable. UoXXd 
hvarepTri) Kdtcd. Choeph. 271. SYN. Avo<j>XXrjs, dr]br'js. 

Avffrijvbs, vid. AvtrrdXas. 

Avo-rXrjTds, dv, adj.- [difficilis ad tolerandum,] hard to endure, difficult. Avc- 
rXrirdv 'ETEdicXfjs avct|. Phoen. 1452. 

AvardKE(o t , v. [difficulter pario,] to bring forth with difficulty. Tv&fivv sudrEpos; 
if ttoXis yap ovtndKel. Ran. 1423. 

Avarbtua, as, %, subst. [difficultas pariendi,] difficulty in bringing forth. Ava- 
tokXtjs fioylovaXv dXeToXbls, aXX odX <pioKai. Call. 4. 242. 

Avo-TOTraaTds, ov, 6 et i), adj. [difficilis conjectu,] difficult to be explored, in- 
scrutable. Qoiflov fx i}7nj\0£ bvaroiraar aivtyfidrd. Eur. Suppl. 149. SYN. 


Av<TTpd7re£ds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [nefandis cibis utens,] feasting at an evil table, or 

on impious flesh. Xap-fAbvaloXv avbpbfipuioX bvarpdTre^oi. Here. F. 385. 
AvarpdTTEXds, et bvorpbirbs, ov, b et if, adj., [cujus animus acgre flecti potest,] 

difficult to be turned, obstinate. Keirat 6 bvaTpdiriXos. Aj. Fl. 912. Syn. 

AvgkoXos, bvo^lpris, hvadpeards. 
AvaTvxtio, v. [adversa utor fortuna,] to be unfortunate, to be distressed. 'Eyw 

yap ovk, el bvoTvyw, rovb' ovvEKa. P. V. 345. SYN. AvoirpayEb), Kdicws irpaaaw, 

KUKUtS E"Xy>» 

Avgtv^is, ids, 6 et ii, adj. [infelix, miser,] unfortunate, miserable. Kdpat bva- 

tv^e'is. Eumen. 795. SYN. 'Atv^s, dOXius, bvarijios. 
Avrrrvxia, as, ?/, subst. [infortunium,] misfortune, calamity, distress. Td teXos 

bvorvyja. Bacch. 3S9. SYN. Avairpa^ia, oi£vs, otXus> dXl^Xs, KaK<aoXs,drayKri. 
AvffTvxuis, adv. [infelicitcr,] unfortunately. Avarvx<os & ifxo\, yeptip. Androm. 576. 

AY24> AY2X 245 

Av<r<f>aTos, ov, 6 et v), adj. [infaustus, nefandus,] ill-boding, doleful. Td 6' £7rt- 
<f>ofia hvotyartj) Kkayyq.. Agam. 1121. 

Av<707^<£«, v. [(1) convicia in aliquem jacto ; (2) male ominor,] to insult, to re- 
proach, to address ill -omened words. Tt fie hvo<priiieis\ (ppoifxXd jjioi kukcl. 
Hec. 183. SyN. Aotbopeu, fiXaa^rffxecj, oid/3aXXw, bvooTOfxeu). 

Av(T<, as, r), subst. [maledicentia ; verba male ominata,] evil report; ill- 
boding cries. Rarely del irav arpdroTrebov bva(f>t]jj.Xais. Philoct. 10. SYN. 
BXaa^juta, tcdrapa, dpd, XotbdpXa. 

Avfffrj/jds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [mali ominis ; infamis,] ill-boding ; inglorious, in- 
famous, impious, shocking. At/Sw, 7ra7, bva^vifiovs (papas. Hec. 193. 

Ava(pX\i)s, eos, 6 et >/, adj. [inamabilis,] unfriendly. 'EadiJTi ovv roiqbe, rfjs 6 
bvacpXXvjs. QE. C. 1258. SYN. AvarepTrys, dvepaards. 

Avatydpeoj, v. [aegre fero, indignor,] to bear ill, to be indignant. Tdfitoy, en 
dXyei bvff(j)upu>v. Sept. Theb. 779> SYN. 'AXvKTeio, a\a<JTEh), dydvaKreoj, (3dpv- 

AvatydpriTos, et (2) bvocpdpds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [difficilis toleratu, gravis, pondero- 
sus, difficilis,] difficult to be borne, heavy, grievous, difficult. li/v oapicd 
hv<T(f>dpri7ov aj.Kpelei KaXios. Cycl. 343. See also Eumen. 378. SYN."A0eprds, 
hvaoifTTos, hvaK6fxiaTos y bvffTXrjTos, arX^ros, alvvs, fldpvs, j(dXe7rds. 

Avatyopws, adv. [aegre,] grievously. Kayio to. y kv ool bvotyopm eyovr, dva£. 
(E. R. 770. 

&v(r<f>6pfity£, tyyds, adj. [flebilis,] ill-sounding (on the harp), doleful. 'AXV al- 
fxoppavrcjv bv(T(j)6pfiiyy-ii. Iph. T. 225. SYN. Toepos, bvcr6pvivr)Tos. 

Ava<f>pui>eoj, v. [auimura abjicio, aegre fero,] to grieve, to be distressed in mind. 
Mtjhev tl Xiav bvatyopeiv, ndpv\veoe. Audrom. 1223. SYN. Avnedfxat, bvodv- 
fxe<t)y j3dpvid/uai. 

&vo<ppovu)s, adv. [(1) aegro animo, (2) imprudenter,] (1) with a troubled mind, 
(2j) imprudently. Eepfys be ndvr enkane bvatypovus. Pers. 558. 

kvotypdcvvri, et bvotypovri, ijs t fi, subst. [anxietas, solicitude, aegritudo,] anxiety, 
distress. AvvtypdovvaiaX deu>v, ore oros yovos eictyvyev $bav. Troad. 599* See 
also Hes. Theog. 102. Syn. Avnvj, dvXa, bvadvfiXa, 

Avatypwv, ovos, 6 et v), adj. [(J) aeger animo, moestus, (2) infensus, malevolus, 
(3) insanus, imprudens,] (1) uneasy in mind, dejected, (2) evil-minded, ill- 
disposed, malignant, (3) mad, imprudent. Avcnppdves, <pi\iav aviarot. Sept. 
Theb. 873. SYN. AvcrOvfids, aXyeivds. 

AvatyvXanrds, ov, 6 et v), adj. [qui s. quod caveri nequit, non evitandus,] diffi- 
cult to be guarded against, unavoidable. Rat bvotyvXaKTov 6£vdvfj.Xas vnd. 
Androm.726'. SyN."A0vktos, airapatTviTds. 

Ai/o-^e/yuepdy, bvayXfios, bvayetfios, ov, 6 et >/, et bvcxelfitov, of 8s, 6 et v), adj. [hy- 
bernis tempestatibus obnoxius, hybernus, procellosus,] exposed to storms, 
wintry, stormy. Au)bun>r]s fxebewv bva^eifxepov' d«0i be 2eXXo/. IT. 234. See 
also Choeph. 180. Eur. Suppl. 972. and Apoll. 4. 635. 

AvfT^e(pu)fia, dros, to, subst. [res aegre superabilis,] a hard combat, a dan- 
gerous conflict. Avaxeipwfid bpdKovrX. Antig. 128. 

Avoyepahu, v. [aegre fero, gravor ; pertacsus sum, molestiam adfero,] to dislike, 
to reject, to irritate. *H bvayip avavT \ v Karoiiarltmvta ntas. CE. C. 1282. 
SYN. 'Andw, npoaiaTdfiai, fidpvidfiai, dydvaKrho, beivdnddeu), [nolo), aTreiOeu). 

Avoyepeid, as, v), subst. [molestia, injucunditas, incommodum,] unpleasantness, 
awkwardness, annoyance, difficulty. Oi> bi) ae bvoytpeid rov r<W//ud-os. 
Philoct. 900. 

At/o-y^oj/s, ids, 6 et vj, adj. [manibus aegre tractabilis, molestus, odiosus,] awk- 
ward, rough, unpleasant, odious. "AXX^ b' ukovvov bva^ipfj OetopXav. P. V. 
827. SYN. 'AXeyetvos, beivos, bvatyopos, a^Betvos, apyuXtos. 

AvaxXatvXa, as, y, subst. [mala et detrita laena,] tattered or shabby clothing. 
AvaxXaivXa r a/jiopQds, o/i/udrwi/ r' and. Hec. 239- 

AvaXopTos, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [non commode habitandus,] hardly fit for habitation, 
unpleasant. Avoyoprous o'kovs valu, Iph. T. 219. Syn. 'a^//s. 

246 AYZft AflPH 

Avawbrfs, eds, 6 et ^, adj. XwXos bvowbys' irws deols e^ea&, Z/xov* Philoct. 1032. 
Avawvvfids, ov, 6 et ?/, adj. [cui infaustum est nomen,] having a name expressive 

of evil, ill-boding, Avawpvfid XeKxp' enXriads. CE. C. 528. SYN. Kdicojpvfids, 

bvffiroTfids, '%a\e7rds. 
Avaiopeofiai, v. [difficulter custodio,] to watch with difficulty, 'fts be kvpcs nepX 

fxrjXd hvaitipriaovToi ev avXrj. K. 183. 
Avw, [duo,] vid. Ai/o. 
Avw, et bvojiai, vid. Aipw. 
Avtibem, et bubeicd, 1 adj. indecl. [duodecim,] twelve. Ni/es yuev ^uoi eiroprd bvw- 

beicd, e.s be ek6.<jtt)v. t. 159. See also Iph. A. 293. 
&vu>beicafioids, ov, 6 et //, adj. [duodecim bourn pretium aequans,] worth twelve 

oxen. Hop be bviabeKafioiov evl a<pX<rX tIop 'A^euo/. ^F. 703. 
&vb)beKabpdfJids t ov, 6 et y, adj. [qui duodecim curricula absolvit,] running 

twelve times round the course. AvtobeKdbpdfxwp. Olymp. 2. 92. 
Aviobetcafirivds, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [qui s. quod duodecim mensium est,] of twelve 

months duration. Mrjbe bvwbeicdfjrjvdp' Xaop Kal tovto Tervtcrai. Hes. Op. 752. 
Avwfcatetcrofftjuerpos, ov, oet fj, adj. [duo et viginti mensuras capiens,] containing 

twenty-two measures. Kal rpXndb' wrweprd bvvKaieiKdoXfieTpop. y ¥. 264. 
AwSa'o, vid. AiJibbeKa. 

AwSefcayra/iTrros, ov, 6 et f], adj. [duodecim flexus habens,] turning round the 
goal twelve times. AwbeKaypafXTrrop irepX rep/id bpofiov, Olymp. 3. 59» 

AtobeicaKis, adv. [duodecies,] twelve times. Kai bube/tams Kal /jivpXdKis' Xoi), Xov. 
Plut. 853. 

AwbeKa/uifjxavds, ov, 6 etfj, adj. [duodecim machinis instructus,] furnished with 
twelve contrivances or tricks. 'Am to biobeKdfxrixdpdp. Ran. 1327. 

AwSefcdros, rj, ov, adj. [duodecimus,] twelfth. Aubetcdros dporos, dvdbd\av TeXelp 
ttovuv. Trach. 826. 

AojbeKerrjs, eds, 6 et i], adj. [qui duodecim annorum est,] twelve years old. Aw- 
beKerr} top ircubd irdTYip dvedrjice $tXt7rwo«. Call. Ep. 20. 

wbiopalds, a, dp, et AwbwpXs, Xbds, fj, adj. [qui est e Dodona,] of Dodona. Zev, 
dm, Aiobtopale, UeXacryXKe, rrjXddi valwp. II. 233. See also Apoll. 1.526. 

AwSwi>, Qpos, et Aiobwpr), rjs, f], P. N. [Dodona,] a town of Epirus celebrated 
for an oak-grove and oracle of Jupiter. Awb&pX biacr&p £k UeXeidbwp tyrj. 
Trach. 175. See also Phoen. 996. Epith. Avorxcif-iepos, alnvpuTos. Phr. 
^e/xpd &(obojpr)S fiadpd, 

Adfid, dros, et poet. Aw, to. JJdXvjj.rj(7Tdpos irpos bSJfxd, QprjKXov Igpov. Hec. 7* 
See also H. 363. Syn. See Afyuos et MeXadpdp. EpiTH. v A0veioj/, evXirXeidp, 
KPiaorjep, KovpXbXop, /jdXd kclXop, ixeyd, fieydpov, firjTpwiop, iruTpioXop, ntpXicaXXes, 
afxepbdXeop, <f>XXop, vipepetyes, dyaKXvTOP, (Horn.) pvjj(J)Xkup, fidaXXeiop, oXfiiop, 
XafjnrpoP, ttXovoXop, aKXyoToP, dbovXop, ciaxpvooP, epvfxpov, Kaddpop, nXijpes 
ypvoov, TvpapvXKop, ayXdop, viprjXop, TrdXv\pvaop, yjo^o'eoV. 

AiofidrXop, ov, to, subst. [conclave, cubiculum,] a chamber. Kdv toIoX bw/jid- 
tXoioXp 'A(j)pdbiTr)s Tpowup. Eccles. 8. 

Aw/udr7ris, Xbds, r/, adj. [domestica,] domestic. Kai gov jaoXoptus btofxarlrip 
eoTXap. Agam. 941. 

Aw/idrow, v. [domum incolo,] to inhabit a house. Aelw/idrw/zat b* oib' eyio 
Gfwcpy x^pi. ^sch. Suppl. 965. 

Awva^, Dor. pro Aova^, q. v. 

Awpfw, et biopedfiat, v. [dono, largior,] to give, to bestow, to present with gifts, 
to honor. Naicrdovres, ebwprjaap 6e&p. Olymp. 6. 131. SYN. Ae&od/uai, 
bXbh)fiX, ")(dplcldfjia.i, fipdfievcj, yepaiptJ. 

AwpTyad, dros, bwpop, ov, to, bojped, as, et btoTiPi], rjs, >/, subst. [donum, munus,] 
a gift, a present, a favor. OvpdpXois te deols biopij^drd. Nub. 305. See also 
Ion. 1010. Aj. Fl. 1032. et I. 155. Syn. AdoXs, yepds, faip7rw/jd, x"l°"> K€i ~ 
fiyjXXdp, bdpos. EPITH. "AyXdop, afifipdrop, epdrop, epXKvbes, irtpiKXvTUP, \d- 
pXep, a$up, acrneTop, epalaXfidp, kodXop, erwaiup, e^poV, KaXXifxvp, fj.elXi-)(pp, 
1 '• Attici videntur usurpavisse uon 8iw8«Ka, sed 8^5««a." Doctiss. Maltb. 

AflPH EAYT 247 

teivritov, nepXicaXXes, ygvoedv, QXXdv, dyavdv, peyd, rt/Jirjev, (Horn.) ohx aiff^pov, 

viKTitydpop, KaXKiffToy, biirTv^dv, ydfiriXXov, drwrov, /xevoeiKes, oXfiXov, OetnreaXdv, 

irddrjrdy, tyXXXoy, '^pvaotydes. 
Aiopriras, ov, 6 et i), adj. [(1) muneribus s. donis placabilis, (2) donatus,] to be 

conciliated by gifts ; given as a gift, voluntarily given. AwprjTov, ovk ahriTov, 

eiffE^elpXffe. CE. R. 393. Exp. (1) Tols bwpois ireiddfievos, 6 btopdXafipdv&v, 

(2) to ws bwpov bXbduevov. 
AwpXevs, etas, 6 et 57, subst. [Doriensis,] a Dorian, one who speaks the Doric 

dialect. For authority see Awp/cjw. 
Awp^w, v. [more Dorum loquor,] to speak the Doric dialect. Awplabev 5' 

e^earX boKw, tqis AwpXeeaaXv. Theocr. 15. 93. 
AwpXxos, r), 6v, et AwpXos, a, ov, et AvpXs, Xbds, >/, adj. [Doricus,] Doric. Qoivaao- 

fxecrda, ^dtdo' clvtX Awptn/s. Eur. Electr. 836*. See Ion 1590. and Hec. 450. 
AioptarX, adv. [Dorice,] after the Doric fashion. Trjy Aiopiart [iovr\v dv ap-/xdr- 

Teardat. Equit. 987- 
AwpdhoKEU), v. [donis inhio, muneribus corrumpor,] to be anxious after gifts, to 

accept money as a bribe, to betray. 2i) fiev apTraZys koL bbjpoboicrjs vcdpd twv 

ttoKeuV d be brjfios. Equit. 802. 
AupoboKfjcrrX, adv. by way of bribes, a play on the word bwpiarX, q. v. *Hv fir) 

AoypdboKrjffTX. Equit. 996. 
AwpoboKos, et bojpdtyayds, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [donis inhians,] receiving bribes, cor- 
rupt. AwpoboKotrrXy en dvQeaXv ictwv. Equit. 402. See also Hes. Op. 39- 
Awpds, ov, 6, P.N. [Dorus,] the son of Xuthus, from whom the Dorians derived 

their name. Aiopos jiev, evdev AwpXs vfivridriaeTai. Ion 1590. 
A(t)pd<pdyds, vid. AiopobdKos. 
Acjpoipopds, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [qui dona fert,] one who brings a gift or reward. 

'I^veovres c0£ bwpotyopoi. Pyth. 5. 116. 
Aws, //, subst. indecl. [donum, donatio,] a gift, donation. Aojs dydQri, dpna^ be 

KciKrj, Odvdroio boreipd. Hes. Op. 356. 
Aiorrjp, fjpds, bcjTojp, dpos, et bwrrjs, ov, 6, subst. [dator,] a giver. "EoTai> 5' kv 

irpddvpoiaX deol, bioTfjpes iam>. 6. 325. See also 0. 335. and Hes. Op. 355. 
Awtivt], vid. Atbp-qfid. 


'Edv, 1 conj. [si,] if. 'AM Evpedeir) fxev fidXtffT' eav be rot. Ant. 327* 

'Eavds, r), ov, adj. [fluens, ductilis, tenuis,] flowing, splendid. 'Ev KXXaXrjvX be 

Oevres eav<ji XtrX ndXvxpdv. "*¥. 254. SYN. 'la^vpos, rpixpepos, dftpo^iov, Xeirros, 

XeTTTaXeos, dirdXds. 
'Edvds, et poet, eldvds, subst. [peplum, vestis,] a robe, a garment. 'AfifipdaXov 

edvbv eadd\ ov oX ^AQrivr). H. 178. SYN. TYe7rXov, afjiTre^ovr), eadrjs, IfxarXov, 

evbvfxd. EPITH. 'Apyijs, <pdeivos, XenrdXeos, evubrjs. 
"Edp, edpos, contr. T Hp, r)pos, to, poet. Elcto, subst. [ver,] spring. TrjXeBowod 

(j>vei, edpos b' e-rrXyiyveTaX dprj. Z. 148. EPITH. 'AvOefjioev, aloXdv, f]bv, epvfjev, 

bpdaepov, yXvicepov, Xcvkov, TrdXvbivbpeov , ttoXXov, aretydvritydpov, foiviKctvOefidv, 

<f>epavdes. Phr. See Bion 6. 
y EdpXvds, poet. eldpXvos, et ypivds, r), dv, adj. [vernus,] of the spring, vernal. 

RoTpvbbv be ttItovtclX eir dvQeoXv eldpXvdlaXv. B. 89. 
'EdpoTptyrjs, eds, adj. [vere nutritus,] nursed by the spring. Aet/xwviov edporpe- 

(pewv "TriTTTeffKe 7rer^\d. Mosch. 2. 66\ 
'EavTov, 7, fjs, ov, pronom. [(1) sui ipsius, (2) dicitur et de prima et secunda per- 
sona,] of himself, herself, itself. Ai]pois dvdbwv tovs vucfivras, tov ttXovtov eij. 

Trap* eavTy. Plut. 589^ 

1 " Si indicibus credendum, rb 4kv nunquam alias in Sophocle occurrit ; et nunquam ab 
Eoripide usurpatur, nisi proxime sequente irep, 4&v irep. Med. 727. He!. 1077." Beck. 

2 " Hoc compositura, cum casibus ejus, Homero fuit ignotum . . . Attici poetx*, inprimis Tra- 
gic!, libenlius usurpare videntur afrroP, ovtw, &c." Maltb. 

248 EATE ErEP 

'EaTc&s, a, bv, adj. verb, [omittendus,] must be forsaken. Tovr els inoTrrbv 

eliras' ovk earebv. Phoan. 1225. 
'Eitw, et Ion. ea<TKb>, f. taw, v. [sino, permitto, omitto,] to allow, to suffer to 

leave, to abandon. For author, see 'Eai/rou. Syn. Hvyxo)peoj, afujpt, TcapXript, 

€mrpE7T(0, a7rdra<7<rdfiai. 
'Efibb/xayevrjs, ebs, 6 et r], adj. [septimo die natus,] born on the seventh day, 

an epithet of Apollo. Tds b' efibbfxas b ae^ivbs eftbbfxayevr}s. Sept. Theb. 801. 
'Efibd/uaKis, adv. [septies,] seven times. 'EpbbfjidKis wept Af/XoV, e-nfaiaav be Xbr 

Xetrj Call. 4. 251. 
'Efibb/idrbs, et efibdjios, rj, 6v, adj. num. [septimus,] the seventh. 'Efibbfidrri 8* 

iKojueaOd Adfiov alicv nrbXtedpov. k. 81. See also Sept. Theb. 801. 
"Ej3evbs, ov, /;, subst. [ebenus,] ebony. T ^ efievos, w x9 va bs ck XevKvj eXe^avros. 

Theocr. 15. 123. 
^Efipdsjou, 6, P. N. [Hebrus,] a river in Thrace, now called Maritz. "Ox^ 

etyeZofxevoi irdp "Eppov irbrd/ubv. Aves 774. EpiTH. OprjXKibs, cipyvpoppvTrjs. 
'Eyydibs, a, bv, adj. [quod in terra seu solo est,] in or under the earth. I^c 6' 

aia£ei tuv kyyaiav. Pers. 919* 
'EyyeivdjAai, et eyyivd/jiai, v. [innascor ; genero intus,] to rise among, to spring 

up ; also, to generate, to produce. EvXds eyyelvtovraX, deidaawaX be vexpbv. 

T. 26. See Ran. 701. 
'EyyeXaarrjs, ov, 6, subst. [irrisor,] a derider. Ovk eyyeXaort)s tojv b/jLiXovPTU)V t 

Trdrep. Hipp. 1004. SYN. See TeXaarr'is. 
'EyyeXdw, f. daio, v. [irrideo,] to laugh at, to deride. Ovk eyyeXys yepovTd 

j3ctffTa£u>v veKpov ; Alcest. 740. SYN. 'EvrtyeXdw, KardyeXdo). 
'Eyyeverrjs, ov, v, subst. et eyyevijs^ eds, 6 et ?/, adj. [iudigena, nativus,] a native, 

innate, indigenous. AaifiboXv eyyeverms vooto) eivX fieiXXd OeaQai. Apoll. 4. 

1549. See also Ion 63. SYN. AvdXyevfjs, ovyyevr)s, b/iaifibs. 
'Eyyevws, adv. [genuine, vere,] genuinely, really, truly. 'Ape~iade izevdbs, e'lnep 

eyyevios erX. CE. R. 1225. SYN. TrrjaXws, dXrjduis. 
'EyyXwrroyaorwp, bpbs, 6, adj. [qui lingua victum quaerit,] one who fills his 

belly by his tongue, tongue-bellied, an informer. 'Ey-yXajrroyaordpwv yevbs. 

Aves 1694. 
'EyyXuiTTdTinreh), v. [in ore semper habeo ; jacto,] to boast. Kat vid^as iifiiv 

fjieydXtos eyyXioTTOTV7re~iv 7rdpeb(OKas. Equit. 779* SYN. ^LefivbXbyeo), [xeydXr]- 

ybpeto, avyeii). 
'Eyypd^w, f. \pio, v. [inscribo,] to write upon, to record. Adyw ypdoio 001 

Ttavrd rayyeypa/jfievd. Iph. A. 113. SYN. ITpoo-eyypd^w, e7cl~ypd(pii), ypd(j>(t). 
'Eyypafi7TT(D, v. [incurvo,] to bend upon or to. 'Ev be ybvv yva^ev' eirX be 

xPovt Kainreadv d/LKJXt). ^¥. 731. SYN. 'Avdyvafj.7rrti>, emyva.fjnrT(o, eyKafmrit). 
'EyyvdXiZw, f. £w, v. [in manus trado,] to put iuto one's hand, to give to. 

Net-Ktwj/ 7rerdXd bis eyyvdXicJerw. Istbm. 8. 92. SYN. *Eyj(eipiSia 9 bxbio/jtX, 

Trdpexjio, ^dptsjoyu at. 
'Eyyvdw, f. r/ffw, v. [despondeo alicui aliquid,] to give a pledge or promise, 

to promise. Zevs riyyvrjcre, Kat hibuar* b KvpXbs. Iph. A. 703. SYN. Ildpey- 

yi/dw, dvaheypfAcn, eKbXbofxX, fjivrjcrrevb/jiai. 
'Eyyvq, ys, yj, subst. [sponsio,] a promise, pledge, security. AeiXcu rot betX&v 

ye kclX eyyvaX eyyvdaadat. d. 351. 
'EyyvrjTTjs, ov, 6, subst. [sponsor,] a bail, a sponsor. 'AXX' eyyvtjTas aoi Kd- 

tcl(tt{](TU) bvo. Eccles. 1064. SYN. 'fweyyvos. 
'Eyyvdey, eyyvQX, et eyyvs, adv. et ssepe praap. [prope, cominus,] nigh, near, 

at hand. "6ra»> irdpaoTu) ao\ jxev eyyvBev irbbos. Ion 614. See also H. 341. 

and Phoen. 605. SYN. Ildpeyyvs, nX-qoXov, bfiov, ofxoae, TreXds, uyyX, 

'Eyeipoj, v. [excito,] to raise up, to awake, to quicken, to attune. 'Sis 01//' eyei- 

peiv clvtov dyd7reireicrjj.evdv. Vesp. 101. SYN. 'Areye/pw, eweyeipio, bXcunrevbw, 

eirioKe'pXio, ndpotyvit), eirorpvyio, irdpopfidia, irdpaKeXeuofxai, dpi v 10, opvvfxX, opv, 

'EyipaX/jds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [excitabilis,] fit to awaken, invigorating. Evber, t/id 

ErEP EHCA 249 

/3pe^>£a yXvuipop KaX eyepff</io> v7tpqp. Theocr. 24. 7« 
'Eyepreds, a, op, adj. verbal, [excitandus,] must be raised. "Ep7re nds kolt t^ros 

avTwv, ?/ j3oqv eyepreov. Rhes. 686. 
'Eyepri, adv. [(]) vigilanter ; (2) certatim,] vigilantly, earnestly ; with conten- 
tion. 'Eyepri kivwp avhp dvrjp EiuppdOois. Antig. 413. SYN.^Eyp^-yopri. 
'EyKadapfXGciw, v. [accommodo,] to fit in, to adapt. 'EyKadapfioaat Xdfidvras 

TOVTovX top av)(Eva. Lysistr. 681. SYN. 'Ap/uoc?w, Kadap[ji6£u). 
'EyKaOecldfictt, eyicadrjfiai, et eyKddi^dfxai, v. [insideo,] to sit down or upon. 

'H Tra<y' lav yap eyKaQeZofiEVOS Xddpd. Thesm. 184. See also Thesm. 615. 

and Eccles. 98. SYN. 'EnXKadrifjiat, EtyiCofiai, E^-qp-ai, epdanEW, £<pi$dv(t). 
'Eyicddevbut, v. [indormio,] to sleep in. Ovk et epyop eyKaBevbeip, ootXs cot' 

eXevdepos. Lysistr. 6l4. SYN. 'EyKoifidofiai, evva£djiai, KaTahapQavw, tvevbv. 
'Ey Kddrjfidw, v. [pubesco in,] to florish in manhood, 'lis eyKddr)fiav 7roXX' e^eis 

evbalfidpd. Hipp. IO96. 
'EyKadTbpevw, v. [colloco,] to place in. "AyaX/u', 'AdrjvivVT eyKddtbpevaai \QopX, 

} Ipb. T. 979- 

'Ey KaBivTriiJLt, v. [impono, colloco,] to place in, to appoint, to settle. 2>e/Xas, 

MvKYjvais eyKaraarijo-io irdXXp. Iph. T. 983. SYN. Kadiffrr)fju y eyKadtbpevoj. 
'Eyicaddpauj, v. [respicio,] to look on, to favor. 'ApbpQp eyKddopa iroXXv. 

Anacr. 59. 
'EyKadvfipiZw, v. [luxurio,] to riot in. MeXaflpd, rals aals eyKadv/Spigetv 

TpvQals. Troad. 990. 
'EyicdXfw, v. [(l)posco, defero nomen, (2)increpo,] to call in, to summon; to 

accuse, to chide, to complain of. Upas Tolub'' et et tX roltri y eyicdXet Zevois. 

Heracl. 252. SYN. At<ca£dyucu, ETriKaXsu), aiTXadfiai, EirairXdofxaiy KaTrjydpEto. 
'EymXi/Trrw, v. [obtego, cooperio,] to conceal in, cover over, bury. Ovk eyKd- 

\v\pdfi£pos tcl^eus tX <ppoprXe"is ; Nub. 735. SYN. 'E7rij:dXv7rrw, KdrdfrdXv7rrw, 

eytcpv-rrTit), e/iTrv/cdcw. 
'Eytcavaxaofiai, v. [insono,] to rustle among, to sound. TIcpte rd^wi/ 7reVr' 

ovaXp' 6 $ kyKavayftoaTo KoyXu. Theocr. 9- 27- SYN. 'E7r^£w, kcltti^eo}. 
'Ey Kapaaatjj, v. [cum sonitu infundo,] to pour in with a gurgling. "idX vvv, 

dupaTov eyKava^ov fxoi ttoXvp. Equit. 105. SYN. 'Ey^ew. 
'Ey«cd7rro>, v. [devoro,] to devour. 2tyu)/ie> eyKa^avTEs aldepa yvadots. Cycl. 

625. SYN. AapbaiTTii), KaTUTpwycj. 
"EyKapTros, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [semen habens, foecundus,] fruit-bearing, produc- 
tive. Buj/jiovs, reXet t eyKap-nd Krjvala) AH. Trach. 242. SYN. EvzapTros, 

'Ey*;aprep£w, v. [forti animo fero,] to endure firmly or with fortitude, to bear. 

'EyKapTEpr/au) QdvaTiiv' elpX 8 els icoXXv. Here. F. 1343. SYN. Aoka pTEpEW, 

KOpTEpEOJ, kflfXEPh), dpdflEPli}. 

"Eyfcdrd, wv, ra, subst. [viscera, intestina,] entrails, intestines. ITaXXds 'Adr]- 

vair\ fxi")(diifXEvaX eyndat (ptoTos. A. 438. SYN. "Evrepd, o*7rXayY/d. 
'Ey KtiTafiaivu), v. [descendo in,] to descend into. "Hpav KpoKioTop oirapyavdv 

eyKUTifta. Nem. 1. 57. 
'EyKara^evyvvfiX, f. zevfa, v. [adjungo,] to adjoin, to associate. BovXds peoioXp 

eyKdra^ev^as TpoTrois. Aj. Fl. 747. SYN. 1vvapfx6£u), ovptXQt) /ut . 
'EyKdrdAre^at, v. [incubo,] to recline upon. Ok ipdfxat KXicrfjip fiaaXXrjXtp 

eyKaraicelffdai. Theog. 1191. SYN. 'AvaKei/jLai, Iy<cd0r?)uat, Trpoaitavto. 
'EyKCLTanXeioTds, ov, 6 et //, adj. [inclusus,] shut in, confined. Maduv irdrrip 

viv eytcaTaicXeiffTOP bdfiois. Eur. Dan. 39. 
'EyKaraKXipw, v. [accumbo, reclino,] to lie down, to recline. 'Ey»cdr cocXXpovpt 

ayw/jiEP els 'AoKXrinXov. Plut. 621. SYN. Kdra/cX/Vw, eyKXivio. 
'Eyicdrakpouw, v. [pulso, salto,] (l) to fix on, (2) to stamp, to dance. Opdaei 

b' eyKdraicpoviDP. Ran. 334. 
'EyjcdrdX€/7rw, v. [derelinquo,] to leave behind, to abandon. Tripaws bi dapois 

ETEpov Tra'ib' eyKaraXe' ttiop . Hes. Op. 376. SYN. 'A7ro\etVw. 

'Eyfcdrd/z/yj/v^it, v. [immisceo,] to blend, to join with. Ket nt dfaiXei r«j> hr\- 
Pros. Lex, 2 I 

250 ErKA ErKO 

fjLovXu, kcii tovtovs eyfcdrd/U(£cu. Lysistr. 581. SYN. 'Avdfjiiypvjjii, €VTiBr)jnt } 

'Eyfcardyaw, v. [habitatura deduco,] to place as an inhabitant. Qvpavai eyicd- 

Tevaaoev eyearXov aQdi'dTOiaX. Apoll. 3. 1 16. SyN. KdrotKicuf. 
i EytcdTd7n)yvv/j.X > v. [infigo,] to fix or thrust in. KovXew eyKdreirr]^ '* 6 & £7ret 

ttXev alfid tceXctivov. X. Q7. SYN. Kdrd7rrjyvv pX, evrXdrj/iX. 
'RytcaTaniTTTio, v. [superincido,] to fall on. AeKrpoifft Trprjvtjs evXKaiteaev elXij(~ 

Beiad. Apoll. 3. 655. 
'EyKdra<nc>?7rrto, v. [vi projicio,] to hurl violently. "Evaeiaov, c5 Va£, eyicdrd- 

(TKrjxpop fieXos. Trach. 1089. Syn. 'EvtriojTrrw, eiff/3aXXw, XfqXdrew. 
'Ey/cdrdrt0/?/it, v. [depono, recondo,] to set down, to fix, to hide, to conceal. 

Trj vvv tovtov XfiavTa, Te<j> b' eyKardeo koXttu. S. 219- 
'EycdnXXw7rrw, v. [irrideo, cum quodam oculorum motu,] to deride with 

scornful looks. "Slpovoev, v^ly eyKdrtXXwxpas fieyd. Eum. 113. SYN. 

'Eyfectrou'£w, v. [inhabito,] to dwell in. 'E^ wv KevolaXv eyndroiKriaeis bo/Jiois. 

Eur. fr. Antiop. 33. 
"EyKeifiai, v. [inhaereo, deditus s. addictus sum,] to lie on, to lean on, to be 

devoted to. Tip oXos eyKeifxai' tv be /xev Xoyov ovbepd Troirj. Theocr. 3. 33. 

SYN. 'ETTiKet/j.a.i, ecpiffrdfxat, Trdpiardfiai, eizepyonai. 
'EyKeXdbds, ov, 6, P. N. [Enceladus,] one of the giants. Aevooeis olp en 'Ey- 

KeXdbo). Ion 20?. 
'Ey»ceXeuw, v. [hortor, impero,] to exhort, to command. &p$p Tavr dpaytcrj, 

fArjbev eytceXev dyav. P. V, 72. SYN. KeXevco, 7rdpdKeXevu), irpoaraaad), ndpd- 

'EyteeprpXs, Xbos, ?/, subst. [aculeus,] a sting. *H tXs earXv r) 'TtXvoid Trjabe Trjs 

eyicevTpZbds. Vesp. 1073. SYN. Kevrpop, oyicos. 
'EytcepavvvfjiX, et eyKtpvrjfiX, v. [immisceo,] to mix, to blend with. OJpop r' 

eyKepdaaad nleiv, ore dvpos dvuyoi. 0. 189. See also Nem. 9. 1 19- SYN. 

'Eydtedw, eyyeio. 
'EyKepTdjuLEQ), v. [convicia ingero,] to reproach, to abuse. "^Vevbyj Xeyiov be nal 

fxdrrjp eyKepTOjjiCoP. Iph. A. 1006. SYN. Kepro/xew, €fnrai$<o. 
'EyKf^dXos, ov, 6, subst. [cerebrum,] the brain. 'AXyrjaas b 1 dpeTraXro, fieXos 5' 

els kyKecpdXov bv. 0. 85. SYN."Ey>cdpos. 
'EyicXddpictu), v. [cithara cano,] to play on the lyre. 'Hwos yeydvws, [leav i'lfudrX 

eynXddptgep. Horn. H. Merc. 17. SYN. Kxddpigu), ^opjii^w. 
'EytcipprjfiX, vid. 'Eytcepappvfil. 
'EyfcXe/w, et poet. evXteXeiw, v. [includo,] to shut in, to inclose. *EyK\eiir'* 

e'lprirai yap. b. Ob% oaov rdyps. Hec. 1266. See also Apoll. 2. 1031. SYN. 

'A7rofcXe/w, e'lpyo), ffvyKXeia). 
"EynXrifjid, drds, to, subst. [accusatio, querela,] accusation, complaint. "ibXdp, 

?} Koivbv TtoXhais enXtyepuv eytcXr}jj.d tX ; Orest. 757' SYN. Atrm/m, fiefixjsXs, 

"EyicXr}pds, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [particeps haereditarius, dives, locuples,] sharing in, 

a partaker of, hereditary, rich. 'EyicXqpd 7re$td ra/id y^s teeter)] /xei'ds. Here. 

F. 466. SYN. Mero^os, koivos, d/uiotos, bXdbo^os. 
'EytcXXbov, adv. [inclinnndo,] in an inclining posture. 'EyicXibdy e^dfieri], ni/KX- 

vovs odpovs vdplclei. Horn. 22. 3. 
'EyjoX/vw, f. xXXvio, 1. a. eicXtvd, v. [iuclino,] to incline, to turn aside, to give 

Way. Tfytoe 7rpv(rd}7ro) vtbrbv eyKXivaad gov. Hec. 727. SYN. 'E7rticXtvw, 7rd- 

puKXlt'ui, eirepeibdfxai, eyKV7r~<o, vevio. 
'Eytcoiovpddfxai, v. [Ceesyrae mores imitor, i. e. luxuriose vivo,] to imitate 

Ciesyra, a rich and luxurious Athenian woman, i. e. to be proud, luxurious, 

extravagant. 1epvr)v, rpv^CJadv, eynetcotavpio/nevriv. Nub. 48. SYN.^Afipvvo- 

fjiat, nepioffitiS, KOff/uidfJiat. 

'EytcOvEw, v. (urgeo opus, propero, festino,] to raise dust, to hasten, to j>\y. 

ErKO ErPH 251 

KsXevdop, ijtTrep JjXOes, eyKovei ndXXp. P. V 7 . 998. SYN. KaTeyKoPEw, oirevbio, 

e irely dfxai, ra^vvio. 
'EyKdvTjTi, adv. [laboriose,] after a struggle. f Ey kopt^tX. Aati/jieSovra. & evpv 

-adii'rjs. Netri. 3. 6l. SYN. Moyepws, e-tcXttopios, fioy^drjpCis, Tayetos. 
, E,yKopbv\e(o, v. [involvo,] to involve, to infold. 'Ep ttcpte aXavpais eyiceKopbv' 

Xrifxevos. Nub. 10. SYN. 'FjyKpv7rr(o, eprvXlcraio, epeiXeoj. 
'Ey KOfffiEto, v. [ordine colloco,] to arrange in order, to prepare. 'Ey ■Koafjeire rd 

Tev^E , eraipoi, viji [xeXaivrj. o. 218. SYN. AiaKoar/ueh), bla.Ta.TTio, EVTpini£<jJ. 
'Eyfcorew, v. [aestuo ira, succenseo,] to be enraged at, to be angry with. Tols 

ktclvovoX t eyKOTelv. Choeph. 37. SYN. 'AydraKrtw, opytco/Jiai, fxr\vtia. 
"EyKords, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [pertinaciter infest us,] perseveringly hostile. Qvfids, 

eyicoTOv trrvyos. Choeph. 3S7« SYN. 'EttXkotos, eydpos, Tp-qyys, \dXEit6s, nd- 


'EyfcpaZto, f. Idfjiai, v. [inclamo,] to cry out or clamor against. 'EveKpayes rj/uXp, 

ovbev rjhXKrjfxevr}. Plut. 428. SYN. See 'Avcucpdc?a>. 
'Eyfijodreed, as, y, subst. [continentia, abstinentia,] continence, forbearance, 

abstinence, 'firep eytcpdretas tois vosovgXp, ev afobpd. Philem. 11. SYN. 

'EnTtcpaTeia, ffwtypdtrvpr}. 
'EyKpcLTews, adv. [valide,] forcibly, with strength. T Hy)/oi> 6' eykparews, GTXfia- 

pas avp yeipds epefoas. Theocr. 25. 266. Syn.'I^i, KpurepCbs, ao^popus. 
'EyKpdrrjs, eds, adj. [qui in potestate habet aliquid, validus,] being master of, 

temperate, robust, strong. Adfiwp vXv, dfxtyX x € ? aiP eyKparei adevei. P. V. 55. 

SYN. 'ErnKpcLTr/s, tcpdraids, ETtb\6s, eirij(3dXos. 
'Eyicpdreio, v. [cum strepitu pulso s. plaudo,] to beat time. "Aeibov §' upd iraoal 

es ep jaeXos eyKpoTtotaai. Theocr. 18. 7. 
'Eyapovw, v. [ad numeros incedo,] to trip along in time. Tutp kdO^'Aibov Xe^tw- 

vu>v, kytcpovwv. Ran. 374. Exp. Balputp evpvd/uws. 
'EytcpviTTii), v. [occulo,] to hide, to conceal. Q>v\d>cas KdraoTrjcrai, to nvp kyKpvTrr* 

dei. Aves 841. SYN. 'EyKaXv7rrio, £7mdXu7rrw, dnoKpvTTTti). 
'EyKpvtyXaziu), v. [clam abscondo, aufero,] to conceal, to pilfer. IloXXoi/ be 7ro- 

Xvp jue xpovov kui vvv eXiXriOrjs eyKpvcjjXaCiop. Equit. 822. 
'EyKTepeigoj, v. [justa facio,] to perform the last solemn offices. Tvjj(3<o epek- 

Tepei^dv, eireipi/ffavTO 5' deOXojp. Apoll. 1. 1060. 
'Eyiciiicdufiai, vid. 'EyKepavvvfii. Td TrpayfxaT eyKvxdodai. Acharn. 939* 
'EyKVKXeu), v. [involvo,] (1) to involve, (2)to roll round, to surround, to encom- 
pass. 'AW eyKvuXovvT 6(pdaXfuop ev OKoirelp ypewv. Iph. T. 76. SYN. 

'AvatTTpECJHO, fA£T a fiaXXu). 
'EyitwcXi&s, ov, 6 et >/, adj. [certis temporibus, velut orbe quodam, rediens,] pe- 
riodical. TSIiXvovertv eyxvicXXois. Iph. T. 430. 
'EyicvKXdv, ov, to, subst. [vestis quaedam muliebris exterior,] a female garment. 

Oe/o' eynvuXop. b. Tovti Ad/3' and tIjs icXtvXbds. Thesm. 26 1. 
'EyKvKXdoj, v. [(1) circulo includo, (2) circumeo, cingo,] to inclose in a circle, 

to surround, a. Ovros, iyetpov. b. rX to 7rpdy/i' ; a. uxrKfp (fiwry'i fie tXs eyice- 

KvicXwTai. Vesp. 39^>. SYN. KvkXoio, 7repa:Xe/w. 
'Eywfjuar, ovds, 6 et //, adj. [(1) praegnans ; (2) onustus, plenus,] pregnant, 

laden, full. 'EyKVfAdv' 'iirirov rev^ewi' tyvap/jidoas. Troad. 12. 
'EyKvirrco, v. [pronus incumbo,] to bend down. "E(3Xe\pe yovv Tuvprjboy iyKi/xpas 

fcdrw. Ran. 804. SYN. 'E7rtfa>7rra>, uaT&fctiirrw, eyicAti'w. 
'EyKvpiio, v. [incurro, incido in,] to fall in with, to encounter. Kreirav aAV 

ore bi) TrvuXvijs Evlnvpai tydXaytyv. N. 145. SYN. 'EvTvyydpd), cf.t~iiTTii) 9 


"Eype/udx^s, ov, 6, et EypEiidyps, r\, ov, adj. [incitans ad pugnam,] exciting to 

battle. "Evd" ol/xai top eypifjidxap. (E. C. 1054. See also llym. Horn. Cer. 

424. SYN. 'Aprjtos, fXEPeTTToXEfids. 
^Eyp-qydplu), Eypriyopdu), et eypi'iaao), v. [vigilo,] to watch, to be vigilant. Ke7r' 

eypr)yopd<3)P' rat 6' ek fiiydpoio yvpalKts. v. 6. See also v. 33. SYN. rpijydpEUf, 

aypviniii), bXaypvirylw, p}](j)w. 

252 ErPH Erxn 

*Eyprjyopri, adv. [vigilanter,] watchfully. 'AXX' eypr)yopTi avv Tev\ealy c'ldro 

ttclvtes. K. 182. 
"Eypdfj.a.1, v. [surgo,] to rise. Uplv y 'bbvari ^ypetrQaX eireXQhv brjXrjffaiTb. v. 

124. SYN. 'E^ypbfiat, dvloTdjxai, aveyeipdfxai, e£dj>iVrd/icu. Phr. "Xirvbv 

air o^QaXjxCbv ficiXXa), 'E^ue be yXi/Kvs vtcvos dvfJKE. 
'Eyxaivu, et ly^ao-fcw, v. [(1) inhio ; (2) irrideo,] to gape at ; to mock. Ov yap 

rjfA&v ye arparriyibv iyxdveZrcu rrj 7roXet. Equit. 1313. See also Vesp. 721. 

SYN. KdrdyeXdo), a/x0t^a<Va». 
'EyX^w, v. [caco in,] to daub with filth. TLo7nrv^ovaXy, KayKexbbaaX /jle. Vesp. 

'Eyxe/a, as, et Ion. eyxeir}, V s t V> [hasta,] a spear. "HXvOev eyx e 'V <ttv<J>eXi^e 

be fiiv fxefJiduiTa. H. 261. SYN. &c. see"Eyxos. 
*Eyx€ifipofi6s, ov, 6 et rj, adj. [hasta fremens,] spear-raging, warlike. 'Ey-x«- 

fipdfth). 'Ev & aperav. Olymp. 7* 79' 
'EyxeiKepavvos, ov, 6, adj. [fulmina ad hastarum modum jaciens,] thunder- 
brandishing. 'Ey-xeitcepavvov ira'is Eirbplv. Olymp. 13. 110. 
'Eyxeipeoj, v. [adgredior rem s. ad rem,] to take in hand, to undertake, to at- 
tempt, to attack. Ovk o1b' diroia Trpwrov eyxeipoi, (ptXai. Med. 378. Syn. 

'E7rtx e 'p£ w » Eirepxo/jicit, ^uerdxeio/cjw, ToXfjtdio. 
'Eyxe/p^/xd, dros, to, subst. [conatus, coeptum,] an attempt, an enterprise. T Ap' 

ovxt n&pov kart Tovyx^tpv^d gov ; OE. R. 540. Syn. 'Emx^iprifid, elvfioXrj, 

opjxi^fid, fxrixap, MX&vvp&f rdX/zrj/.id, irelpd. 
'Eyxeipv T V s y °v, b, subst. [qui aliquid adgreditur, auctor,] a person who 

attempts or undertakes. Kaivwv t epytav eyx^pv'ris. Aves 258. Syn. 

'Eyxeiplbws, ov, 6 et r/, adj. [qui in manibus gestatur,] held in the hand. 1m> 

roTcS' c&et&v eyx^tpXbXois. iEsch. Suppl. 22. 
"Eyx«Xvs, vbs, rj, et in plur. ey^eXets, et ves, (2) dimin. eyxeXetoV, ov, to, subst. 

[anguilla,] (1) an eel, (2) a little eel. Uaibd XP*! 07 *!" ^yainjrijv ex J&oXwrwv 

eyX^Xvv. Lysistr. 702. See also Acharn. 1042. 
'Ey x^Xjxiopos, et(2) eyxeWdXos, ov, 6 et fj, adj. [(1) hasta pugnans, (2) hastam 

vibrans,] (1) smiting with, or (2) brandishing the spear; valiant, warlike. 

Rabbi MuvrfT EJ3d\ev KaX 'E7r/ arpbfbv kyxjtoX^iwpovs. B. 692. See also H. 449. 

SYN. 'ApfjXbs, bovp'iicXvTos, ay xtftdxos. 
'Ey^eWj f. X ev<T(0 > [infundo,] to pour in. "Eyyet* ttXeojv bi tov anvtyov btbov [ib- 

vbv* Cycl. 552. SYN. Elaytw, KaTdytu), e/ufiaXXu), ETnKipvr\\xX, d-Kapyb^iai. 
'Ey^X/w, v. [(1) delicias habeo in, luxurior in ; (2) illudo,] (1) to be insolent 

to, (2) to insult. Kap(3avos tjy,"EXXr)aXv eyxX/ets dyav. ^Esch. Suppl. 921. 
"Eyxos, eos, to, subst. [(1) hasta, (2) ensis,] (1) a spear, a javelin, (2) a sword, 

metaph. instrument. "Qtov rob' eyx o$ uparos ayvXay Tplx a - Alcesjt. 7^» Syn. 

'Eyxeia, bbpv, £i(f)ds. EPITH. 'Aftrax/ueroV, aXuXfJidv, dvE/jLOTpetyss, fipiOv, fiEyd, 

orlfidpov, b&XXxov, jiaKpov, o^voev, yaXKrjpEs, afxtyXyvov, boXXxooaXov, evbEtidnrixy , 

fieiXXvov, x«X»cedv, oftpX/uov, TraTp&nov, tteXmoXov, naXXXviKov, irpox^^poy, irTEpoEV, 

dfiatfidKETov, 'AptfXov, EtcrifibXov, BovpXbv. 
'EyxpipirToj, v. [(1) admoveo, (2) accedo,] (1) to bring near, (2) to draw near. 

NwXt/xes eyxpipTrTOVTb, KaX aXXtjXovs ivdpicldv. P. 413. SYN. Xpifnrrto, npoo- 

TTEXaclu), dtfufcvid/jiai. 
"Eyxpivros, ov, b etrj, adj. [qui illinitur,] fit for anointing, unctuous. NiicXd, 

ovt eyxP LGT ° v (?l JLlv boKeX), ovt ETrXnaaTov. Theocr. 11. 2. 
'EyyyTpliu, v. [(l) in olla pono ; (2) occido,] to put in a pot, to dish, to kill. 

Ta7ri SpqiKrfs' bv btrios alax^vels, eyx^TpXels. Vesp. 289^ Syn. (2) 4>ovevw, 

KTeivio, fiXcnrrh). 
'Eyx&pXbs, a, by, et ov, 6 et rj, adj. [indigena, patrius,] native, indigenous. 

KbxXovs te (pvcriop, |vXXtywr t eyx**>pXovs. Iph. T. 304. SYN. 'EirXx^pXbs, 

oheJos, naTpXbs, evrbnbs, WayEVi)s. 

1 On the orthography of this word, sec the learned Dr. Monk's uotc, Hipp. 218. 

Em E0EI 253 

'Eyw, /jiov, pot, fxe, et emphatic^ e/zov, c/zoi, efxty pronom. personal, [ego,] I. 
Mfire KtQaipibv' ooaowiv \jl eyw. Bacch. 1375. SYN. 'Eywye. 

'Ebavds, ov, 6 et r/, [jucundus, suavis,] sweet, pleasant. 'Aju/3po<rta>, ebapai, to 
pa ol teBviojiepop ^ep. H. 172. SYN. 'Hbvs, q. V. 

"Ebdtyds, ids, eoeBXXop, et eceBXop, ov, to, subst. [fundus, fundamentum, pavi- 
mentum,] ground, foundation, pavement. "0<t<top tis t ibdtyos vr\bs Topvti- 
oztcu ctvrjp. e. 249. See also Callirn. 4. 228. and 2.72. SYN. kdnibop, 
ovbds, Trvdfxrjy, fiaBpdp, Bifie&Xijp, Bi/LteiXXop, irpefiPOP. 

"Ebecr/Jid, drds, to, ibrjrvs, vds, r/, et eiddp, cltos, to, et ibojbij, tjs, ij, subst. [edu- 
lium, esca,] eatables, food, meat. ILvkois Kal Kapvois kal ibifffiderX TraPTdbdnol.- 
oXp. Batrach. 31. See also B. 432. X. 121. and 0. 504. Syn. Bpw/m, /3pw- 
aXs, fidpa, Tpotyi). 

'Ebeards, ?), ov, adj. [edax,] eating, devouring, to be eaten. Kai irpbs kvpwp 
ibeardp ahiaTov r Xbeiv. Antig. 206. SYN. Bpwros, fipwoXfids. 

"Ebpddpai, Ep. eebvddfxai, et ebvoio, v. [despondeo, doto,] to settle in marriage, 
to portion. 'Ebpaodfiai te Bvydrip\ fjv ovbels yajiel. Helen. 939- See also 
(5. 63. and Theocr. 22. 147. SYN. Myrjorevw, Kareyyvdu). 

^Ebpdp, et Ion. iebpdp, ov, to, subst.